Brett Kavanaugh being haunted by a demon

Radio host Bryan Fischer called on Christians to “provide a wall of protection” against the “demonic forces that are coming after Kavanaugh.”

In the wake of numerous sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, one Christian radio personality apparently has reason to believe that the devil and his henchmen are trying to tank the nomination. American Family Association (AFA) radio host Bryan Fischer took to the airwaves recently to contend that not only is Kavanaugh innocent of these accusations, but that “Satan and the demons of hell” are the ones working against him. Speaking about the scandal, Fischer told his listeners:

“This is the biggest conflict between good and evil that we have seen in the last year. This is big league spiritual warfare. This is major league spiritual warfare. This is Satan and the demons of hell coming against one man because he stands for what is right and stands for what is true. And all the forces of hell are arranged against him and we, ladies and gentlemen, have to stand in the gap for Brett Kavanaugh.”

Fischer continued: “We are the warriors that God has alerted and God has called us to stand in the gap for [Kavanaugh]. Evil is pouring through this gap, targeted at Brett Kavanaugh; we’re there to stand in the gap and provide a wall of protection in the spirit for the demonic forces that are coming after him.”

Holding Ranks

Despite the disturbing allegations, the many religious groups backing Brett Kavanaugh have remained by his side. After decades of a Supreme Court that leaned left on many social issues, these groups clearly see an ally in Kavanaugh – a judge who they expect to be sympathetic to their cause in areas such as religious freedom and pro-life policy. With so much on the line, they’re refusing to let a few accusations derail his appointment.

Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick

Julie Swetnick says Kavanaugh was present at a party where she was gang raped.

But at what point will this position become antithetical to Christian values of compassion and helping those in need? Hypothetically, how many accusers would it take to convince people like Bryan Fischer that Satan is not spending his free time orchestrating an anti-Kavanaugh campaign?

New Accuser Speaks Out

This morning, a third woman came forward claiming that Brett Kavanaugh was present at a party where she was gang raped and that he frequently sought to get girls drunk and take advantage of them during his high school years. These latest accusations – coming on the heels of two other women’s claims that they were assaulted by Kavanaugh – have put a black mark on the judge’s reputation and placed his Supreme Court nomination in serious jeopardy.

No word yet from Bryan Fischer on the new allegations – though it’s safe to assume he’ll just dismiss the victim and accuse Satan of being responsible.



  1. tom says:

    If Satan is the father of lies then yes Satan along with his best buddy, George Soros, are behind the accusations.

    1. Rev. M. Dash says:

      Satan, really? Sounds like something out of the middle ages. What about these girls’ lives that were ruined by the spiked drinks and the guys spreading stories of their conquests about the campus? Would you want this for your sister or your daughter?

      And about why did it take so long? I saw you all post about the Catholic priests raping those “poor boys.” Well, what took them so long to report this abuse? They could have stopped it when it occurred and think of all those boys who did not have to suffer rape because they waited 20, 30, 40, 50 years to report the priest had raped them. Everyone is saying how “brave they are to finally be able to tell their story of abuse….” Is it because they’re men that you identify with that trauma?

      Kavanaugh is a nasty drunk, i.e., his friends at Yale say he gets “aggressive, and mean” when he gets drunk. Is that Satan also?

      What about his gambling debt in Atlantic City that threatened his career? It was at Trump’s casinos—yes, the same casinos that went bankrupt—where his debt was forgiven. What do you think about that? Was that Satan also?

      If Kavanaugh has a problem with Satan, then the problem must be with Kavanaugh—no schemes, no corrupt Democrats, no jezebels, or anything else. Gorsuch went to the same school as Kavanaugh and there are no open issues for him! He’s a Trump appointee. This is a man who has no problem in lying to get his job; that was his problem when Bush appointed him, and the Republicans knew he was lying and gave him the job. Those same questions arose in this hearing and he lied again.

      So, we know Kavanaugh has no problem with lying, drinking, carousing and whatever other sexual proclivities he may have. That bull about being a virgin through college and that’s why he could not have raped someone is just that a pile of bull. If you believe that, then I have a bridge to sell you. The people that want him in are no better than him and that is where this country has taken a turn for the “good old days when men ruled and women were ignored and had no rights.” I guess that is what MAGA means. Enjoy it while you can, because as your President disbands the FBI, CIA, NSA, Secret Service and other security agencies, there will not be a shot or nuclear discharge for Russia to walk in and take over. Кисть на ваш российский товарищей

      1. William Waugh says:

        Far out, hip, cool, groovy, peace out, live long and prosper, rock and roll baby,


        Prove it oh Liberal One. These so called women deserve to have their lying tongues cut out.

        1. Jason Bender says:

          glad I am no longer the biggest POS on this blog. thank you!

          1. James Jimbo Jones says:

            Hang in there, you can do it.

          2. Jason Bender says:

            Good One!! LOL!

        2. John D. Partin says:

          Jolene Marcella Travis, what could ever possibly prove anything to a Trumpophile, who thinks that anything that Donald J. Trumpelstiltskin does is just FANTASTIC!!!! and WONDERFUL!!!! and just “SO VERY GOOD FOR THE COUNTRY”?!!!! So, of course, you take this LYING DOG!!!! Trumpelstiltskin’s word and this LYING DOG!!!! Kavanaugh’s word for it over these women’s word for it in the matter of his raping them, and say that “these so called women deserve to have their lying tongues cut out”, while the President and Kavanaugh get to keep their lying tongues, which they will still have plenty of use for in the years to come!!! I mean, if you and other Trumpophiles had any objectivity and discernment about the Donald, you (and the Electoral College) wouldn’t have elected him President in the first place and even now you make excuses for everything that he does and nothing can EVER!!!! prove anything to you against him. You, as a woman, should have some sympathy and commiseration for these women who are accusing Kavanaugh of raping them and take their side a little or a whole lot, and not take the side of the person whom they are accusing of this crime, the same as you would want other women (and men) to sympathize with you and take your side against some man whom you were accusing of raping you, and not just blow you off and dismiss your charges against him out of hand. I believe that your alleged “Christianity” says “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”. So, if you really believe in following that teaching, let’s see some of that in your attitude and words about this matter and your taking these women’s words over the man whom they are accusing, the same as you would want them and others to do for you. They deserve to be believed or, at least, have their charges seriously considered and investigated—again, the same as you would. Why is it left up to a man (myself) to stand up for these women and do your job for you?!!!

          1. James Jimbo Jones says:

            No one has said the word “rape” but YOU.

          2. Kenneth J Hale says:

            I never knew an idiot could write that much!!

          3. Todd Copeland says:

            Anger. Hatred. Judgement. Condemnation. This is what you have responded with. We can’t give in to these things as they only cause more pain, to ourselves and others. We are looking at a situation in which we are on the outside, looking in…and only what we see on media. We can’t judge anything, that isn’t OUR job. Unfortunately, much of the media does everything they can to sway our opinions, because of their own biases…and not because of fact, either. I am with you in standing up for women who are abused and that they should be heard. In this situation, unfortunately, it follows a pattern by a political party to advance their own agenda, not in any way to support of stand up for her. That doesn’t make me a “Trump” lover. That simply makes me an outsider, looking in, objectively. Sadly, there may or may not be truth to any of the claims. We may never know…looking back 30-36 years and with no concrete evidence or proof. He said, she said, isn’t it. We need to do more to help women moving forward – to help them report things, right away…to help them be heard…and even more than that, to stop sexual assaults, overall.


          4. Greg says:

            You tell them brother.we are suppose to be a nation of Justice. Let Justice be served.liars should not be elected to the supreme court,they should not sit on a judicial bench.

          5. Faith Robert says:

            Any one getting their tongues cut out should be the proven liars and there are plenty of them in this administration and the first one cut should be the great proven liar of over 5000 lies, Donald Trump.

          6. Gwendolyn Lord says:

            NOTHING WORSE THAN A WOMAN WHO BETRAYS HER GENDER BY SIDING WITH MOLESTERS AND RAPISTS. trump is a sex offender as is his pet nominee. The Good Ole’Boys stick together…men of wealth who never heard the word “NO” even when it was screamed at them as they pinned some woman down against her will. May the Deity shine a bright light of shame on all evil-doers and hypocrites.

          7. Iconoclast says:

            So you are saying there is no way this woman (Ford) can just be a lying Democrat operative who is being suborned to defame a man who never did anything to her? EVIDENCE (something about which you do not seem to care) has already made everything she has alleged suspect. There is NOTHING credible about her story.

            Do young men try to rub on young women and pin them, hoping they will get all hot and bothered and respond with eagerness? Yes, they do.
            Should they do that? No, they should not.
            Did she say he tried to take off her clothes, or make her touch his penis, or suffocate her to keep her quiet? No.
            Does it appear that anything she has alleged has any credibility at all? No.
            If Slick Willy did it, would you give a damn? No.

        3. Father Thom says:

          Victims never lie! Stupid people assume!

          1. John D. Partin says:

            Conversely, Father Thom, according to you and other people who don’t want to believe the victims of rape and sexual assault, “they always lie and the people whom they are accusing never lie”. That is equally stupid!!! Yes, sometimes, “victims of rape” are lying and those whom they are accusing are innocent. Sometimes, that happens and that much is true. But genuine victims of rape aren’t lying and accusations of rape aren’t proven to be “lies and made up stories” just because you need them to be that and don’t want to believe them—because, as in this case, you can’t believe anything that is said against Trumpelstiltskin or the man that he has nominated for the Supreme Court. Then, it is you who are lying and distorting the truth for your own bias and agenda. I just saw Dr. Ford testifying in the Senate hearing and she was sincere and crying there, and I will believe her over that LYING DOG!!!!! Kavanaugh and LYING DOG!!!!!! Trumpelstiltskin definitely every time and any day of the week, since they aren’t sincere or credible and are notorious LIARS!!!!!

          2. Kenneth J Hale says:

            Gulable people believe lies!

          3. John D. Partin says:

            Greg, thank you for your agreement with me on my post. You are right in saying that “liars should not be elected to the supreme court, they should not sit on a judicial bench”. To James Jimbo Jones and Kenneth J Hale, rape is also just holding a woman down on a bed and feeling her up, not only penetrating her, against her will, and it takes a lot of writing to fight against stupidity, which is intelligent, and not idiotic, to do!!!

        4. V. Lovejoy says:

          Wow. Neither living or nice. So why are you here?

        5. Minister paul says:

          This satan is myth. What is truly evil is this amoral ultra conservative Republican evangelical christianity that has little to do with Jesus teachings of loving your neighbor as your self. This is what happens when religion is weaponized by politicians.

          1. Paul says:

            Totally agree. You nailed it.

        6. Lisa says:

          Three fact that these women are willing to face these horrible people that would shot shame then behind their backs. I’m a survivor of rape. I have up my twin daughters who were the result of rape. It is one of the most difficult things to do and these women are courageous to me.

          You, however Jolene, you I’m ashamed of. You are taking the side of a sexual asalant and a liar and his hopeful boss who has 14 counts against him. You are no Christian. You are one of those people that sits there and judges others and hides behind the Bible. You don’t know the Bible because Jesus would have taken these women to him and he would give them comfort because that’s the man he was. You are no Christian.

          1. Iconoclast says:

            Would Jesus have condemned this man with no evidence?

        7. Bruce Sutka says:

          You are a little off my fine feather cuckoo.

          1. Iconoclast says:

            If he had realized you were speaking to him, he would have written a manifesto to refute you.

          2. John D. Partin says:

            He wasn’t speaking to ME!! He was speaking to someone else, you meany!

        8. Karl Haye says:

          Mighty Christian of you. Did you get that piece of wisdom after prayer and fasting or after being bit by the snake you have been handling that has wrapped itself around your brain!

        9. pablo Fumero says:

          Wow.. which part of Love God and Treat others well do you ignore? That guy did all those things and many more are being hidden by the Amoral Republicans and McConnel. That is why the longer they wait the more things will come out. Kavanaugh is there only to give Trump cover for his criminal behavior.

          1. Gerardo Defendini says:

            And you are giving as much evidence of your words as Ford gave. NONE

            OK here’s a challenge.

            How about someone tell me why should I believe her and not him? (and it can’t be because she is a woman. We are looking for equal treatment no?) Can anyone answer that? NO?

            I am happy that you have opinions, just don’t push them as facts. Because they are not. You state “That guy did all those things and many more are being hidden by the Amoral Republicans and McConnel’.

            Were you there? NO, then how do you know? You don’t do you? Not one piece of evidence.
            “Trump cover for his criminal behavior” Any evidence of this either? No.

            Let’s hope no one ever accuses you of a crime and you land in the court where a judge thinks just like you.

          2. Iconoclast says:

            I wonder, because you say, “many more are being hidden by the Amoral Republicans…”

            How can you possibly know they are being hidden? I mean, if they ARE being hidden, how would you know about them? Do you have an inside line on information kept from the public? Are you psychic? Is there any remote possibility that you are imagining them? Wouldn’t what you are postulating be considered a “conspiracy theory?”

            I am not saying it cannot be true, but if you are on the left, and you accuse someone else of believing in a conspiracy theory, in the left’s eyes, that means the other person is automatically wrong, doesn’t it? Just because someone said “conspiracy theory.”

            Surely you do not believe this concerted failed effort to stall the Kavanaugh hearing can be anything other than a conspiracy, and yet, you are willing to deny that, and postulate that Kavanaugh’s supporters are conspiring to hide things about which you cannot possibly have any clue. So, are conspiracies real, or fake? If they are real, do only conservatives participate in the conspiracies, or can leftists and liberals also be guilty?

        10. Gwendolyn Lord says:

          Jolene you are a DISGRACE to all women, and a traitor to our sex. So all victims are liars>all men are innocent? Statistically, almost 100 percent of allegations that are multiple prove TRUE.

          1. Iconoclast says:

            From whence comes that statistic? I find it hard to believe what you are saying could ever be verified.

          2. JASON BENDER says:

            ONE STUDY FOUND ~40% WERE TRUE..,. 100%?!? NO WAY!

          3. John D. Partin says:

            If all convictions only happened due to eyewitness testimony, there would be only 1% or less of them happening, since most are the result of circumstantial evidence.

        11. metoosupporter says:

          prove? are you invited to watch crime? how many rape tapes come along with these things aye?

        12. RENIE says:


      3. Gail D says:

        Thank you Rev. Dash!

      4. Min. Izsraael says:

        Thank you!!!!

      5. Kenneth J Hale says:

        My, my my praying that God reliveaves you of that Reverend title because it is clear by your ignorant statement that you are far,far, far from being a “Reverand”. This is a spiritual battle, make no mistake! I’m not certain you fully understand the consequences of your actions. If you are leading in this manner the blood of those that follow you are on YOUR hands and YOU will judged for it by Jesus. It says so in the Word of God, which you obviously don’t comprehend.Galatians 6:7 Do not be deceived,God is NOT mocked, whatever a man soweth that also shall he reap. Praying for complete salvation, in Jesus name…Amen!

      6. John Petro says:

        Dash needs to wake up from his dream

      7. Todd Copeland says:

        I think it is ironic, when people come to their own conclusions and judge another person, based on “media” reporting. The beautiful part of this country is that you are innocent until “proven” guilty, in a court of law. He said, she said is not evidence. As a matter of fact, there has been absolutely NO evidence produced so far. Claims are merely heresay and must have something else to validate.

        Sadly, we live in a society that convicts a person on public opinion and “claims” – despite fact. The Democrats know this and have exploited social media, as well as news media, to destroy anyone who stands in their way. That has been proven, over and over again. But, by the time their part in it is proven, it is already too late. Lives are destroyed.

        You are obviously speaking from emotion and given the claims, who wouldn’t be? The accusations sound pretty bad. But, consider the fact there is no real proof of anything. Consider the fact that it is 30-36 years after and that not even eye-witnesses that have been suggested by the accusers, have any knowledge of the events or actions of the accused doing anything. Consider the multitude of FBI investigations the accused has been through, over the last 12 years especially…that resulted in nothing being found. Nothing. Then, consider the fact that, the Democrats knew about the accusations for nearly 2 months and said nothing. Democrats did not bring questions up regarding any accusations, during any questioning…until last minute, right before Kavanaugh was about to be approved. The Democrats referred and secured the attorney for the accuser. Finally, consider the fact that the Democrats have done the same things with other Republican nominees, INCLUDING THE PRESIDENT. Then, after elections, all these accusers just disappear. This is not a coincidence. This is an agenda.

        I am the first person to stick up for women, who have been abused or assaulted. I am a father of 5, with 3 daughters – 1 of whom was killed by her boyfriend. I do not take accusations lightly. However, in this situation so far, this only fits the pattern of the agenda and campaign by the Democrats, to regain power and they have proven time and time again, they do not care about laws or ethics…they do not care who they hurt…to get the outcome they believe they will get. This is most likely, given everything so far.

        Satan “does” have a part in all this. He makes us quick to anger, quick to judgement and quick to negativity overall. The path the Democrats have been on has been one of power, money, corruption, lies and manipulation. They give words of caring, but have a history of not. It is not God leading them into the actions they have taken. Whether or not there is any validity to any of the claims mounted on Kavanaugh, the Democrats chose to use this to further their own agenda – NOT because they care so much about the accuser(s).

        Shalom to you and yours.

        1. Karl Haye says:

          Unfortunately I can’t help but believe that many otherwise sincerely believing evangelicals having named the name of Christ and purposefully departed from evil have fallen into the clutches of a modern antichrist who has blasphemed the word of God through his filthy, heathenish lifestyle, perpetual arrogance and foolhardy embrace of the gods of this world. They have been blinded and have fallen away. To support the vile policies of those currently in power is to cede free agency to debased ruthlessness. The moral center cannot hold and everywhere the ceremony of innocence has been drowned in a sea of political hypocrisy. I pray God opens the eyes of true believers before it is too late.

          1. John Owens says:

            You should be ashamed, talking that way about Obama.

        2. Lauren says:

          You are so right. Do not judge until proven guilty. Why did it take so long to expose themselves. I do not believe these women until I see prove. Stop believing the Media.

        3. Justin Martin says:

          With this said from here out every hearing in and involving this Supreme Justice should point to the over 250 judges and professors of the judicial system to point where none of these individuals feel he is fit for his position to hear or vote on any cases from any point of view since he is so partisan by the RIGHT WING (CONSERVATIVE MORALS) using his own words that there will be no way to get a fair and just trial in any of his court proceedings going forward.


          1. Gerardo Defendini says:

            Your language. Very pastoral of you. Let me see. I work for the unemployment office so I know what a job interview is like. A job interview may NOT ask if anyone has accused you of anything. In fact, the applications for employment only ask about CONVICTIONS, not even arrests. Got that? Tell me, if your ex, or someone does not like you, calls an employer and simply alledges you did something to her, no evidence, 4 wittnesses that do not back her up, and the employer states he or she will not hire you because of that, what would you do? This person waited over 30 years, not one single witness willing to back it up, and we should believe her because of what. I we are to have equality when it comes to gender, we have to understand that women are EQUALLY capable of making mistakes and even lying. I myself, believe evidence, and there is no evidence here.

          2. Iconoclast says:

            Very astute response, Gerardo. Graci tanti.

      8. Ron says:

        Trump, as a serial adulterer, is standing right there with Satan, oh, and With Kavanaugh as well.

        1. Bruce Sutka says:

          Right on brother.

        2. Lauren says:

          Why are you judging the president. Others presidents have had affairs. Bill Clinton, John F. Kennedy and many more. So why are you picking on Trump.

          1. Donald Schmidt says:

            That’s just an excuse for evil to thrive. By that logic, others have killed people, committed atrocities, etc., so I guess it’s moral and acceptable for anyone else to do it too.

          2. Justin Martin says:


          3. Gerardo Defendini says:

            Unaware of any president that “killed people”. Aware of one senator, Ted Kennedy, that did kill someone and he remained a democrat senator.

        3. John Owens says:

          Would that we were all so innocent, pure, and chaste as you, Ron.

      9. Hoss Green says:

        Are you ignorant,or just stupid?

      10. Donna Shinn says:

        Satan is such an easy out for those not yet grown into being accountable for their own urges, emotions, and actions. Evil is a strong word to throw about at things we dont want. Thrown at those especially that might hold our feet to the fire of honesty, responsibility, and our repressed issues. How one has treated others before it was important to their professional life is important for an appointment to such a high seat in our nation. His judgements and perceptions will effect many lives for the rest of his life.
        He demonstrated I think more than just anger for being falsely accused as he flabber jawed around and lied to the Senate about his drinking – so rude and disrespectful to the authorities. He lied to the Senate about his degree of drinking in college/highschool. Made jokes about it? Why would an intelligent well educated man with such legal knowledge do that? Makes me wonder just what he feels so guilty about or fearful about?
        Lots of guys drink inappropriately at that stage of life, so telling the truth and giving direct clear answers would have better served. I could see clearly his leaning towards rage indicating repressed issues. Can only imagine what it would have been like if he were drunk. He lost control and shot himself in the foot trying to evade something really bothering him. Maybe it was embarrassment about his drinking or maybe more. So he coped with his stress by misleading and lying, trying to eat up the Senators time to question. I dont call that functional coping.
        So putting aside the charge of sexual inappropriateness, does this guy have the dispossession to have a top level critical position in our nation for life? Could there be another who’s ability to be impartial / objectively fair, and cope better under stress available for this position? We the People deserve the best for this high ranking position in our nation. This is his job interview.

      11. Veronica Deevers says:

        Look to Hillary Clinton if you want to see a nasty drunk. MULTIPLE photos of her taken while campaigning no less, chugging away on alcoholic drinks. Kavanaugh did no wrong. This whole thing is because he is pro life. And so am I.

        1. BNLAB says:

          You cannot be pro-life if you vote for republicans. You are only pro-birth!

          1. Gerardo Defendini says:

            Merriam Webster defines “Birth”
            “the emergence of a new individual with life from the body of its parent”
            Being pro-life, by English definition IS being pro birth. One and the same.

        2. Lauren says:

          You are so correct, people are always ready to judge why do they not look at themselves in the mirror. Iam sure they are not perfect. Lots of college kids drank and made stupid mistakes. But like I said I do not believe these women until there is some prove.

      12. preacher richard h. says:

        A Christian Preacher talks about Satin an Evil among us and people have a fit or talk about the Middle ages.
        THE BIBLE SAYS Evil and satin walk the earth to find weak folks to manipulate and we See it Everyday

        Mass hysteria is just around the corner when ANYONE can be accused of Horrific deeds Without any proof and is Presumed GUILTY Just on Hearsay . It is happening everyday a false story or accusation is uttered out of someone’s mouth, It takes a heart an spirit Filled with hate and EVIL To Lie .

        Think now to your high school or college days, Someone You don’t EVEN Know but went to School with can Accuse YOU or your Children of Rape or assault An Could destroy your Whole family , Or your job, Even wind you up in Jail.

        It will spread to Men accusing Women of these Same acts Just for personal Gain. This is All due to EVIL Demons Doing SATINS WILL , with impunity This so called victim some want to believe for Political Reasons only Has Profited Immensely She has 5 ” GO Fund ME ” accounts totaling over 500,000 Bucks
        Now DEMS want to keep the FBI investigation SECRET.

        SOUNDS like The evil lies are to be kept from the Public, BECAUSE they are false Accusations n Politically Motivated at Election Time..

        The DECLINE of MORALS will increase Quickly over the next Decade and Will end in a Bad way for America.

      13. Iconoclast says:

        GEEZ. More Russian crap. Looks like you’d finally grow out of that stupidity.

      14. Gerardo Defendini says:

        It is amazing to me how some of the so called “ordained” people talk in blogs.
        Listen, bottom line is what counts. THERE IS ON EVIDENCE AT ALL AGAINST THIS MAN. Ford talked about 4 witnesses, none of them backed her up NOT ONE!!!! What you or I believe about how credible someone sounds is irrelevant as Kavanaough sounded credible also. So, if we can’t use opinions to get to the truth since opinions are just that, opinions, we have to rely on facts and evidence. Does not matter if a person is on trial or applying for a job.
        In a trial, a person is innocent until proven guilty. This keeps the courts from taking uncorroborated accusations and convicting someone that is innocent when your neighbor doesn’t like you and reports you for child abuse without evidence.
        In a job interview, and I know about this being a recruiter for more than 10 years, an employer may ask about CONVICTIONS, not even arrests, much less an accusation that someone made without any evidence.

        Mr. Kavanaough was not even arrested. no arrests, no convictions, a heresay from someone that does not remember the date, the place, does not remember how she got home, does not remember anything and never told anyone for more than 30 years.
        Listen, if we are pushing for equality of treatment between men and women, we have to recognize that a woman is as likely to lie or recall an event wrongly just as much as a man. No gender is more capable than the other. If this happened to you, accused by someone of abusing your child, for example, you would also ask for proof, witnesses, anything. And you would demand, rightly so, that, in absence of proof, whatever accusation is made against you is dropped and not even considered.
        This is not about Trump, Republicans or Democrats. This is about what is fair. I believe the conclusion was fair, and I am extremely disappointed in the way it was poorly handled.

        What is fair for men (We are seeking equality) is fair for women and vice versa.

      15. Lauren says:

        Do you have any prove, no you are just believing the media. Stop judging. You were not there, have you seen him drunk no.

      16. Gerardo Defendini says:

        Here’s a list:
        1. Monica Lewinsky: Led to only the second president in American history to be impeached.Both Democrats. Republicans, “0”
        2. Benghazi: Four Americans killed, an entire system of weak diplomatic security uncloaked, and the credibility of a president and his secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, damaged.
        3. Asia Clinton fundraising scandal: More than four dozen convicted in a scandal that made the Lincoln bedroom, White House donor coffees and Buddhist monks infamous.
        4. Hillary’s private emails: Hundreds of national secrets already leaked through private email and the specter of a criminal probe looming large.
        5. Whitewater: A large S&L, Clinton associated, scam failed and several people went to prison.
        6. Travelgate: The firing of the career travel office was the very first crony capitalism scandal of the Clinton era.
        7. Humagate: An aide’s sweetheart job arrangement with terrorist ties
        8. Pardongate: The first time donations were ever connected as possible motives for presidential pardons.
        9. Foundation favors: Revealing evidence that the Clinton Foundation was a pay-to-play back door to the State Department, and an open checkbook for foreigners to curry favor.
        10. Mysterious files: The disappearance and re-discovery of Hillary’s Rose Law Firm records.
        11. Filegate: The Clinton use of FBI files to dig for dirt on their enemies.
        12. Hubble trouble: The resignation and imprisonment of Hillary law partner Web Hubbell.
        13. The Clinton’s Swedish slush fund: $26 million collected overseas with little accountability and
        lots of questions about whether contributors got a pass on Iran sanctions.
        15. Troopergate: From the good old days, did Arkansas state troopers facilitate Bill Clinton’s
        16. Gennifer Flowers: Here is a “SURVIVOR” why not believe her? The tale that catapulted a
        supermarket tabloid into the big time.
        17. Juanita Broaddrick, Look, another “survivor” why are we not believing her?
        18. Paula Jones Or her
        19. Kathy Shelton. Hillary defended the man that raped her.
        20. Look another “survivor”.
        21. Linda Tripp, and another one
        22. Elizabeth Gracen and another one
        23. Bill’s Golden Tongue: His and her speech fees shocked the American public.Over 200 Million dollars.
        24. Boeing Bucks: Boeing contributed big-time to Bill; Hillary helped the company obtain a profitable Russian contract.
        25. Larry Lawrence: Clinton Contributor that got buried in Arlington National Cemetery without war experience?
        26.The cattle futures: Hillary as commodity trader extraordinaire.
        27. Chinagate: Nuclear secrets go to China on her husband’s watch.

        Look these up and I have just one more for the entire party Chappaquiddick.

        Any one of these over 2 dozen scandals here listed have more evidence than all the “evidence” presented on this.

        And Democrats wanted her, not as a judge, no, AS A PRESIDENT!!!!!

        Take a good look. Look it up. Then talk to me about corruption.

        This is why a lot of people flee the Democratic party. Hypocrisy.


    2. guidvce4 says:

      Wow! Now that we are a few days beyond th hearings and the fur has yet to settle, we are finding out a few things. Factual things, not wishful things.
      The accusers in the Kavanaugh case seem to have some difficulty keeping the stories on track, especially in the bright light of interviews where they suddenly realize anything they say may land them in jail for lying.
      The Ford woman can’t seem to recall the time, place, persons involved(expect for Kavanaugh), and there is no one to back up her story. She also lied about being a “psychologist”. In the state of CA she cannot claim that without being tested and licensed by the state as such. There is evidence of Ford being a leftist activist.
      The Ramirez woman has a similar problem. Unsure of many of the things she swore to just weeks ago. Oh, and did she mention she received an award from a Soros backed organization? And is a leftist activist.
      The Sweatnik(sp?) has recanted her version of her assault from her sworn affadavit so that it barely resembles the original accusation. And, then there is the testimony of an ex-boyfriend who has described her as nuts. Apparently, she has also lied about her college and employment history to get a job. Then sued the company who hired her for some imaginary charge. And is a leftist activist.
      Can any rational thinking human being see the connection between the left and these women? To believe a charge with no facts nor evidence(blue dress, anyone?) because the left is trying to destroy a decent man with an impeccable record is simply nuts. And against the “rule of law” on which this nation is founded.
      Of course, the left has already moved on to other possible avenues of subverting the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh. Like the “ice cube” incident when he was in college. And Trump’s tax records and stuff from 20 yrs ago, or longer. They are desperate.
      Oh yeah, Rev. Dash is entitled to his opinions, and I respect that he has them even if we don’t agree and he seems to believe anything at first sight. Without verifiable facts nor evidence outside of “she said, he said”.
      Just stick to the Constitution and go with the “rule of law”. Facts and evidence do count in any accusation of anything, even sexual assault. Otherwise, we return to witch hunts and the dunking pond method of justice.
      Thank you.

      1. Rev Paul says:

        Republicans managed to install a Sexual Predator into the SCOTUS over politics. Amoral evil intent only for power and money. Republicans are the worst threat this Nation has faces and they commit TREASON every day while fools look the other way. AND trumpy is an agent of russia.

        1. Lionheart says:

          Talking of treason, I was on my iPad the other day and I asked Siri how to delete emails and she replied “Ask Hillary”

        2. John Owens says:

          Your little comment here is just nothing but lies and paranoid suspicions, AND unfounded conspiracy theory. You need to look up the definition of treason, since you are throwing the word around, since you obviously do not understand it. Also, the Trump/Russia thing was debunked about three months after it came out, but you just refuse to read the memo, I guess.

        3. John Owens says:

          BTW, what kind of “sexual predator” corners a girl in a room, then just lets her go without doing anything? That’s ridiculous.

    3. C says:

      It is sick that anyone would defend him at this point. He clearly lied under oath and I frankly believe Ford. He is a wolf in sheep clothing

      1. Gerardo Defendini says:

        You use the word “clearly’ way to broadly. Clearly relies on facts. The only facts are:
        Ford made an accusation she can’t back up, 4 wittnesses she mentions. Not one backs her up, she can’t remember dates, places, how she got home, she claimed to be a psychologist but is not licensed in her state, she waited over 30 years, including all the time Judge Kavanaough served as a judge, to say anything, not one piece of evidence at all.
        Seems to me THIS should be clear to you since Hillary Clinton has been accused dozens of times of wrong doing during her life and no charges brought because “there was not enough evidence”. Following your logic she was “clearly” guilty of Benghazi, the IRS Gestapo, looting the white house when she left, Filegate, etc. Since any of these cases (take your pick) had more evidence, maybe we should have disqualify her to even apply for the job of president based on any or all of these.

        I am sorry but if we all, men and women are to be treated equally, we have to acknowledge that women are as likely to lie, misinterpret or wrongly recall events as men. Evidence must be present and have nothing to do with the accuser’s gender. We should not believe one gender above the other. If you are a true feminist, you have to understand that.

        1. Iconoclast says:

          Wow, Gerardo. If I were a Democrat, I’d feel like a terrible hypocrite after reading your comment. Well said.

      2. John D. Partin says:

        John Owens, the kind of sexual predator, as Kavanaugh was, who went as far as he dared to go and didn’t want to get caught going any further, as he didn’t, would have let Dr. Ford go before anyone came in to the room and caught him in the act!!! That is what kind of sexual predator!!!

        1. John Owens says:

          What a fertile imagination you have, JP! Would that you would imagine something good with it, instead of just inventing evil.

    4. Bruce Sutka says:

      How about Satan being in the form of Brett Kavanaugh?

      1. BNLAB says:

        The Republican conservative hails to their father, Satan!

      2. Lionheart says:

        Nah, Brett is too much of a nice guy and well educated. Bill Clinton would fit the file much better.

        1. Lionheart says:

          That should read:

          Bill Clinton would fit the role much better.

    5. Rev Ned says:

      I believe the hymn goes “Jesus loves me, but, He can’t stand you.”

    6. James grainger says:

      What BS….This is not Satan….The Women’s movement is afraid his vote will over legislation concerning women’s rights….
      So out come accusations from thirty plus years ago…If these accusations are true, why did they not surface when he first became a Judge?

      1. John D. Partin says:

        James Grainger, can you seriously not understand why some women wouldn’t immediately come out and accuse their rapists and try to empathize with them at all and put yourself in their place because every man should try to do that and relate to his woman and women, generally, in order to have a successful relationship with them? Most women who have been sexually assaulted or raped (about 2/3rds) never come out with accusations against their attackers at all because of embarrassment, “guilt” or “shame” over it and because police, quite often, victimize them all over again and accuse them of “asking for it—by their clothing or where they were or what time they were there, etc.” and penalize them far more than the attacker!! So, a woman, such as Dr. Ford’s, not coming out with her accusation against Kavanaugh before this openly or even for 30 years is understandable. Besides which, she said that she came out with the accusation because Kavanaugh had been nominated for the Supreme Court and she felt that this information needed to be considered by the Senate Judiciary Committee, so that a sexual predator wouldn’t be put on the highest court in the land!!!! A mere Circuit Court judgeship, quite obviously, even though his appointment to that was terrible, too, wouldn’t be as disgraceful as his appointment to the Supreme Court would be!!!!! He could be any other Conservative, who hadn’t committed this crime, and there wouldn’t be all of this righteous firestorm against him. So, the President should just pick another nominee for the Supreme Court, since there are many qualified individuals who could fill that position (or qualified women candidates). Some women or men might not like any candidate that would be offered by the President for the position, but, at least, we wouldn’t have all of this mess that we are having now about the accused sexual predator Kavanaugh!!!!!

        1. preacher richard h. says:

          Women cant just Go around Burning their Bras an Say equal Rights when they Ran around in the 60’s 70’s n 80’s as Part of the SEXUAL REVOLUTION Partying an having ORGIES . Then As it Suits them Turn Flirting an Ass grabbing into Some sort of Sexual Assault
          When the POLITICAL Opportunities Arise to Attack Good People.
          These Guilty until Proven innocent Attitudes Have no business in America ,if they continue Every Man AND WOMEN is a TARGET for opportunists in GOV, The private Sector in any job someone WANTS to advance in at the Expense of Others in the Way
          In Families’ were one parent Wants Custody or POWER over the other.

          ANYONE can accuse another with NO PROOF
          It COULD be YOU or a Family Member ,
          A vengeful KID can accuse you of Rape with NO proof, What then?
          People better Walk in Kavanaugh’s Shoes Before you find him Guilty without Proof.

          1. Jason Bender says:

            Dude! Zip it! People who think and talk like you do are going to cost the rest of us guys the “Patriarchy!”

            PS: “A vengeful KID can accuse you of Rape with NO proof, What then?”
            Well, that is one of many reasons that we adult males should avoid associating with kids outside of the company of a responsible adult 3rd parties who can bear witness to the innocence of the circumstance… I practically run away in terror when the too mature (sexualized) for her own good teenage checkout girl asks me if I want help carrying my groceries.

          2. preacher richard h. says:

            You may not like the way I talk or what I say ,But You Will get my Honest opinion of the facts , also that is What is going on these if you haven’t lived through that era then you wont understand. .
            that’s Fine about you running away from The checkout girls ,But This is my POINT you should not HAVE TO live in fear of accusations ,ALL these movements are meant to instill fear an Silence people,
            All this Hate n Anger that is coming out of the Radical left is a slow fuse burning for both sides.
            It is insanity. an it wont get better till the war finishes an the population is about 10 or 20 million in the decline

      2. Jason Bender says:

        James grainger, one very obvious reason they did not surface when he first became a Judge: nobody would have cared , paid attention or reported on it when he first became a Judge… and, until now, it wasn’t important enough of an issue to force these brave women to speak up… (removable lower court peon judge is misogynistic almost-rapist prick= yawn-fest, as there are too many worse things to worry about… but, lifetime supreme court judge is misogynistic almost-rapist prick= super urgent and important issue demanding action)

        1. Lori says:

          You go, Jason! This is sooo true. Most people can’t see the big picture. They only see what they want to see.

        2. Iconoclast says:

          Nobody cares now, except anti-Trumpers. They don’t give a crap about the women.

    7. Someguythatreadsnewsletters says:

      I thought he was talking about the horse from black beauty what does a horse gotta do with a scumbag from Bethesda md

  2. DaveJ says:

    The people who are going to push this confirmation through are the same people who voted against the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Mostly because it appears they are for violence against women. I am an old white guy, and am ashamed to be such in the company of such dunderheads.

    1. Jason Bender says:

      yeah, but you are smarter than those conservaturds, age and skin color is irrelevant compared to that.

      1. James Jimbo Jones says:

        This sounds as stupid as FOX replies on ‘comments’. Aren’t you above that? Guess not…

        1. Jason Bender says:


  3. Allen Alexander says:

    I believe that a man who drugs and seduces young women is the one in the employ of the devil. We all abhor lies and the wantabee Supreme Court Justice has told many over the past several days. He needs to step down from his perch and go and try to make amends with God, his wife and his daughters. Furthermore the people pushing so hard for his confirmation need to take a good look at their treatment of the people they have been elected to represent. They have forsaken the people and are only looking out for big business and themselves. They are not representing Americans or America as they have lost their path.

    1. John says:

      You have chosen guilty before innocent – you are not representing American values, as a typical Dem.

      1. William Waugh says:

        Negative. In consideration for such a high authority position it is neccessary to clear the court of public opinion. He ain’t applying for a hotel manager job. Only clinched ass – and I mean literally making coins from metal rod shoved up – republicans still holding their noses since the election are still on board with this buffoon…..breath!…………did I just describe the populations of many religious oganizations?….but I digress.

        1. James Jimbo Jones says:

          You people are Christians? REALLY?

          1. Lauren says:

            I agree are you really Christian’s. You sure do not sound like Christian’s.

      2. Father Thom says:

        If one is not guilty then their party has nothing to hide. For some reason ”your” party keeps hiding his info.

    2. Val Jester says:

      Allen please tell me you are not that shallow. We all thought the first plane into the WTC was an accident. The second plane was a coordinated plan. Same here. The third women? “I observed boys lined up outside the bedroom where a girl was waiting to rape her… eventually the same thing happened to me…”. Are you freaking kidding me? You are falling for a con job perpetrated by the democrat party. The same people who held this information from July waiting for the right time the harm Judge Kavanaugh. The timing was not meant to help the victim. This is a con job by people who believe that any means justifies the end.

      1. Jason Bender says:

        Incorrect analysis. Per usual, the screed coming from the conservative Trumpsters is, to a point, 100% either lies, incorrect, intentionally distortive or bat $^&% crazy – often all of the above.
        (1) That accuser 3 is possibly not credible has ZERO relevance on the credibility assessment of accusers 1 and 2. Likewise your invocation of the 9-11 attacks, (Shame on you for the latter, BTW.)
        (2) There is ZERO evidence of co-ordination or similar origins between the accusers.
        (3) re “waiting for the right time to harm Kavanaugh, that most definitely is not the case, The info releases were far, far to late for maximal “harm.” The way it happened (the way it is now) things are JUST BEGINNING to snowball just days or hours before the critical vote…
        (4) re “not meant to help the victim” – nobody claims it was meant to help the victim.
        (5) re “believes any means justifies the end.” – ha! PROJECTION MUCH? That so much describes you better than us liberals that I am tempted to use the words “textbook example” and “delusional lack of self awareness” and “bordering upon frank clinical psychosis”.

        1. Lori says:

          And all three women wanted the FBI investigation. Kavanaugh would not say he wanted that. That seems a bit strange for a guy that claims innocents. Now he has no choice. I hope the truth is found.

        2. Gary Minnis says:

          You completely lost me with your ‘Trumpster’ comment. With that you show your complete bias. You are part of the problem.

          1. Iconoclast says:

            Oh yes. He just did everything he accused the Trump administration of doing.

  4. Jim D says:

    Well, I guess if Satan and the demons is synonymous with Senate Democrats, then I guess he is right.

    Now, if we can grow up for a second and stop believing in invisible forces, good or evil, exercising influence over us, let’s look at the facts. There are a lot of people that are jumping on the #metoo movement and claim that every woman is to be believed. That said, ipso facto every accused man is guilty of whatever crime a woman says. What is the likelihood of that? Every man guilty? Your sons, brothers, fathers, all guilty of sex crimes? Yeah, I don’t think so.

    The timing of all these allegations is also troubling to me. If Diane Franken-Feinstein is such a champion of women, why did she bury this allegation for over six weeks? She could have presented it right away and didn’t. She could have asked Kavanaugh about it when she had the private meeting with him and didn’t. She held on to it until right before the vote, and threw into the proceedings like a kid throwing a stink bomb into a church service. A shameful tactic for a sitting senator, IMHO. But then again, she is from California.

    Let’s look at the nature of Ford’s accusations. It’s all hazy bits of nothing. She doesn’t know when or where it happened. She doesn’t know who owned the house where the party was held. She doesn’t know how she got home. I believe SHE believes something happened to her, and she needs to work that out for her own sake. The facts are she did not attend the same school as Kavanaugh. He claims he did not attend such a party, and his friend corroborates his statement. She has no one that witnessed the alleged event, and apparently told no one of it after it happened. Hmmmm…

    Ford named several people that could corroborate her story. So far, at least one of them said they have never seen Kavanaugh and knew nothing about him participating in such an act. I have a feeling more will cave in.

    Let’s also remember that Brett Kavanaugh’s mother was the judge that presided over Ford’s parents’ case regarding the foreclosure of their home, and sided against them, causing them to lose their home. Motivation? Could be.

    As for the polygraph, let’s remember, it’s not a “lie detector”. There is no such thing. We don’t know what questions were asked, and what the actual results of the test showed. All we’ve been told is “she passed.” By the way, who paid for the test? Surely it wasn’t her idea. If she never had the notion to come forward, why would she want the test? Doesn’t make sense. Follow the money, people, and much will be revealed.

    The second accuser said she was very drunk, and there are significant gaps in her memory. Oh yeah, she’s credible… NOT!

    The third accuser, Swetnick, was brought in by Avenatti, the textbook definition of scumbag lawyer. Her accusations of gang rape are so outrageous, I don’t know how anyone can take them seriously.

    Strangely, no one ever went to the police. No one ever told their friends. No one has a shred of evidence, not even a picture of Kavanaugh at any of these parties. The Dems keep calling for an FBI investigation. The FBI does not investigate crimes of this nature. That is the duty of local, and sometimes state police. Besides, Kavanaugh has been investigated by the FBI not once, not twice, but six times! And nothing of this nature has ever come up. And when the FBI does a background check on you for the positions that Kavanaugh has held, they aren’t just looking to see if you’ve been balancing your checkbook. Those investigations are extremely thorough. After all, he had access to the White House. He sat on one of the highest appellate courts in the land. They don’t just let anybody do that.

    I honestly feel bad for all parties involved. His accusers have been caught up in a political s#!t storm, and they are going to wind up paying dearly for being played by the Dems. I believe something happened to Ford, but it wasn’t Kavanaugh. The others? I’m not so sure. The may be nothing more than political pawns. And you know what usually happens to pawns in chess.

    Kavanaugh has one shot at having a quasi normal life and career after this. He has to be confirmed to the Supreme Court. Everything else is off the table. If he is not confirmed, his career is over. He will be the pariah of a process that was once revered and has now turned into a three-ring circus. He will have lost all respect from colleagues, friends and family. No one would be able to look at him and not think to themselves, did he?”. Even his wife and daughters will have their doubts. It’s a sad day for all involved. It’s a sad day for our country. Thank you, Senate, for turning our once great nation into a global joke.

    1. John says:

      Very well said!

    2. Val Jester says:

      Amazing Jim D

    3. Lionheart says:

      Rumour has it that 53 years ago he had a tantrum in his stroller and threw his pacifier on the ground. The FBI are now investigating.

    4. Bro. Chas says:

      Jim D., thank you for your rational and mature comments.

    5. Brother Phil says:


      This process is nothing new. Political nominations have always been toxic and will only become more so as our country becomes more polarized.

      Kavanaugh lied on the stand to the Senate. That right there disqualifies him for a lifetime appointment. His own friends claim he was a drunk. Having a drinking problem shouldn’t disqualify you but lying about it means that you should not be on a court where you control the fate of millions.

      There seems to be an awful short memory as of late about the Senate and judges. Republicans refused hundreds of judge appointments under president Obama and refused to vote on Merrick Garland. The old adage you reap what you see is more apt than ever.

      Baby boomers are seeing the future of this country and scared at what it looks like. Baby boomers have been very poor stewards of the legacy left by their parents. Tragedy and decisiveness is the legacy they have left. History will not be kind to the Republicans or so called Christians of convenience and intolerance.

      1. Jim D. says:

        Brother Phil, I feel like I keep repeating this, but hey, I’ll do it one more time. There is no proof that Kavanaugh lied. There is no proof that Ford lied. This is a case of he-said-she-said. it would be nice if there was a modicum of proof, some little tidbit of evidence to affirm one way or the other, but there isn’t. At least not yet. How credible someone appears on the stand isn’t going to cut it. Kavanaugh has admitted all along he likes to drink beer. I don’t doubt that there were times he was quite drunk, and I don’t think he suggested otherwise. He only said he never blacked out, never woke up somewhere he didn’t expect, never woke up missing his clothes. He admits to having a weak stomach and throwing up. That’s about it.

        I believe something happened to Ford, but maybe she has the details wrong. It strikes me odd that the only detail she’s 100% sure of is who. The when, where, and how?.. she has no idea. That’s not enough to find someone guilty.

        It’s unfortunate that women have felt in the past they could not come forward with accusations of sexual assault. But that was their choice, like it or not. I believe that is changing, but I’m not sure what anyone expects law enforcement to do about it 36 years later. I’m sorry if that sounds harsh, but that is the cold reality of choosing to remain quiet for so many years. I’m not suggesting Kavanaugh did it or didn’t do it. I’m just saying that by delaying making the accusations public for three and a half decades has resulted in the person or persons that are responsible will most likely never be brought to justice.

        Certainly, Christine Ford is a victim. I think she was assaulted many years ago, and it may not have been the episode she described. Her memory is Swiss cheese, and after so many years, the mind tries to fill in holes, even if those holes are filled with erroneous information. But she’s also a victim of the times. In the 1970’s a woman did not always get a fair shake. Many times the victim seemed to be on trial. In court they were asked about drinking and drugs, their manner of dress, if they were flirting or being misleading… All of which was designed to make the witness less credible. I think it’s getting better these days, but I don’t have any first hand knowledge other than what’s in the news.

        I think Ford is also a victim of the machinations created by Senate Democrats. She approached them about her story with one request: Keep it out of the media. And they did… until it was to their advantage to leak the story. Suddenly she is thrust into the spotlight and every detail of her life exposed. Does anyone really think this is going to work out for her in the end? In my opinion this is just another assault on her.

        And like it or not, Kavanaugh is a victim. An unsubstantiated accusation has ruined his life, his family, his career and his reputation. No one on the left wants to admit that the man could be completely innocent of these accusations. But they don’t care. They don’t care that he’ll never be able to teach law again because no university will touch him. He can’t go back to the appellate court. They are even trying to get him booted as a girls basketball coach as if to imply he is also a pedophile.

        But the biggest loser in all of this is the American people. This is a process that has existed for over 200 years, and in the past has been handled with respect and honesty. Now it’s a three-ring circus full of clowns. It’s a shame and an embarrassment to our nation. I’m at the point where I almost don’t care which way it turns out. I just want it over with. As a nation, we’ll get past this. Something else will grab the media’s attention like a dog suddenly seeing a squirrel. Either Kavanaugh will be our next Supreme Court justice, or it will be some other poor bastard that’s going to subject him or her self to this freak show. Either way there is one thing for absolute sure: There are two families, the Fords and the Kavanaughs, that will be irreparably damaged by this event. Neither will walk away feeling like they got what they expected when they entered this circus.

    6. Lauren says:

      New York woman, 20, who lied about rapes, appears to roll her eyes in court as she’s jailed for a year. Did any of you read this story Standing beside her lawyer Ryan O’Neill, Nikki Yovino is sentenced one year in jail in Superior Court in Bridgeport, Conn. Thursday, Aug. 23, 2018 for making false rape accusations against two Sacred Heart University football players. Police say Yovino made up the claims because she thought the consensual encounter would damage her relationship with another student. (Brian A. Pounds/Hearst Connecticut Media

    7. Pastor Ron says:

      And, the ignorant minions praise the fool. You started off nicely, then it went south. You have something against people from California? I guess you didn’t like Reagan, huh? Here’s the deal. Conservatives will stop at NOTHING to get their yes men in the Supreme Court.

      These “Ayatollahs of the Christian-Right” (right is a word which here means right-wing, not to be confused with right and wrong) will use any ploy on the ignorant, pseudo-religious Christian minions to foist their belief system on them in order to spread their doctrine of hatred.

      This is nothing new. Republicans promoting their poster-boys for bigotry is a long standing practice (think Clarence Thomas and Robert Bork). At least this newest miscreant is not disguised by his own race as was Clarence Thomas who basically said the NAACP were a bunch of whiners.

      Ted Kennedy’s description of Bork I believe could easily be applied to this, the newest installment of the republican crony.

      Of Bork Kennedy said:

      “Robert Bork’s America is a land in which women would be forced into back-alley abortions, blacks would sit at segregated lunch counters, rogue police could break down citizens’ doors in midnight raids, schoolchildren could not be taught about evolution, writers and artists would be censored at the whim of government, and the doors of the federal courts would be shut on the fingers of millions of citizens for whom the judiciary is often the only protector of the individual rights that are the heart of our democracy.”

      Of course, censorship has found a new form. These days the wild-right can simply dismiss the truth by chanting their newest mantra: “Fake News, Fake News.”

      So, I feel there is evidence enough to show that during his formative years Brett Kavanaugh viewed women as objects to be manipulated, who’s preferences and rights should be viewed as irrelevant. His voting record would prove that his earlier attitudes have persisted. He is quoted as saying: “Obamacare’s mandate for contraception coverage infringes on the rights of religious organizations.” As was Bork’s position, Kavanaugh follows the belief, and I quote: “critical national security need outweighs the impact on privacy occasioned by this program.” This program is a term which here means spying on citizens.

      In Kavanaugh’s America, workers don’t have rights: Kavanaugh wrote a 2016 opinion saying employers can require workers to waive their right to picket in arbitration agreements.

      Under Kavanaugh’s America, the constitutional right to freedom of religion (not just ONE religion) would end. He supported Chief Justice William Rehnquist’s efforts to reverse prior Supreme Court attempts at “erecting a strict wall of separation between church and state.” And this is why the absurd “fake minister” (or minister of hate) Bryan Fischer is hurling these absurd “The Devil is behind it” rants at Kavanaugh’s accusers.

      Kavanaugh’s America would stymie the EPA and have us all breathing polluted air: Kavanaugh wrote a decision that rejected EPA’s attempt to curb air pollution that crosses state lines.

      In Kavanaugh’s America, big banking would be forever be able to bilk the American people with impunity. He wrote an opinion declaring the structure of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a powerful banking industry watchdog first envisioned by Elizabeth Warren, to be unconstitutional. Writing for a three-judge panel, Kavanaugh said the 2010 Dodd-Frank law had wrongly placed “enormous executive power” in the CFPB’s single director, which Republicans and the banking industry want to replace with a multi-member commission. Supporters of the CFPB accused Kavanaugh of acting as a partisan activist, and the constitutionality of the CFPB’s structure was later upheld.

      And, on civil rights? Not good. Civil rights groups and teachers unions were quick to blast the nominee within minutes of Trump’s announcement. The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights decried him as “a direct threat to our civil and human rights,” adding that “he has consistently ruled for the wealthy and powerful.”

      Supreme Court Justices are supposed to be impartial. I know this is a bit of a Utopian dream. But they should NOT be so far to the right that they threaten our constitutional rights and the civil liberties we as Americans hold dear. Men like Kavanaugh would stand behind the Christian version of Sharia law to rule the US. Would witch-burning be far behind? Before you know it, there would be laws against blasphemy, like some third world country. Google: The Christian governor of Jakarta, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, being found guilty of blasphemy against Islam in Indonesia.

      1. Iconoclast says:

        And all of those denouncing the nominee were vowed to oppose WHOMEVER was nominated BEFORE they knew who it would be, so all the pontificating is BS.

      2. Norma Battes says:

        Pastor Ron
        October 4, 2018 at 12:53 am
        ” And, the ignorant minions praise the fool. ”

        Outstanding research. And presented with nary a disparaging personal attack. I don’t know how I missed your post; maybe it was so long(AADD my scourge). Very glad I returned to finish reading comments and especially finding yours. Steady on sir; Grace through Enlightenment.

      3. John Owens says:

        Exactly which constitutional rights has Kavanaugh threatened?

  5. Dan Anderson says:

    Such nonsense. Given nobody has any actual empirical evidence for “Satan” (which only means ‘adversary’), apparently, ego-driven arguments and accusations are “devil-inspired”? There is nothing supernatural about this situation. It is ego-driven only.

    If anyone can actually prove there is a literal “Satan”, please offer up your evidence with citation. I look forward to it.

    1. Val Jester says:

      The scriptures refer to Satan as a sentient being. Good enough for me. If you don’t believe scripture what’s the point?

      1. Lionheart says:

        The mythical story refers to Satan as a sentient being. If you do believe in mythical stories as factually true you are in deep “do do” and will believe anything you read if it suits your mythical belief structure.

        The Harry Potter books make wonderful reading. If you do decide to read them, just know that the stories aren’t true. I’m telling you that, just in case you might want to believe they are.

        1. Jason Bender says:

          My favorite fairy tale is the bill of rights and declaration of independence!

      2. Jason Bender says:

        The scriptures say a lot of things… Some of it is pretty “whack” – as the kids say!

        1. Iconoclast says:

          A lot of it is also historically accurate. There is the Red Sea crossing, which exact place was found in 1978, Egyptian histories chronicling Joseph (Imhotep) saving Egypt and making it greater by storing grain. and possible mentions of Moses as one of the Tutmoses, King Tutankhamen may have died at Passover, but that is impossible to ascertain with certainty ,Hezekiah’s tunnel from 701 BC and the time of Sennacherib, many, many mentions of ancient kings who are recorded in many histories, the city of Jericho, the ancient cities, ports, and nations which are still represented today and well known.

          If you look at the present population of planet Earth, it is doubling every 50 years. If you start with one couple and use half the current growth rate, it would take about 4,400 years to reach our current population. That would roughly coincide with the time of the Flood, when there were only 8 people, if you counted backward.

          If mankind had been here only 50,000 years, and multiplied at half the rate as now, the population would equal 10 to the 99th power, which is more than the number of atoms in the universe. Makes modern teaching look ridiculous.

          The most rings found in any fossilized trees will only account for about 1500 years of growth, which would roughly fit the Genesis account up to the Flood. The oldest living tree would be a Bristlecone Pine or an Irish Oak, roughly 4000 years. The Flood was supposedly about 4400 years ago.

          Not saying every bit of that stuff in scripture is totally literal and accurate in every detail, only that we should apply the same skepticism to every thing we are taught or told by everyone, and try to figure out who is lying, about what, and to what end? If people say all of the Bible is myth, that is inaccurate at best.

          The sun is shrinking about 5 feet in diameter every hour. 11,200,000 years ago, it would have been where we are now. That means some of the stuff our professors have been telling us is terribly inaccurate.

          1. JASON D BENDER says:


          2. Iconoclast says:

            Says you.

    2. Father Thom says:

      Thank you Dan Anderson! Or God as well!

  6. Rev. Rene says:

    Funny thing: A white rich guy F8888’S up, and it is satan’s fault. Who’s fault did that preacher say it was for Bill Cosby??? Oh, wait, he’s a black guy (even though rich) so we don’t care! The old guy white establishment is running scared they may not be able to turn the clock back to 1950’s America, via an overwhelming force on the high court. This court was never supposed to become politicized, what a mess they are making of a great political design!

    1. Wes8 says:

      Rev Rene really you talk like that and the f word I just can see what you peace

    2. Rev. M. Dash says:

      Rev. Rene, you hit the nail on the head. What this proves: there is that group of white guys who go to these private schools, do their dirt, and it’s all fun and games. When they get caught, it is always the woman’s fault. She’s a jezebel or a whore/prostitute who they could not avoid their spell. If this were true, you would not have so many single mothers raising children after the deadbeat dads leave to have another family because this one was too hard, or didn’t work out, or they never wanted children, or their wife wants too much, or they are finding their way.

      This is a potential rapist sitting on the high court overturning Roe v. Wade which means products of rape cannot be aborted. What better way to torture a woman than to have her carry to term the product of rape? He will not like the system when his daughters are preyed upon will he? God gave him daughters for a reason! Payback is a bitch

      1. Iconoclast says:

        Vain ranting with no real substance.

  7. Lea Weisenbach says:

    Satan is the right wing..Its a shame this man maybe innocent but with all the BS with the Catholic church…Its karma.

    Don’t get me wrong I think both sides are very wrong and very extreme. I’m for Trump before I vote for Hilary..I’ve been victimize by women like this because they have husbands they can’t trust.

    I’ve been violated quit a bit as a child that’s why I’m a Survivor from Christianity ..To many of hypocrites that are only religious for the plain fact it looks good and opens A lot of doors.

    I’m am so sick of religious people of their judgments and abusive manor and demonizing people…Their is just no respect for anyone and no one is listen to the pain they create..sad..very..very sad.

  8. Lionheart says:

    Let’s put all the blame for crime on something that doesn’t exist.

    It wasn’t me officer it was the alcohol!

    It wasn’t me officer it was the drugs!

    When are people going to start owning up for their own crimes?

    1. Rev. M. Dash says:


    2. Jason Bender says:

      When are people going to start owning up for their own crimes?
      My guess is: never.

  9. BethKCZ says:

    We’re back to the “droit de signeur” (Right of the Lord). During the middle ages, it was the right of the Lord of the Manor to have sex with any bride in his fiefdom on her wedding night. Thus, it became customary to have premarital sex and marry a pregnant bride – the Lord of the Manor might exercise his right, but at least he wouldn’t be raising the nobility’s children!

    This is in Catholic (Christian) Europe. We’re going back to “the good old days”.

    Rape, including rape of children (both boys and girls) happened, but was not discussed. Now, it’s not even under the radar! Men in high places are discovered raping children, raping their own children, raping underlings. The most anti-gay activists are discovered having sex acts with other men.

    We still pay lip service that “it’s wrong”. We still vote for them. Now we’re appointing them to the highest courts. I guess it’s okay then if somebody rapes your daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother – and you. Boys will be boys.

    It’s somewhat taboo to talk about. It’s not at all taboo to do, even openly.

    1. Jason Bender says:

      Why just the wedding night?

      1. Gwendolyn Lord says:

        It was considered the “Right of First Night”…thus the wedding night. Extremely common practice, but rape on other occasions was common too. “The spoils of war”, at the end of a siege, when on Crusades!

      2. John Owens says:

        Didn’t you watch “Braveheart?”

      3. JASON D BENDER says:

        EXCELLENT! Likewise! I wrote a lengthy, funny, enthusiastic albeit creepy response – apparently the mods did not approve… 🙂

    2. carrie says:

      Well said. When the women of this country stand for what is right, the men all tremble and point to satan, whatever that is!

      1. Lea Weisenbach says:

        Test…My comments are not posting..WHY!!!

        1. Rev Robin says:

          This one is here. I see it.

          1. Jason Bender says:

            No. It is not! I disagree, sir!

        2. Warren Wall says:

          Because, SATAN!!!

    3. Jim D says:

      So I take it you feel Kavanaugh is guilty, without an investigation, without a trial, without any real evidence. What if you’re wrong?

      1. John D. Partin says:

        Jim D, what possibility of an investigation or trial or real evidence is there that would be able to convince you or anyone else when the Senate Republicans refuse to let the FBI investigate these women’s charges, and appoint a special female prosecutor to question Dr. Ford and any other witnesses (so that they can hide behind her skirts!), and blow off and dismiss these women’s charges, anyway, and side with an accused rapist over them—-just because their fellow Republican President Trumpelstiltskin nominated him, and otherwise manipulate and distort the process here? Let those Republicans start fully cooperating with the Democrats and stop playing political games and then we can if we are right or wrong about Kavanaugh. Until then, we won’t be able to see about it. Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen!!!

        1. Jim D says:

          John, the Senate Republicans are not preventing the FBI from doing anything. Senate Republicans do not control the FBI. The truth of the matter is the FBI does not investigate allegations of sex crimes unless they take place on federal property. And as I stated in an earlier post, the FBI has already conducted six extremely thorough background investigations on Kavanaugh, and not even a whiff of sexual abuse has ever surfaced.

          Also, the timing of how this all shook out has to ring the suspicion bell in everyone’s head, especially considering the length of time Sen. Diane Franken-Feinstein held on to this allegation before making it public. She did not bring it up during the confirmation hearings, nor did she confront Kavanaugh with it during their private meeting. Why the delay? Because it makes for a good tactic when the hearings weren’t going her way.

          John, you clearly seem passionate that Kavanaugh is guilty. Too bad you are not as passionate about truth and justice. I realized this three-ring circus is not a court of law, but it would seem to me the presumption of innocence until proven guilty should still apply. If anyone is turning the confirmation of a Supreme Court justice into a political dust-up, it’s the Senate Democrats and people like you… people who are so adamant not to have Kavanaugh as the next justice because it would mean another conservative jurist… another clear thinking individual and not someone that believes the Constitution needs to be “reinterpreted” (read “should be abolished in favor of socialism”), that you would believe Brett Kavanaugh is literally from another planet and therefore cannot sit on the highest court in the land.

          1. John D. Partin says:

            Jim D, were you watching the same Senate hearings that I was watching? The hearings that I was watching had Democratic Senators repeatedly asking Judge Kavanaugh if he would like the FBI to investigate the allegations by Dr. Ford and these other women against him and clear this matter up and would tell the Senate Republicans to permit that to happen, which he repeatedly refused and hemmed and hawed about and tried to pass the buck to the Senate Judiciary Committee about. The hearings that I was watching had Senator Grassley saying that the FBI doesn’t need to investigate this matter and so doesn’t need to be brought in to investigate any further. But what does Senator Grassley or any other Republican Senator have to say about the FBI’s investigating anything, if the “Senate Republicans do not control the FBI”? If the FBI “does not investigate allegations of sex crimes unless they take place on federal property”, then I guess that all victims of sexual assault and rape should try to struggle their way over to the nearest post office or other federal property while they are under attack, so that their charges can be investigated by the FBI, and the Senate Democrats were “talking nonsense” when they kept asking Judge Kavanaugh to have the FBI investigate this matter, since they must not know the law, obviously, as well as you do. That was facetiousness, in case you don’t know. The assault on Dr. Ford took place at a party, not federal property, and the Senate Democrats were still asking him to invite an FBI investigation of it, and so, quite obviously, the FBI can investigate sex crimes at other locations than just federal property. You said that the FBI “has already conducted six extremely thorough background investigations on Kavanaugh, and not even a whiff of sexual abuse has ever surfaced”, but “not a whiff of sexual abuse has ever surfaced”, according to you and everyone else who just automatically believes anything that Kavanaugh says, and none of that in reality are, quite obviously, two different things—-because there wouldn’t still be any demand for more investigation of this matter if everything had really been investigated fully and ALL!!!!! witnesses questioned by the FBI. So, obviously, more still remains to be investigated and there are still more questions and loose ends that need to be answered. Your claiming, along with Kavanaugh, that this is “all just a left-wing conspiracy against him” is ridiculous because Dr. Ford doesn’t have any political agenda or a political bone in her body and isn’t being used for any left-wing political agenda, but just spoke sincerely and tearfully and openly, whereas Kavanaugh was angry and partisan and even questioning the Democratic Senators there about their drinking habits (they were there to question him, not him there to question them!!!), which I have seen experts on sex crimes say on TV is typically “entitled and belligerent” behavior from sexual predators. These experts said that if Kavanaugh were on trial for sexual assault, his behavior alone would convince a jury of his guilt. Where there is smoke, there is fire!!! Why doesn’t Kavanaugh’s behavior at the hearing convince you that he is the one with the right-wing political agenda and the pawn of a right-wing conspiracy against Democrats and the country. Dr. Ford was credible in her testimony and Kavanaugh wasn’t. That is all that there is to it!!! How can you honestly look at both of their appearances in the Senate hearing and compare them and not also see that she was far more credible than Kavanaugh was?!!! There is another week long investigation by the FBI of Kavanaugh being called for by the Donald and we can only hope that it won’t be just another token and show “investigation” in order to get people off his back and so that he can say “See, I investigated it!!! What else do you want? You are just never satisfied!!! Let’s have a vote now”. I don’t have a problem, more than usual, with Kavanaugh’s being conservative, but only with his not being open to more investigation of this matter and transparent. He could be the King of All Conservatives, for all that I care about that, just as long as he and Trumpelstiltskin let the FBI fully investigate this matter and question everybody involved in it or who knows anything about it and not tie their hands or limit them in any way. If Kavanaugh is really innocent of these charges, then he has nothing to worry about and no reason to not let the FBI do whatever it does here and if he isn’t innocent of these charges, we all need to know that and he doesn’t deserve a seat on the Supreme Court. Let’s find out, one way or another, and then he can conservatize his ASS!!!! completely off, for all that I care about that——until he gets impeached, that is!!!

          2. Jason Bender says:

            John Partin – Awesome post! Typed or voice to text? (just curious… lol 😉

          3. Jim D says:

            John D. Partin, you have argued your viewpoint with all the illogic of my ex-wife. From my experience with her I have learned there is nothing to be gained by further debate since you will pick and choose what you like and disregard the rest.

            For example, Kavanaugh did not ask for an FBI investigation because he has no authority to do that. He did, however, say he would fully cooperate with any investigation the committee deems appropriate. The fact that you are so pissed that he didn’t jump up and scream, “FBI, INVESTIGATE ME!” is utterly ridiculous.

            Another example, the TV “experts” that said Kavanaugh’s behavior alone (meaning no other facts in evidence) during the hearing “would convince a jury of his guilt.” Seriously? Were these so-called “experts” featured on CNN (Corrections, Not News)? I’ve heard other experts say he was understandably angry, even defiant, because was being accused of a heinous crime, his family threatened, his name and reputation dragged through the mud. Wouldn’t you be a bit angry if you were wrongly accused and all of that crap happened to you?

            How about the six FBI investigations that were already done? They did not find any incidents of sexual abuse because, according to you, because “… [I] and everyone else who just automatically believes anything that Kavanaugh says…” It’s not what I and everyone else believes. It’s the FBI’s findings from the six investigations. What part of that don’t you get? They didn’t find anything. Get over it.

            I could go on and on, shooting holes in that diatribe of crap you wrote, but I won’t because it won’t do any good. It is clear to me that you hate the President, this administration, and everything associated with him. You still haven’t gotten over the election, and my guess is you never will. And your hatred runs so deep that it compromises your ability to evaluate ALL the data, not just the stuff you like, and render a thoughtful conclusion. As I have stated all along, I feel bad for Ford, Kavanaugh, and the American people. I don’t think Ford has any agenda other than to try to figure out her past and heal the wounds. I wish her good luck with that. This whole circus is going to set her progress back for a long time. She was used by Senate Democrats. She wanted all of this to remain out of the public, and it was leaked by Franken-Feinstein’s office, which makes sense since her office was the only party that had the information.

            John, I’m not suggesting you jump off the Democrat ship. It’s not my place to tell people their politics. But I will suggest you put your obvious anger aside. Go back and really evaluate what everyone actually says. Don’t get caught up in Christine Ford’s meek and mild demeanor, her deer-in-the-headlights look, her vocal fry. Don’t be swayed by Kavanaugh’s anger, his belligerence, his tears. Listen to what everyone says, put that together with the facts, the REAL facts, not just what you or anyone else believes to be true. Use your own brain with no influences from the media or anyone else, and come up with an answer. I’m not suggesting it will be the same as mine, but at least you can say it is honest.

          4. John Owens says:

            Nothing to investigate.

          5. Jason Bender says:

            Jim D… John D Partin packs more logic and intellectual firepower into just a few sentences than you can muster in one entire several thousand word screed!

          6. Iconoclast says:

            You say that because you think he is making your case for you, but if he can put so much intellectual firepower into a few sentences, why does he filibuster on nearly every comment he makes?

          7. Jason Bender says:

            Because he is dropping a TRUTH MOAB on all Y’all Trumpster Turdettes, that is why!

          8. Iconoclast says:

            You have the turd part right. It is mostly bovine turds, not so cleverly disguised to sound like acrimony.

        2. Gary Minnis says:

          Your bias is showing.

          1. Iconoclast says:

            It is flashing ultra-bright LED showing.

    4. Jason Bender says:

      Why just on the wedding night?

      1. BethKCZ says:

        Effectively, they could. The reason that it was “okay” on the wedding night was that the women were married, therefore no longer were they protecting “their virtue”. Plus, if they got pregnant, the woman would not be unmarried and pregnant without support, but would have the support of her husband – who knew it was possible he was the father. It was an attempt to spread their genes farther. It was an attempt to terrorize the young brides and to offend the young bridegrooms who had nothing to say in the matter, nor could he protect his wife from this.

        Thus, they married already-pregnant women, who were no longer virgins, and thus could not be impregnated by the Lord’s semen.

        1. Jason Bender says:

          WOW! As messed up as the world is, and it *is* pretty messed up – those people that are fortunate enough to live in the present day in a nation that is a 1st world industrialized liberal democracy (classical use of the word ‘liberal’) truly live in a utopian paradise compared to our ancestors whose lives predate the era of industrialism, electronics and modern medicine.

      2. John D. Partin says:

        Jason Bender, my post was typed. Thanks for asking and I’m glad you liked it.

      3. John D. Partin says:

        Jim D, your “response” here is a common tactic of the right and, apparently, misogynists, too, that “you have argued your viewpoint with all the illogic of my ex-wife” and “from my experience with her I have learned that there is nothing to be gained by further debate since you will pick and choose what you like and disregard the rest”. It certainly sounds as though your thinking is affected by your anger at your ex-wife and so you are merely projecting all of that on to other people. Why would you assume that all other thinking on this matter than your own must be “illogical” and, especially, that all women’s thinking about it must be “illogical”? That certainly is very misogynistic on your part—or, if not, will pass for it until actual misogynism comes along!!! Your argument against that thinking is what is referred to as an ad hominem argument, which means attacking the person who made the statement, instead of just dealing with the statement itself and considering it on its own merits and leaving the person out of the consideration, and ad hominem arguments are notoriously illogical and prejudicial. You can’t argue against someone else’s “illogic” while using actual illogic yourself, since that is trying to have it both ways!!! “There is nothing to be gained by further debate since you will pick and choose what you like and disregard the rest” is merely evasiveness and your saying that somebody has to already agree with you in order “not to be picking and choosing” and to be “really honest”. Why would you assume that and make yourself the center of the universe around which everyone else must revolve, in order to be “thinking clearly and honestly”? Yes, Kavanaugh said in his opening statement that he was “open to any investigation of him”, but then, in the course of his testimony, he undid all of that by not stating that he wants an FBI investigation to just clear this matter up once and for all and get it over with and behind him. He can’t have it both ways, anymore than you can, and say that he is “open to any investigation of him” and then turn right around and not come right out and agree unreservedly to an FBI investigation of himself. Yes, I know for a fact that an innocent man would come right out and say “FBI, INVESTIGATE ME!!!! BRING IT THE HELL ON!!! I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE AND CAN ONLY BE PROVEN INNOCENT BY THAT AND SO LET’S DO IT!!!!”, which is the opposite of what he did: hemming and hawing and trying to pass the buck and shift the responsibility to the Senate Judiciary Committee!!!! I have no doubt that a genuinely innocent man would also be very angry at being falsely accused and at the damage done to his wife, mother, and family by all of this that has happened to Kavanaugh, but the difference between an innocent person’s anger about this and a guilty person’s anger about this is what they do: the innocent person’s saying “BRING ON THE INVESTIGATION!!!!” to clear his name once and for all and the guilty person’s trying to dodge the issue and pass the buck and shift the blame!!! No doubt, Kavanaugh is genuinely angry AT GETTING CAUGHT AND LOSING HIS CHANCE AT A SUPREME COURT JUDGESHIP”, not because he has been “unjustly accused”, which he hasn’t!!! He was asked directly if he would want an FBI investigation of him and this matter, not what the Senate Republicans want, and he just refused to directly answer that question and say “YES!!!”. That might sound like an “innocent” man to you, but not to me or anyone else who just doesn’t automatically accept everything that Kavanaugh says or does as true. Again, even six or 6,666 investigations of Kavanaugh aren’t full investigations, if there are still questions that remain to be answered and people who know something about this case left to interview and question about it—and even you, hopefully, can’t believe that all of that has already been done!!! Those six “investigations” were merely token and show “investigations”, so that the Donald could say that he “looked into it, alright, and now let’s have the vote!”. When a sincere, tearful, and open woman like Dr. Ford’s testimony doesn’t stack up, according to you, against this angry, belligerent, and former (or even current) beer drinker’s (who could have forgotten what he did to Dr. Ford in a drunken stupor and blackout) testimony to prove to you that she is telling the truth and he is lying, then it can only be your conservative and Republican bias and misogyny that is keeping you from seeing that and admitting it!!! I could shoot holes in your arguments and “thinking” all day long, too, but feel that it would also be useless, since you have already made up your mind about this and don’t want to be bothered with any actual logic or the facts or common sense!!!!

        1. Jim D says:

          Like I said, John, I’m not wasting my time with you. You claim I said things that is did not say. You claim I have anger towards my ex-wife. I do not. You do not know her or me, and you are an idiot for even making such a statement. You rely on non-existent facts and statements that are not said. He’s guilty because he did NOT say “investigate me?” Are you seriously going to lead with that? Well, at least I know you’re not a lawyer. You call me a misogynist and that I think all women are illogical. I am not a misogynist and I never said all women are illogical. I only applied that description to two people: my ex-wife and you. Don’t claim I said things I never said.

          I never said someone has to agree with me, or they are “just picking and choosing.” I never said you have to agree with me. I did say that you pick and choose facts and statements that bolster your opinion and leave out anything that disagrees with you. Don’t claim I said things I never said.

          The six FBI investigations he has already been through were not “for show” for Trump’s benefit. They are what is required by law, and I’m sure the FBI would be less than thrilled with your assessment of their efforts. And at least five of those investigations took place before Trump was even President. Your statement is… oh, what’s the word… oh, yes… ILLOGICAL.

          As far as this being an ad hominem argument, it may appear that way. I am more than capable of refuting nearly every bit of non-evidence and illogic you put forth. The other side of it is that your ignorance and obstinance annoy me.

          I will spell this out one last time because.. well… you’re a dumbass. This is a simple case of he-said-she-said. There is no evidence to prove Kavanaugh is guilty of the crime with which he has been accused. I’ve said all along I believe something happened to Christine Ford, but I think she has the details wrong. After 36 years, that’s understandable. The handful of people she has named cannot corroborate her story. The burden of proof is on her. Kavanaugh cannot prove a negative. No one can. He has at least 100 people that have known him throughout his life and career, all of whom have vouched for his character, and some that knew him at the time of the incident cannot give any credence to her accusation.

          Contrary to what you believe, I have not made up my mind on this matter. I look at the evidence, which right now only seems to be Kavanaugh’s calendar (not much to go on, but it’s the only bit of physical evidence either one has presented), and I listen to their statements. Based on that, I’m inclined to believe him. I will wait for the seventh FBI investigation and see what they can find. You, however, like the Senate Democrats, have already made up your mind. He is guilty, and there’s nothing anyone can say or do to change your mind. That’s your right. Enjoy it. But I am curious what your opinion will be if the FBI comes back with absolutely nothing… or better yet, evidence that completely exonerates Kavanaugh.

          Now go, and annoy someone else for a while.

          1. Fred V Miller Sr says:

            I come from a different time than most of you people. I was a Democrat most of my earlier life and come from the Winston Churchill observation of life. I spent some time in the Pacific in 1945 as a teenager. I spent thirty years in police work, retried as Chief of Detectives. I am in my ninety’s and have seen it all. I am associated with this mission believing that each of you receive what ever prefix you use based upon the teaching of Jesus, He attracted disciples from the reservoir of the common man. This is the mantle that you gain your beliefs from. My association is based on my humble conviction that all Christians are disciples. It is forged in the furn ices of life. There never was nor is there now any of you that is perfect. Jesus’s said let you that are nor guilty of sin cast the first stone. I am disappointed in the under lying disdain that exists below the surface that permeates some of these comments. From my place at the table I can state that this whole circus by my former political associates does not measure up to Christian dictates, nor does it not have problems with the the charges involved.

            I would council all to remove the rose colored glass that you view this situation and view this with fairness and objection.

            I love my country, my Constitution and especially my Bill Of Rights

          2. Iconoclast says:

            He does that a lot. There are no credible accusations here. Neither his, nor hers.

          3. John D. Partin says:

            Jim D, I’m not concerned about annoying you at all because, quite frankly, you annoy me as well and one good turn deserves another!!! As for your calling me a “dumbass” and “idiot”, I couldn’t care less about your dumbass and idiotic opinions about me because anyone, such as you, who would believe a drunken, beer-loving and swilling, belligerent, mean-tempered (as he showed at the hearings!), “entitled” feeling, lying, and arrogant RAPIST!!!! over a sincere and honest woman, such as Dr. Ford, is the KING OF ALL IDIOTS AND DUMBASSES!!!! No reasonable or logical or discerning person would do that and so that excludes you from the ranks of reasonable people in this world and makes your calling me any names the whole pot factory calling a single kettle “black”!!! You are showing Kavanaugh’s same feeling of “entitlement” by your “thinking” that you can tell me not to talk to you or anyone else in this blog, as though you own it!!!! I will tell you, as I have told other people here, if you can’t stand the heat or a response to your post, stay out of the kitchen and the blog because you just don’t get to tell me anything here and I’m going to respond to you or anyone else here that I wish and YOU CAN GO STUFF YOURSELF!!!! You have made up your mind on this matter, no matter what you say, because you can even compare his testimony to her testimony and still come out taking his side against her, which, again, no reasonable person would do!!! She swore under oath in the hearings that she was “100% certain that it was Kavanaugh who sexually assaulted her”, knowing full well that she would be convicted of perjury and go to prison if she was caught in a lie. She has absolutely nothing to gain from lying about him and everything to lose by doing so. Kavanaugh, on the other hand, has everything to gain by lying in this matter (the Supreme Court Judgeship!) and nothing to lose by it, since he will just go back to his DC Circuit Court bench, inasmuch as his Republican friends in the Senate won’t send him to prison for perjury when they won’t even come out against him on this allegation. So, again, you are taking the side of someone with nothing to lose by lying and everything to gain by it over the side of someone with everything to lose by lying and nothing to gain by it, which shows how really STUPID!!! and GULLIBLE!!!! you are!!!! I can trade insults with you all day long, if that is what you want, because nobody is better at it or loves it more than I do, or we can have a reasonable and respectful conversation. Whichever of those two sounds best to you is what we can go with!!!! It makes more “sense” to you that Dr. Ford is “mistaken” about identifying Kavanaugh as her attacker than it does that Kavanaugh is mistaken in his memory of this incident—-even though drunks commonly don’t remember things that they have done, after passing out or blacking out. That is how truly UNREASONABLE!!!! and UNDISCERNING!!!! you are because no sensible person would believe a drunk who forgets things that he has done routinely over someone who swore under oath that he did it and has no reason to lie and every reason not to lie!!!! It doesn’t matter at all that 100 people who have known him throughout his life vouch for his character and cannot give any credence to Dr. Ford’s allegations because every serial rapist and killer who has ever lived, before their crimes were discovered, had people vouching for them and saying “I never would have thought that he (or she) would ever have done anything like that because they always seemed so nice and pleasant to be around” and everybody has areas of their lives and things that they have done that other people (even close friends and family members) don’t know about, since we all need our privacy, sometimes. What can happen with serial rapists and killers can happen far easier and more often with someone who has only committed his crimes a few times—-that we know of. According to your “thinking”, Grigori Rasputin and even Adolf Hitler would have been saints because they weren’t even suspected of ever doing anything wrong by their friends and loved ones, either—-even when the wrongs that they did were right in front of these people and shown to them, since they just made excuses for it and “justified” it. This sort of thing has happened many times throughout history with many people. What can be done with something right in front of you can certainly be done far easier and more often, of course, with things that you don’t know anything about. Your misogyny is proven, despite your denials of it, by your characterization of Dr. Ford’s (and I quote) “meek and mild demeanor, her deer-in-the-headlights look, her vocal fry” and your dismissal of these other women’s allegations and your saying that we should not “be swayed by Kavanaugh’s anger, his belligerence, his tears”, the same as an alcoholic is proven to be an alcoholic, despite his protests that he “isn’t”, by his behavior and statements. No more than I would believe that an obvious alcoholic isn’t one just because he says that he isn’t would I believe that you aren’t a misogynist just because you say that you aren’t when your words and thinking are telling me the exact opposite!!! That would just be too gullible on my part. No more, either, do I believe that Kavanaugh didn’t commit these sexual assaults against Dr. Ford and these other women just because he, too, says that “he didn’t” (when drunks pass out and black out all of the time and forget what they have done) because that would also just be gullibility on my part, as it is on your part!!!! His not remembering doing those things and his not having done them are, quite obviously and realistically, two different things. It doesn’t matter, either, that five of the FBI investigations took place before the Donald became “President” (he stole the election, the same as George W. Bush did!!!), but only that they weren’t complete investigations, since if they had been, they would have uncovered Kavanaugh’s guilt in these matters. The proof is in the pudding! When they do quality investigation, I give them credit for doing so, but when they do slipshod “investigations”, I call them on that, too, and don’t care about their opinion of my appraisal of their “work”. If the FBI comes back this time with nothing again against Kavanaugh, that will be proof of more slipshod “work” in their “investigation” of this matter, as it was the six previous times. The proof will still be in the pudding!!! Your or their “thinking” that “Kavanaugh is innocent of these allegations” and his actually being innocent of them are, quite obviously and realistically, two different things. Now, if you don’t have anything intelligent (unlike what you usually post) to say in response to this post or more to say, you go away and annoy someone else!!! What works for you works for me, too!!!

          4. Jim D. says:

            John, there is an old saying that goes, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.”

            You talk too much.

          5. Iconoclast says:


      4. John D. Partin says:

        Jason Bender, thank you very much for your comment on my posting! I’m trying my very best here!

        1. James Jimbo Jones says:

          You are a politiminister and there is no place for that. Titus 3:9
          “But avoid foolish controversies, genealogies, dissensions, and quarrels about the law, for they are unprofitable and worthless.”

        2. John D. Partin says:

          Jim D, you “think” that everyone who disagrees with you here or anywhere is a “fool” and “talks too much” and that you and your ilk are the only “wise” people here and talk “the right amount of words”, and so, of course, you say that I’m a “fool” and “talk too much”, too. I just consider the source and the pot factory calling the kettle “black”!!! It takes a mountain of argument to fight against stupidity!! That is the reason for my long post.

          1. Jim D. says:

            The reason for your long posts is that you are a babbling fool that says the same thing over and over and offers nothing in the way of analytical and logical thinking.

            I won’t tell you to keep quiet. Please, keep right on babbling.

          2. John D. Partin says:

            Jim D, once again, a blithering idiot, such as yourself, calling me or anyone else a “babbling fool” is really just the biggest joke of all and the whole pot factory calling a single kettle “black”. Only obvious blithering idiots, such as you and Iconoclast and John Owens, could possibly believe that a drunk is more credible than his accuser who isn’t a drunk or that someone who has every reason to lie and no reason to tell the truth (Kavanaugh) is more believable than someone who has every reason to tell the truth and no reason to lie (Dr. Ford)!!! I won’t go through all of the other reasons again to doubt Kavanaugh’s testimony and believe Dr. Ford’s testimony because that would just be more pouring water over a rock and casting pearls before swine, since nothing ever gets through to a conservative, anyway, and sinks through all of the mud and rock up in your heads!!!! The main thing that conservatives conserve is thinking because you don’t do any of that at all!!!! No sensible person can possibly be a conservative because that is a contradiction in terms!!! Now, that Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court, the only thing left to do about it is to impeach him!!! It isn’t over yet.

          3. I.S. Johnson says:

            Dear Mr. Partin,

            These gentlemen you are speaking with are the type of closed minded conservatives that argue not to get at truth, but the sort that argue for sport. Given hard evidence they would still deny and argue. To speak with them is a waste of breath as they seek only to upset you. Try not to let them bait you. The deed is done for bad or good (Probably bad) and in time we will have to undo many ills of this presidency. Keep your focus on matters you can influence and a strong hold on your ethics.

          4. John D. Partin says:

            I.S. Johnson. thank you very much for your good advice and insight about these Conservatives and, of course, you are right about them! I will certainly try to keep my focus on matters I can influence and a strong hold on my ethics. Very best wishes to you as well!!

          5. JASON D BENDER says:

            RE: ‘the pot factory calling the kettle “black”’ –

            PLEASE! For the love of God! Do NOT bring race into this!

        3. John Owens says:

          You massive twat! There is not one scintilla of EVIDENCE of anything that woman said involving Kavanaugh, and aside from college and high school antics, no evidence he is a drunk. I have intentionally left your neurotic ass alone for over a week and you are the prejudiced, ignorant one here who just goes on and on and on and on like a broken record. You are a brainwashed lefty and nothing you say comes from your own mind, but washes up out of the sewage that fills your cranium.

          1. John D. Partin says:

            JO, well, I’ll try yet again—even more calmly. Your not accepting the evidence presented by Dr. Ford and her evidence’s not actually being evidence are two entirely different things. As I’ve told you before, you don’t even accept basically logical and reasonable things as being true and so your not accepting her evidence as evidence and true is just par for the course with you. She swore under oath (with the penalty of perjury and prison time if she was caught lying hanging over her) that she was 100% certain that it was Kavanaugh who sexually assaulted her. That is evidence, even if you don’t accept it as evidence, the same as you don’t accept other basic logic and facts as true and reasonable. Why would this be any different—-with someone such as you!!! If you don’t accept her sworn testimony that Kavanaugh did it and have to blow out another smoke screen and evade the issue yet again with your temper tantrum here and phony “sympathy” for Dr. Ford by saying that “she probably was attacked, but just not by Kavanaugh”, then you have to, consistently (if you are ever consistent at all!!!), discount all other women’s accusations against their rapists and sexual assaulters with those same tactics and then no man would ever be convicted of rape or sexual assault and go to prison over it!!! I called you some rotten and obscene names, too, and said the most hateful things against you that I could come up with, but ULC didn’t post it here, which is probably for the best, since all of that is only a distraction from and evasion of the issue at hand—-and you need to learn that, too!!!!—-and nobody here wants to read any of that garbage from you and I or any other people here, except those who get off on that kind of thing and whom neither you nor I should want to entertain and give them what they want and a show for their benefit!!! My posts here aren’t dependent on your postings to me, so that I would have to wait for that to happen in order to post here. My posts have nothing to do with you and I will go right on posting here even if you never post to me again, which I would greatly prefer. Nobody was even talking to you. I was talking to Jim D, not you!!!! I will post to whomever I want in here and talk about you or whomever I want in here, whether you like it or not, and you have just nothing to say about it and it is none of your business!!! So, don’t get your panties in a bunch over it, take a chill pill, and pinch your bag and get glad!!! You are the brainwashed one here, when you can just follow conservative and Republican party lines, propaganda, and indoctrination, by comparing Kavanaugh’s and Dr. Ford’s testimony and still come out on Kavanaugh’s side. Dr. Ford has 40 other witnesses that she wanted the FBI to investigate to corroborate her story, but they only bothered with 9 of them—-and even them only half-assedly!!! Questioning (half-assedly) 9 out of 40 people might seem like a “full investigation” to you (because that is what you already want to believe and won’t listen to anything else and it isn’t difficult at all to convince you of something that you already want to believe), but that isn’t, quite obviously, a full investigation to anyone else who actually thinks about it. The FBI only conducted a token and show “investigation” this last time because the President wanted Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court and was directing their “investigation” and he wasn’t going to let anything stop Kavanaugh from getting on the Supreme Court—-as is quite obvious to everyone, except you and other indoctrinated, brainwashed, and blindered Trumpophiles!!! Dr. Ford had every reason to tell the truth and no reason to lie, whereas Kavanaugh had every reason to lie and no reason to tell the truth. Yet, despite that obvious difference in motivation in their testimonies, you and your ilk still side with Kavanaugh over Dr. Ford. That is how unthinking you and other Trumpophiles are about this matter!!! I keep repeating myself over and over and over again to you and other conservatives here “like a broken record”, as you say, in the hope of getting through finally to, at least, some of you, the same as Jesus constantly railed against the Pharisees, trying to get through to some of them. I’m not usually successful at getting through to any of you because you are too brainwashed and indoctrinated by conservatism (a mental illness and defect!!!) to permit that happen, but, at least, I get through to some other people here and find others who agree with me, and that is enough!!!

          2. John Owens says:

            Sorry, John. Hate to burst your bubble, but you are not “getting through” to anyone here. A few, who actually share your psychoses (plural), will encourage you from time to time, but nobody is going to read all your hysterical babbling. It’s like an English translation of the Koran. Boring, repetitious, and mostly false. Your attempts at reasoning are sad. I pity you.

      5. John D. Partin says:

        Iconoclast, I “filibuster”, as you put it, “on nearly every comment” that I make because it takes a mountain or whole mountain range of argument to fight against a mountain or mountain range of STUPIDITY!!!! You can’t do that with just a few sentences, but I do pack “more logic and intellectual firepower into just a few sentences than you can muster” or anyone else here musters in your statements (thank you again, Jason Bender!!!) and am “dropping a TRUTH MOAB on all Y’all Trumpster Turdettes” ( that is DELIGHTFUL!!! and FANTASTIC!!!! and thanks again!!). I hope that that wasn’t too much for you to take in or understand!!!

        1. Iconoclast says:

          Dream on, Sphincter.

        2. John D. Partin says:

          JO, as usual, you didn’t understand what I wrote to you because I already told you that you are too brainwashed and indoctrinated by conservatism for anything to ever get through to someone such as you!!! According to you, anyone who doesn’t agree with you is “psychotic” and any arguments other than your own or those who agree with you are “hysterical babbling” and their reasoning is “sad”, but since you don’t even know the truth about yourself and your own “thinking”, obviously, you couldn’t know the truth about my or anyone’s thinking, either. Well, that is obvious to everyone to whom it can be obvious, anyway, and if it isn’t obvious to you, there is a very obvious reason for that. You’re just too bone stupid, brainwashed, pig-headed, and indoctrinated in conservatism to get it!!!! Everyone else who doesn’t have all of your mental and spiritual limitations and afflictions understands me immediately and doesn’t consider my posts here “hysterical babbling” and so the only reason for your doing so has to be those mental and spiritual limitations, defects, and afflictions of yours, which are seen by everyone here, except yourself and those who are similarly afflicted, defective, and limited as yourself!!!! Even schizophrenics “think” that everyone else is wrong-headed and that they are the “sane” and “right-thinking” people, and you feel the same way about yourself as they feel about themselves. Well, why wouldn’t you, since like minds think alike and birds of a feather flock together?!!! You just said that “a few who share your psychoses will encourage you from time to time”, which proves that you “think” the same way as schizophrenics do and “think” that other people are “sick” and you are the “sane” one. Schizophrenics pity other people, too, the same as you do me and other people, no doubt, which is more proof of your similar condition to theirs, and their pity of other people is as delusional, pathetic, ridiculous, and self-deceived as yours is!!!! Quite obviously, you couldn’t be a realistic judge of any statement’s being true or false when you don’t even know the actual truth about yourself—-well, again, it would be obvious to anyone, other than yourself, who could actually perceive the obvious!!! It is a given, of course, that nothing will ever get through to you and all of the indoctrination, brainwashing, mud, and rocks there between your ears and that all attempts to do so will be “understood” by you as “boring, repetitious, and mostly false”, but, again, your “thinking” them to be such and their actually being so are two entirely different things. So, I will leave you to your safe little cocoon of close-mindedness, bigotry, and self-righteousness, as I have done many other similarly afflicted and limited persons here, in order that you may go on in your fantasies and delusions that you are “right” and everyone else who disagrees with you is “wrong”—to your heart’s content, and not waste any more of my time on you or cast any more pearls before swine such as you and concentrate, instead, on people who can still think correctly and non-delusionally. Have a nice dream!!!!

          1. John Owens says:

            I don’t think EVERYONE who disagrees with me is wrong, John. Just most of them, which includes you. You are the close-minded one, accusing me of being that way. Your own bigotry and prejudice are monumental. I’ve never been associated with any people as bigoted as you are, except for a few Muslims who hate Jews. Your fanatical zeal would be admirable if you had any nobility about you.

          2. jason says:

            I do not associate with anti-semites! neither should you!

          3. John Owens says:

            Jason, I had college classes with them. I didn’t have spend-the-night parties with them. Also, as an adult, I choose with whom I will associate and to what extent.

  10. Alan Meunier says:

    “Satan”- the go to when you don’t expect someone else to take responsibility nor take responsibility for your own actions. Satan, as this guy describes, does not exist; “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.”- Isaiah 45:7

    1. Rev Robin says:

      WOW! I have never, since 1980 seen a Scripture taken as far out of its context as you just did!
      I really don’t understand why no one has even mentioned this.
      I’ll leave you to your studies.

      1. BethKCZ says:

        Please explain the context under which God would say that He creates evil.

        Furthermore, Satan in the OT was an adversary to God. Not the ultimate evil.

        If I were an omniscient omnipotent God, saw either women being drugged and raped, OR saw “good men” accused of such, I would stop it. Can God stop it? Doesn’t He want to?

        1. Carl Elfstrom says:

          It seems impossible to me that anything can exist that is totally evil, which would make it totally void of love,and would be totally the opposite of constructive, by which it would be totally destructive, even unto itself, therefore it would destroy itself and cease to exist without ever having existed, for nothing totally in a constant state of destruction create or construct, or be created. It eliminates itself.

          1. Jason Bender says:

            “It seems impossible to me that anything can exist that is totally evil”
            well, you, sir, have obviously never met my ex-wife.

        2. Carl Elfstrom says:

          The universe is mental. Everything exists within the mind of The All, which is God. And to think… God started the entire process with a big “Bang!”

        3. Carl Elfstrom says:

          Everything must become and will be balanced, in fulfilling its existence through karma. Whatever seems good or bad is simply balancing itself. There is nothing supernatural. Everything is contained within nature, and is subject to natural laws. Nothing can possibly escape the laws of nature, but the laws can be transmuted.

          1. Carl Elfstrom says:

            For further explanation study the Kybalion by Three Initiates, which can be purchased from Amazon.

          2. Lionheart says:

            Yes and also study Harry Potter, and also the Three Little Pigs. Fascinating stories all composed by human beings. You will find they contain no logic to this posting, just like the Kybalion, and other such books of rubbish.

          3. Bud Kruger says:

            Listen my friends. God is Truth. You espouse all the vitriolic diatribe you want. In the end it comes back to truth. Our lord created the garden of Eden and we in our little egocentric cocoons are screwing it up. Our country is founded on the principle that you
            are innocent until proven guilty. We must stay true to that foundation or vigilante justice will rule once again.

          4. Lionheart says:

            Bud, how on earth can you say a mythical god is truth, and then follow that up with the garden of eden myth, and THEN say “in the end it comes back to truth”. There is NO truth, or evidence, any god exists, and there is NO truth in the mythical story of the garden of eden. We all know the age of the earth, with evidence, that the earth isn’t 6000 years old, which it would have to be if you falsely believed in the Garden of Eden.

    2. John D. Partin says:

      JO, once again, as conservatives and homophobes ALWAYS!!!! do, you try to turn everything around and say that I and other people are the “bigoted” and “prejudicial” and “closed-minded” ones, while saying that you are the “reasonable” and, I suppose, “open-minded” one. That is a well-known and long practiced tactic of right-wingers, conservatives, and homophobes, such as yourself. The Pharisees even tried to turn everything around on Jesus and accuse him of “casting out devils by the prince of devils” and “being possessed by devils himself”, and if that can be done even to Jesus, there isn’t anyone that you right-wingers today can’t do that to, as well. What an incredible inversion of reality!!!! You are the one who is against gay marriage and gay rights, generally, and yet, according to you, I’m the “bigot” and “close-minded” person here and you are the “open-minded” person here!!! You are the one who takes the side of an accused sexual assaulter over his accuser, the same as male chauvinists and paternalistic men have always done, but, according to you, you aren’t one of those guys (no matter how much the evidence of your words here says that you are!!!!!) and you are the “fair-minded” and “reasonable” one here, while anyone who stands up for women, generally, against their sexual assaulters and for Dr. Ford, specifically, “must be a bigot and closed-minded” person”!!! And on and on and on, with every other case of the person who is for acceptance of and rights for other people’s “being a bigot and closed-minded” person, while those, such as yourself, who are against acceptance of gay and some other people and against their having full equal rights are “really the open-minded and fair-minded and reasonable” people!!!! Only by standing reality on its head and turning everything completely upside down can you and other conservative and homophobic people stay in business and maintain your fantasy about yourselves that you are the “righteous” and “reasonable” ones, while those who insist on reality’s staying right side up and “bigotry”‘s not just meaning whatever you want it to mean, to suit and “justify” yourself, and still only being rightfully applied to people who are against acceptance of and full equal rights for all people are the “unreasonable, bigoted, prejudicial, and closed-minded” people. Your ilk was doing this same thing during the Pharisees’ time (when they went right on “thinking” that they were the “righteous ones”, despite Jesus’ telling them that they weren’t!!!) and you are still doing it today!!!! No matter what you “think”, though, bigotry and prejudice don’t mean just whatever in the Hell that you want them to mean, to be applied against whomever in the Hell that you want to apply them, but still ONLY!!!! fit those who are against acceptance of and full equal rights for all people, such as yourself, since, otherwise, we would have to say that the Nazis were “really the open-minded and accepting” people when they were committing genocide against six million Jews and all of their other “inferiors” that they killed and Ku Klux Klansmen were “really the open-minded and accepting” people when they were lynching black people and committing other crimes against them and supporting denial of full equal rights for black people, while all of those who fought against the Nazis and against Klansmen and racial bigotry must “actually have been bigots and racists themselves”!!!! Even the Communists, according to your inversion of reality, would be called the “reasonable and open-minded and accepting” people while they were oppressing their people and denying them their human rights!!! And so on for every other group that has opposed acceptance of and full equal rights for some other group’s being called, according to you, “open-minded” and “reasonable” and “accepting”, while those who fought them would be called “bigots” and “prejudicial and closed-minded” people!!! You might want to live in such an inverted and ass-backwards world because it makes you and everyone who agrees with you “right” and “reasonable” and “fair-minded”, but I would far prefer to live in a right side up and truly reasonable world (to the extent that we can achieve that, in this world) of acceptance of and full equal rights for all people (not just for your or this or that or another group). No doubt, all of this that I have just wrote to you here will go through that blender and filter and distorter in your head and come out, once again, meaning something other than what I have actually said here and being misunderstood, once again, by you and you will “justify” yourself, once again, against this straw man of what you “think” that I’m saying here—-because it just wouldn’t be convenient for or conducive to your continuing in conservatism or homophobia for you to actually understand what I’m saying to you here, and you will just come back with more smoke screens, evasions, deflections, changing of the subject, and all of your other usual tactics, as you always do. I told you many posts ago that you should try to argue a hard-core neo-Nazi or Klansman out of their bigotry against Jews or black people, so that you could get a taste of what you give to the rest of us here about gay people and acceptance of them and equal rights for them and about believing Dr. Ford and other women against their accusers, and see if you thought that this neo-Nazi or Klansman was any more “reasonable” or “open-minded” than we think that you are—-and get a taste of your own medicine and attitude toward people. You will, of course, never try that experiment with a neo-Nazi or Klansman and try to open their mind and make them more accepting of Jews or black people because it would hit too close to home for you and, possibly, open your mind as well (and you won’t ever risk that!!) and, besides, you can’t give to neo-Nazis or Klansmen something that you don’t even have yourself: open-mindedness!!! You say that you “don’t think that EVERYONE who disagrees with you is wrong, just most of them”, but, no doubt, that is only a very general statement, and in actual practice and specifically, in every case of someone’s daring to disagree with you, “they are, of course, always wrong”, according to you. I’ve read your posts here to many other people, not just to me, and I have yet to find any case of someone’s here disagreeing with you where, according to you, they weren’t the “wrong” one and you, of course, the “right” one. That doesn’t sound as though you really only have a problem with me or “think” that I’m “more bigoted than anyone else”!!! I’m done, again, trying to reason with you, since I know that it has, yet again, been an exercise in futility and you are just not capable of understanding or accepting anything that I’m saying to you here, because of your actual CLOSED-MINDENESS!!!! and INDOCTRINATION!!!! against it, and so if you choose not to respond to this post, that would be just fine with me, and I won’t have to waste any more of my time pouring water over the rock of your head, trying to get it to seep into it, or casting any more pearls before swine, lest you turn again and rend me with your words (or try to!) and you can go on in your safe little cocoon of self-righteousness, closed-mindedness, and bigotry, until your dying day, and not have to be bothered ever by any light or doubts of your position getting through to you, as I told you before!!!!

      1. John Owens says:

        JP, once again, as heterophobes and Christophobes always do, you rant and rant and pontificate and virtue signal, like the absolute WORST hypocrite on the planet, calling names and hurling accusations in a judgmental fashion, as though you are somehow superior as you rant and rave in a manor worthy of an angry klansman, much more self-righteous than I. If you could ever possibly read your own lunatic ravings and compare them to my responses to you, you would see that I have been more than patient, more than kind, and not been ANYWHERE near as judgmental or self-righteous as YOU. You are the one in darkness, Sir. Please examine your own attitudes while lambasting mine.

        1. John D. Partin says:

          JO, instead of directly replying to my questions and statements here, all that you do is parrot back at me paraphrases of what I have said to you and scream and babble and froth at the mouth incoherently yet again, as you always do, as an evasion and smoke screen to keep from answering and dealing directly with the points that I raised in my post to you!!! That isn’t your behaving like a reasonable person here, but only like a spoiled brat and very immature so-called “adult” who when he doesn’t get his way or get people to agree with him throws a temper tantrum, as you are doing!!!!! You are proving me 100% correct about you with this fit that you are throwing here and that you are just a dishonest, self-righteous, and closed-minded bigot who can’t think of anything else to say here in your defense!!!! Why is it “bigotry”, according to you, to be in favor of gay and other people’s having equal rights with the rest of the people in society, but, again according to you, “it isn’t bigotry” to be against their having those equal rights when common sense, logic, and reason tell us that those who are against other people’s having equal rights are the real bigots and those who are in favor of other people’s having equal rights are the fair-minded and fair-dealing people? Whenever your beliefs are questioned or challenged by anyone here (and I have read your posts to many other people in this blog), you always resort to these same screaming and belligerent and insulting and accusatory tactics that you have resorted to here with me because they shake up your little world and threaten your sense of identity, as I have done, and that is the only kind of “response” that you know how to give (though you pretend to yourself and other people that you are a “reasonable” and “intelligent” person), since you really have nothing truly reasonable or intelligent to say to them to defend yourself!!!! Why haven’t you tried to argue a hardcore neo-Nazi or Klansman out of their bigotry against Jews or black people, as I suggested to you, and let him give you a taste of what you give to other people here and a taste of your own medicine and attitude toward people when they talk to you about gay rights or believing Dr. Ford and women, generally, when they accuse men of sexual assault or rape and see if you think that they are any more “reasonable” and “open-minded” than we know that you are—except that you are far too COWARDLY!!! to ever try doing that and don’t want to risk opening your own mind, too?!!! Give me a direct and reasonable answer to these questions and stop hiding behind evasions, smoke screens, screaming, frothing at the mouth, parroting back at me what I have said to you, deflections, changing of the subject, and all of your other usual tactics or just don’t bother posting back to me at all, since there is no point to your posting more of your shit in this post of yours to me here, which answers NOTHING!!!! What is the point of my having any further conversation with someone like you when all that you ever do is resort to these evasive, smoke screening, and deflective tactics, and I can never get a straight answer from you about anything?!!! There really is no point to it at all and, as I told you before, I’m not wasting any more of my time on someone like you and pouring any more water over the solid rock of your head to try to have some of it seep into it or casting any more pearls before swine such as you!!! If what you have written to me in this post here is really all that you have to say and the only kind of “response” that you have to give to me or anyone else when they challenge your beliefs (and that is all that you have ever had to say!!!), then just keep all of that to yourself or go bother somebody else with all of that because I’m just not interested in any of that at all and won’t respond to any more of that garbage if that is what you post back to me again and will stick with people here who actually respond to statements and questions and don’t blow out smoke screens, evasions, deflections, and the rest of your tactics!!! Don’t waste your time or mine because I won’t respond to any more of this!!! That’s all!!!!

          1. John Owens says:

            I’m GLAD you won’t respond anymore, but I think now you will seem more rational, since you will not be ranting and accusing and hurling bigoted, ignorant remarks in these terribly long sentences and paragraphs. Now you will appear to at least be intelligent enough to be more introspective and see that you are wrong, wrong, wrong about everything, everything, everything.

      2. John Owens says:

        See? You accuse and accuse and accuse and accuse. You label, and talk about things concerning which you have NO CLUE. You are the prejudiced one. YOU are the bigot. YOU are the hater. YOU are the ignorant one. Try to read your own rants. Just try. I will try to pray for you to understand yourself a little bit.

  11. Waya5 says:

    Bryan is a nut. Anything that contradicts his particular narrow view of Christianity is automatically Satan. The battle, if any, is for this nation of Freedom to become a theocracy, with any other religious views other than Christianity rejected and outlawed. This is what these idiots want. After they get their way, they will then fight over which Christian Denomination is “the” official religion. This is not what our Founding Fathers, who were mostly deist, would have wanted. My people were not permitted to practice our traditional Native American faith– which has nothing to do with either animal/human sacrifice or peyote– until the 1979 law that gave us our Freedom was passed. I am not willing to surrender my God to these lunatics. No way.

  12. Lea Weisenbach says:

    Its not Satan…I’m tired of people blaming the invisible man for everything and not taking responsibility for their own actions.

    I was raised Catholic and I’m a survivor from Christianity..I’ve witness a lot of garbage from the church from men and women. There are a lot of good people but those good people don’t want to beleive that their belief system can be wrong..

    Our country’s law is not guilty till proven guilty..He was young and maybe stupid just like all of us..And so was she..I’m just tired of this witch hunt on both sides of the fence…I’ve been a victum in the past..But I would not do this after so many years to my family or his.

    1. BethKCZ says:

      This is a job interview, not a trial. He won’t be declared “guilty”, but rather does he have the background showing he would make a good Supreme Court Justice. However, if there is an open-ended FBI investigation – not the farce of them being told who they can interview about what topics, it could lead to charges, a trial, and the possibility of prison if declared guilty.

      You and I could not dictate to the police who they could interview or what they could ask if we were accused of a crime. If the police found evidence for another crime during that investigation, they would prosecute those. Why should Kavanaugh be different?

      If these accusations are viewed as possibly credible, PLUS Kavanaugh’s demeanor in the hearing, the worst that can happen as a result is that he stays a judge on the court of appeals.

  13. Ben says:

    Rapists should be neutered and have their thumbs removed. Child rapists should be crucified.

  14. Ben says:

    May Apollo’s light reveal the truth and may his bow strike down the deciever.

  15. John Owens says:

    So far, not one credible accusation, much less any evidence.

    1. William Waugh says:

      Oh well. At least exposed as high functioning alcoholic. He ain’t applying for no hotel manager job.

      1. Iconoclast says:

        Winston Churchill was a high-functioning alcoholic.

        1. Minister Barbara says:

          And gathered Bill Clinton

      2. Lionheart says:

        Bill Clinton was a high-functioning lying abuser.

        1. Iconoclast says:

          And rapist.

    2. John D. Partin says:

      JO, not to get into a whole other harangue with you, which I’m not interested in doing AT ALL!!!!!, but “one credible accusation” or “any evidence”, according to you, and a credible accusation and evidence in the view of non-biased and non-conservative and non-Republican yes men (that is, fair and open minded people) are, quite obviously, two different things. Anyone who would take this angry, belligerent, and beer-drinking Kavanaugh’s word, even though he could very well have passed out in a drunken stupor and not remembered what he did to Dr. Ford (as commonly happens with drunks!) over the sincere, tearful, and open testimony of Dr. Ford could ONLY!!!! be doing so because of conservative and misogynistic bias against her and the Democrats. She was credible and Kavanaugh wasn’t! That is all that there is to it, in the eyes of honest and open-minded people, and she doesn’t have a political bone in her body, unlike Kavanaugh, who is, quite obviously, partisan and biased against the Democrats, as his “left-wing conspiracy” rant proves!!! Read my post to Jim D for more about this.

      1. Iconoclast says:

        For any accusation to be credible, it must come from a credible accuser and/or have corroborating witnesses or evidence. Like I said, no credible accusation AT ALL.

        1. John D. Partin says:

          Iconoclast, have you been watching the news on TV? Dr. Ford has 40 witnesses, besides herself, that the FBI haven’t even bothered questioning in their fast-food so-called “investigation” this week, not to mention all of the other witnesses who have called the FBI repeatedly and not been replied to. These people are doing their part and want to testify, but the FBI isn’t doing its part by talking with these people. Quite obviously, witnesses, testimony, and evidence that the FBI refuses to look into or follow up on, in their very circumscribed, token, and show “investigation” (just so the Donald can say “See, I looked into it! What more do you want? Let’s have the vote now!!!”) aren’t the same thing AT ALL!!! as “no credible accusation or corroborating evidence or credible accuser”!!!

          1. Iconoclast says:

            Ford has not ONE person to back her up. I don’t know if you get your info from NPR, or CNN or the View, but you are living in a fart-bubble if you believe what you are saying.

          2. jason bender says:

            John D Partin, My friend… Your passionate, learned, wise words when posted here is much like casting pearls before swine – to borrow a phrase… or, put alternatively: You can lead a horse’s ass to knowledge, but you can’t make him think – LOL – to coin a phrase…

            I love your writing…wondering if you ever write at Check the site out if not, your talents would be openly appreciated there. (I am too much of a you know what hole to post there much myself, lol, but you have a more even temperament and calm demeanor than I, LOL 😉

            Jason + Fischer Bender

          3. jason bender says:

            John D Partin, Check out Quora dot com – Excellent writers, possessed of wisdom and knowledge – like you – are openly appreciated there – check it out! Here your talents are much like the biblical proverb of ‘casting pearls before swine.’ (eg ‘you can lead a horse’s *** to knowledge, but you can’t make him think! LOL)
            Jason & Fischer Bender

          4. Iconoclast says:

            Talk sense to a lunatic, and he will think you are crazy.

            I hope you are both very happy with the nomination.

            BTW, how many women have died as a result of this nomination, thus far?

  16. Jim D says:

    “She was credible and Kavanaugh wasn’t!” No basis in fact. It’s simply your opinion. That, and a buck and a half, will get you a cup of coffee at Dunkin’.

    1. John D. Partin says:

      Jason Bender, thank you very much for your kind words regarding my writing here and I also feel that I’m often casting pearls before swine and trying to lead horses’ asses to knowledge, but can’t make them think, but do very much appreciate your comments!!!! Yes, I will check out and write there, too. Thank you for the suggestion. I appreciate your posts here very much, too!!! Best wishes to you and keep writing here and talk to you soon!!!

  17. dave says:

    Think of it this way: Had Brett been a liberal leaning judge these allegations would have become real almost instantly. MIRACLE!!

  18. Don Linville says:

    Perhaps we should see what the investigation shows. I’d rather not be so quick to judge based upon my party affiliation.

  19. James says:

    I guess we are no longer the United States of America. Got to you can prove you’re innocent ring true to the communist roots of socialism Yay, left! Treacherous actions are abound

  20. sheryl A clyde says:

    IF anyone is behind the demons it is the guys trying to get the judge into the bench. People who refuse to listen to the vulnerable are risking Gods wrath not satans.

  21. themarketminstrels says:

    Ford loved being the center of the stage and acting out her poor little me victim role while actually committing the only assault we have witnessed between these people – the public rape of Kavanaugh by the hateful people of the Left, none of whom on that committee could have likely survived a microscopic exam of their past anymore than the proven sexual predator bill clinton did. But they liked him. He probably only raped women of the right.

  22. oldbill says:

    Both sides of the issue cannot be telling the truth.

  23. Eric says:

    Like separating children from their mothers is Godly, like having adulterous affairs and cheating and lying are family values. This isnt Satan its men who are greedy for power….They are against abortion yet put children in cages. Love one another does not mean anything to our present Leader.

    1. Lionheart says:

      You will find thousands of mothers, and fathers, that have broken the law of the United States, and they are in jail. They have been separated from their children because of their choice, and acting on that choice.

      I don’t know if you are aware of it yet, but it’s ILLEGAL to come into this country without proper vetting and approval. All mothers and fathers are aware of that risk, that responsibility lies with them. Yes, it’s traumatic for children, but again, that’s the risk these parents take. Now we have thousands coming up through Mexico who are going to take that same risk because they “think” they can get away with it, and then will more than likely cry foul when they get separated. Just imagine if they did get away with it. This would leave the gates open for hundreds of thousands that will also try the same thing later, much like Europe has done. Look at that mess!

      This is an issue that Obama had to deal with, and he separated them in the same way just like Trump has done.

      I’ve been through the correct immigration procedure to immigrate to the U.S from England. Yes, it took 2 years of vetting to check me and my families health for any diseases, my finances to make sure I wasn’t going to be a drain on this country financially, my level of education, and whether I had a job to go to once I arrived. It was well worth the wait doing it correctly to live the American dream.

      Thank you President Obama, and President Trump, for looking after us and this wonderful country.

  24. Donald Schmidt says:

    With all that’s gone on in the Trump administration, this is certainly not, as hyperbolic Bryan Fischer stated, “the biggest conflict between good and evil that we have seen in the last year.” radio host Bryan Fischer got the roles mixed up, e.g., While he may be correct in that “This is big league spiritual warfare,” he certainly has the roles mixed up. Factually and morally, this statement should read, “This is major league spiritual warfare. This is Satan and the demons of hell coming against one WOMAN because SHE stands for what is right and stands for what is true. And all the forces of hell (and the Republican majority) are arranged against HER and we, ladies and gentlemen, have to stand in the gap for CHRISTINE BLASEY FORD.”

    Now, is that a “he said, she said” argument? Well, without the corroborating statements from other accusers and the fact that only Kavanaugh, not Ford, stands to gain anything their testimonies, it would be. However, the truth weighs on the side of Ford who credibly recounted the incident whereas Kavanaugh obviously relied on one-person denials and emotional outbursts to try to make his case. The subsequent FBI investigation is now showing that he lied to Congress during his testimony, as well. This propensity to lie and his heavily weighted partisan comments combined with his displayed emotional instability during testimony, is not indicative of the kind of level-headed, unbiased Justice we want sitting on the highest court of the land.

    1. John Owens says:

      Oh, My Lanta, how did I miss THIS?!? WOW!! The sheer fiery preaching being thrown down! “Satan and the demons of hell coming against on WOMAN because SHE stands for what is right…”

      You bunch of jerks. If some baker doesn’t want to bake a cake for a transgender person or a gay marriage, you are all holy and righteous about not judging, and you have no right to judge, and blah blah blah, but you don’t mind judging in THIS case. Donald here being the most obvious miscreant JUDGING here. What a bunch of hypocrites! At least we know you all know you are hypocrites.

  25. Bro. Chas says:

    Who are the ghost writers of these articles for ULC? Obviously the writer(s) have no interest in true journalism, where the facts are laid out on all sides of a story, which allows the reader to intelligently weigh all the accurate information and then draw logical conclusion and draft a rational comment response. Every article that I have read from this forum is written from a very obviously biased position that lacks all the facts and blatantly does not address any truths that are counter to the writer’s views and personal beliefs. This one is no exception.

    I thought I was getting ordained through an organization with integrity and character, but I’m seeing now how far from the truth that really is. Besides the writers, I am disappointed with what seems to be a majority of my fellow “ministers” who respond to these articles with hate, anger, bias and ignorant remarks. I do applaud the few “ministers” who regularly are capable of putting together a mature and rational comment based on truth and facts, which actually promotes thought and discussion. I’m embarrassed to tell people that I’m ordained through ULC. This is not what I was looking for when I became a member. Very sad and disheartened!

    1. Don Linville says:

      I agree, some of these responses are disturbing. However, the world is full of diversity. I suppose it’s not too unusual for us to see this divisiveness here too.

    2. JASON D BENDER says:

      if I ponder where in a venn diagram the following statement goes: “I thought I was getting ordained through an organization with integrity and character” – i begin to see why God would want to kill the lot of us and start over anew…

      Ordination performed for ANYONE by a Linux based web server in exchange for cash – and only for cash …

      That reality IS TO “integrity and character” – THE SAME same thing that a priest found in the Altar Boys’ dressing room, with Jesus Juice, roofies, duct tape, street drugs of the ‘fave’ category like speed and coke, ED an STI meds, personal lube, condoms and a camera filled with unexposed film

  26. Bob says:

    It’s time we place a higher priority on integrity for our elected officials and Supreme Court nominees. I don’t really have a problem with Kavanaugh’s drinking antics during his high school or college years – a person can mature out of that. However, his recent testimony under oath revealed a person, from my perspective, with little integrity or moral compass. He was at best very disingenuous in describing the reports of his vomiting as being due to a weak stomach for Mexican food, “boofing” as meaning flatulence, that he fell asleep from drinking but didn’t pass out, that the Devil’s Triangle was a drinking game, etc. If reports of his text messages to classmates at Yale Law are true, he clearly lied about not knowing about the allegations of his exposing himself until he read it in the New Yorker. He does not have the character that I expect of a Supreme Court Justice (and this is not even considering the sexual assault allegations). We have become a society in which the end justifies the means. Tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may.

    1. Pastor Ron says:

      Exactly. The issue here is not whether this character is guilty of sexual assault when he was younger, but whether or not he’s guilty of moral turpitude in general, which I believe he is. I believe the evidence in the accusations, the supporting testimonies, as well as his own deceptive rejoinders, all expose a person who does not represent the high standards that the people expect of *any* judge, let alone a Supreme Court Justice.

  27. cbcuff says:

    I’m wondering if Fischer had a broader spiritual view, might not a more appropriate position be to ask his ‘followers’, “Are we to interfere with Judge Kavanaugh’s ethical conflicts, or let Karma decide his fate?”

    1. JASON D BENDER says:

      My butte hurtz.

      1. JASON D BENDER says:

        Fischer’s famous words of Cat wisdom: It hurtz real bad where the stinky boom boom comes out !!

        1. JASON D BENDER says:

          yeah.. that was some very good Cannabis I purchased earlier today. $160 a zip is an amazing deal…

  28. Donald Schmidt says:

    If Satan IS the father of lies, Trump must be Satan or at the very least Satan’s minion (see ).

    Interesting facts: Trump’s personal address at his “tower” in New York is, in fact, 666 Fifth Avenue. The Dow’s biggest drop since the Great Depression (under Trump’s tenure) was 666 points.

    Trump drops “God’s” name and invokes Christianity while disparaging other religions when it suits him to pander to his base. In essence, he is a false Christian. In spite of his words, his behavior is not Christian and that should be obvious to those who truly know Christian teachings.

    Aside from his own behavior, he deceives otherwise devote Christians into embracing a counterfeit Christianity and, through his example, gives them a license to act in opposition to the teachings of Christ. Trump is a “great deceiver,” a sower of discord who shields himself in a cloak of Christianity while doing Satan’s work.

    Biblical teachings have warned us of one whose behavior defines the spirit of antichrist. As prophesized in 2 Thessalonians 2, Paul who describes the antichrist as a “man of sin, a liar and deceiver whose natural abilities Satan enhances by supernatural power in order to confuse people in the end time.”

    Trump’s behavior of constant lies, degradation of people (including victims), pitting Americans and global citizens against each other, his deviant sexual behavior, his quest for worldly things, and his lack of empathy for those who suffer is the perfect example of Paul’s description of the spirit of the antichrist.

    The greatest trick of Satan is to make you believe he doesn’t exist. It is disheartening that so many of Trump’s supporters are blind to his true nature and are therefore, as described in Mark 4:12,”ever seeing but never perceiving, and ever hearing but never understanding; otherwise they might turn and be forgiven.” May God help them all if it is in His plan to do so.

  29. hYMDxzd2LH says:

    “Trump is clearly not a religious man, unless you believe being compulsively devilish is a form of religiosity. He is mean and surly. He is a bully. He is a pathological liar. He cheats. He is an adulterer. He is twice-divorced with children by three different women. He bragged, on tape, about assaulting women. He says he doesn’t think he has ever asked God for forgiveness. Trump was a walking, talking rebuke of everything the Christian right had ever told me that it stood for.” – Charles Blow, NYTimes.

    Sounds like Satan to me. If he isn’t the father of lies, he’s his brother.

  30. Herb Kleinfeld says:

    I’m getting tired of these lies and questionable accusations bogging down our government. We need a statute of limitations for this sort of thing.

    We’ve heard too much of “You’re not a woman. You wouldn’t understand.” I understand just fine. Justice delayed is justice denied for EVERYONE involved.

    If you believe you were violated, report it ASAP! That’s what the police and the courts are for. If you choose to remain silent then, REMAIN silent! Something that happened in the past doesn’t magically become criminal because you suddenly become angry at someone.

    1. Norma Battes says:

      Herb Kleinfeld
      October 4, 2018 at 8:59 am
      ” I’m getting tired of these lies and questionable accusations bogging down our government. ”

      Only now getting tired of lies and accusations? I was done at “the biggest inauguration in history!” And, democrats, democrats, democrats…, never mind.
      ” We need a statute of limitations for this sort of thing. ” We do. Every 4 years. What is really needed is guts and commitment to do the right thing.

  31. Secretary3rd says:

    Or she was the night hooker who was not paid enough!
    When you were in high school how many of your friends score? Which guy was the stud and which was the dud?.
    Which girl laid it all out, which was a known slut?
    Which was tight as a nun?
    How many students wreck relationship because they could just to be mean?
    If I used the mascot to describe a girl it could be that she was the one who worn a custom and made people cheer at the football game or she was the locker room shower treat.
    What you did in high school you did in college. Worst was those who practice being a student away from home.
    Just remember what you either did or did not do in high school.

  32. Norma Battes says:

    I first came to ULC with much respect for the philosophy. I believed I would be in the company of the truly spiritual; ones that followed their faith in something greater that themselves; those far from the madding crowds. Regretfully I am mistaken. With that I feel my faith shaken. I feel as I have strayed from the path. I feel called to somewhere else.

    May that which you hold most holy bless you, and embrace you in its grace, now and forever.

  33. Robert Bruce Kelsey says:

    How ironic that the Protestant church should now have become as repressive and corrupt as the Catholic church from which its founders broke. As the saying goes, those who would fight with monsters had best beware becoming monsters themselves. How pathetic that the ULC boards should erupt in vitriolic character assassination of its own members. How sad that for a religion founded (in one of its traditions at least) on the notion of substitutionary sacrifice, so many of its members appear to think that hating and debasing others is a virtue. If indeed Jesus died for your sins, maybe it’s time for you to stop wasting His efforts.

  34. Minister Barbara says:

    Honestly this is just the typical “Lets keep everybody fight and against one another”
    There are so many great post on this thread. This is just another example keeping people separated or fighting so that we cannot join as one. Be it faith, race religion and any label. I for one am glad that the fake news has been called out FINALLY. People are waking up FINALLY.
    One of my best friends reports I love Hillary and am a staunch Liberal FINALLY. I love her dearly and always will but would not ever announce anything like that. Why have thinsg gotten so out of control that everything has to be separate. ‘
    That to me is the tru evilness.Satan is feeding off of all of this. Once people truly wake up FINALLY they will see that it is like the Wizard of Oz, a big smoke and mirror screen. The Fake media is in the sidelines raisning and closing the curtain each time.
    Sheeple, do your homework. and no it is not found on CNN and Fox.
    History repeats itself and sadly grwoing pains are a part of the process.
    Peace and Love,

  35. carrie says:

    First, let me say that I don’t believe in “Satan”, that seems to be a Christian problem so I won’t go into any of that. Please don’t insult me because I don’t believe as you do, my Faith is my own and I won’t go into that either.
    Brett Kavanaugh has not been charged with any crimes, thus far, and I have no idea if he ever will be. He is not being investigated for crimes, except lying on his job application. If he lied, and there is ample proof of that, he shouldn’t be hired for the job. If anyone lies on their job application, that is grounds for immediate dismissal. There are plenty of other, much more qualified applicants out there.
    Yelling at one another here, and calling each other names is NOT what this was designed for. Spirited debate is one thing. Spitting hate is another. I am quite sure that each of us has our own viewpoint and each one has deep meaning to us. All of us, no matter the faith, are devout to what we feel is right and proper.
    We should never, in this forum, become degrading and mean spirited. If all of us believe in a Universal Love, we should strive to see it shine, even in a war of words. I can play scrabble without calling my opponent names.
    The media is the media…..some may seem more reasonable than others but, listen to all sides. My father always told me a few things that I use every day. 1. If you want to know the truth, look at it from all sides. Each side tells the truth as they see it, the real truth is somewhere in the middle. 2. Those who refuse to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. Study the past, see what worked and what didn’t, then go in the proper direction. 3. I may not like what you have to say but I will fight to the death for your right to say it. He was a combat veteran of 2 wars and still had faith in this country. Let us do the same, with faith in ourselves and our country.
    In Light And Love, With No Ill Intended, So Mote It Be…..Peace!

    1. preacher richard h. says:

      The nominee has been a federal judge 12 years now. Its all been said There is NO Proof he Lied there is NO PROOF She is telling us a REAL STORY-More proof She was an Actor for Profit an was an Agent of the DEMOCRATS for political purposes.
      She has Go Fund me accounts that total over 1 million buck s now
      He is the Most qualified according to The POTUS. an he has an IQ of 152 + that means he is smarter than 99.9% of everyone else.
      Oh By the way Have you Heard the GOOD NEWS
      Jesus died for you. So that you may Live. the Holy spirit told me it is my duty to tell you this.
      and I’ll tell you 1 more thing Satan believes in YOU

      1. Jason says:

        Kavanaugh was smart enough to say a bunch of things trump wants to hear, like trump can fire whomever he pleases without consequence, thats why trump likes him.

        1. Iconoclast says:

          That is Constitutional. Kavanaugh is a Constitutionalist.

      2. JASON D BENDER says:

        “She has Go Fund me accounts that total over 1 million buck s now” – show me any believable proof of that and I will literally give you cash!

        You can’t, as there isn’t, so you wont and I win the $ instead… YAAAH ME!

        1. JASON D BENDER says:

          In closing: BOO You!

  36. carrie says:

    And so it begins….I have never said one word about your “faith”, and yet you question mine. I never said anything political and yet you find a way to twist it into something gross. You can not, and never will convince me that the demon inside you has anything to do with me. No one died for my sins, they are all my own. I sit in final judgement of me, no one else can ever claim that right.
    There is ample proof he lied. One small example, the drinking age when he was 18 was 21 in that state. If that is not a lie then what is it? So what if he has a high I.Q.? He proved himself to be a pompous ass by yelling at, and insulting those who were interviewing him, (If he was looking for any job, that would disqualify him) and he refuses to apologize. I never said anything about whether I thought her testimony was true or not, YOU are the one that makes the issue. I speak from fact, not fallacy. Pray for yourself, I have no need of you, your spiteful little god, or the devil within you.
    In Love And Light

  37. Mosea L Harris says:

    It is quite sad to see so many people who are not the least interested in any kind of justice and speak such ignorance and vile nonsense in the name of Jesus. Kavanaugh failed to show any mature compassion in his testimony in that farce of a hearing. He did not come across as being a fair minded judicious individual and by his own behavior shames our justice system with what will likely be his appointment. Integrity means something and as people of God I would hope it would mean much. A mature, fair minded, compassionate and honest response would have recognized the hurt of people who have been assaulted, admitted to youthful indiscretion but redirected to the person he claims to be today and his tenor would not have been as an entitled brat. His appointment is a shame and the republican leadership has no integrity!!!

    1. Iconoclast says:

      Mature compassion in testimony? What is “mature compassion in testimony”? Who determines what that is? “Mature, fair minded, compassionate, honest who recognizes the hurt”? What does any of that have to do with anything? Do you really think judicial decisions should be based on such esoteric, arbitrary stuff? His appointment was never really in question and the democratic leadership has no integrity whatsoever, as evidenced by their hypocritical posturing. You seem to think he should have stepped aside because of Christine Ford’s feelings, whether she was totally lying or mistaken, or not. I’ll bet Spartacus doesn’t just step down. Bill Clinton didn’t just step down. Hillary has not repented. How can you even talk about republicans?

  38. Reverend Rick says:

    I am appalled at many of these “Bloggers”. Many of you need to pray for forgiveness and reevaluate your Christian ideals…… Shame – Shame – Shame

    1. Lionheart says:

      Rick: There’s the problem with religion, RIGHT THERE!!. Your comment is typical of religionists who try and PUSH guilt onto people and get them to do things they don’t want to do. Priests are experts in doing this with boys. They convince the boys they are full of sin and guilt and the only way to god is to do as the priest tells them. Shame on you Rick! Shame on you! You, and others like you, appall me! If there is a Hell, it’s people like you that’s heading right there. You have a first class ticket! Shame on YOU Rick!

    2. REV PAUL says:

      Amoral conservative and political christianity is about as false as they come. They have zero compassion for anyone and are in bed with possessed pastors and evangelists. If jesus acted like they are in his name, they would never get to Heaven.

  39. Nicholas Fici says:

    Leaving aside the issue of whether or not he did as these women claim there is a more important issue to consider. I work in the criminal defense field. I am a Criminal Defense Investigator. I have interviewed hundreds of suspects some of whom have been proven guilty and others who have not. I’ve had several clients convicted on no more “evidence” than their accusers accusations. I consider myself a fairly good judge of when a person is telling the truth and when they are, if not lying than being at least deceptive. The clients who are most adamant, vociferous and indignant about being accused of a crime that they swear they did not do are in my experience the most likely to have committed the offense. A truly innocent person is resolute, determined and level headed enough to know that emotional outbursts are not what sways a jury. If there is truly no evidence they welcome any and all investigations and want no stone unturned. Mr. Kavanaugh exhibited all the hall marks of a person terrified that the truth will out. His demeanor and attitude before this committee was deplorable and unbecoming a jurist of the highest order. This and this alone should disqualify him for the position.

  40. Minister Barbara says:

    Bravo Lionheart!

  41. Iconoclast says:

    I just LOVE the way those who vote Democrat believe, imagine, fantasize all sorts of evil regarding those who do not vote Democrat, but excuse, overlook, minimize all the proven foibles, sins, vices, and crimes of those who label themselves Democrats. Totally childish hypocrisy.

    1. Donald Schmidt says:

      Um…those attributes more correctly apply to the president speaking and Tweeting daily as THE representative of the Republican Party. Both Reps and Dems have gotten so hypocritical in their rhetoric, as well as mean and nasty, that this is no longer the America of relatively civil discourse that I grew up in and no longer the country politicians put the good of the nation over party or hold American ideals sacred.

      1. Iconoclast says:

        The President reacts to stimuli from the propaganda wing of the Marxist arm of the Democratic Party, better known as the MSM.

        1. Donald Schmidt says:

          While I have no issue with you characterizing Trump as someone who is a reactionary president rather (rather than a thoughtful one), perhaps you should learn more about what constitutes propaganda before making such a statement.

          While there is no actual “Marxist arm of the Democratic Party” (other than in the minds of conspiracy theorists), I concede that the Dems, just as the Republicans, continually go way over the line with petty accusations of the other party.

          However, that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Trump is, as 2 Timothy 3:2-9 describes, a “lover of self, lover of money, proud, arrogant, abusive…ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, one who does not love good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, a lover of pleasure rather than lover of God,” and, to his followers, “having the appearance of godliness,” but denying its power, all of which are readily apparent by his words and deeds to those who choose to see through their own bias. So, yeah…thanks for your Russia-inspired and unsupported comments designed to further divide our nation.

          1. Iconoclast says:

            Oh yeah, Donald. Your little Russia remark shows what you are. People like you are the ones dividing the nation.

          2. Gerardo Defendini says:

            I looked it up. The word “Trump” is not in the Bible. Now let’s talk facts:
            Here’s a list:
            Here’s a list:
            Monica Lewinsky Led to only the second president in American history to be impeached.Both Democrats. Republicans, “0”.
            Four Americans killed in Benghaz .Clinton fundraising scandas More than four dozen convicted, Hillary’s private emails, Whitewater, Travelgate: The firing of the career travel office was the very first crony capitalism scandal of the Clinton era.
            7. Huma, An aide with terrorist ties, Pardongate Evidence that the Clinton Foundation was a pay-to-play back door to the State Department, and an open checkbook for foreigners to curry favor. Mysterious files disappearance and re-discovery of Hillary’s Rose Law Firm records, Filegate, The resignation and imprisonment of Hillary law partner Web Hubbell, The Clinton’s Swedish fund: $26 million collected overseas with little accountability, Troopergate: Bill Clinton’s philandering, Gennifer Flowers: Here is a “SURVIVOR” why not believe her? , Juanita Broaddrick, Look, another “survivor”,
            Paula Jones Or her, Kathy Shelton, another survivor, Linda Tripp, and another one Elizabeth Gracen and another one, Boeing contributed big-time to Bill; Hillary helped the company obtain a profitable Russian contract, Larry Lawrence: Clinton Contributor that got buried in Arlington National Cemetery without war experience, The cattle futures

            Look these up and I have just one more for the entire party Chappaquiddick.

            Over 2 dozen scandals here listed with more evidence than all the “evidence” presented on this.

            And Democrats wanted her, not as a judge, no, AS A PRESIDENT!!!!!

            Take a good look. Look it up. Then talk to me about corruption.

            This is why a lot of people flee the Democratic party. Hypocrisy.

        2. John D. Partin says:

          Iconoclast, you and John Owens and Jim D have to be among the most stupid people in this blog because things that don’t even exist count as “evidence” with you, while things that do exist don’t count as evidence at all with you. I just told John Owens that I wouldn’t waste my time talking directly to him anymore and will keep my word to him, but I didn’t say that I wouldn’t talk about him or you or Jim D or anyone else here that I please to my heart’s content. John Owens is stupid enough to think that my not talking directly to him will, somehow, shorten my posts in here or posts about him, but he is in for a very rude awakening, as are you!!! There is no Marxist arm of the Democratic Party, except according to idiots such as you and John Owens and Jim D and your ilk and that is certainly a right-wing fantasy on all of your parts!!! I’ll have more to say to all of you later about this and many other things because, as Al Pacino said in the movie The Scent of a Woman: “I’m just getting warmed up”!!!

          1. John D. Partin says:

            Iconoclast, your handle means a destroyer of icons and idols, but, in your case, you are only a very selective destroyer of icons because you only go after what you perceive to be “icons and idols of the Left Wing”, while you leave the actual icons and idols of the Right Wing untouched and even help to adorn and adore them even more!!!! Trumpelstiltskin or “Our Fearless Leader”, as Boris and Natasha would call him, is one of those many Right-Wing Idols that you leave untouched and help to adorn and adore even more. He said that he loves Kim Jong Un, despite that tyrant’s atrocious human rights violations in North Korea!!! That is how “objective” and “discerning” you are about one of your many idols, which is, actually, not objective and discerning about him at all!!! You don’t care about the “President”‘s (he isn’t really the President, since he stole the election, the same as George W. Bush did!!!) affair with Stormy Daniels, but you and your ilk were all over Bill Clinton’s “affair” with Monica Lewinsky (mainly, just her giving him blowjobs in the Oval Office). That is the kind of double standard and dishonesty and stupidity that you conservatives operate on!!!! You can’t, honestly, claim that Stormy Daniels just “made up the whole affair with him” because she wouldn’t have been paid not to talk about something that never happened, but that doesn’t stop all of you from dishonestly claiming that “she just made it all up and it never really happened”, since dishonesty is what you are all about and constantly practice every day and waking hour!!!!! Quite obviously, it did happen, but nothing ever proves anything against Trumpelstiltskin to you idiotic and lying Trumpophiles!!!! Many people in his own White House staff and cabinet have called him an IDIOT!!!! (and they should certainly know far more about him from daily dealings with him than you or any other Trumpophiles, who are merely looking at him and blindly and gullibly believing and swallowing hook, line, and sinker anything that he says about himself from a distance, “know” about him!!!), and STILL!!!, despite that first hand testimony of these people who are daily dealing with that MORON!!!!! in the White House, you go right on believing in and following that BLOWHARD!!!! and FOOL!!!!!, like the stupid sheeple people that you are!!!!! That is how blind and gullible all of you are about Trumpelstiltskin and how actually non-iconoclastic you are about him!!! He only had to nominate this sexual predator Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court and cheat and play political games with his cronies the Republican Senators to get him appointed to the Supreme Court to know that all of his slaves (you and all other conservatives) would immediately bleat and fall in line behind his choice and actions in this matter, like the dumb little sheep that you all are!!!! If you aren’t even objective and discerning about this “President” himself, how could you possibly be objective and discerning about anyone else that he is merely nominating for a post on the Supreme Court?!! What you aren’t capable of doing for the greater matter, you can forget all about doing for the lesser matter, which can slip by much easier!!! The Russians meddled in the so-called “election” that put him into office and he only tries to “excuse” that by saying that “Well, China has meddled in our elections, too” (as though, even if it is true, that, somehow, makes it any better!)—and you sheep again just say “Baaaa, baaaa, baaaa” and follow him!!! He got his money from his father and has NO!!! actual business acumen or ability at all, as the New York Times article on him proves. If he can’t handle even his own businesses, why would any reasonable people think that he could run the business of this country’s government. No reasonable people would, but, fortunately for Trumpelstilskin, he doesn’t rely on reasonable people and didn’t need them to get into office, but only all of you obviously unreasonable and gullible people!!! John Owens has a problem with my long posts because they are too much for him to understand and respond to adequately, since I don’t stop at the word “If”, and so let’s see if you are any smarter than he or any other conservative is, which isn’t really very bloody likely at all!!!! John Owens has admitted that he is incapable of intelligently answering my posts and doesn’t actually have an intelligent answer for them because all that he ever does is give me evasions, deflections, changing of the subject, smoke screens, and other such tactics. Let’s see if you can give me any reasonable responses to this post and not just more of his same tactics. John Owens is too afraid of trying to talk a hard-core neo-Nazi or Klansman out of his bigotry against Jews or black people and let that guy give him a taste of his own medicine and attitude toward people when they talk to him about gay rights and gay marriage or about standing up for women and believing Dr. Ford and other women who accuse men of sexual assault or rape. He is afraid that that would open his own mind, too. So, how about you? Why don’t you try to talk to a hard-core neo-Nazi or Klansman and argue them out of their bigotry and let them give you a taste of your own medicine and attitude toward people when they talk to you about these issues or are you too afraid to do so, too? Let me know how it goes, if you’re actually brave enough to try it. Was this long enough for you or too much for you to understand, too? John Owens is extremely childish, since his final parting shot to me was that I am “wrong, wrong, wrong about everything, everything, everything” (like he is a six year old!!!) and that is why I won’t waste any more time trying to reason with him directly because he is far too childish and stupid to understand me!!! So, let’s see if you are any more adult and sensible than he is and can give me some actually intelligent answers to my post here, if it gets posted. In the meantime, you might want to qualify your handle a lot more precisely by stipulating that you aren’t actually a destroyer of all icons, but only of those few that you perceive to be “icons of the Left”—-and not even those very well at all!!!!

          2. Iconoclast says:

            Ouch! Ewww! That smarts so much, John! Your scathing commentary has cut me to the core! Oh, the inhumanity!

            Umm, just in case you have not noticed, Johnny P, the “icons and idols of the Right Wing” have very few defenders on this blatantly left-leaning ULC Monastery Blog, and are pretty much the only ones being slandered and mindlessly attacked. If you tell blatant lies or speak in slanderous bigotry concerning a Democrat or outright Communist, I will defend them also. I despise Jane Fonda and Bernie Sanders, but if you just make up terrible things to say about them which have no foundation, I will speak up on their behalf. Maybe you should learn a little bit about balance, honesty, being just, which obviously are not part(s) of your repertoire.

  42. Norma Battes says:

    October 3, 2018 at 12:04 pm
    ” Tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may. ”
    Hear-hear. Unfortunately in our current state of discourse, truth is only that which affirms ones established beliefs.

    1. John D. Partin says:

      Iconoclast, you haven’t told me what are these “blatant lies” and “slanderous bigotry” that I and other people have said about the Donald. It can’t be blatant lies or slanderous bigotry if it is true. Did the Donald say or did he not say that he loves Kim Jong Un, despite his atrocious human rights violations? If he actually said it (and you can look that statement of his up online), then neither you nor any other conservative can honestly say that I or anyone else here lied about his having said that. Did the Donald, through his lawyer, pay off Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about her affair with him? If he did so (and, again, you can find out about that for yourself through the internet, if you haven’t already heard about it), you can’t honestly claim that that is a lie or slander, either. Would even retarded Trumpelstiltskin have paid somebody to keep quiet about something that never happened? What do you think? He isn’t worried about his image and public relations the rest of the time and so wouldn’t be worried about it in this case, either!!! Did he admit that Russia has meddled in our elections and, specifically, the 2016 election that made him “President”? You can look that up, too, if you haven’t already heard him admit to it himself on the news (and, if so, your news watching is certainly very selective and sheltered!!). If he said it, it can’t be lies or slander to just say that he said it. You might claim that the news is “always making things up about him”—mainly because you just don’t want to believe anything against him EVER!!!—but they can’t “just be making things up about him” that are coming out of his own mouth!!!!! Have some of his own staff and cabinet members called him an IDIOT!!!!!? Look that up, too, if you don’t believe me and prove it to yourself!!! Once again, people who are working and dealing with him EVERY DAY!!! would certainly have to know far more about him and what he is actually like than you and other conservatives “know about him” just watching the Republican Propaganda Channel of FOX “News” and other such conservative and partisan “news” outlets and just what he says about himself to “justify” himself, sitting on your couches watching TV. If his staff and cabinet members have called him an IDIOT!!!!, it, again, can’t be blatant lies or slanderous bigotry to say that they have said that. None of this sounds like “mindlessly attacking him” to me, but only stating facts, which you and other conservatives merely interpret as “mindlessly attacking him” because it exposes, condemns, and contradicts one of your idols and your own mindless support of him!!!! There is nothing at all dishonest, imbalanced or unjust in just stating the facts and quoting the Donald’s own statements and statements of others about him. That should be part of your and everyone else’s repertoire here, too!! So, I’m waiting for your reply and telling me what I have lied about concerning the Donald, instead of just a vague blanket accusation that I have “lied” about him without any proof of my having said anything at all untrue about him and specific instances of my “having done so” and backing up your accusation with evidence. I haven’t made up anything that I have said in this post to you, which you can very easily prove to yourself by looking all of this up online. Your not wanting, still, to believe it, even after you see it for yourself, is a whole other story and can of worms (and why I and other people here and in the rest of the world know that conservatives are just the MOST DISHONEST AND DEVIOUS AND PRETENTIOUS!!!! people in the world!!!), but the proof is there waiting for you, if you are willing and brave enough to look—and believe it, after you see it!!! I won’t go on any more right now about the Donald’s stupidity because the list of all that is just too long and, anyway, there would be no point of doing that with a slavish and brainwashed Trumpophile and one of the sheeple people, such as yourself, but will just wait for your evidence of any ACTUAL!!!! lies that I have said about him.

      1. Iconoclast says:


        You lie about John Owens– “John Owens is too afraid of trying to talk a hard-core neo-Nazi or Klansman out of his bigotry against Jews or black people and let that guy give him a taste of his own medicine and attitude toward people when they talk to him about gay rights and gay marriage.” See? You do not know if he is afraid of talking to anyone. If he is, it is not readily apparent on this blog. Isn’t he a biker or something? He probably talks to all kinds of people, because they get around and meet people. Either way, neo-Nazis and Klansmen are probably not blasting away at him like you are, or he would.

        Here is another one, where you try to goad Owens into argument– “John Owens has admitted that he is incapable of intelligently answering my posts .” I believe that is also a lie. If he said such a thing, I cannot find it, but then, there are a lot of posts here.

        You lie about me. –“That is how “objective” and “discerning” you are about one of your many idols,” You are lying in saying that I have any idols. I suppose that is some attempt at cleverness since I call myself an idol-smasher. At any rate, it is a lie.

        You did it again–“because it exposes, condemns, and contradicts one of your idols and your own mindless support of him!!!!” Another lie. I don’t MINDLESSLY do anything except sleep deeply.

        You lie about Kavanaugh.–“That is how blind and gullible all of you are about Trumpelstiltskin and how actually non-iconoclastic you are about him!!! He only had to nominate this sexual predator Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court…” Two lies right there, actually. That I am blind and gullible is a lie, but since you are insane, you might think so, and then, you called Kavanaugh a sexual predator. There is simply no evidence of that, none, zero. Even Christine Ford said he didn’t harm her and he let her go while she was lying about him cornering her in a room. What kind of sexual “predator” does that?

        You lie about anyone who doesn’t agree with you– calling them homophobes, probably racists, xenophobes, and oh yes–“but nothing ever proves anything against Trumpelstiltskin to you idiotic and lying Trumpophiles!!!!”

        You said this: “Did he admit that Russia has meddled in our elections and, specifically, the 2016 election that made him “President”. You said it like it was some kind of accusation. Was he lying, or telling the truth? Make up your silly unstable mind.

        I easily found these quotes from you in just two of your unhinged diatribes. I know I have read worse in several places, but you see, you blather on so much, that you don’t even read your own ravings. If you did, you might see why rational people consider you a lunatic.

        1. John D. Partin says:

          Iconoclast, ULC decided not to post my long and very angry reply to you, which is probably for the best. Suffice it to say, John Owens can’t honestly say that he isn’t too afraid to try to talk neo-Nazis and Klansmen out of their bigotry against Jews and black people, so that they can give him a taste of his own medicine and attitude when people try to talk to him about gay rights and believing women who are accusing men of sexual assault or rape, and see if he thinks that they are any more “open-minded” and “reasonable” than we know that he is, until he actually tries to do so. Just talking to them about the weather or motorcycles or anything other than their bigotry doesn’t count. I’m not wasting any more time on a LIAR!!!! who thinks that I and other people who disagree with you are “liars” or casting any more pearls before PIGS!!! and PIG-HEADED FOOLS!!!!, such as you and John Owens!!! So, go on in your safe little cocoon of self-righteousness, bigotry, closed-mindedness, insanity, and all of your other problems, while “thinking” that it is “everyone else and I who disagree with you who really have the problems”, until your dying day, and you won’t have to be bothered by any more doubts or questions from me and, more importantly, I won’t have to be bothered any more or waste any more time on you, and just don’t reply to this post because I won’t reply any more to you!!!!!

        2. John D. Partin says:

          Iconoclast, John Owens probably does talk to neo-Nazis and Klansmen about the weather or motorcycles or some other topic than their giving up their bigotry against Jews, black people, Catholics (yes, they are against Catholics, too), immigrants, gay people, and anyone else who is different in any way than they are (mainly because he is also against anyone who is different in any way than he is and so, of course, he wouldn’t try to talk them out of that). I already knew that he probably talks to these people, anyway, but I don’t care what small talk he has with them and only asked if he ever tries to talk them out of their bigotry against all of these people and let them give him a taste of his own medicine and attitude toward other people when they talk to him about gay rights and believing women who accuse men of sexually assaulting or raping them, and see if he thinks that they are any more “open-minded” and “reasonable” than we know that he is. His not saying that he has done so in his blog is easily explained by the fact that he would have no reason to do so and doesn’t consider it worth bothering about. His saying that he “isn’t afraid of trying to talk neo-Nazis and Klansmen out of their bigotry” and his actually doing so are two entirely different things because anyone can just say anything about himself and so he can also just say that he “isn’t afraid of trying to talk neo-Nazis and Klansmen out of their bigotry”, but can he prove it? Where is the proof that he isn’t too afraid to do so? Either he isn’t afraid of doing so or he is. It is one or the other. Which is it and where is his proof, one way or the other? I’m not trying to goad him into anything to get him physically hurt, but “no fear of something” is proven by doing what you say that you “aren’t afraid of doing”. So, again, where is his proof that he isn’t afraid of doing that? Otherwise, it is just empty talk. His doing so would also make him more sympathetic toward people who are put down and attacked for wanting and standing up for their rights and against bigotry and are denied their rights, if either he or you could ever be sympathetic toward anyone at all. “Don’t condemn someone until you have walked a mile in their mocassins” is an old Native American saying.
          John Owens admitted that he is incapable of giving me an intelligent answer to any of my posts by his NEVER!!!! giving me an intelligent answer to any of my posts, but only blowing out smoke screens, evasions, changing of the subject, deflections, and all of his other usual tactics, none of which are necessary or used if you can just give an intelligent answer to a post. He didn’t admit it with just his words, if that is what you mean, but there are many other ways of admitting to something without coming right out and saying it explicitly. He didn’t come right out and say so explicitly because Conservatives never come right out and say anything explicitly, when it is something against themselves, but always play games and resort to all of these tactics mentioned above when they are cornered and expected to give a straight answer. The Pharisees did the same thing with Jesus when He confronted them about their hypocrisy and hardness of heart and the Pharisees today (Conservatives and Republicans) are doing the same thing that these ancient Pharisees did when all of you are confronted about your hypocrisy and hardness of heart. The Pharisees called Jesus a “sinner” and “insane” (“he hath a devil”) and said that “he casts out devils by Beelzebub” and so, of course, you and other Conservatives, naturally, follow their lead and follow suit by saying that I and anyone else here or in the rest of the world who stands up for equal rights for gay and all other people and believing women’s accusations of sexual assault or rape are “insane” and a “lunatic” and “wrong” and “evil” and “unhinged” and all of the other things that you say about us, the same as the Pharisees said about Jesus!!!!
          Let’s take this discussion down a few hundred thousand or a million notches from its vitriol and mutual antagonism and animosity and boil it down to its basic point. You say that I’m “insane” and a “lunatic” because I believe in equal rights for gay people and everyone else and stand up for those rights and against people who would deny those rights to gay and all other people, but why is that “insanity” or “lunacy”, according to you?!! Why is the Golden Rule an “insane” and “lunatic” idea, according to you?!! Why is the Conservative interpretation of “equality” that “I and other people who agree with me should have full equality and all of our rights, but not gay people or any other people who are different than we are, in any way, because we are the standard of normalcy and everyone has to adhere to that standard or be denied their full equality and rights! We should be able to marry whomever we please and that alone is natural and right, but gay people shouldn’t be able to marry whomever they please because that is unnatural and wrong!” a “reasonable, fair or right” standard, according to you?. How is denying anyone else the same rights that you don’t deny to yourself any honest or reasonable interpretation or practice of “Doing unto others as you would have others do unto you”? If you wouldn’t want those same rights denied to you, isn’t it just logical and common sense (not “insanity” or “lunacy”) not to deny those same rights to other people, either? Don’t you see that the slave traders also followed their own interpretation of the Golden Rule when they thought and even implicitly said: “Well, if I were a black person, I would want white people taking care of me, and so I’m actually doing these black people a favor and treating them as I would want to be treated by enslaving them and taking them off to America and Europe to sell them as slaves!”. Even the Nazis, in their own twisted interpretation of the Golden Rule, might have implicitly believed: “Well, we’re really doing these Jews a favor by putting them in concentration camps and exterminating them and what we would want to have done to us, too, because they are inferior and so just need to be eliminated, for their own good, in order to leave more room for actual human beings, since they serve no useful purpose here on Earth, and so when you really think about it we are actually the Jews and other inferior people’s best friends!”. Likewise, people who are against gay people’s having full equality and rights, the same as everyone else, can “reason”, as well: “These gay people aren’t normal human beings, the same as we are, and so really don’t deserve full equality and human rights, and so we are actually doing them a favor by denying them that equality and those rights, since that is what we would want to have done to us, as well, in their place!”. That is what happens when this straight-forward and unmistakeably clear Golden Rule is subjected to people’s “interpretations”: it becomes all distorted and the opposite of what it plainly says!!! Who are these “rational” people that you speak of who think that “Doing unto others as you would have others do unto you” is a “lunatic” idea?!! Are you one of those people and also one of these unreachable Pharisees that Jesus had to deal with and confronted?!!
          You do idolize the Donald, no matter how much you say that you don’t, when you agree with everything that he says about himself and won’t listen to or accept any evidence at all against him, no matter how well documented and reported it is or even when it comes from his own mouth!! If that isn’t idolization of him, it will pass for it until the real thing comes along!! There are degrees of sexual predator, as with everything else, and so Kavanaugh isn’t proven to not be a sexual predator just because he didn’t go as far with Dr. Ford as some other sexual predators would have gone. You aren’t objective or discerning about the Donald or Kavanaugh when you just take both of their words about themselves as the “truth” and won’t listen to or accept anything against them.
          I don’t lie about everyone who disagrees with me because Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Pagans, and even atheists disagree with me and I don’t lie about any of them, and I don’t need to lie about Conservatives because all of you do a far better job of discrediting and condemning yourselves than I could ever do!!! Russia did meddle in the 2016 election that made the Donald “President”, as he admitted from his own mouth. That is just a fact, not my “silly unstable mind” coming up with that. Look it up for yourself. You may have found many more instances of my “blathering on and on” and “raving”, according to your perspective, but, again, that isn’t the same as doing so in reality. I have tried to be much more calm and respectful in this post and so, hopefully, it will be posted, and I’ll see if you can be the same when and if you reply. We can disagree without being violently disagreeable, as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said. At least, I can try to do so on my side. How about you? I believe that I have answered all of the points in your post. Let me know.

          1. John Owens says:

            You must be the windiest person on this blog, John. Now, just because you are such an emotional and wordy person, I will try to show how mistaken you are, about many things, by informing you of the following:

            I cannot possibly be considered anti-semitic, as I am circumcised from the age of 8 days, after the manner of Abraham, as is my grown son, AND MY BLACK GRANDSON. I observe Shabat, Sukhot, Yom Kippur, Rosh Hoshanah, and do not observe Christmas, Easter, Halloween, or any other pagan holidays. I observe the dietary restrictions given through Moses. I keep Torah, you see. It would be a huge contradiction to be anti-jewish. Being observant of Torah, the other bikers know that I do not eat pork, shrimp, squid, or catfish, do not observe Christmas, and am not interested in whores. Not being a loud-mouthed bigot, I do not try to force my beliefs on them but when they come up, they come up, and I am not apologetic about them. I find bikers to be, on average, much more tolerant than you. Even though I live in the Southeast, I do not know any klansmen, skin-heads, neo-nazis, or where one might go to seek them out, if one had a reason to seek them. I do not seek to debate them on the internet because I do not want to be on an FBI watchlist.

            After my first wife (a slightly Asiatic-looking Caucasian with dark hair and eyes, you would probably think she was evil, being white, judging from your tirades) died after 25 years of marriage, I re-married to a woman from China. As it turned out, she wanted to live in the US but in a place as much like a Chinese city as possible, so I had to cut her loose. I am remarried to another Caucasian woman the same age as myself, and we are both from families with white and black members. I do not think it is intelligent for you to consider me to be a racist.

            We have friends and even a relative or two who are homosexual. Everyone I know has friends or acquaintances who are homosexual. I was actually fairly active in theater and music for many years, so it isn’t like I try to avoid them. True, at the same time, we refuse to pretend that women are men or men are women, but your continued strident assertions that I am homophobic are based on your own lack of knowledge concerning me, and therefore untrue, and you have a general world view that is so limited and egocentric it would be naive if it were not so militant. Therefore when you make a statement about me, it is patently untrue.

            My motorcycle club (the oldest in existence, but I am not allowed to speak specifically on social media) is mixed race and international. We do not allow any racist patches, nazi or otherwise, to be worn on our cuts, and do not allow members to post racist photos or comments on social media. HOWEVER, we sit and talk about things when we have gatherings, like anyone else does.

            I have very many friends who are from Mexico and Cuba, because I worked as an interpreter for the local courts and police for many years, and I sometimes substituted for the local Spanish teacher. I also would help the immigrants with translations of official documents and filling out the paperwork for visas and citizenship, and rehearsing the questions they might be asked. I have spent a LOT of time in Mexico, and working alongside people from Mexico, and traveling and sharing a room with people from Mexico. I lived and worked in Puerto Rico for 9 or 10 months once, also.

            My Mandarin (properly called Zhong Wen) abilities are not nearly as strong, but because of them I have several Chinese friends in my local area, within a radius of about 40 miles. My biker brothers are from several countries, and most of them speak English, but I make it a point to say a few things in their language, like “Brother” and small-talk. If they do not speak English, but French or Dutch, or German or Italian, I will often translate small things for them. So if you consider me to be xenophobic, that, too, is a figment of the paranoia in your imagination.

            This is about as open and kind as a person can be, when dealing with someone as opinionated as you. I don’t expect you to learn anything from it, but I owe it to humanity to illuminate you.

          2. JASON BENDER says:

            To: John Owens
            From: Jason Bender

            Shalom, friend!

            I have been called an ‘honorary member of the tribe’ by a few actual members… 😉

            Jason & Fischer Bender

          3. John D. Partin says:

            Iconoclast, John Owens is confused, once again—-or STILL!!! I never said that he was a neo-Nazi or Klansman, but ONLY!!!! that he should try to talk neo-Nazis or Klansmen out of their bigotry against Jews or black people. which, if he is ACTUALLY as “open-minded” and “non-bigoted” as he says that he is, should be a very easy job for him and demonstrate his “non-bigotry” very clearly for all to see!!! Somehow, other people manage to confront and argue neo-Nazis and Klansmen out of their bigotry online or in person without ending up on FBI watchlists, but that seems to be too much for him!!! All of the rest of his post here just sounds like the old racist saying “I’m not prejudiced at all!! Some of my best friends are black people and Jews!!”. It isn’t being a “loud-mouthed bigot” to try to bring people out of bigotry, if we can, but our moral duty to enlighten the unenlightened and bring them out of ignorance and bring light into their minds and love our neighbors as ourselves, and it is also for our self-protection because people who remain in darkness and ignorance can be very often a danger to us as well, as the recent examples of Cesar Altieri Sayoc, Jr (the MAGA Bomber) and Robert Bowers, who killed 11 Jewish people in the Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill, Pennsylvania, outside of Pittsburgh, on Saturday, among many others, prove!!! If he is really so much against anti-Semitism, why isn’t he talking against this tragedy and against the right-wing conspiracy theory and propaganda “news” sites that fuel such incidents as these?!!

          4. John D. Partin says:

            Iconoclast, John Owens says in his post that “we have friends and even a relative or two who are homosexual. Everyone I know has friends or acquaintances who are homosexual. I was actually fairly active in theater and music for many years, so it isn’t like I try to avoid them. True, at the same time, we refuse to pretend that women are men or men are women, but your continued strident assertions that I am homophobic are based on your own lack of knowledge concerning me, and are therefore untrue, and you have a general world view that is so limited and egocentric it would be naïve if it were not so militant. Therefore, when you make a statement about me, it is patently untrue”. My statements about him can’t be based on lack of knowledge concerning him when he is providing the knowledge about himself right here in his post and has done so in every post that he has written to me and other people in this blog!!! Nobody who is actually non-homophobic and doesn’t have a problem with gay people refuses to view them at their own evaluation of themselves, but, rather, sticks with viewing them according to his own biased belief about them and indoctrination concerning them, as he has just admitted doing, and refuses to believe that they should have the same right to marry whomever they wish and all of the other rights that everyone else in society enjoys. You can’t be against full equality and equal rights for gay people and then say that you “aren’t homophobic” because you have just proven by your position against their rights and accepting them at their own evaluation that you are, no matter how much you deny that!! You can’t have it both ways: be against gay rights and still, despite that, not be homophobic and not have a problem with gay people. It wouldn’t matter if everyone in his family and among his friends were gay, so long as he still had the same belief and attitude about gay people that he has—and so his saying that he “has friends and even a relative or two who are homosexual” sounds suspiciously like a white racist’s saying “some of my best friends are black people”!! That might fly in his world of conservative and right-wing conspiracy theory and propaganda “news” bubble “thinking”, but it doesn’t fly out here with the rest of us outside of that bubble!!! That view of his is what is actually naïve, limited, egocentric, and militant at the same time!!! Do these alleged “gay friends and family members” of his know about his position against their having full equality and full equal rights with everyone else in society and just not care that he is against all of that—or do they just not know about his position? I’m betting that it’s the latter and that he is keeping his views about their rights from them, in order to keep them as “friends” and “close family members”. By the way, gay men don’t think of themselves as women and gay women don’t think of themselves as men, but only as men who like men and women who like women, not as substitutes for “the real thing”. What anyone wants to consider himself or herself, though, is their own business and we should just accept him or her at their own evaluation and not impose our evaluation of them on them, just as we don’t want others imposing their evaluations of us on us. That is doing unto others as we would have others do unto us. As for the rest of his post, I never, again, said that he is a racist, but only that he should try to talk racists out of their bigotry. I only will talk to one of you directly at a time and am through wasting time on him anymore and so he will just have to read over your shoulder and follow along that way. My being “the windiest person on this blog”, according to him, is, again, due to his not being able to understand and keep up with my arguments here or anything more than “if” because of his and your being stuck in your right-wing conspiracy theory and propaganda “news” bubble and not understanding or hearing anything outside of that bubble, but I just refuse to not talk sense here because he or you can’t keep up or get it!!! That is your problem!!!

        3. John Owens says:

          I’m curious why JP got on that NAZI and KKK kick anyway. Did he just suddenly think, ” OH, OH, I can trip him up with this stupid shit?” or maybe his mind just leaped to another subject. I don’t know why in the world he got onto that stuff. We weren’t even talking about that, ever. He just starts slinging out invented reasons to hate people, like all weak-minded left-wingers do, when their incompetence kicks in.

    2. John D. Partin says:

      Iconoclast, have you ever considered also that the reason why so many people here and in the world talk against Right-Wing Icons and Idols is because Right-Wingism is just so stupid and ridiculous, which these people have the sense and logic to see and you conservatives don’t?!!! Open your mind and let some reason, logic, and common sense into it, and free your thinking from Right-Wing brainwashing and indoctrination, and you will be against all of those Right-Wing Icons and Idols, too!!!!! Your “thinking” needs to be liberated, just as the “thinking” of the Pharisees before you needed to be liberated by the words and teachings and thoughts of Jesus!!!!!!

      1. John D. Partin says:

        Iconoclast, Kavanaugh’s being appointed to the Supreme Court isn’t the last word or end of the story here because there is always the possibility of impeachment and certainly there will be repercussions, resentment, retribution, and retaliation against the Republican Party and Conservatives from women and liberals, generally, for the next 40 years, at least, and immediate losses in House and even Senate seats over this charade of putting him in as a Supreme Court Justice and the cheating and underhanded way that you had to do it!!! So, don’t break your arms patting yourselves on your backs over this ill-gotten “victory” because it will certainly only have been a Pyrrhic “victory” (one that costs all of you Conservatives almost more than you have gained by it, as when you, technically, kick somebody’s ass in a fist fight by still being the only one standing at the end, but he also hurt you so much that you go to the hospital for 6 months!!!). It isn’t very mature or far-sighted of any of you Conservatives to only think of the present benefits of your actions and not look, also, down the road at the consequences of those actions and “victories” on future generations. The slave traders thought that same way and only cared about their own benefit and making money and said “To Hell with the consequences of what we are doing here!!!” and because of their thinking and actions, we have had racial problems and injustices ever since!!! John Owens is stupidly gloating over your supposed “victory” here and saying “Trump wins again” and playing childish games of turning the tables around and accusing Liberals of all of the cheating, lying, slandering, and spinning that the Republicans and Conservatives have ACTUALLY done in order to get Kavanaugh appointed to the Supreme Court because he, also, very immaturely doesn’t look down the road at all of the consequences of this or care about what this is going to cost all of you and the people of our country in the future!!!! If you really believe that “winning is all that matters and so do whatever it takes to win, no matter how underhanded and crooked it is”, then you can’t complain when that same thinking and practice are applied right back to you again somewhere down the line, as they certainly will be. What goes around comes around!! You and he and all other Conservatives need to learn that victory doesn’t make anything right and isn’t the basis of right because that is the philosophy of the Church of Satan and was the philosophy of the Nazis when they were blitzkrieging one country after another during W.W.II and has been the de-facto philosophy of every other tyrant and Mafioso and criminal in the history of the world!!!! So, why are supposed “Christians”, such as yourself and John Owens and other Conservatives, following the thinking of Satanists, Nazis, Mafiosi, and all of their ilk and saying along with them “Well, we won and that is all that matters and it doesn’t matter how we did it, but only that we did it—-and so that makes us right!!!!”? You don’t even claim to believe in “winning is all that matters and do it any way that you have to” in sports events, but say that fair play and good sportsmanship are also necessary in these activities to prevent them from becoming fist fights and brawls, as we, sometimes, see at hockey games and roller derbies. So, how much more should fair play and good conduct (and not cheating to get whatever you want!!) be necessary in political and governmental affairs? Dr. Ford’s not having all of her witnesses being questioned by the FBI or even being questioned herself or Kavanaugh investigated by them were part of this cheating to put him on the Supreme Court, as all honest and fair-minded people will admit. So, how can we tell children to play fairly or expect fair play and ethics in professional sports events when we don’t even do so or practice that in our political and governmental dealings? You Conservatives might say that Kavanaugh is “just payback for Democrats’ and Liberals’ cheating to get their way in the past”, but, even if that is true, that just keeps us stuck in this endless cycle of tit for tat and doing unto others as they do unto us, instead of, as Jesus said, doing unto others as we would have them do unto us, and all of us growing the Hell up and stop just doing unto others as they have done unto us, keeping this mess going on forever, and sitting at the Adults’ table, instead of the Children’s table!!! This tit for tatting is what keeps the world in the mess that it is everywhere, not just in politics and government. This is all for now and I hope that it made some sense to you and other Conservatives here and even John Owens and got through to you.

        1. Iconoclast says:

          My, my! How you do blather on! You obviously have nothing else to do, and probably are incapable of doing anything else, anyway. Let’s see, lie, exaggerate, use double standards, repeat gossip, hyperbole, choose one side and lie. Um, criticize, be hypocritical… Yep. You ARE a democrat. If you could actually grow a personality, you might have some friends.

          1. John D. Partin says:

            Iconoclast, as usual with you and all other Conservatives, all that you can ever do is spout irrelevancies, deflect, change the subject, evade, blow out smoke screens, and hide and run away because you can’t actually deal with anyone’s shining the light on you and don’t have any actually reasonable answers to give them, and so you resort to all of these tactics. You are a spiritual and “intellectual” vampire, who runs and hides from the light and truth!!! Yes, you are a Conservative, for sure, because that is what you do!!! I have certainly have far more important things to do than wasting any more time on such a hopelessly stupid sheepling as yourself, and only did so at all as one of the Spiritual Works of Mercy (enlightening the unenlightened), but you are a lost cause!!! You judge other people by your own miserable and worthless self and mere existence and because you aren’t capable of doing anything worthwhile in this life, “everyone else must be the same”!!! If you had any real personality at all, you wouldn’t be a Republican or Conservative!!!!

          2. John Owens says:

            More bigotry in your first sentence, more evasion, more stupidity, more prejudice, some self-righteous name-calling, from poor micro-cephalic John D. Partin. What a prepucio!

          3. Iconoclast says:

            Johnny P, consider this: How could any rational person say this, speaking of Kavanaugh, “who would believe a drunken, beer-loving and swilling, belligerent, mean-tempered (as he showed at the hearings!), “entitled” feeling, lying, and arrogant RAPIST!!!! over a sincere and honest woman, such as Dr. Ford, is the KING OF ALL IDIOTS AND DUMBASSES!!!!”

            Let’s examine this logically: He was not drunken, beer-loving and swilling (triple redundancy here, showing lack of training in English composition), not belligerent, and not mean-tempered. He did get highly agitated at one point, as anyone on the planet would, if badgered too much. You get highly agitated, apparently, according to your goon-babble rants here. The point being, the pitiful way you wrote this makes it seem as if he was actually swilling beer and getting drunk AT the hearing. Terrible communication skills, probably from being hyper-emotional.

            Next, you called him “entitled” feeling. Not even sure what that means, but how can you know how another person feels, unless they tell you. I did not watch every minute of the farcical interrogations, but I feel relatively certain he did not say he felt entitled.

            Then you said he was lying, and you have no evidence whatsoever that he told any lies, so that would make you a liar (as I have pointed out on numerous occasions), just for saying he is lying. Then, you called him a RAPIST!!! No evidence of that whatsoever, and Dr. Ford never even accused him of that, yet you have inflated one uncorroborated accusation of approaching a girl in a room and then NOT assaulting her, into PROOF that he is a rapist. Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, I ask you, is this kind of thinking the product of a healthy mind?

            Oh, yes, then you referred to this woman, Dr. Ford, as “sincere and honest,” when you have not ONE clue, other than your own prejudices.

            So, are you supposed to be psychic or something? Or maybe you are just another lying democrat. Which is it?

          4. John D. Partin says:

            Iconoclast, John Owens says that he is “curious why I got on that Nazi and KKK kick, anyway”. It is because, again, I’m trying to see if one close-minded person (about gay rights and gay marriage) will have the courage to confront other closed-minded people (about Jews and black people) to try to talk them out of all that and let them give him a taste of his own medicine and what he gives to other people when they try to confront him and talk him out of his closed-mindedness and some perspective about how he behaves toward other people. As usual, however, all that he does is evade, smoke screen, deflect, and change the subject, in order to cover up his COWARDICE!!!! of trying to do as I suggested that he do. Either he thinks that neo-Nazis and Klansmen’s bigotry against Jews and black are wrong and immoral, in which case, he should just be confronting and trying to argue them out of all that anyway, without my having to suggest that to him, or he really agrees with all of their bigotry against these people and is one of them himself!!! Which is it? He should just give a straight answer to that question and stop WEASELLY!!!! trying to evade giving a straight answer to it, as he always does, in order to excuse and cover up his fear of doing so!!!

          5. John Owens says:

            John Partin, WTF have the klan and NAZIS to do with anything we were discussing here, and how did you LEAP from your prejudging Kavanaugh and praising Ford to blasting ME regarding NAZIs and the Klan? Are you freaking bipolar or what? Besides being a hysterical twit, I mean.

          6. John Owens says:

            And what on Earth makes you think I am afraid of anything? You are stupid. Show me a Klansman or NAZI on here, and I will argue with them. If not, STFU.

  43. Minister Barbara says:

    I am taking my toys and going home way to much negativity here. Once again y’all are going down the path of separation just what “they” want
    be it
    religion, race or economics😴
    This is my take on all of the post so far:
    The lefties on this post are going to add to the made up global warming oh my!

    1. John D. Partin says:

      Iconoclast, despite any of your fake “expertise in English composition”, it is common knowledge (well, at least, to those who are capable of having knowledge at all in the first place) that repetition of a point isn’t redundancy and is often necessary to emphasize it and strengthen it, as in the 109th Psalm and its multiple curses against the ungodly, and in the The Everlasting Story of Nory by Nicholson Baker, 2666 by Robert Bolano, To Rise Again at a Decent Hour and Then We Came to the End by Joshua Ferris, the end of Ulysses by James Joyce, Wizard of the Crow by Ngugi wa Thiong’o, Brief Interviews with Hideous Men by David Foster Wallace, Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon,Parrot, Oliver in America by Peter Carrey, Small Avalanches and Other Stories by Joyce Carol Oates, Snow by Orhan Pamuk, and the list goes on and on, and, of course, the great grandmother of all repetitious statements: the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in which the Hail Mary is repeated 150 or now 200 times over for the complete Rosary!!!! If that number of repetitions doesn’t qualify as redundancy (and it certainly does not!!!), then I’m quite safe from the charge of “redundancy” (from all truly reasonable people, that is) with my three comments about Kavanaugh!! The types of useful repetition in literature are known as isocolon, anaphora, and epistrophe. Look them up or do I have to do everything for you and do a great deal more research next time before you spout off about something concerning which you have NO!!!! actual knowledge!!! As I told you about John Owens, people don’t just admit to doing everything by their words alone, but also (or even mostly) by their actions, since actions still speak louder than words. Kavanaugh’s demeanor at the hearings demonstrated his entitled feeling, just as Dr. Ford’s demeanor at the hearings demonstrated her sincerity and truthfulness without her needing to expressly state at every moment that she was being sincere and truthful. It doesn’t require psychic abilities to see that, but only honest looking at people and reading of them. Kavanaugh’s demeanor was that of a liar and someone who was just covering up and telling his Republican Senator friends just what they wanted to hear and what was necessary to get him past the Confirmation process. I would no more take his word that he “wasn’t lying” than I would take any other obvious liar’s word than he “isn’t lying”, since that would make me as gullible and undiscerning about him as all of you Conservatives are about him, who just believe every word that comes out of his mouth uncritically and implicitly, as though you think that he is Jesus Christ!!!! Recognizing him as an obvious liar doesn’t make me a liar as well (even if you “think’ that it does), but only an accurate observer of human beings. I hope that this answered all of your points in your post here. Let me know.

      1. Iconoclast says:

        You didn’t mention amphibologia, spoonerism, periphrasis, onomatopoeia or litotes in your homile, John. Please, regale me with all of your knowledge of literature and composition.

        1. John D. Partin says:

          Iconoclast, why would I bother with mentioning anything further to you about your lack of knowledge concerning literature and composition when you’re not even open to what I have already mentioned to you and still “think” that you are an “expert” on the subject? Go on and tell yourself whatever lies about that, as with everything else, with which you want to regale yourself, and live in your dream world!!!

    2. John D. Partin says:

      Iconoclast, I forgot to mention in my previous post that there are degrees of rape as well, and so holding a woman down on a bed and groping her against her will also qualifies as rape, even if Kavanaugh didn’t go as far as some other rapists would have gone with Dr. Ford.

      1. Iconoclast says:

        It is unbelievable that you believe that your own ability to discern whether a person is telling the truth, based on what you saw on television, gives you the moral right to call another man a rapist, based on your own definitions of “degrees of rape.” Groping, while not appropriate, is not rape. Sorry, it just is not. As to whether it actually happened, that is questionable. What on Earth did she expect to happen in that room, if indeed she was ever there?

        1. John D. Partin says:

          Iconoclast, it was Jesus Himself (not John D. Partin!), Who said “You have heard that it was said, ‘Do not commit adultery.’ But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman to lust after her has already committed adultery with her in his heart” (Matthew 5:28). If that is true of someone who even looks at a woman lustfully, wouldn’t holding a woman down on a bed and groping her just, logically, have to be even more of the same and further along those same lines?!!! The intent is what makes it rape, not how far you get in doing what you want to do to the woman, so that somebody, such as Kavanaugh, who didn’t go as far as some other rapist would have gone with her, is, for that “reason”, “excused from the charge of wanting to rape her”. There isn’t any man who holds a woman down on a bed against her will and feels her up who wouldn’t go even further with her—if he thought that he could get away with it!!!! His so-called “moral reservations and feelings” in this matter didn’t stop him from going as far as he did with her and so that same “conscience” wouldn’t have kept him from doing whatever else that he wanted to do to her, if the circumstances and time had permitted him to do so and he hadn’t feared being discovered doing it. So, what, are you telling me that someone who is caught in the act of raping a woman before he could consummate the act and had only started to take off her blouse against her will didn’t intend to rape that woman and would have, if he hadn’t been caught and interrupted?!! That is just ridiculous!!! Obviously, he intended to rape her and how far he got in fulfilling his intention is just irrelevant to that intention!! What doesn’t work as an objection against this blatant example of someone’s trying to rape a woman doesn’t work against Kavanaugh’s trying to rape Dr. Ford, either!! Dr. Ford, again, didn’t say that it was “questionable” if Kavanaugh sexually assaulted, but, rather, swore under oath that she was 100% certain that he was the man who did so and, again, she had everything to lose (her freedom by being sent to prison for perjury and her professional practice and standing in the community and reputation) and nothing to gain by lying, whereas he had everything to gain (the Supreme Court Judgeship) and nothing to lose by lying, since his Republican Senator friends weren’t going to ever send him to prison for perjury, but only, at worst, return him to his Circuit Court bench in D.C. And, once again, it makes more “sense” to you and other Conservatives to believe someone with everything to gain and nothing to lose by lying over someone with everything to lose and nothing to gain by lying, which makes all of you Conservatives just about the most gullible and undiscerning people on the planet!!! “What on Earth did she expect to happen in that room”, really?!!! She expected not to have been in that room in the first place because she was pushed into that room against her will and kept there against her will, when going into that room wasn’t her intention at all when she went upstairs!!! You don’t have any empathy at all for Dr. Ford or any other woman who is sexually assaulted because it hasn’t happened to you and so you can’t put yourself in her place and try to see things from her point of view, but sympathy and empathy for women in her position, and trying to see things from their point of view, even though it hasn’t happened to you directly, is just part of loving our neighbors as ourselves and caring about what happens to them, instead of only caring about and sympathizing and empathizing with other men who have had our same experiences and are like ourselves. Empathy and sympathy for women, too, is what every man should be doing for women, generally. “If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that?” (Matthew 5:46).

          1. John Owens says:

            Everything Christine Ford said that can be verified at all has been verified as bullshit.

        2. John D. Partin says:

          Iconoclast, I realize that the difficulty in my or anyone’s being able to communicate with you is that you and all other Conservatives and Republicans live in your right-wing conspiracy theory and propaganda “news” bubble all of the time, thinking that it is everyone else outside of that bubble who is “actually living in a bubble”, and so you just can’t hear or understand anything that we are saying to you through the walls of that bubble. So, first, we have to get that bubble to pop from around you in order for you to actually hear and understand and agree with anything that I and other people are saying to you from outside of that bubble. Cesar Altieri Sayoc, Jr. (the MAGA Bomber) and Robert Bowers, who killed 11 Jewish people on Saturday in the Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania were deep inside that bubble, too, and committed their terrible crimes because of their being in that bubble. Can even you and John Owens agree with me and other Liberals that there is too much hate and violence in this world or can’t Conservatives and Liberals even agree on something as basic and just human as that?!!! If you both can agree with me that there is too much hate and violence in the world (now, try to follow my thinking on this!!!), then you can’t be indifferent to or in favor of these right-wing conspiracy theory and propaganda “news” sites on the internet ( InfoWars, etc.) and on TV (FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, and their ilk) which fuel this hate and violence!!! That is just logical and common sense!!!!
          You can’t only accept what you read or hear from these right-wing conspiracy theory and propaganda “news” outlets as “the truth”, the same as other groups that even you would consider unreasonable and insane who also only accept what they read or hear from their conspiracy theory and propaganda “news” outlets (such as the New Black Panther Party, the Nation of Islam, the Heaven’s Gate cult, the People’s Temple cult of Jim Jones, and every other extremist group) as “the truth”, dismissing everything else as “fake news”—just as they all do or did, and actually be any more reasonable and sensible than all of them are or were!!!! The Flat Earth Society members also dismiss pictures of the Earth taken from space as “just fake news”. Truly objective and factual news reporting can’t be just whatever you want to call any kind of information at all and terms mean whatever you want them to mean, but has to be verified by what you claim is “lacking” in Dr. Ford’s testimony: CORROBORATION!!!! You can’t corroborate right-wing conspiracy theory and propaganda “news” from one such “news” outlet with just more of the same from another such “news” outlet because that is merely circular “reasoning”!!!
          This is all for now and I hope that I haven’t been casting more pearls before swine trying to wake you up out of that self-hypnosis and brainwashing that you are under right now, but, of course, most probably have been!!! C.S. Lewis said that Hell is locked on the inside and that people could let themselves out of it. I hope that you are able to de-hypnotize and deprogram yourself from all of that right-wing hypnosis and indoctrination that you are subject to right now, since there is nobody else there but you who can do that for you, and release yourself from that Hell (even if, in your deluded state, you “think” that it is actually “Heaven”)!! Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up very soon and so why not give yourself the best Christmas present of all and have something extra special to be thankful for this year by freeing your mind from all of that right-wing nonsense and actually come to know what true reason and liberation of spirit and thinking are, before you get any more hardened in all of that Conservative mess?!!!!

          1. John D. Partin says:

            Iconoclast, oh, and John Owens’ calling me “an emotional basket case”, after all of his rants and ravings when I merely mentioned to him such obvious facts as tolerance and acceptance not being the same thing (as he knows from personal experience by people’s acting snobbishly toward and condescending to him and just putting up with him because of his being an MC member) and at many other times in our exchanges, is really just the biggest joke of all and the whole pot factory’s calling a single kettle “black”!!! Nobody carries on about those things as he did, except the King or Emperor of all Basket Cases!!! Let him who is without sin among you cast the first stone and people who live in glass houses shouldn’t even be throwing stones in the first place!!!

          2. John Owens says:

            Iconoclast, JP here is apparently lacking in that part of the brain that actually allows one to think rationally, somewhere in the frontal lobe. He surrendered it to the Left when he decided to sell his loyalty to them because they encourage his lifestyle. It must have happened at an early age, because he appears to be too far gone and too thoroughly indoctrinated to be cured.

            He is so deluded he thinks he knows a lot of things about your beliefs and mine, which we have never discussed or disclosed on this blog, or either he obviously has not read what we have disclosed, because it doesn’t fit his delusions. He talks about right-wing hypnosis as if he is totally a left-wing cult member and believes all their dark fantasy lies about conservative people, and he even thinks he knows something about our beliefs in Heaven and Hell, when he does not.

    3. John D. Partin says:

      John Owens asks “and what on Earth makes you think that I am afraid of anything?” and “thinks” that it is “stupid” of me to think that he is afraid of neo-Nazis and Klansmen until he has demonstrated here, for all to see, that he isn’t afraid of them. The same way that he demonstrates that he isn’t afraid of arguing with and contradicting liberals here is how he should demonstrate that he isn’t afraid of arguing with and contradicting neo-Nazis and Klansmen here, and that is by putting out his usual cantankerous statements (as he does against liberal beliefs) against Nazi and Klan beliefs, and the neo-Nazis and Klansmen here (if any) will find him to argue against him and come out of the woodwork here like cockroaches to do so, without his having to go looking for them. It isn’t my job to hunt up neo-Nazis or Klansmen here for him to debate because that is his job, but if he wants a good place to look for them here, he should go to the Nazi and Hitler archives in this blog and there should certainly be a few of them lurking in there. If he really can’t find any neo-Nazis or Klansmen in this blog at all, then, of course, there is always the American Nazi Party and Stormfront and many other web sites where he can find them, in abundance, and argue against them to his heart’s content and argue his ass off against them, since, of course, “he isn’t afraid of anything!!”. Other people argue against neo-Nazis and Klansmen on those sites and aren’t put on the FBI’s watchlist for doing so, since being anti-Nazi is a good thing and not a crime, and so that is just an excuse for not doing so on his part. They aren’t hard to find at all!! Doing it proves that you aren’t afraid of doing it!!! Until then, don’t expect anyone else or I, who require evidence of it, to believe that he isn’t actually afraid of arguing with them. He can’t make me STFU through an online post or here and so that is just more STUPIDITY!!!! on his part to even say it and just more evasiveness, smoke screening, and deflecting on his part. So, I expect to be reading his anti-Nazi and anti-Klan post any day now and will be sitting on pins and needles in expectation of it until it comes, since “he isn’t afraid of anything”, right?

      1. John D. Partin says:

        I’m really very “surprised” not to be reading any anti-Nazi and anti-Klan posts from John Owens here by now because I thought that he would have written at least a hundred of them already!!! The neo-Nazis and Klansmen here are going to start getting the idea that he is afraid to death of them if he doesn’t start writing some posts against them very soon, since they have, no doubt, already seen my challenge to him to do so. I certainly understand his reticence about doing so because, though he can argue with and contradict liberals all day long and every day and never be in any danger from us at all, he can’t argue with and contradict neo-Nazis and Klansmen very much at all before they would decide to come after him and take care of this “enemy of the white race” (as they have done to many other people!). Since they already know from his other postings here that he is an MC member, he wouldn’t really be that hard to find, and so I can understand very well his reason for not writing any posts against them. Also, he has already said that he didn’t want to write any anti-Nazi or anti-Klan posts here or on their web sites because he didn’t want to be “put on the FBI’s watchlist for doing so”, which certainly indicates a great deal of fear on his part!!! Anyway, if he can, somehow, overcome his fear and reticence in this matter, I will be looking forward very much to reading those anti-Nazi and anti-Klan posts of his very much and very soon!!!!

  44. John Owens says:

    Epilogue: Trump wins again. Amazing that the other side can’t win, even when they cheat with everything they have, lie, slander, and spin. It’s truly amazing.

    1. I.S. Johnson says:

      Chew on this a bit John,

      The Creator created the universe and all it contains by sheer force of its will, correct? If so, then one part of this creation was the entity you call Satan, correct? Now explain for me how a creation of a being that can make everything from nothing by sheer force of will can possibly pose a threat to that which created it. Nothing in creation can harm the creator, therefore the concept of a war against the creator by Satan is moot, don’t you think? Does it not then follow that Satan backing the left and God backing the right just seem silly.

      Religion and politics are concepts of the human mind and have no meaning beyond our petty squabbling’s I think. I think human endeavors are ultimately all in vain save for the lessons they teach us. In time all of this world will return to dust. Why get so agitated? Life is not a football game. It is not a win or lose event. Choosing up sides is pointless as we are all on the same journey headed to the same place for the same reason. To be the companions the creator made us to be. This winning you refer to in regard to Trump is just getting his way and no one gets their way every time, except perhaps God.

      1. John D. Partin says:

        I.S. Johnson, John Owens clearly doesn’t think rationally because he is a right-winger and none of them think rationally and because he thinks that Cesar Altieri Sayoc, Jr. (the MAGA Bomber) and Robert Bowers, who killed 11 Jewish people in the Tree of Life Synagogue on Saturday in Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, “prove nothing about right-wing thinking and enslavement to right-wing conspiracy theory and propaganda ‘news’ outlets”, which is, clearly, not rational or observant thinking. He is lacking that part of the brain that would allow him to think truly rationally, somewhere in the frontal lobe, as he ridiculously says of me and, no doubt, other people as well. According to his “thinking”, my or anyone else seeing and admitting to the obvious connection between Sayoc’s and Bowers’ reading and listening to and accepting right-wing conspiracy theory and propaganda “news” outlets’ statements and their subsequent actions can only be “believing the left-wing’s dark fantasy lies about conservative people”, instead of, as it actually is, the obviously demonstrable truth here!!! He just isn’t a rational or reachable person, no matter how much sensible and rational argument and fact that you shine upon him, since the mind of a bigot is like the pupil of an eye: the more light that you shine upon it, the smaller it gets, and so he goes on “thinking” that it is everyone else outside of his right-wing bubble who is “actually living in a bubble and hopelessly indoctrinated”. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste any more time trying to reason with him because he isn’t able to respond to or recognize reason at all!! None are so blind as those who refuse to see!!! When you look in the Encyclopedia under Bigotry, you see John Owens’ picture!!!

        1. Gerardo Defendini says:

          Here’s a list:
          1. Monica Lewinsky: Led to only the second president in American history to be impeached.Both Democrats. Republicans, “0”
          2. Benghazi: Four Americans killed, an entire system of weak diplomatic security uncloaked, and the credibility of a president and his secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, damaged.
          3. Asia Clinton fundraising scandal: More than four dozen convicted in a scandal that made the Lincoln bedroom, White House donor coffees and Buddhist monks infamous.
          4. Hillary’s private emails: Hundreds of national secrets already leaked through private email and the specter of a criminal probe looming large.
          5. Whitewater: A large S&L, Clinton associated, scam failed and several people went to prison.
          6. Travelgate: The firing of the career travel office was the very first crony capitalism scandal of the Clinton era.
          7. Humagate: An aide’s sweetheart job arrangement with terrorist ties
          8. Pardongate: The first time donations were ever connected as possible motives for presidential pardons.
          9. Foundation favors: Revealing evidence that the Clinton Foundation was a pay-to-play back door to the State Department, and an open checkbook for foreigners to curry favor.
          10. Mysterious files: The disappearance and re-discovery of Hillary’s Rose Law Firm records.
          11. Filegate: The Clinton use of FBI files to dig for dirt on their enemies.
          12. Hubble trouble: The resignation and imprisonment of Hillary law partner Web Hubbell.
          13. The Clinton’s Swedish slush fund: $26 million collected overseas with little accountability and
          lots of questions about whether contributors got a pass on Iran sanctions.
          15. Troopergate: From the good old days, did Arkansas state troopers facilitate Bill Clinton’s
          16. Gennifer Flowers: Here is a “SURVIVOR” why not believe her? The tale that catapulted a
          supermarket tabloid into the big time.
          17. Juanita Broaddrick, Look, another “survivor” why are we not believing her?
          18. Paula Jones Or her
          19. Kathy Shelton. Hillary defended the man that raped her.
          20. Look another “survivor”.
          21. Linda Tripp, and another one
          22. Elizabeth Gracen and another one
          23. Bill’s Golden Tongue: His and her speech fees shocked the American public.Over 200 Million dollars.
          24. Boeing Bucks: Boeing contributed big-time to Bill; Hillary helped the company obtain a profitable Russian contract.
          25. Larry Lawrence: Clinton Contributor that got buried in Arlington National Cemetery without war experience?
          26.The cattle futures: Hillary as commodity trader extraordinaire.
          27. Chinagate: Nuclear secrets go to China on her husband’s watch.

          Look these up and I have just one more for the entire party Chappaquiddick.

          Any one of these over 2 dozen scandals here listed have more evidence than all the “evidence” presented on this.

          And Democrats wanted her, not as a judge, no, AS A PRESIDENT!!!!!

          Take a good look. Look it up. Then talk to me about corruption.

          This is why a lot of people flee the Democratic party. Hypocrisy.

          1. John Owens says:

            Partin still won’t get it, though, Gerardo. He’s too far gone, I’m afraid.

          2. John D. Partin says:

            Geraldo Defendini, if all that you want to do and base your support and defense of the Donald on is point out all the wrongs that Hillary and Bill and other Democrats have done because of what is being pointed out about what the Donald has done, tit for tat, we will NEVER!!!! come to the end of this thing at all or come to any conclusion about him as we should!!! How does anyone else’s wrongdoing excuse his wrongdoing, since he, the same as everyone else, is responsible for his own lies, hatred, bigotry, and mistakes, and can’t evade that responsibility by pointing at what some other people have done? When you point the accusing finger at somebody else, as the saying goes, you have four fingers pointing back at yourself!!! That Hillary and Bill and all other Democrats aren’t perfect and have sinned, the same as everyone else, I already knew without your needing to point that out to me, but if our leaders and politicians (Republican and Democrat) were all required to be angels and sinless in order to do their jobs, there wouldn’t be any leaders or politicians at all because none of them are angels and sinless!!! If no Republican Presidents have been impeached, that is certainly because Richard M. Nixon resigned before he could be impeached (or he certainly would have been!!) and Warren G. Harding died in office before he could also have been impeached because of all the sexual and other scandals around his Presidency!!! I admit and other Democrats admit what Hillary and Bill have done wrongly. Do you admit to what the Donald has done wrongly or do you make excuses for it and deny it and try to play one-upmanship on who has done the most wrong things in order to evade admitting to what your “FEARLESS LEADER” has done? If Bill Clinton is rightfully condemned for Monica Lewinsky, by the same standard, shouldn’t the Donald be condemned for his affair with Stormy Daniels and sexual harassment of other women—-or, as is usual with Conservatives and Republicans, are you operating on a double standard once again? The Donald took Putin’s side over his own intelligence agencies and has done nothing about their meddling in the 2016 election and continued meddling in our affairs and elections. How is that excused by pointing to what any Democrats have done?

          3. John Owens says:

            I’ll just point out that Stormy Daniels is basically an old hooker, and Trump was not president. Monica Lowensky was a young page, and Slick Willy WAS president. BIG ASS difference, you twit.

          4. Lionheart says:

            To show you how clever President Trump is over Bill Clinton, he paid Stormy Daniels $130K. Trump won a $342K law suit because she talked about it. Net gain $212K, Then, she had to pay back the $130K because she violated the agreement. The liberals who funded Stormy Daniels on GoFundMe ended up paying Trumps legal fees.

            As you can see, there is justice in this world! 🙂

            As for Bill Clinton, he’s still licking his wounds, she just won’t go away.

        2. Gerardo Defendini says:

          Sir,you are truly a basket case. You need professional help.
          This is not a this for that. You can’t compare these that way because the fact remains that you have not one shred of evidence for ANY OF THE ALLEGATIONS YOU SAY. NOT ONE. Yet Bill Clinton was in fact the second president to be impeached in U.S. History. The other one, by the way, was also a Democrat. Every one of the things I placed on my answer is a fact backed by history facts. What you are giving me is opinion without a base.
          It is obvious that you have an incredibly high opinion of yourself. YOUR opinion of “wrongdoings” your opinion of “corruption”, hatred, even your opinion as to what would have happened to Mr. Nixon and Mr. Harding. JUST YOUR OPINION. NO FACTS.
          It is time someone told you. YOU ARE NOT GOD!!!, you are a human being (and I use this term broadly enough to accomodate you)
          Frankly sir, your opinion is unimportant at all when faced with facts. Just because you think something does not make it so.

          Funnny how you say you “admit what Bill Clinton did was wrong”, WOW!!!! you are so full of yourself!!!!! So now even history needs your acceptance??? Those are historical facts. LL OF THEM, and they don’t need your “admittance”.

          Not one of your allegations have been proven. NOT ONE!!!!!!.

          Now for the comparison; Stormy Daniels’ suit was thrown out, she will now have to pay attorney fees. Stormy Daniels is a prostitute alledging something supposedly happened 10 years before Mr. Trump was even considering running. She does not even use her real name!!!!!!
          Monica Lewinski was a 22 year old intern with a great background at the time all this happened and the fact is that it happened while Mr. Clinton was in office, working for the government, And he only admitted it when faced with D.N.A. evidence. HE HAD NO CHOICE!!!. Up until then he lied to the entire nation UNDER OATH!!!!!!

          The comparison is as ridiculous as your train of thought (or derangement). Not one “sexual harassment” or any other “wrongdoing” in Trump’s case, has been proven or have any facts of
          any kind behind it. NOT ONE!!!!!

          Look. You are a human (I assume, although judging your behavior I wonder) and in order to make a point valid you have to offer verifiable, historical fact. Like I did in every one of my points. These were ALL PROVEN FACTS. NOT OPINION!!!!!!!

          If you can’t do that, then you have no place to discuss things with us adults.

          I have no more desire to talk to deranged individuals. Unless you can come back to me with facts. PROOF…. CONVICTIONS…. FACTS!!!!, do not bother to answer to this as I will only talk to adults.

          1. John D. Partin says:

            Gerardo Defendini, since ULC didn’t post my previous post to you today, I will try again. You don’t tell me who to talk to or not talk to or talk about or not talk about in this blog!!!!! Who in the Hell do you think that you are?!!!! You are the one who is acting like you think that you are a “god” in here and are full of yourself (and something else, too—or is it the same thing?). I’ll talk to whomever and about whomever that I please in here and if you don’t like, YOU CAN GO STUFF YOURSELF!!! I would never accept your or any other Conservative’s views about my being “deranged” or “full of myself” or “not an adult” because you don’t even know the truth about yourselves and your “thinking” and behavior. So, how could you possibly know the truth about me or anyone else?!! You can’t, that’s all!!! YOU ARE NOT GOD, EITHER!!!! Your not accepting actual evidence against the Donald as actual evidence doesn’t make it the same as no actual evidence because, of course, as a Trumpophile, you are hypnotized and brainwashed by him and so NEVER!!!!! admit that he ever does anything that is wrong and “think” that he is “always honest and right and doing what is good for the country”. You are incapable of being objective about him because you are a Trumpophile, and objective and Trumpophilic are a contradiction in terms!!!!! Your so-called “Catholicism” (loving your enemies and doing to them and praying for them”, “loving your neighbor as yourself”, and “doing unto others as you would have others do unto you”) isn’t in evidence at all here in your post, which makes you just the biggest hypocrite, delusional fool, and insane liar about that, too!!!! As usual with Conservatives, you go berserk whenever anyone doesn’t go along with your Trumpophilia and agree with you that “he has never done anything wrong and is always honest and right and doing what is good for the country” because belligerence is the only option and answer that you have against someone’s not agreeing with you, since you don’t have any actual logic or reason to back up any of that nonsense!!!! That is your definition of “being an adult”!!! Like all other Trumpophiles, you live constantly in your right-wing conspiracy theory and propaganda “news” bubble and just never hear or understand anything at all coming at you from outside of that bubble, and so it is truly an exercise in futility trying to reason with you or get through to you about anything!!!! This is all for now because I’m tired of wasting any more time right now on someone like you!!!!!

          2. Gerardo Defendini says:

            Watch me.Write all you want I wont get them. By the way………… I reported you. There are guidelines on these blogs. Expect action from them.

          3. Jim D. says:

            Gerardo, ignore John D. Partin. He’s got to be one of those cowardly Antifa protesters that covers his face. You won’t get anywhere with that one.

          4. John Owens says:

            Like Don.

    2. John Owens says:

      Oh, and John Partin is an emotional basket-case.

  45. Joann says:

    Just like the definition of Marriage law was a scan. Appointing Kavanaugh to the Supreme Cournt is a scam that has nothing to do with him doing away with aboration, but more with him doing away with Impeachment. Therefore making Trump the first Dictaror of the U.S

    1. Lionheart says:

      Joann: I’m sorry to say that when I read words like “scan” for “scam”, “Cournt”,”aboration”, and “Dictaror”, in what is supposed to be an intelligent reply I can only assume you must be one of those mob Democrats that I see on the news that look as though they haven’t yet completed their education. Would I by any chance be correct? If I’m not correct, I apologize, but please don’t tell me you are of age to vote. If you are, there is obviously little hope for this wonderful country of ours that is at last getting back on its feet if the Democrats get back in power.

      Do you also support that caravan of migrants that is heading towards the US coming into this country unchecked?

      1. John D. Partin says:

        Lionheart, this “caravan of invaders coming up here for our jobs and to endanger our lives and safety” is just so ridiculous and STUPID!!!! because these are bedraggled, terrified, and hopeful men, women, and children, fleeing violence and murder in Central America to get political asylum here in America!!!! 1,000 people (or whatever pitiful number of people that it is!!!) simply can’t overwhelm or take over a country of 325 million people!!! That is just ridiculous!!! All of us in this country are immigrants or descendants of immigrants and so how can we, morally and reasonably, turn our backs on other people who want to immigrate to this country and tell me to “Go back where you came from and to being victimized and murdered there!!!”? That would be hypocritical on our part!!!! Why do you Trumpophiles just believe anything that comes out of the Donald’s mouth, without any honest consideration of or reflection on it, for even ten seconds—which would show you (as it does everyone else!!!) what a brazen liar he is!!!, except that you are too hypnotized and brainwashed and living in your right-wing conspiracy theory and propaganda “news” bubble all the time and just can’t hear or understand anything coming at you from outside of that bubble?!!! That has to be the reason!!!! How can you go on being such SUCKERS!!! about him?!!! Why, according to you, is heartlessness and indifference to these people’s plight “living up to our American values” and how is it consistent with the words inscribed on the plaque on the Statue of Liberty: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door”. If we don’t or can’t believe that anymore, we should remove that plaque or even tear down the Statue of Liberty because they no longer represent our actual beliefs and practices any longer!!! If they still do, however, then let us live up to those words and what that statue in New York harbor represents!!!! Criminals have other ways of getting into this country than hiding among a bunch of fleeing migrants, which is just more fear-mongering by Trumpelstiltskin for his always gullible and undiscerning base, and so if all immigrations into this country ceased today, these criminals would still find a way to get in here. So, you aren’t saving us from them by keeping these legitimately terrified people out!!! Criminals don’t have to run away from other criminals, which is another reason why they wouldn’t be among these legitimate refugees, but stay where they are and fight each other and continue to victimize those who stay in those countries!!! These legitimately terrified people don’t want Americans’ jobs, but only the jobs that most Americans won’t do—and so, they aren’t taking anything away from anyone here. This “caravan” isn’t being funded by Democrats, so that these people will come up here and vote Democratic, out of gratitude (more conspiracy theory babble!!!!!), because they aren’t eligible to vote and wouldn’t be until they become naturalized citizens, after many more years, and so that couldn’t be any of any use politically for Democrats for a very long time, if ever, since there is no guarantee that these people would vote Democratic and not be won over to the Republican Party. Maybe, they are being funded by the Republicans, to get them to vote Republican—-but, seriously, that is just more nonsense and mocking of your conspiracy theories!!! Pull your heads out of your butts and stop believing this brazen liar Trumpelstiltskin about anything at all and start acting as though you have some common sense, discernment, reason, and logic about him for a change!!!!

        1. John D. Partin says:

          Correction here: obviously, I meant “All of us in this country are immigrants or descendants of immigrants and so how can we, morally and reasonably, turn our backs on other people who want to immigrate to this country and tell them (not me) to ‘Go back where you came from and to being victimized and murdered there!!!'”, which I shouldn’t really need to explain to anyone who isn’t just looking for some mistake to jump on!!!

        2. Lionheart says:

          Mr. Partin, You totally misunderstand me. I don’t have any issue with people fleeing their country out of fear for their lives. They left, and entered another country, Mexico. It seems they do not wish to apply for asylum in Mexico. If I was in fear for my life I would be more than happy to apply for asylum in the first country I got into. It appears other people, and possibly from Mexico, are jumping on the bandwagon, as there are now three specified caravans heading north, all hoping to barge their way into the United States unchecked. Did you see how they broke through the immigration barriers on the southern borders of Mexico? They weren’t humble little children, and women, tearing down those barriers, so one can assume they hope to do the same if they reach our border. It’s you sir, that I believe has been brainwashed if you think they are all bedraggled and terrified.

          Our President, mine and yours, hopes to deal with any violence (and let’s hope there won’t be any) from those trying to illegally enter the U.S. as best he can. I’m sure those who are worthy of merit will be screened and will join the list of thousands of others who are all in line to enter this country “legally”, as I did, along with my family thirty years ago. It took two years of procedure to legally immigrate, but it was well worth the wait.

          1. John D. Partin says:

            Lionheart, did you ever see the movie Escape From Sobibor (about the concentration camp inmates in Sobibor in Poland who mass escaped from that camp)? Well, if you have also ever seen pictures of people in Nazi death camps, you also have an idea what those escapees must have looked like and the condition that they must have been in, but they still broke through the barbed wire fences of the camp and ran across mine fields to escape into the woods—and, compared to them, the immigrants who broke through the immigration barriers on the southern borders of Mexico are certainly better off!!! Better off than concentration camp inmates, though (and that isn’t a very high bar at all and is really right on the ground!!!) doesn’t prove that they aren’t being terrified and bedraggled and want to escape from that, too. Desperation and the strength and determination that come from that desperation don’t prove that the people affected by that aren’t humble little children and women and usually meek and mild or bedraggled and terrified because people will do whatever they have to do and find the strength to do it, if they are motivated and terrified enough!!! Hollywood prettied up those people in the movie, but their portrayal in that movie and the actual reality of them were certainly very different. As for their being content to just remain in Mexico and seek asylum there, how would that work when Mexicans are also coming up here for jobs and to escape from criminal gangs in Mexico? That would be the blind leading the blind and as Jesus tells us: “When the blind lead the blind, both fall into the ditch”. The first country that they got into is no more able to help them toward a better life and isn’t in very much better of an economic condition or more free from gangs and violence than Honduras or the other countries that they left are. So, their staying put there would just be trading one untenable and terrible situation for another, which would make no sense at all. Only the U.S. offers them a better life and chance for that life and escape from gangs and violence. So, why not let them have political asylum here, when they legitimately deserve it, while also screening out any criminals or terrorists that might be hiding among them, which aren’t going to be many at all? Our southern border is certainly far stronger than the southern border of Mexico is or there wouldn’t be all of this uproar about letting these people in for political asylum and already long lines on that bridge, shown on MSNBC and CNN and other news channels, if they could all just force their way past our border security and now U.S. military that the “President” sent down there!!! You can’t have it both ways. All of those personnel aren’t nearly as easy (or even as possible) to get past as the Federales on the southern border of Mexico were. By all means, these people should have to enter our country legally and not get in here illegally (I’m with you %100 on that!), but their receiving political asylum, when it is warranted, is their entering this country legally and not illegally. Since your own family came into this country legally 30 years ago, you should be in favor of all those who are truly deserving of political asylum here being granted that asylum and refuge, which, of course, has to happen very much quicker than ordinary immigration entry into the country does. If the “President” is actually the President of all of us here in this country, then let him start acting like it and going along with the rest of the people in this country and working with the Democrats to get things done that need to be done here, instead of only (as he does) catering only to his base and insulting and working against the Democrats and insulting the news media (just because they dare to question him at all and expose his lies and don’t go along with just everything he says or does, as his asskissers do!!!). Then, he would truly be the President of all of the people here in this country, but until then, he is only your President and the President of all other people who just go along with everything that he says or does and kiss his ass!!! You are certainly being brainwashed by him when you just go along with everything that he says or does and kiss his ass, as all of his other drones do!!! Jesus said: “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy”. Our just turning our backs on these people who are coming up to this country and telling them “Just go back where you came from because there is no room for you here and we can’t and won’t help you!!!” isn’t our being merciful to them and so doesn’t merit mercy for ourselves, either. Jesus also said “Inasmuch as you have done it unto one of the least of these, my brethren, you have done it unto me” and so our turning these people away and refusing them entry as political refugees would be our doing the same to Jesus Himself, as He said here, and as the innkeepers when He was a baby said to Joseph and Mary when they said: “No room at the inn”. These people wouldn’t take away anything from anyone here, since they would only be doing the jobs that most Americans won’t do, and so they wouldn’t be a strain on our economy at all and there is just no reason not to give them asylum here. 5,000 people simply can’t overwhelm or take control over a country of 328 million!!! That is ridiculous!!!

          2. John D. Partin says:

            Lionheart, since ULC hasn’t posted my message to you, I will have to try to rephrase it. Your offering of Mexico as a place for these migrating people to seek asylum, quite obviously, wouldn’t work because Mexico has its own problems with gangs and violence and a poor economy and so doesn’t need these people on top of all that, adding to its problems. The Mexicans themselves are coming to America for work and to escape from terrorism and so could hardly be the answer for all of these other people coming in to Mexico seeking asylum from those same problems. That would be a case of the blind leading the blind and, as Jesus tells us, “If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into the ditch”!!!
            These migrant people breaking down the immigration barriers on Mexico’s southern border no more prove that they aren’t humble little children, and women, and bedraggled and terrified people than the Jews who escaped from Sobibor concentration camp in Poland during W.W. II prove that they weren’t tortured and victimized by the Nazis. Go and watch the movie Escape From Sobibor. Desperation and the determination from that desperation made even the actually emaciated people in that camp break through barbed wire fences, run across mine fields, and dodge and evade bullets in order to reach the forest and freedom and so also made these migrating people from Honduras and other countries able to break through the immigration barriers on Mexico’s southern border when there were no Mexican police shooting at them.
            If the “President” is actually the President of all of the people in this country, then he should start acting like it and start agreeing and going along with the rest of the people in this country and representing us and working with the Democrats to get the things done here that need to get done, instead of (as he is doing now) insulting and refusing to work with Democrats, and insulting the media (just because they dare to ask him any questions at all and expose his lies and don’t just go along with everything that he says and does!!!) and only catering to his base. Then, he would truly be the President of all of the people in this country, but until then, he is only your President and the President of all other Conservatives who go along with and applaud everything that he says and does. It is, quite obviously, your and other Conservatives’ being brainwashed by him when you all just go along with everything that he says or does, no matter what it is or how obviously ridiculous, wrong, and false it is!!!!
            If you agree that all people who are genuinely being terrorized and victimized by gangs should be given a chance to legally enter this country through political asylum, then we are in agreement on that point, at least, and only the actual criminals and terrorists (if any and it won’t be many) hiding among them should be kept out of the country. Quite obviously, refugees would have to have their entries into the country happen much quicker than ordinary immigration cases, since they can’t possibly wait outside the country for months on end for that to happen, and would have to be given immediate assistance and refuge, while their cases are pending.
            Our southern border is definitely far stronger than Mexico’s southern border is and so these migrating people couldn’t possibly just get through that border, as they did in Mexico, or there wouldn’t be all of this uproar about giving them asylum here or the already long lines on the bridge, shown on MSNBS and CNN and other legitimate news channels, of people lined up to enter this country, if they could just force their way into this country as they did into Mexico. You can’t have it both ways!!!
            Jesus said: “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy”, but our turning our backs on these people and telling them “You can’t come in here and we can’t help you because there is no room here for you and so just go back where you came from and to being victimized and killed!!!!” isn’t our showing mercy to them or doing unto them as we would have them do unto us and so doesn’t merit mercy’s being shown to us, either!!! Jesus also said: “Inasmuch as you have done it unto one of the least of these, my brethren, you have done it unto me” and so our refusing to let these people enter this country is our doing so to Jesus Himself, as He said here, and our telling Him as was said to His parents Joseph and Mary by the innkeepers “No room at the inn”!!!
            These people would only do the jobs that most Americans won’t do and so wouldn’t be taking anything away from anyone here. So, there is no reason not to give them asylum here, for the sake of being merciful to them and even for our own self-interest. 5,000 people simply can’t overwhelm or take over a country of 328 million people!!! That is ridiculous!!!!!! All of us are immigrants or descendants of immigrants in this country and so it would be very wrong and hypocritical for us to turn our backs on these people and their problems!!!

          3. John D. Partin says:

            Lionheart, I’ll try yet a third time to send a post to you and, maybe, this one will be posted here. Your suggestion that these migrating people coming up from Honduras and other Central American countries should just stay in Mexico and seek political asylum and refugee status there is very impractical and illogical, to say the least, because Mexico has enough of its own problems with gangs, drug cartels, violence, and its people’s being victimized by all of these things and themselves fleeing up to America for jobs and to get away from all of that without adding all of these migrating people to their problems. That would just be a case of the blind leading the blind and, as Jesus told us, “If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into the ditch”. The U.S. is the nearest country to these terrified, bedraggled, and impoverished people to be able to offer them any kind of reasonable and realistic hope of deliverance from their problems. Besides, our just passing the buck for helping these people to Mexico, even if that country could do it, which it can’t, doesn’t fulfill our obligation to show mercy to other people. At the Last Judgment, if you believe in that, we won’t be asked what did other people do to help their fellow men and people who were in need, but, rather, WHAT DID WE DO TO HELP THOSE PEOPLE?!!! Other people’s meeting those people’s needs won’t do us any good or count for anything with God, since we are required to help them whenever we can and love our neighbors as ourselves and do unto others as we would have others do unto us, and not just pass the buck. America has problems, too, but these people can’t wait to find a country with no problems to help them or they will never get any help, since such a country doesn’t exist, and so America is the nearest country to them (even with our problems, too) that could possibly assist these people. Besides, these small numbers of people won’t actually cause us any significant additional problems.
            Did you ever see the movie Escape From Sobibor (about concentration camp prisoners in Sobibor in Poland who escaped from that camp during W.W. II)? The movie prettifies them up considerably, being a Hollywood movie, but if you have ever seen pictures of concentration camp prisoners, then you know how they must actually have looked and what condition they must actually have been in. Yet, despite that, they found the strength and determination to break through the barbed wire fences of the camp, run across a land mine field, and dodge bullets in order to reach the forest and freedom. Their doing so didn’t prove that they weren’t actually in a very sad condition and neither did the migrating people’s from the Central American countries breaking through the immigration barriers on the southern border of Mexico prove that they weren’t actually humble little children, and women, and bedraggled and terrified people. Desperation and the strength and determination resulting from that can make even emaciated and bedraggled people do whatever they need to do to get out of their situation, without disproving their condition, as it did in Sobibor and at the southern border of Mexico.
            The southern border of the U.S. is very much stronger than the southern border of Mexico or else there wouldn’t be all of this uproar about letting these people come into the U.S. and already long lines on that bridge leading into America, as seen on MSNBC and CNN and other legitimate news networks, if these people could just force their way in to this country as they did at Mexico’s southern border. You can’t have it both ways!!! Our border patrols and now U.S. troops sent down there by the Donald are certainly far more deterrent to illegal border crossings than were the Federales on Mexico’s southern border.
            If the “President” is actually the President of all of us in this country, then let him start acting like it and going along with the rest of the people in this country and working with the Democrats to get immigration reform and the other things done that we need to get done in this country, instead of (as he is actually doing) insulting and refusing to work with the Democrats and insulting the media (just because they dare to question him at all and don’t just automatically go along with everything that he says or does)!!! Until he starts working with and not insulting Democrats and stops insulting the media with all of this “fake news” nonsense (apparently, any actual news that doesn’t automatically applaud and agree with everything that he says or does), he won’t be the President of all the people in this country, but only your President and the President of all other Conservatives, who automatically go along with and applaud everything that he says or does!!!
            If you agree that legitimately terrorized and victimized people coming up here from Central America in this “caravan” (and the “President” isn’t even talking about the “caravan” anymore, now that the mid-terms are over, if you have noticed, and so it was just another diversionary tactic on his part!!!) should be given political asylum and refugee status, that would, obviously, have happen much quicker than ordinary immigration into this country, as your family went through, and they would need to be given immediate assistance and housing, while their cases are pending. Can we and do we, at least, agree on that much?
            Jesus said: “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy”, but our just turning these people away and telling them “Go back where you came from and to being victimized and terrorized because there is no room for you here” wouldn’t be our being merciful to those people and so wouldn’t merit mercy’s being shown to us, either. Jesus also said: “Inasmuch as you have done it unto one of the least of these, my brethren, you have done it unto me” and so our turning these people would be our doing that to Jesus Himself, as He said here, and as was done to Him as a baby when the innkeeper told Joseph and Mary “No room at the inn”!!! These people wouldn’t deprive Americans of anything or impose on our society, since they would only do the jobs that most Americans won’t do and so there is no reason not to give them asylum and refugee status, for their sake and ours—at the Last Judgment and even now!!! 5,000 people simply can’t overwhelm or take over a country of 328 million people!!! That is just ridiculous!!!!!

          4. William Tarrest says:

            Dear Sir Lionheart,
            1. Your suggestion that these migrating people coming up from Honduras and other Central American countries should just stay in Mexico and seek asylum and refuge there is certainly not very practical or logical, since Mexico already has enough problems with gangs, drug cartels, violence, and a very poor economy, and its own people coming up into America for work and to escape from all of that, without adding all of these other people on top of its own problems. That would truly be a case of the blind leading the blind and, as Jesus said, “If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into the ditch”. The U.S. is the only country close enough to these people to be able to take them on, without too much trouble, since these few thousands of people can’t possibly cause our country, with so many millions of us here, that much or any real trouble or overwhelm us and take over here, and they can’t wait to find a country with no problems of its own, which doesn’t exist.
            2. Passing the buck to Mexico, even if they were able to take care of these people, which they can’t, doesn’t fulfill our obligation to be merciful to other people and help them as much as we can and whenever we can. If you believe in the Last Judgment after we die, God isn’t going to be asking you or me or anyone else what other people did to help those in need, but, rather, WHAT DID YOU DO TO HELP THOSE PEOPLE?!!! Our answer to that question and our acceptance of Him in our lives and lives up to that point will determine whether we end up among those to whom He says “Enter into your rest, my good and faithful servants” or among the goats to whom He says “Depart from me!”. Jesus said “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy”, but our turning these people away from entering this country as refugees and telling them “Go back where you came from and to being victimized and terrorized because there is no room for you here” wouldn’t be our being merciful to them and so wouldn’t merit mercy’s being shown to us, either! Jesus also said “Inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these, my brethren, you have done it unto me” and so our turning these people away would be our turning Jesus away, too, as He said here, and as was done to Him as a baby when the innkeeper told His parents Joseph and Mary “No room at the inn”. Christmas will be here in a little over a month from now and so let’s not turn the Christ Child away again and tell him “No room at the inn”!!!
            3. Did you ever see the movie “Escape From Sobibor” (about the prisoners in a Nazi death camp in Poland who escaped from it during W.W. II)? They were in a very bedraggled condition, too, and yet were able to break through the barbed wire fences, run across a land mine field, and dodge bullets to make it to the forest and freedom. Their being able to do that didn’t prove that they weren’t actually in the condition that they were in, anymore than these migrating people’s breaking through the immigration barriers at Mexico’s southern border proves that they aren’t humble little children, and women, and bedraggled and terrified people. Desperation and the determination resulting from that desperation can make people capable of doing many things, seemingly “impossible” for them, without that denying the reality of their condition. Our southern border is much better protected than Mexico’s southern border is or there wouldn’t be all of this uproar about these people’s being allowed to come in here as refugees and the already long lines of them on that bridge (as shown on MSNBC and CNN and other legitimate news programs) waiting to come in here, if they could just force their way in here, the same as they did in Mexico. You can’t have it both ways! The Mexican Federales also may not really have cared too much about these people’s coming in to their country, either, or put up too much of an effort to stop them, since they knew that they would just be passing through on their way up to the U.S., anyway.
            4. If the “President” is actually the President of all of us here in this country, then let him start acting like it and going along with the rest of us here, too, and working with the Democrats and not insulting them in order to get the things done that need to be done in this country, and stop insulting the news media by calling them “the fake news” (apparently any news that doesn’t automatically go along with whatever he says or does and applaud it!!!) because they dare to question him about anything at all!!! He said in an interview recently that he insults the news media just so that people won’t take them seriously or listen to what they truthfully say about him. He came out and admitted that!!! Until he does that and stops catering and playing just to his base, he is only your President and the President of all other Conservatives who go along with everything that he says and does. You are all brainwashed by him when you continually just go along with everything that he says or does and refuse to see or admit that anything that he ever does or says is wrong!!

        3. John Owens says:

          Apaarently John Partin only believes his eyes when he is shown commie propaganda, not real video footage.

          1. Lionheart says:

            Has anyone else noticed that, with the exception of CNN, most news media throughout the world have already covered those caravans of migrants attempting to illegally enter the U.S from Tijuana. Could that be because the images contradict Obama saying they are mostly peaceful loving mothers and children

            CNN are absolutely ace at cherry picking only news that puts President Trump in a poor light. They jump on negative news like limpets and don’t let go.

            You will never see CNN mention Obama’s statement in 2005 “We simply cannot allow people into the United States undetected, undocumented, unchecked, and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently, diligently, and lawfully to become immigrants in this country”

            When President Trump makes similar statements, CNN jumps all over him.

          2. John D. Partin says:

            He should learn how to spell “Apparently”! It isn’t spelled “Apaarently”. He isn’t in South Africa, even though he thinks the same as the old pro-apartheid Afrikaaners did!! Also, everything other than right-wing propaganda, according to him, is “commie propaganda” and only right-wing propaganda is “real video footage” in his view.

    2. John D. Partin says:

      Joann, I agree with you 100% that the “President” only selected Kavanaugh to be on the Supreme Court because of his opinion that Presidents shouldn’t be subject to prosecution or impeachment (fearing being prosecuted and impeached himself and wanting a justice on the court who wouldn’t go along with that), and couldn’t have cared less about his views on abortion, which any conservative justice would be against. You’re very right that his appointment by the “President” was a scam!!! I call him the “President” because he only stole the election, the same as George W. Bush did!!! By the way, Gerardo Deafanddummedy (Defendini) apparently doesn’t read his own posts or very many other posts in here if he thinks that there are too many guidelines for posting here or he and these other people wouldn’t be able to get away with even a tenth of the things that they are saying in them. So, his warning and admonishing me is really a case of the whole pot factory’s calling a single kettle “black” and just utter hypocrisy!!!

      1. JASON D BENDER says:

        Maybe we let this one go… we have new fish to fry, post-election….

      2. John D. Partin says:

        Lionheart, I hope that you will answer, at least, one of my posts about the refugees coming up here from Honduras and other countries. Excuse me for writing 4 of them, but I thought that ULC wasn’t posting them and so kept sending more. Just answering the points in the 4th one, sent by William Tarrest for me, will be sufficient.

        1. Lionheart says:

          Mr Parkin, in reality, the elected President is our nations President whether we like him or not. This makes him your president, and also mine. Many of us didn’t like the way the previous President behaved/performed during his term of office, but he was our President, mine and yours. I doubt you saw streets of mayhem by Republicans, like we have with many Democrats, when the previous President was elected.

          The previous President had someone removed from the White House for being unruly, just like President Trump has done. Notice how much of the media don’t mention that. Why not?

          The previous President also had illegal immigrants separated and placed in what looked like cages, but little is mentioned about that. Why not?

          Immigrants hoping to gate crash our borders is already happening. Notice how CNN have made very little mention of that yet, and also notice those who are at the borders parading on top of the walls are not women and children, and they happily carry flags from the country they supposedly hate.

          I assume that you sir are a tax paying citizen like myself. Please note that those that are now homeless (American Citizens) due to the destructive fires in California have been given very humble tents that could get washed away from the rain that is forecast for this week. “Buildings” are being erected for illegal immigrants (Non Citizens) paid for by our tax paying citizens that I’m sure those in California would love to be placed in, even our street homeless. So, if you want to feel sorrow and sympathy for anyone, perhaps our own tax paying citizens should be first, or perhaps you feel differently about that.

          What started off as a simple few, leaving countries for refuge, has become an organized behemoth of many just jumping on the bandwagon hoping for just a better life of handouts. I suspect that many of those are from Mexico hoping to seize this opportunity and gate crash the party. Whatever the reason, entering this country illegally is a criminal offense. Criminals get separated from their children. Our jails are full of parents who are now separated from their family for whatever crime has been committed.

          I do understand that it is very doubtful you will agree with anything I have said, or written here, or elsewhere on this blog, but these are my views and concerns. I believe the media here in the U.S. cherry pick events to suit their own political agenda. If you want to hear how news should be professionally broadcast with very little emphasis on “political agenda” listen to the BBC. News broadcast in the USA tends to be a “show” rather than a news outlet of unbiased national and world events.

          I’m sure I’ve given you plenty to be critical of, but that’s how I see it.

          Thank you for asking me to comment. May you continue to live the American dream, as legally as you can, as this nation gets back onto its feet from years of political ineptitude of career politicians. <—-now thats a loaded statement I know you won't agree with 🙂

          Be well!

          1. John D. Partin says:

            Lionheart, no doubt, Barack Obama made mistakes during his presidency, since there is no president or any other government official in our history or human being who hasn’t made mistakes, and I’m also not interested in mere tit for tatting about how many mistakes Republicans have made as compared to how many Democrats have made, but merely state again that the leader of this or any other country needs to be responsive to and reflective of the concerns of all of the people in their country, and not only of one segment of the people in their country, and that President Trump has been responsive to and reflective of only his base, not the entire citizenry of America. Democrats, no doubt, favor other Democrats more than Republicans, being human beings, or they would already be in the Republican Party, but that aside, they have shown and continue to show more willingness to reach across the aisle and work with Republicans and be bipartisan, for the good of the whole country, than Republicans have usually demonstrated the willingness to do back toward them. Trump is even more partisan and anti-Democratic than most other Republicans are. I don’t ever recall Barack Obama calling the news media “fake news” or belittling Republicans and conservatives as Donald Trump has called the news media and done to Democrats and anyone else who didn’t automatically go along with him. If someone were the leader of this country who just never listened to you or other conservatives or led in any way that was acceptable at all to you and these other people (such as an American Adolf Hitler!!!), would you honestly feel that he was still, despite that, your rightful leader, just because of a formality called an “election” declaring him to be such?!!! I don’t believe so and I would certainly hope not! That is the situation that I and other liberals find ourselves in with regard to Donald Trump. If he is only catering to his base all of the time, while merely pretending to “relate to” and “advocate for” those outside of his base, then he is, effectively, only the actual President for his base, and it is no more disloyal or wrong to not consider him our president than it would be to not consider Adolf Hitler our true leader, either, since he wouldn’t be representing us or looking out for our interests, either!!! Besides, Trump wasn’t elected by the people of this country, but, rather, by the Electoral College, which should have been eliminated long ago. So, he isn’t actually our elected President and stole the Presidency, the same as George W. Bush did! I agree that the BBC is a very excellent news outlet and not as partisan as American news outlets are, but the American news outlets are either partisan for the truth and against lies (Liberal and Democratic) or partisan for lies and against the truth (Conservative and Republican), which nobody totally escapes from! No doubt, there have been some or even many people who have hopped on the bandwagon of those coming up here for legitimate refugee status just for their own agendas, as always happens with everything that ever happens in this world, but we can’t morally, on their account, disallow legitimate refugees from entering this country for asylum. Many Americans, too, have been made homeless by the wildfires in California and may not be receiving adequate shelter here, either, but there will be more time to deal with their needs and get them all of the help that they need than there may be for these refugees, who are in their situation most of the time and not just recently, and so prioritizing of meeting people’s needs here should give them help first. No doubt, too, there has been ineptitude of career politicians before, since Trump wasn’t the first totally inept or occasionally inept president that we have ever had or will ever have, but he is certainly contributing more than his fair share to that ineptitude in this country now!!! I do appreciate your replying so soon to my post and so write back again when you can. Take care and be well yourself!

          2. Lionheart says:

            All Presidents are human beings, and as such, all Presidents have their own personalities. You either like them or loathe them. They all do things that no one likes. At the end of the day you have to look at their political track record while in office. Unemployment is down like never before, or at least for decades. President Obama even questioned where, and how, he was going to get jobs back, and even said it wouldn’t happen. Then when he did, Obama has tried to take credit by implying he started the ball rolling. Our economy continues to improve, thanks to Trumps business acumen.

            Of course you didn’t hear anything about fake news when Obama was in office because most of the news outlets were all part of the bandwagon supporting Obama at the time. Surely you can see how CNN cherry picks the news for anything negative about President Trump. Have you seen any “news” yet on CNN about would-be immigrants reaching the border? The interviews I’ve listened to by those in Tijuana all say they want a better life than their country of origin will privide them. Of course they do, who wouldn’t? None of those interviews mentioned they feared for their lives from their “fleeing” country.

            I too wanted a better life and so I applied, along with my family, to legally immigrate from England 30 years ago. It took me two years to show I could be of benefit to this nation before my application was accepted. Subsequently, I was employed on the NASA space program as a design engineer to help get the Space Shuttle program back in flight after the Challenger disaster in 1986. Later, I worked on out nations ICBM programs of defence such as the Minuteman, and Peacekeeper programs. I’m proud to think that my contribution to this country has been very worthwhile, and I am very thankful to those responsible at the time for checking my health, finances, and academic qualifications for letting me in.

            Sir, I respect your thoughts and views, but cannot agree with them, just as you might not be able to agree with mine. That is the beauty of this wonderful country of freedom and liberty.

            Have a great Thanksgiving my friend.

          3. John D. Partin says:

            Lionheart, yes, all Presidents are human beings and make mistakes and none of them are perfect, but that is like George Orwell’s comment in Animal Farm that “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”. All Presidents in our history, despite their all being human, haven’t all been constant liars, such as this “President” that we, unfortunately, have now is!!! The Washington Post states that Trump has made 6,420 false and misleading claims over 649 days, so far, in office. There would be no sense in their making that up and lying about him when these false and misleading claims could be so easily checked out for yourself, if you are honest and discerning even with yourself. Check out those lies with all of the truly reputable (and not merely right-wing propaganda and conspiracy, such as FOX, etc..) news outlets that you wish, so that you aren’t just taking my or any other one source’s word for it about these lies!! If Trump himself thinks no more of his position of dignity as our “President” than to be constantly tarnishing and undermining that dignity by this constant stream of lies and his behavior and demeanor in office, why should I or any other truly reasonable, honest, and discerning person have a higher opinion of him and his conduct in office than he has of himself and his conduct?!!! Don’t just take our word for it, but also don’t just gullibly take his word for it, either!!!; rather, check it out for yourself and see if he has been lying or not. Telling me or anyone else about some few things that you think that Trump has done that were “good for the country”, despite all of these lies and the many bad things that he has done, is rather along the same lines as praising Hitler and the Nazis because they brought Germany out of the Depression and built the Autobahn, despite their killing six million Jews and millions of other people and conquering Europe—-and, oh yes, Mussolini made the trains run on time!!! But at what cost?!! So what?!!! Likewise, whatever Trump has done that has been even half-way “good” for the country is far overshadowed by all of the things that he has done which have been very bad for the country!!!! If CNN and other news outlets, sometimes, cherry pick stories (and these outlets’ being run by human beings, as well, makes that entirely possible), FOX “News” and other Conservative “news” outlets (also run by human beings) also do so. So, should we just not have any news whatsoever because all of them select stories to write about and broadcast? That is ridiculous! News isn’t meant to do our thinking for us, but only to give us the basic information upon which to base that thinking, and so if we don’t think that we are getting the full story or news from one outlet, we just check with other reliable outlets and cross check until we are satisfied that we are getting as much of the news as we need for our purposes, since we couldn’t possibly take in every fact in the world about any situation!!!! Obama, no doubt, as other Presidents have, wasn’t always happy with media coverage of his Presidency and may have grumbled about it to himself and others, but he wasn’t as out of control and all over the place with public complaining about the news media as Trump is!!! “Fake news”, according to Trump, is, quite apparently, any actual news that just doesn’t automatically go along with whatever he says and does or questions him to any degree!!!! News outlets’ being friendly to the President, as they were to Barack Obama–and as they aren’t to Trump—-still didn’t make them always on his side or part of his bandwagon, anymore than their being against Trump’s lies and wrong deeds make them his enemy. It is wonderful that you were able to legally immigrate to this country from England, but you are surely aware that immigration from England and immigration from Honduras, Guatemala, and other Central American countries aren’t exactly or even close to being the same thing, and so can’t be handled in exactly the same way. These migrants’ needs coming up here from Central America are certainly very much more urgent than yours were coming here from England!!! I also respect your thoughts and views, but also can’t agree with them. Still, that is the beauty of this wonderful country of freedom and liberty!!! I hope that you had a very Happy Thanksgiving and will have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

      3. John D. Partin says:

        Lionheart, Trumpelstiltskin doesn’t need any help in being presented in a poor light because he can handle that job all by himself—and much better than the news media can do!!! The news media didn’t make him tell 6,420 false and misleading statements in his 649 days, so far, in office. He came up with that all by himself! They just report his doing so. Also, the “President” now doesn’t just repeat Obama’s line about our immigration policy, which is fine, but wants to keep people out who are in need of asylum and refugee status, and that is what the media rightfully jump on him for!!! Obama wasn’t about keeping people in need of asylum out!!

        1. John Owens says:

          Nobody in that caravan needs asylum from the U.S. Let the rich who rented the buses that brought them adopt them.

          1. John D. Partin says:

            We are all our brother’s keepers and whatever we have done to the least of Jesus’ brethren (these migrants coming up from Central America and other people), we have done to Jesus Himself, as He said. Giving them asylum and helping them isn’t just rich people’s jobs, but our jobs, too. Anyone who claims, at least (as John Owens does), to “be a Christian and follower of Jesus”—and “more than I am”—should care something about that and follow that belief!!!

    3. John D. Partin says:

      Jim D’s calling anyone else or I a “coward” is just such a joke, since he is so COWARDLY!!!! himself that he hides behind just putting his initial here, instead of his full last name (as I have done), and being too AFRAID!!!! to come out with who he really is here, for all to see!!!! “Let him who is without sin among you cast the first stone” and people who live in glass houses should be casting stones at anyone else at all!!!!

      1. John D. Partin says:

        Obviously, I meant “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t be casting stones at anyone else”.

        1. JASON D BENDER says:

          nor should they be touching themselves… As that belongs in private, the movie theatre and whatever you call the room(s) that priests hang out in after mass…

          1. John Owens says:

            LOL! Jason!

          2. JASON D BENDER says:

            What a sick thing to say, jason! disgusting words from a disgusting person

  46. Minister Barbara says:

    Thanks Lionheart, could not agree more with you! Just ask anybody who will be paying for all of these illrgal folks in our great country and they look at you like “deer in the headlight”
    I was in a 2 hour debate with a friend of mine who is crushed that that she did not get into office, believes everything they here from the fake news, does no research on their own.
    I asked a simple question:
    “Who is supposed to pay for all of these people who want to come here illegally?
    Their answer is this.
    “Do you want children to go to bed with an empty stomach?”
    What does that have to do with anything???

    The far left have no clue what is really going on. They want everything for free. Hmmmmm that worked out in past history. Not. They respond with “everybody should just pay their fair share.

    Here’s a concept. MOVE Still waiting for all of the people who don’t like it here and said they would.

    1. Lionheart says:

      Sadly, people who disrespect the leader of this great nation as Trumplestiltskin. disrespect their country. We had to put up with 8 years of poor management from President Obama but you didn’t see the type of demonstrations of sedition and mayhem that we’ve experienced by the poor losers from the Democrats.

      1. John D. Partin says:

        Even sadder are people who show respect for this man who disrespects others in this country because that is disrespecting our country even more!!! President Obama was actually a President and so didn’t deserve the disrespect that Trumpelstiltskin deserves, though he was disrespected by many conservatives and right-wingers, too, and even one who called him a “liar” while he was addressing Congress! Oh, but these same kind of people are happy with this King of All Liars now in the White House!!!

        1. Lionheart says:

          Here’s a healthy list of lies from Obama that people like you worship.

          Here is the best one:

          I Am As Patriotic As Anyone – LIAR, you won’t wear a flag pin and you don’t put your hand over your heart during the Anthem. There is a Cuban Flag with Che Guevara Displayed at Barack Obama Campaign Office which you allow to be displayed. You voted against making english the official language of the United States. You voted to give illegal aliens social security benefits, which would bankrupt the social security system for Americans legally paying into it.

          If you want to know why CNN won’t reference tear gas being used against the migrant caravan recently, they don’t want to risk others bringing up details of Obama using tear gas on illegal immigrants 126 times during his term of office since 2010.

          1. John D. Partin says:

            I don’t worship Obama, but merely give credit where credit is due. He didn’t lie while in office during his entire 8 years there as much as Trumpelstiltskin (I just LOVE!!!! that name for him, don’t you?!!!) has, so far, only 650 days into his 1st (and, hopefully, LAST!!!!) term!!! If he got a 2nd term (God forbid!!!!), he would double, triple, quadruple or even quintuple the number of lies that he told in his 1st term because he would have no further reason to hold back, out of political considerations at all (he barely holds back from lying even now!!!), and would pull out all the stops and lie in every word that he spoke, which is pretty much the situation now!!! No President before this one has lied as much as he has!!! I’m quite sure already that Obama told some lies while in office without your needing to tell me that he did, since all Presidents do, out of necessity (“national security”, etc.) or forgetfulness (as Reagan did) or for some other reason, but, compared to this “President” who has already lied and misrepresented 6,420 times in only 650 days, Obama and all other Presidents have been rank amateurs!!!! I didn’t have any say about what the Barack Obama Campaign Office displayed and so didn’t allow them to display the Cuban Flag with Che Guevara on it, since they wouldn’t have listened to me, anyway, or taken it down if I or anyone else had told them to take it down. So, what does that have to do with me or my remarks about your “President”?!! You don’t know that I don’t wear a flag pin or put my hand over my heart during the National Anthem or Pledge of Allegiance, unless you can see me from way over where you are (and, if so, I’ll ask you to mind your own business and give me a little privacy, please!!!), and so that is really a very stupid comment on your part. I believe that Democrats are certainly as patriotic as Republicans are (if not, more so) and most of them put their hands over their hearts during the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance, too, the same as you do. It is patriotism to denounce a fraudulent leader, such as Trumpelstiltskin, the same as it would have been for Germans to discretely (not openly and suicidally) denounce Adolf Hitler or any other people to denounce their fraudulent leader. Our loyalty is due to our country, not to any particular leader of our country, and especially not the one that we have now!!! The Social Security System has more to worry about and bigger fish to fry than a few hundred or thousand immigrants (not illegal aliens, since their coming in under political asylum and refugee status is their coming in LEGALLY!!!): namely, Americans who haven’t paid into that system, but still need money, too—-millions of them!!! Nobody blames any President for doing things that he absolutely needs to do, in order to keep any kind of order in this country, such as, occasionally, using tear gas on crowds of illegal aliens to disperse them and get them deported, where that is indicated for them. Our problem with Trumpelstiltskin is that he continually lies and does things that he doesn’t absolutely need to be doing, just on a whim and because he thinks that he can get away with doing absolutely anything that he feels like doing, and then use his office as an excuse for that and hide behind his office, as though he were a Dictator here, instead of only one branch of our government!!!! That is why the media challenge him and question him and call him out for his lies and call him on the carpet—-BECAUSE THAT IS THEIR JOB, IN ORDER TO KEEP HIM IN LINE, THE SAME AS EVERY OTHER PRESIDENT, AND NOT TO MAKE HIM ABOVE THE LAW AND PUBLIC SCRUTINY!!!! That is why he calls them “the fake news”, as I said before, since they won’t just automatically go along with whatever he says and does and applaud it, as he expects and wants and needs them to do!!!! As usual with you Conservatives, whenever anyone contradicts or exposes the truth about your “President”, your true colors come out and civility and politeness go flying out the window and you call me or anyone else who does that “LIAR”!!! Well, I’m not going to stop telling the truth about Trumpelstiltskin (I still love that name!!!) because of your or anyone else’s calling me whatever name you want to call me, since sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me, and so go on with all of that that you want or we can have a civil and respectful conversation here. Your choice. If you can’t stand the truth being told about your “President” to you by me or anyone else or can’t stand the heat, don’t read my posts and stay out of the kitchen!

          2. John Owens says:

            Oh, but Partin is a democrat Obama-groupy. He won’t listen or think or even admit he is mistaken. Shows how brainwashed he is.

          3. Lionheart says:

            I’m used to him. I never really expected to get through to him anyway. He’s a Democrat! Some of them you just cannot fix, and that’s okay. Sometimes you just can’t fix being stupid. The good news is that at last we have a President that is putting this nation first, and not selling it out. He bows down to no one, unlike the muslim Obama did when being introduced to the muslin leaders of other nations.

    2. John D. Partin says:

      “Minister” (in what sense?) Barbara, you ask what children’s going to bed with an empty stomach has to do with anything, but you, evidently, don’t consider Jesus’ own words that “whatever you have done to the least of these, my brethren, you have done to me” in your view of this matter and only care about the finances involved in helping them! Maybe, you should forget about being any kind of “minister” at all, since you’re really not suited for it, and go become a bank manager or secretary or anything else not dealing with spirituality. “Mankind is my business!”, as Jacob Marley said in The Christmas Carol!

      1. John D. Partin says:

        Of course, I meant “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens.

        1. John D. Partin says:

          Quite obviously (to everyone other than Conservatives, to whom nothing which everyone else clearly sees is ever obvious!!!), our “President” bowed down to Putin at the Helsinki Summit and took his word that he “had nothing to do with meddling in the 2016 election” over that of his own intelligence agencies and didn’t put America first there and sold us out!!! He befriended and bowed down to Kim Jong Un and called this dictator and human rights violator in North Korea “a nice guy”. So, Cowardly Lion Heart’s claim that his “President” always “puts America first” and “doesn’t bow down to anyone or sell us out” simply doesn’t hold water and is incredibly unrealistic, except, of course, to Conservatives, such as himself, to whom evidence and the Donald’s own words and behavior (when they clearly contradict their view of him), mean absolutely nothing, since they will go on believing whatever they wish about him, regardless of the actual facts of the matter!!!

          1. Lionheart says:

            Obama (Put America “Last”) President:

            Gave Iran a path to nuclear weapons.

            Gave Russia 20% of America’s uranium.

            Tried to empty Guantanamo Bay.

            Protected Hezbolla drug traffickers.

            Gave assualt weapons to Mexican drug cartels.

            Placed his hand on the Quran during his oath of office.

            Bowed down to the Arab Emirates.

            8 years in office and the GDP growth 1.6%. Under President Trump GDP hit 4.1% after only 18 months in office.

            Unemployment rate 9.4%. Under President Trump 3.9%

            Jobs added under Obama -2.9 million. Under President Trump +3.2 million.

          2. Jim DeNora says:

            Lionheart, sorry but I have to correct one error in your list. President Obama did not put his hand on the Quran during his oath of office for his second term. He used two bibles. The one on top was owned by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The second was owned by Abraham Lincoln.

            I don’t mean to burst your bubble. I just prefer to deal with facts.

          3. John D. Partin says:

            In answer to your post:
            “Placed his hand on the Quran during his oath of office”: (right-wing propaganda and smear tactics, as shown by
            “Gave Russia 20% of America’s uranium”: another Trump lie, which, like all of his lies, you swallow hook, line, and sinker, unthinkingly and stupidly, as is shown by
            “Gave Iran a path to nuclear weapons”: this and other lies that you have expressed to me and swallowed hook, line, and sinker from Trumpelstiltskin are covered by this article
            “Protected Hezbolla drug traffickers”:
            “Tried to empty Guantanamo Bay”:
            “Bowed down to the Arab Emirates”:
            “Higher GDP under Trump than under Obama”: and and
            “Unemployment rate 9.4%. Under President Trump 3.9%”:
            “Jobs added under Obama-2.9 million. Under President Trump +3.2 million”:
            Now, answer my truthful comments about your “President”, instead of throwing all of these evasions at me, if you can answer them!!!

          4. John Owens says:

            Snopes does not say that Hillary has been proven innocent. They say she has not been proven guilty. (Much like Donald Trump)

            This is from the article you quoted:
            “One fault investigations into the Clinton Foundation’s practices did find was that not all of the donations were properly disclosed — specifically, those of Uranium One Chairman Ian Telfer between 2009 and 2012. The foundation admitted this shortcoming and pledged to correct it, but as the Guardian pointed out in its May 2015 discussion of Clinton Cash, the fact that it happened is reason enough to sound alarm bells:

            It is also true that large donations to the foundation from the chairman of Uranium One, Ian Telfer, at around the time of the Russian purchase of the company and while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, were never disclosed to the public. The multimillion sums were channeled through a subsidiary of the Clinton Foundation, CGSCI, which did not reveal its individual donors.

            Such awkward collisions between Bill’s fundraising activities and Hillary’s public service have raised concerns not just among those who might be dismissed as part of a vast right-wing conspiracy.

            An enormous volume of interest and speculation surrounds the workings of the Clinton Foundation, which is to be expected. Given the enormous sums of money it controls and the fact that it is run by a former U.S. president who is married to a former U.S. secretary of state and presidential candidate, the foundation deserves all the scrutiny it gets, and more.

            **At the same time, for the sake of accuracy it’s crucial to differentiate between partisan accusations and what we actually know about it — however little that may be.*****

            On 17 October 2017, The Hill reported obtaining evidence that Vadim Mikerin, a Russian official who oversaw the American operations of the Russian nuclear agency Rosatom, was being investigated for corruption by multiple U.S. agencies while the Uranium One deal was up for approval — information that apparently was not shared with U.S. officials involved in approving the transaction. The Hill also reported receiving documents and eyewitness testimony “indicating Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars to the U.S. designed to benefit former President Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation during the time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on a government body that provided a favorable decision to Moscow,” although no specifics about who those Russian nuclear officials were or how the money was allegedly routed to the Clinton Foundation were given. In any case, none of these revelations prove that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton participated in a quid pro quo agreement to accept payment for approval of the Uranium One deal.

            On 24 October 2017, the U.S. House intelligence and oversight committees announced the launch of a joint investigation into the circumstances surrounding the Russian purchase of Uranium One.”

            I would like for YOU, John Partin, to heed the statement marked with ************ these.

      2. John Owens says:

        WOW! What a hypocritical idiot! You have already told us you don’t believe in Jesus, yet here you are trying to preach Jesus to someone to further your utopian socialist agenda! AND– You are as big a hater as there is on here, yet you criticize Barbara.

        Perhaps YOU should get a job– as a wanker!

        1. John D. Partin says:

          “Jobs added under Obama-2.9 million. Under Trump +3.2 million”:

          1. John Owens says:

            A) that link comes up as 404 Page not found. B) Trump has not been President for 2 years. Obama was President for 8. C) Trump is way ahead.

          2. JASON D BENDER says:

            Job gain under Obama is > + 11 million.


          3. JASON D BENDER says:

            READ IT AND WEEP, TRUMPERS: OBAMA +11,600,000 jOBS!

      3. John D. Partin says:

        John Owens, again, is very confused and “thinks” that anyone who disagrees with him is “mistaken” and “can’t possibly be Christian”, since he confuses Conservatism with Christianity, though they are, quite obviously, not the same thing at all. I never really expected to get through to you, either, Lionheart (maybe, you should have the handle “Cowardly Lion Heart”, since you are as afraid of the truth as the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz was!!). That shows how actually brainwashed both of you actually are, while “thinking” that it is everyone else who is “brainwashed” and “wrong”, as Pharisees always have and still do!!!! Sometimes (or with you two, ALL OF THE TIME!!!), I can’t fix your stupidity and am not interested in wasting any more time on that!!! As for “Minister” Barbara, if she and you both actually “think” that not giving a damn about starving and homeless children is really “consistent with Christianity or doing unto others as you would have others do unto you or treating people as you would treat Jesus Christ Himself”, you are all three much more stupid than even I thought that you were and the biggest hypocrites in here!!! It is because I believe in Jesus that I detest your misrepresentation of him or I wouldn’t give a damn about how much all of you do that!!! Again, John Owens has dreamed up my ever saying here that “I don’t believe in Jesus” because I never said that, but have only ever said that I don’t believe in or support Conservatism—-and, to him, that is the “same thing as disbelieving in Jesus”, in his poor confused “mind”!!!

        1. John Owens says:

          You question God’s existence, call Jesus a homosexual, and David and Jonathan, and then try to talk about Christianity, when you hate and judge things you have imagined about others and are a bigot. You say, let me pull the mote out of your eye, and don’t realize there is a beam in yours.

          1. John D. Partin says:

            I don’t question God’s existence and never have, but only the self-serving definition of “God” created by homophobes and conservatives to “justify” their own views. Jesus was a homosexual, as were David and Jonathan. That is a fact!!! Homophobia isn’t Christianity because God is love and homophobia is hate!!!! I haven’t needed to imagine anything about you or other people in here because there is far too much obvious truth about you for that to be necessary. Pharisees, such as yourself, always think that it is everyone else who has the beam in their eye and that the beams in their own eyes are merely “motes”, and so, of course, you “think” that, too!!!!

  47. Gerardo Defendini says:

    I am extremely disappointed at all this crap. We are all ordained ministers and politics should not be a topic to discuss in this manner. You can disagree but it is hypocritical for some “ministers” to behave this way.
    The behavior of some “ministers” is just outrageous. How can we, ordained ministers, allow something as dirty as politics create separation in this area as well? All of you should be ashamed of yourselves speaking this way today and talking about love and commitment and tolerance, even giving marital advice tomorrow. Hypocritical!!!!!
    All of you, grow up, act your age please. If you cant’, get out of this business and go hang out in facebook.

  48. JASON D BENDER says:

    Lets all let this one go…. we all have new fish to fry!!!
    Jason Bender

    1. JASON D BENDER says:

      I disagree, you disagreeable bumpkin!

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