Black Catholic girl with dreads

In a viral video, 11-year-old Faith Fennidy can be seen crying after Catholic school officials demanded she change her hairstyle.

Its image already battered thanks to the recent clergy abuse scandal in Pennsylvania, the Catholic Church has sparked a fresh round of online outrage over its treatment of African American hairstyles in its schools.

Video of Louisiana sixth-grader Faith Fennidy crying her eyes out as she’s forced to leave her classroom, pack her schoolbag, and vacate Christ the King Middle School for good has left social media raging against what critics are calling a clear case of “Christian White Supremacy.”

The family’s lawyer, Inem O’Boyle, told the New York Times that despite having worn the same hairstyle for the last few years, the 11-year-old was first warned in early August that her braids violated school policy, forcing her family to spend a “considerable amount of money” trying to get her hairstyle up to Catholic ‘code’.

Despite these efforts, Faith’s hair was still deemed unacceptable, and she was asked to leave the school for good Monday. “They told her not to come back,” O’Boyle explained.

“Over the summer the school has sneakily added in a policy, that no extensions, clip-ins or weaves are allowed,” wrote Faith’s brother in a Facebook post and video that went viral. “Extensions make the hair easier to maintain. It allows my sister to have access to the swimming pool without having to get her hair re-done every night. How do you make a policy without even having a discussion? It’s because you don’t care and it’s just one more barrier to entry for black people.”

Are Christian Dress Codes Racist?

Despite the school’s explanation, some high-profile online activists view things in a different light. In their eyes, this was just one more tool used by white Catholics to keep black people down. Perhaps the most striking comments came from political and social activist Shaun King, who tweeted out a video of the incident to his 1 million followers – along with some sharp criticism:

But is this incident really evidence of white supremacy in the church? Others aren’t so sure. “Religious private schools are like that,” someone tweeted in response. “My surfer friends back then in the 90’s, with their long hair all the time…they had to cut it off, or if it wasn’t the hair it was our shoes or wearing the uniform properly…the girls same thing, they have rules!”

Catholic School Officials Respond

The school maintains that its dress policies are applied equally to all students and have nothing to do with race. So, who’s in the wrong here? The school’s current parent-student handbook states: “Only the student’s natural hair is permitted. Extensions, wigs, hair pieces of any kind are not allowed.” But the 2016-2017 version had no such rule.

Archdiocese of New Orleans Superintendent RaeNell Billiot Houston insists all parents would have been made aware of the new policy. “As relates to the student in question, the school offered the student’s family an opportunity to comply with the uniform and dress policy and the family chose to withdraw the student; the student was not suspended or expelled. We remain committed to being a welcoming school community that celebrates our unity and diversity.”

Pattern of Discrimination?

Notably, this latest incident came just days after another black child was targeted by uptight school administrators. According to media reports, 6-year-old C.J. Stanley was sent home from A Book’s Christian Academy in Florida on the first day of school for the high crime of wearing dreadlocks. Critics say this constitutes a pattern of religious schools singling out black children for discipline.

Turning People Off to Religion

Whether or not the rules have any racist intent, it’s worth discussing the merits of such strict hair policies. For one, there seems no better way to drive future churchgoers away from the faith than coming up with petty ways to discipline them as children. Coming from an institution that’s beginning to suffer from waning interest – especially among youth – it seems a puzzling move.

Secondly, in an era when the church is squirming in the crosshairs of the #MeToo movement and ongoing revelations about clergy abuse, perhaps softening the rules and limiting bad headlines is the optimal strategy. Then again, perhaps this stubbornness is just proof that traditional religion really does embrace a “my way or the highway” mentality – no matter the consequences.



  1. Reed Mathis says:

    Another reason I’m glad to be aHuguenot

    1. Loretta Lillard says:

      The US Constitution guarantees students freedom of expression. The school’s actions are unconstitutional and I hope their lawyer is a good one. Students don’t shed their constitutional rights on the school’s steps before they enter. L Lillard, PhD

      1. b0blf says:

        Lillard,’PhD’? Yeah, the garbage you talk is ‘P iled H igher & D eeper’!

        ‘. . .freedom of expression.’ According to your half-baked theory students are allowed to: give the teacher the finger; throw rocks at students; push another student off the slide; set fire to another student’s hair; bring a loaded pistol to to school to settle a grievance.

        You MIGHT be ‘educated’, but your lack of reality, common sense, and intelligence is glaring!

        1. TigerMoon2 says:

          Wow… is your first name Dick? It really should be. Guess who is looking like a drop-out with your overly exaggerated examples. Maybe you should meditate before you give such harsh responses?

      2. JRodd says:

        as much as you’d like to believe that you don’t have the same rights at a private school however it is time that all private schools review their grooming standards so they are enforced fairly for all students regardless of race.

  2. Miranda Allison Young says:

    This is just another example of racial profiling. There is nothing wrong with dreadlocks, hair extensions, wigs, etc. If I child on chemotherapy who has lost her hair and has to wear a wig going to be told that she cannot wear it? This would expose her to bullying by her classmates. This type of school rule has to be eliminated.

    1. Rev.Rene says:

      It always warms the coccles of my heart when these so-called Christians finally reveal the satan inside! This evil currently being encouraged by the people at the top is the only effective “Trickle-Down” I have ever seen!

      1. Safiyyah says:

        Your observation is spot on.

    2. power to the people says:

      Racial profiling!!!!!!!! Racial profiling!!!!!!!!!

      Hmmmm, I scream it but nobody hears, lol.

    3. Alicia says:

      It’s not racial profiling. The policy says “no unnatural hair, no extensions, no wigs”. It doesn’t say “Black children must have natural hair, no extensions, no wigs.”

      1. Taylor says:

        This “New Rule “was just placed into the handbook, and not in the handbooks that were issued to the Parents when were first accepted into the School. Therefore it should not be implemented or enforced. When the child wore her “Natural” hair, that wasn’t good enough for the School either. The School basically wanted to make things difficult for the Student and the Parents, hence the “New Rule “.

        1. Robert Messmer says:

          For your argument to be correct that is that the school was making it more difficult for one student she would have to be the only black female at school. If there are others and they are having no problems with the new policy then your argument goes to zero. As for your it is a new rule and therefore should not be implemented or enforced, wow really? So there can never be new rules?

          1. Carol W Waldenburg says:

            Yep . . . (to Robert)
            Go to Catholic school or any private institution and there may be rules you don’t agree with, but by being part of that body you agree to their rules no matter what you think of them . . . If you don’t want to do and be as they rule, don’t go there . . .

      2. Nemrek Joubert says:

        The way I see it is like this. Freedom of expression is also the right to dress and wear your hair the way you want. As long as it doesn’t do harm to other people. I really can’t see what harm some ones hair can do to anyone else. Same as a head scarf and any other dress code. As for race – people should start looking at stuff as right or wrong not Race!

        In this case I think think Church is very wrong!

    4. Anna says:

      This is NOT racial profiling. The problem is that their is a dress code in a Catholic school. So sorry that some people feel like there are no rules or regulations regarding them. NOT SO

      1. Bell-Bey says:

        one of the saddest things I’ve read

        1. b0blf says:

          bell-buoy: Sadder is your response to Anna.

          Very simple: Students either ‘shape up, or ship out! The private school has the right to ‘my way or the highway’

          Cease the emotive, sloppy, liberal mindset and face objective civil reality.

          1. Carol W Waldenburg says:

            I agree completely bOblf. If you don’t want to play by their games go find another team. And not everything the Catholic church does has an ulterior motive – though one would hope that the ONLY motive is to make real God to God’s people and proclaiming the Love of Jesus the Christ . . .

        2. John Owens says:

          Are you serious? The Call of the Wild was sadder than this. The Good Earth was sadder. Old Yeller was . Geez. You haven’t read about anyone, I don’t know, actually getting hurt, or dying or losing their home or anything? For real? This is one of the saddest things you’ve read? You need to read more. Some people just try to say the most emotional thing they can, even it is totally dishonest.

      2. Nemrek Joubert says:

        So is it safe to say that people that wear dreadlocks are not welcome in a Catholic Church – and here I was thinking its what’s in a man’s soul that counts and not the way he wears his head. ~ in some parts of the world deadlocks are very natural. – Ok I for one don’t like them and don’t think they are cool – But I believe each to his own.

        1. John Owens says:

          This wasn’t the church, Nemrek. It was SCHOOL.

    5. Daniel says:

      These types of “policies” are nothing new. With colonialism’s expansion being furthered by Catholic “missions” that terrorized the Indigenous people there was a LONG history of forcing people to cut their hair and forsake their heritage in the name of supposedly saving their souls. When in actuality it was nearly the continuation of Constantine’s policy of turning the Jewish Christ into a white man. The hair styles of African Americans is probably a lot closer to the Jewish Christ’s hair than the current short white hairstyles left over from the Roman Empire.
      On a different note, maybe the policy is based on not making it difficult for the Catholics pervert priests who have problems when a weave or a wig comes off in their hands while the child gets away.
      Either way, the policy demonstrates the entrenched prejudices that only a “white” god can save us – and only if we try to look like “him”.

  3. power to the people says:

    This would be “white supremacy through catholisism”, not Christianity. Except it’s not. Schools (especially private) have dress codes, regulations, ect. This is just another one.

    Don’t go to a private school if you don’t want to be told what to wear/do/think.

    1. Joe says:

      I couldn’t have said it better!

      1. power to the people says:

        Thanks Joe!

      1. Rev.Rene says:

        Dear “power to the people”, Billy, Joe, and Bob, don’t you mean “power to the WHITE people??? And don’t give me that crap about: Well, it’s our Christian country! You stole it from the indigenous people first, then you enslaved a large number of Africans, now live with the fact they have as much right as you “holier than thou” Sunday Christians to live they’re lives as they wish, even if this does not comply with the whiter than white school board!!! You make me sick!

        1. power to the people says:

          Wow. I didn’t steal anything, or enslave anyone, nor did any of my relatives. AND, if you read my reply, I am not “holier than thou” or anyone.

          You seem very angry, and that’s kinda sad.

          1. power to the people says:

            RevRene- You really should read up on some history. You have your “facts” half right. The “whiter americans” didn’t run a ship over to Africa and round up a bunch of “non whites” to enslave them. How do you think the slave trade started? Hmmmmm you obviously don’t have a clue.

            Your “reverendship” should be revoked, lol. No “reverend” is as hate spewing and angry as you have displayed.

            How do you know my ethnicity? You don’t.
            How do you know my religious background? You don’t.

            Lighten up, you may live longer.
            Power to (all) the people! hahahahahaha.

          2. John Owens says:

            Yeah. Rene must listen to angry shit all the time, and doesn’t get enough fiber, which may account for her racist, angry remarks. She tries to play the race card in more ways than one, and does a really shitty job of it. It IS sad. She is sad. Makes me sad.

        2. Carl Elfstrom says:

          The American citizens of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, were not all white and not all Christians, and did not include any of my ancestors until the early eighteen nineties, did not steal this land from anyone, but won a war against the Indians, and lost plenty of lives in doing so. Don’t be a sore loser. At least the American government gave y’all reservations. I’ve never heard of the losers of Napoleon’s battles complaining about him stealing their land. And nobody alive now was alive then. I was born in this country which makes me just as much of a native as anyone else who was born here. The past is gone forever, except for in the minds of crybabies. All we ever have is what’s going on right now, in this present miloment.

          1. Daniel says:

            If America doesn’t acknowledge and LEARN from its past mistakes they are bound to be repeated. “Stole” is the proper term to describe the colonial theft of “America” from its indigenous people. And slavery IS still an issue when the 13th Amendment allows it as punishment for someone “duly” convicted (not “justly” convicted). And let’s not forget the Japanese internment camps or the more recent HUMAN TRAFFICKING of migrant children ripped from their parents arms to be “cared for” but really ABUSED at the unjust expense of the taxpayers.
            Might does NOT make right even though the majority white might fight for the sight of a blight on the night that cannot hide their historical AND ongoing transgressions.
            The discriminatory policy is unconstitutional UN-American AND contrary to the true Christian values.

          2. Carol W Waldenburg says:

            Thank God for Carl . . . he’ll say it . . .

          3. John Owens says:

            Daniel is full of crap. Everything he said is pure propaganda.

        3. power to the people says:

          Finally, you replied to “power to the people, Billy, Joe, and Bob”.

          Who’s Billy?

          1. power to the people says:

            I knew there would be no reply. 🙂

        4. b0blf says:

          ‘rev’ Rene: What a crock of s–t you spew! You’re just pissing into the wind.

          Your biased, emotive, and grossly inaccurate diatribe is nauseating! Saturated with innuendos, assumptions and generalizations. What’s the chance on your sticking to facts, objective observations and reality . . . . or is that beyond your mental capacity?

        5. b0blf says:

          ‘rev rene: You don’t know if the school board is white. Are you suggesting blacks aren’t contributing members of society? That they shouldn’t be on the school board? I had a black lady as a neighbor who was a celebrated ‘crime fighter’. She had 7 abortions!

      2. power to the people says:

        Thanks Bob!

    2. Carl Elfstrom says:

      Don’t start those wisecracks about Roman Catholics not being Christians. Roman Catholicism was the first full fledged christian sect,or denomination as Christians say. I had to suffer through six years of Catholic elementary school , and religion class everyday of it, so I know. And by the way, Catholic is short for Roman Catholic. Fortunately, I was able to get expelled from two of those Catholic schools , even though I’m white and had short hair, to which I could only say “Thankyou, Jesus!” My grandfather, Charlie Pistone had a barbershop situated between St. Mary’s Cathedral-Basilica and St.Mary’s Elementary School. Me, my brother, and our male first cousins were all forced to sit in his barber chair, and get a 1920s regular, every Friday morning, before school. Sure, he always gave us a piece of bubble gum with cartoons on the wrapper, but surely only to pacify us, at the end of such a nightmarish ordeal, which started for me in the late sixties,when I was in Kindergarten ( which sounds like a Nazi German name they had for that class), when I wanted to be a long haired hippy! The authorities should be required to listen to listen to Pink Floyd, so they’d know that “We don’t need no education!” Don’t they know that children rule! And it’s not their place to teach us right from wrong, and instill healthy, decent morals and ethics in us, so our American society won’t turn into a jungle, full of savages. It’s not fair, so I’m going to stomp my feet and cry. Just who do they think they are? Sure, if you’re green, blame it on blue people. Whatever it takes, never look at yourself.

      1. Rev. M. Dash says:

        So true, Carl. I made it through 14 years of Catholic school and proudly wear it as a badge of honor. I call those the good old days when you had to be clever to get away with something–they would let you if it was that good, but it could never be what the next one did, or something that had been done before. It was sort of, you get a pass this time, but the next time….

        We had a priest in our parish that loved jazz and after our Friday hops, would take some of us to hear Miles Davis and John Coltrane and others. He had an in with the nightclub owner that we could sit behind the musicians and enjoy the music which was by a side door to the club. We would catch the first set and then go home afterwards.

        I was fortunate enough to go to schools where I saw Catholicism beyond the dress code because it was more about the education.

        I know my parents would have never gone to the school, nor I for my children (who went to Catholic school) for something about hair. I only wanted to hear about grades and what they had learned–nothing else. My youngest, son, was upset that he couldn’t wear his fancy sneakers to school–they did not permit it. He had to wear shoes, and in gym they were regular regulation sneakers–no brand name. I explained to him that some children’s parents could not afford those and it was unfair for others that could to wear them as a distraction. He understood and it never presented as a standoff.

        I think the student would have been fine but her parents were trying to push the issue, why else would you be there recording it as though it is a reality show? That is what Catholic schools try to avoid. These are bullying tactics that the parent do not realize they are enforcing. No, they do not belong in the Catholic system, let her go to a public school where that type of behavior is permitted.

    3. Rev. M. Dash says:

      Exactly. The child is probably not a Catholic otherwise, the hair over education would not be the goal here as well as the father letting some f* bombs fly and calling the staff bitches. Catholic school tenet: it is what is in your head, not what is on your head. Don’t like the rules? Leave.

      What I found most interesting in a Twitter feed that was fueling the flames of anti-Catholicism: most of the comments were from whites, who probably felt this was their time to show they are not racist by pointing out there is nothing wrong with her hair…she looks fine…that is a black hairstyle…the Catholics are demeaning too blacks…the Catholics are hypocritical…the priests are perverts…the church is corrupt. I particularly found this amazing because most would not let this girl and her family live next to them or in their neighborhood; however, they were all in for pointing out how racist the Catholic Church is.

      The Catholic Church has been educating minorities for centuries and will take youngsters that others have given up on–educationally–and prove them wrong. Their product: turning out educated individuals who can earn a decent wage in a profession, regardless of social status. They have established schools in Islam nations where they teach scores of young women who practice Islam and dress with hijab and other restrictive dress codes, to be professionals. In Africa, they have established many schools and universities, and through their missions are educating scores of people so they can move into professions and careers to support their families and communities. I do not know of any other religion that does this. Islam trusts the Catholic Church to educate their young women. There is a Mosque in Rome that has been there for centuries. Interesting what the world tends to ignore concentrating more on how to rip the Catholic Church apart.

      Pope Francis has rectified the problems in the church; it took a Jesuit to set the church on the right path–the order that others never wanted to become pope. The church was in such a down spiral that they had to ask the Jesuits to save the church–much to the chagrin of the cardinals. The Jesuits are straight shooters, i.e., you commit a crime, you chose to place yourself into the criminal justice system and will not be protected by the church. You are a criminal who must pay for your crime(s). That is why so many cardinals resigned, or were asked to resigned when Pope Francis was elevated to Pope and why his predecessor stepped aside: someone had to do it, and it was going to become ugly. Bring in the black pope, the Jesuit!

    4. Julie says:

      8 years of Catholic grade school, no uniforms but strict dress code and for girls, skirt length touched the floor when you knelt, for boys hair didn’t touch their collar in the back. Small town school, all white student population.
      Non-religious private schools had stricter rules, including uniforms, types of shoes, etc.
      It all depends on the school. I will say that it does seem as though the schools and churches have not been adapting to their changing community profiles. Definitely more communication is needed

  4. Lori Mongillo says:

    It’s just one more reason to dump the catholic church. They will keep loosing people. Just like Christians that keep hurling the Biblical verses in an attempt to beat people down. It just drives them away.

    1. power to the people says:

      I’m a Christian, but I don’t do that. I understand that some (a lot) do. Whatever/whoever a person choses to be is fine by me, but waving their flag in my face while screaming at me doesn’t work toward your cause/religion.

      1. Lori Mongillo says:

        Good to hear, power to the people. It’s a very sad thing to see how cruel they become here. My husband is Christian and he is never like that. I respect who he is because he respects others, no matter what they are, and does his best to spread the love around. He is an Episcopal deacon and I am Pagan. It’s really quite amazing how much we have in common. Keep the faith that works for you, if it doesn’t harm others.

        1. power to the people says:

          Right on Lori! I don’t have a “problem” with Pagans,in fact my sister was one. I don’t have the time to hate anyone, that’s for sure.

          Yes, there are a lot of angry haters here on the blog. I’ll say a little prayer for them. 🙂

        2. Carl Elfstrom says:

          I’m a Pagan of the Wiccan variety, one of my brothers spent a lot of time chanting to St.Germaine with Mark and Elizabeth Claire Prophet at the Royal Teton Ranch, another brother is Episcopal and thinking about becoming a mason, my mother is Catholic, half of my father’s relatives are Lutheran and the other Catholic. My father was an atheist, and my stepfather is an atheist, although he was raised Central Christian Disciples Of Christ, so who can blame him. Different strokes for different folks. All in all, we’re all children of the same universe, and I’ll minister to them all, in accordance with their beliefs, whatever they happen to be. Notice, I didn’t say preach. It’s not the same thing. Whatever someone believes in is the right way for that person to believe. Just make sure you go to the other side of the light, whatever you call it.

    2. Rev. M. Dash says:

      Lori, it’s a Catholic School with rules and regulations. They try to level the playing field and reduce bullying by having a dress code, so no child has more or less than the next in school. If you want to dress as you want, doe what you want, you do not choose a centuries old institution to do it at. If one child’s parent can afford to have a $150+ elaborate hairdo with extensions every other week, that’s fine. You just can’t do it in Catholic School because others may not be able to do this, so to level the playing field everyone has to be a plain Jane. You distinguish yourself with your grades and knowledge–not clothes and hairstyles.

      When I went to Catholic School, as I live in New York, everything we wore including overcoats, shoes, boots, stockings, socks, skirts, blouses, slacks, gym clothing, bookbags, wallets were to a dress code. As we traveled, we knew what school you went to by your uniform but we did not know if your parents were wealthy or poor, immigrant or blue blood. You could not discuss your family as far as what they made, what you had at home, or where you lived; it was considered in poor taste to do this. It was a leveled playing field. We were there to learn and that we did. There were no fights about who has more than the next.

      When I got to high school, of course it was more obvious the differences by who got picked up from school; however, those who traveled extensive distances (from wealthier areas) were serviced by communal limousines. The others who lived nearby walked, and the rest took public transportation; however, by this time, it did not matter as you had been through this 8-year period of achieving and realized it was more about your grades than how close or far you lived from the school and many long-term relationships were made between true friends that overlooked who had what, because it did not matter when it came to learning. We all started out with the knowledge that we were smart, above-average, and had the self confidence that we could achieve.

      So if you do not understand how many young women came through this system and how it served us well–not to be housewives, but professional women with a brain who was capable of supporting herself and holding a discussion on politics, world events, medicine, art, etc., and go through to college. This is why so many Catholics are true to the church as they represent something substantial in our lives. Public schools had home economics–parochial schools never did. They felt women could be professionals and instilled in us that self-worth that lives on. We Catholic School girls all know each other when we meet any place. We are great researchers and know how to find the answers ourselves, and we are advocates, lawyers, doctors, teachers, artists, philosophers, poets, writers, creative and innovative because we were constantly reinforced to know that we could achieve.

      This is a loss for this girl as her mother does not understand what she is robbing her child of. What her child needs to know: being black does not have to hold you back. If you are smart, get your education, and be the best in your field, everyone will want you because they need you. She could be bald, they won’t care. It is her brain and ethics that count–hair is a cover up, transient, a symbol of status for her in her small circle world which she will be entrapped in when she could have been more.

      To be a good parent, we have to realize what we are teaching our children. Strip the façade away and get to the core of success: education, an endless fund of knowledge through research and knowing how to get that knowledge for yourself. As a woman, this is most important so you can step up to the pedestal and own your future. I am proud to be a Catholic School girl. I may not believe in organized religions, but I can never turn my back on Catholicism as long as they keep educating people around the world. I may not go to church on Sundays, but I tithe to them because the money is well spent. I have quite a few friends who feel the same way as I, that tithe to the Church and would do anything for them because of their humanity. So, no, they may have lost parishoners at the local churches but, they have not lost in donations. In fact, since the installation of Pope Francis, donations have doubled, almost tripled by former Catholics as we know what they do. I think of all the women and men who never would have found a voice without them. I do not know another religion that is so outpouring on such a grand scale, the next down the latter would be the Anglican Church but they are not as large and wealthy as the Catholic Church who has answered the need in the inner cities and poorer areas globally to bring healthcare, education, and shelter on such a massive scale.

      Knowing this, do you still feel like dumping the Catholic Church?

      1. Lori Mongillo says:

        I did dump the catholic church a long time ago. I’m glad your experience was a good one and you feel that it contributed to who you have become, but somehow it sounds like you would be who you are no matter what church you were affiliated with. People from all walks of life achieve greatness and it doesn’t necessarily mean they went to a catholic school, it means they had it within them and somewhere along the line something or someone caused them to flourish. I hope you continue in a positive direction. Blessed be

    3. Anna says:

      My church was founded by JESUS CHRIST and I won’t let stupidity attempt to criticize it. There are rules and regulations along with dress code. If you don’t like that then don’t submit yourself to the best education!!

  5. Minister T. Post says:

    This discrimination at its worst. To change the policy is, deceitful,, malicious, and clearly racist . My church motto is, “One God, One Race. The Human Race”. When are the people going to grow up. We all bleed red. God’s Commandment was to spread the word to every person every race, every culture. To become the body of Christ.

    1. Lori Mongillo says:

      Here we go again. “Everyone needs to become the body of Christ”. Sorry, but I’ve already been there. Everyone doesn’t need to be “the body of Christ”. Everyone needs to learn to get along and be the best they can be, in what ever forum promotes that. Yes, we all bleed red, so try a bit of live and let love. Christianity is Not the only way.

      1. Jason Bender says:

        No one bleeds red. Hemoglobin turns red once exposed to diatomic oxygen!

        1. Lori Mongillo says:

          Oh, please…… get a life.

          1. Jason Bender says:



          Whoever told you that is ignorant. I have 3 medical licenses.

          1. Jason Bender says:

            in dentistry, no doubt.

          2. Jason Bender says:

            Google says no you don’t. Sad,

          3. Jason Bender says:

            lets do a lil’ experiment. lets cut off your air supply… and, if (when) you turn blue (become cyanotic) I win! If you remain pink after I have deprived you of air for 6-8 minutes, i will admit defeat!
            Sound like a plan?

        3. power to the people says:

          Somebody just got home from the bar……

          1. Lori Mongillo says:

            I’m guessing it’s often. The name “Bender” is a good clue.

          2. Jason Bender says:

            Somebody (Lori) just stayed up all night smoking meth

          3. Lori Mongillo says:

            It was a good time had by all! You seem to
            need lots of attention.

        4. power to the people says:

          By your little scenario you have to have red blood from oxygen exchange within the body, or you’d be blue….so yeah, you bleed red if it’s an artery that you nicked.

          Now that’s all the troll feeding I am going to do on the subject. 😉

          1. Jason Bender says:

            Nom nom nom nom nom!

      2. Carl Elfstrom says:

        The body of Christ tastes too bland. Even Jewish matsos taste better than those communion wafers. And dipping them in wine doesn’t help either. They ought to keep onion dip, bean dip, and guacamole at those altars. A lot more people would have the body of Christ in them then. Not me though. I’d rather eat triscuits or Ritz crackers. The Goddess is alive, and Magick is afoot. Blessed be!

        1. Lori Mongillo says:

          She is! Blessed be!

        2. Daniel says:

          “Christians” missed the boat with their cannibal vampire’s for Christ: claiming it ACTUALLY becomes the blood and the body. Bread and wine were simply what was at hand, if they’d have had pizza and beer it would have really looked different these days. BUT it can be ANYTHING done in remembrance of what the Jewish Christ taught.
          Actually the “simple feast” practiced after ceremonies in the sacred circle is A LOT closer to what the Jewish Christ intended than the “blood and the body” of the reinterpreted “Christians”.

      3. Reverand Raymond Smith says:

        Well said, Lori. Blessed Be!

    2. Carl Elfstrom says:

      I bet there weren’t any white girls in that school who had dread locks. Just saying.

      1. Elaine M Cain says:

        Ok that was kinda funny!

  6. bob says:

    You church/school leaders: this is NOT Christianity!

    I was teacher/principal of a Christian school for years. We focused on addressing the inward part of students and the externals usually took care of themselves. We taught honesty, courtesy, responsibility, citizenship, morality, kindness, etc. There were relatively few problems, and when they occurred, the parents were frequently involved in the outcome of the issue.

    These ‘leaders’ of the above schools are making the students’ education and preparation for the future a joke. They’re on a power trip and have some problems of their own with which they’ve not dealt.

    I pray these aggrieved kids will recover in spite of being abused.

    1. Carl Elfstrom says:

      Bob finally said something I agree with. My hat’s off to you, sir.

    2. Lionheart says:

      I’m interested in knowing if you also taught children they were born in sin and would go to hell if they didn’t accept Jesus Christ. If you did, you are equally responsible of causing abuse. Mental abuse!

      1. Lori Mongillo says:

        I agree.

      2. bob says:

        Lionheart: Yes, we did teach the Bible.

        The Bible (God’s eternal Word) fully illustrates man’s sinfulness and humanity’s need of a Savior. And, our kids were taught that there is an eternal afterlife – heaven and hell.

        And, that JESUS is the ONLY way to meet a righteous, forgiving Heavenly Father’s reasonable expectations for a relationship with Him.

        We would have been sorely .derelict of duty and privilege by not sharing the claims of Christ with our students.

        Have you, Lionheart, repented of your sins and received Jesus as your only Savior?

        1. Lori Mongillo says:

          Oooo I can’t wait to hear that response!

        2. Lionheart says:

          Oh my goodness bob, of course I haven’t, and shame on your for teaching little children such utter mythical drivel with no supporting data to back up your claims (other than your book of myths). You’ll be saying next that the earth is only 7000 years old because that’s what your book implies, and I’m sure you will also be saying you believe in talking snakes and a talking ass.

          As for your Jesus, I hope you realize that there is currently NO archaelogical evidence that he ever existed, even though there is archaelogical evidence for “a few” of the other characters in your book. Strange isn’t it?

          I guess your god works in mysterious ways, much like all the other gods created by mankind.

        3. Lionheart says:

          Oh my goodness, I don’t allow myself to believe any such nonsense about repenting of sins. Shame on you bob for teaching such utter mythical drivel to little children. You’ll be telling me next that you also taught them that the earth was only 7000 years old and that its very important to believe in a talking snake (serpent) and a talking ass, which your mythical book attests.

          As for your Jesus, you might be interested to know that there currently is NO archaeological evidence he ever existed, even though there is archaeological evidence for a few of the characters listed in your mythical book.

          Peace to you.

          1. Lionheart says:

            My apologies for TWO postings on this topic. One needs to be deleted. I didn’t think the first one go through so I tried to remember what I’d posted.

        4. Daniel says:

          Again, Christianity missed the boat with its current interpretation that stems back to Constantine’s perversion of the Jewish Christ’s message. Christ never said that he died. He said he was going somewhere for three days and would be back. His disciples didn’t understand, neither does current “Christianity”. Because Christ never died. The message would be, “don’t get lost in all your illusions of separation, because it’s not like it’s going to kill you. At least not the real you. The definition of sin during the time of the Christ was anything that separated you from God. Thus, the Christ showed that though the physical form maybe lay down, there is no illusion of separation and death is also an allusion

        5. T'Keren Valmaz says:

          “We all know that any emotional bias — irrespective of truth or falsity — can be implanted by suggestion in the emotions of the young, hence the inherited traditions of an orthodox community are absolutely without evidential value…. If religion were true, its followers would not try to bludgeon their young into an artificial conformity; but would merely insist on their unbending quest for truth, irrespective of artificial backgrounds or practical consequences. With such an honest and inflexible openness to evidence, they could not fail to receive any real truth which might be manifesting itself around them. The fact that religionists do not follow this honourable course, but cheat at their game by invoking juvenile quasi-hypnosis, is enough to destroy their pretensions in my eyes even if their absurdity were not manifest in every other direction.”

          H.P. Lovecraft

          Some times its nice to not need to do more then stand on the shoulders of those that came before me. I doubt anyone could say this better then HPL.

    3. Rev. M. Dash says:

      I assume your Christian school did not have a dress code–one in which leveled the socioeconomic playing field? Or, did you let the students who could afford a certain lifestyle bring it in to showcase? When you do that, you are making it a situation ripe for bullying by the haves and the have-nots. It is easier to teach honesty, courtesy, responsibility, citizenship, morality, kindness, tec., when all children are dress within a paired down dress code where no one is aware of who has more than the next, and it is not a competition of who can have $300 extensions and braided hair compared to the child whose mother is working 2-3 jobs and braiding her hair each day.

      The Catholic tenet: it is what is in your head, not on your head. The parents made it into a reality show by setting up the scene. When the office staff tried to explain it was not about the hair, there were some other concerns, the parents kept over-talking the staff and trying to bully them–all in front of the child. Then as they exited the school, the father let some f* bombs go and called the staff bitches. Christian like? I don’t think so. This was a set up from the inception. The child is not a Catholic, and if you read the website, it talks about over the top hairstyles, clothing for both girls and boys. Other children on the website have braids, so quite obviously it is not the issue of the braids. Also, it appears as though the child is late for school already. The site says no nail polish including clear–not adhered to. The site says that the child is to wear shorts under the skirt–not adhered to. The skirt–from my knowledge of the Catholic school system–is a tad too short. So, there are many things that I could see here that are not adhered to. The child’s shoes are untied–but her hair looks fabulous. Why are this child’s shoes untied? The socks do not look like regulation socks–another nonadherence.

      If you do not want to adhere to the dress code, simply put the child into a public school or a private school with no dress code. It’s as simple as that. If I am Catholic and paying for my child to attend the parochial school system, why do I have to put up with your changing the tenets of my school? There is a reason for the conservative dress code–guess which of the deadly sins it has to do with? This is not the first rodeo for the Catholics; their ability: taking a child that the system has given up on and providing a sound foundation and education for them to become a productive member of society. That’s it plain and simple. You won’t learn how to be a fashion plate, a Barbie doll, or a ken; but what you will gain is something more important because when you get down to it, would you hire someone who is more interested in how they look than someone whose job performance is above-average.

      Catholics have been doing this for centuries, they know what they are doing. If you don’t like it, you do not have to go there. This is a choice. It is not a public school. The child was not dismissed from school, the parents were told that if the child adhered to the dress code, she could attend class. Did you notice the blouse was not clean? There was a stain on the blouse. The parents chose to withdraw the child from the school rather than adhere to the dress code. That is their privilege and prerogative.

      They are choosing to storm off and pull their child out of a supportive educational system that has worked for centuries and taught so many minorities globally who have become prominent productive members of society over whether their child can wear $150 extensions in her hair. I will bet you everything I own that they would never invest towards the best computer for her or math tutoring or summer camp.

      And lastly, I find it a bit offsetting that people that would never allow this family to live next door to them come off so righteously against the Catholic Church and how biased and un-Christian like, the same people who use their bible to justify discrimination at every turn. Could it be that the Catholics have successfully educated so many minorities globally that leads all these other faiths to take the first opportunity to bash them? Does it make you feel better when you think you can bring them down to the level of your sects? They have operated healthcare programs, hospitals, law counseling services globally where the need arises.

      Now is your time to tell me they are pedophiles in the church. There are pedophiles in all churches where there are humans. This is one of those areas where the devil lurks in all corners even in the best of the Lord’s houses. It is a constant battle that all religious people must be on the lookout for. Pope Francis has just closed the loophole: it is a crime which the church will turn lose their priest to stand trial like the common criminal they are. The church has no business in protecting these criminals. They should be arrested, tried, and sent to jail–to paraphrase Pope Francis.

      It took a Jesuit to come forward to do what no one else wanted to do, the Black Pope makes the hard choices and cleans out the sinners and criminals without caring about the appearance because it has to be done. I have faith in Pope Francis because I know he is a Jesuit, and they make the hard choices and he has cleared out the cardinals, bishops, and priests that needed to go. He does not have an easy job, it will make him unpopular with many Catholics and religious, but it has to be done. Someone like me: I admire the Jesuits because they are the savior of the church. They have always protected the church and were never invited to the table until now.

      So for all the trolls who seek to bash the Catholic Church in her hour of weakness and without knowledge of her strengths, I will speak out because I know there is more good than evil that is done by the church and for this I will always attempt to make sense out of attacks on the Catholic Church because no other religion has taken on the scope of global outreach opening up their coffers to everyone–not just Catholics–because of true compassion that comes from Rome.

    4. John Owens says:

      These kids are not being abused. They are being taught to conform. Not the same thing. Oh, their parents are also being taught to conform. Just because this child is black, does not make her an exception to the rules.

      1. Carol W Waldenburg says:




    1. Rev.Rene says:

      Dear Jolene, some people live their lives asking if it is permissable and legal; others live their lives in freedom unless or until they are told something is not permissable or legal. Rules are never hard and fast, there are rules for the worker ants, and there are rules for the ruling class! And they are never the same, so please do not live your life in black and white, just live in love!

      1. Carl Elfstrom says:

        It’s just another brick in the wall. I especially like the way Richie Havens put it in my DVD of Woodstock : ” Freedom, freedom, freedom. Sometimes I feel like a motherless child, a long, long way from my home… .”

        1. Carl Elfstrom says:

          I believe it’s called a straight pepper diet, Rene. Just don’t get caught. And as Tom would say “Peace…love.”

      2. Rev. M. Dash says:

        Well versed.

  8. Rev Wayne Stevens says:

    The Middle Ages are over along with the Inquisition cookie cutter mentality should be over as well I think God as well as Christ would want us all to be individuals that’s why I created us to begin with right

    1. Rev.Rene says:

      That is lovely, but realize the Lords of the land still make the rules of the land!!! That aspect has never changed!

      1. Carl Elfstrom says:

        The house of lords is a British thing. We aren’t into that, anymore.

        1. Carol W Waldenburg says:

          Yes Carl, but many of us over on this side of the pond are awfully smitten with their monarchy and there is that Divine Right thing . . . what do we do with That?

  9. Kirk says:

    I went to a Catholic High School and despite the hard as nails rules, I loved it! Nothing considered faddish was allowed and the order decided what was faddish. When a different Catholic order took over school administration and management, the rules got tougher. This may have been the case with this girl. The article doesn’t say and the picture doesn’t show how long her hair is either. Girls got into trouble if they showed up with big hair, or if their hair was “distractingly” long. Whatever that means. CJ must have gotten sent home because his dreadlocks were considered faddish. I got into trouble once after a hair cut because a nun thought I had a mollet. Another thing, Shaun King is a POS.

    1. Rev. M. Dash says:

      Kirk, you are not alone. I am a product of 14 years of Catholic school. Some codes more strict than others. They always used this to level the playing field and to reduce the amount of bullying that the students can use to harm others–particularly with clothing, lifestyle, things one may have. I am older than you but at that time, it was the beehive and puffy hair, so we would spray our hair to death before coming to school, and the nuns would make us go into the showers and wash our hair and we would get detention. My parents would never think of coming to school and arguing that was the style and they were un-Christ like for not letting me wear my hair that way.

      My daughter came home from the beauty parlor with shaved sides and I asked her did you tell the nuns you were doing this? She was indignant, “why?” I said because I don’t think they’re going for it. All I said was, “don’t call me. I’m not coming there at all because they know I know better.” I was right. At least she had enough hair left to be able to part her hair in the center to cover the sides–somewhat funny though–during school. I would not have even thought of trying to explain to the nuns why she did this, and they knew it because she had detention for a week for not following the dress code. She was not alone as three others had done the same thing. Their mothers never showed up either. The other mothers and I went to a bar and LOAO. We thought it was funny although our daughters did not think so.

      My children are the product of the Catholic school system. They all got full scholarships to college and finished graduate programs and are responsible, ethical, conservative, productive members of society that care about others and how they treat others. The schools make the rules and we follow them. Your job is to get an education and move on through to your professional career. You use your own personal time to exhibit whatever quirky side that you want. My children are more conservative than me–one is a performing artist, the other two are creative artists. I’ve never been called to a police station for them, or had any problems with them because they learned something: self-discipline and to follow the rules set forth.

      When you go out to get a job, you already know you have to follow the rules, so, you just have to concentrate on getting the job done and moving forward with your life. Not every rule and dress code is meant to stifle one’s self-expression, or has a built-in bias. Certain jobs require you to dress a certain way; if you are not willing to do this, then move to a position that will let you do what you want. My youngest son wore long dreadlocks in college and through his initial positions. Very well managed–it was his hair–no extensions and he looked great. When he found out he could double his salary by cutting his hair and looking more conventional, he came home with a short precision haircut and found a job making more than twice the salary that he was originally making which was nothing to sneeze at. He told me, I know they won’t hire me if I go in with dreadlocks because I looked around and saw no one else was dressed like that, and I want to work there. So, he knew what he had to do, and the added money and increased lifestyle was well worth it to him. We do what we have to–that is it in a nutshell. Catholic school teaches you that; it’s not rocket science.

      1. Lori Mongillo says:

        I’m sure that is right. I was a youth choir directer for a Catholic church and a Protestant church. The young people in the C choir came by way of the C school. They were well behaved and got along well. There was little competition and they worked well together. In the P church there was fierce competition and occasional fighting. Not so well behaved, but….the kids in the P choir were eager to do solos. Their personalities sparkled and there passion was more intense. They were a real pain in the butt, but they showed their love more and they showed their pain. So there are pros and cons to that.

      2. bob says:

        Dash: Your post is so good! And, quite Biblical.

        ALL authority is of God. . . . . . from the president, the state laws, school officials, employers , down to parents.(Roman 13)

        We are to obey, and pray for authority figures. If we resist authority, we resist God.

        1. Jason Bender says:

          Bob. Idiot. So, the brave people who hid Jews during WWII (violating German law) by your logic, were not brave heroes but were in fact sinners defying God?!?
          Either you are an idiot or you are Nazi scum. Which is it?
          Way to go, BOB!

        2. Jason Bender says:

          So the little girl that refuses her pedophile father’s advances, by your logic, is a sinner resisting God?

          Bob, you are a sick, sick man!

        3. Jason Bender says:

          So, the heroes who defied German law and hid jewish people during the holocaust were, by your logic, just sinner’s defying God.

        4. Jason Bender says:

          So, the heroes who defied German law and hid jewish people during the holocaust were, by your logic, just sinner’s defying God.

          So, Bob, is a Nazi pedophile? !? Ick! I don’t like Bob or his opinions anymore. Perhaps we should put his name on a list and stick him into a special place we keep dangerous people… A camp of some kind might be good place for Bob…

          1. bob says:

            According to God’s Word, following His precepts take precedence over ‘man’s laws’. If an authority figure wants something from you and it’s contrary to God’s Word, you then can disobey the authority figure.

            This can be a difficult situation at times.

          2. Lionheart says:

            So bob, let’s bring back slavery and stoning people to death, all approved by “your” god.

            Oh, and bob, please don’t pick up any sticks on the sabbath day because your god condones you being stoned to death for such a heinous crime.

            Don’t forget, this is your gods word.

            Pathetic isn’t it?

    2. T'Keren Valmaz says:

      “We all know that any emotional bias — irrespective of truth or falsity — can be implanted by suggestion in the emotions of the young, hence the inherited traditions of an orthodox community are absolutely without evidential value…. If religion were true, its followers would not try to bludgeon their young into an artificial conformity; but would merely insist on their unbending quest for truth, irrespective of artificial backgrounds or practical consequences. With such an honest and inflexible openness to evidence, they could not fail to receive any real truth which might be manifesting itself around them. The fact that religionists do not follow this honourable course, but cheat at their game by invoking juvenile quasi-hypnosis, is enough to destroy their pretensions in my eyes even if their absurdity were not manifest in every other direction.”

      H.P. Lovecraft

  10. Rev.Rene says:

    Kirk, let me just say the Christian charity of your outlook is overwhelming me! Not just the lack of understanding this is a different era, but especially the last shot. Shame!

    1. Kirk says:

      You obviously completely misinterpreted my post Rev. Way to look foolish!

      1. power to the people says:

        The Rev. has a habit of that, maybe she should become a nun? 🙂

  11. Minister Dave says:

    Order is the 🔑

  12. Janice Ellery says:

    This is a case of administrators in a private school becoming control freaks. It sounds like she will be better off in another school. This could just as easily been a protestant or jewish school. A white honor student here in Florida was expelled for having one pink streak in her hair. Why does this have to be spinned as an anti-christian or anti-catholic issue?

    1. Carl Elfstrom says:

      Those damn nuns were always control freaks !, even before those Bing Crosby movies.

    2. Rev. M. Dash says:

      Thank you, Janice. If you don’t like the rules: leave.

    3. Carl Elfstrom says:

      Another school might work, but wherever you go there you are.

    4. Alan says:

      Catholic and many private schools have strict dress and hygiene codes, here and in Europe (Eton comes to mind). I attended Catholic school and the dress code was black pants, white shirt, tie, clean haircut for boys (as well as clean fingernails) and girls wore plaid skirts, white blouse and their hair was always clean cut, without styling. There is a long established reason for this in better schools. 1) It teaches young people the responsibility for maintaining their appearance and hygiene 2) Takes peer pressure out of the school equation and prevents any class ‘envy (my parents have more money) 3) creates a more harmonious learning environment. If students want to compete they left only with competing for better grades.
      Many groups have tried to get public school systems to adopt this system, but their idiotic parents say ‘my kid has rights’. (No your kid has very little rights until they reach 18) Also, if these parents were told that these schools students are much more successful in later academics and acceptance in universities and do better than their fellow students at those institutions as they have been acclimated to ‘learning’ rather than social COMPETITION.
      If these idiot parents knew this, and the fact that it is much less expensive on the clothing budget, as they do not have to keep their kid in the ‘latest styles’ at great expense, things would quickly become the same way as the above school mentioned. The article is about a hairstyle. All of these private schools generally have the same policy in ref to plain, clean cut hairstyles, again, to prevent distractions in ref to ‘envy’ and other girls competing to have a ‘better’ hairstyle.
      This should make sense to anyone with a 3 digit IQ. This girls hairstyle would clearly violate most of these school codes and for the reasons given above. Think about it.

  13. Rev. Chris says:

    What do we discuss here? Religion matters or school politics? Yes some schools have rules but did they make sense allways? I think not. Do we (humans) have no other problems as a hairstyle? Is it not a human right to wear my hair as I wish?
    Even when back in the 90’s we got problems with long hair. I’m wondering what these schools would have done if Jesus came along? Would they also tell him to go away because his hairstyle was not correct? Jesus had long curly hair as far as we can see it on every picture. Who has the right to tell an other human which hairstyle is correct?

    And even I’m white, I know how hard african woman have to fight with their hair. I’m married to one. And if they do something to make their life a bit easier, for my opinion, no one has the right to tell them not to do so. I can not see how dreadlocks can harm the peace on a school ground.
    If the want the student to wear a school uniform, ok thats fine with me as it makes all student “equal” and protect them from bulling because they do not have the right brand of sneakers and so on. But the hairstyle is a very private thing and should never be part of a rule, except it really makes sense in a case of safety.

    But beside of this: I’m always wondering how the people here “talk” to each other? I really miss some respect in some posts. I believe that all posters here are ministers of the ULC. Do they talk like this also when they preach? I hope not. How can we expect peace in the world if not even ministers and reverends can talk in a polite manner to each other.

    1. power to the people says:

      Heads up brother……there are/were no pictures of Jesus. Just sayin’.
      I agree with your post though.

      In my original post, I was commenting on the thing about private schools mostly. They have “guidelines”. No one has to agree with them, but if you want to pay to go to school there, you kinda have to “play by their rules”.

      As for the way people talk to each other here- well, there are angry trolls even on a religious site. Some folks get ordained so they can perform weddings of all types for money. Some do it so they can (try) to mock religion. To each his own (or hers, geeze!).

      1. Rev. Chris says:

        You right, but of course I talk about the picture we all have in our mind if we think of Jesus.

        And yes you also right that we have to play to the rules but not all of them makes sense. And we have way to much rules here. Of course without rules mankind could not survive. But do we need really rules for everything? We are free people, at least we get told that we are free…

        So may sometimes the creator of some rules should think twice.

        Good bless

  14. Gary Hynous says:

    I was raised a Catholic; baptized to absolve me of Catholic original sin which the church preached I was born with, made my first communion after revealing my juvenile sins to a priest, was confirmed and had to go to catechism classes to be thoroughly indoctrinated in Catholicism for many weeks. Riding home on my bicycle after my first of many confessions I actually felt good. The church made my parents one of which was Catholic and one Lutheran raise me as aCatholic. Never could reconcile my folks going to different churches. I remained a Catholic all through my Marine military service trying to reconcile what I was trained to do with my beliefs. Never able to do that. Later converted to Lutheran to marry my first wife. Was excommunicated by an overly zealous minister who thought it was more important to hear his preaching that to keep my job building and testing tanks for the military 60 hours a week to meet a demanding gov’t deadline and avoid huge penalties charged by Uncle Sam if we didn’t meet the deadline in producing instruments of destruction. Thank God for the UCM church and it’s liberal and common sense beliefs. Now I read literature written about 3000 years before Christianity and feel pretty good about my next lifetime and this life as well.As for the poor young girl punished for her hair style, for shame on the perpetrators of this unchristian act. For shame. What does hairstyle have to do with a person’s moral character? Absolutely nothing. These school officials should all be shaved bald. Sorry for that angry outburst! Minister Gary

    1. Carl Elfstrom says:

      I just had to say something in reference to your interest in ancient history, Gary. That subject interests me too. Last night I added two books on the subject to my Amazon saved for later list that I’ll be getting next month. One is called Ancient Civilizations, by Phillips, and the other is called A Pictorial History Of Windsor Castle. I’ve had dreams and memories of being in that castle, maybe even living in it. I also have a tape on past life regression, so I’m going to try to awaaken more memories of it. I’ve also always felt an affinity to ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and ancient Rome, as well as their pantheons of goddesses and gods.

      1. Carl Elfstrom says:

        P. S. Next month I’m also getting a DVD of the latest two royal weddings, held at Windsor Castle, and a book on British English sayings and customs, so I can play the part, when I go dressed as a Victorian gentleman to Galveston’s Dickens’s On The Strand Festival, the first weekend in December. That might also help awaken past life memories. I just hope I don’t wander into a time portal. I don’t think I could live long without air-conditioning, to name one of many modern necessities.

    2. Lori Mongillo says:

      Most people can’t rise above what they were brought up to believe. It’s good to expand your awareness and who you are, and to grow spiritually.

      1. Lionheart says:

        Lori, I agree with you, though I’m not too sure what is meant by “grow spiritually”. If it means to grow with kindness and love, I’m with you.

        1. Lori Mongillo says:

          Yes, kindness and love cover it very well. When one grows spiritually they expand the core of their being. They become aware that there is a common ground that we all stand on, if we choose to acknowledge it. We find compassion for others and we see the awesome beauty and complexity of all that is been created. Not owning ones spirituality is like standing in the most beautiful place on earth and not appreciating want it is.

          1. Lori Mongillo says:

            oops! Not appreciate WHAT it is.

  15. Lea Weisenbach says:

    As always…The church is unrealistic. Im a retired cosmetologist and hair is hair. Braid and extensions are an easy way for anyone..and I mean anyone with textured hair…So a white child braids her hair and the church is all for it..But not a black child..As always the church is unrealistic..Its a shame they can’t focus on real issues like sexual assault on children by their priest..They way I’m a survivor of Christianity..I walked from this abusive and unrealistic church.

    1. Alicia says:

      No one said braiding her hair is an issue….the issue is the use of extensions and the family was told this. I have seen black children with braided hair without extensions. It’s not “unrealistic” to expect the same treatment. White girls can’t wear extensions either.

      1. Jason Bender says:

        That was one nappy headed ho! Is what the school doesn’t want said of their students…

      2. Carol W Waldenburg says:

        Amen Alicia.

  16. Lea says:

    Where is my post!

  17. John Owens says:

    The rule here at this school has nothing to do with white supremacy at ALL. It has to do with conformity, period. No one told her to straighten her hair, bleach it, or any other thing that would be discriminatory regarding pigmentation. It is SO SAD that the issue of race relations has been so cheapened by the left, whose default tactic is to cry racism when there is nothing intelligent to say that will support their opposition to anything not in vogue in their ever-changing fantasy world dictated to them by the media.

    1. Jason Bender says:

      That was one nappy headed ho! Is what the school doesn’t want said of their students…

    2. power to the people says:

      Thanks John!

    3. Michael Mangold says:

      Amen. There is so much reverse racism here it makes me want to scream. NO ONE forced her. NO ONE hurt her. Again, despite the tears, NO ONE HURT HER!

      1. Jason Bender says:

        Emotional wounds can do greater and more permanent damage and cause more pain and disruption to a life than many/most physical ones – the latter, in most cases, heal automatically – not so much with the former,

        1. power to the people says:

          This “insight” coming from a troll, lol.

          1. Jason Bender says:

            You are the one sounding a bit (lot) like a troll today, my friend… “Glass houses and all that…”
            Jason & Fischer Bebder

          2. Jason Bender says:

            Those who live in glass houses and all that right back at you!

      2. Jason Bender says:

        There are certain words and phrases, that when you hear them spoken by a Caucasian, you KNOW they are a racist, ignorant, hate filled misogynistic monster. Some obvious examples: The “N word”, subjects along the lines of Jewish people “controlling hollywood”, “being good with money” or expressing scepticism about the holocaust… But, among the worst of the worst is the clown who utters the words “reverse racism” – because – in addition to racist, ignorant, hate filled misogynistic monster you must add narcissism, significant ignorance of history and likely poorly educated, with a complete lack of self awareness, and a high probability of disordered thinking, delusions and paranoia… learning disabilities and deficits in reading comprehension are par for the course in the archetypical patient suffering from the “reverse racism” delusion…

    4. Jason Bender says:

      forcing conformity with upper middle class white sensibilities could be viewed as oppressive by working class AA – heck, even as a member of the former class – I felt oppressed as $hyte growing up!

      1. John Owens says:

        But, the affluence of the upper white middle class might be well appreciated, although not available without conformity.

  18. Alicia says:

    If this policy wasn’t in last year’s Parent/Student Handbook, perhaps those complaining should look into WHY such a policy was needed. Was there an issue with kids pulling out extensions either purposely or accidentally? Were some students wearing colored extensions or wigs and the school found it necessary to ban ALL extensions and wigs? Were clip on extensions being taken out and clogging up the plumbing?

    This is not targeting black kids…the policy is for ALL kids in the school. Personally, I don’t see why an 11 year old should be wearing an elaborate hairstyle like that anyway on a daily basis. Save it for special events.

    1. power to the people says:

      Thank you Alicia!

  19. Michael Mangold says:

    Hair styles are not the issue, but dress codes are. Get it? DRESS codes. Do whatever you like to your hair as long as you don’t make it look like a penis or vagina but keep your pants up. THAT is the real issue, not White Christians telling Blacks what to do with their hair. If we permit culturally appropriate dress in public schools, what is to prevent obscene dressware? I get it. I have no more attraction to a butt on a man or boy (in this case) because he thinks that it is okay to wear his pants around his knees than I do for a girl to wear provocative clothes. Get a grip, people. Where are their parents?

    1. Jason Bender says:

      Michael Mangold i CALL BS RIGHT BACK AT YOU!
      You asked: “If we permit culturally appropriate dress in public schools, what is to prevent obscene dress wear? ” Umm… how about common sense, if that is in short supply overall (and not just with you) then, how about: the existing laws against public exposure, indecency, etc. Peer pressure, shunning, ostracism – all things which already generally work well already…

  20. Jason Bender says:

    power to the people – did da wittle bwabwy gewt hiws fewings huwted and gwo cwyiwing two dwa mowderwators?

    1. power to the people says:

      Moderators? I wasn’t aware that there were moderators here. Hmmmm, if there are, maybe they moderated some idiocy you spewed? Dunno, I don’t go crying to anybody, I’m not you.

  21. Katie Kelley says:

    This behavior is NOT Christlike in ANY manner. It’s foul racist white trash terrorizing and anyone who does this kind of thing sure as hell will be going there. That child was probably in your school in hopes she would get a better education. I KNOW Catholic schools and THEY ARE EXPENSIVE. Her parents were trying to get her a good education in a safe environment. If Catholic schools can behave no better than NAZIS, then they need to be closed down and the money GIVEN TO THEM TO USE IN A GODLY MANNER be better used to strengthen the community in WHOLESOME ways. There is NOTHING Christian or wholesome. The horror above who mentioned “culturally appropriate dress” is a RACIST and should NOT be welcomed in ANY Christian church. period.

  22. Alan says:

    You have to keep in mind that the biggest organizational structure hated by the ‘left’ (Marxists/socialists/communists/fascists) is the Catholic Church as their atheistic approach to society is based on control of people and the assets of society. It Every time there is ‘priest scandal’ almost in every case it is an allegation from someone who says it occurred 30-40 years ago (yes, there are priests that offend, but in perspective, public school teachers commit pedophilia at a rate at least ten times higher than any church abuse, but because of teachers unions and a left wing press, these are rarely reported until the teacher commits an extraordinarily obscene act. You won’t find these stat’s in a book, but they have been turned over to law enforcement from union insiders who see the horrors and danger of these coverups (leftists have almost perfected the ‘coverup’).

    It is not just these occurrences, but it is any occurrence the Marxist press can find or fabricate. Hair style ? Dress codes ? How many kids have been suspended for wearing ‘NRA’ shirts, MAGA hats or shirts; ‘America First’ shirts’, even styling their hair in a typically ethnic way. “You don’t have the right to wear that style. You did not earn it’. These are tragic times as far as truth and reality go and people need to wake up that there is, in fact, a battle between Good and Evil going on, and it has accelerated out of fear by the socialist left since Trump became president. He promised to ‘Clean the Swamp’ which includes exposing the fraudulent, well paid off media that support the socialist/Marxist movement. None of these idiots understand socialism can not work. It is, in fact, a mathematical/financial impossibility, but it SURE DOES SOUND NICE to an uneducated, slothful, no pride, no self esteem scumbag who does not even know how wealth is created or where the money to pay for socialist programs come from.
    In order for socialism to work, with all the freebees’, working people and companies must pay more taxes, therefore decreasing their ability to expand. These leads to high levels of unemployment and then even higher taxes. It reaches a point when their is no more ‘Free’ money. But by then, the ‘socialist leadership has confiscated firearms, kept records on potential threats and then start taking even more rights away and finding new ways to jail people. This leads to dictatorship since an iron hand control is needed to keep the population in check. Read history (but not from a current textbook where Marxism is all lollipops and free Slurpee’s.
    Keep in mind (if you knew) that it was the Catholic Church that invented the public school system, the university system and free public hospitals long ago. They teach individuals and organizations the value in solving social problems and lifting people up, where the government can only marginalize potential and keep people hooked on the meager free handouts socialism leads to, before it fails completely. Start Thinking. Your kids future depends on it.

    1. Jason Bender says:

      kookoo for coke00 puffs!

    2. T'Keren Valmaz says:

      “We all know that any emotional bias — irrespective of truth or falsity — can be implanted by suggestion in the emotions of the young, hence the inherited traditions of an orthodox community are absolutely without evidential value…. If religion were true, its followers would not try to bludgeon their young into an artificial conformity; but would merely insist on their unbending quest for truth, irrespective of artificial backgrounds or practical consequences. With such an honest and inflexible openness to evidence, they could not fail to receive any real truth which might be manifesting itself around them. The fact that religionists do not follow this honourable course, but cheat at their game by invoking juvenile quasi-hypnosis, is enough to destroy their pretensions in my eyes even if their absurdity were not manifest in every other direction.”

      H.P. Lovecraft

  23. Kevin Martin says:

    All of this over hair. Since when does GOD care about what your hair looks like? His Son Had long hair, a boy with long hair, hmmm. So I can see where they are going with this and teaching how to conform to rules, but this is not they thing you need to take it out on. If she was wearing outlandish hairstyles or styles that were disrupting to class, I would get it. Then just make a simple rule suits the situation better, This is clearly a lack of understanding how children of color’s hair and scalp react very differently that white children to everyday wear. They do not produce the oils that we do. Her brother mentions that it helped so she would haven’t have to wash her hair after swimming everyday. This is why, the weave works like a cap to help protect the persons scalp for all the harsh chemicals in pool water and everyday chlorine. As I said in the beginning, God doesn’t care what your hair looks like, he care about what your soul looks like and that your heart is in the right place. Obviously this school has other intentions. This school is preaching discrimination and that is not be tolerated by God and believe me, GOD is watching. My heart goes out to the girl and I’m glad she is no longer there, this just means that God has a better plan for her.

    1. Alan says:

      You are clearly not familiar with Catholic school dress codes as well as many of the prestigious European elementary level schools. There is nothing new about this. Catholic schools, which I attended have a fairly strict dress code and grooming code. Neither Catholic schools or schools such as Eton, in England, do this to discriminate, but to 1) teach young people to be responsible for their appearance and hygiene 2) Keep clothing from being a distraction from students, who even in early grades can become envious of students who wear better clothes, which distracts from education and can create idiotic envy and attempts to create ‘class distinction’ (my parents are richer) 3) Maintain grooming standards such as standard hairstyles (short, fresh haircuts with boys and hair for girls which are not ‘styled’, but ‘practical, as this is also a way of creating distractions among other girls. The goal is to keep students focused on study. This is one of the main reasons most students who attend these schools do much better in being accepted at ‘ivy league’ schools and tend to score higher on testing than their public school counter parts.
      Many groups have tried to get public schools to adopt this philosophy, but their uneducated parents complain about their ‘children’s rights’ (minors have little to no ‘rights and their guardians are legally responsible for their actions civilly and at time even in criminal acts.) If these ‘parents’ realized that it is much less expensive to have a standard dress code (as they don’t get forced to keep their kid in the latest styles) and knew the history of uniformity in dress codes and it’s long established history of helping accelerate the learning curve, and the prospects it has in increasing the child’s future academic success, I am sure they would re-think their ‘my child has rights’ idiocy.

      1. b0blf says:

        Alan: I’ve been teacher /principal at private church related schools for years. Your assessment of the ‘dress code’ issue is excellent. i couldn’t have done a better job!

  24. Minister Jennifer Eckdahl says:

    All religions stemmed from Pagan and the Native American way of life. Take only what you need and harm none. I am a Pagan and an ordained minister. Grew up Lutheran and saw the hypocrisy within the church i attended. Not stating its in all churches or religions schools. But God states he loves everyone as he created them. This young girl as well as everyone else has a right to be whom God intended them to be. The dread locks or extensions might be a part of their heritage and the church or school has no authority to judge or limit that. Racial profiling this isnt in my opinion but they did use her as an example. But what lesson has the school actually taught this girl? That she cant be what God intended her to be? That she cannot think for herself and be an individual? GOD loves all his children but obviously the church and school have lost sight of that.

    1. b0blf says:

      And, Eckdahl, there’s a major fact YOU’VE lost sight of.

      According to Romans 13, ALL authority is from God. ALL: from parents, school leaders, job supervisors, government leaders, to God, Himself. And to resist authority is to resist God.

      If kids grow up to resist authority at school, then it ‘ll be harder for them to later obey cops, work bosses, . . . . eventually God’s laws.

      There are times when an authority asks something from one that contradicts God’s laws. Then prayerful, respectful refusal is in order.

      This girl/school issue has nothing to do with your ; . . . .she can’t be what God intended her to be’ , , , What God does intend her to be is to obedient to authority.

      And, by the way . . . . WHO are ‘all his children’ that God loves? Because He does NOT love everyone!

    2. Carol W Waldenburg says:

      Bull, Eckdahl, the school is teaching this girl and everyone there that they have Rules that they will enforce. Period. Go elsewhere is you want to read all that crap into this . . .

      1. T'Keren Valmaz says:

        “We all know that any emotional bias — irrespective of truth or falsity — can be implanted by suggestion in the emotions of the young, hence the inherited traditions of an orthodox community are absolutely without evidential value…. If religion were true, its followers would not try to bludgeon their young into an artificial conformity; but would merely insist on their unbending quest for truth, irrespective of artificial backgrounds or practical consequences. With such an honest and inflexible openness to evidence, they could not fail to receive any real truth which might be manifesting itself around them. The fact that religionists do not follow this honourable course, but cheat at their game by invoking juvenile quasi-hypnosis, is enough to destroy their pretensions in my eyes even if their absurdity were not manifest in every other direction.”

        H.P. Lovecraft

        1. Carol W Waldenburg says:

          The absurdity of what has manifested itself in your response is absolutely without evidential value . . .

  25. emanuel says:

    There is a long history of “African” type hairstyles. Braiding and dreadlocks are an integral part of their identity. Targeting braiding and dreadlocks as unnatural is a direct attack against the “African” type hairstyle culture that, once again… goes back thousands of years. I am not saying that a private school can’t make up any type of rule they want to keep children or expel children. I am saying that any rule that discriminates against the culture of a type of people is just that… discriminatory. To add, anyone who has “African” type hair can attest to its difficulty to maintain, braiding and dreadlocks are a direct reflection of maintenance… and both are “Natural” and I emphasize, have been a part of their grooming culture for THOUSANDS of years. To say it is unnatural is saying that people who have that type of hair are UNNATURAL. One can infer a lot from being called an unnatural person. I will just leave it at that.

  26. Wayne Steevens says:

    Simply Blessed Be

  27. Herb Kleinfeld says:

    Faith Fennidy;

    It’s high time you realized that in the game of life, there is only one race card in the deck. Unfortunately, over the last ten years, it’s been played to death. One of the biggest offenders being Obama every time Congress opposed him.

    Grow up! There isn’t a religion nor a nation on this planet that will let you have your way 100% of the time. For those of you who are too ignorant to realize it, every time you oppose something, you’re stepping on someone else’s right to do as they wish.

    Find another school, change your hair style, find another religion or by all means, find another country. Just stop whining like a little spoiled brat.

    The slaves used on American soil account for less than 10% of slaves worldwide, throughout history. Yet, they account for over 90% of the whining regarding the subject. Enough! Get over yourself and realize that you are no more special than anyone else.

    1. LA says:

      So your assertion here is that chattel slavery which removed millions of black human beings from their land, family, culture and brutally shipped like cargo, thousands of miles to a foreign land where they were beaten, raped, dehumanized, stripped from their families, forced to enslavement for several generations, continually terrorized subjected to black codes, segregation, jim crow, redlining, disingenuous drug war, blatant discrimination in criminal justice, employment, schooling, housing, etc. – that ‘slavery’ only accounts for 10% worldwide??? Incorrect sir and it’s because of ignorant people like you that the behavior continues to harm/hurt this country and it’s citizens. Sorry but were are not going to stop fighting against it just like you’re not going to stop denying the true history of America and it’s wrongdoings. And no, as much as you’d like us to leave this country, we are here to stay. MY ancestors built this country for free yet we continue to fight for fairness and equality. Me, my children, my father and the fathers before him have fought and served this country although many that look like you continue to deny us our humanity. It is arrogant bigots like yourself that keep this cycle of hurt and resentment going. Our only hope in America is that people like you die off and this new generation begins to see others as they see themselves with love and compassion no matter what their skin color.

      1. Herb Kleinfeld says:

        Look at the last three sentences of your post. They sort of contradict all of the righteous blibber-blabber that precede…you liberals really need to clean up your act.

        1. Herb Kleinfeld says:

          Your family does not have a monopoly on freedom. I too, am honorably discharged Regular Army.

    2. Daniel says:

      Herb…Herb…Herb…yes it’s true slavery has existed for hundreds and hundreds of years. But… we are not currently living in the Ottoman Empire where there were a lot of white Christian slaves. We’re living in the USA which, tragically has a history built on exploiting and enslaving various groups. The “whining” IS justified. Especially when obvious AND subtle forms of economic, class-based oppression AND racial bigotry is still so much a part of the experience.
      Even Trump’s “Make America Great (white) Again has encouraged a resurgence from racist and ignorant groups.
      What if your favorite restaurant passed a dress code saying, “All patrons must have shoes, shirts, and curls in their hair “?
      Would you be forced to eat somewhere else? And what if they policy spread to EVERY restaurant? At what point would you start to protest?
      Hair styles ARE cultural at times and even with a policy that’s supposedly designed to promote equality, who sets what the preferred standards are? Respecting cultural diversity can still be done in a way that promotes tolerance for all the cultural richness that GOD intended.
      Even in the laws of nature, the more diverse an ecosystem the healthier it tends to be. Humans should try to follow the same, while not expecting everyone to conform to someone else’s “normal” AND in practicing empathy for some people who come from a history of being exploited and invalidated.

      1. Herb Kleinfeld says:

        That’s why anti-Semitism is at it’s highest since the 1930’s? It’s really good to know that experts, such as yourself, are available to tell us which groups of oppressed people deserve our attention and which groups should simply be ignored.

        1. Daniel says:

          Herb- are you a whining oppressed Jew? If so, I would ALSO say that you are justified. But let’s not forget the Nazis started by targeting the homeless and mentally ill before they started in on the Jewish people. America’s practices already disenfranchise the homeless and mentally ill, so I’m not surprised to hear about anti Semitic resurgence being at an all time high.
          I am by no means an “expert” as I can only speak from my own awareness. In fact I often refer to ALL of us as just being God’s idiot kids doing the best we can.
          This article was only about ONE group of people suffering the effects of ignorant and subtle racism. If it had been about Jewish kids not being allowed to wear yarmulkes at school I’d have addressed it as well.
          I simply share my point of view on these things. Others may feel differently. BUT IF humans are to have any future there needs to be AT LEAST more tolerance so as to not continue down the same dwindling spiral of divisive bigotry of ANY kind (all of which stems from FEAR and insecurity). Peace beyond understanding has still not been understood in this illusion of separations that we call life. Feel free to disagree with anything or somehow take offense at anything I share. That’s your right. But my intent is to simply hope for more individualized unity. Peace.

          1. Herb Kleinfeld says:

            No, I’m not. The point I was trying to make was after WW II, everyone felt guilty about ignoring the plight of the Jews at the hands of the Nazis. The world bent over backwards to atone for the injustices suffered at the hands of the Nazis. Then, all of a sudden, anti-Semitism spiked as sympathy for Muslims grew.

            Don’t be too suprised if someday blacks find themselves on the sympathy “scrap heap” as some other group of unfortunates moves into the spotlight. History does have this nasty habit of repeating itself over and over.

  28. sheryl A clyde says:

    Well white kids wear dreadlocks too but for black girls their hair is more curly and they want to look pretty so they style it different. IT takes a long time to get it a certain way and in some cases it is not a entirely pleasant process. So to embarrass her like they did was uncalled for. Kids are going to be kids and push rules and some of the rules should be allowed to be bent.

    1. b0blf says:

      Clyde: What a dunderhead!

      Which rules should be allowed to be bent? Who decides? Under what circumstances? Let’s invite anarchy, shall we?

      If you’re going to spout ambiguities, go somewhere else.

  29. b0blf says:

    Very well written, Herb! Very true! I wish more people had the balls to stand up for what’s right and factual.

    1. Herb Kleinfeld says:

      Thank you. As you can see, some people perceive me as a bigot because I said race doesn’t enter into this. It’s about following rules.

      I am a descendent of the Germanic tribes of Northern Europe. What if my kids want to get in touch with their roots and go to school naked, with blue paint smeared on their bodies? Im quite sure the school would be calling real fast!

      The point is, there’s a time and place for everything. When you’re in school, you’re there to learn. Not to cause a distraction.

  30. LA says:

    We should all agree to disagree as to whether or not this is racist, Christian, etc. It doesn’t matter, it’s their rules. What concerns me most is how the young girl was humiliated in front of her peers. She’ll never forget that but I hope she is able to put a positive spin on it somehow. I’m not sure of all the actions/warnings that took place prior to publicly ousting her but a written notice of termination sent to the home would’ve been more appropriate. Then the parents could decide how bad they wanted their beautiful little girl to attend an institution that is more concerned with her physical appearance/hair (which was really cute btw)than her education. Even the military has had to adjust it’s grooming policies. Also, please note that a policy will not be clearly labeled as racist but when it it written in a way that disproportionately affects one group, it is definitely targeting that group or demographic. For those of you with your narrow minded opinions, go to community college, take a class about political research, critical thinking and or cultural anthropology. They can help to broaden your limited perception and limited frame of reference so that you can make intelligent responses and add value to discussions like these. Otherwise, you lack the empathy and intellect needed to show compassion for someone who doesn’t look like you or may have a different life experience.

  31. Rev. Ralph Vendegna says:

    This is Unconstitutional. The School rules for elementary and middle school need to be changed. They are old. I have driven High School Girls and Boys to Catholic High Schools. Girls wear long hair neat and clean and some have extensions etc. School Uniforms Died. Girls wore Nice Dress Slacks. Guys wore Dress Pants or respectable clean jeans, Some wore white shirs and some wore neat respectable pull over dress shirts. Picking on this girls hair is completely uncalled for. Its RACIST picking on hair that is respectable. It would be one thing if it were a Mohawk or if it looked like the stuck their finger in a light socket. But this girls hair is neat and respectable. The Catholic Schools need to CHANGE and CHANGE FOR THE GOOD. This is the 21st Century, not Biblical Days. The School needs to repent and get a life.

    1. Carol W Waldenburg says:

      Who are you to tell anyone who needs to repent? Please God forgive our hubris!

  32. Alan says:

    For people unfamiliar with Catholic schools, in particular, elementary schools, there has been a long (and wise) policy that students adhere to a formal dress code. For example, I went to Catholic elementary school in the ’60’s and boys were required to have a clean haircut, and the dress code for boys was a white shirt, a plaid (bluish grey), black pants and black shoes (shined). The girls all wore a plaid dress and had a ‘beret’ style hat available. The idea, which has been in place at all schools where the only reason for attending was o learn. Many European schools (such as Eton in England and many others) have the same policy.
    The reason for this is 1) It teaches young people the importance of presenting a good appearance. 2) The discipline in maintaining a good appearance 3) And importantly, it eliminates any ‘peer’ pressure to be a slave to the ‘current fashion’s’. This eliminates any ‘envy’ that may come with children who see other children wearing ‘more expensive, stylish’ clothes’ which also eliminates any personal problems between these kids (kids are kids) over something as superficial as ‘style’. If everyone adheres to the same dress code it eliminates idiotic envy, such as that which exists in all public schools and even the violence that occurs when some student steals another’s expense ‘sport shoes’, etc. It also helps prevent ‘cliques’ from forming which have their own dress code.
    This allows students to much more focused on the purpose of school: LEARNING. It is known statistically that children that grow in this environment end up doing better than their public school ‘peers’ academically and in admissions to good universities. This is something that should be adopted by all PUBLIC SCHOOLS, and would be if parents realized how much less expensive it is not to have to keep updating their kids wardrobe regularly to keep he kid from throwing ‘fits’ or stoop to stealing clothes from shops. If this school had a hairstyle policy (and I am sure it does) ALL students are required to adhere to it, with good reason. I know it has nothing to do with race as I went to school in DC which had African American students, and they were not ‘gigged’ any more than anyone else. If the student was not in compliance, a note was sent home to your parents. There is historical precedence in this practice in ‘better’ schools for hundreds of year’s and there is good reason for it. And those reasons have consistently been proven valid. (Look up ‘Eton’ school in England which is not religious, and check their dress code. It is considered ‘the’ best school for young people in England.

    1. T'Keren Valmaz says:

      It has nothing to do with education or conformity and everything to do with indoctrination. Since she and her parents dared to challenge the church they must be shunned is exactly what the failures of human kind that kicked her out were thinking.

      1. Carol W Waldenburg says:

        Are you so presumptuous that you dare write that you know what People were thinking?!?!?

      2. b0blf says:

        ‘teekayvee: ‘You’re pissing up a rope, as usual. Dress codes DO have a lot to do with conformity and education.

        I was a principal of a church school for seven years. The first three years had no significant dress code, nor its enforcement. The next four years we enforced a more structured dress code which incorporated uniforms.

        We compared the overall high school’s GPA. There was a seven percent improvement in GPA from year three to year seven, after four year’s dress code.

        A sensible dress code limits distractions in learning environment, contributes to oneness of purpose in the student body, and ends up costing less to send the student to school.

        Most private school have a dress code. Most private schools have higher level of achievement than public schools. Uniformity is a positive factor. The military has found this to be true.

        Your observations are biased and uninformed.

  33. John Owens says:

    Dress codes are not racist, any more than written tests are racist.

    1. Carol W Waldenburg says:

      I like your style, John Owens. The what you didn’t say in the undercurrent of what you say is mutually agreeable and spot on! While we may or may not be of a similar spiritual self-understanding, I wish you God’s Speed.

      1. John Owens says:

        Thank you, Carol.

  34. Safiyyah says:

    People who have God-given curly hair being forced to change that at the behest of some people who are playing god is racist, and should be followed by redress for the people with the God-given curly hair.

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