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The following guest sermon was submitted by Rev. Kenneth Maisonet. All ULC ministers are invited to contribute their own sermons for consideration/publication. To submit a sermon, please email it to sermons@themonastery.

My dear Brothers and Sisters of the Universal Life Church,

We have all been called to ministry under a shared banner. To set an active and positive role model as ministers, it is up to us to contribute to the shared goal of peace on earth. We may all come from different traditions and backgrounds, but at the root of our being, we are all one. We are all children of the same universe and members of the Universal Life Church. For that reason, I think it is of great importance to have something that we can do together as members of this universal family.

In my opinion, this is best accomplished by facilitating and encouraging prayer, meditation, and reflection in accordance with each individual's belief system. I encourage all fellow ministers of the ULC who feel inspired to join me in a monthly ritual of prayer (or meditation, or whatever form of spiritual activity suits you) to bring about a peaceful future on this planet for all to enjoy. We can all participate remotely, alone or with a group of fellow ministers, from our homes or wherever our preferred place of worship is.

Spiritual Meetings

Below, I've outlined a proposal for what this global spiritual meet-up might consist of:

1. Meetings can take place on the 1_st _day of each month.

2. Each individual can design and create their own service in accordance with their own traditions and beliefs. Can be anything from a brief prayer to a longer service it's up to you to decide.

_3. A_ _reading may be chosen that aligns with the theme of each service._

4. Calming music may also be played to promote an atmosphere of reflection and peace.

5. Finally, a call to action that pushes each individual to create meaningful change in the world. This message should challenge people to transform their words into action and become active in their community at large.

My brothers and sisters, prayer calls us into action. Action is a reflection of our prayers. May our prayers and actions bless all those in need of a blessing. I invite all my fellow ministers who align with this message to join me in these spiritual sessions to promote a peaceful future.

If you feel so inclined, please share your thoughts and feedback in the comments below.

Yours in peace,

Rev. Kenneth Maisonet


  1. Mark Stricklett's Avatar Mark Stricklett


  1. Dr. Eugene E Andy Jr's Avatar Dr. Eugene E Andy Jr

    Excellent I'm looking forward in participating in this spiritual meeting, may God bless everyone sermon.

  1. ~pc~'s Avatar ~pc~

    If we want peace and love to reign in this world, we must live it in words and deeds, not just talk about it and let/make others do it. We are to be the example, each and everyone of us each and every day; No matter the belief system that teaches love and peace in our world.

  1. Friar Imran's Avatar Friar Imran

    And now I undertake to abide by these principles and establish churches of yieldmore or joy spaces where I go...

  1. Glenn P Ordell's Avatar Glenn P Ordell

    May many blessings come your way, Rev. Kenneth Maisonet. Perhaps this could be augmented with a Website that offers an all-expansive union of both religious and spiritual enthusiasts, similar, but more wide-reaching than the Ecumenical concept? --Rev. Glenn P. Ordell, Hawaii

  1. Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS,OM's Avatar Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS,OM

    Wonderful! Count me in.

  1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

    It sounds a very nice idea doesn’t it, and if people get comfort from it, I say go for it.

    As a sceptic, I’ll keep my eye out for any significant results. One of course would assume that any god worth its salt will already know of the earths plight of needing peace and could bring it about if he/she wanted to, but this is no different than at any other time in life’s history, but anyway please give it a shot. I’m seriously hoping it works!

  1. Princess Hunter's Avatar Princess Hunter

    Am I too late? I would love to be apart of the mission, Rev. I would love to talk more about Reiki, The Holy Spirit and the reason behind it Jesus Christ GOD. I think Periscope is a great platform, after I get my quality phone (somewhere between now and next month) I would love to submit my sermons in accordance to the Christian Catholic Beliefs System and Procedures. For all who do not know, Reiki is a Levitical Priesthood Order of Melchizedek who was started by a Buddhist Christian Monk Business Professor in Japan (a meditative Christian psalms 4 "Consider my meditation"), but based on the passion of Jesus Christ for everyone to understand how to operate the Holy Spirit and to use the Holy Spirit in treatment for holistic purposes. Especially for Exorcisms.

    1. ~pc~'s Avatar ~pc~

      Hmmmm, I have met few Reiki practitioners who use the Holy Spirit or the name of Jesus. They claim the "Universal Knowledge or Power" and use spirit guides, not the one Holy Spirit. You must be an outcast from the others? Good for you! I have been used by God and the Spirit for healing for many years. I do not use it, it uses me. I surrender all of self to God, Christ and the Holy Spirit and they use me for whatever they desire. My Ego or will is not used in the process at all, nor rituals. Exorcisms can only be done by the power of the Holy Spirit and the name of Christ Jesu.

      Reiki was given to a woman to teach, but it has, like most things, been hijacked by the dark side..beware who you let touch or work on you with "energy or spirits".

      1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

        That sounds most encouraging. I am sooooo glad your god is using you to help heal. Please get yourself to as many children’s cancer hospitals as you can. They are all waiting for you because so many are struggling so much with this terrible disease. When you are finished there, if it’s not too much trouble, perhaps you could also avail yourself and visit adult hospitals as well. I look forward so much to hearing of your success. A Nobel Peace prize awaits you. If you know of any other faith healers, perhaps they could help you to lower the burden. Thank you so much. I’ll keep myself tuned in to the news channels to hear of your success.

        1. ~pc~'s Avatar ~pc~

          Lionheart, healing comes in many ways and levels. I have been able to help cancer patients by relieving their pain and some have been in remission for some time, others have died, I do not choose who, how, where or when someone is healed. I desire for all to be healed, but it is not in my power to do all the things I would like to do, I guess you can say I do not have the faith to do big miracles, but I have helped those who have come to me or God sent or pointed out to me whether in public, a hospital, a grocery store or my place of "business".

          I have approached Dr.'s and other places offering my help, but because I do not have a Masters or B.A, other degrees or medical papers, they politely say no thanks, not even letting me show them how it works. Like you, they do not believe anyone can relieve pain by touch, see energy blockages that cause disease or loosen a knot in a muscle with just one finger shooting out a burst of God energy that heals it, let alone that God speaks to me. Most are freaked out by it, even in Churches!

          I am often told, "I don't know how you are doing that, but it works!" I have been quietly working in the public realm by word of mouth for over 25 years, non-public for over 50. I am not rich for it except for the joy of helping those who come and are healed, body, mind and spirit. I call them "Little Miracles", we have them everyday, we just do not notice or pay attention to them. I do not do this for any Nobel or any public prize nor monetary profit. Lol, my accountant calls my "business" a hobby and as far as income goes I might as well not call it a business, it is more like a non-profit ministry.

          I do not mind your sarcasm or judgement, I have had it thrown at me all my life, but I know what I know and it is wonderful to watch people glow with the peace of God when he is done with them whether to life here on earth or life in the spirit realm a win, win proposition, of course, if one believes in such things. Most of those who come to me believe in God, some do not, yet they are healed too and have been more open minded toward the idea of one.

          I am sorry you have been hurt so deeply over this subject, my dad didn't believe in a God either after he was in World War II and the Korean War as a Marine...he lost not only friends, but also his older brother. He, like others, blame God for the actions of mankind and the diseases of this realm. I wish you well, Lionheart, live up to your name in this life, it does take a strong heart and spirit.

          1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart


  1. Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS,OM's Avatar Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS,OM

    Even though I have only completed Reiki I and II, my training and understanding is that Reiki is not affiliated with any particular religion or religious practice and is a form of energy work using spiritually guided life force energy. I never heard of exorcisms in conjunction with Reiki, only exorcisms conducted by Roman Catholic priests. Perhaps I missed something along the way.

    1. ~pc~'s Avatar ~pc~

      You are correct Catherine, that is Reiki as I know it to be. I do not believe that only Catholic Priests can do exorcisms, I for a fact have been involved in them and they were not done by a Reiki practitioner or a Catholic priest...just a regular pastor of a christian based church and myself, a long time energy/spirit healer. If someone of Reiki beginnings can identify with Christ and the Holy Spirit then they can do such works of the spirit in Christ's name by denouncing the other spirit guides and using only the Holy Spirit.

      I am sorry you have had to pay so much money for your training, is it still two-five grand or has it gotten higher? When you get the Holy Spirit it costs nothing, for it is the life force of God, which is pure Love energy and it is given freely not transferred from one person to another for a price. Each and everyone of us are a spirit being in a physical body, created by God and he put a part of himself in each of us, we are born with the ability to heal and much more, but are suppressed by society as imaginations gone wild and the dark-side takes advantage by seducing and deceiving innocent seekers into their world.

      1. Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS,OM's Avatar Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS,OM

        25G???? No, never pcfield. Reiki Masters who are genuine and not driven by greed, in my opinion do not charge more than a few hundred for a complete program, usually $25. per class. The ones online are not in that league. But I have no desire to go further with it as I am too busy in my practice as it is without adding another modality. At least I rec'ed a good intro. I do not care if someone puts their own religious theology on it, but it is not specifically Christian or any other religious doctrine, hence it's wide appeal.

  1. Princess Hunter's Avatar Princess Hunter

    Okay maybe I caused some misunderstanding, maybe it was caused by some of the instructed information you have received before. I am Native American 1st (a natural exorcist), I am a Reiki Grandmaster although in public I only claim the Mastery level because it already takes to much time to explain. When I first learned of Reiki, my interest as a Christian (mostly Catholic but also Protestant, Lutheran & Baptist) was that the first Grandmaster Mikao Usui was a converted Christian from the Buddhist tradition, the only person he followed for instruction and wisdom was Jesus Christ himself right. Beyond that he was also a Business Professor at a College when he began the business of Reiki itself. He himself never claimed the ability to heal like Jesus although through his consistent meditative practices he stayed in direct connection to him alone. Reiki is a Levitical Order of Priesthood, you will only know this not by the Reiki Manual (the Business of the Holy Spirit Holy Ghost Chi Prana Acupuncture Tai Chi Feng Shui etc) but by the Christian Holy Bible preferably the King James I Version when they spoke of the European British Kingdom's needs and the tribal information that it also provides for shaman practices to be performed and understood by the Holy Spirit itself. When I review Reiki itself the first level, I seen that it explained, reconditioning the mind to be a perfect vessel for the Holy Spirit plus it teaches you to be mindful of treating yourself first and it shows you the benefits of treating others. Reiki II teaches you about the symbolism for subconscious reactions and expectations and also prayer methods for treatment. It only teaches about prayer. If you watch Emily Rose by the time you reach Reiki III you will began the practice of learning about Exorcisms unless you are not a strong vessel and the Holy Spirit will not overwhelm you at all. The Holy Spirit is pure intelligence, nurturance, grace, patience and has many other character traits. I believe myself and what I studied plus my evidence since 2016. No I have not been practicing Reiki itself as a business for 20-30 years like others but I have been sold out on GOD even further when he reintroduced Reiki to me. Yes I have heard that you reach for spiritual guides, and that Reiki is non denominational correct but the proof is in the originator. I believe a lot of times that information is given so that people can discern their own faith and be sure of the faith that they claim. I only claim Christian, even as a Native American.

    1. ~pc~'s Avatar ~pc~

      A Ho sister, Native natural healer and a Christian too! I was introduced to Reiki back in the 80's wasn't a "good energy" from those teaching and practicing, so stayed away from it. God's Spirit has always been first and only for me. Good wishes to you and let the spirit flow. Love, Peace, many healings and even an exorcism now and then will happen...

  1. Alexander Pope's Avatar Alexander Pope

    Alex Sounds Great !!! The First Of Every Month ?? I Will BE There AMEN !!!!!

  1. John D. Partin's Avatar John D. Partin

    The purpose of prayer isn't to convince God to do something that He wasn't going to do, anyway, or inform Him of something that He didn't know, since He already knows, but to get our wills in line with His and to show how much we want what we are praying for. "By your faith, may it be done unto you". Not all prayers are answered in the way that we want because there is a bigger picture that we can't see and some suffering and death teach us to rise above these sorrows and not be overwhelmed by them and still trust in God, and these examples of bearing up and overcoming encourage other people, who wouldn't be encouraged otherwise.

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