Fake news has invaded society via social media.
The line between truth and fiction has become blurry. As phony articles spread like wildfire across social media, our society seems more divided than ever.

Is truth under assault? In our internet age, there is a plethora of information available at the click of a button. So much so, that it's hard to know what to believe anymore. The latest development on this issue involves reports of "fake news" circulating online. Some websites have been masquerading as legitimate news outlets and publishing outlandish articles that grab people's attention. Writers create stories full of false claims from "unnamed sources", slap on sensationalist titles, and then share them with the world. And it works! Curious readers can't help but click on these catchy headlines. Most of the misinformation floating around on the internet is relatively harmless. However, given the contentious times we live in, fake news stories run the risk of further dividing us.

Historical ContextA fake news article about Abraham Lincoln

It's worth noting that fake news is not a modern creation. In fact, news publications have been writing bombastic stories and stretching the truth for years. Known as "yellow journalism", it became a popular strategy for selling newspapers around the turn of the century. Even today, yellow journalism continues in the form of tabloids. For example, a well-known British tabloid recently claimed that "Prince Charles has seized the British throne in a palace coup." He didn't, of course. The entire piece was fabricated.

Dark Side of Social Media

So, what's the big deal? Fake news has been around forever. Why are people worried about it now? Partly, it's the times we live in. The newspaper industry is in the midst of a decline, and more people than ever before are relying on the internet to keep them up-to-date. However, only a minority of people choose to read online versions of the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal increasingly, Americans are turning to social media for updates on current events. In fact, studies show that roughly 62 percent of adults inFacebook has been accused of spreading fake news the United States are getting their news from Facebook.

Unfortunately, it seems the information they're reading isn't always reliable. Fake news articles are thriving in the Facebook environment, where users scroll quickly through their feeds looking for interesting stuff. People often share links based on the headline alone without bothering to look at the authenticity of the source. This allows phony articles to spread like wildfire as they get shared over and over again.

Some fake news outlets even use legitimate-sounding names to further confuse people. For example, an article posted by "The Denver Guardian" was shared over half a million times on Facebook. As it turns out, "The Denver Guardian" doesn't exist. A curious news reporter decided to visit the listed address, and all they found was a tree sitting in an empty parking lot.

Moving Forward

There's no getting around it: a lot of nasty rhetoric has been thrown around over the past year. We sense that many of our brothers and sisters throughout the United States are feeling increasingly divided. However, the last thing we need moving forward is more finger pointing and name calling. We've now entered the holiday season a time for coming together and spreading good cheer. Let us put aside any lingering animosity and make an effort to unify. There are many problems in the world, but we don't stand a chance of solving them unless we work together.

Upholding ValuesUpholding the virtue of truth

All the hubbub surrounding fake news also serves as an important reminder about staying true to one's values and beliefs. One of the ULC's core tenets is "to do that which is right". To us, this means upholding a standard of truth and honesty at all times. Especially in these politically polarized times, it's important to engage honestly with one another even if we disagree. Starting a dialogue and listening to opposing ideas is the first step toward developing a mutual understanding.

Sure, there may be people out there seeking to make a buck off of spreading lies and misinformation but that doesn't mean we have to stand for it. As individuals, we are obligated to resist these petty efforts to create divisions in our society. We cannot assume everything we read on the internet is true, nor should we allow ourselves to pass judgment without getting both sides of the story.

Do you feel like the virtue of truth has deteriorated? How can we combat this disturbing trend?


  1. Sam's Avatar Sam

    With the election of Trump, it seems that not only is the virtue of truth at risk, but other virtues like integrity, compassion, tact, love, responsibility, kindness, caring, ethics, empathy, honour, fairness, leadership and more are also being exploited in negative ways. On the other hand Predident Obama and his family exude at virtues. It's shameful to see polar opposites following him into the White House. Greed is not a virtue. Trust in the media that they will keep fact checking and believe that they have the facts and not a phoney Facebook page or rag magazine. Also the people in position of power who are spueing lies for their own greed and personnel ego need to be made accountable. A person of good faith needs to continue to model the truth and all virtues of a loving character.

    1. Chad Spawr's Avatar Chad Spawr

      Interesting. An opinion posed as truth but it is still your opinion. Did you not read the article, Sam?

      1. Valeta's Avatar Valeta

        I've read all the comments. Why is no one advising how to know if the news you see or hear is real? Why are the comments a political debate and mud slinging? This is not upholding and supporting each other. Here a few ways to check the veracity of a news source. Look at the URL, google the source, read other articles about the same topic and compare to the original. Is the source a known satirical site? Repeating a lie makes it seem real. Check your source before you spread false news.

        1. William Jay's Avatar William Jay

          "On the other hand Predident Obama and his family exude at virtues." yup, yup, yup - the 'peace president' who continues to sign executive orders further abrogating the constitution and who bombed seven countries in six years ... yup, yup, yup. Besides the broken grammar, that sentence is not even wrong, it's willful ignorance of facts and truths ... good luck with the new boss, same as the old boss, just look at who he's proposing for cabinet positions ... yup, yup, yup.

        2. Lisa's Avatar Lisa

          @Valeta, I'm not just speaking to you but I can respond to your question.

          There are many sources to determine if what you hear is real or fake. First use common sense. If it sounds OUTRAGEOUS regardless of your politics and how much you want the other side to be abhorrent, check it out. HERE IS HOW: Go to http://www.Snopes.com, I have had to go to them frequently when my facebook "friends" have posted stupid things that sound ridiculous. I am shocked at how gullible the American public is and how eager people are to believe something negative about the other. Snopes is a great and reliable source to determine if news is fake.

          Let's remember this is site is based on spiritual principles we all agreed to uphold. Some of what I am reading has me sickened and ready to disclaim my ordination. I don't want to be associated with many of the people who have responded. On a personal note so that I am not standing on the sidelines preaching. I am also saddened that someone who has unleashed the underlying hatred that exists in this country is going to be our president (intentionally not capitalized), but even with that I have corrected many people regarding fake news about him and his family.

          Check your sources and you will be closer to speaking the truth.

          1. Dr. Maryann Zihala's Avatar Dr. Maryann Zihala

            Unfortunately, even your source is guilty. Snopes has been proven many times to be presenting its version of the 'facts' with a very left-wing flavor.

          2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            Correct, Prof.

      2. Jim's Avatar Jim

        Sam is a giving us an example of how following fake news can cloud your judgment.

        1. Lisa's Avatar Lisa

          What exactly has Sam said that is "fake news"? I think your comment shows that there is polarization. Just because you don't like an opinion does not make it fake news.

          1. Sam's Avatar Sam

            Thank you Lisa Well said.

          2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            If you only read what he has written it should be obvious. If it is not obvious, your analytical skills need sharpening.

    2. Mike's Avatar Mike

      Sadly your belief that Obama is good and Trump is bad reflects the level to which fake news has infected the minds of good people. The MSM is the fake news and has brain washed most people and indeed the opposite is closer to Truth. Trump is brash and insensitive at times but he is speaks the truth in his heart and without being controlled by external parties or interests It takes some research to discover the evil that has been Obama and it is shocking to discover the number of innocent people he has killed using Drones. The trove of lies connecting Obama to Hillary is even deeper. Seek and Ye shall find !

    3. Ed Burke's Avatar Ed Burke

      You sir are one misinformed person. Obama has run up the national debt to about $53000 per US person. Virtues/ethics? Obama apologizing to Japan for dropping the two big bombs? Japan started the war. How many US men/women died because of the Japanese war mongering? Did Japan apologize to the world for the hell they caused? The Clintons left the White House claiming they were in debt, but they, at least via their foundation, are worth upwards of a billion dollars. Explain that. And ethics? Their foundation taking millions from countries that hate us while Hillary was Secretary of State? The Clintons even tried to remove from the White House items for their use that belonged to the nation. Hillary is an enabler for a sex offender, She is a crook in her own right. And just for giggles, Google or Bing "Clinton Nixon fired".

      1. Oneyed Jax's Avatar Oneyed Jax

        Tis NOT a LIE FREE Zone!! Sorry to disturb, but I didn't see the big 'ole "R" when I started to read.

      2. alencon's Avatar alencon

        Actually, you're the misinformed one. Let me guess, you watch Fox News.

        Let's talk the debt for a second. When Obama took office in 2009 the debt was already at $10 trillion and he inherited a fiscal year 2009 budget with a deficit of $1.2 trillion plus a shrinking economy and rising unemployment. The economy not only of the US but of the world was in free fall. Obama added some $200 billion to the 2009 deficit through the so-called stimulus package.

        This managed to stop the free fall but the deficit hovered over $1 trillion despite holding spending steady for the next three years. Do you remember all the talk about a "double dip recession?" This was how that was avoided. By 2015 the deficit had been reduced to $480 billion. Unfortunately it looks as if in 2016 it's going back up again to around $600 billion.

        So you'll excuse me but despite starting in an untenable position, he's actually done pretty well.

        Obama did not apologize to Japan for the atom bombs.


        So you're wrong again.

        As for the Clintons, do you have any actual evidence or simply hand waving accusations from right wing conspiracy theorists?

        1. Sara L. Cannon's Avatar Sara L. Cannon

          Thank you truly for sharing the actual facts about the Obama administration. I can't believe that adults fall for the drivel that passes for social network news. They must want to believe it and find sources that support their beliefs i.e. Fox News, to start with.

          1. Sam's Avatar Sam

            So True And there is so much hate against Obama

            As I watch Barack Obama’s two-term administration drawing to a close, I feel moved to say that I have not witnessed a better president in the White House in my life time.

            From my perspective, President Obama led his country and represented Americans with dignity, integrity, humor and an abundance of patience. Even before he took office officially, a financial quagmire awaited his attention and he fought hard to clean it up.

            Despite persistent and consistent lack of support from political opponents, he sought diligently to address the challenges that affected all people and created opportunities for the disadvantaged and marginalized. In the face of both overt and subtle displays of racism aimed at him and his family, he chose to be magnanimous, diplomatic and humble.

            I believe that President Obama made every effort to follow through with his election platform policies, including the milestone Affordable Care Act, which Congressional detractors did their best to derail, but now allows millions of Americans to have health insurance. At the time he took office in 2009, the unemployment rate had increased to 10 percent. As he leaves office, that rate has dropped to under five percent.

            Under his administration, he has reduced American dependence on foreign oil, even as he has presided over a substantial increase in the use of renewable energy sources like solar and wind power.

            On the international front, he has worked towards emptying the Guantanamo Bay detention camp with a view to its eventual closure, made overtures to the Cuban government in a bid to lift the decades-long impasse between the US and the Caribbean island nation, and reached what is described as an historic agreement with Iran to curb its nuclear ability.

            On the issue of LGBT equality, Obama (in an election year no less) indicated during an ABC News interview that he had evolved on the matter of gay marriage and affirmed the right of same-sex couples to marry. He is the first sitting President to do so. Prior to that historic statement, Obama signed off on the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr Hate Crimes Prevention Act and the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell legislation that silenced gay men and women in the armed services. In 2014, Obama also issued an Executive Order that prevents federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT employees. The list of supportive actions on this portfolio goes on.

            It’s clear that all is not right in the state of the United States. There are still people hurting from institutional and political neglect, and the loss of careers and jobs they imagined would last a lifetime. The challenges that face any country, far more a country as vast and diverse and divided as the United States, are beyond any one administration and one president. Mistakes have been made, and there is enough blame to go around to account for America’s and the world’s woes.

            I believe President Obama, who is admired around the world, made America a better place to visit and live. He did his homework, was prepared, and worked very hard for his country. He has not responded to criticism by using the bully pulpit of social media to strike out at critics, but led with intelligence, heart, and humility. I applaud him for his courage and ability to take the high road. What an example he is.

            We watched him stand up in the face of adversity, reassuring young people, and supporting those who suffered losses from gun violence and natural disasters. His leadership qualities demonstrate the values America says it stands for. It’s unfortunate and disappointing that the cooperation and respect President Obama gave often wasn’t reciprocated by those in the Republican ranks. It was shameful to observe.

            We can only hope that with the passage of time, he will be recognized for his myriad accomplishments, won despite the tremendous weight of bitter partisanship and the often unrealistic hopes of his more impatient supporters.

            It was always wonderful to see the authentic enthusiasm and joy President Obama and his family demonstrated during special events for children at the White House. In her own right, Mrs Obama proved to be a passionate advocate on a variety of issues that affect Americans, including childhood obesity, the plight of veterans and girls’ education.

            The Obamas are a first family who radiate sincerity, gentleness, and commitment. I’m sorry there are many who don’t see it this way. To those who do, may you give the outgoing President and his family a farewell that is worthy of their substantive service.

            It will truly be a sad day when his time in office comes to an end and the President-elect takes over. I feel despondent even now. America’s moral conscience has shifted. There is an urgent need to reject the notion of white superiority that has found a voice in fake news and alt-right media for its vitriol and hate. We need a president who will lead in the spirit of peace, inclusiveness, equality, truth, acceptance of difference, and respect for democracy.

            The President-elect has huge boots to fill, and seems to lack many of the essential leadership qualities that are required for the office of President, an ongoing concern for your country and the world at large.

            As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world.”

            As we all contemplate what the future will hold after President Obama departs, we need to embrace the courage and patience he demonstrated if we are to continue to build bridges and not walls, and teach love not hate.

        2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          You rattled those numbers off as if you actually knew what they were. Funny.

      3. keyofmythos's Avatar keyofmythos

        Sir, please check your facts. Let's start with the smallest falsehood...unless you do not understand the word "sex offender" which is someone who rapes an adult or has relations with a minor...which the former President did not....to the foundation...which gathers money but uses it to help others....I am just astounded at your misinformation.

        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          Just exactly whom has that foundation helped? Besides the Clintons, I mean.

      4. Lisa's Avatar Lisa

        You probably won't read these or will choose to think they are bias (which they are not) and even though the posts I am providing are balanced if you bother to read past the first one. Yes, Clinton admitted getting a $1M donation from Qatar, which may not be good, but I'm not sure Qatar hates the US. I don't particularly believe that the Clinton's left the White House in debt; however, your statement shows a lack of knowledge. Y A foundation's money is not personal income and CANNOT be used as such. Also, maybe you should think twice about condemning Obama for apologizing to Japan - Trump may like them.

        Anyway, here are some articles you can read to either quail your rumbles or fan your flames:

        http://www.snopes.com/politics/politicians/nationaldebt.asp http://www.snopes.com/billy-graham-statement-trump/ http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/birthers/birthcertificate.asp http://www.snopes.com/2016/11/05/clinton-foundation-qatar-gift/

        1. Lisa's Avatar Lisa

          Oh right, Obama didn't apologize

          1. Sara L. Cannon's Avatar Sara L. Cannon

            Lisa, Obama never apologized to Japan for anything. I was in Japan at the time and no statements of apology were made at all. His going to the Hiroshima site was made as purely humanitarian gesture. The Japanese newspapers and commentaries lauded him for being there, just like their president came to Pearl Harbor to make the same gesture. I suppose some could say I am lying, but that's their bias. Were they there to actually hear Obama make an apology or did they just read it in some alt-right newsletter?

        2. William Jay's Avatar William Jay

          This using a single source is exactly the wrong way to debunk fake news.Who owns the Snopes website? Whois reports that this info is private, but also reports that all it's sites and services are provided by Google. Do all the links on the Snopes site resolve to original documents or just to other media sites? How many links on a given page are still active, ie: how many 404 not found messages do you get? ... Seek out several several sources. Those that are used will necessarily be dependent on the depth of info sought, context of the story, and subject under study. Look for links to original documents and read them through, not just the summary or conclusions, headlines or synopsis ... Good luck with all that and good hunting!

      5. Sara L. Cannon's Avatar Sara L. Cannon

        Ed, I was is Japan when Obama was there. In no way did he apologize to Japan. Is it fake news if I witnessed it myself?????

    4. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      You are lying shamelessly right now, and this is why honesty is disappearing. Obama only lies when his lips move. If they are moving, he is lying, or at best, speaking partial-truths. "...his family exude at virtues." Go shovel that stuff somewhere else. "This nation was founded on Islam." "You like your doctor, keep your doctor." "That's not who we are." I don't know what kind of medication you are taking but the dosage is too high.

    5. guidvce4's Avatar guidvce4

      "Sam", Only someone who is drinking large quantities of the left's kool-aid and wearing rose colored glasses could possibly make your statement. Or you've been hiding in a bunker underground cut off from the real world for the last eight years. You did make my jaw drop when I read your post. Couldn't believe anyone still had Oblamo up on that pedestal. Whew!

    6. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Oh yeah, now I get it. You mean stuff like, "Hands up, Don't shoot!" That's when fake news started its most recent comeback. Obama went along with that, too, like a MORON. Oh yeah, Obama is a PARAGON of virtue. He didn't lie to us or deceive us about the IRAN deal, did he? You make yourself look really morally bankrupt by defending Obama.

      1. alencon's Avatar alencon

        No, he didn't deceive us about the Iran deal. Please identify how we were "deceived?" The Iran deal was actually a reasonable deal. You notice Iran with an atomic bomb?

        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          I notice he sent them a lot of money for hostages, and that you ignored the "Hands up, don't shoot," portion of that. You are a Kenyan apologist.

    7. alencon's Avatar alencon

      I answered two of the posts and then I gave up Sam. They live in their own little reality. The truth is usually just a Google search away but then they simply claim that all the news sources are lying as well. I give up.

      1. Sara L. Cannon's Avatar Sara L. Cannon

        These people don't want to hear truth when it goes against their opinion. Their hatred goes beyond reason. The desire and edification at seeing the worst and most bizarre reported about people who don't believe exactly what they do is what leads from words to violence i.e. the case of the pizza restaurant and claims that Clinton was running a child sex ring there. They should know that the ultimate expression of wild hatred based on prejudice, stupidity and lies leads to atrocities like the Holocaust. There are so many other examples it would be impossible to list them all.

        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          Please, just apply the same stuff to yourself.

          1. Sara L. Cannon's Avatar Sara L. Cannon

            Why would you think I wouldn't? Do you distrust everyone who has a different opinion from yours and believe they are thoughtless and craven? Do you believe that Hillary Clinton ran a child-sex ring out of a pizza parlor? Is this something I should consider as true just to have a balanced opinion and give those who believe it the benefit of the doubt?

          2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            I'm sorry. Did I MENTION anything about a child sex-ring? Why would you even mention that?

    8. mikestarke2015's Avatar mikestarke2015

      It remains to be seen how truth will fare in Donald Trump's administration. What this election has revealed is that we were not being told the truth about a many things these past eight years. I'm particularly sad about this since I had high hopes for President Obama's new era of transparency....which never appeared. We reached a low point in this country when we had to rely on what were possibly foreign sources and Wikileaks to find the truth. Our own domestic news sources failed spectacularly because they believed their own propaganda.

      Where as before we heard a lot of things that we liked to believe were true out of our politicians but obviously weren't, we are now hearing things that we don't like that do seem to be true For better or for worse, I prefer to get the real news even if I don't like it.

      The real story isn't about Donald Trump. It's how he got elected. That trail leads right back to us.

    9. Gwendolyn Lord's Avatar Gwendolyn Lord

      I do agree with you for the most part, adding in however..."Put not your trust in princes"....All politicians, even the ones we voted for, are deeply flawed human beings, or why would they seek power?

    10. Gwendolyn Lord's Avatar Gwendolyn Lord

      One final comment, considering all the posts I read here....I believe there is rife insanity in our nation, just as there is rife hatred and discrimination. Black/white, straight/gay, conservative/liberal, christian/all other religions, male/female, rich/poor/"alleged middle class"....all of these divisions are engineered to keep us divided and "in our place" since it always comes down to the oppression of a ruling class over the remaining society. I can remember in history a time when to achieve the Presidency, you had to have bonafides....Wealth was a given, but education, service in politics, military, or the diplomatic corps was also a given. Taking that into consideration, several of our presidents should not have held office, not just Mr.Trump. If ego is the criteria, than at least the last half dozen have met the criteria to reach the highest office. Which in reality is to pose as a figurehead, and be a puppet controlled by other forces, if truth be told. We are a nation run by corporations, bankers, stock brokers, some military influence, but little political, unless driven by the preceding influences. It does always come down to capitalism, international capitalism, and "The Gnomes of Zurich" (an old anti-Semitic slur originally) could apply if race and religion were superseded by only the interests of gaining profits. When there is a conscious decision on the part of the majority internationally, to throw off the shackles of consumerism and materialism, and refrain from seeing each other as "the other", none of us will be truly free, or happy. A Utopian dream to be sure, but one I embrace in my heart.

      1. Sam's Avatar Sam

        I agree with you. However despite it all, Obama was taking the country forward informs of equality and exceptance. I believe even more steps would have been made with Bernie. But with Bernie and Warren pushing Hilary, there would have been change. Now it's all at risk. The real problem I see is the deep rooted bigotry and hatred that reared its head freely when Obama was elected. Even before that, fake news spearheaded by Trump was growing. I also agree with others, that the media, mostly CNN enabled Trump and fake news as well The 1% is going to rule Like no tomorrow and world praying and action like Standing Rock will have to take place. Love will Trump Hate

        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          If you believe any of what you just said, you are truly deceived.

    11. Barbara's Avatar Barbara

      I totally agree.

    12. Sara L. Cannon's Avatar Sara L. Cannon

      Sam, I couldn't agree with you more. All the virtues I've believed in seem to be shredded, turned upside down or endangered with our new political situation. Truth is always the first casualty. I thought people of faith would be able to deal with this confusion better, but that seems not to be the case. I am tremendously disappointed.

      1. Sam's Avatar Sam

        Thank you It seems that the there is a party of Hate and a party of inclusion. There seems to be many people of this faith that should have their membership revoked as the universal life church is a faith of welcoming and inclusion. May god bless those who are filled with hate.

    13. William Jay's Avatar William Jay

      "Trust in the media that they will keep fact checking and believe that they have the facts and not a phoney Facebook page or rag magazine." ~Sam - are you foolish or just gullible ... the numbers of people that actually trust the MSM have fallen to less than 40%, wake up!, Corporate News outlets like CNN, ABC, FOX, Al Jazeera ARE the FAKE NEWS -- people realize that this is the new Disney World of unicorns and false dichotomies -- and are having none of it. It's entertainment, smoke and mirrors, every opinion that they want you to have without thinking or checking facts for yourself ... get real brother! There is no fact checking unless and until you do it. This is the reality of how the Wars and Rumours of Wars is being done! War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength, Freedom is Slavery.

  1. mega's Avatar mega

    If you get your news from Facebook you deserve to be fooled

    1. Norma Battes's Avatar Norma Battes

      Best comment yet. Before computer yak-yak, social media was simply called gossip.

  1. Jim's Avatar Jim

    "As it turns out, “The Denver Guardian” doesn’t exist. A curious news reporter decided to visit the listed address, and all they found was a tree sitting in an empty parking lot. "

    So tell me, what is YOUR SOURCE for this statement, which you present as unsupported truth? What was that curious journalist's name? What publication did he work for? WHEN did this happen? Do you have any details at all on the source?

    Or was your article also "Yellow Journalism"?

    "Do as I say, not as I do."

    If you are going to criticize, even justifiably, you have to at least not be guilty of what you are criticizing others of.

    "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

    If you can't walk the walk, don't talk the talk - it undermines your credibility, even when you are saying things that are absolutely true.

    Just sayin'....

    1. D. J. Taylor-Zickler's Avatar D. J. Taylor-Zickler

      As I see it, every other post got off on the election and totally forgot about the article and yellow journalism. You are spot on! Who, what, when, where, how, and why, are always good to remenber. D. J. Taylor-Zickler

    2. Kim's Avatar Kim


    3. John S's Avatar John S

      I don’t fully rely on any report that fails to cite primary sources. The internet should be a great source of primary information – so much is available online. Legitimate news outlets should distinguish themselves from less reliable sources by citing a web address with the original data, such as legislation, government reports, scientific manuscripts, etc.

      Completely factual but incomplete reports can be quite misleading. Consider, for example, the citation for gender-based pay inequality. We all know that, according to a US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, women are paid 20% less than men. The report is accessible on line. In my opinion, reference to the report should be included in news articles about pay inequality. It would add less than a line of text to a manuscript:


      The first page of the report includes the following passages:

      “In sum, BLS occupational earnings data from the CPS reflect the earnings of men and women whose jobs are included in the same occupational classification, but they should not be construed as reflecting workers with necessarily the same or comparable job, or otherwise comparable characteristics.”


      “Neither the BLS nor the Census Bureau measure is a controlled comparison of men's and women's earnings; that is, these measures do not control for factors such as occupation, education, and work experience that can be significant in explaining earnings differences. Hence, neither measure should be construed as a comparison of workers with comparable jobs or other characteristics.”

      It should be clear that the report's statistics are inadequate to formulate economic policy as has been suggested by many prominent politicians and interest groups. Limited information is an advantage to self-interested groups and to political demagogues, but it is likely to be harmful to the society as a whole.

      If citation of primary references became the standard for legitimate news only a small segment of the public might actually check references, but it might be enough to air more balanced interpretation. If we learned only to trust news sources that actually referenced their reports, fake news would be less influential.

  1. Mainane santo santos's Avatar Mainane santo santos

    It's funny with the lambasting of trump by all, and I can't blame you for he is a boob, but change the name to Clinton and the same phrases can be said, and not just Hilary, look at who else could have been in the white house, did we really need a third and possibly a fourth term for one of the top ten worst presidential mistakes ever? And virtue of Obama? Please, if there was ever a greatest fence sitter, we'd have a winner. Just my 2 cents.

    1. David's Avatar David

      Who is to judge who is the greatest or worst of Presidents. Bill Clinton did many good things for the USA. He had some moral problems, but many others do and did as well. The number of members of Congress who are unethical is staggering, yet no one says anything about them. It is all judgement determined by the person making the judgement.

      I respect your opinion, but disagree, I would hope you would do the same for me. As far as Obama virtue and fences sitter have nothing in common and Obama has done an excellent job considering he had a Congress that would do nothing to help him or the country. They are morally and ethically bankrupt, for example we should have a ninth Supreme Court Judge for starters.

      1. Ron's Avatar Ron

        WOW BEST POST EVER. I'm happy to see that finally someone can disagree with someone's opinion yet still respect it. That seems to of been lost and forgotten in this day. What makes this a great country is having the ability to have our own ideas thoughts and beliefs so just because you don't agree with the next person does not make you write and them wrong that's why they call it an opinion. Opinions and beliefs can be based on anything from fact to belief to your gut feeling however you arise I thought opinion whether considered right by the majority or not it's just that your opinion. Enclosing I must say it's nice to see someone else disagree yet still respect their opinion

        1. Ron's Avatar Ron

          Correction it should say and however you arrive at that opinion or belief weather considered right or wrong by the majority is your opinion and just that. It should be fully respected.

          1. Ron Sipes's Avatar Ron Sipes

            I agree with Ron

      2. Mainane santo santos's Avatar Mainane santo santos

        Fine post, and I'm not getting into history about, presidential pro and con, but I will say one thing, I was not talking about Clinton and his moral ambiguity.



    1. Rev, Ragi Burhum's Avatar Rev, Ragi Burhum

      The worst of the worst, is to be a GOSSIP.................. God has saved us and allowed us to have trump as our next President. John!, are you relative to Maher on the TV.............. Until now, you haven't learned to be objective and honest, sentencing people, before you see their honest actions. God bless Trump with his family. I don't believe that we are better than Trump. Humanity has discovered, who lies and doesn't.................History seems to go upside down, like all historical empires...........down with Lucifer, thanks the real GOD !!!! Blessings to the soldiers of the positive God.........!!!!!!

      1. David's Avatar David

        Wow, there is no response for what you wrote except you have drunk the tainted water and will be the worse off for it.

      2. JOHN MAHER's Avatar JOHN MAHER


        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          Geez, John. If you were evaluated solely on your hyperbole, you'd be institutionalized. You might want to check some of that.

        2. Rev, Ragi Burhum's Avatar Rev, Ragi Burhum

          Maher ! It seems to be that your ancestors have to do with the killing Jesus, the son of God !! The soldiers of SATAN accuse the good people to be sons of 666, and that is sign for me, that you are one of them..........you are a gossip. I am 80 years of age and know how to show the people, the right way to enter paradise. You don't know with whom you are arguing...........I hate and avoid arguing with negative people. You should realize that cannot cheat the people, because your group will not be able to control the media............it is too late for you. There are millions of people on earth who believe Dr. David Duke, who tells them the truth, based on proofs and real pictures. I am, by chance, Christian Orthodox and I traveled the whole world seeking the truth, hidden by Fox, CNN and many other magazines and newspapers. I am saying that the Bible is very clear.............: two ways are the result : go to heaven or go to hell. Your are, in my opinion is a big GOSSIP, like those who killed Jesus Christ, the son of God and the man of love and truth. It is better for you to keep silence, because the people have already discover you. Maher ! it is not too late to practice any doctrine, that leads you to the right way. I think that people fear to live with you, even your wife, if you have one and you are not a BACKSIDER !!! Blessings to all who have read my comment !!!

    2. Audra's Avatar Audra

      If you believe all these "suicides" surrounded by the Clintons by bullets in the back of their head (by a sniper) ten you truly are reading FAKE news aka Clinton media.
      Stop watching ANY American news outlets, try watching asia, middle east and so forth. You will see our gov (both sides in Washington) is beyond corrupt and murdering for oil in syria. When you pair up with Saudi nothing is good to come of it. These people are evil elites.

  1. Sam's Avatar Sam

    Thank you, I'm praying for a Hail Mary for December 19 and or before January 20 th. please join me.

  1. Mainane santo santos's Avatar Mainane santo santos

    I feel, give trump his due, no matter what he earned it, what was the alternative, Clinton? Give me a break, a third maybe fourth term for Monica's friend, yuck.

    1. David's Avatar David

      What is Trump due? He won by spewing lies and hate and the help of the Head of the FBI, Comey, the Russian Government, and fake news. Hillary Clinton was one of the most qualified people to become President this country has ever had. Forget Monica, how may people have friends that have had affairs, or worse told their wife while she was dying that he was getting a divorce? Yet, they are still friends, how can be?

      1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        You liars keep saying he spewed hate (you love to use the word, "spew") but if he did, I never heard it. And if Comey was helping Trump, how did Hillary get away with her treason? And by the way, how on Earth do you consider her qualified? She has never done ANYTHING good. Fake news? Do you think that only comes from the RIGHT? MOST of it comes from the left. The left LOVES false flag operations, gets caught at it REGULARLY, and still people like you LIE like there is no God, and defend them.

  1. Reverend Krystina S.'s Avatar Reverend Krystina S.

    Actually, Trump lost the popular vote. He did NOT earn the votes, IF we lived in a DEMOCRACY, which we do NOT. The alternative was Hillary Clinton. A woman who was First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State. Whose International Foundation actually saves MILLIONS of women and chidren, unlike Trump's self-serving and false "foundation," which he has to pay fines for because he uses it to buy paintings of....himself!
    Hillary has more tact and political acumen in her little finger than Trump in a china closet ever will. And she is no friend to a Monica, that I know of. If you are referring to her HUSBAND's infidelity: Hillary showed the values of forgiveness, humility, her own faithfulness, etc. If infidelity is "yucky" to you--Trump is a known playboy, whose disgusting affair led to the end of his first marriage and his short-lived second marriage. Trump is also known to sexually harass women, and is going to court for some sort of rape event.
    YUCK? Where are YOUR values? This is why Fake News is so dangerous. Because people do not know the TRUTH. Because people say "yuck" about something which is NOT pertinent to, say, the WIFE of a former president, but IS pertinent to the president elect--ro which they are oblivious. Santos gives us an exemplar of the reason Fake News is so dangerous. It can bring down the most powerful country in the world.

    1. Rev, Ragi Burhum's Avatar Rev, Ragi Burhum

      Hi Krystina! You seem to be cheated or poisoned MEDIA..........you know what I mean? It could be that you are one of them and you want to help the poisoned MEDIA. Trump is a human and we, too. Trump is blessed by the positive God and has nothing to do with Lucifer, as he many times declared against the negative MEDIA. The Secret Societies are no progressing as planned by H. and her soldiers............... Kindest regards

      1. David's Avatar David

        Amazing, Trump and God have nothing to do with each other. What Kristina wrote is the truth, try reading a reputable paper like the NY Times or Washington Post. Look for citations on the so-called news you are reading.

        1. STEVEN's Avatar STEVEN

          Reputable and NY Times don't belong in the same sentence and likely not even the same paragraph. The Media is out of touch with the truth AND their readers. They print what they are told to print, journalism suffered a gruesome death, and no one bothered to cover the stench up let alone write the obituary.

          1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            Steven, David meant, "reputable LEFTIST paper like the NY Times or Washington Post."

      2. JOHN MAHER's Avatar JOHN MAHER


    2. David's Avatar David

      Thank you Kristina for what you wrote, spot on. Whether we like Hillary Clinton or not, she was by far the best choice this time around and over 2.5 million people more than Trump agree. What do people not understand about the popular vote? Again, thank you for stating the truth so elegantly.

      1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        You guys are still lying about the numbers, but it won't make a difference. Hillary belongs in prison, and this is not a democracy, but a republic. You keep thinking if you breed enough low-information voters, you can tell them whom to elect, but enough of them keep developing minds of their own that they don't follow instructions and their votes are smarter than yours.

  1. Sam's Avatar Sam

    Shame on you who can't see the Truth here. As much as people didn't like Clinton, it's about having values that represent all people and not just a few. Trump campaigned on lies and promoted fake news. He has been doing it for years, starting with the birther movement. He now wants to manipulate and control the truth. This should be a wake up call for people to see the facts and not blame the legitimate media for doing their job. The Truth is, that Clinton won. The ? Is, will she get what she and America truly deserves, An educated, experience caring person in the White House on December 19. Or will the White House be full of fumbling, greedy, hypocrites with lying egos that will destroy American souls. God bless you all.

    1. Rev, Ragi Burhum's Avatar Rev, Ragi Burhum

      Shame on you if you want to poison the air of USA, telling the other lies about Bush and Clinton, who have created the biggest hate against our Country for many years. Don't tell the people bad news about the Trumps, because the Lord will punish you when you lie. The Bush and Clintons have killed millions of innocent people, including our innocent Americans. Don't tell me that we have only serious and innocent Media...........you know exactly what I mean !!! With your hands, you may cover your own face from the sun, but not other millions of people. The coming years will show you the honesty and good faith of Trump.............. The whole honest world is trusting Trump, and the honest world will love Our Homeland-USA- again. President Trump is going to make America great again, respected again and loved again, because he is really a Peace-Maker. Sam ! it seams to be from the other side, without KARMA.........! My own Proverb says " the Hater suffers more than the hated"................. I never hate and I am happy, wishing all others the best luck on earth.........!!!!

    2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Hillary has no values, and does not represent all. She tries to be a chameleon, but does not have the personality for it. She did not win. You guys just cannot accept her loss. She lost. She's a loser. Your candidate lost, because WE didn't like her. Nobody LIKES her. She lost. Even though the Democratic machine tried hard to cheat, she lost. Your team lost. Accept it. You keep saying she won the popular vote. That worked to make black voters feel somehow disenfranchised when Al Gore lost, but they will not be so easily fooled this time, because everybody knows Hillary belongs in prison, AND SHE DID NOT WIN THE POPULAR VOTE. You keep saying it, but that does not make it true.

  1. Sam's Avatar Sam

    I can't take you seriously nor more then the world is taking Trump seriously. He is a clown and so far has made America into a circus act. It was hate that voted him in, not logic. God help the soon to be Banana Republic of the U.S.A.



  1. Rev, Ragi Burhum's Avatar Rev, Ragi Burhum

    Hi Sam! don't be gossip, because your comment could damage your KARMA. Trump was elected by the Lord of peace in order to same his real sons against the sons and followers of SATAN (Lucifer). President Trump wiil bring our Homeland to a blessed COURSE and then, he will be the best President in the History of USA. It seems to be, that you are one of hater's shill. The group, who killed presidents of our Homeland including JF-Kennedy, will fail to continue destroying the blessed Country-----USA The strongest Empires of our globe, were destroyed, because they failed to follow the CREATOR'S Rules of moral and truth. I hope you will understand what I mean............................. God may bless people of good faith..............!!!!!



  1. Sam's Avatar Sam

    Thank You John, I'm still praying that Love will Trump Hate. I'm also praying for a Hail Mary before December 19 and or January 20 th. I'm praying that the GOP will find in their hearts logic and love. But perhaps Gods plan is to see this through so that the American people can see how great Obama was and that he got no help mostly because of the Colour of his skin. He didn't feed the fake news like Trump is, in fact he called it out. Trump and fake news is the devils doing for greed. Remember God helps those who help themselves. Seek the Truth

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Throwing that tired, worn-out race card out again, Sammy? That's the stupidest, weakest, most immoral argument you have, and the strongest evidence that you KNOW you are a liar. His pigmentation has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the public's distaste for that Kenyan, unless his color MAKES him act like an enemy of the United States, which has nothing to do with color.

  1. Chad Spawr's Avatar Chad Spawr

    You all drank the poison....some Clinton and some Trump. Now you attack each other over petty differences. I really had thought this community would rise above this political pettiness, but you are still fighting battles that are over.

    With your anger, how can you minister to the needs of others? The past is past. Move on with life.

  1. iammindbodyspirit's Avatar iammindbodyspirit

    Well, I can see that there is a lot of passionate responses on both sides of the issue. I don't think pointing fingers or name calling will fix anything. Let's realize that there are conservatives that came out to vote in good numbers in districts that carried more weight. Trump won and the results are final, unless a recount proves otherwise. I don't think that is likely. So how do we, as children of God, move forward together and unite the country? Not by bashing each other, but by working together and finding common ground. "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness. Then, all these things will be given unto you!"

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      You are correct, but still, people need to know that for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction. They shout a lie, I shout truth. I cannot make anyone believe anything they do not want to believe, but I owe it to them to point out the truth from time to time.

  1. D. J. Taylor-Zickler's Avatar D. J. Taylor-Zickler

    As I stated in my comment above, only one comment here stayed on post.. we were not talking about the election, but about yellow journalism. And agree alot of it came out due to this so calked fair election. Please try to stay on post or we will also go low by fighting among ourselves. Thanks, Peace abd love D. J. Taylor-Zickler

  1. Minister Stephen's Avatar Minister Stephen

    Betterer, John, what's with the hatred , and name calling, we are all brothers and sisters here. Walk with peace and love in your hearts, Good wishes to you all.

  1. Audra's Avatar Audra

    Well this article is bogus and none of you are paying attention. The entire gov is fooling America, they are all corrupt and evil. Lies, murder, bribes, and lucifer run America. The Clintons are a Lucifer worshiping foundation. Why isn't this website covering that! They have caused wars for all of the greed & evil. The joke is on us. I pray Trump will not become one of them, he prays to Thr Lord, he is not one of them.

  1. Minister Ed's Avatar Minister Ed

    This discussion isn't even supposed to be about Trump or Clinton, or any other president for that matter. Most of the comments seem to have drifted off into a rather rabid discussion about the president elect and his opponent(s).

    Can't we all just keep our hominy grits flowing in the right direction here?

    It can be difficult indeed to tell the difference between fake news and real news. Unfortunately, all too many people are all too ready to share any "news" story that says what they want to hear, without doing even minimal checking on the veracity of the "news" story, and so many fake news stories get shared so much that people believe, simply because of seeing it so many times.

    I do my best to point out inaccuracies shared on, for example, FaceBook, but still find some friends who will say things such as, "Well, it's the sort of thing ######## WOULD do, so I believe it anyway." They believe it, despite clear evidence to the contrary, simply because it fits comfortably into their already existing world view.

    This is very sad, that we live in a world where people choose to believe and share "facts" that are not facts at all, simply because these "facts" agree with preconceived and cherished beliefs that should always be questioned and re-questioned. People will also state disbelief of verified facts, that can be proven and shown, because these facts do NOT agree with their pre-conceived and cherished beliefs.

    If we could, in ourselves, and in sharing with our flock, encourage that open mind, and that desire to question supposed facts, rather than just blithely believing everything we are told (as long as it meets our comfortable criteria for belief) then the world would be a much better place.

    Do not believe just because you are told or you read it online. Do not DISBELIEVE just because something disagrees with what you are comfortable with. Be open to change in yourself and your beliefs. In fact, insist on it for growth IS change and if you refuse to change, then you cannot grow.

    Peace, my friends.

  1. Rev. Frank's Avatar Rev. Frank

    I'm not going to speak to the Mr Trump vs Ms Clinton debate, but rather to the election results. Based upon our electoral system, right or wrong, Mr Trump is the President elect. If you don't like the result then use the system, including our elected representatives, to effect positive change. As an American citizen, I will support the Office of the President. But I still keep the right to PEACEFUL protest. In four years we get another shot at it. Get people out to vote!

  1. bob's Avatar bob

    As many comments here reflect, the problem may not be so much the 'fake news' (lies), but the growing number of people that do not understand logic or reasoning. Lack of evidence for statements should be an obvious warning flag that the statements are spurious; instead, people just accept what supports their mindset (Clinton is evil, etc.).

  1. Mark Stricklett's Avatar Mark Stricklett

    I find it interesting - an article regarding "Truth" results in comments about the recent presidential election. This just demonstrates how "polarized" the nation has become. Indeed, this issue is becoming "Truth or dare!"

  1. Scott's Avatar Scott

    Let's celebrate Noam Chomsky's birthday instead!!! A real poster boy for truth.

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      or Saul Alinsky!

  1. DSher's Avatar DSher

    Wow. I'm truly saddened by the degree of negative hatred being thrown around on a site that's supposed to be dedicated to love. The most important "truth" is to love one another. Please don't answer me regarding the following; simply answer yourself: "Are you loving the humans who share this planet with you to your fullest capacity?" I know I could certainly grow in that area and need to improve. What if we all attempted to love one another as the Creator Loves us? We can disagree, but can't we still love one another and treat each other with kindness?

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      If you try to show normal love to a leftist they will eat your liver and chew what's left up and spit you out. The only real love that can work on them is tough love, the same thing that works on almost every human or animal. Soft, normal love doesn't work on everything or everyone, and particularly not on leftists.

  1. Ron's Avatar Ron

    To all I say with the greatest of respect that I must agree with those who say the media is out of touch with the truth. If you look at the election that just happened the media rate from the start side that Donald Trump could not win, Donald Trump would not stay in, Donald Trump would not get the nomination, Donald Trump would not win the presidency, all these things they were completely wrong in and in doing so demonstrated the fact that they had in fact lost touch with truth and facts and what sueded by biased and personal feelings. I do have many concerns about President elect Trump taking office however I support him in the fact that he is not a politician he may have not been honest all the time or truthful at times or held himself to the level of integrity that I would've liked. However when it came time to vote the people had a choice to make four more years of the status quo or four years of a new beginning. Only time will tell how this all plays out and history will judge president elect Trump in the job he does. But at this Time protesting and rioting over his election in my personal opinion is counterproductive to the American people and the American way of life. What we need to do now is move forward grow as a country support each other and truly help make America great again however that maybe. I wish to thank all who have taken the time to read this and I respect everyone including those who may disagree with my opinions, thoughts or beliefs however I will point out that this is my opinion and I say this with the greatest of respect for everyone. God bless America!!!!!!!!

    1. Ron's Avatar Ron

      Sorry miss typed some words was on a bit of a rant. Hope you can figure out what I was saying

  1. Andy's Avatar Andy

    It appears that the trolls have taken over this site. This is the first time that I've taken the time to read an article and probably the last. DSher has it right.

  1. William Jay's Avatar William Jay

    That the comments are generally off topic, consisting of willfully ignorant statements regarding "my psychopath is so much better than your sociopath" or "your murderous miscreant is so much worse than my pretentious prevaricator" ... speaks loudly and clearly of where people get their 'honest' opinions.

    Lies are rampant in the world, nothing new nor newsworthy about that, except this Fake News issue is a fully funded psy-op. For the, (un-named), author to imply that "the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal" online versions are somehow trustworthy is laughable, as Executive personnel from major Alphabet Agencies have repeatedly testified before Congressional Comittees that they have directed operations in and through both of those and many more, and indeed, in almost all Mainstream Media Outlets.

    Speaking of fake news from an un-named source - this article is from an un-named author, as are many or all of them on this, (seemingly trustworthy), site. Knowing WHEN one is being lied to is often a function of knowing HOW one is being lied to and it usually gets easier with practice.

    The article states - "In fact, studies show that roughly 62 percent of adults in the United States are getting their news from Facebook.", which is, as described in the article, an apt example of - "Writers create stories full of false claims from “unnamed sources”".

    I did a quick search on the phrase "studies show that roughly 62 percent of adults in the United States are getting their news from Facebook." ... which immediately put this into perspective on the first page of results. It will be interesting to do the same " whole phrase" search on several 'search engines' from several geographical locations and from several computers with various user profile infos 'hidden' in the browser 'features', for comparison. I'll leave that to people actually interested in learning something we've known since before Windows '95...

    One can see and many can agree that a real article will provide some link(s) to primary source material: http://www.niemanlab.org/2016/05/pew-report-44-percent-of-u-s-adults-get-news-on-facebook/

    It does link to this ONE study .. http://www.journalism.org/2016/05/26/news-use-across-social-media-platforms-2016/ which, of course, puts this article into perspective regarding false and misleading.

    Please get your news from several independant sources, read through the primary source material, (not jut the 'executive summary') cited in those secondaries and, before and above all else, think and decide for yourself.

    This comment will likely be falling on many many deaf ears, (or willfully blind eyes), due to the nature of our readership.

    "A lie can get half-way 'round the world before the truth can get her boots on" ~Samuel Clemens aka: Mark Twain.

    1. Mark Stricklett's Avatar Mark Stricklett

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I will google the phrase - it has me intrigued now.


    2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Very good advice.

  1. R's Avatar R

    Oh my goodness... People of God, please come together... Stop fighting... Clearly we all have a bad taste in our mouths over the US turn of events, just start helping each other and learn from each other... We are all sinners, speak as Jusus would. None are more righteous than he. Many will be fooled it was said, perhaps it's because their doors slammed shut from their brothers and sisters. Come together all... Much love and prayers.

    1. Jake's Avatar Jake

      There is no love or civility anymore. Only mistrust for those we don't understand and hate for those who don't agree with us.

  1. Ed's Avatar Ed


    How about all the FAKE NEWS the "real media" has been doing. Recall the "90% of Americans support gun control BFS?" If anyone bothered to actually look at the source poll, 49% OPPOSE, and 45% approve; that means that only "90% had an OPINION!" the rest were "unsure," give or take a margin of error.

    And how about the Oralndo shooter, where it's asked why the "victims" of the night club--that footage the media loved to blast us has them walking TO the club, not away from it? And why weren't they asking what happened to the OFF DUTY COP WHO WAS HIRED FOR SECURITY?

    All the rush over the Ferguson shooting, because a white cop shot a black man, but during the same timeframe, nothing about a black cop shooting a white man in Salt Lake City?

    How about the lies and refusals to cover only "the big 2" political parties.

  1. Sara L. Cannon's Avatar Sara L. Cannon

    I can't believe what I'm reading here from people who are supposed to be supporting good values on earth. False news and downright whoppers stem from what you choose to believe and not what is actually true. Maybe some of you should take a good look at what you believe and why before you spout it out as truth.

  1. Mistydawn Carter's Avatar Mistydawn Carter

    I believe that the massive connection between the comments prove the confusion caused by the fake news articles. Most seem determined that the news they get is the best and only they are informed properly, when what this post / article is trying to tell us is not to take things at face value, and ALWAYS check facts for yourself. The age of information has yet to leave us. We should continue to use it.

  1. Michael's Avatar Michael

    I find this whole thread of comments disturbing. This article was about the media dividing us with its stories. This thread proves what the media has done. At this point the "truth" is what people believe it to be. There is not one side that will ever believe the other, so we must go back to the basics. The raw truth is this country is in trouble. The world is in trouble. We are so far gone it isn't funny. If you want to spend today arguing about yesterday, then so be it. This will not improve our situation in God's view. We are in a world much worse than before God flooded the earth amd burned Saddam and Gomorrah to the ground. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. We cannot change what happened yesterday, but we can make changes each day in how we treat one another. Change is not a big bite, but many little bites together. So if you really want things to be better, the change begins with us.

  1. Shane Lowrey's Avatar Shane Lowrey

    I've been skimming through the responses. Truth is, You all scare me.

  1. Jeremy Sark's Avatar Jeremy Sark

    Reading some of the comments on here hurt my heart. The partisan hatred is as apparent here as on Facebook or the YouTube comment section. I was hoping it wouldn't be as present here. Our elected officials whether you agree with their policies or not, are not the "anti-Christ" or trying to destroy our country. I even saw references to fake stories, the kind that this article warned about. Hatred has no place in a civilized worlk and anger has ran amok the last few decades.

  1. Kristy's Avatar Kristy

    While a few of you are commenting intelligently relating to what this article was about, I'm disappointed for the most part in the rest of the comments. Unfortunately, it seems the point was missed by many and you've managed to take it to a place that it didn't need to go. Aren't we, as members of the ULC, suppose to set an example for tolerance and broader understanding? Maybe it's time everyone take a moment to remember why you became a part of ULC, and if your negativity and inability to find the beauty in humanity ceases to exist-it would be time to examine yourselves. During this (and all) holiday season(s), I try to focus on the beauty of human spirit, humanity, empathy, tolerance and love. If that makes me a minority, we need to grow that community. Peace to you all~

  1. Dennis E. Loucks's Avatar Dennis E. Loucks

    I find it difficult in these days to be objective. I am human after all and very failable. That said, I really do scroll past stuff on Facebook very quickly. News articles that catch my eye however I read carefully before considering sharing. Some points I look out for are; overly colorful language (great super horrible evil), who the claimed sources are (verifiable people, places etc.), whether regular news outlets are covering the story (stories do get missed though and this is only one factor), To good/bad to be true ( these are usually false), whether there is an advertising logo anywhere in the post (medical stories frequently are product ads). There is an overall feel to fake news if you train yourself in your reading habits, but it never is easy and you can fool anyone if you really want to. Careful reading folks.

  1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

    I have an idea-- let's try to stay on topic, without pushing agendas. It's never worked here in the past, but what do you say we give it a shot? I know you can't, which means I probably can't either, but I just thought I'd put it out there.

  1. Lee's Avatar Lee

    I have found it interesting over the past few years how the media has gone from the News Professionals of "yesteryear" to the News Entertainers we have today. The News Desk has been replaced by Large, Fluffy Sofas, and coffee tables. Most of the 'reporting' is now nothing more than another talk show.

    It used to be that you could rely on what you heard and/or read by the News media and on those occasions when they were posting something that they were not sure of (had not been able to prove it to their own satisfaction) they would say something like "it has been reported" or some such.

    Today when you read the lead-in, the first paragraph you understand the article to be about and presenting one side of the story, however frequently the body and ending will give the exact opposite understanding.

    In a recent study, it was mentioned that news articles are presented at a 5th grade level so that they can be understood. In addition, the presenter of the news (anchor) can have a direct impact on your perception of the truth. The anchors on CNN, and FOX are simply beautiful people, so what they say must be true, while that guy the Local Channel 6 news is not nearly as well dressed, a little overweight and his tie is just too short, so maybe what he has to say is not so important.

    Perception has become reality and your personal opinion of what is reported makes it fact or fiction to you. The facts are not nearly important as the drama or excitement of the story.

    In yesteryear this would have been called bad journalism, but today it is acceptable!

    Oh, for the News Professionals of yesteryear instead of the News Entertainers of today!

    "This is Walter Cronkite; Good night"

    1. Rev, Ragi Burhum's Avatar Rev, Ragi Burhum

      I agree with you Lee. Why CNN or Fox, don't public the truth about the positive of our new elected honest president....!! One of the aims, could be, to bring the FED under the Congress control, this means under the control of 99% of the real Americans. Our new elected President will get the respect of all other nations, if he recovers the FED. I hope he will realize this sacred task, to avoid printing green vine leaves and spread them in the whole world without consulting the Congress............This was also the dream of the honorable JFK. Wherever I navigate in the world news, I realize the most of the nations on earth, are commenting with hope about our NEW ELECTED AND HONEST PRESIDENT................SINCE 2017, OUR AMERICA WILL BE REALLY BLESSED WITH THE HELP OF THE MIGHTY LORD..........!!!




    THE U S A BETTER WAKE up and LEARN to VOTE not just for the HATEFULL 2 BUTT for any CANDIDATE they CHOOSE, CAN'T get any DUMBER than TRUMP, EH' WHAT ???


    HEY ! RAGU BURHUM I thought you were long gone to PERU ???

  1. Rev, Ragi Burhum's Avatar Rev, Ragi Burhum

    Hey Maher! Talk to any body, but not to me.. I am looking for people like Trump who aspire to hear the soon change to our blessed Homeland USA. Maher, I know each stone of Machu Picchu and all the last names there....Pisac, Calca, Urubamba...Ollanta y Tambu,,,,etc etc. Ragi has installed all the electrical Installations in all Air Ports of peru.....Cuzco..Puerto Maldonado... Caja Marca....Pucalpa Iquitos.....I know each tribe in Amazonas.........all tribes know me, too. There is no president in Peru, who doesn'tt know me ..........ask them......... Ask Federico Salazar.....Monica Delta and any Announcer of TV and Radio about the Mayor Ragi Burhum. Ask them about me in Peru .....ask the people and the priests of the Cathedral Santa Ros about my transmissions in Radio and TV. Ask about " El Alcalde Ragi Burhum" who has done every thing and schools for the poor in the District of Santa Rosa......Lima Peru. I am International, Mr. John. I lived a long time in Germany and worked for the American Forces, as electrical Engineer, at the Air Port of Tempelhof-Berlin. I lived and worked about 24 years in my other Homeland -Peru.............the power plant of Machupicchu, is one of my works.... Ask the Ministry of Transport and Communication in Peru about my great works. You told me onece, that you lived in Cuzco and say you, that you are not telling the truth...... I am US-Citizen, also, like many of your friends........... Please don't comment any more about me and don't spread hate......better go to Rabbi Jim and let him advise you...you may find your happiness when you talk to him. I am flying to Berlin in March 2017. In June, I will be predicating in Beirut in an Orthodox church. I am living now in Urubamba-Valle Sagrado of the Inkas and drinking Inca Cola.........(el Rio Urubamba, te manda saludos....) My best greating to our Rabbi Jim, who may pray for your suffering soul.

  1. Rev, Ragi Burhum's Avatar Rev, Ragi Burhum

    Dear Rabbi Jim! I am writing you my few words with the hope, that you may advise John Maher not to attack neither me nor others, with his insulting words. I suppose that we are educated people and we must behave ourselves as such. Good luck in performing your Sacred Missions.......!!!

  1. Sam's Avatar Sam

    I find it very disturbing that you are seeking out " People like Trump " When people like Obama have more virtues and values fitting of anyone who is educated. People like Trump seem to be only concerned about themselves and not those who are suffering. People like Trump, are not leaders they seem to be nacistic power hungry greedy people who believe their own lies. People like Trump want wars not peace. Perhaps you may want to offer People like Trump on a tour to Peru for an Ayahuasca retreat, oh but people like Trump may think it's a retweet lol. Anyway enjoy and may you find peace and love in your heart.



  1. Rev, Ragi Burhum's Avatar Rev, Ragi Burhum

    I am so sorry friends, that I have committed an error, when writing Jr. instead of Sr. My son Jr. is a great scientist and works in big projects including for governments and never gives any body any political opinion. He lives in a different world than mine. I think, that he is living with some Masons and people who belong to secret societies.........with other world he lives in a different world, which is not mine. He is free to live and to think, he seems to be cheated by those who want to govern the world.......they will fail........soon, because new powers are on the way to fight those crazy people............... I am Christian and I will never accept a man made GOD.!! I will tell J.Maher for the last time, to forget my name, because I will never accept his radical world of hate. Just read the comment of William Jay and other comments in order to realize that you are a fanatic guy..............!!! I come and go wherever I wish and visit all the communities, I changed their wrong lives and wrong concepts of life !!! You like to write in capital letters, because you have brain complexes............go to Rabbi Jim, as I advised you before !!! I greet all people of good faith.........


      RAGU BURHUM, Sr. and Jr., if you SHUT YOUR MOUTH and STOP trying to ANSWER my COMMENTs your RADICAL and HATEFUL GHOST will go AWAY, NOW if I can WASH AWAY YOUR IGNORANCE as JESUS did the SINs of MAN or was it John the BAPTIST, maybe you will WASH AWAY on the TIDE of IGNORANCE and QUIETLY fade into the MOUNTAINs of PERU along with Jr., HAPPY TRAILs to YOU BOTH !!!

      1. Rev, Ragi Burhum's Avatar Rev, Ragi Burhum

        I am leaving you alone, JOHN MAHER, in order to let you fight with others and you will find so many people like the English proverb which says " Birds of the same feather, flock to gather" I love my own proverb which say "the hater suffers more than the hated" and other one which says " I prefer to live with an intelligent enemy that to live with an ignorant friend" I am leaving you alone in the battle of HATE, although I did my best, as Christian Orthodox, to bring you to the right course of LOVE and RESPECT. Again, my respect and best regards to RABBI JIM and his followers

        1. JOHN MAHER's Avatar JOHN MAHER


  1. William Jay's Avatar William Jay

    "Just read the comment of William Jay and ..." thanks for the bump brother Ragi -- being passionate about truth is now, somehow, evidence of fanaticism? It is if you read Obamas' recent Executive Order - clear subversion of the First Amendment ... I've made several posts in this thread, most are on topic but a couple are in reaction to winsome assertion of one dimensional opinion.

    I tend to read through all the available documents, like Executive Orders, UN Reports from Special Envoys and such, court transcripts as well as the judges reasoning for certain decisions and findings ... if the practice of due diligence is, somehow, ill advised or contrary to protecting ourselves, our parishioners, and our families ... then all is lost, we can all just give in and give up now, accept everything that the MSM throws down on us and surrender freedom of thought, speech, choice, and - of course - religious belief. I also tend to seek out the full versions or original of videos that the MSM and other commentators like to chop from minutes or hours into seconds or milliseconds, change the audio, post their logo over pertinent detail, or falsely assert that which is not shown but can be alluded to to delude you too.

    It's pretty easy for them to lead you on, you who pretend to know something of the Middle East - who can't tell Persian from Prussian, Levantine from elephantine, nor Arab from carob...

    There have been few replies to this sermon that actually attempt to describe how to verify information, what patterns to look for that make the alarm bells go off. For me, one of the most obvious signs of deception is the 'echo chamber' of copy and paste journalism - where one or two paragraphs are repeatedly posted, without attribution mind you, in many places online. Try this @ home => take one paragraph from a story and do a search online of the whole paragraph - we do that "whole phrase search" by enclosing something within double quotes... results will surprise and amaze many ... If you're gonna tell a lie, tell a big one and repeat it often, repeat if often, repeat it often. Another technique is to say one thing while showing the viewers something else, willing minds will fill in the blanks. This will be very obvious in the case of 9-11 coverage of a 2nd plane coming in to hit a building. Ask anyone who watched TV on that day if they remember seeing that plane hit that building - you will likely hear many respond in the affirmative, even to the point of ready to 'swear on a stack', but the truth of the matter it is quite different. In truth, nobody saw that impact on TV on that day. How many false witnesses were created on that day? How many reading this post are willing to 'swear on a stack' about it, to this day?

    "Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities." ~Voltaire

  1. Rev, Ragi Burhum's Avatar Rev, Ragi Burhum

    Hours later he goes to vote. In the afternoon he learns that he is the new mayor of the district. He is the first Palestinian to reach that distinction throughout Latin America and, perhaps, the world. But for Ragí there are no surprises. The forces of the Middle East have been guiding him since he launched his campaign, when, on high arms, he cried to those who heard him: "Brothers, I come from the holy land to save them from the winter! The people wisely chose the heavens. From those days, the patriarch has not changed his mysticism. "Hatta" (kind of a turban) on the head, maintains its conviction in the reincarnations, holy designs and strange dimensions. This is Ragí. He consumed the umpteenth cigarette while talking about extraterrestrial apparitions, UFO visions in Chilca, Sayán, and a recent meeting near a few meters from his office in Santa Rosa. I can not avoid, therefore, a malevolent smile. Ragi, apparently offended, elaborates and explains his model, simile included: The earth is like an avocado without pepa, it says, its nucleus is hollow. There are tickets to him. The flying saucers enter through the sea through these holes. There is one in Chilca. They are installed in the center of the Earth. "Julius Verne was right," he says. The story of an enormous journey overflows with an exodus. The mayor withdrew from his country because of the bloody war with Israel. Respect Rabin. Love life and peace. Pilgrim in search of his Canaan, anchored in Santa Rosa. Great oasis, arch of entrance similar to the one of Jericó, waters that bathe its coasts like the Dead Sea. Only the Jordan River was missing. Not everything is perfect. Then he tells the photographer and me about his life. From his studies as an electronic engineer at the University of Beuth in Berlin. Of his projects in Santa Rosa. From his motley philosophy, Allah, Jesus Christ, the pyramids and Buddha included. -I wear the hatta because it's like a chullo to me. I do not deny my origin. Someone here can tell me that's why I look like a camel. Then I answer him: And you are a flame.(Caretas Magazine in Peru 1996).............Kindest regards to all people of good faith !!! This report was translated from Spanish into English by google translate. the animal Lama, was translated as flame, because LLAMA MEANS FLAME............llama is also the known animal llama in el Peru

    1. William Jay's Avatar William Jay

      Palestinians have been elected city mayors since the 1920's. Wadi Damas was the mayor of La Romana in the Dominican Republic from 1923 to 1928 before coming back to Beit Jala where he became mayor in 1944. The first Minister of Palestinian descent was Rafael Tarud Siwady, appointed Minister of Economy and Commerce in Chile in 1953. Since the late 1990s, Palestinians in Latin America have even reached the highest levels of political representation, with Carlos Flores Facuss, President of Honduras from 1998 to 2002, Elas Saca Gonzalez, President of El Salvador from 2004 to 2009, Said Wilbert Musa, Prime Minister of Belize from 1998 to 2008, and Yehude Simon Munaro, Prime Minister of Peru from 2008 to 2009.



  1. William Jay's Avatar William Jay

    What if Fake News can be used to usher in the new world of peace and prosperity?

    As the Onion has become a more credible source of news than most of the MSM anyway, let's have fun with it. Please post your ideas below for the Fake News stories we'd most like To see. Who knows, maybe truth and justice will again be the guiding principles that make America great, like back in the days of Andrew Jackson, that first and only POTUS to pay off the national debt, so far that is...

    Imagine seeing the headline .. Donald Trump declares all Public Transit in the USA now Free to All Users.. Above the story - This just in .. In a surprise move today, expected to save billions in printing and accounting costs alone, the newly minted President, (on the sage advice of the First Lady, Ivanka), decides to give back what already belongs to the public...

    Or something on the order of - ALL OUR BASE ARE BELONG TO THEM! - In a surprise move today, the newly elected President signed his first Executive Order, confining to base all US troops on foreign soils until arrangements can be made to bring them home to stay. "I've always wanted to bring the boys home for Christmas", said Mr Wild Cards are Trump, "I want to give all the mothers the present they most deserve, their children home alive."

    Come on you supposed community leaders, believers in 'the Good Book' and the example of Lord Jesus, heal the nations! If sin brings the flood, we better get some life jackets. ~ Chuck Missler

    There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow men. True nobility lies in being superior to your former self. -Ernest Hemingway

  1. Sara L. Cannon's Avatar Sara L. Cannon

    Recently there was a report from a news agency that Israel was threatening Pakistan with a nuclear bomb. Pakistan responded with a warning that it wouldn't be threatened and they have their own nuclear bombs to respond with. They didn't check out the news source, which turned out to be a phony news site that regularly put out fake news. There can be big repercussions from fake news.


      YEAH ! and NOW WE have the BIGGEST LIAR in the UNIVERSE as PRESIDENT ELECT Donald Jackass Trump

    2. Rev, Ragi Burhum's Avatar Rev, Ragi Burhum

      Dear Sara ! Don't worry, just read the Bible......just read the prophecy of DANIEL..................since sentencing JESUS CHRIST,SON THE LORD, to death, nothing was going on with peace.......... As CHRISTIAN ORTHODOX, follower of the BIBLE, the prophecy of DANIEL.........AND THAT IS IT !!! If you tell the truth like JFK and and many others, you will be eliminated. As US-citizens, we have so many enemies created by people, like Goerge Bush Sr. and Jr. including the crazy H. Clinton. Obama, as the German say" Puppen Teater "............he has been nothing more than a Puppe........his V P has driven him like driving a car and not more. This year will be the total change of our destination, as American, and will be loved and respected by othe nations. This year will be the failure of many infiltrated in the Congress, that is what I believe in our illuminated future. Many people will lose their POWER of MONEY.........this is very clear. People who purchased real Estate properties will washed money, will lose all those properties.........that is my prophecy. God bless our new elected President and God will bless always our GREAT AMERICA, without interference of those , who have never loved AMERICA.

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