Many spiritualists from diverse cultures have regarded the Spring Equinox with additional importance based on the mythological character of the event.

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Every year, as the frost begins to thaw, the robins begin to nest, and the daylight gradually lingers longer, we know that spring is on the horizon. The Spring Equinox comes with a surge of new life and beginnings. Each of us will wake to a bright and nurturing sun that assures us of the vitality of life. This moment is not just one of the sun’s light returning to a world settled in darkness. It brings with it the power of time, fertility, and prophecy.

Humanity has regarded the spring, or Vernal, Equinox with a hope in new chances, a sense of restored vitality, and perseverance of a prosperous year ahead. We have not come far from the days of old where the Spring Equinox signified the soil was once again restored and rich enough to nourish the seed of a far-off bounty. Much like the farmer, we feel a deep, inherent conviction to tend to the world in a way that can yield promise for the future. Plenty of farmers, environmentalists, and astronomers still place much significance on this astronomical event, but is there a deeper insight we can gain by looking at the ancient myths and symbolism that surround the coming of Spring?

Many spiritualists from diverse cultures have regarded the Spring Equinox with additional importance based on the mythological character of the event. In many cases, we recognize that survival in the ancient world was dependent on the sun’s warmth and light. This initial, primal relationship to the sun sets the precedent for all sun worship and deification to come. More specifically, the seasons were mythologically considered to track the sun’s life and death throughout the year. However, the Spring Equinox symbolized its rebirth or resurrection.

The mythology of this seasonal period mostly surrounds the matriarchal goddesses either involved in birthing light, humanity, or the sun. This is in part because of the natural world around us being nurtured and brought into life once more which is a quality that humanity has often attributed to the female energy of life and creation. The Greek Goddess Eos – herald of the dawn – is said to come just before her brother Helios. In Ancient Egyptian myths, the Goddess Isis gives birth to her son Horus during the winter solstice. Sound familiar? To call out the obvious, we can see the connection once more in the mythos of Mother Mary where she is with Jesus, the son of light, at his time of birth, death, and resurrection.  

Another aspect to the mythological importance of this period is rooted in the concept of resurrection. We can recognize how the springtime, with a surge of vitality, heralding of sunlight, and many other telltale signs of the sun’s return can be signified as the resurrection of the sun. With it comes the symbolism of a new chapter, a fresh start, and greener pastures. There is a deeper wisdom as well that comes from the spawning of new life at this time. The sun is not just born anew. It is also set free of its past. It is thrust into a new moment, phase, and period.  If we as people and spiritualists have come to harmonize with this moment’s profound wisdom, then we too can experience this sense of rebirth.  

This brings us to the prophetic nature of the Spring Equinox. Regardless of beliefs (even the lack thereof) the world around us, both in myth and nature, shows us that life is an eternal experience. The sun’s light, the seasons, and thus the cycle of time all move in a triad of birth, life, and resurrection. As that cycle continues, we can trust that every chapter ends with a beginning.


  1. Krystina S.'s Avatar Krystina S.

    Very nice article. Throughout prehistory and history, there were years that had no or lessened summers, particularly after volcanic eruptions. It has always been imperative that the community help bring forth the warmth and sunshine so that they could survive. This part of our collective human mythos, and is reflected cross-culturally as described above.

  1. Matthew Mastrogiovanni's Avatar Matthew Mastrogiovanni

    Praise Ostara! Blessed Spring all.

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      Beltane is close at hand. Fertility is good! The earth needs it. 🌞


  1. Nicholas J Page's Avatar Nicholas J Page

    Welcome one and all to the Spring Equinox Here in England it's nice to hear the dawn chorus and the blue tits nesting in our box.Every year God bless all our animals and mankind

  1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

    Well, it’s just a season. all planets will have them. Most might not be as colorful as ours, but seasons nonetheless. Mankind likes to make more of it than there is. Most other animals couldn’t really care less. It’s nice to have them though.


    1. Torre Huffines's Avatar Torre Huffines

      I enjoy hearing your thoughts lionheart though most would disagree. All planets have seasons but NONE will promote life (at least not by our knowledge anytime soon).

      It's also correct to say they are just seasons. Yet as humans, we are just animals with extra logic. In fact, nearly every species on earth responds to the changing of seasons; birds migrate, mammals hibernate, reptiles and amphibians brumate, insects sleep/die, and most plants change the direction of energy from their flowers to their roots in winter. Even our perception of time changes with the seasons.

      Yes, even on other planets.

      1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

        Yes that is so true Torre. All living things have adapted to seasons very well. Nature is truly amazing! At any given time it can be incredibly beautiful, and then, in a flash, it can be incredibly traumatic and devastating as seasonal weather wreaks havoc upon us all.

        Thank you for your insight. 🤗

        Stay safe.


        1. Torre Huffines's Avatar Torre Huffines

          Absolutely true! I think there is this really deep messaging from nature about that duality and how it reflects in the nuances of life; happy & sad, good & evil, peace and rage, and as you said nature's beauty and devastation! Thank you for engaging with this sermon and best wishes to you as well!

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