A cultural site in Iran
Iran is home to thousands of historically and religiously significant cultural sites.

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An attack on even one cultural site is really an attack on the totality of human history.

President Donald Trump's tweet threat of retaliatory strikes on 52 Iranian "cultural" sites in the face of ever-growing tensions in the region was quickly shot down this week as not only a horrible war-crime-in-the-making, but as a veiled threat against Muslim heritage.

But let's put aside the fact that the United States, as a signatory to the 1954 Hague Convention, has a legal obligation “to protect cultural property” during times of war. Trump and his far right Evangelical cheerleaders have failed to realize that threatening a country that literally cradled civilization, whose history predates the rise of Islam by some 2000 years, and whose Zoroastrian, Jewish and Christian landmarks continue to function as places of worship and pilgrimage, would be tantamount to shooting itself in the heart while beating its chest.

“They’re not just cordoned off but are woven into the fabric of everyday life,” explains assistant professor of Middle East studies at Cornell University Seema Golestaneh. In other words, targeting any of Iran's 22 cultural UNESCO World Heritage Sites would be equal to "threatening to bomb Notre Dame or the Sistine Chapel." 

Take the Fire Temple of Yazd. Not only is it a potent symbol of Zoroastrianism, the world's oldest religion, but its own fire, a symbol of truth, has been burning since the reign of the Sasanian Empire, circa 470 AD. Or the Tomb of Esther and Mordechai, believed to house the remains of the Jewish queen of Persia's King Ahasuerus as well as other famous rabbis. Or the Vank Cathedral in Isfahan, one of 16 Armenian churches in the New Julfa region crucial to the Armenian Apostolic Church. Or the Tomb of Cyrus the Great, Persia's first emperor, a man celebrated in the Bible for freeing Jews held captive in Babylon, whom many modern evangelicals have compared to Trump himself.

“Iran has very significant sites for the Zoroastrian religion, Jewish and Christian communities, and of course Muslims,” explains Omid Safi, professor of Asian and Middle Eastern studies at Duke University.

Even as Trump’s own defense secretary has been quick to insist the US would not target Iranian cultural sites following any further Tehran retaliation for the killing of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani last week, the task of distinguishing Iran's Shiite theocracy from the rich legacy of Persian culture, which predates the rise of Islam, and even monotheism, has largely been left to scholars.

Wouldn't it be nice if religious leaders from all corners of the globe could put politics aside and unite in order to defend their own heritage?


  1. Lori Mongillo's Avatar Lori Mongillo

    I'm glad no cultural sites have been attacked and I'm glad they will not be in the future. These places are precious to all.

  1. Tom's Avatar Tom

    Respectfully....acts of war of any kind are repugnant...there is no reason to feel that killing civilians and military installations is "godly"...Trumputin is an egotistical megalomaniac who is driving the United States to crisis...it is sad that half the country does not realize this...Peace...Tom B

  1. Angel's Avatar Angel

    Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it...

    1. Kevin W Titus's Avatar Kevin W Titus


  1. Minister Mike's Avatar Minister Mike

    Old news and, due to the out of touch writer, inaccurate to boot. 45 walked back his threat after being informed that targeting cultural sites is a war crime under the Hague Convention. If I remember the quote accurately, he said, "If that's what the law is...I like to obey the law."

    1. Robin's Avatar Robin

      Really? We are to take 45 at his word when he says ".... I like to obey the law"? I guess his actions over the last 3 years isn't enough to question whether or not that statement can be believed. Interesting.

      1. Reverend K's Avatar Reverend K

        Every word that crosses his lips is a lie. He is no Christian. He worships only himself and money. Anyone who believes him is as ignorant and delusional as he is.

  1. JKM's Avatar JKM

    President Trump should have known this was a war crime. Then again, he doesn’t seem to mind committing crimes. His lack of moral compass is disturbing. His actions do not become him or the office he holds. We must pray for our country and also for him.

  1. Rod Gesner's Avatar Rod Gesner

    He threatens and Bullies and Then Backs Down; yet Another Sign of His Sickness; but we Bombed The Hell out of cultural Sites and ancient Caves in Iraq that could have been sanctuary to civilians.. Also our Priorities Seem Alittle WRONG; what is a worse War Crime ancient cultural sites or Schools, Hospitals or Temples with Innocent Men, women and children?? Oh Right that's OK; Cause They thought Enemy combatants were there Too ??? Collateral Damage They call it sometimes?? War is About Murdering as many People as possible to Make the Victors More Rich and Powerful By Enslaving/controlling the People on Both Sides; and Stealing the resources of the country that is destroyed..But I guess it's Nice We have Rules to Protect the remains of Past religious Myths; even Though we use them and Present Day Untruths; to Justify the Rape of a Country and Murder of it's People

  1. Kevin W Titus's Avatar Kevin W Titus

    I believe ALL Historical sites , monuments and Sacred Sites be RESPECTED and Left Alone. Regardless of its story. History yesterday is to form a better Today! Even if that Religious site does not agree with all of our ideology. But there are MANy Who will not respect them and have removed and destroyed them. This all must stop.

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