Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - January, 2023

2023 is going to be another wild year if Nostradamus has anything to say about it. From boiling seas, to Buckingham Palace ablaze, to the possible return of the antichrist… it seems like nothing is off the table if his predictions are to be believed. Plus, two final stories capping off 2022 with a bang.

'Bling Bishop' On Trial

A pastor known as the "Bling Bishop" became famous for his extravagant style and expensive taste in jewelry. Now he's being charged with defrauding his parishioners to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.
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An Unholy Trinity

An Unholy Trinity

A former nun is blowing the whistle on a high-ranking official in the Catholic Church, alleging that he pressured her into elicit activity – including an intimate relationship with another nun meant to simulate the holy trinity.
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2023 and Me

For centuries, humankind's been looking to the cryptic predictions of Nostradamus to see what the future holds for us. In a guest sermon, one ULC minister breaks down some of the ancient soothsayer's predictions for 2023, and let's just say we might be in for a bumpy ride.
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Jesse Duplantis
What does God's face look like? An advanced AI was given this prompt, and created hundreds of portraits of what God might look like. Surprisingly, many of the images interpret God as a feminine or androgynous being, a sharp contrast to traditionally masculine depictions. Tell us which image you think most closely resembles God!
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