Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - October, 2022

With Fall now fully underway, we examine some spooky stories of people trying to reconcile reality with the other-worldly. From allegations that one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history owes his success to witchcraft, to a Texas mom's viral warning that one beloved children's movie is a window into the demonic, some argue evidence is stacking up that the Sanderson sisters and other supernatural phenomena are alive and well. We'll let you make the call. Come, we fly!

Performance-Enhancing Spells

A group of witches claim Tom Brady's Hall of Fame career is due to protective spells cast by his wife, Gisele Bündchen. With divorce imminent, they predict Brady will flounder – and the evidence might be on their side.
Is Witchcraft at Play?

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Siblings in Christ

Siblings in Christ

One Portland church is introducing gender neutral bathrooms and name tags with pronouns in an effort to appeal to the LGBTQ community. But will the changes draw in a group that is often skeptical of Christianity?
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Demons on Disney Plus

A Texas mom is ringing the alarm bell over the latest threat to your kid's mortal soul: Hocus Pocus 2 on Disney Plus. She believes the PG film's portrayal of witchcraft is doomed to corrupt children with demonic influences, bringing the "schemes of hell" into your living room this Halloween. Critics say her fears are overblown.
Is Hocus Pocus Demonic?

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Clash on Campus

Video of a Sikh college student getting handcuffed on campus is going viral. Security apparently mistook his ceremonial kirpan for a weapon – an act of ignorance that Sikh advocates say is nothing new.
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Abortion: Jewish Right?

Three Jewish women are suing officials in Kentucky, arguing that the state’s abortion ban violates their freedom of religion. They note that Judaism teaches abortions are religiously required in some cases.
Will It Work?

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Brighten Up Your Closet

Express your colorful side with the ULC Rainbow Clergy Stole! Representing the beauty of human diversity, this latest addition to our stole collection is sure to turn some heads. Take on your next ceremony or ministerial outing with the colors of the rainbow draped around your shoulders!
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Over on Facebook, we celebrated the High Holy Days – the most important period in the Jewish calendar every year. Millions around the world observed the holiday and fasted for 25 hours, spending their time in a state of introspection and repentance before breaking the fast with a great feast of lox, bagels, schmears, and other traditional foods.
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