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Minister *|FNAME|*, August 3rd, 2022
In this edition of the Visionary, we're taking a look at when exactly it's appropriate to refuse service. From a Christian cashier who refused to sell condoms to a woman, to a wedding venue banning gay weddings entirely - it seems like lately, everyone’s taking the right to refuse service to a religious extreme. We've heard of 'no shoes, no shirt, no service,' but...

No Sex For You!

A shopper at a Wisconsin Walgreens was denied condoms at the checkout lane by a religious cashier who apparently didn't approve of the customer having protected sex. Should religious employees be able to deny service on a faith-based basis?
Where Do You Stand?

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Librarians Check Out

Librarians Check Out

An Iowa library was forced to close after harassment from community members who were angry that the library had LGBTQ+ employees and offered books with gay themes, arguing that they were indoctrinating children into an 'LGBTQ+ lifestyle'.
A Sinister Agenda?

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Saved By the Bill?

The U.S. House of Representatives just passed a bill codifying same-sex marriage into law, fearful that a conservative Supreme Court might overturn the legality of gay marriage. Now the bill heads to the Senate… where it faces an uncertain future.
Will Gay Marriage Finally be Codified into Law?

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"Straights Only"

A new wedding venue in Michigan is making headlines with their "no gay weddings allowed" policy. The owners say that their faith prevents them from hosting same-sex weddings, and now many straight couples are canceling their weddings there in protest.
Bad for Business?

The Holy Boast?

A Brooklyn pastor was robbed at gunpoint during a Sunday sermon, the whole ordeal captured on his livestream. Many were shocked to learn that the thieves made off with about a million dollars in jewelry, renewing a dialogue on pastoral opulence.
Would Jesus Approve?

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Has a famous story in the Bible been fundamentally misunderstood? Disagreement over an oft-cited biblical passage is heating up – and the consequences could be big. See the post that set off this fiery debate.
Have We Been Wrong All Along?
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