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Should cashiers be able to deny selling contraceptives to unmarried couples?

Should retail employees be allowed to refuse service on a faith-based basis? That is the question many are asking after a Walgreens employee in Wisconsin refused to sell condoms to an unmarried couple because of his religious beliefs.

In a now-viral tweet, Nathan Pentz shared how his partner Jess attempted to purchase condoms at a Walgreens in Hayward, Wisconsin. He explains that Jess took condoms and some other items to the checkout lane, where the cashier refused to ring up the condoms, citing his faith.

Pentz explains that the clerk further embarrassed his partner by offering to ring up her other items, and to get a manager so that she could complete her purchase. The widely shared tweet prompted similar stories from others, widespread outrage, and even some upcoming protests.

To what extent should retail employees be allowed to refuse selling merchandise because it offends their religious sensibilities?

Condom Conundrum

The viral tweet drew dozens of stories from other shoppers who say they’ve experienced something similar.

A TikTok user named Abigail Martin shared her story of being denied birth control refills from cross-wearing Walgreens pharmacists, forcing her to jump through hoops which set her refill back days.

Walgreens says none of these employees did anything wrong.

"Our policies are designed to ensure we meet the needs of our patients and customers while respecting the religious and moral beliefs of our team members," a Walgreens spokesperson told NBC News. Referring to the condom issue, the spokesperson claimed that “the instances are rare, however when a team member has a moral or religious conviction about completing a transaction, they are required to refer the customer to another employee or manager on duty who will complete the transaction, which is what occurred in this instance."

In response, #BoycottWalgreens began trending on Twitter, with thousands of social media users vowing to avoid the massive pharmacy chain.

Not in the Job Description

Some pondered why employees with such objections would be hired in the first place. As they argue, shouldn’t the duties of an employee include selling every item in the store? 

The original Twitter user who shared this story, Nathan Pentz, fears how such an interaction would go for someone younger or with less life experience.

"Maybe they are not as assertive, or whatever the reason is, and that causes them not to purchase and be [intimidated] and don’t try to later,” he explained.

"It's just kind of an appalling thing that someone would choose to stick their nose in someone else’s business in that way." 

What do you think? Should religious employees be able to refuse to sell certain products they object to? Or should employees be required to ring up any item in the store, regardless of whether they morally agree with it or not?


  1. Rev. MichaelRS's Avatar Rev. MichaelRS

    At the store where I do most of my market shopping there is a female cashier who is, obviously, Muslim. But she dutifully rings up pork chops, bacon and bottles of wine or six packs of beer.

    In such a setting I think the implied contract is that the employee agrees to sell what the store carries.

    If they have a problem with any of it ahead of time that should be made known to the employer before hire and they (the employee) should not create a situation in the middle of the job.

    It also creates a dilemma for employers that if you have people that won't do it, let's say the Muslim woman did decide that she could not sell pork or alcohol products, and you don't hire her, that could create a lawsuit for religious discrimination.

    The bottom line is if you take a job in that environment you should be willing to sell all the products.

    1. taycomama's Avatar taycomama

      How is it discrimination not to hire someone who refuses to do the job?

      1. Rev. MichaelRS's Avatar Rev. MichaelRS

        How is anybody being accused of discrimination these days when, with lawsuits flying right and left, when common sense would tell most people whatever they're talking about it's not discrimination? I don't know.

        I think most people are down on this particularly because the woman is a Christian. Take THAT out of it and put any other faith-based objections in there and people seem to be more "tolerant" of the objecting party.

        1. John Komorowski's Avatar John Komorowski

          Seriously? You hire on to do a job and that job is to sell what the store carries. If you have a problem selling something because of your religion, then don't take the job, you are not fulfilling your hired obligation/job description. BTW, a store owner/manager has every right to say yea or nay to a prospective candidate applying for a job, religion, color or whatever does not factor, or should not. It's who can do what the job entails in the best/most efficient way.

          1. Rev. MichaelRS's Avatar Rev. MichaelRS

            I'm talking about people SAYING they are being discriminated against, for whatever, and then filing a lawsuit...whether the discrimination is actual or not. It's being purposefully obtuse to say that that does not happen.

          2. Rev, Rene L.'s Avatar Rev, Rene L.

            I completely agree, when being hired by a USA firm I had to sign a form agreeing to periodic drug testing,this is quite common in some industries like health care. I also had to provide a criminal background report from police agencies. Having to sign a form agreeing to sell whichever a company sells is a logical prerequisite to fulfill the job opening, and this is a choice by the prospective employee. But a form should be provided and signed!!!

            1. Timothy H. Boprey's Avatar Timothy H. Boprey

              why should a form be provided to sign stating you will sell what the store carries? if an employee (prospective) refuses then they should not work there......... a random drug test is completely different. it's designed to insure your ability to perform your duties is not impaired which could result in harm to you or others.

        2. JaZe's Avatar JaZe

          the item is legally sold, no reason to refuse!

      2. John Komorowski's Avatar John Komorowski


    2. Douglas Robert Spindler's Avatar Douglas Robert Spindler

      I have yet to meet a Muslim or for that matter a Mormon that puts pious religious beliefs over making money. Heck the Mormons and Muslims both forgo religious beliefs over making a profit. When the Olympics came to Salt Lake City the Mormons suspended all of the restrictive law related to alcohol. Muslims are doing the same for the FIFA world cup and when they host the Olympics.

      1. Zarabeth Anderson's Avatar Zarabeth Anderson

        Your world is pretty damn small isn't it? I bet you think that EVERYTHING on your social media feeds are fact. And let me have a muslim AND a mormon friend (neighbor, etc etc) that you know this to be a fact. When was the last time you were in Salt Lake City? When was the last time you visited Kuwait, Africa, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan...etc for the way SOME follow and choose to follow you see that as the way ALL feel? So I bet you think dropping money in a dish and baking cupcakes for the church bake sale and voting for Trump is the Christian way and THAT will get you the ticket into Heaven right ......well Jesus isn't Willie Wonka and the Golden Ticket doesn't come from being a Checklist Christian....YOUR COMMENT was sickening and baseless and wrong.

        1. JaZe's Avatar JaZe

          the good news is, they are going to outlaw/cancel sex altogether ... except for that 1%! 😳 🥴

      2. rebadams7's Avatar rebadams7

        In the world, not of the world. Probably shouldn’t work at a factory making them but when you work in a store, you should be prepared to ring up all the items.

    3. Kwaibill's Avatar Kwaibill

      I agree absolutely. If one has a religious objection to selling certain merchandise, then the burden is upon them to avoid being placed in such a position. It is no secret that contraceptives are sold in pharmacies. If the company wishes to accommodate minority moral objections, then open a restricted sales register, clearly marked for the general public, and assign such employees to them.

      1. John Komorowski's Avatar John Komorowski

        Good grief, No. The employee does not have the right to pick and choose. If every employee did this then nothing would get done/sold. If I was the manager, the employee would be put on notice for termination for Not Fulfilling the Job Requirements. Geeze some employee might have a religious bout and say they can't stock shelves or look at the card/magazine racks. Seems like Stupidity reigns.

      2. Douglas Robert Spindler's Avatar Douglas Robert Spindler

        @ John Komorowski. I wonder of the person were buying alcohol, cigarettes or lottery tickets if the clerk due to religious beliefs would refuse to sell those products to customers as well. Probably not even-though those products would violate the clerks religious beliefs.

        Answer is simple. All drug stores and pharmacies should NOT hire Christians. Problem solved.

    4. Rev Wayne Steven's Avatar Rev Wayne Steven

      You got it 100%

    5. Kwaibill's Avatar Kwaibill

      I agree absolutely. If one has a religious objection to selling certain merchandise, then the burden is upon them to avoid being placed in such a position. It is no secret that contraceptives are sold in pharmacies. If the company wishes to accommodate minority moral objections, then open a restricted sales register, clearly marked for the general public, and assign such employees to them.

      1. Mark Edmead's Avatar Mark Edmead

        Not sure about a restricted sales register. What is next, a register for African American's only?

      2. Rev. MichaelRS's Avatar Rev. MichaelRS

        @Kawibill: wouldn't that be something? Although I fear if that was the case you'd have you'd dozen or more open registers with many of the cashiers standing around doing practically nothing. 😄

    6. David Franklin Lancaster's Avatar David Franklin Lancaster

      A condition of employment is that you will sell whatever the store sells

    7. JaZe's Avatar JaZe

      a grocery store or pharmacy in this case is not a church and we are not living in the Vatican!

    8. James Tom Bailey's Avatar James Tom Bailey

      Yes the cashier is definitely in the wrong here. They CHOSE to work there, therefore, they must sell the products the store carries with the sole exception of those items such as alcohol and tobacco products that are tightly regulated. Though I respect her RIGHT to believe and worship the way she feels, she has NO right to attempt to force her beliefs onto others. I had a cousin once, before he passed on, that would only shop the grocery stores that DID NOT sell alcohol. He and his wife would drive literally well over an hour just to shop in stores that did not sell the demon rum, even though there were three major chain grocers within 10 minutes of where they lived. Eventually, ALL the grocery stores started carrying it, and what did my cousin and his wife do? They switched entirely to "mom and pop" stores in the area that refused to sell alcohol. They would gladly pay several percentage points more to be able to shop according to their conscience and desires. They started a petition in their church that quickly spread to all the Christian churches in the area, calling for a boycott of the stores that sold and carried alcoholic beverages. Ironically, the one Christian faith/denomination that refused to sign the petition or join in the crusade was the Mormon Church. Ironic because one of the very basic tenets of that faith is what they call "The Word of Wisdom" in which they strongly teach the avoidance of alcohol and tobacco products along with a few other items. The petition failed to gain the attention of the chain grocers, but for years the "mom and pop" establishments catered to and served the communities accordingly. But the cashier in this story needs to be re-trained or re-assigned to duties that don't include cashiering or sales interactions with customers.

    9. Rev, Rene L.'s Avatar Rev, Rene L.

      I would KINDLY thank the employee for sticking to her beliefs, but demand the manager come and finish the complete sale requested. Also, please note our military personnel use condoms to "Blouse" the bottom of their leg wear in many situations. The cashier should be made aware of that and instructed to not imagine which use these are ultimately used for in future.

    10. Robert Michael Nodding's Avatar Robert Michael Nodding

      The employer needs only to advertise the job requirements, including the fact that the employee if a cashier, is required to ring in any and all products that they sell. That would not/ should not be interpreted as religious discrimination.

  1. Susan Colmenares's Avatar Susan Colmenares

    What???? Condoms prevent disease. Heaven help us all!!

    1. Douglas Robert Spindler's Avatar Douglas Robert Spindler

      Sadly the cashier is a product of our education system which has been shown to be a failure. We have generation of people who's knowledge of our world is very poor.

  1. Colleen McAllister's Avatar Colleen McAllister

    Wrong on all counts; there are more reasons to use a condom than birth control. As a married couple my husband and I had to use them when first married because he had Hep C and I did not want to get it.

    This employee had no right to exert a personal judgement on the couple, single or not. And simply having someone else ring up the condoms does not stop the sale; it still allows the couple to buy them. So what was accomplished here was nothing more than the clerk trying to declare himself morally superior while trying to shame the couple.

    Wrong; I trust the clerk was fired or at least demoted.

    1. tuppennyblue's Avatar tuppennyblue

      How do you get demoted from checkout cashier? |:-)

      1. Grahame Warren's Avatar Grahame Warren

        you become a condom shelf stacker!

        1. David Ciambrone's Avatar David Ciambrone

          Good idea. Stack the condom or leave. Very simple.

    2. Judith's Avatar Judith

      how would the cashier know if they are married or not unless they were telling her

  1. Asa William Sprague, II's Avatar Asa William Sprague, II

    Cashier: "I cannot sell you that candy bar."

    Customer: "Why not?"

    Cashier: "Because you look overweight and it is against my religion to support someone's gluttony."

    1. Devin Lewis Woods's Avatar Devin Lewis Woods

      That cashier's parents should have used a condom.

      1. Rev, Rene L.'s Avatar Rev, Rene L.

        Oh, nasty! This is supposed to be a pastoral function, please do not judge and comment out of love!

        1. Devin Lewis Woods's Avatar Devin Lewis Woods

          Lol! Who is judging? It's making light of a situation where a lot of people are unhappy and angry by that person's decision.

          If you can't handle the joke because it's classless and distasteful, then I don't know what to tell you. Go harp on all the other comments that aren't so whimsical.

  1. Robert James Ruhnke's Avatar Robert James Ruhnke

    This is bullshit. Then that person can go get another person to sell them. This religiosity is getting too far out of hand. Fundie Christians have zero right to push their faith on others. Truly, fascism will come to this country draped in the American flag and carrying a cross.

    1. Charles Jude Platt's Avatar Charles Jude Platt

      100% agreed with your comment, thanks.

  1. Bishop William Dusenberry, DD's Avatar Bishop William Dusenberry, DD

    Any religion that opposes the use of birth control— is actively committing a crime against humanity.

    The #1 cause of global overheating is “human overpopulation.

  1. Jean's Avatar Jean

    You know, I know we consider ourselves more intelligent than the great apes, New World monkeys, dolphins, elephants, and other creatures in the "animal kingdom", but it has been my observation that some of us are clearly NOT utilizing our brains in any way, shape, or form. It is none of my business what a customer purchases, regardless of my religion, denomination, or any other characteristic I choose. If I go into Walgreens and grab up all the purple condoms and a 5 gallon tub of lard, the clerk doesn't get say in whether or not I get to purchase those items, even if I announce plans to get frisky with my pet goat all weekend. If there is a minor or a person with diminished capacity involved, by all means, intervene. But my goat and I are adults, and it is a mutually satisfying, consensual relationship. Working as a clerk at Walgreens does not authorize one to play hall monitor, head snitch, morality judge, or any other intrusive, oppressive, Mrs. Umbridge for muggles. None of you get to tell me what to do (or not do) unless you are a member of law enforcement or an instrument of the court. Free will, people! That's what the deity in christianity bestowed on its creations. Nobody gets to abrogate that outside the law. Period. If you can't do the job, tell the truth and shame the . Go apply at McDonald's or Starbucks. Walgreens, bad on you; you're on the wrong side of this issue no matter what anybody else thinks. #boycott Walgreens.

    1. Jean's Avatar Jean

      It irritates me when the bot in charge of these comments decides it knows what I need to say better than I do... tell the truth and shame the devil. That's what I was trying to say when the bot intervened. The sentence makes no sense the way the bot published it. Smh...

      1. Rev, Rene L.'s Avatar Rev, Rene L.

        Exit one goat!!!

    2. Ilmenheru Terikson's Avatar Ilmenheru Terikson

      Your goat can not give consent, that is why we have laws against beastiality. Now if you are actually Doctor Dolittle and your goat is dtf I apologize.

    3. Jay Dwayne Groom's Avatar Jay Dwayne Groom

      When you say Goat I assume that you mean your partner is the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT). :)

    4. Dorothy Anne Howard's Avatar Dorothy Anne Howard

      Totally agree with Jean!

  1. CB Cuff's Avatar CB Cuff

    In spite of the US national education level being at grade 7 this 'team member' falls short of showing they've achieved that success. Also tells us a whole lot about Walgreen's hiring requirements.

    1. Dr. Bob Thomas's Avatar Dr. Bob Thomas

      Grade 4

      1. Paul Edward Nunis's Avatar Paul Edward Nunis

        That's journos... ; )

  1. Dr. Zerpersande, NSC's Avatar Dr. Zerpersande, NSC

    “Should retail employees be allowed to refuse service on a faith-based basis? That is the question many are asking after a Walgreens employee in Wisconsin…”

    Really? MANY people are asking themselves this question? How did they find time for such, did they take time off from pondering whether or not not other obvious questions such as ‘Is a candle flame hot?’ and ‘Can I breathe underwater?’

    Actually this is part of a much broader valid question. How much further will we allow religious people to interfere with normal life?’

    The person that did this should have to answer this question when they go home… ‘Mommy, how will we eat now that you’ve lost your job?’

  1. Krystina S.'s Avatar Krystina S.

    How does a cashier know if a seemingly heterosexual couple are married, legally/religiously? Wearing rings is meaningless, as people who work in factories, electricians and other jobs don't wear the "correct ring" on the "correct finger." My mom's hands are swollen and my dad is a musician: they are both in their 80s and don't wear rings, though they've been married since 1961! (in a church and all, y'all!) What if my (imaginary) brother and I go to the store and he gets condoms... and we both are married and have The Rings... but he is gay? Would that "look" ok? I am ENRAGED that the ChristoFascists are such amazing snowflakes that they can judge others based on "seems like." I am sick of it. It disgusts me. I agree with the Jean above- people who work retail sell what the store retails. That's that. What if I was angry at a corporation that had a stance I didn't like, oh let's imagine Proctor and Gamble or Coca-Cola. Would I then be allowed to refuse to sell their items? Nope. But the Religious Freaks make EVERYTHING about THEM. EVERYTHING revolves around THEM. What would Jesus do? He would sell condoms to whomever put them on the counter. Cause he wasn't JUDGY and EVIL like that.

  1. Nicholas J Page's Avatar Nicholas J Page

    That is not the employees job or in his job description he is paid to serve customers.Not telling people.What they can or can't buy If I was a manager at a retail outfit the employee would be looking for another job.Mind your own business.You have no legal right.Whatever your beliefs keep them to yourself.

  1. Thomas Edwin Peterson's Avatar Thomas Edwin Peterson

    The cashier is not working his job properly. As a cashier his job is to simply check out items presented for purchase. If he can't do it fire him.

    1. Alicia Szot's Avatar Alicia Szot

      What's even worse is that Walgreen's says that none of the employees who refuse service for religious reasons are doing anything wrong!!! WTF??????

  1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

    No sorry, this isnt a faith based anything. The cashier could have very easily just asked for a helper in checkout lane so-and-so and then let them ring up the sale. So unless the cashier owned the store he would have to complete the sale. And if he joined and saw the condoms were there for sale, then he would have known at some point he would have t sell these. So in this case the customer and his partner are in the right and the cashier is in the wrong.If he does not want to sell what the store has to offer then out him restocking the shelves and taking out the garbage and cleaning the bathrooms, or just terminate him.

  1. Keith Graham Ainsworth's Avatar Keith Graham Ainsworth

    If the person refuses to do their job, they should be fired. Imposing one's beliefs on others is not acceptable

    1. Rev. MichaelRS's Avatar Rev. MichaelRS

      Wouldn't it be imposing one's beliefs on the cashier to force her to sell the items?

      Don't get me wrong, I think she should sell them, but I'm just curious in light of your statement.

      1. Paul Edward Nunis's Avatar Paul Edward Nunis

        Self imposed, given that clerks ask for the job, and pocket the paychecks.

        1. John Komorowski's Avatar John Komorowski

          You nailed it.

      2. John Komorowski's Avatar John Komorowski

        No. Should not have been hired if it was know this person would refuse to sell store items. They hired on knowing that this is the job description.

  1. Douglas Robert Spindler's Avatar Douglas Robert Spindler

    This is like an abortion clinic which hires a doctor to preform abortions. Then when it comes time for the doctor to preform the procedure they refuse stating against their religious beliefs.

  1. Alicia Szot's Avatar Alicia Szot

    Sorry, but if you're working in a drug store, assume that there will be some forms of birth control offered. Plan B, I believe, is an OTC purchase as well as condoms.

    This cashier has no business working in ANY store that sells any form of birth control! He needs to get a job at a religious bookstore since any other shop may have items "against his religion", including book titles, games, calendars, etc.

    But, until these religious nuts get fired for not doing what they were hired to do (ring up sales without judging people), I would suggest using self-checkout lanes, then write to corporate to let them know WHY you refuse to go to a "real" cashier.

  1. Reverend Kurt's Avatar Reverend Kurt

    Only in America

  1. Krystina S.'s Avatar Krystina S.

    Boycotting Walgreens too. And their coupon/loyalty program sucks, anyway.

  1. The Gray Minister's Avatar The Gray Minister

    I Minister Gray Feels outraged by this.

    One Sure the persons had free will to do what they did and thats good. Two The store well it’s good they do how they do it. But I would tale that person of the cashier spot and put them somewhere else. Only because the person knew they would have to sell all their products. Go work at Christian Three And most importantly You work at the store for them not the other way around. We should be excepting of everything good and bad. Like Jesus You think he walked into the bar & started telling everyone they were sinners for being drunk? No he excepted them for who they were. Probably said a few words of Holiness. Or just went into get some peace. Because I don’t remember Jesus getting thrown out. But I just think its wrong. Like he could of said you should wait till after marriage or something. But by doing this. I argee What the person doesn’t try again to buy them. Then the people have an unplanned child. This religion believe stuff is gone to crazy. You cant do it because it goes blah blah blah Worry about you Don’t worry about me.

    Gosh don’t get me started on how the government and church are supposed to be separate but then all the church people are running the government tell me how that doesn’t break the constitution because church people are running the government that means church and state are not separate atheist people should be ruling the country.

    I do say believe whatever you want. keep it in your church keep it in your house keep it at your advent that are centered around your beliefs and stay out of my face with it because I swear to gosh I’ll share your verses that will make your head spin because you’ve been brainwashed to believe it because a brainwashed teacher tell you, everybody in religion the church the leaders all have to go to school that means they are brainwashed in the how they believe read the Bible yourself don’t go to other people Let the spirit teach me But if you can see Can hear Then sure I guess your stuck hoping the person is teaching you right.

  1. Maximillian Martin's Avatar Maximillian Martin

    The cashier should be fired!! No questions about it!! Her religion can't override her job requirements.

  1. Ms C Sunshine's Avatar Ms C Sunshine

    You can forcefully impose religious beliefs on others. It does nothing for whatever cause you serve. More often then not it turns people away.

    1. Lady Mutt Cat's Avatar Lady Mutt Cat

      Perhaps you meant "you canNOT" forcefully impose.

    2. Ronaldo's Avatar Ronaldo

      As I recall, Christ told His followers that, if a town or house does not want to hear what they had to say, they should kick the dust off their sandals and move on. He did not say to keep preaching the Gospel until they gave in.

  1. Edward's Avatar Edward

    An employee's job is only to sell the store's merchandise, not to judge a customer about its use. That should be in their contract.

    Imagine a gun store with an employee with moral convictions about taking the life of any animal. Cant sell any guns, can you. Haha

    Rev. Edi

  1. Douglas R. Reynolds's Avatar Douglas R. Reynolds

    You're paid to do a job if your religious beliefs won't let you do what the job requires you to do then why did you take the job in the first place?

  1. David Weller's Avatar David Weller

    What is so difficult about minding your own business?

  1. taycomama's Avatar taycomama

    The employee shouldn't work in a place that violates their faith. That should be settled in the personnel office, not at the register. If I had been the customer, I would probably said "Fine, don't sell it," and walked out with it without paying.

  1. Lady Mutt Cat's Avatar Lady Mutt Cat

    I think it is simply disgusting that people expect to get away with this behavior. When you are an employee, you are an extension of your employer. If that employer sells condoms, then so do you. Go work at some thumper store if you don't want to sell condoms.

  1. Peter Senderowitz's Avatar Peter Senderowitz

    Let the employee quit and go work for their favorite religious outfit. Any business that serves a general public is non- religious and nonsectarian. Rev. Peter S

  1. Jay Dwayne Groom's Avatar Jay Dwayne Groom

    So when someone does something like this, refusing to serve a customer, based on religious beliefs, and they say they are a Christian, then my response would be, “you mean you believe in and follow Jesus, the one who taught ‘judge not’”, then I might say “I appreciate how you show and prove your faith by not judging”. Jesus even gave an amazing example when he saved the life of an adulteress by saying “ let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. The lack of adherence to these two teaching is the crux of the issue with many Christian church’s ’ these days. Instead of judging, give people a pass, that would make the world a better place for all of us. Remember, everybody is in lesson, trying to figure out the best they can how to do this thing we call life on earth. It is not easy many times, but it is always better with a smile, a kind word, and a appreciative attitude that accepts others for who and what they are. We all make mistakes, have less than stellar moments, and have growth to achieve, so be kind to each other and give people a pass, kind of like a Golden Rule thing, you know.

  1. Francis Robert Johnson's Avatar Francis Robert Johnson

    If as in the case of Walgreens, the policy is to allow the employee to exercise their religious beliefs while still delivering a service to the customer no problem.

  1. Carrol Ann Brown's Avatar Carrol Ann Brown

    I believe your beliefs and not be forced on other people. You can share the word in the right place. And you can give advice and opinions to people who ask for it. You cannot tell or decided for people what they can have or should or shouldn’t do.

  1. Paul Edward Nunis's Avatar Paul Edward Nunis

    'Sincerely held religious beliefs' as a release from governmental requirements (such as draft exemptions, sacramental use of controlled substances, etc.) used to have to clear a threshold of supporting documentation in advance... not just a spur of the moment declaration of random personal biases.

  1. P. Keith Benefiel's Avatar P. Keith Benefiel

    I'll never enter another Walgreens.

  1. Richard A Ward's Avatar Richard A Ward

    Why can’t I ever get the clerk who finds capitalism evil, who just happily gives me everything and refuses to allow me to pay for my items?

  1. Cassandra Mae Banks's Avatar Cassandra Mae Banks

    Did someone tell the religious cashier that religious people are allowed to use condoms to protect health, and cashiers don't need to inquire the reason for someone's purchases? While chastity is recommended for the unmarried, being religious does not mean being the morality police and questioning to see if any of a person's purchases are going to be used for sin? She could have been buying the condoms for someone else. She could have been buying the condoms to use as water balloons at a bachelorette party. Or could be non-religious. Or a different religion where that behavior is not considered wrong. Being religious isn't an excuse to judge, pry, or humiliate another person. It sounds like someone is trying to do what God wants and has difficulty understanding how to do it. As we all do. A good way to figure it: God is love. Is my response to this situation loving? God never said not to sell people personal items. God never said not to feed cake to gay people. It's supposed to be about love. It's also possible the cashier said upfront she had a hard time even touching certain items in the store because of her own personal feelings and was told that was fine, they could just get a different cashier for those. The sale wasn't refused, it was just made awkward. You'd think a person embarrassed to have a different cashier come over would also be embarrassed to take the matter into court!

  1. Toney Long's Avatar Toney Long

    I feel like the person who works there should follow store policy even if they believe that they can refuse its there job and for the customer its there American rights we has people can't decide what to sell a customer unless there under age and if a person who wants to buy this that's there rights even if we think it is wrong that will be with the person and God

  1. Dan Anderson's Avatar Dan Anderson

    Will Jewish pharmacists refuse to sell pork products?

  1. Rev Wayne Steven's Avatar Rev Wayne Steven

    Well I know it's a pain ! Just simply go to a different store.

  1. Michael Hinkle's Avatar Michael Hinkle

    Those coming from other countries brings their comfort stuff to America has no rights to tell us Americans what to do and what can't buy! This include Muslims and Jews

    1. Douglas Robert Spindler's Avatar Douglas Robert Spindler

      @Michael Hinkle Friend you need to learn more about American history. It was the White Europeans who brought their laws, food, language and customs to America. For the most they killed the Native Americans instead of adopting their language, customs and laws. There are still many places in the US where German is spoken as the primary language. (Pennsylvania Dutch, and Texasdeutsch or Texas Germans.

      You need to get rid of the anger you have towards others. Not sure why you don't think Muslims and Jews are Americans, they most certainly are. You might want to visit our nations capitol building and the Supreme Court. You will find a statue of a Muslim, specifically Mohammad in the Supreme Court holding a Qur'an. Muslims have tried to get it removed, but are you ready for it, the Supreme Court ruled against it.

      Try learning about your country's history and people will think you are smart.

    2. Ilmenheru Terikson's Avatar Ilmenheru Terikson

      But your name is a Jewish name, yes Michael all names in the OT are considered that. And Hinkle is certainly not American in the least. Your skin I suspect is also too pale to mark you as native to this region based on your genetic ancestry.

      I for example am nearly entirely Irish. I and all my kin should return there and help take back our isle from the British and the quislings.

      If you think Jews should stay in Israel you should do as they do and return to your ancient ancestors and their homeland. Which sure as hell are not the Americas.

  1. Cindy L Edgar's Avatar Cindy L Edgar

    She should have been fired for this crap and one one has the right to refuse service and religion should be allowed in the work place

  1. arawngraalrd's Avatar arawngraalrd

    It has happened that government employees refused to murder Women and Children, and it could be seen as Ugly American, to demand a clerk ring up some non-functional condoms. The clerk operated within Store Policy, in offering to let the godless manager do the dirty deed.

  1. Keith Allen Steele Eash's Avatar Keith Allen Steele Eash

    😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 all I can say 9n this one.

  1. Ilmenheru Terikson's Avatar Ilmenheru Terikson

    Women start invoking stand my ground laws against these people! An attempt to deny your autonomy is under the same laws as being held against your will and kidnapping. They are empowering you to legally take their lives. And that is the one and only way you will take back the rights being stripped from you.

  1. John P Maher's Avatar John P Maher


  1. Nkosiyamadlomo Mcholo's Avatar Nkosiyamadlomo Mcholo

    Safety comes first, judgment is not for but God only so our Christian brethren’s must that they don’t own people as for our task is very simple tell people about the love of God , unfortunately as for there’s nothing wrong with condoms , why is she working in the place where they condoms while she cannot sell them , does she mean staying with everyday in shop is not a sin then to sell them , she must be fired for not doing her job

  1. Troels Qvist's Avatar Troels Qvist

    The employee should be fired. The catholic church single handedly where responsible for the AIDS preaching that nonsens. When I grew up there where free condoms everywhere, now you have to play😉 Alternatively (this is a hard one in some places) boycott walgreens.

  1. Patrice Marie Shaw's Avatar Patrice Marie Shaw

    What people buy that is in the store is none of that person's business, take that person off the register and let that person sweep the floor, demote because that person is discriminating the public.

  1. Dennis Ray Bayne's Avatar Dennis Ray Bayne

    If you accept a position at a retail store you are required to perform whatever your job description details. If not you should be fired. Interesting situation near where I live. A female preacher interupted Sunday services to marry a gay couple. A lot of people walked out and eventually started their own church. Any thoughts?

  1. Donald S Todd's Avatar Donald S Todd

    ( we all ) have the same rights .!!! ( but) some people think there( entitled to be above and beyond those right s )

  1. Stephen James White's Avatar Stephen James White

    The simple answer here is that if Walgreens wishes to have employees who have faith based objections to selling certain merchandise then the burden falls on Walgreens to simply and quietly have another employee available who complete the transaction.

    The cashier, without sharing their beliefs, should simply get another employee to complete the transaction or at worst, direct the customer to someone who can. In the case of the cross wearing pharmacist, he/she should not be the only one on duty. It’s fine if Walgreens wants to allow religious exceptions for their employees but it then becomes their responsibility to have a way to service their customers without undue delay. This is particularly true when it comes to prescribed medication!

  1. Rev Dr. Sheila's Avatar Rev Dr. Sheila

    Cashier's job description includes checking out customers. She apparently has an issue with doing so. Maybe another position is better for her. As a nurse, one of my duties was to do blood infusions ( I wasn't comfortable with at that time) there is no refusing because of your "personal" beliefs. People need to be well informed of their position & the duties that come along with it.

  1. Mitchell William King's Avatar Mitchell William King

    I don’t agree with this cashier playing God at the cash register. Would you want someone telling you that what your buying is a sin and that your going to hell. All because they don’t do that. I feel it’s a serious violation of the law and our civil liberties and rights.

    No one should be able to get away with this. What happened to the freedoms we enjoyed as Americans? Seems if we are losing them, now we got people trying to take them away. All cause in their head, it’s ok to do cause their church and their belief system is drilled in so far into their heads. That they actually think they can take peoples individual right to buy OTC sex products, for safe sex. So no unwanted babies and, no diseases will be spread.

    If no one was able to use condoms. Then I’m sure we would have more STD statistics would sky rocket. Plus condoms go back to the ancient days. It’s not a new concept. Just think it’s a total violation of our civil liberties and rights. My original comment got accidentally deleted so I had to rewrite what I thought I wrote which didn’t come out as good. But this is my opinion.

  1. Richard Darwin Richards's Avatar Richard Darwin Richards

    We believe that a lot more people should abstain from sex and stop procreating. This would drop the population and stop global warming as well!

  1. Michael Barton's Avatar Michael Barton

    So basically they were turned to another cashier, and allowed to make their purchase.. Is this a propaganda piece by themonastery?

    1. Lady Mutt Cat's Avatar Lady Mutt Cat

      Nobody needs to have this hassle. Adopt your employer's values or get fired. Or have some ethics and don't work there in the first place. Not that any of these people who think they can dictate morality to others have any ethics in the first place.

      1. Patricia Ann Gross's Avatar Patricia Ann Gross

        Whenever I have applied for jobs, I would first read the "mission, vision, and values" from their website. Some were with religious non-profits, and the job description stated that it required acknowledgement and agreement with their "statement of faith." If the MVV statements weren't there that was a red flag, so if it got to an interview, I asked them if they had a copy. If I had a religious or moral objection to any of the statements (MVV or faith), I would pass. Thank goodness I never was desparate enough to have to take a job that was totally against my personal beliefs (other than extreme Capitalism).

        The whole problem I have with Walgreen's statement of "acommodating" the members of their team's convictions, is would they tolerate someone refusing service to a person wearing traditional Muslim attire or a Jewish man with his Yarmulke? I think not. Just because someone's religion is different than yours, refusing service to them only shows bias and biggotry, not conviction when in a secular setting. When I worked in retail establishments, I sold whatever the store carried, even though some of the items were things I had personal or moral (not particularly religious) objections to.

    2. Paul Edward Nunis's Avatar Paul Edward Nunis

      The Monastery clearly said that the items were rung up by an employee.
      Do you not understand what 'bearing false witness' means? Or do you think you can trick God by sticking a question mark at the end of falsehoods?

    3. Lady Mutt Cat's Avatar Lady Mutt Cat

      Comment removed by user.

  1. Ronaldo's Avatar Ronaldo

    Christians should learn from examples such as those mentioned in this article and start asking just what a potential job entails. Working in a drug store would probably mean you have to sell birth control. If it is beyond you to sell such things, then don't take that job. I doubt very much that anti-gun people work at gun stores, or vegans work in meat markets. I had a boss once that wanted me to lie to customers. I asked if he wanted me to lie to him, as well. When he said no, I told him that I don't lie, and if I started, I'd lie to him as easily as lying to a customer. He never asked again.

  1. David Yonts SR's Avatar David Yonts SR

    I think if you take a job in a retail store you be willing to sell what they have. If take a new item on to sell after you start i would sell it or find another job.

  1. David Yonts SR's Avatar David Yonts SR

    I think if you take a job in a retail store you be willing to sell what they have. If take a new item on to sell after you start i would sell it or find another job.

  1. Ami Offenbacher-Ferris's Avatar Ami Offenbacher-Ferris

    It’s fine if these self-important [hypocrites] of a Christian based faith want to follow the dictates of THEIR OWN religion. However, no where does it state they may force others to follow the rules that these people choose to live by.

    If that cashier actually stuck to her belief as stated, then she could not work in the store where these items are sold!! Take your misguided belief that you need to police the world and GO HOME!!

  1. Anthony Piranio's Avatar Anthony Piranio

    Absolutely not they are there to provide customer service period not to deny any customer any type of service I would have fired him

    1. Paul Edward Nunis's Avatar Paul Edward Nunis

      According to Walgreens, the employee followed company policy. Would you have paid the 6 or 7 figure wrongful termination lawsuit out of your own pocket?

  1. Amber Fry's Avatar Amber Fry

    I thought this was settled already. If it's against your religion to just do your job, find another job. Religion is about how you live your own life. That shouldn't be dictated to other people. Period.

  1. Casey Salmon's Avatar Casey Salmon

    That cashier had NO right refusing her what she wanted to buy, regardless of the the product, if I were his boss, I'd sack him

  1. Joshua David Messoline's Avatar Joshua David Messoline

    I am a firm believer that religion and politics need to be out of the workplace. As someone who has and continues to work in places that have allowed others to use both their religious and political views while working, it seems to be a big problem. I am going to reassure everyone that I am not against any religion or politics however, I am against it being used in the workplace. I believe that we all have our rights to do whatever we want but when it comes to others banding together to discriminate against or they are against something that may or may not be against their belief system, they don’t need to be throwing it out there for everyone to know. Sometimes when working in any business, it is best for those who discriminate against others for anything that they don’t agree with, needs to just shut their mouths and say “have a good day”, and as someone who has thought about this topic since Row vs Wade was overturned, I think that this has given those idiots who think that their religion gives them the right to discriminate, a big fighting chance to act like idiots. I believe that God gave us all life, to include the life to live as we please, not to cast the first stone against those who don’t fit our lifestyle, but to embrace them with open arms and a kind heart. Who are we to judge those who aren’t like minded, we don’t have that right to do so, the only one who has that right is God himself or for all we know, God might be a Goddess, we will never know until that day has arrived, but one thing is for certain, in the workplace we have no right to kick anyone out of any establishment based upon religion or politics.

  1. Devon Atkins's Avatar Devon Atkins

    I think forcing your religious belief on people because you believe them is totally wrong and absurd

  1. Fred Christopher Hieter's Avatar Fred Christopher Hieter

    when a person chose to work for a company who sells or promotes contraceptives it is you job to sell them. If you dont want to sell them then, quit or be fired. Because you made the discission to work there.

  1. Terri J. OFlanagan's Avatar Terri J. OFlanagan

    Employees should NOT be allowed to refuse any customer regardless of what they’re buying.

  1. Keith's Avatar Keith

    As a Christian, I believe that each individual has the right to make their own choices. If an employer sells a product and the employee is hired in a position where they have contact with or sell products that the retail establishment sells then the employee must sell the product regardless of their beliefs. Just because you don’t believe it is right, doesn’t mean that the person purchasing a product is wrong because of their beliefs. Everyone, have choices to make in life and we may not like them all, but is their choice. It’s their life. We are not their judge and should not be. You can silently pray for them, however, leave the judgement to God! Rev. Keith

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      Why would anyone leave judgement to something that no one has any idea exists?

      It’s like saying, leave judgement to fairies. Why would anyone want to do that?🤷🏼

      All of you that don’t believe in Zeus, I want you to know that Zeus loves you. 🤭


  1. Pamela Kuhlman's Avatar Pamela Kuhlman

    How can ANY company DENY a patron( anything) they wish to purchase. And how dare they say that they will not allow it. And the comments of the establishment have the (audacity) to say that their cashier DUD NOTHING WROND. HE did EVERYTHING WRONG! The manager should be fired directly (before that arrogant) employee... HOW DARE THEY. THIS IS A FREE COUNTRY OUR HERO'S- MEN & WOMAN, HAVE DIED FOR THAT FREEDOM AS WELL. (GOD REST THEIR SOULS...)

  1. Rev “D”'s Avatar Rev “D”

    Its amusing how some CHOOSE to invoke their faith on others by claiming their faith “doesn't allow” them to do certain transactions. The clerk is selling a product, they are not using said product. Claiming religious beliefs prevent clerk from selling are valid reasons is nonsense. Does clerk sell any food items? That could lead to gluttony . Make-up leads to pride, lust, & possibly adultery. Just about anything sold can be manipulated to be against “one’s faith.” Walgreens should terminate clerk.

  1. James Bullard's Avatar James Bullard

    When you work for a business, you represent the business not your personal religious beliefs. If that employment requires you to so or sell services/products that are in conflict with your religious beliefs it is incumbent on you to leave that employment.

  1. James Weeder's Avatar James Weeder

    They took the job, that means ringing up ALL purches that the customer has. If we start with condoms where will it stop. Vegans not selling meat, Muslums not selling pork, the list goes on and on. If you don't want to do your job, quit or ask to be a stocker or janitor. It is not anyones job to push their beliefs on another. And it is the job of the establishment to inform their employees that they must do the job or be transfered to another.

  1. Eugene T Rice's Avatar Eugene T Rice

    Should I accept employment at Walmart, I agree to act as their agent. Do I have a right to refuse to serve blacks, or Jews, or gay people, or Republicans? If I do not believe in guns, may I refuse to sell ammuniition? The answer is an unambiguous no. If an individual applies his personal feelings to every transaction he is harming the institution that he has agreed to serve. He should be discharged. The rights of the general public cannot be held hostage to someone's quirky conscience. Such action is an exercise in arrogance, not religiosity.

  1. Rev Ned's Avatar Rev Ned

    Yup! If selling condoms is “against your religion” then don’t work there! This brings to mind a question. 🤔 If selling a cake to an LGBQT+ couple and it’s used in a wedding makes the baker a participant in the wedding, does the seller of the firearm used in a murder become a participant in that murder?

  1. Roderic Lyle Duplechain's Avatar Roderic Lyle Duplechain

    If selling condoms is truly against the employees religious beliefs he should not applied for a job at a store that sells condoms. There would not have been a problem. I respect the employees freedom of religion. The hypocrisy of applying for that job I don't.

    1. 0p3ra Gh05t's Avatar 0p3ra Gh05t

      No, real hypocrisy is when a convicted serial pedophile pretends to be a chaplain and psychologist.

      Hypocrisy is also when that serial pedophile rapes innocent children for years and never uses a condom. When he was raping his stepdaughter for 4 years since she was 12, not once did he use a condom.

      So, Roderic, if YOU do not want to use a condom when YOU rape children, then the Walmart employee has the right not to sells them.

  1. John Ball's Avatar John Ball

    It should be a condition of employment to sell whatever the store offers for sale. This is a matter best addressed by the store. Getting the state involved is always a problem.

  1. David Crawford's Avatar David Crawford

    No disrespect no one can judge anyone only the good Lord has that power it's not up to you to judge anyone you treat everyone the same

  1. Jessie Sampley's Avatar Jessie Sampley

    No if they are over 18 they should have the wright to buy

    1. Rev. B's Avatar Rev. B

      Or even if they are under 18. There is no age limit to condom sales. It's not like they're a controlled substance.

  1. F. Martin Aller-Stead's Avatar F. Martin Aller-Stead

    Walgreens, you can't suck and blow at the same time. That puts it in a nutshell.

    EITHER you serve the public with every item you carry, OR you clearly state that service will be at the personal whim of whoever you approach for assistance (in the aisle, at checkout, a store manager). Be VERY clear; Can Walgreens be relied upon to sell every legal product to every legal customer, or is it based on personal religious whim as to whether or not a sale will be completed / permitted? If the corporate choice is to allow personal whims and restrictions to over-ride customer's purchase decisions, put up signs that clearly state that customers may not be fully served in this store, based on the feelings and convictions of the employees at work at any time.

    Do you see how silly that would sound to any rational adult?

    Automated check-out machines would get around this challenge, of course. Replace the check-out cashiers with check-out stations (Shoppers Drugs, in Canada, has done this). Get rid of the challenges of personal whims and fancies of your employees by getting rid of the employees, and serve each customer equally and honestly and reliably through technology.

    This is not a conundrum, Walgreens ... it is a challenge to you corporately. If ALL customers can't rely on your staff serving them completely, please go to technology that won't have personal restrictions, religious whims and convictions, or other sentiments that might get in the way of decent service.

    1. Paul Edward Nunis's Avatar Paul Edward Nunis

      There's a practical difference between 'all customers', and 'all employees'. If everyone leaves Walgreens with what they came for, the company and its investors shouldn't have to fork over millions defending against employment discrimination lawsuits.

  1. Maralea K Norden's Avatar Maralea K Norden

    something about the splinter in your neighbor's eye while ignoring the plank in you own, the first to caste stones, judging lest you be... comes to mind here..

  1. Douglas B. MacLaren Jr.'s Avatar Douglas B. MacLaren Jr.

    While working for someone else you need to do your job. Even if it goes against your beliefs. You represent the employer. If your beliefs are so strong that you can't do your that job, then it's time to find a new job. We must all respect everyone else's life choices. We can guide, not force.

  1. Janine Claudette Heizler's Avatar Janine Claudette Heizler

    I have tremendous respect for a person being able to practice their faith however, we need to draw the line somewhere. When you accept an employment opportunity, you are in essence, representing the organization that employs you. You may not personally agree with everything that a company does, but you are getting your paycheck signed by them and you work for them. If you have strong convictions against a company's practices, then you should not work for them at all. There are plenty of places to get employment as a cashier where a person wouldn't sell birth control, so my suggestion would be to seek out one of them. In the meantime, complete your job responsibilities as an employee of that company (pharmacy).

  1. Mary Defibaugh's Avatar Mary Defibaugh

    Anyone that is employed by a business must follow that business’s practices. If it’s a grocery store or a Walgreens it doesn’t matter. They were hired to service the public not their own religious beliefs.

    Now, if it was alcohol and they were under age that’s different. They would need someone of age to ring the item up, but not condoms. They need to leave their religious beliefs outside the store doors and not let that interfere with the business they were hired to work at. The cashier was absolutely unprofessional and wrong. That particular Walgreens or any store is wrong if they let that behavior go. Also - I would think that if this is a regular thing at Walgreens, then I would think that there could possibly be a law suit brought against them, unless the business has something posted at each register explaining certain restrictions made upon the business.

  1. Susan A. Watson Deaton's Avatar Susan A. Watson Deaton

    If a person's religious beliefs prevent him/her from selling certain products they should not be in a position where these products are sold.

    Re similar issues while I have my set of personal beliefs I believe each human should decide for themselves re birth control or abortion. It certainly isn't the governments place to determine these issues for people. These are personal decisions. In a country that's supposedly "free" these should be individual and personal decisions!!!

  1. Lucas V. Nickol's Avatar Lucas V. Nickol

    I think if one is a store employee and they don't wish to sell products in the store customers are legally allowed to buy, one should find another job.

  1. Mary Defibaugh's Avatar Mary Defibaugh

    Anyone that is employed by a store/business must follow that stores guidelines. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Walgreens or any store that services the publics needs. If the business has certain restrictions they must post it at each register and before entering the business. The only exception for something like that to happen would be alcohol or cigarettes and the cashier was under age to ring the item up, but not condoms. Ones religious beliefs should be left at the door and should never interfere with the business practices unless other wise posted somewhere within the business. Actually - that cashier should not be working directly with the public in that manner if that individual can not leave their religious beliefs outside the business they were hired at to service the general public. Walgreens acted unprofessional and embarrassed a customer which is totally unexceptionable. This is about a business that is serving the public.

  1. Traci Redding's Avatar Traci Redding

    If you have a moral issue with a part of your job, you shouldn't work there. There are many jobs out there that will not create conflict. If you choose a job that sells things you are against, for whatever reason, then you have placed yourself in that situation. You are there to work, not to force your particular beliefs on your customers.

  1. Karl Axel Lindström's Avatar Karl Axel Lindström

    Fire them imminently!

    the verse in the bible the is against spilling of seed on the ground relates to a jewish inheritance ritual where a brother acs as his dead brother proxy impregnating his dead brother widow in his place for the purpose of the child inheriting male property and i assume allowing the widow to handle it until they come of age.

    it has nothing to do with spilling the seed on the ground itself... its about having fun and literally scewing your borther widow out of access to that inheritance...

    the early christian church changes the law when they realized rich widow where more likely to give it all to the church more so then men...

    So greed all round... but at least it advanced women's rights

  1. William Thomas Ervin's Avatar William Thomas Ervin

    if they have issues selling certain things maybe they shouldn't be in retail.

  1. James Riggle-Johnson's Avatar James Riggle-Johnson

    You will not do the job you're hired for you should not work there. This is getting out of control. I can't believe Walgreens thinks this is okay. Working in IT I can't block people from searching for porn.

  1. Travis Steven Sahr's Avatar Travis Steven Sahr

    No, you cannot claim objections to or expect others to bend to your religious will if you enter into a business as an employee while full knowing what that business entails, sells or transacts in. You need to pick your jobs carefully if you are too sensitive and cannot work yourself out over others and their beliefs and actions.

  1. David Ciambrone's Avatar David Ciambrone

    I agree. She took the job knowing the condom were there for sale. Either do the job or leave. This making special conditions because of religious beliefs is lame. If she doesn't like selling them because of her faith-quit.

    1. Zarabeth Anderson's Avatar Zarabeth Anderson

      HE -- John -- HE took the job -- the cashier was a male HE needed attention that day apparently

  1. William Patrick Benedict's Avatar William Patrick Benedict

    It’s simply amazing. I totally disagree with selling or not selling on the basis of any religion. Things are definitely going in the wrong direction. So tired of these so called Christian Right wing ( left wing lol ) zealots pushing their Ideology as the only true belief on every one else. The formation of this country wasn’t not based on any one faith. Can’t do the job because of your belief then you shouldn’t do that job. Self-discrimination is something people need to learn.

    1. Steven Paul Brooks's Avatar Steven Paul Brooks

      I belive that if an item is for sale in the store then the employee is obligated to sell it regardless of their bIeliefs, what if a vegan employee refuses to sell a pack of sausages. This is really getting out of hand and needs to be addressed as people who belive in free will and (live and let live) are being overruled by peoole who think their opinion is more valid as they are "different"

    2. Steven Paul Brooks's Avatar Steven Paul Brooks

      I belive that if an item is for sale in the store then the employee is obligated to sell it regardless of their bIeliefs, what if a vegan employee refuses to sell a pack of sausages. This is really getting out of hand and needs to be addressed as people who belive in free will and (live and let live) are being overruled by peoole who think their opinion is more valid as they are "different"

  1. Harry E Brockway Jr's Avatar Harry E Brockway Jr

    This person is costing the company money. Find someone else to ring up the sale and/or move to another position. If you feel that strongly, maybe you need to find a different job.

  1. Charlene Michele Way's Avatar Charlene Michele Way

    If you take a job with an employer you are bound to sell what that employer sells. It is not up to anyone to judge others based on what we believe. People need to spend more time working on themselves and their family unit and conduct themselves with professionalism on the job. We are here to work on ourselves not to judge others.

  1. Kristen Renee Bintner's Avatar Kristen Renee Bintner

    Absolutely not! It is not up to an employee to set standards for the company they work for. There is nothing about a transaction that is ANY business of the employee. If they do not ‘approve’ with the buyer and their purchase then they need to immediately get help from another employee or management. Freedom of religion/speech/belief goes both ways and must be respected…especially in a setting such as this. The employee was 100% in the wrong.

  1. Sophia Soto's Avatar Sophia Soto

    My opinion is that some of us christian allow the principalities of the darkness like the words Christ reminds us in Ephesians 6; 10-18 it's not man but darkness the devil will use . What a great opportunity it would of been if the spirit of the lord shines (God is love,kind above all he loves us all,no matter what.)

  1. Paul Edward Nunis's Avatar Paul Edward Nunis

    Comment removed by user.

    1. Lynn Dean Kay Swanson's Avatar Lynn Dean Kay Swanson

      There is only one Precious lord , & Farther if all of his children. The one and only who is in charge of Judging all of us when the time comes.we will all get our turn of standing before our God. It is not up to any of us to Judge one another.& I will leave it at that. We might not like what others do with their lives. & we do you have a tendency to judge others. The truth of the matter is this is none of our business it’s not up to us to judge anyone. But we all need to do is stay in our own lane, and let our great Lord do the job that was intended for him to do. We all need to worry about ourselves and take care of ourselves and make sure we’re on the right track if we spent less time and judging other people and more time given to our Lord I’m sure this world would be a lot different amen

  1. Michael Lee Mallon's Avatar Michael Lee Mallon

    No I don't think the employee should of not sold them to the customer, what if him and his wife didn't want any/anymore children.

  1. Charles Jude Platt's Avatar Charles Jude Platt

    This and all the other religious "whacko's' should be 'shelved' and or 'fired.' Your beliefs should not and must not, trample on mine or yours.

  1. Charles Jude Platt's Avatar Charles Jude Platt

    This and all the other religious "whacko's' should be 'shelved' and or 'fired.' Your beliefs should not and must not, trample on mine or yours.

  1. MIchael Sean Halden's Avatar MIchael Sean Halden

    ABSOLUTELY NOT! I’m more surprised by Walgreens reaction. If you’re in a public service sales position it’s not yours responsibility to deny your customer their right to purchase because you have different beliefs. You’re there for a job. Remember, there were cases early on where pharmacists would refuse to selll HIV+ medications due to personal beliefs. It’s immoral and if I’m not mistaken, against the law

  1. Leslie Bomar's Avatar Leslie Bomar

    While I have respect for anyone's personal beliefs, as Bob Heinlein once said "Your freedom ends, when mine is infringed".

    I have seen a lot of stories of late where tellers, pharmacists and even bureaucrats have been shirking their duties over this misguided belief that their beliefs override their responsibilities. The fact that owning/using/buying something is against your personal beliefs has exactly zero impact on ME. You don't want to own, use, buy something... don't, this is your right, and I will defend it to my last breath. However, that has no bearing on me. You are free to express your personal belief, and I will even give you leave to attempt to persuade me to your point of view, but at the end of the day... your belief, does not trump mine.

    You got hired at a store to run a register. That is your job, take my money. Anything in that store has been deemed acceptable by the managers/owners of said store. Your job is to accurately tally my purchase, take my money and give me change. That is it. No where in your description does it say "make moral or value judgements of store merchandise as it relates to the customer wishing to purchase.". If a store sells items that you think should not be sold, then find another store, or another line of work. It is that simple.

    Your beliefs, are your beliefs, if they preclude you from doing a particular job, then you should refrain from taking said job under false pretences.

    1. Paul Edward Nunis's Avatar Paul Edward Nunis

      This article ( as well as the front page news coverage) makes it crystal clear that Walgreens literally does tell employees that they are allowed to "...make moral or value judgements of store merchandise as it relates to the customer wishing to purchase" as long as they get another employee to provide service (as was the case). No one was denied the right to make a purchase. Given that, what is the rationale behind demanding that Walgreens fire an employee - not for their violation of policy, but for their choice of religious doctrine? Had the employees cursed at, attacked, or prevented customers from buying, it would be an entirely different matter.

  1. Mary Dacey's Avatar Mary Dacey

    It’s the people who believe they have the right to judge others that keeps people from going to church.

  1. Jeffrey Loren Brentlinger's Avatar Jeffrey Loren Brentlinger

    "Walgreens says none of these employees did anything wrong." I guess Walgreens does not want us to buy thing from them. I am not sure how that business model works.

    1. Paul Edward Nunis's Avatar Paul Edward Nunis

      Ask the shareholders... it apparently works fine from their dividend standpoint. On the other hand, attempting to placate people who might be doing their shopping at Dollar Tree anyway, seems rather illogical.

  1. The Rev. William C, Millhouse's Avatar The Rev. William C, Millhouse

    This is totally wrong because they are forcing their beliefs on others. I believe also that it is illegal and the offending persons should be punished.

  1. Russell Armitage Montgomery Jr's Avatar Russell Armitage Montgomery Jr

    I know the law on being refused work on the basis of religious freedom. But if you work for a business that chooses to function in a way that goes against your beliefs, don't work there. Companies have the right to operate there businesses as they see fit. Unfortunately that sometimes flies up in the face of someone else's judgement.. Just remember God is the only one in the position to judge. Too many are living a decadent life. And they must answer for it at some point. And I know the argument about Companies having to make accommodations for it's employees. But they don't have to if it threatens there livelihood. That's there right, as long as it doesn't threaten anyone else. Sounds like a contradiction. But unfortunately it's a fine line.

  1. The Rev. William C, Millhouse's Avatar The Rev. William C, Millhouse

    I believe that this is totally wrong. If it is against their personal beliefs, they should at least refer the customer to another associate so that they can complete the sale. If they just refuse on the grounds that it is against their personal belief system, they are forcing their beliefs on other people and should not only be terminated from their employment, but arrested and fined.

  1. Michele Voltou's Avatar Michele Voltou

    Absolutely not. The cashier needs to do her job and keep all personal morals judgements and values to herself while employed. If she cannot she should be dismissed from her duties.
    In her personal time she has the freedom to express herself to her full intent. But she needs to realize not everyone will agree and will need to respect that. Everyone has the right to what they believe. So yes she has stepped over her boundaries.

  1. La' Shell Studdard's Avatar La' Shell Studdard

    Providence Hospital ( Catholic ) don’t offer condoms to sexual patients that’s visiting the ER due to an sexual activity. Ok, I somewhat get it. However, This particular job cashier only ring up the items, collect money, bag it & say have a great day. I’m sure his/her application did not state to share your opinion or feelings on “ CUSTOMERS “ purchase. The establishment apparently do not have a problem with condoms due to its on the shelves and I’m sure the cashier peek that out before applying for the job. Their So Wrong!! If I ordered carnitas ( pulled pork ) in a Mexican restaurant while sitting across a person of Muslim faith they shouldn’t have a problem with it because it’s on the menu someone will order it. So, to say that, people with certain issues needs to just stay in the lane they know and believe in and do not cross over to a place they’re not particularly conscious with.

  1. Pastor Jim's Avatar Pastor Jim

    I never impose my personal beliefs on anyone but I don't mind sharing them either... do long as it is at an appropriate time and place. When actually working for an employer I am representing their values and fulfilling my obligations to them.

  1. Paul Seldes's Avatar Paul Seldes

    "My faith says I can't do something". That's good! You should live your life in keeping with whatever faith you follow!

    "My faith says that YOU can't do something". That's bad. I cannot judge another's faith or how they choose to observe. And I cannot force my faith on another.

  1. Brother Thomas Knight, esq's Avatar Brother Thomas Knight, esq

    Anyone remember the clerk who wouldn't issue marriage licenses to same sex couples? I am not sorry. If your convictions prevent you from carrying out your duties -- QUIT! Everyone has some part of their job they don't like.

  1. Justin Adam Kalm's Avatar Justin Adam Kalm

    It appears to me that these employees are trying to proselytize on the job, which is not in any way a part of their job descriptions. They ought to be instructed that they’re not selling contraception to anyone. Walgreens is the seller. The employee is just bagging and collecting funds.

    Imagine if we allowed employees to insert their moral and ethical prerogatives into transactions not related to sex, such as a cashier at grocery who refuses to ring up a cupcake for a fat person because it’s unhealthy or a cashier at a sporting goods store who refuses to ring up guns, because they can be used to kill. In both cases the employee may have valid reasons to object to the sale, but it’s not their call or their responsibility.

  1. toneybarber's Avatar toneybarber

    Where in the bible does it say "...thou shall not sell condoms..."? Many people purchase them because they make awesome balloons! Or, as a device to prevent the spread of STDs. Why would someone's first thought be that it was being purchased to prevent pregnancy? Because if you prevent a pregnancy then you won't be able to force the person to carry it to birth against their will! Walgreens is dead to me.

  1. Zarabeth Anderson's Avatar Zarabeth Anderson

    Wow - I have to say reading some of the comments dropped my jaw for real.

    1.) I agree - to an extent with having ones beliefs, religious or moral. When you work in a bar and a pregnant woman comes in smoking and ordering shots of Jack - YOU have the RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE - for any reason, at any time, so long as it is NOT based on gender or gender preference or race. Because it is on PRIVATE PROPERTY.
    Now that being said when you work in a retail store, restaurant or bar, you NEVER NEVER NEVER handle it like that......because well lets take a look at the calendar people.......its 2022....not 1952 in 1952 when a snarky holier than though nosey nelly cashier turned up their nose at was what it was and then you moved on....NOW......Nosey Nelly likely won't be making it from the door of work to their car without a physical OR WORSE confrontation by someone if they REALLY aren't mentally well and you triggered them (literally) 2.) The way to have handled it would have been to follow protocol "Oh wow, I am SO SORRY, let me get a price for this from my manager" "Oh man it looks like I can't ring this up, let me get my manager to do that for me" you don't say "ya sorry Jesus said NO and he speaks through me as the most sinning Christian EVER by judging you for your sins (aka we all know this --- "WORRY NOT ABOUT THE SPLINTER IN YOUR BROTHERS EYE WORRY ABOUT THE PLANK IN YOUR OWN" Simple Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged ...........a REAL Christian and not a Checklist Christian would have simply stuck to their moral beliefs-----and had a protocol in place for when and IF that happened with the manager or co workers ahead of time......this person wanted attention and thought that they were going to go ultra maga at work and play the What would Jesus Do card........Jesus WOULDN"T HAVE JUDGED ......JESUS would have handled the situation with LOVE and not judgement, shame, and humiliation---the God I believe in is a kind one when needed and in dealing with these kinds of Christians a swift and ruling leader.

  1. Zarabeth Anderson's Avatar Zarabeth Anderson

    "I'm so sorry I can't seem to ring this item up......let me see if I can get my manager to do it, I'll be right back so we can get this transaction finished for you, I am so sorry for the inconvience"
    BUT NO JOHN needed attention that day and to be a ultra maga tool

    1. Paul Edward Nunis's Avatar Paul Edward Nunis

      From the article: "...refer the customer to another employee or manager on duty who will complete the transaction, which is what occurred in this instance."

  1. Pastor Dallas's Avatar Pastor Dallas

    When it comes to things like this, I put it in perspective. If you were a recovering alcoholic who is still susceptible to drinking, would you take a job as a bartender? My strongest guess is that you probably wouldn't. Biblical scripture even states that a believer shouldn't put themselves in situations where they can be tempted. If your beliefs are strong enough to object to the selling, use, or distribution of birth control, alcohol, or anything else then it is your responsibility to stay away from these things. It is your own personal responsibility to either concede to concessions about it or assure that you work for a place whom also is aligned with your beliefs.

  1. Joseph P Orsini's Avatar Joseph P Orsini

    Not in this lifetime, we are not our brothers keeper.

  1. Jessica North-O'Connell's Avatar Jessica North-O'Connell

    So some people's religion "should" be allowed to dictate whether or not a non-genital herpes partner can protect themselves from their partner's genital herpes virus? Or perhaps said persons "should" abstain from sexual activity altogether with their sexual partners? Tip of the iceberg here...

    Don't like to do the job? Find another one!

  1. Marilyn Yvonne Bell's Avatar Marilyn Yvonne Bell


    1. Robert J Rook's Avatar Robert J Rook

      Did they actually call themselves a Christian?

    2. Casey Salmon's Avatar Casey Salmon

      What ever you reckon, don't drag God into this

  1. Robert J Rook's Avatar Robert J Rook

    Fire that cashier, they are NOPT Judge and Jury

  1. Canadian Yankee's Avatar Canadian Yankee

    She should have told the clerk that it was being used to keep her cucumbers fresh. That is what she learned in school. And why so many women who did learn the real message and are disappointed when they finally get a chance to put a cucumber and a condom to use.

  1. Timothy Albaugh's Avatar Timothy Albaugh

    I can not believe the vulgar messages on this subject. The morals of mankind are at a SATANIC level. ONLY and ONLY Jesus can save us. murdering babies.UNGODLY sexual activity, defamation of man or woman.!! LORD PLEASE DESTROY THE WICKED I pray for all who believe. stay strong,keep your first salvation with god, keep up the fight against the evil one. Thank you LORD for your blessings. WOMAN EVE FIRST TOOK OF THE SERPENT MAN CODDLED DOWN AND TOOK AFTER THE WOMAN, THEN CAST FROM THE GARDEN THE WOMAN REPRESENTS SIN REVELATIONS, WHO RIDES ON THE BEAST CONTROLLING THE 10 HEADS, THE WOMAN READ IT AND WEEP, He shall be coming soon. AMEN

  1. Dellie Culpepper's Avatar Dellie Culpepper

    Only store policy apply.

  1. Dale Varney's Avatar Dale Varney

    Yeah, I had this issue 25 years ago; or so. There was a guy who refused to sell alcohol, in a convenience no less. I hated that I had to let him go. Beliefs or not, he took a job in a store where gas and booze was the 2 best sellers.

  1. Patric Lee's Avatar Patric Lee

    It seems to me that it's not a question of whether or not you agree, it's a matter of proper actions taken to avoid the problem from the start. If the cashier has a problem selling certain things, it should have been addressed before they even got on a register, that's on them. The company seems to have processes in place to avoid just this problem but in these times where everyone and their brother wants to make an issue out of anything, it would behoove them to take extra measures to avoid just this type of thing.

  1. Marvin Edward Wulff's Avatar Marvin Edward Wulff

    If you work for man you follow his rules, I work for god, my kingdom is made of mother's brothers sisters with God in heaven as our father there's no sex inn heaven you get your virgin you keep your virgin don't you understand your bible

  1. Stephen Choinsky's Avatar Stephen Choinsky

    That is one of the craziest things I have ever heard. His Christian belief should also tell him that nobody is perfect. One of Jesus followers was a prostitute and he still accepted her despite what she used to do because he knew that there was not one person who was or ever was going to be perfect in mankind. I think that cashier purposely did it because he was most likely angry at something it else and projected it on to his customers.

  1. Jillian D Lucena's Avatar Jillian D Lucena

    This cashier was wrong. At a job, our religion or personal beliefs should NOT EVER interfere with serving a customer, as usually we don't always share the same views or opinions as our employers. She could have given the woman some kind words of advice and love, as a real Christian does, and sent the woman on her way. But this cashier chose to deny this woman a chance to protect herself... just absolutely heart breaking to hear.

  1. Stephen Gerald Mangrum's Avatar Stephen Gerald Mangrum

    It is un-American to not sell a product when a person thinks it goes against their religious practices. The person they deny goods or services is the one who has their rights violated. The vendor also is having their rights violated. If a person thinks birth control is wrong then don't use it. Their rights stop there. If they cannot handle it find a different job.

  1. Stephen Gerald Mangrum's Avatar Stephen Gerald Mangrum

    It is un-American to not sell a product when a person thinks it goes against their religious practices. The person they deny goods or services is the one who has their rights violated. The vendor also is having their rights violated. If a person thinks birth control is wrong then don't use it. Their rights stop there. If they cannot handle it find a different job.

  1. Stephen Gerald Mangrum's Avatar Stephen Gerald Mangrum

    It is un-American to not sell a product when a person thinks it goes against their religious practices. The person they deny goods or services is the one who has their rights violated. The vendor also is having their rights violated. If a person thinks birth control is wrong then don't use it. Their rights stop there. If they cannot handle it find a different job.

    1. Linda E Clopton's Avatar Linda E Clopton

      I agree! It's the Employer's decision whether to carry a product or not, not the employee gets paid for selling merchandise!

  1. Randy C Hamilton's Avatar Randy C Hamilton

    Did they fire that person? If not I am done with Walgreens forever.

  1. Marquite Harris's Avatar Marquite Harris

    I feel like just because you are a Religious person don't give you the right to be in other people's business, treat people with love and respect then you can win a brother or a sister with love. First Thessalonians 4:11-12 Make it your goal to live a quiet life, minding your own business and working with your hands, just as we instructed you before. 12 Then people who are not believers will respect the way you live, and you will not need to depend on others.

  1. Terri J. OFlanagan's Avatar Terri J. OFlanagan

    They should NOT have the right to refuse checking out anyone!

  1. Kwaibill's Avatar Kwaibill

    Mark, there are already cashier lanes in some stores for particular items. Tobacco products, alcohol, etc. Perhaps something similar for contraceptive purchases, and objecting employees would not be assigned to such lanes? That might limit their options for overtime or particular shifts, but so it goes with some choices. As a handicapped person I have noticed questions about what limitations I have that might interfere with performing job duties. A similar clause might be incorporated into employment applications re: moral objections to any job related activities.

  1. Gordon Billingsley's Avatar Gordon Billingsley

    It's real simple. Our society supports business with social services, public safety, rule of law, and so on. In return we ask one thing: Don't discriminate. Businesses and people who can't agree to that social contract have an easy solution --> do something else. We resolved these issues decades ago when we all agreed that anyone could sit at the lunch counter.

    1. Dennis Dean Bocock II's Avatar Dennis Dean Bocock II

      God gave freedom of choice based on our wil whether it's based on right reasons or wrong and no one else should judge anyone else's action ,but him in choices we all make weather right or whether it's wrong it's not our call to discriminate or leave judgement on how another person or persons should choice by forcing someone to choice goes against all of are right from God on freedom to choose to do our own decision

  1. Dennis Dean Bocock II's Avatar Dennis Dean Bocock II

    Depends on situation with religion if a person who is married and trying to do right thing on nothing more children when society raising cost of medical and government doesn't help with cost price of surgery so can't have children out weighs the price of condoms ,but if a child or someone who's straight no ,but also goes by civil right on freedom of choice and denying some as well is Judging them on their action and only one can Judge is God if anyone else chooses to use anything in life improperly we have no right in life on Eartn to take their right as talks in Bible on freedom of will to choose right God gave us all the right to choose will right or wrong and not to judge others of their actions on what to do or why ,but if they choose wrong it's totally on the but to stop someone is to ignore what God ask on give everyone right to make choice on their own freely ,but only God's right if anyone choose wrong not ours

  1. Howard Ellis's Avatar Howard Ellis

    one man was considered perfect in our history and look what happened to him the way the world is going we are all in for in for a lesson know what God we worship h.e .

  1. Humanism Clergy Linda's Avatar Humanism Clergy Linda

    As a former cashier it's there job to ring up purchases no matter their personal beliefs. Items on recall of course we can't legally ring up tobacco and alcohol all have age restrictions and on the alcohol is the person peers to be impaired already we can refuse those items.

    The cashier religious beliefs doesn't trump the customer beliefs. You can have your own personal beliefs but you can't force someone else to believe what you do. I would have written the employee up and if they continue to act in same manner next is to be fired

  1. Jeffrey Jerome Blank's Avatar Jeffrey Jerome Blank

    Walgreens worked out a policy that walks the fence and keeps them out of court. That's understandable, but the onus should be on the observant to select employers they perceive as within boundaries. Either a business's commerce is acceptable to participate in, or it's not.

    By working there, he's contributing to the business's commerce by his labor. He's getting paid from revenue derived from that commerce. By working in the store at a given time, he's enabling that transaction to be performed by somebody else. Whether he actually rings up the rubbers or not, he's contributing to that commerce. He doesn't want to soil his hands, but he's already up to his elbows in the mud.

    As a separate point, informing the customer of the objection is just vanity. The customer has no need to understand why you're stepping away. No valid business purpose is achieved. He just wanted to be seen.

  1. Robert Philip Ryden's Avatar Robert Philip Ryden

    Could an Orthodox Jew (for whom mixing meat and dairy is a sin), working at a restaurant, refuse to serve a cheeseburger to a customer?

  1. Robert Philip Ryden's Avatar Robert Philip Ryden

    Could an Orthodox Jew (for whom mixing meat and dairy is a sin), working at a restaurant, refuse to serve a cheeseburger to a customer?

  1. Tracey Pate's Avatar Tracey Pate


  1. Morris Meadow's Avatar Morris Meadow

    A job seeker applies for employment, without demands (time off, shift preference, dress code, etc.) and willingly accepts the job offer.

    But if the employer were to ask the applicant whether he/she/they stated a refusal to sell items based on religious beliefs, and the employer denied employment to the applicant, is he not practicing discrimination ?

    Another example of PC gone too far!

  1. The Rev. William C, Millhouse's Avatar The Rev. William C, Millhouse

    Hmmmmm seems to me that it is written in the Bible "Judge not lest ye be judged. Therefore the cashier needs to be terminated immediately.

  1. Asger's Avatar Asger

    I ran a convenience store for 26 years. I know an employee that would be out on her a** for refusing sales like that.

  1. Paul Edward Nunis's Avatar Paul Edward Nunis

    Nothing moral about bearing false witness.

  1. Lynn DeMartini Ehrhart's Avatar Lynn DeMartini Ehrhart

    Okay, so must the customer inquire of clerks whether or not they will ring up items such as contraceptives, diet aids, nicotine, caffeine, gluten items, etc. ad nauseum? Will Walmart designate certain checkout lanes specifically for “will ring up any and all of the items we sell”? Or maybe, provide an app to match you with a clerk who meets all of your criteria. Seriously! It’s one thing to be so granular on a dating site, but at your job in a retail store?

  1. Joseph Walter Kasper's Avatar Joseph Walter Kasper

    Our - in the US - constitutional protection of "Religious Freedom" is our freedom from "religion" imposed on us, any of us, by others. A business, open to the public (or a public servant), must serve the public as a whole. That's the law.

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