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Minister *|FNAME|*, July 6th, 2022
The Supreme Court just handed down some very controversial rulings… to say the least. From reversing Roe v. Wade and making abortion de facto illegal in states across the country, to ruling that a public school football coach can pray on the field, and even hinting at a rollback of LGBTQ+ rights… Many are questioning whether the separation between Church and State still holds.

Is Gay Marriage Next?

In his opinion written for the Court's recent Roe reversal, Justice Clarence Thomas said that the court should consider reversing other key rulings, including same-sex marriage.
First They Came For…

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Touchdown, Christians!

Touchdown, Christians!

The Supreme Court ruled that a public school was wrong to penalize a coach that held prayer sessions on the field. Critics fear it could mean prayer will make a comeback in the classroom.
Did the Court Fumble?

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Roe v. Wade Reversed, Upending 50 Years of Abortion Rights

The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, rolling back the right to an abortion for millions of women overnight. Wasting no time, conservative states quickly enacted their own abortion restrictions or even full-blown bans, making abortion illegal in large swaths of the country.
Was it the Right Ruling?

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One Nation Under God

In a guest sermon, a ULC Minister argues that the recent SCOTUS rulings prove the United States is barreling towards Christian theocracy. Is the separation of church and state dead?
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It's a Cover-Up!

A French town just banned the "burkini" – swimwear Muslim women use to maintain modesty in the water. Supporters argue the ban preserves secularism, but critics call it discrimination.
We've Got the Coverage

When God Was a Woman

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Unbox Your Ministry

Regardless of how you feel about America's muddy waters, remember that as a ULC minister, you have the power to chart your own course through them. For those ready to begin this journey, consider our most comprehensive package: the Ministry in a Box. Featuring just about everything you'll need to start a ministry, this kit will ensure you are well equipped for the road ahead.
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Could gay relationships become criminalized again? Following the overturn of Roe v. Wade, there is serious concern about challenges to other cases, like Lawrence v. Texas. See how our friends on Facebook reacted to the news that LGBTQ rights could be in danger – and make your voice heard.
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