Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - April, 2022

Lovers, children, mothers, sinners, saints etc etc - they're all reading The Visionary this week for a rundown on a series of stories that revolve around the nature of sin and forgiveness - what is a sin? Are some sins worse than others? Can a sin become a good? And is saying "sorry" really enough?

Glass Schoolhouses

A Catholic school in Illinois fired a teacher after a parent found out about her same-sex marriage. Now she's suing, pointing out she isn't the only "sinner" on staff.
Is it discrimination?

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The Burning Bush?

The Burning Bush?

A devoted pastor is trying to destigmatize marijuana for Christians, one toke at a time. He thinks his christian cannabis can improve one's relationship with God.
Does Jesus Love Weed?

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What They Never Taught You About Easter

Billions of people around the world are getting ready to celebrate Easter, but few understand the true story behind this sacred holiday. Did you know that the event marking Christ's resurrection is directly descended from ancient pagan traditions that included frolicking in the woods, bonfires, and orgies?
Learn the Real History of Easter

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Pope Francis Says Sorry

After years of pressure, the Pope finally issued a formal apology to indigenous Canadians for the Catholic Church’s role in the murders of thousands of children
Too Little, Too Late?

The Kids Aren't Alright?

Anti-birth activists are warning humanity to "Stop Having Kids." They argue that we can reduce suffering in the world if we simply stop bringing new people into it.
Is Having Kids Immoral?

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Get Prepped for Wedding Season

Dates are getting set, vendors locked in, and vows prepared. The 2022 wedding season is getting ready to ramp up, and it's time to make sure you have everything you'll need to officiate if called upon. The Executive Minister's Portfolio includes official ordination credentials, a clergy badge, and a sleek portfolio to stay organized on the go!
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How would Jesus ask us to treat transgender children? ULC Ministers had strong reactions in our recent discussion about transgender rights, how controversial policies affect children experiencing gender dysphoria, and what Jesus might have to say about the matter.
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