Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - August, 2021

It may be 2021, but the fight for gender equality rages on. This week, The Visionary explores how the battlefield has shifted. Women are still being chastised for what they do – and don't – choose to wear (nothing new there). And a new proposal to make women eligible for the draft has sparked an interesting debate: what does equal treatment really mean?

Latter-Day Complaints

Mormon women are fed up with their temple garments - underwear, for all intents and purposes - arguing that they simply aren't made with women in mind. As one woman put it, "my vagina has to breathe."
Should They Change Underwear?

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Women at War

Women at War

Joan of Arc seemed to enjoy herself... A new gender equality law would make women eligible for the draft when they turn 18. Women's rights advocates and evangelicals both oppose it... but for very different reasons.
Should They Fight?

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The Swimsuit Issue: 1890s Edition

A youth pastor instituted a 'one piece swimsuits only' rule for female students at his summer camp so they wouldn't "distract boys". After some subsequent outrage, he apologized for the policy, saying women should wear what makes them feel comfortable. However, not everyone agrees he should have caved so quickly.
Should Bikinis Be Banned?

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Tripping For God

Members of a Bay Area church have been indulging in a rather unorthodox sacrament: LSD and magic mushrooms. They say psychadelics help them to achieve spiritual enlightenment.
Faith Healer, or Faith Dealer?

Phoning In Their Faith

A new survey found that most who identify as Christian have deviated remarkably from the Bible – some scholars now argue that America's largest faith is "fake Christianity."
See The Shocking Results

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94-year-old Martha Tucker never forgot how she was denied the right to wear a white wedding dress when she got married in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1952 - the height of Jim Crow segregation. 69 years later, she's righting that wrong; Her family took her to a bridal shop where she got to try on the white dress she always dreamed of wearing.
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