Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - April, 2021

In this special Easter edition of The Visionary, we're talkin' resurrection. From a popular rapper reigniting "satanic panic," to the surprising re-emergence of an ancient Aztec God in an elementary school classroom, the past has a funny way of repeating itself. We'll also be going down the rabbit hole, bringing you the strange and secret history of the Easter bunny. Hop in.

Yule Regret This

A Pagan employee of Panera Bread has filed a lawsuit alleging she endured months of religious discrimination and was eventually fired because of her faith.
See What Her Boss Said

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Under the Bible Belt

Under the Bible Belt

A new study of biblical proportions found that evangelical men search online for ways to artificially enhance their manhood at rates much higher than average.
Bigger = Closer to God?

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The Weird, Secret History of the Easter Bunny

This Sunday, millions will be celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ by… searching for eggs hidden by a rabbit. How did this secretive bunny come to represent Easter? The answer lies in the little-known pagan roots of this popular Christian holiday.
Hop Into Easter's Odd History

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Learn the Ancient Ways

California public schools are planning to teach children to chant to an Aztec god as part of a new multicultural curriculum. Critics argue it's "spiritual poison."
What do you think?

Soles Taking Souls

Lil Nas X set the internet on fire by releasing custom "Satan Shoes," that include a drop of human blood in the sole. Some Faith leaders warn it's a satanic stunt targeting children.
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