Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - March, 2021

For this edition of The Visionary, we're zipping up our sweaters and hopping on the trolley to visit a few different communities to learn how neighbors are treating one another these days. We’ll journey from a small Texas town devastated by snowstorms, to a cold and dusty planet millions of miles away, with quite a few surprising pit stops in-between. Buckle up; it's going to be a bumpy ride!

Leave Thy Neighbor?

A Texas mayor was forced to resign after calling those suffering in the recent winter storm "weak," and claiming that "God provides all the tools" to survive on one's own.
Read His Rant

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Martian, Martian, Martian!

Martian, Martian, Martian!

The Perseverance Rover touched down on Mars, ready to hunt for signs of life in what is believed to be an ancient Martian riverbed. NASA thinks they're onto something big.
Do Aliens Exist?

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Only God Can Judge, Apparently

A Florida man was kicked off a jury for insisting that God told him the defendant was innocent, and refusing to hear any other evidence unless it came down from on high. The incident has launched a debate over the role of religion in the justice system, and whether jurors can listen to their faith.
Should Jesus Join the Jury?

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Thou Shalt Kill?

Virginia is the 23rd state to abolish the death penalty, 400 years after it hosted the first recorded execution in Jamestown. But debate continues: is the death penalty justified?
What the Bible Says

All God's Children?

A bill that would create legal protections for LGBTQ+ people is advancing through the system, but not without opposition from critics who say it will harm religious freedom.
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Blasphemy laws were once commonplace in most of the world, but have gradually been taken off the books in many countries. Not so in Poland, where a heavy metal singer has been charged with blasphemy for stepping on an image of the Virgin Mary. See what our friends on Facebook had to say!
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