Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - December, 2020

We live in uncertain times. Every room you walk into, masked face you walk by, page you turn, and step you take forces you to confront a potentially dangerous unknown. This week, the Visionary takes a close look at the things we can\'t see, and tries to understand the things we can never know.

Mom... I'm Not Coming

Many people are making the hard decision to not head home for the holidays this year, for fear of spreading COVID-19. But how do you break that news to your family?
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COVID Ever-After

COVID Ever-After

An NYC synagogue secretly pulled off a massive illegal wedding attended by thousands of maskless guests, even as COVID-19 has begun spreading like wildfire once again.
How'd They Do It?

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Now You See Me, Now You Don't

A shiny monolith straight out of Stanley Kubrick’s classic film '2001: A Space Odyssey' mysteriously appeared in the Utah desert. Then, just as soon as it was spotted, it promptly disappeared. The mystifying incident has led to all sorts of speculation.
Was it Artists or Aliens?

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About Face

The NYPD has announced they will now allow Muslim women to keep their hijabs on for mugshot photos. Some say it's a big win for religious freedom, but others are concerned.
How It Happened

Jesus is My Co-Pilot

Meet the world's first all-Christian airline, "Judah 1." Inspired by a vision from God, the company intends to go public next year. Are the skies no longer secular?
Would You Fly?

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Where is the line between personal expression and respect for historical monuments? Our friends on Facebook debated that question after an Egyptian model landed in jail for holding a photoshoot in a revealing outfit at one of the ancient pyramids.
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