Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - November, 2020

Everything is different now. Maybe? This week, The Visionary attempts to make some sense of the world. The future is colliding head-on with the past on a number of fronts: in schools, and churches, and in the media. We aren't entirely certain where this crazy train is heading, but we can tell you one thing: it's moving, and it's moving fast.

Fashionably, Hate

A Christian high school student was sent home for wearing a shirt that read 'Homosexuality is a Sin.' Now her family's suing, saying she was discriminated against.
Are They Right?

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Pope Francis, Gay Icon?

Pope Francis, Gay Icon?

In a stunning announcement, Pope Francis endorsed civil unions for same-sex couples. Many conservative Catholics were not pleased by the news.
Pope vs. Doctrine?

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On Eagle's Wings

The world watched with bated breath as President-Elect Joe Biden took the stage to deliver his acceptance speech, and the internet exploded when he quoted from what seems to be everyone's favorite hymn: On Eagle’s Wings. Why is the 1979 paean so globally popular?
Hear the Hit Hymn For Yourself!

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Satan on the Airwaves

A famous radio station that specializes in metal music is in the crosshairs of evangelical Christians, who say it needs to be shut down for promoting Satanism
Who's Listening?

Happily Debtor After

A recent report says that 225,000 couples owe roughly $3.7 billion in wedding-related debt for weddings that were canceled or postponed due to COVID.
Thanks, 2020

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Our friends on Facebook reacted to a story about a Chicago-area pastor who disguised himself as a homeless person outside the church where he was to be introduced as the new head pastor. He then revealed himself in dramatic fashion, and shared an important message.
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