Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - July, 2020

2020 has turned on a spotlight on some serious cracks in the so-called "American dream." This July 4th, is it possible to celebrate the ideals of freedom of justice despite the fact that not all of America's citizens enjoy them? This week, The Visionary turns over the rock and sees what lies beneath.

The Great Cloth Divide

Mandatory mask policies are now a political and religious issue, with opponents claiming they are the "Devil's law" that rejects "God's wonderful breathing system."
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A Red Wedding

A Red Wedding

GOP leaders pledged holy war against a politician in their party after he officiated a gay wedding last year, threatening to oust him from office entirely.
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Jesus: Lord, Savior, and White Supremacist?

As America reckons with its past, Confederate monuments are being torn down across the country. Now, some activists are demanding that all problematic statues come down. The latest target: Jesus Christ, who they say is complicit in upholding white supremacy. That’s left others asking: where do we draw the line?
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C-F-A Goes BLM

The CEO of Chick-fil-A thinks that white Christians should repent their sins and support the Black Lives Matter movement. However, some question his sincerity.
Is He Right?

Nukes Over Nashville

A mysterious, full-page ad appeared in Nashville’s biggest paper warning of an impending nuclear attack. The group behind the ad is no less ominous.
Is the Prophecy True?

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In a rare bit of bright news, the Supreme Court announced a historic ruling declaring it unconstitutional for private employers to discriminate against LGBTQ employees. See how our friends on Facebook reacted!
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