Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - June, 2020

For more than 80 days Americans have been adjusting to the new normal forced upon us by COVID-19. Just as those restrictions are beginning to lift around the country, our society is being forced to confront a whole new set of crises. This is some of what you need to know about the new United States.

Black Lives Matter

In the wake of the killing of George Floyd, a ULC minister makes the case that the system needs to change – and it’s on all of us to do the work to make it happen.
What Comes Next?

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Highway to Hell(?)

Highway to Hell(?)

The lead singer of a popular Christian rock band made a shocking announcement: he no longer believes in God. Fans were left scratching their heads, and critics came running.
Why He Lost Faith


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Manliness is Next to Godliness

A Texas mayor made headlines when he said that he wants city council meetings to begin with a prayer - but only if they’re given by men. He’s sticking to his guns, saying the Bible doesn’t allow women to lead prayers over men.
Is it Sexism?

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Disney Goes Gay

Disney released its first-ever film with an LGBT main character, drawing outrage from some faith groups convinced that Hollywood is trying to ‘indoctrinate’ children.
How Do You Feel?

Blame It On The Witches

As more traditional faiths decline in America, the witchcraft movement is only growing. But does that make its adherents easy scapegoats for society’s ills?
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Our friends on Facebook engaged in a spirited debate over protesters’ tactics as demonstrations against racial injustice broke out across the country. Would Jesus have approved of the property damage? Well, perhaps the Bible has something to say about that.
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