Depiction of broken faith
From authors to musicians to pastors, many prominent Christian leaders have announced their loss of faith in recent years.

Imagine creating an identity and a career centered around believing in God, then waking up one day and realizing you no longer believe. What would you do?

That was the exact scenario facing Jon Steingard, the lead singer of Christian rock band Hawk Nelson. After pondering the question for a long time, Steingard made the decision to publicly renounce his faith – an announcement that sent shockwaves through Christian circles. 

In a lengthy Instagram post, Steingard explained to fans and fellow Christians that, frankly, he no longer believes in God. He likened his loss of faith to slowly pulling at the threads of sweater, “and one day discovering that there was no more sweater left.”

Steingard explained that he grew up in a loving Christian home, the son of a pastor. “Everyone I was close to believed in God,” he says, “so I did too.” But now, after having time to reflect, he says his faith is gone. Steingard made the admission because “it feels like it’s time for me to be honest.” 

Some applauded Steingard’s painful admission – but judging by the online reaction, others were clearly less charitable.

The Flock Loses a Member

Steingard's bandmates told Fox News that they still support him, but hope he finds his faith again. "God is still for Jon and he still matters,” they said. “That truth doesn't change just because we question it."

But not everyone was so magnanimous, particularly when leaving comments on the internet (what's new). One Instagram user asked, “I just have to wonder why you need to proclaim this publicly and shake possibly weaker Christians’ faith? ...The enemy of your soul has gotten you into a very dangerous delusion, I pray you turn back to the truth before it’s too late.”

And a great many others questioned if Steingard ever believed. Some suggested that if he could simply renounce it, his faith was never "authentic" to begin with. Another fan wrote on Instagram, “You will bend the knee as we all will. While you have abandoned God he will never abandon you.”

Kissing God Goodbye

Could there be a trend starting here? Steingard’s announcement follows not long after popular Christian author Joshua Harris’ very public turn away from faith. Harris, a purity advocate who wrote the best-selling book “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” in 1997, announced he was leaving Christianity last year. That publication was an instrumental document for many millennial evangelicals, one that implored them not to have sex or even kiss before marriage. Harris has since renounced the book, and apologized for the harm he believes he caused, particularly towards LGBTQ people. Like Steingard, Harris received mixed reactions from his announcement. 

Pew Research reports that Americans are losing faith at a rapid pace. In 2019, surveys showed that just 65% of Americans identify as Christian. That is a 12 point drop from only a decade prior, leading some experts to predict a future in which God plays a much less prominent role in many people's lives. In fact, America’s fastest-growing religion is actually ‘None’.

What do you think? Admitting to yourself and others that your beliefs have changed is undoubtedly difficult. How should the faithful respond to those who’ve lost their belief in God? ****Does religion have a place in America's future, or will we see an increasingly agnostic nation in the decades to come?


  1. Gail Dobson's Avatar Gail Dobson

    It was a brave decision to announce it, but it was a long and probably arduous journey out of the clutches of the church. Help and support for anyone questioning their "faith" may be found at Recovering from I hope everyone can grow and become who they want to be.

  1. Brenten Stevens's Avatar Brenten Stevens

    God is a man made system of threats ,abuse,murder,wars,theft,rape,lies,wars wars wars can be nether be destroyed nor created it simply morphs into new forms . That’s what many refers to as God! We are beings we all know right from wrong religion is a man made form of government under the umbrella of many names . Most God based cults are abusive groups dividing them from us . I reference to myself as a humanist pastor I simply try and bring life into people who’ve been abused by religious vicious judgmental leaders seeking money ,power and a host of abuse . Live well now not after you die . Be kind to others help when you can but don’t allow yourself to be abused for your kindness . If you find love in this form of life does not matter your sexual choice for a partner through this life enjoy this life . Energy can not be created nor destroyed it simply morphs into new forms and when you loose this shell you now use you will go on forever in a new form . My up bringing was heavily controlled by Christianity I was raised in this abusive system . I to completed theology training went and served in the missionary . I kept finding across all religious God based faith nothing but controlling abusive systems based on fear and division . Live well now not in some promised afterlife along with hand over your money and life to a abusive leadership .

  1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

    I didn't take a step backward I took a step forward and left religion altogether, and I closed the gate behind me when I left. I've never been happier. Indoctrination in religion is a terrible thing. I'm sure Jon Steingard is much happier.


    1. Patricia Ann Wileman's Avatar Patricia Ann Wileman

      Should never be about religion should always be about a one on one relationship with the Lord. However each one of us have free choice. 

      1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

        Im just wondering which Lord you are referring to as there seems to be so many. Did you mean Lord Krishna? I was involved with Krishna at one time and quite enjoyed that religion. There is also the House of Lords in the UK, which I think is part of the Church of England. Just asking.


        1. Jean Bakula's Avatar Jean Bakula

          People seem to always forget the U.S. is a secular country.

          1. Talon Aaron Bengochea's Avatar Talon Aaron Bengochea

            The US has become a secular country but was founded on religious freedom. People fleeing religious persecution were some of the first immigrants.

            1. James Marx's Avatar James Marx

              Is that not why they instituted separation of church and state, to prevent a similar situation again where the state is responsible for the religious persecution?

              Thus allowing freedom of religion in your private life and leaving it out of government?

  1. Ealdormon Piparskeggr Robinson's Avatar Ealdormon Piparskeggr Robinson

    I like to quip that I "gave up the Church for Lent in 1975."

    However, never gave up a Belief that there is Something beyond Man.

    In mid-year 1988 found the modern rebirth of the pre-Christian beliefs and practices of my Nordic ancestors.

    One thing I respect about this belief set, an acknowledgement that there are those who are good members of the community, who Do Not believe in the Gods and Goddesses.They are known as Gautlos, Godless. So long as they are contributing members of the community, their personal conscience is just that, personal, and respected.

    1. Patricia Ann Wileman's Avatar Patricia Ann Wileman

      Should never be about religion should always be about a one on one relationship with the Lord. However each one of us have free choice. 

      1. Ealdormon Piparskeggr Robinson's Avatar Ealdormon Piparskeggr Robinson

        Good observation.

        My dad remained a devout Catholic to his dying breath, I believe to this day he was saying a "Hail Mary" as he passed.

        However, his test of Beliefs was simple, if they helped you be better as a person, he was in favor of them. He told me that about my beliefs on the last good day we had together the previous summer.

  1. Reverend Cory's Avatar Reverend Cory

    Each of us have our own road to follow. I wish him luck, and hope he finds what he's looking for in life.

  1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

    Hopefully he'll find a better path for himself than christianity (religious or not). Maybe even ULC would be right for him.

  1. Alexander Clarke's Avatar Alexander Clarke

    God and religion are not the same. One can believe in God and have a personal relationship with God without having to belong to a religion. Religions all claim to be the "one and only" and that if you do not ascribe to their particular brand of religion then you are damned or doomed or whatever threat that a religion uses to keep their flock from wandering off.

    1. John Wayne Hutchinson's Avatar John Wayne Hutchinson

      I do NOT totally agree with you BUT I understand whereyou are comeing from.

  1. Sally Moody Meese's Avatar Sally Moody Meese

    When someone tells me they don't believe in God I always ask, "Which God don't you believe in?" Chances are, I can say "I dont believe in that God either!" And Im a practicing Christian of the Way of Jesus. Never get God confused with religion.

  1. Angela Nicole Collier's Avatar Angela Nicole Collier

    I can relate to Jon’s plight. I got kicked out of two churches and I had to go to another state to be baptized and because of a friend, she ended up getting me kicked out. I renounced my faith after that and that was about 10 years ago when I was 25. I’m almost 36 and I haven’t looked back. I feel freer than I ever have been. I feel happier, because I’m away from a religion that didn’t accept me. I got tired of being rejected. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to believe in something. Even if it is only yourself.

    I’m spiritual, not religious; but I’m one of these people that believes we create our own afterlife. Be it the Heaven we think or the Hell we live. My brother doesn’t believe there’s anything when we die. Not quite an Atheist, but he goes on the belief that energy can be neither destroyed or recreated. He doesn’t get into it and I don’t ask. It’s a taboo subject we both can’t seem to understand where the other is coming from. It’s like I’m speaking Italian and he’s speaking French. It just leaves us both confused. Although, we both do agree that while here, living your life to help others and being a decent person is important. At the end of the day, whose to judge someone else’s beliefs or lack of? Who has the right to say what someone believes is wrong? They reserve the right to say it’s ridiculous; but if one truly believes heart, body and soul? If it gets them through the day, then that’s what they need and no one should try to convert or take that belief/ faith away.

    I personally think Jon did the right thing. Life is too short. Find happiness, even if it sometimes disappoints others. As long as he continues to be true to himself, that’s all that matters. Just my two cents.

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      Thank you Angela. Leaving religion can be very difficult, especially if one has been indoctrinated into a religion from early childhood when even Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy is still real. Being told the truth about those latter two is bad enough. It seems the longer one hangs onto a religion the harder it is to leave it. is a great place to find like minded individuals going through the recovery process. There is even a Secular Therapy Project consisting of secular therapists for those who have been traumatized by religion. Thanks again for your input.


      1. Patrick Lewis Lamke's Avatar Patrick Lewis Lamke

        Religion is for those who are afraid of going to hell; Spirituality is for those who have already been there.

      2. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

        When I was knee high to a grass hopper my Christian family told me about God the Father, and Jesus, his son. I clearly remember asking them about the Mother, to which they said "There isn't a mother, just a father and son. From that moment on I knew those people were definitely thrown. I tried to play along with them as much as I could, and didn't mention my past life memories, out of body experiences, spirit communications, or psychic experiences. Nevertheless, I never got in well at Catholic school, and had been expelled from two of them by the time I was eleven, got kicked out of the house when I was sixteen, later that year I was initiated into Wicca, quit school in my senior year (but got a G.E.D.), and that same year I peed on my Bible and defacated on my crucifix, then threw them in the trash, while listening to Duran Duran's New Religion, which is still one of my favorites, that I like almost as much as Judas Priests' Screaming For Vengeance! However, I have another Bible now...and it makes great rolling papers. All in all, it's just another brick in the wall!

        1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

          Thank you for bringing some humor to this topic Carl.


  1. Linda Salavarria's Avatar Linda Salavarria

    Not to make myself out as prophetic but I knew this was going to happen. The christian right has not kept up with the millennial generation and the evolution of society. They don't have to LIKE where society is going but if they want to stay relevant, they need to ADJUST to it. They haven't. And so, I predict that within the next 10 years, the christian right will not only become an afterthought, but may actually be held in terribly low esteem altogether for the beliefs they held in the past. They literally have tied the noose around their own neck and continue to tighten it at their own expense. I won't miss them...

  1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

    Even though I believe in gods and goddesses I agree with Lionheart. As long as he has truly found himself it doesn't matter if he ever believes in a god, a creator, religion, or not. Religion isn't right for everyone, and nothing is as valuable in our lives as knowing and accepting ourselves, as we happen to be.

  1. Minister Ivette 's Avatar Minister Ivette

    I also said the same thing after growing up in a religion that always told me what was right and what's wrong. I later realized that it was not God, but the restrictions, fears that were put on me. My faith is now stronger than it's ever been. Im not saying that this is why people renounce their belief in God but sometimes you need to take a step back to see where and who you are. I'm sure he will find his own way back to God. Fans should not judge him. My prayers and blessings to him on his journey.

    1. Patricia Ann Wileman's Avatar Patricia Ann Wileman

      Should never be about religion should always be about a one on one relationship with the Lord. However each one of us have free choice. 

  1. Minister Carlos Ricardo Walls's Avatar Minister Carlos Ricardo Walls

    Pray for Christian that his faith be restored?Everyone should reach out to him asap.

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      He’s obviously much happier now that he’s come to his senses. He’ll be fine!


  1. Summer Bree Nichols's Avatar Summer Bree Nichols

    People have to be able to travel their own journeys . We can only pray that he’ll come back to god but for now let him make his own decision

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      I’m just wondering which man-made god you are referring to? Just asking!


    2. Diane Jordan-Godwin's Avatar Diane Jordan-Godwin

      “but for now, let him”????

  1. James Grainger's Avatar James Grainger

    Considering the trials and tribulations of mankind over the past century, and certainly more recent events, one would think that if God truly existed, now would be a great time to reveal himself. If as the bible says, we have free will, then we must truly be on our own. I understand Steingard's confusion??. maybe it is time to put our faith in mankind.

    1. Patricia Ann Wileman's Avatar Patricia Ann Wileman

      I have not faith in mankind. Look what man has been doing at this time. So much hate. Should never be about religion should always be about a one on one relationship with the Lord. However each one of us have free choice. 

  1. Aqilah Jackson's Avatar Aqilah Jackson

    Did he loose faith in God or religion....that is the question? I have many times lost faith in religion but that is because of man not God. Never have I ever lost faith in God but have questioned Him a lot. I will pray for all who struggle and support them regardless.

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      “Did he loose faith on God or religion...”

      Hopefully both!


      1. Barbara Kay Bradford Fenchak's Avatar Barbara Kay Bradford Fenchak

        hopefully only religion! there is a final day in human lives when you see what is truth. no human machination nor imagination will stand on that day.

        1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

          Yes, but that is of course only applicable if there is anything after this life. It would be nice if there was, but if it's anything like before we were born, which appears to be a life that none of us is cognizant of, thats perhaps how it will be after this mortal life. We can but hope though! And even if we find, after our mortal death, that there is something, will we still be searching for some type of deity? I guess we won't know until this life is over, assuming we will be around to know of course. 😇


          1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

            Don't look for a god after you die, just look for a light. And when you see it, don't think about anything other than getting through that light, as fast as you can, regardless of whether you believe in it, or not.

            1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

              And if there is no light.....or nothing at all?

  1. tuppennyblue's Avatar tuppennyblue

    Rock is the Devil's music anyway (he gets all the best tunes) and has no place in Christianity. I speak as a rock fan with a Methodist Christian upbringing!

  1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

    Atleast he didn't lose faith in rock -n- roll. Rock -n- roll will save his soul!!! Maybe he'll even write a rock song about this experience that will lead other christians astray. Christianity is on its way out, and it's best to help it along the way, which will only help this world become a much better place.

    1. William Sadler's Avatar William Sadler

      Stairway to Heaven. Or Sympathy for the Devil. Or Dark 🌟 Star. Or Break on Through to the Other Side.

      1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

        ....and you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. [Cerberus will see to that.] Furthermore, "Pleased to meet you. Won't you guess my name!" As it says in the Word, as written in the Satanic Bible, the age of Satan is upon us! Live! Laugh! Love! Dare to be!!!

  1. Michael Ohliger's Avatar Michael Ohliger

    It is not a surprise at all, many people become frustrated with circumstances in life and they lose their faith. More times than not the people return to the lord stronger than before. God has a life plan for everyone and who are we to question or judge.

  1. Tony Damian's Avatar Tony Damian

    Hello All, or should I say Merry Meet All :)

    I am a solitaire high priest, and have practicing Wicca for since 1985. I left the Catholic church in 1975 after seeing the greed of the church first hand, and the lack of concern towards those who were not "followers". As an early member of the council of churches in my Central Connecticut hometown, I started visiting other churches to get a broader view Christianity. I would trust gut feelings as entered a church for the first time. I chose them by feel, not by name or location. What I found after my 4 year study, is that Christianity as whole just was no longer for me. I experienced 5 different christian faiths all the way to agnostic. I did resonate with the agnostic view and doctrine.

    What I found myself doing from the late 70's right up to today, is studying, researching and learning about the world's religions. Then treating it all as if a buffet. There can be all sorts of things to choose at a buffet, they are all edible. However, some of them may cause allergies, be fattening, raise blood pressure, aggravate diabetes, cause blotting and gas.. you get the picture. You don't pile shrimp on your plate because it's an all you can eat if you are allergic to shellfish!

    So I keep from each those ideas, beliefs, ideals that are palatable to me, and me only.. I not interested in being someone's sheep, I do not do well in a herd as they are lead over a cliff. Loa Tzu's Tao Te Ching is my bible of choice, that I have studied and lived to as much as I can for the past 2 decades. When I have to fill out a blank that is titled: Religion, I put. Agnostic Pagan Spiritualist. That's enough to make folks go "What the.... is that?"

    So there's my 2 cents for what it's worth. I'm not sure what is taking folks so long to catch on to the fact that the real root of all evil is organized religion. Blessed Be TonyD

  1. Paul Donaldson's Avatar Paul Donaldson

    I would be wise to remember that there is a lie in every beLIEf so be very careful how you play your cards. We've seem a 'bible thumper' earlier this week who gassed his way through a peaceful crowd to pose before a church with bible in hand and a closed mouth, for reasons unclear other than to look like a fool. Paul Donaldson

  1. Karu's Avatar Karu

    I grew up in a very catholic house and was physically and verbally abused for questioning either the existence of god or the religion.So I tried very hard to learn to believe, even though some part of me knew it was wrong for ME. Later I played along because I got left alone as long as I said and did the expected things. When my father went off the deep end and the abuse became nearly unbearable I tried so hard to believe, to get the help I needed and had been promised for my "faith". In every case I found myself screaming noiselessly in the void to an aware but uncaring universe.

    I finally figured out that the old ways of my Estonian and Ute ancestors was what was calling to me, and renounced christianity and their "interventionist god." I do believe there is more that is unseen, but not in a single god. It has made me a far happier and far stronger human. I hope this young man finds his own path.

  1. Diane Jordan-Godwin's Avatar Diane Jordan-Godwin

    I feel this trend in renouncing formal belief in “Christianity” has not much at all to do with a belief in Source/Higher Power/Universal Consciousnesses/God or whatever label an individual wants to use. The trend away from organized, structured religion is one that is moving toward a personal, spiritually mature, self-responsible connection with the Source Energy if Love, of which every soul is in true form. We are all “God” Not to mention the fact that, belief in Christianity is certainly not the only path to knowing “God” There are countless more ways to have a spiritual belief which are not Christianity. I see this as a good thing. An evolutionary step.

  1. Paul A Winer's Avatar Paul A Winer

    Thanks for your wonderful and thought provoking articles.
    Steingard said he no longer believed in God. Your blog implies that believing in God and being Christian are synonymous. They are not. Thank you again.

  1. William Sadler's Avatar William Sadler

    There is a lot of wisdom posted above. Oh, gosh. I don't profess to know about efemeral things. But, I do know one thing. Dreams do exist. It's a different state of mind. Death occurs. I watched my mom die. I held my kittens after they died. I lost everything last year. But I'm still alive. Just take it easy. Be kind. Be safe.

  1. Armond Nelson's Avatar Armond Nelson

    As a new minister of Christ, I know exactly how this brother feels and the constant pressure he goes through. I'm pretty sure he's had a lot of hurt and pain from people he has been around. There's no hurt greater than church hurt. It cuts deeper than worldly hurt. I have been through it. I've walked away from from God more times than I can remember. I've been hurt by Christians and family more. I've doubted the word of God and have broken His laws too many times. I've questioned God on everything. Even now, I still have a lot of bad habits and relationships that I know God doesn't approve of. But yet I know he loves me as I am and shows me His love. The bible says, to whom much is given, much is required. Sometimes I wake up feeling pressured to do the right thing by God. As a musician I get it double. Rehearsals, performances, arrangements, egos, attitudes, services, traveling, and not mention the lack of sleep. The list is long and tedious. I fall down. God know all that I go through. It feels like nobody is listening or cares. Every time I've walked away, God used that as a time to minister to me and to show me His plan for my life. Whether I wanted to ignore Him or not. He allowed me to use that time to rest, regroup and think. Point is you may walk away from God, but He'll never walk away from you. Keep on preaching Preacher.

  1. arawngraalrd's Avatar arawngraalrd

    It sounds like his relationship unto The Here-Else hasn't suffered, but he's transcending his indoctrination, which could be as bad as the worship of Graven Images. God is alive, and should be known through Heart or Soul, and yesterday's image might not be right today. Santa, the Easter Bunny, even Jesus, Mohammed and The Leprechaun, are alive today, but aren't truly to be known through a lot of Pagan Chanting.

  1. Ronaldo's Avatar Ronaldo

    I'm saddened by his choice, but not really surprised. I've known those who had accepted Christ into their hearts at one time turn away from Him later in life. Some theologians claim Satan took a third of the angels with him when he left Heaven. If the Father of Lies can convince angels, who had seen the Lord directly, and knew He existed, how could a mortal, never having seen God, but has accepted His existence on faith, not be swayed by Satan or his minions whispering in his ear, and putting their agents in the way? I was an agnostic longer than I have been Christian, and was convinced to accept Christ by friends who knew Him in their hearts, and a lot of circumstantial evidence. Being in technical fields all my life, I learned very early in my career to question everything. So I did, and still do, half a century later. That included Christianity. With help from God, I can question every lie and every truth, and I pray that does help protect me from being turned away by the Father of Lies. Unfortunately, I have encountered many believers that refuse to discuss or debate why they believe. I've noticed that most in this group came to Christ as children, whereas most who came to Christ as adults seem to be more willing to discuss and even question their beliefs. The debates strengthen their resolve to follow Jesus, not weaken it. Though I am new to 'official' ministry, I've used my technical skills to spread the Word and discuss Christ with co-workers and clients for the last 25 years, so am wondering if anyone with more experience with ministry has noticed anything similar.

  1. John R's Avatar John R

    Maybe this is a good time to acknowledge that most tax-exempt christianity isn't actually of Christ, but rather the wool humans allow to be put over their eyes. The Gospels are hardly mentioned in evangelicalism beyond the death of Jesus (the part they seem to enjoy). Their voice is close to Him but their hearts are far away.

    The conservative pharisee-ization of America's churches since the last culmination of rightwing attack on God's will (WWII) gave people an idolatry of mammon they joined because it made them feel superior and gave them what they wanted: guns, military domination, supremacy of their preferred sex acts, and other various mirages of elevation of themselves.

    The teevee is their messiah, and it did a good job, delivering onto the market faithful the nation's wealth along with the license to use force for profit.

    So as the corrupt church is dying, people are detaching and floating like flotsam in the moral shipwreck conservative religion has always left behind. It is the pangs of the birth of a newer, better, consciousness reaching toward the example Christ modeled. We could see this as revelation. In the cleansing, some will abandon the vine. Others will grow.

    The Lord has already said the way He will have it: Love. Compassion. Mercy. Giving of our gifts. Seeking the Kingdom WITHIN us. Yet the Word is always new.

    Most people of my generation were tempted with the old wine, and have preferred it (as Christ foretold). Instead of waking up to life, they have worshiped materialism and self—money and power—instead. Profitable conmen/women helped them do what they wanted; they it blame its failure on others so they can keep doing what they'd rather do instead.

    Anyway that's how it seems to me.

  1. Katherine R. Baker's Avatar Katherine R. Baker

    God/Jesus never asks us to believe in a religion. He asks us to believe that we are saved by grace because Jesus took on and died for the sins of all humanity. He suffered on the cross so we could ALWAYS have eternal hope.

  1. Beth Noelle Fournier's Avatar Beth Noelle Fournier

    I've been there, I lost my trust and faith in the churches I had been to, in the leadership of those churches, and especially in the church as a whole because everywhere I looked there was unfettered greed, even a class system within every church I'd been to, but what broke my trust the most was when leadership at one church had lied and implied there was going to be an in person guest at that church for the youth group, when in reality it was revealed to me by another leader that it was just going to be a video of that person. I have struggled with faith and trust for years since then, and have come to realize that the true faithful don't go to a building, and don't congregate or gather tithes, but instead the true believers help those who are less fortunate, they speak out against injustice, they help their communities thrive and grow, they take action on behalf of those who are weakened by society and help them through their struggles. You don't need a church or a bible, you need kindness and compassion, and a willingness to serve. I may not know who I worship or believe, but I know that I hunger for truth and justice.

  1. Patrick Alois deHertogh's Avatar Patrick Alois deHertogh

    The new religion will be here 2100 something. The Christian faith had there run. Now for something completely different. I'll be dead there will be killing for it. Untill it can be accepted. That will last 2100 something. Everything is circular. Sun-sat. Day night. Fall winter spring. Ect. there is nothing wrong with your television. We control everything you see and hear. There really needs to be some religion that celibrates the coming of death and getting prepared for it. Stop prolonging useless life. There's people that need more plastic things and to many old people using plastic. Is human life really that special? Of coarse this is the popular belief. I think We're very dangerous apes that think we so special. Take a look at what we have done. If I was an intelligent life form and if I met me and others like me. I'd sanitize them.

    1. William Sadler's Avatar William Sadler

      I like Gaandi. And MLK

  1. Ralph DeWitt's Avatar Ralph DeWitt

    I am unfamiliar with this person but I think it is sad he has lost his way, and sadder that he was in the public eye and has a following that he influenced. His decision to announce this publicly rather than silently stepping away will have repercussions. Some people come to Christ because of the music and they come to look upon the members of the band as idols, and what they say has a big impact on them. I only pray that the followers will not also denounce Christ and walk away also. God is real and we truly are living the final leg of race and there will be more confusion with all Satan and his minions are doing right now. I wonder how much time this man spent feeding his spirit God's Word and how much time he spent feeding it Satan's world. Our faith grows when we feed it and dies when we don't, just like our bodies you cant starve it of food, drink, or oxygen, without these we die. I will pray for his soul and a renewal of his belief and faith.

  1. Hazel's Avatar Hazel

    Onlookers should mind their own damn business and stop being so judgmental. "Judge not, lest ye be judged" and "Judgment is mine saith the Lord." Are those who stand in judgment God? No? Then shut the he'll up.

  1. Brian Konrad Elliott Balke's Avatar Brian Konrad Elliott Balke

    Well, the button on this post was a bit of click-bait. I went out to both links, and don't find anything that explains "why." While it is a cynical perspective, we can't rule out that he found himself in a career trap and wanted to broaden his musical repertoire. My hope is that God is taking him out of the public eye for a while so that Jon can have an authentic personal experience of love. I would hazard that to this point in his life, every opportunity has been corrupted by private and public judgment.

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      My hope is that he found himself, his true self, away from the constraints and dogma of religion. He can then recognize his own talents as his, and not give them away to any mythical deity. A freethinker, using logic and reason, makes a person whole. I would hazard that at this point he has truly found himself.


  1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

    And if he hasn't found himself yet he can read a book or two by Albert Ellis, and try cognitive emotive therapy. It beats the Hell out of writing a fourth step!

  1. William Sadler's Avatar William Sadler

    Just be kind to one another. Hug a tree. Adopt a pet from a shelter. Contribute to a reputable homeless support group. Play music. Make art. Be safe and well 😇💓🙏. Please.

  1. Richard Lee Cornell's Avatar Richard Lee Cornell

    Must be that he did not win at the lottery.

  1. Douglas Robert Spindler's Avatar Douglas Robert Spindler

    Not the first singer to find religion and then dump it. Wonder if religion was found to make a profit? And when the profits were not enough it was time to lose religion.

  1. Milanko Djurdjulov's Avatar Milanko Djurdjulov

    Deacon Milanko, Hello, interesting commentary regarding this man's choice to stop believing. I have always looked at faith in the heavenly kingdom as simple understanding as you believe or you don't. A man convinced against his own will is of the same opinion still. The real issue is all the rest of the Sins ( missing the mark) in this World and how we are as a people deal with them. I personally will take my chances with my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I do know with God all things are possible and that people left to their own selfish thinking and ambitions can lead to an open door for trouble. Good Luck to all of you, and search for your common scene, in all things. Don't blame God but give thanks to the Lord for he is good and loves mankind. Nothing's for free and comes with responsibility, if not kaos. Remember God knows all of our weaknesses and is watching. I will pray for us all. God Bless you all.

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