Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - January, 2020

Does a new year mean turning over a new leaf? Maybe not.
The start of a new year is the time when most of us are on our very best behavior. New year, new you, right? Those resolutions ensure we're flossing our teeth, hitting the gym, and being kind to others. At least for a few weeks, anyway. But as we round the corner into a brand new decade, some groups appear reluctant to change.

Come As You Are

Transgender acceptance has grown exponentially in recent years, but many transgender priests and pastors are still struggling to find their place and their churches.
Will Things Change?

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Holy Rage Quit

Holy Rage Quit

A prominent Texas megachurch is splitting from the United Methodist Church because they’re apparently sick of hearing about how LGBT people deserve acceptance.
Didn’t We Settle This?

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Rebuking Tradition, the Mormons Pull Out

The Mormon Church has announced it is removing 400,000 youth from the Boy Scouts, citing the group's liberal leanings and recent embrace of gay troop members and leaders. "The reality there is we didn't really leave them; they kind of left us," insists Mormon leader M. Russell Ballard.
Are They Breaking Scouts Honor?

Man's Search for Meaning

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Protection from On High

After a string of horrific attacks against Jewish communities, a vigilante group calling themselves "the Guardian Angels" is hitting the streets to deter hate crimes.
How Did We Get Here?

Agriculture Shock

A court in the U.K. ruled that veganism is a "philosophical or religious belief" and cannot be discriminated against in employment.
Is Veganism a Religion?

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In the wake of yet another church shooting in Texas, our friends on Facebook are debating the merits of volunteers carrying guns in houses of worship. Supporters say armed congregants could provide badly-needed protection, but critics insist it would only make matters worse.
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