Man's Search For Meaning

Viktore E. Frankl

In this iconic book, Victor Frankl establishes and analyzes what he believes is the cornerstone of all human existence - our overwhelming search for meaning.


Product Description

From 1942 to 1945, author and psychiatrist Viktor Frankl labored in four different German concentration camps, including Auschwitz. His parents, brother, and wife all perished at the hands of the Nazis. Frankl's memoir, Man's Search for Meaning, has shocked generations of readers with its harrowing descriptions of life in the Nazi death camps, and inspired millions with its message of power and hope.

Frankl's experience led him to develop his theory of "logotherapy", from the Greek word logos, which holds that the primary drive in life isn't pleasure, but the pursuit and discovery of what we find meaningful. Only by seeking out our meaning, Frankl says, can we move beyond our suffering. In 1991, the Library of Congress conducted a large survey in which they asked: what piece of literature has most "made a difference in your life?" The most cited book by respondents was Man's Search for Meaning. It continues to be one of the most influential and meaningful books in the world, having sold more than 12 million copies. It has been dubbed by The New York Times "an enduring work of survival literature."