Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - July, 2019

*Gavel bangs* Now that we have your attention, we have some updates for you.
The judicial system can be boring and tedious, but right now the news cycle is packed with interesting cases worth talking about: a Wiccan professor is suing a Catholic college for discrimination, yet another Christian baker case has made its way to the Supreme Court, and (last but not least) a forward-thinking church is going to court to protect the rights of its ministers (Hint: it's us!). Scroll down for details!

Taking On Tennessee

The ULC is going to bat to defend the rights of its ministers to perform weddings in the state of Tennessee. Please check out our official statement regarding our big, bold lawsuit.
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Burn the Witch!

Burn the Witch!

A Wiccan professor has filed a lawsuit against a Catholic university claiming that she was discriminated against due to her beliefs. Does society have an anti-Wiccan bias?
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Man's Search For Meaning

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Never Judge a Book By It's Cover

Drag Queen Story Hour events at libraries and bookstores around the country continue to spark controversy, drawing protesters wherever they are held. Faith groups say they put children at risk, but others say that's nonsense.
Is Drag Dangerous?

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Batter Up!

Another Christian baker stepped up before SCOTUS and managed to hit a home run: the court vacated a ruling against them for refusing to make a cake for a gay wedding.
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A Win For The Dead

Taking “one nation under God” a bit too far? The Supreme Court ruled that a giant cross can remain on public land in Maryland, but only due to a technicality.
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Does a woman have to be attractive to be an effective leader? The Dalai Lama appears to think so – a stance he reiterated during a recent interview with the BBC that has sparked widespread criticism of the 83-year-old spiritual guru. Join the conversation now to see what others are saying!
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