Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - April, 2019

Every breath you take, every move you make… he'll be watching you.
This edition of The Visionary takes a deep dive into a few stories focused on how humans behave with the eye of God overhead (even if they don't believe it's there) . From a Christian lawmaker begging for God's forgiveness, to a secret prayer program targeting residents of a major city, to a fried chicken chain - "His" all-seeing eye has some people spooked.

Jesus Has The Floor

The swearing-in for Pennsylvania's first Muslim state legislator turned awkward when a Christian lawmaker begged Jesus for forgiveness and said America has "lost sight of God."
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Technical Fowl

Technical Fowl

In the wake of a severe chickenpox outbreak, an unvaccinated Catholic school student was barred from playing on the school basketball team. Now he's suing for religious discrimination.
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The Church of Chick-fil-A:
How Fried Chicken Became the Face of Faith

The issue of gay marriage continues to haunt Chick-fil-A as the company is once again facing boycotts over its owners' beliefs. But activists, including one presidential hopeful, have a dilemma: the chicken tastes *really* good.
Why Some Can't Resist

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Prayer Without Consent

A group of Nashville churches came up with an innovative way to spread the good word: unsolicited prayer. However, not everyone appreciated the gesture.
Did They Cross a Line?

Will You Marry Us?

A recent survey revealed that 43 percent of married couples now choose to have a friend or family member officiate their wedding ceremony. What's driving this trend?
What Does it Mean For You?

The Art Of Happiness

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Our friends on social media offered their thoughts on a petition being passed around at Princeton Theological Seminary that calls for the school to offer $5 million in annual reparation payments to “make amends" to descendants of slavery. Some thought it a great idea, while others weren't so sure.
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