Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - January, 2018

A shocking book called "Fire and Fury" has been generating some buzz recently.
But the fear of fire and fury has been dominating human minds for centuries. This week The Visionary won't give you a peek inside the White House, but it will give you a peek into the human mind as it fights to do what's right in a world where it's so easy to do what's wrong.

Praying the Gay Away

In a now-viral video, an "ex-lesbian" explains how she found God and ditched her sinful lifestyle. Supporters cheer her for escaping damnation, but critics say her message is dangerous.
Can God Turn You Straight?

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Fame Becomes Shame

Fame Becomes Shame

In the world of YouTube, shock value can result in big paydays. One internet star, tempted by fame, may have taken things too far when he filmed a suicide victim... and now he risks losing everything.
Should His Career Be Over?

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Ohio Outlaws Abortion for Babies with Down Syndrome

It's now illegal to abort a baby that has Down syndrome in Ohio, with violators facing up to 18 months in jail. Pro-life groups are cheering an end to "evil eugenics," but critics say the law is misguided and cruel.
Does Down Syndrome Justify Abortion?

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The Power of Porn

Pornography is known to captivate people, but a new study shows that it might be even more powerful than we imagined; capable even of changing people's minds on an issue as divisive as abortion.
Do You Believe It?

ULC in The White House

From the pages of a controversial new book about Trump's White House comes a report that Jared Kushner is a ULC minister. What it mean to have an ordained minister in the White House?
Could It Be True?

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Wishes Do Come True

A single dad in dire need of a kidney transplant made a final visit to Disney World with his kids. Then a viral Facebook post changed everything.

Is Disney Magic Real?

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