Activists protest the Ohio Down syndrome abortion ban
Pro-choice activists pack the Ohio legislative chamber to protest a ban on Down syndrome abortion.

Ohio has passed a bill which will institute a state-wide ban on abortion for babies with Down syndrome. Known as the Down Syndrome Non-Discriminatory Act, the legislation was officially signed into law by Ohio Governor John Kasich just before Christmas.

The new law stipulates that abortion can no longer be authorized based solely on the fact that a fetus has Down syndrome. Instead, affected children must be carried to term.

Strict penalties have been outlined for medical professionals who disobey; violations are punishable with up to 18 months in jail and a $5,000 fine. However, women would not receive punishment for seeking an abortion.

A girl with Down syndrome

Rapid Reactions

As one might expect, the ban is proving to be highly controversial. Pro-life groups have championed the new law, calling it a positive step toward further restrictions on abortion.

Mike Gonidakis, president of the pro-life group Ohio Right to Life, was ecstatic: "Now that the Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act is law, unborn babies prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome are given a shot at life."

But others don't see it that way. The Ohio chapter of the ACLU released a statement calling the move "blatantly unconstitutional" and poorly thought out.

"This bill does nothing to improve the lives of people with disabilities, nor increase their access to health care or other services, nor does it educate a woman and her family about having a child with a disability. It only further restricts a woman's ability to make a decision about ending a pregnancy."

It's yet to be seen whether the new policy will face a legal challenge. In 2016, a federal judge blocked a Down syndrome abortion ban passed in Indiana. In North Dakota, a similar law was enacted and went unchallenged in court.

Pro-life activist holding a sign.

Does Down Syndrome Justify Abortion?

This is obviously a tough question, but it cuts to the heart of the issue. Pro-choice groups point out that raising a child with disabilities comes with unique challenges, both emotionally and financially, that some parents may not be equipped to deal with. Given these challenges, they question why the government should be able to force women to give birth to a child with a serious genetic disability such as Down syndrome.

God's Plan

Pro-life advocates argue that every life is valuable, every child part of God's plan. It doesn't matter if the parents discover a disability during the pregnancy, they should still keep the baby. They insist that if God did not intend for a particular child to walk the Earth (however different that child might be) then He would not have made it so.

As for the burden posed by raising a child with Down syndrome: yes, it might be more difficult, but that is no reason for abortion, they insist. It will simultaneously be an incredibly rewarding and supremely frustrating experience just as parenthood always is. Why give that up?

Case Study: Iceland

In many European countries, aborting Down syndrome babies has become common practice. Take Iceland, for example. Since the advent of prenatal screening in the early 2000s, nearly 100% of Down syndrome pregnancies in Iceland have been terminated leading to a near eradication of the disorder nationwide. Although the country is home to more than 330,000 people, on average only one or two babies are born with Down syndrome each year.

Compare those numbers to the United States, where only 67% of Down syndrome pregnancies are terminated and 6,000 babies are born with the genetic disorder annually.

Helga Olafsdottir, a prenatal counselor in Iceland, explains how Nordic societies differ in their thinking: "We don't look at abortion as a murder. We look at it as a thing that we ended. We ended a possible life that may have had a huge complication... preventing suffering for the child and for the family. And I think that is more right than seeing it as a murder -- that's so black and white. Life isn't black and white. Life is grey."

Your thoughts?



  1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

    There should not be any laws about abortion...the Icelanders are right...the consequences of abortion by the mother will be dealt with by karma...laws against abortion make no more sense than laws against suicide and assisted suicide...if the "right-to-life" people are so concerned about children, let them show how much money and time they donate to institutions that deal with children, and stop wasting time claiming they know what God wants...God is simply peace; people have positions on things...Tom

    1. Sam Sowards's Avatar Sam Sowards

      Every child raised has had unique challenges and obstacles to the parents. How about the children that grow up to become mass murderers and criminals, or politicians, or Steven Hawkins and others with disabilities, should they have been aborted to? This is how it's been since the beginning of human kind. But in these times, Man thinks he is smarter than God. How is this working out for us?

      1. Daniel Vance's Avatar Daniel Vance

        As a disabled individual with limited prospects in life, I wish my parents had never had me. We are quickly approaching an age where genetic diseases will be altered before birth, until then why subject an individual to a life of nothing but hardship and inequality.

        Parents should have the right to choose.

        I'm not saying that this is the right way to do things, only what I believe from my perspective as a disabled individual.

        1. Heather Engelsman's Avatar Heather Engelsman

          Daniel, Thank you for sharing your perspective, I wish more disabled people would speak out.

      2. Anita Ganser's Avatar Anita Ganser

        I guess you don't understand that Downs children live on after their parents are long gone. It's typical that they have lots of complicated medical conditions.

        I would spend 18 months in jail easily than subject someone to this.

      3. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

        Sam...we are not smarter than God...we are part of God...our universe of God is peace, but in order to stay in peace we reincarnate many times to balance our karma...what appear to be controls by "Man" are the playing out of karmic issues in temporary "lives"...and everything is working out exactly as it should...Tom

      4. Malad City's Avatar Malad City

        Unfortunately we have no ways of telling by DNA or any other source if someone is going to be a murderer, Rapist etc. But we do know if a in utero baby has Downs Syndrome and other handicaps by chromosome study and other medical means, BUT we have also been shown that most children born with downs syndrome are smarter than a lot of the people who want to abort them, I have a couple of Downs children in my family and they are always the first ones to greet you with a smile and a hug, I think we can all do with a little of what they have for sure. God knows what hes doing and we always try to out smart his plan, these challenges are given to us to learn many principles in life, Kindness, Patients, and Love unconditionally, " Love on one another as I have Loved you".

        1. Janice Tabler's Avatar Janice Tabler

          Beautifully stated.

    2. Reverand Steve's Avatar Reverand Steve

      Well, since abortion is murder and there are laws against committing murder, shouldn't abortion be outlawed?

      1. Anita Ganser's Avatar Anita Ganser

        What about 2 Kings 15:16?

        1. Dave Anderson's Avatar Dave Anderson

          Anita, I'm not what point you're trying to make here. Menahem, who performed the acts mentioned in that bible verse, was considered to be evil by God. If anything, that bible verse reinforces Steve's comment.

      2. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

        No, it should not..."murder" and "kill" are human, and not spiritual terms, and they should not be used to regulate spiritual/karmic matters...Tom

    3. Minister Dakota Griffin's Avatar Minister Dakota Griffin

      Your wrong about that it's murder it's a way for sick people to justify there reasons for there sick grotesque immoral murderous acts

  1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

    ULC...same comment on censorship...also, I did not see a response to my post about varying the religions/sources for policies on which we can comment...Tom

    1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


      1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

        John...thank you...if i had to use a political philosophy, i would probably pick Libertarian, as it minimizes what the government says you have to do...i hope you saw the book on Trump that came out today...Tom

        1. Sam Sowards's Avatar Sam Sowards

          Tom, I believe Sodom and Gommorrah had a Libertarian form of government.

          1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

            Sam..."libertarian" essentially supports individual freedom that does not harm others...the issue of abortion goes beyond temporal, human issues, as it is an issue of spiritual/karmic decision, and can not be "wrong"...but in order to accept these concepts, one must accept eternal life and karma...Tom

          2. Dave Anderson's Avatar Dave Anderson

            Tom, what are you smoking?

      2. John D. Partin's Avatar John D. Partin

        I should have been aborted.

  1. Galin Pheylan's Avatar Galin Pheylan

    Me and my ex, my daughters mom, have spent most of our working life caring for the physically and mentally challenged. We see beyond their challenges to see the person. Yet, we also saw their day to day challenges, hardship, pain, etc., and decided we did not want to bring another child into this world who would suffer like this; so having tests done to make sure our child would not be born with challenges she should not have to go through. Most people like this we cared for were placed in institutions and left, never to see their family again. Who talks about this? Most down syndrome people who are born also have anywhere between mild to severe mental retardation, more leaning toward the severe. Who speaks about, and for them? So far, what I have seen are the "Poster Children", or "Poster Successes" used in Publicity Stunts, for the Anti-Abortion Groups, and their Political Plans. Who are really speaking for these people that are being used as Political Pawns, for a Political Agenda? Who speaks for those who are plagued with many challenges, physical challenges (disabilities), severe mental retardation (challenges), and the sickness and diseases they must go through, because their immune system does not function right. The only ones who are getting anything out of this are those "Look what a good thing I have done, saved a life so they can suffer the rest of it" bible thumping thugs. It seems so sad that most of these people will call themselves christian, yet refuse to read, believe, and teach what their supposed lord said, "Blessed are those who have never been born, for they are with God".

    1. Laura Reed's Avatar Laura Reed

      Beautifully said. I too have seen those left behind.

    2. Kaylis Stone's Avatar Kaylis Stone

      Actually your facts are a bit wrong. Most people with Down syndrome have moderate mental retardation, not severe. I know people who have Down syndrome across the range of functioning as a student of development and as a parent participating in the Down syndrome community. Most people with Ds can do a job, carry out basic self care, and have an active social life. Many need help paying bills, shopping, and learning new skills. They ALL can learn, it just takes longer and more support.

      1. Galin Pheylan's Avatar Galin Pheylan

        My cousin was severe Down Syndrome, died at 21. No way he could do any of what you said. Was going to school to help him, and placed for a while in an institution to help him, nothing. And most of those I helped care for were not as able as you are speaking.

    3. Malad City's Avatar Malad City

      Thats not what God meant at all, you need to read the passages before and after that statement. And we need to stop acting like we are God and follow his council, which is simply, "Love One another" and let these sweet spirits recieve a body so they then can return to our Father in Heaven.

  1. Paul D Gilbert's Avatar Paul D Gilbert

    Let people who want to support Down's Syndrome babies try it as a voluntary effort. Let them provide the necessary funds. Let them recruit pregnant women and pay all their medical costs plus lifetime support for their babies born with Down's Syndrome. I would believe they really care if they are willing to dedicate their resources to the cause.

    1. Galin Pheylan's Avatar Galin Pheylan

      Agree with this.

  1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

    Paul...well stated...for most crowds it is easier to open their mouths, rather than their money and their time...Tom


    America is a retarded place.

  1. Dan's Avatar Dan

    A life is a life. God makes no mistakes. If baby has a disability, parents MUST raise child. Hard? Maybe. But it's a test from God, testing their faith. To go for abortion is to murder a child of God, a terrible sin.

    1. Malad City's Avatar Malad City

      Amen, Randy

      1. The Doctor's Avatar The Doctor

        Randy your view clearly is one using religion to force others to youur views, rather then being aware that the christian notion of god given free will means it should be the parents choice alone with no outside pressure from the church.

        Nor is there such a thing as a terrible sin, all sins are equally wrong in the eyes of the Judaic-Christian-Islamic gods view.

        However since this god is also infinite in its capacity for forgiveness, even if abortion is sinful, it matters not as the sinner can simply ask for forgiveness after death.

        Sadly Randy you continue to espouse views based on a very limited understand of various faiths and theology. Please seek to educate yourself on the wider world of spirituality.

        1. Galin Pheylan's Avatar Galin Pheylan

          Yes, and thank you !

  1. Timothy Carlstead's Avatar Timothy Carlstead

    Those people in that picture are disgusting and sorry human beings. I hope hat the find JESUS and obey the ten commandments. That picture proves that those people in the picture and every other person out there has no heart whats so ever!!! Those people want to kill a baby with special needs or without special needs. Abortion is wrong and disgusting and it needs to be outlawed big time!!! Can I get an Amen from the people who are against abortion in the comments!!! I am Pro-Life and I support every child born with disabilities or with out them because every life is precious. Here hes what a guest speaker at my church told us members. "You knew what was going when you were in that bedroom and you knew what would happen to you!!" So I rest my case and once again I say abortion should be outlawed once and for all !!!!

    1. Alan's Avatar Alan

      Interesting fact, YOUR bible not only CONDONES abortion but it also gives instructions on how it is done. Why should secular law (the US is NOT based on ANY religious values) be based on any "deeply held beliefs"? Who is going to pay for the extensive care these special needs kids require? Abortion, like any other medical issue, should be between a woman and her doctor with NO ONE else getting in between.

      1. Dave Anderson's Avatar Dave Anderson

        Alan, feel free to share with us where the bible "condones" abortion.

        1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

          Dave...i am sorry my comments make you so uncomfortable that you feel you must be aggressive...what i speak is the truth...our souls reincarnate many, many times, as we work through our karma...this will continue forever, regardless of any legal or religious attempts to define or limit it...all laws and rules of governments and religions are man-made; not by God, and they change nothing...peace...Tom

          1. Dave Anderson's Avatar Dave Anderson

            So, instead of backing up your statement, you choose to spout a bunch more nonsense garbage.

          2. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

            Dave...respecfully, i am sorry you feel that way...but the truth is the truth, as you will eventually find out...peace...Tom

        2. Timothy Carlstead's Avatar Timothy Carlstead

          Dude you know he is Hebrew right

        3. Dave Anderson's Avatar Dave Anderson

          So Tom, tell me what "truth" you're trying to discuss.

          1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

            Dave...we are all souls that are a part of God...we keep coming into the universe to balance our karma...when we are balanced, there will be no need to reincarnate, and we will stay in the peace of God...peace...Tom

          2. Dave Anderson's Avatar Dave Anderson

            Your beliefs seem to be all over the place. I'm not sure why you're mixing Christianity and Buddhism.

          3. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

   beliefs are clear...and I do not mix any religions, as I do not follow any religions, because they are man-made, not God-made...peace...Tom

      2. Anna Brown's Avatar Anna Brown

        Thanks, Alan, and that is from a woman who could not raise a child she conceived because of contraception failure over 40 yrs ago.

      3. Galin Pheylan's Avatar Galin Pheylan


      4. Timothy Carlstead's Avatar Timothy Carlstead

        Alan buddy, I say it should be outlawed because they are killing innocent babies because they are born different. I mean the women knew what they were getting into when they went into that bed room. Here is something I just want you to think about. I don't want a comment war again. I just want you to think about this for a moment. ACTS CHAPTER 8 VERSE 37 says AND PHILIP SAID, IF THOU BELIEVE WITH ALL THINE HEART, THOU MAY.

      5. Minister Dakota Griffin's Avatar Minister Dakota Griffin

        Hello Alan my name is Dakota Griffin i'm a minister and what your saying is completely dishonest and wrong for the bible does not condone any of that stuff nor does it in any way give you instructions on how to do it you need to read the bible and actually see what it says about abortions because i can promise you this it has no were in there were it condones it you are trying to tell us what we call false information we need to lead are heavenly fathers people to him not away from him look for the missing books of the bible and you'll be surprised about how many books were taken out of the bible that shouldn't have been taken out of God's holy living word. P.S. read revelations chapter 22-18-19.

    2. Galin Pheylan's Avatar Galin Pheylan

      Sad person.

    3. Heather Engelsman's Avatar Heather Engelsman

      Timothy, Where do you stand on pregnant rape victims?

      1. Timothy Carlstead's Avatar Timothy Carlstead

        Heather, I don't know where I stand on pregnant rape victims. See you never here about the rape victims on the news. I don't know Heather I just don't know.

        1. Heather Engelsman's Avatar Heather Engelsman

          Timothy, Appreciate your candid honesty. I think there are many circumstances we may never hear about which makes this topic so sensitive. It seems to me whichever side of the fence you are on at least everyone is thinking of the children. Possibly we may be able to do the greatest good by allowing parents to weigh their choices and decide. If you want the child but cannot care for it, give it away. If you don't want the child and can't give it away- then what? Child conceived out of rape maybe should be aborted because the woman carrying it will suffer from mental health issues that may adversely affect an unborn child's development. Wishing good health to all. Rev. Engelsman

          1. You'll Neverknow's Avatar You'll Neverknow

            My mother claimed to be a rape victim. 4 aunts say otherwise. Little slt She just didn't want to take responsibility that she'd rather have sex and drugs than a child! Worthless b&ch. I wish she would have aborted me!

    4. Minister Dakota Griffin's Avatar Minister Dakota Griffin

      Hello there Timothy i'm a minister my name is Dakota Griffin and yes abortions are act's of murder an it's wrong but to say that those people are heartless and saying they are sorry human beings is not right nor should you are me are anybody else judge them for the things they did for God are heavenly father is the only one that's got the right to judge everyone of us for we are sinners worthy of death because we sin against God are heavenly father and we should not be so judgemental and try to follow are lord and savior Jesus christ and lead by his example and be fellow believers in God are father.

  1. Dragon Priest's Avatar Dragon Priest

    All the hoopla over abortion is just Christianity bigotry and hate for political reasons. There are agreements with all parties including the soul. Jesus said ZERO about it in the bible. If it was so important he would have said so.

    1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


    2. Reverand Steve's Avatar Reverand Steve

      Pretty sure "thou shalt not kill" would be something said in the Bible. Do you agree that Abortion is killing?

      1. Anna Brown's Avatar Anna Brown


        1. Dave Anderson's Avatar Dave Anderson

          Anna, I don't think Steve was talking to you.

          1. Rev. None ya!'s Avatar Rev. None ya!

            Too bad Dave. it is a public forum. By Biblical laws, until the umbilical cord is cut, it is a part of the woman's body, and by biblical law she has the right to do with her body what she darn well pleases! I have discussed the matter with REAL biblical scholars, not Nitwits talking out their rear ends.

      2. Galin Pheylan's Avatar Galin Pheylan

        Supposedly God said "Thou shall not kill", then, many, many times told the people to kill, and sometimes ordering them to kill every man, woman, child, and their animals. So much for the commandment, "You shall not kill".

    3. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

      Every major action in life by everyone is by soul agreements/karma...the word "kill" is used to make an issue that is spiritual become emotionally charged...Tom

    4. Minister Dakota Griffin's Avatar Minister Dakota Griffin

      Hello pablo my name is Dakota Griffin i'm a Christian minister and what your saying is completely dishonest and is false information God are heavenly father has said in his ten commandments that ye shall not murder. ye shalt not still . ye shall not commit adultery. ye shall not commit idolatry. ye shall not covet. ye shall have no other gods before me ye shall not make for yourselfs graven image's from heaven above to the earth beneath to the oceans below. thou shalt not take the lords name in vain. remember my sabbath day to keep it holy [saturday]. honor thy mother and thy father. Thou shalt not bare false witness. You see abortion is murder ok so now you can actually learn from reading the ten commandments of God and seeing that God does say something about it and is against them.

  1. Liz Wilcox's Avatar Liz Wilcox

    The contents of a woman's uterus and what she decides to do with them are no ones business but hers. Period. No discussion. This is not a political nor "religious" issue, it is an intimate, personal and private issue. Period. No Discussion.

    1. Dave Anderson's Avatar Dave Anderson

      NOPE!! Your life isn't any more important then anyone else's in the eyes of god.

      1. Liz Wilcox's Avatar Liz Wilcox

        My life is far more important than the "life" of a fertilized egg, even though you don't choose to believe that.

        1. Dave Anderson's Avatar Dave Anderson

          Your delusion of self worth is sickening. Sounds a lot like the attitudes of the Nazis toward the Jews.

          1. Liz Wilcox's Avatar Liz Wilcox

            LOL! Wouldn't the world have been sooooo much better off if Hitler's mother had aborted him?? Yes, it would.

            Your delusion of being "god" is amusing to say the least!

          2. The Doctor's Avatar The Doctor

            Dave the only sickening comment here is yours, Attempting to belittle another posters self worth, and then bringing up Nazis as if they where actually driven by eugenics rather then by fear anger and hatred. Trying to compare modern science based eugenics to the nazi ideal of blond haired blue eyed racial superiority is revolting behavior.

            Nor do you take into account real world situations with your broad stroked statement.

            If someone is trying to do harm to someone like lets say rape a woman and I can stop that assault by killing the would be rapist, Should I not do so because that life is more sacred then the womans body about to be assaulted?

            Life is life, it comes and it goes. We each are responsible first and foremost to ourselves to live as best we can. If a woman does not wish to bring a child that will need care long after she is dead into this existence that is her choice alone, In the end the energy that would of gone into that unborns corporeal form still exists and will take many forms through the span of existence. The form of a human is no better or worse then being H20 or uranium.

          3. Dave Anderson's Avatar Dave Anderson

            T'Keren, it's reality.

      2. Rev None Ya!'s Avatar Rev None Ya!

        Hey Dave it isn't anyone else life but hers, till that cord is cut! That is biblical law dude! you so Calle christians don't even know what you are talking about going off half cocked!

    2. Anna Brown's Avatar Anna Brown

      Very well put, Liz

  1. Dave Anderson's Avatar Dave Anderson

    I'm very much prolife though I have problem with this law. It seems to me that it appears to prevent downs kids from being aborted but doesn't protect "normal" kids from being aborted. Well over 90% of babies aborted in this country are done for "birth control" purposes. If anyone has more knowledge of the current state of all Ohio abortion laws, feel free to comment.

    1. Liz Wilcox's Avatar Liz Wilcox

      Dave, cite your peer reviewed sources for this statistic please. From a common sense standpoint this is ridiculous when you consider birth control is basically free whereas abortions run somewhere in the neighborhood of $600. It's actually a lie, no doubt culled from liesite news. But please, do cite your peer reviewed sources.

      1. Dave Anderson's Avatar Dave Anderson

        Here's one site with statistical breakdowns. I'll send others if I feel like it. FYI: The attitudinal and behavioral issues you project through your writing is a big turn off.

        1. Liz Wilcox's Avatar Liz Wilcox

          LOL!! You are amusing to say the least!

        2. Anna Brown's Avatar Anna Brown

          Dave, so this site gives the stats for 7 states and it does state,"About 98.3% of abortions in the United States are elective, including socio-economic reasons or for birth control." I wonder if what they state as "birth control" is the same as what you mean as BC. I understood that most abortions are requested by women who already have children. Perhaps these women are practicing safe sex but nothing in 100% effective to prevent pregnancy except abstinence.

          You state you are pro-life but what about the life of the woman. She does not seem to matter in your view. Sorry to say you don't have a dog in this hunt because you can never know what it is like to be pregnant and to be faced with the decision to carry to term.

          1. Dave Anderson's Avatar Dave Anderson

            I don't see how your conclusions line up with the statistics but whatever. Regarding "the life of the woman", that reason is among the smallest percentages of rationale for abortions.

  1. Kerrie Walker's Avatar Kerrie Walker

    I agree fully with Liz. Decisions related to when to end a pregnancy are personal and private and should not involve the political or religious views of others. I am happy that I have never been faced with making this kind of decision. I did, however, work in foster care for for adults and children with developmental disabilities for more than 10 years. If people are so against abortion, why don't we have more foster parents willing to care not just children with disabilities, but for all children who were not fortunate enough to be born into families willing and able to care for them?

    1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

      Kerrie...i also is easy for the individuals in mob mentality to sanctimoniously be against abortion and individual parent rights...if they are serious, let them propose an on-line index (with code numbers) of women considering the aborting of disabled fetuses, with a short time limit for someone to commit to such foster care/adoption...verbal and placard "commitments" alone, are not real commitments...Tom

      1. Kerrie Walker's Avatar Kerrie Walker

        We tend to not care about the children after they are born, yet there are so many children born that need food, housing, healthcare, education, and a loving family.

        1. Liz Wilcox's Avatar Liz Wilcox

          You're right Kerrie. And the forced-birth community would have you think that adoption is the "answer" instead of abortion. Women who cannot conceive must understand and accept unconditionally that their god has made it impossible for them to conceive for a reason. No one "owes" anyone a born child.

          1. Dave Anderson's Avatar Dave Anderson

            "Women who cannot conceive must understand and accept unconditionally that their god has made it impossible for them to conceive for a reason. "

            Ok, where's THAT in the bible??

        2. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

 are right...the "caring" of virtually all "pro-life" people stops after they dramatize their stance, and does not continue into fostering/adoption...they simply enjoy angry pontificating; it has nothing to do with love...sad...peace...Tom

    2. Galin Pheylan's Avatar Galin Pheylan

      So much agree, Kerrie.

  1. Minister Dave's Avatar Minister Dave

    Phase of life, not Religious!

  1. The Doctor's Avatar The Doctor

    A little story about my mother, and myself.

    My grandmothers idea of a sex talk was telling my mom she had to be married to have sex, and so when my mother was barely 18 she married her high school boy friend.

    Due to physical disabilities my mother had from the time she was 12 on, doctors had told her even having one child would be a serious risk to her life and long term health.

    So when shortly after she found herself pregnant by her first husband, she discovered he was having an affair with his own sister, my mother chose to have the marriage ended, and the pregnancy as well, because she did not want her one child to become a life long bond to such a depraved man.

    I only exist because she had that first pregnancy ended. I am my mothers first and only child. My older half brothers from my fathers previous marriage ended up loving my mother and seeing her as their real mom, as their own mother wanted little to do with them through out their child hood, and as adults she only contacted them to demand money or other help from them as if they owed her just for being born.

    Not every one is suited to be a parent, life is full of hardships and brutality. Bringing a child into an uncertain relationship, or during hard times is not noble its selfish.

    1. Liz Wilcox's Avatar Liz Wilcox

      Thank you for sharing your story here, that took courage. Your mom had a great deal of courage as well.

  1. Father Fred's Avatar Father Fred

    The questions have to be asked. In reading the Bible, at what point is a child in the womb considered life? And where in the Bible is there justification for taking a life, and under what circumstances.

  1. Emily Fisher's Avatar Emily Fisher

    At the end of the day all the ranting and positioning is mostly a waste of time. For or against, this law will never withstand constitutional scrutiny. I see no imaginable way for the State to establish, as it will be required to do, that it has a compelling interest either in selecting one particular genetic abnormality for special protection with this ban, or in restricting the rights of particular women based on a particular genetic abnormality of an embryo/fetus they are carrying. It just won't work, short of tossing out our whole tripartite government system and adopting some form of totalitarian theocracy (re: The Handmaid's Tale).

  1. Rev Ned's Avatar Rev Ned

    I am tired of hearing the two sides on the abortion issue.

    The Pope is truly "pro life" believing all life is sacred, from conception until natural death. Believing anything else, IMHO, makes you "Pro Choice".

    Most of the "Right to Life" advocates are anti abortion and pro death penalty. I would ask them, what is the cut off age where a life ceases to be "sacred" and can be taken?

    Most liberal "Pro Choice" advocates think the death penalty is cruel and barbaric. I would ask them, what's the age when it suddenly becomes cruel and barbaric to execute a habitual criminal?

    Morally, I am OK with abortion and the death penalty. That said, I am personally against the death penalty because it costs more to execute a criminal than to keep him/her in the general prison population till the end of their life.

  1. Rev. Reenie's Avatar Rev. Reenie

    My son was diagnosed in utero with Down's. The hospital immediately began abortion counseling with me. I chose Life. Turns out, the doctor's were wrong. No Down's. Ponder that one...

    1. Nichole's Avatar Nichole

      I have a daughter with Downs Syndrome and I never had any Pre diagnosis testing done mostly because it’s not always accurate obviously and with the amniotic test there is still a chance your own body could spontaneously terminate the pregnancy all on its own. It’s a small chance but I literally wanted every single one of my kids so I planned every single pregnancy. I wasn’t about to take a chance even the smallest one. So when Evi was borne I just treated her like all the other kids and she is doing fine. I also agree all life holds value. Now not every kid borne with any disability is going to grow up exactly the same bit what kid does. :)

    2. Rhae's Avatar Rhae

      Help!!! My daughter has tested positive for downs for her baby. She is considering an abortion. What test were given to you?

  1. Beth's Avatar Beth

    Wow. People don’t want Downs people because they are too much of a burden is what it sounds like to me. How incredibly sad. I also have spent my career working with special needs and have people with special needs in my family. They are people and have value just as much as you and me. Maybe society should be taught to value everyone - not just those who meet their standards. We’re not Nazis. Downs people can often lead semi independent lives. The norm is group homes and/or individual support - not institutions. It is not your place to decide if others are worthy of life.

  1. Dave Anderson's Avatar Dave Anderson

    Thanks for sharing that with us. I know there are numerous instances of mothers who receive recommendations to abort based on bad diagnosis. I often think about the story of Tim Tebow which helped bring much awareness to that issue. While all abortion is wrong, it seems to me that this situation is especially heinous. It's kind of similar to people who get executed for crimes they didn't commit.

    1. John Robertson's Avatar John Robertson

      Guess who the Indians are now? : )

  1. Rev. Jimmybob Joe's Avatar Rev. Jimmybob Joe

    An eld to evil eugenics? what a crock of lies! they just chemically castrate and chemically lobotomize anyone not white mainstream christian! iF christians believe in something they CANT PROVE they call it faith! and it is so noble but if it is anyone else they call they delusional and crazy and suffering grandiose ideation!

    End to evil Eugenics? what a lie! Land of tolerance? what a scam! religion is a disguise for hate and fascism!

  1. Ron's Avatar Ron

    How could such a law actually be enforced. So a woman has been told by her doctor that her baby would be born with one of any number of disabilities. What is to keep her from going to an abortion clinic and not informing them of the information obtain from a different doctor.

  1. Minister Dakota Griffin's Avatar Minister Dakota Griffin

    Well Ron the reason why it's enforced is because not only is it immoral murderous acts but it's also grotesque sick and above all else it goes against what God are heavenly father says about murdering when a women gets an abortion she herself is becoming a murderer an is killing a poor innocent soul it is wrong and immoral.

  1. Ron's Avatar Ron

    Minister Dakota Griffin. My comment had nothing to do with the morality is abortion. I was questioning the logistics of trying to enforce the law as it is written.

    1. Minister Dakota Griffin's Avatar Minister Dakota Griffin

      Sorry i misunderstood what you were talking about

  1. Kawanda's Avatar Kawanda

    My question to all.... What makes one child more important than another? All children are a blessing, regardless of their disabilities. All abortion is murder in my opinion. There is nothing right about full term partial birth abortion. If it were puppies the owner of the dog would be thrown in jail. There are many loving people in this world beginning for a child hoping God will bring them a child of their own, jumping at the opportunity to adopt a child in need. Abortion should not be an acceptable form of birth control.

    1. Minister Dakota Griffin's Avatar Minister Dakota Griffin

      I fully agree on what you just said

  1. Father Fred's Avatar Father Fred

    Does Down Syndrome Justify Abortion? Short answer, no. This is just another case of making a law to justify an action. As an Ohioan, I'm ashamed of my legislators.

  1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

    I am amazed at how many of you think you should be able to decide if a person lives or dies when it comes to disability or PROBABLE disability, but do NOT believe society should be able to do that based on criminal acts. It's a humongous contradiction.

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