Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - April, 2017

As faith evolves and technology expands, what can we expect in the 21st century?
The Visionary spotlights the unpredictable modern age we live in. Islam is now set to overtake Christianity, the Pope is a celebrity, and privacy is a distant memory. What’s next?

Nike debuts "Pro Hijab"

Nike announced plans to sell a high-performance head covering for female Muslim athletes. However, the new product is already proving to be controversial.
Expression or Oppression?

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First Head Transplant

First Head Transplant

An Italian surgeon is planning to perform the world's first human head transplant later this year. Critics say the surgery is risky and amounts to "playing God".
Is the Doc in Over His Head?

Funerals & Memorials

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Islam is Set to Become the World's Largest Religion

Striking new research shows that in just a matter of decades, Muslims will outnumber Christians worldwide. By 2050, the Muslim population worldwide is projected to double, to 2.8 billion adherents.
Did You See It Coming?

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ISIS Targeting Christians

Christians in the Middle East have historically been targeted because of their faith, but recent violence has stirred fears of a renewed religious conflict.
Are We Headed for Holy War?

The Francis Effect

Pope Francis has become a cultural icon thanks to his unconventional style and progressive views, but his popularity creates problems.
Is it a Problem?


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God-like Government

It turns out that the CIA can spy on us through our electronic devices, amplifying concerns about the rise of a 1984-esque higher power.

Are You Being Spied On?

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