Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - March, 2017

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Until we decide who we are and what we value, we'll never move forward.
This month, The Visionary examines divisive decisions and complex conflicts. From coast to coast, disagreement abounds. Is it possible to find a middle ground?

Gay Marriage Saves Lives

A groundbreaking new study links the legalization of gay marriage to a significant decrease in suicide attempts among LGBT teens.
Is This the Answer?

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Trans Scouts of America

Trans Scouts of America

Just several years after first allowing gay membership, the Boy Scouts are now welcoming transgender boys.
Was it a Good Call?

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One Nation Under God?

From the phrase "In God we Trust" on our money to creationism in schools, Christianity is ever-present in this country. Is the United States a Christian nation? Nearly 250 years after its founding, the debate rages on.
Does Jesus Belong in the Oval Office?

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Violence On The Rise

Americans committed 1.2 million violent crimes in 2015 alone. Is there something fundamentally wrong with our culture?
Are We a Violent Country?

The Sin of TV Worship

Television can rot our brains if we’re not careful. A guest writer explains how he convinced his children to turn off the TV for good.
Do Your Kids Need Help?

Man’s Search for Meaning

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Drowning Your Worries

Many people suppress their problems by self-medicating with alcohol or drugs. It’s tempting to simply bury an issue, but doing so has consequences.

Do You Self-Medicate?

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