Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - March, 2016

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Leaping out of February, we're ready to march through March. What lies ahead?
This month, The Visionary ponders the use of the Bible as a science text, wonders whether Catholics should use condoms, and explores "Football" as a religion.

Bibles in the Classroom?

Republicans in Idaho are pushing a bill that would directly allow the Bible to be used as a reference in classes as varied as Astronomy, Biology, and Geology.
Can the Bible Teach Kids?

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Between Life & Death

Between Life & Death

When a person is declared brain-dead, can doctors stop supporting their body? What does it mean to be alive? Who should be allowed to make those decisions?
Pull the Plug?

By the Power Vested in You

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Pope Says Donald Trump isn’t Christian – Does It Matter?

The Pope implied Donald Trump wasn't a true Christian given his advocacy for the building of a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. Trump, predictably, wasn't happy.
Can Christians Build Walls?

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Pope OKs Condom Use

To combat the rapid spread of the Zika virus in South America, Pope Francis made headlines by OK'ing the use of condoms, which is banned by the Catholic Church.
Can Catholics Use Condoms?

To Spank or Not to Spank?

Everyone has their own ideas about what a "good" parent should do, and one of the most contentious debates is whether or not children ought to be spanked.
What do you think?

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God vs. Goodell - Who Owns Sunday?

While Sunday is traditionally set aside for church services, more and more Americans are devoting that day (during the season) to watching Football. Is the NFL actually a religion?

Pray or Play?
We had an extremely productive discussion with our friends on social media last week when we debated the wearing of the hijab and whether or not it has any larger, more violent consequences.
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