Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - October, 2015

October certainly snuck up on us this year, what a jarring jump into Fall!
This month, The Visionary surveys the assisted suicide debate, attempts to find a solution to the Syrian crisis, and analyzes the secret meeting between Kim Davis and the Pope.

Saving Syrian Outcasts

The Syrian refugee crisis has shaken the global community. As millions continue to pour out of the embattled nation, the question of "where to next?" is still a contentious one.
Should We Take in Refugees?

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Don't Vaccinate My Kid!

Don't Vaccinate My Kid!

Nobody wants children to be unhealthy, which is exactly why two groups are battling over childhood vaccination. One mom claimed religious exemption to keep her son from the needle.
Should Kids Be Vaccinated?

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From Rowan County to Rome: Why Kim Davis Met with Pope

Kim Davis and Pope Francis have dominated news cycles for the last several weeks. However, many were shocked to learn that the two clandestinely met during the Pope's visit. Ms. Davis claims the Pope encouraged her to "stay strong"
What Do You Think?

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A Muslim President?

Republican Presidential Candidate Ben Carson argued that a Muslim shouldn't be President. The wide field of candidates hold differing opinions: does the religion of a President matter?
Should We Elect a Muslim?

Debating Death With Dignity

On Monday afternoon, California became the 5th state in the nation to allow for assisted suicide. Should the terminally ill be allowed to end their lives early?
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Our friends on social media enjoyed sharing their favorite fall snapshots as we celebrated the Autumnal Equinox together. We can't wait for Samhain, it’s right around the corner!
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