syrian refugees
Syria's civilians are being forced out of their homes by extremist groups and their own government.

Nearly eight million Syrians who have been forced to flee from their homes. Now, they are scattered throughout nearby countries, staying in tents with little access to basic things like food and water. Many are calling on the United States as well as European countries to take in as many refugees as possible and give them the resources they need to survive.

When it comes to American's opinions on how many refugees should be allowed to come to the United States, the country is quite divided. Obama has committed to taking in 10,000 refugees in the coming year. While 35% of the country feels 10,000 is too high of a number, 23% find it is the right number while 20% want us to take in more.

War in Syria ****

The civil war in Syria has made the country uninhabitable for civilians since its start in 2011, and the situation is only getting worse. Civilian neighborhoods are regularly bombed by the Assad regime, and many have witnessed their own family members being killed. Not only are the resources scarce in Syria, it is an extremely dangerous place to be. Escaping is dangerous as well.

Of the 23 million people who lived there before the war, 7.6 million have fled, and over half of the 23 million people are in need of basic necessities, whether they are still in the country or not. Most of those who fled their country went to Jordan or Lebanon. There, they have been taken care of since 2012 by an American agency called Mercy Corps. Syrians have also fled to other countries, including:

  • Northern Iraq

  • Turkey

  • Greece

    syrian refugees
    A Syrian man cries over the body of his slain son.

Those who have escaped into Iraq are now dealing with the instability due to the war taking place there, making resources scarce for both the Syrian refugees and the million Iraqis in need. The journey to Greece is dangerous; they must travel across the Mediterranean Sea, and not everyone survives. Greece is also low on resources, which makes the Syrian refugee crisis even more urgent.

There is a glimmer of hope on the horizon, as Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris is floating a serious idea of purchasing one of two privately owned Greek islands to develop as a haven for the refugees. As one of the richest men in the region, he apparently has been in contact with several interested and potential donors.

Sawiris claims he would be able to employ between 100,000 and 200,000 refugees to construct their new infrastructure, homes and neighborhoods.

Our Involvement

A tenet of the ULC asks us to look past our differences and see our common struggle and help when we can. That's what being children of the same universe means. Despite being comprised of members from a plethora of backgrounds, we strive to understand each other and be a force for good.

syrian refugees
President Obama has vowed to take in 10,000 Syrian refugees, but it's a small dent when you consider that 8 million have already fled.

Since the crisis began, the United States has taken in about 1,500 refugees. This number is miniscule when looking at the total number of refugees out there. Even Obama's promise to take in an additional 10,000 isn't even a drop in the bucket for what we could be doing. Whether it's by taking in more refugees or offering assistance to the countries, or Mr. Sawiris of Egypt, that are taking in many refugees, I know many ULC ministers would agree that we need to be doing more for our Syrian brothers and sisters.

Some of the people who express concern about letting in more refugees are worried about the possible security threat. This is heightened with the recent terrorist threat of ISIS. However, it's important to not conflate different issues in a blind rage of xenophobia. Being vigilant against terror threats and halting immigration is not the same thing.

We are, after all, a nation built by refugees and immigrants. Unless one is of pure Native American decent, there isn't much credibility to complaints against the idea of people coming across our borders.

No one should have to worry about where their next meal is going to come from or where they are going to get clean water. Most of us, thankfully, don't know what it's like to have to flee from our homes in order to save our children and families. It's a horrifying prospect. We have a duty, therefore, to do what we can to aid those in need. Even if the largest contribution you can make right now is just being a little bit more tolerant of the changes that migrants and refugees can bring, you're making a huge step in the right direction.


  1. Minister Rob's Avatar Minister Rob

    Is there enough wealth in the world to help these millions get clean water, food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, and decent occupations? From what I understand, the USA donates more foreign aid around the globe than any other country, but our westerner govts and corporations have also contributed to creating such unstable regions in the world too. Our govts and corporations have contributed to the situations that have created victims of warfare and strife like this. They have created dependency. They continue to create even more.

    People like this don't need for us to continue to just send them "fish". We should be teaching people like this HOW TO FISH. I guess that one issue with this is that we can't even manage many of our own issues very well.

    1. Rev paul's Avatar Rev paul

      Your so right rob

    2. Tawanna lucas's Avatar Tawanna lucas

      No we should not take them in they are not looking for refuge,they are looking to INVADE other countries,they have already destroyed theirs.....if they wanted refuge they would not be pouring out water given to them,and they would not be stomping on food given to them...I have watched documentaries on them,the media is not telling the whole story...

      1. Sid Rimmington's Avatar Sid Rimmington

        I agree. We already have enough minorities who live here but judging by their behavior they hate America. When these Muslims have learned to live like civilized people, have learned English, and have applied in the proper legal way for residency then they should be considered. But just to open the gate let and let them flood in their present uneducated, and impoverished condition, only means we have to pay for them to exist. And we're already broke.

        1. Bro. bill barr's Avatar Bro. bill barr

          Yes and I think if you can't trace back to the Mayflower you should be deported. The people needing refuge are Christian many families going back to the missionary efforts of St. Paul. I welcome them with open arms just as my ancestors welcomed yours. As to our aid yes we are generous. Lets take a look at our war machine we spend more then the top 27 countries combined. Our meddling in that region of with our war machine has caused the instability of governments. So next you will point out the cruel iron hand of Hassan. Did go into Haiti with Doc and baby Doc? No there was no corporate oil interest in Haiti. Now if Haiti would develop off shore banking and tax haven they would be cared for by us.

          1. Rev. Charles Deaton's Avatar Rev. Charles Deaton

            Are you serious. I have a great idea. Everyone that wants to take in these people donate at min. 50% of their gross earnings so that those of us that think we have enough starving Vets and children. How about it BRO Bill ? Can we count on your money that we don't have ?

          2. Bro. bill barr's Avatar Bro. bill barr

            Brother Ken if we keep the middle east stirred up we will have even more Vets to take care of and their children. As to your asking for 50% of my gross to take care of other Christians regardless of were they where born by all means you are welcome to it. As long as you stop using my money to do things as a government I disagree with. As to your homeless Vets I have worked with the homeless to include vets and just so you know a lot of them are homeless due to problems with addiction. No lets not excuse their addiction to combat it is a poor life choice they made for themselves. They are at no higher and i hate the word risk of becoming an addict as the kid that lives down the block that dropped out of school. It is time that we as Americans start to look at drug and alcohol like Europe they see it as personal choice and not a illness. We like we do most things take personal accountability out of the cause.

          3. Brother John's Avatar Brother John

            Excellent point about ancestry Bro. bill. How many of the people who would deny entry to refugees have been here more than four generations or so? What would their lives be like if their ancestors had been denied as they are promoting for others? As this is supposed to be a gathering place for the spiritually minded, some of the inhumanity displayed is stunning.

          4. khanson's Avatar khanson

            ofcourse what usa and isrhell need from the innocentt people. which are destroyed

        2. Marlin Ray Taylor's Avatar Marlin Ray Taylor

          Being a 100% Disabled American Veteran and actually being stationed over in that part of the world more then one time, I have a kind of feel for the people of the countries called The Middle East. I actually went a few steps more beyond what most Americans do. I made friends with several Egyptians and went to a masque in Egypt and did several weeks of studies of the Koran. I have been doing studies of The Christian Bibles all of my childhood life growing up. But being in situations where things happen so fast and can go so South, you either loose Faith or Gain it. I looked at a triangle. three different religions in this world that are supposed to be saying prayers to the same God. Religions of Love and Peace. But, all any of these Religions do is HATE the others. We are all Human. But let me tell you from First hand experience and a 7 inch knife scar on my right wrist, two nice puncture wounds from bullets and one gnash down my left cheek from a bullet splinter that bounced around in the Blackhawk I was assigned to that day that these people are not running away to come to America for Love and Compassion and Gratitude. I would say 1 out of 200 do not hate Americans and Christians. Most consider us all the same. Infidels. And I can tell you that the Koran does in bold print tell the Islamic that all Infidels are to be killed including the women and children (so no one grows up to challenge them in the future). They are not refugees. They are coming to America out of hate. The news had many pictures of them walking in. They are I'd say about 90% men. Not refugees. Invaders.

      2. pascal behr's Avatar pascal behr

        The U.S. should not allow these refugees into this country. To them, we are infidels. Islam does not show infidels respect. They take and deplete our resources then turn around and try to kill us according to Allah and his teachings. They have no respect for this country or its people. They treat women horribly. Saudi Arabia should take them in. They don't want to assimilate.They hate us so why should we take them in? U.S. citizens are the most important not these barbarians.

        1. Rev. Charles Deaton's Avatar Rev. Charles Deaton

          I agree with you sir, but people like Bro,Bill Barr that insists we do take them in regardless. Some people just can't see that a majority of these people will take and use what they want and kill us for the rest.

          1. Bro. bill barr's Avatar Bro. bill barr

            If you would have the inclination to go back and reread the people i am most concerned for getting out of harms way are the Christians in those countries. Yes let me repeat myself now for the 3rd time the Christians that live there are being murdered. They are the first people i wish to help and stated that in the first place. Perhaps you did not realize that several countries in the middle east have Christians tracing back to the ministry of St. Paul. May you be granted peace and understanding of Christ mission among us. bro bill

          2. Brother John's Avatar Brother John

            Holy Paranoia pascal, Rev,Ken and others!! The Muslim population in the U.S. is about 1%. There is a screening process in place and most Muslims are not extremists anyway. Even if their population increases to 3%, why on earth would you believe they were going to use all your resources and then kill all the "non-believers"? Do you think of yourself and your countrymen to be completely weak and defenceless? Get a grip!

      3. LC's Avatar LC

        I agree 200%. We need to take care of our own!!!!

    3. Reed A Mathis's Avatar Reed A Mathis

      No. It sounds mean. The truth is that it might be Jihad by migration. It is still unanswered.

    4. Bro. bill barr's Avatar Bro. bill barr

      I wholeheartedly agree the conflicts have been over our need for oil. It is interesting to me that to control pricing we told for years it was in short supply. Remember President Carter dawning a sweater and turning down the heat in the White House and odd /even at the gas station. I was a kid but remember it well. (for the young folks the number odd/even was your last digit on your plate) Now we find out we have a 50yr supply domestically. My Granddad was a driller and told me 35yrs ago Pennsylvania alone had enough reserve for 2 generations. I doubted him and believed what I was being told in school oh also said enough nature gas to run the need in Pennsylvania 300yrs. Queen Victoria in the 1870s recommended that lead not be used in wallpaper because she saw firsthand how injurious it was to health. Now that was prior to lead being added to gasoline those of you my age will remember leaded and the higher priced unleaded and lead was an additive in the refining process. Big Oil, Big Auto Manufacturing and a Government looking the other way knowing we where poising air and land. Reports of fact dating back to the Roman Empire pointed out the harm to humans from lead. In high school we played with mercury in our bare hands bounced it off tables to watch it form little balls. Government (Fed) knew back then from experiments they conducted. Now you need a suited up hazmat team if you break an old thermometer to comply with proper disposal. If they (Fed Gov) can fine us for having things they looked the other was as we acquired. I've become skeptical of anything they do. I have found if you follow they money trail to the big ships of play on the inter-coastal for landed gentry you have the answers. To get on point Granddad said never turn anyone away from the door that is hungry. If their is only a slice of bread break it in half and share it. Without question, criticism or judgement. It is Christian belief. So we look at our Brothers and Sisters in the Middle East being persecuted we need to open our home just as if they where in our family tree and help them get on their feet in a new land. They and we that consider ourselves followers of The Christ are one body. My Granddad would have felt the answer is simple. I have some insight my Aunt immigrated here from Egypt in the 60s due to starting hostilities against Coptic Christians and didn't want her children and grandchildren to face what she felt was coming. Her family had lived in the same flat they own since the 1400s. All but one Sister fled and she was not allowed due to her husband higher education. People with advanced degrees where denied visa. Jesus said pray one for another. In the love of Christ Bro bill

      1. Rev. Charles Deaton's Avatar Rev. Charles Deaton

        What do you do when the person you took in beheads you ??

        1. Bro. bill barr's Avatar Bro. bill barr

          I believe if I am beheaded then I go to God for final judgement. Then he being the great judge will have to the right with his sheep or the left with the goats headed for damnation. I think what ever version of the Bible you use will offer that as truth.

          1. Rev. Charles Deaton's Avatar Rev. Charles Deaton

            They will never have a chance to behead me. I am not a coward or push over. I fought for this country and have no problem doing it again

          2. Bro. bill barr's Avatar Bro. bill barr

            Brother it takes a strong man to turn the other cheek. St Stephen knelt before those that stoned him and ask God to forgive them. i pray and seek that type of courage in the face of my enemies. my prayer for you Ken is to seek Christ guidance and teaching. In his love bro. bill

          3. Rev. Charles Deaton's Avatar Rev. Charles Deaton

            I go to Christ for all my guidance, He has never told me to turn the other cheek,lay down and let people that don't belong here to begin with kill me or my fellow man. If you so strongly want these people here and are willing to die for it, please leave us that want to live and worship god for many more years out of it. I am 56 and plan on living many more years to serve god. My impression of you is you're 75 to 80 and are ready for the USA to be taken over and let us all die. I pray for you sir because I feel you are confused and just don't care any more.

        2. Bro. bill barr's Avatar Bro. bill barr

          I am not at all confused and a little younger then you. I am 53. I take my Christian faith very seriously. I live what Christ taught. Just today I heard of the conversion of a member of ISIS at a Christian center operating to help the refugees I want to see us helping. He went into the camp pretending to be Christian intending to inflict harm. After seeing how the Christians acted he came under conviction and converted why he saw the love of Christ and not the hate and destruction of his former religion. This is one of a number of similar stories (Praise the Lord) and I thank God he met followers of Christ that believe as I do. You say you seek the council of Christ my suggestion is you study his word and earnestly pray. I think you are are confused and jump to YOUR own conclusions. My proof goes all the way back in this discussion to my wanting to bring the Christian refugees in and not the heathen. After reading what you have written I know we need them to come here and teach true basic Christianity. It is more then a slogan or a ritual it is a change from human nature to Christ like practice. Only one time do we see Christ with a temper and that was when he saw the temple being desecrated by the greedy. You and your nature are greedy it is all about you perhaps if you go seek the guidance of Christ and study his life you may become selfless and unconcerned about death. Death scares you I can tell I've spent enough time with the dyeing to know. My advise is fro you to have your heart circumcised once you do death will lose it's power over you. This is the last I will write on this however I will pray for you and your salvation. I expect you to write back again mocking and telling me you don't need my prayer but pray I will. In the love of Christ for the love of Christ and all for the sake of Christ. bro bill

      2. Brother John's Avatar Brother John

        Great post Bro. I agree that control of oil fields is part of the attraction, but there is an equally powerful factor involved…. the Business of War. When you get down to the details of the corporations, notice how much they spend on political donations and lobbying.

        1. Brother John's Avatar Brother John

          forgot the link….

    5. Clayton Andrews's Avatar Clayton Andrews

      Yes we should be taking them in. If not then we should remove the tablet from the Statue of Liberty stating to the world to "send us your huddled masses yearning to breathe free" and we would have to stop claiming that we are the greatest, as it is nothing more than hypocrisy! Syrians are considered white by the U.S. because they fought for this designation decades ago and won in our courts. They did not wish to be lumped in as Middle Eastern with everyone else from the region. These refugees are not the ones supporting the Syrian government, they are moderates who are trying to flee conflict that threatens their security. If everything was okay in Syria they would not be leaving they simply feel they have no choice. There would be a vetting process to try to prevent radicals from entering, just like with the Cubans and the Murial Boat Lift, unfortunately some may be able to sneak through and we will have to deal with them. In case you are unaware most of the recent terrorist-like events have been perpetrated by Americans who have embraced terrorist doctrine.
      As a Christian nation we are obligated to God to help those in need even if they have been unkind, (turn the other cheek). If we pick and choose the tenets of Christianity then it becomes a hollow religion with no true meaning and the fanatics win. The subject of "teaching men to fish" has been mentioned. How about the tenet of becoming the "fisher of men" as Jesus commanded his disciples to become, to spread the word of Christianity. Let us not forget Jesus was not a Christian, he was a Jew preaching Gods' true word unlike the Pharisees who promised a place in Heaven for a certain amount, just as the catholic church did causing the Protestant Reformation. The only worthy action ISIS, etal, are doing is their attempt to spread Islam to others, the infidels. As Christians we are supposed to be doing the same without all the killing and carnage of course.
      In closing I say, let the Syrians come if we are going to remain the bastion of freedom because if we deny one person the right to live free then we deny that right to all.

      1. Rev. Charles Deaton's Avatar Rev. Charles Deaton

        And where do we plan on putting them ? We have Vets that have returned from WARS that can't get food. Then we have the Generations of people that Grow up on welfare and all their kids do the same. We are over extended way to much. 20 trillion and still growing. These people know if they can get their foot in the door they will live for free FOREVER !! We don't need nor can we support any more free loaders. If we were in that kind of shape we would pick up arms and run the problem out, whether it be ISIS or who ever ! We are the only ones willing to fight for our freedom !! Anybody that wants yo take in more should be willing to support the ones brought in ! NOT TAX THE REST OF US TO DEATH. This will turn into a civil war before its all said and done and that's what our Muslim In Chief Wants. GOD HELP US ALL PLEASE

    6. Sid Rimmington's Avatar Sid Rimmington

      I am an immigrant. who came to the USA with my family in 1967. I came legally. I had a job to go to. I could speak English and I had received a good education. the refugees we are discussing are Moslems. they are not educated. they do not speak English. they do not have any work to go to. when Mohammed, ( the first Moslem), left Saudi Arabia on his first attempt to conquer the world his slogan was " convert or die". nothing has changed. ISIS is trying to conquer as many countries as possible and convert them all to Islam, with no tolerance for any other religions.

      the refugees that we are discussing are all trying to come to Europe and to America in order to get something for nothing. they are not able to contribute to any society on account of the fact that they themselves are simply worthless, ignorant peasants. they belong to Syria and to whatever other homeland from which they originated. it is the duty of their homelands to educate them and bring the lot of them to speed in order to prepare them to attempt to move into civilized countries and contribute by way of their education and work experience.

      I suggest we leave all Moslems alone for at least 1000 years until they reach a level of civilization and honorable behaviour that makes them compatible with all decent, law-abiding human beings.

  1. Barry's Avatar Barry

    Minister Barry Sept.18,2015 I totally agree that the USA has Caused a lot if not most of the Conflicts between countries in The middle east. The underlying reason is MONEY.

    1. Rick's Avatar Rick

      The Middle East has been in turmoil for thousands of years. The U.S. hasn't caused that. It's the people of the Middle East. Some are perfectly happy to live in peace, but many are religious zealots who believe the highest purpose in life is to kill or enslave those who don't follow their beliefs. As many of you have heard and believe, this was all caused by the recent war. The recent 14 year war did NOT cause the crusades, it did not start the attacks on Israel, and it did not cause the misogyny that is written into the holy texts of the zealots. Let us not forget that the U.S. was not the aggressor in the Gulf War, but Iraq was. They attacked and attempted to annex the peaceful country of Kuwait. Still, Muslim zealots worldwide, as they have done for thousands of years, continue to conquer, enslave, and murder. I am all for sending aid to the hungry and sick, but when will this country consider taking in the millions of Christians who are still homeless and being killed in Northern Iraq and trying to get into a safer region? Why is no one saying anything about them? Are we only supposed to feel for those who are seen as the "victims"? What about the millions of veterans in our own country who are scared, homeless, in need of food? We need to fix our own country before we start fixing the rest of the world. And yes, that means we need to quit protecting countries like Kuwait when they are attacked. We need to stay at home and "remove the log from our own eye before trying to remove the splinter from our neighbor's"... this country is in peril and we shouldn't be trying to fix other nations when we can't help those in the inner city and the rural coal mining families, and any of a number of other things. Is our hubris so great that we can't see that the answer to the world being fixed is not to destroy this nation but to better ourselves so that then we may help our brothers out of their suffering? We don't have a hand to reach out for our brother right now. It seems cold, but it's a simple fact and a matter of self preservation!!

      1. Chaplain Kelly's Avatar Chaplain Kelly

        Right on point Rick!

        1. Andres Estevez's Avatar Andres Estevez

          I definitely agree with you. Let us take care of our own first and then assist our neighbors.

      2. Thomas's Avatar Thomas

        I whole heartedly agree. It has to stoped before we are out of recources. We are fighting de population right now. The heroin problem in this country, will only grow with the over population. More folks out of work, and driven to rhe streets, because doctors are cutting pain meds in many people. I myself have had friends, who have become addicted in that scenerio. People brought here from now on, are filling out spaces, originallyfilled by animals. We have enough problems on our shores, lets not ship more cities of uncivalized people, who have grown up for generations of war and hate! I am a peace person, and to have peace, we must must have moral stability. Not to be perfect, and judgemental, but we must protect ourselves, fore no others will do it, or care!

        God help and bless this nation, as we are in distress!

      3. Brother John's Avatar Brother John

        Rick said, "Let us not forget that the U.S. was not the aggressor in the Gulf War, but Iraq was." You forgot to mention that the U.S. had consulted with Saddam and knew the invasion was going to happen. But more importantly, that was not the reason. Don't you remember the Weapons of Mass Destruction story? Played over and over again…

    2. Rev. Charles Deaton's Avatar Rev. Charles Deaton

      These problems have been here for thousands of years my friend

  1. rfox44's Avatar rfox44

    The English created this problem by arming the opposition to the Syrian government.

    1. The educator's Avatar The educator

      Your naivety borders on insulting. The English did not create this problem. The world has created this problem. America plays the biggest role and i am appalled at the words i am reading on this page. America is the most hated nation in the world only beaten in the last 100 years by Germany. You were late as a nation to respond in the great wars and you are now in a quandary. All mouth and no action on forums yet the government are playing roulette with the worlds wealth between their own billionaires. Some of the writings on here are shameful and a disgrace to the memories of all that have fought and died for us all. This is an event of apocalyptical scale and saying we will take 10,000 is unbelievable. The bigger picture is that this is the beginning and the middle of the next world war. Terrorism cannot be stamped out by bombs. They kill our people and have proved they know how to hurt us. I was a British citizen caught up in Katrina and for 3 days i was sure we would be rescued in an hour or two yet america reacted like a third world nation. I saw dead bodies and it should not have happened at the conference centre or the dome. I got my family out by bribing an american as did the other 9 people crammed into a ford pick up. I have fought for my country as a Royal engineer. You do not want refugees period. So what are we to do as a world? Do you not think ignoring there plight is not filling their hearts with hatred. There is mention of bush fires. At least they get a chance to flee unlike gun fire, mortar fire, bombs etc. We are safe in our own greedy little worlds with our belongings. Well a shroud has no pockets and to that end we must give help. W stuck our noses in to get their resources and now that they are in need we turn our backs. We cannot forget that thousands upon thousands of these refugees have probably got links to isis but history has always shown it is impossible to eradicate. Do you not see what perception the rest of the world sees of America? Our televisions are full of programmes about american shootings, cops, worlds scariest car chases ..... i could list a hundred of the top of my head. I love to visit the States and i love the people but i am ashamed at the comments from most on here. I am disgraced at the way the fat cats and governments do what they want in the world. This is a world crisis for us all so do not spout a few ill documented words on here then turn your backs.

      To the syrian refugees, i am sorry for what the world has done. To all the refugess across the world, i am sorry for what we have done to you and for what we do not do for you. Shame on the people on this forum who find it a place to vent their ignorant views and spout even more hate into a world that is full of it. William Thompson, Ronald fox, ricky shame on you all. Rick, you watch too much tv Tom, you are wasting your breath but i feel your frustration.

      1. Bro. bill barr's Avatar Bro. bill barr

        Thank you in the settling of this continent I've only respected one man. He was the founder of my home Commonwealth. He started the first city in the new world that was not fortified. He treated the natives as friends and dealt with them fairly. He lived his religion. I hear America is a Christian nation. By whose definition of Christian? Christ would not recognize our actions on the world stage as Christian or of his followers. The first few centuries of his message was spoken in the ghettos and underbelly of society. The worst thing to happen to Christianity was for government to embrace it. It was after that it became sleazy and tawdry it slandered a wonderful belief I will lay that at the steps of the evil one. I review the selfish words penned here and think of a time (No Irish need apply or colored must stand in some quarter white only and negro fountain) do you really want to see our follow countrymen still mistreated wholesale go to an Indian reservation and look at how we treated what the Supreme Court has in several rulings going back into the 1800s as sovereign nations and Presidents as late as John Kennedy took their sovereign land away from at Tionesta and Kinzoo Pa to build dams because we built cities in areas the Indians tried to tell us not to due to flooding. We know more then they did. We think ourselves better then the Nazis but yet we killed the buffalo to control a few thousand (savages) still living after small pox had decimated their numbers and we helped it along by giving them blankets contaminated. We have had and still have concentration camps we just gave them pretty names like reservations and interment camps to house the children and grandchildren of the people we brought in to build our railroads because they looked like an enemy we where fighting in the pacific over starting over a group of islands that we stole from another sovereign people who became slaves on the plantations of missionaries who went there to CONVERT them names we still see today with the pineapple industry. I am proud of my ancestors they worked with the Seneca keeping their cabin doors unlocked after being burnt out once. Granddad Stirling walked into without a gun or knife and asked what can I do live in peace with you. He understood as a man from Scotland what it was like to live on land invaders where taking for their own. The fellow that wants to tax me 50% is welcome to for support of my beliefs its ok I will have nothing in my pockets when the young person learning about medical procedure dissects my body to hopefully treat your pain and the apple tree that whats left of me takes to nourish itself to feed your those you deem ok to live near that tree. I will have gone to be with Christ because I believed in his message. Love others as you would yourself. In his love bro. bill

        1. Bro. bill barr's Avatar Bro. bill barr

          some of this chatter that borders on hate reminds me of Charles the second he had aristocrats that wanted to go to the Carolinas to convert the heathen he kept them from it most of his regain he had gotten old and they where holding him hostage by withholding money to administer his court he tossed them the small spaniel he was holding and said take him with you to name bishop. He will be the only one among you with pure motive. Several of our ruling corporations date back to those nobility. bro. bill

      2. Brother John's Avatar Brother John

        Bravo, The educator and Bro, bill!! I agree that many of the comments to this article (and others) are shameful. I will repeat a suggestion I've made in a comment on another article that elicited more bigoted, ignorant comments. For all supporters of the M/E wars, search "images of iraq war dead" and spend some time staring at the result of hatred, bigotry and propaganda when tied to the Business of War. Here's a starting point…… Ask yourselves how you would be feeling if your friends and family were pictured… Ask yourselves if you would choose to become a refugee to escape the chaotic horror that's being rained down on millions of innocent people. Ask yourselves what's happened to your own humanity.

        1. Rev. Charles Deaton's Avatar Rev. Charles Deaton

          Let the millions being driven out of their land take up arms and FIGHT for their country. Not run away to the USA they claim to hate and want to kill us and rape the women.

  1. William Thompson's Avatar William Thompson

    I am sorry but I don't want this country absorbing the problems of the world. We already have millions of illegals here sucking our system dry. We are becoming a welfare state supporting illegals and the new wave of young people living here. Obama is giving away the store.

    I just returned home after being evacuated during the Butte fire in California that is still burning. The amount of supplies and food that came in was overwhelming. The Red Cross was outstanding.

    This help and support can be taken to these refugees. It has been reported that ISIS extremists are coming in with the refugees. I am not ready or willing to open our doors until Obama and his administration insists on national security. The interests of the American people comes first with me.

    1. Rick's Avatar Rick

      We can't keep giving more and more and more. So we give all the relief supplies the Red Cross has available here in the States. Then what do we do for American citizens when the next CA fire happens? Or the next Katrina? Tell the victims, "Sorry, but ISIS thanks you!"?? Because that's exactly who would get the supplies. Just like when we try to send food to Somalia. It is taken by the warlords and used to starve the enemy and feed the supporters/soldiers. It's happened in other countries as well. Also, I still want to know where the outcry of sympathy was for the thousands of Christians who were starving in the mountains of N Iraq... I think it's great that people want to help, but help our own communities first!! Help our homeless veterans!! They are just as much victims of the Middle East war as anyone in Syria and we're pretty sure they won't try to behead us after we feed and shelter them!

      1. Rev. Charles Deaton's Avatar Rev. Charles Deaton

        I feel sorry for these people but when we have our war vets starving living in card board boxes, we simple can't take on anymore people. Maybe if we deported a few million Illegals we could feed our own and take on a few refugees !!!! We are already spending way to much in aid as it is. Please take care of our own FIRST!

      2. Bro. bill barr's Avatar Bro. bill barr

        I have an idea Rick lets all go back to where we come from. We can use DNA to figure out who goes to what country and we can let the native people have this place back if they will take it. I still think the natives got the better trade with the handful of beads for where NYC now stands. You couldn't give to me plus a handful of bobbles.

    2. Brother John's Avatar Brother John

      Your country is also the cause of many of the problems in the world, particularly in the M/E. The obvious solution is to quit destroying other countries, creating refugees in the process, and use the billions of dollars being squandered to help your own citizens and repair the infrastructure and economy of your own country. There's an election underway. Are any of the candidates proposing anything like this?

      1. Reed Mathis's Avatar Reed Mathis

        The problem is the Moslem diaspora is so huge, that it is hard to vet all of the refugees quickly and completely. We need a temporary moratorium on letting these people into the country until we have better intelligence. There is a tactic called Juhad by emigration. Juhad

  1. Rt Rev Dr N's Avatar Rt Rev Dr N

    This is just a thought, I don't know how practical this is but... Greece have many uninhabited islands, they are not used for anything and some are quite large. Could the refugees be given a new island of their own, to build on, to rebuild their lives, away from all they have suffered, create a new country I suppose for want of a better word. With support given to this project to get them established, well, at least they would then have a future.

    1. Rick's Avatar Rick

      They have already taken over many of the islands and are harming Greek citizens en masse. Greece is being attacked just for being nearby.

      1. Brother John's Avatar Brother John

        Greece is also bankrupt, Rev. How about stop bombing them into oblivion?

    2. Rev. Charles Deaton's Avatar Rev. Charles Deaton

      Excellent idea !! This would work very well and not have to worry about how many we take in that are from ISIS or other terror groups that wish to do us harm !!

      1. Jerry's Avatar Jerry

        ISIS = CIA created distraction. Yes Rick and Ken, you watch too much FOX news lol

        1. Rev. Charles Deaton's Avatar Rev. Charles Deaton

          As far as Fox,Megan Kelley killed Fox , I would not watch CNN, Both stations are race baiters. I am a Retired Army Ranger, what have you done for the country Jerry ?

        2. Bro. bill barr's Avatar Bro. bill barr


  1. Tom's Avatar Tom

    Thank God that we here in this country have not been placed in a position to have to flee as have millions from other countries. With the attitudes I see and hear among many Americans about refugees and immigrants from other countries, I have no idea where we would go if we had to. Who would have us? That globe on our desks does not have real dotted lines on it my dear friends! We are all children of the same universe and we had better start thinking accordingly. Look at the people fleeing their homelands and say, "There, but for the Grace of God, go I". I can hear the Native American saying to us, "Karma!"

    1. Minister Ruth's Avatar Minister Ruth

      We take our religious freedom and many other freedoms for granted. We should open our arms, hearts and minds and take in these refugees.

    2. Bro. bill barr's Avatar Bro. bill barr

      Brother that is worth 2 Amen's. It is plain to see the ugly American.

      1. Bro. bill barr's Avatar Bro. bill barr

        Sister in your case Ruth,

  1. Rick's Avatar Rick

    Tom, the reason our country has what it does and functions the way it does is because we don't just let everyone come here. We are already far more lenient than most countries regarding immigration. You can't give away what you have and keep it at the same time. If we continue to give away the wealth of this country as we have been, there will be no capital to create wealth. Soon we will not BE the place where people want to come, because it will be another country that is deeply troubled like Central American countries. Why worry about "where we would go if we'd have to flee"? There is nowhere to go. Australia has tired of taking in the poor and refuses immigration completely. Europe is collapsing. Canada could only handle a few without immediately being overwhelmed. Part of the trouble with being a good Samaritan is knowing what you CAN give and still be a Samaritan and not become one of the needy. It's not about greed. It's about not being able to help others if you give away all you have. Contrary to popular belief, sharing everything equally means we are all equally poor, not equally wealthy.

    1. Tom's Avatar Tom

      I do not know where you or your family of one-time immigrants came from. I only hope they were not subjected to the thinking you espouse now. You are what your are, Rick, because of them and because of the opportunities they experienced by coming here. You and your ancestors have what you have here because someone once shared it with you. I believe we should all look at our own personal family histories as a guide to pay forward.

      1. Rick's Avatar Rick

        You are assuming FAR too much. I'm Native - Blackfoot - and I'm speaking from a culture that made this mistake. This country gave of itself too freely once before and look what happened.

        1. Gomez's Avatar Gomez

          what percentage? I'm willing to bet that you are mixed-race product of colonization, which does indeed speak to your point. As a 100% native, I'm so tired, as I'm sure you are, of hearing people talk about their Native heritage when they are like 1/16th, as if they have any meaningful connection to the suffering of the tribes.

          1. Rick's Avatar Rick

            Enough that I grew up on the res. Really, my point was that just like happened to the natives, this new immigration could be a mistake. And what I'm sick of is people saying, "If I do this for you I have to do it for everyone" which is Bull and everyone knows it, but then people turn around and say, "well, if you come from another country you have to approve of letting everyone in" which is also bull... If I give one of my neighbors a ride to work it does NOT mean I have to be a taxi service for everyone that knocks at my door and especially not people who openly say they want to harm me, just as many of these immigrants from Syria are saying and currently DOING in Europe. It's ridiculous that anyone thinks they would do anything but cause harm to this country, just as they are doing to their gracious hosts in Europe. Time for people to wise the hell up.

    2. Bro. bill barr's Avatar Bro. bill barr

      Tom the only reason this country has functioned is land mass natural resources a big body of water around most of it and confused people when we invaded and started to plunder. Confused by our value or lack there of system. They either lived communally or in lodging that was close to the same for the Chief as it was for a young family starting out. Sometimes I wish for them that they had caught on sooner and had compound crossbows against the guns traded to use by the Chinese that's right Tom it was Shong and Wong not Smith & Wesson that invented the gun and black powder or we would have gone there instead. The shipping routes there where known before we invaded here.

  1. Rick's Avatar Rick

    The logic of "we have to be nice to our neighbors in case we need them" goes something like this: I should give my neighbor my car because they don't have one. This means I can't get to work and lose my job. Now I can't make my house payment and lose my house. But, the good thing is, my neighbor will let me stay on their couch for a couple weeks because I gave them my car. And now my neighbor has a wonderful house, a great car, and I'm homeless. That is EXACTLY the ridiculous logic being used. You cannot feed and shelter your family with "positive world opinion"... We have to fix this crippled country before we can help the world. Remove the log from your own eye before attempting to remove the splinter from your neighbor's. That goes with finance and politics as well. This country's productivity is already in the crapper with the lowest workforce participation since the depression of the 70s and falling fast. How deep do we get in the helpful country hole before we realize we are now on the bottom? it is complete hubris that makes people think we can just give more -- and more -- and more. Already our large corporations are going abroad because we keep thinking we can steal from Peter to pay Paul. Guess what? So are the wealthy. Yes, many of those famous faces you see telling you we need to pity immigrants have already moved investments overseas so that our policies (the very ones they are professing because they are liberal and popular) can't affect them. They won't be the ones suffering and as long as they gain popularity saying what they say, they couldn't care less. They aren't the ones whose children's education is going downhill, whose healthcare is getting worse, who are paying higher taxes. Wake up!

    1. Tom's Avatar Tom

      Education in this country was on a slippery slope long before immigration became a "problem". Yes, we do have many issues to address in this wonderful land. Yet, we must never lose sight of the great advances we have made because of immigrants and their children. Washington, Franklin, Madison and Jefferson to name a few. Einstein, Salk, Sabin and countless more, just to name some more. Do not forget where you came from or think for one minute that the door should have been shut after you or your ancestors arrived. Admittedly, not all immigrants are destined to become great. The same can be said for many who have been born right here. Keep the faith!

      1. Rick's Avatar Rick

        Another one of you damned people assuming my family came from somewhere else. I'm native and we are the ones that made the mistake and experienced nearly complete annihilation. I suppose you all deserve what's coming, but you have been warned. They'll do exactly what the whites did with their living arrangements. Difference is the muslims are honest enough to tell you they want you gone.

        1. Tom's Avatar Tom

          I apologize to you, Rick. Some one of your heritage understandably has the view you have. You are correct. I made an assumption and that is wrong. I wish you had started you conversation with your background and then your feelings would have been better understood. I hear your people saying what I said earlier to the rest of us, "Karma". The past is prologue and we cannot be proud of what we have done to your ancestors. Forgive me.

        2. Bro. bill barr's Avatar Bro. bill barr

          What tribe? The Delaware? Tell what tribe Rick I will be glad to check the records they our native brothers have kept beautiful records and for kicks and giggles I will be glad to see if your as what ever as I am Seneca. As far back as old Chief Cornplanter he was only half his dad was a Dutchman

    2. Bro. bill barr's Avatar Bro. bill barr

      How about picking your neighbor up and dropping them off at work??

  1. Rick's Avatar Rick

    No, please. I don't want apologies for something that didn't happen to me. You shouldn't apologize to anyone for something you didn't have a part of. You shouldn't be apologizing for slavery, either. If you didn't and wouldn't do it, then why should you feel guilt for it? You absolutely shouldn't. I only brought that up to bring awareness to the fact that sympathy can go too far. I was evicted from an apartment once for letting a friend who had nowhere to go spend the night. This friend had gone off his medications and ended up causing damage to the apartment, hurting himself, and the police had to be called to remove him. My intentions were good and in theory, I did the "right thing," but what came of it was that I had to find a new place to live and he didn't have me as a supportive friend any more. (He was angry about me calling the police and didn't speak to me again - his life didn't improve - he's now in prison). Would I WANT to invite someone in need into my home again? Of course. How can I not want to help? But would I? No. I would have to find some other way to help. I learned from my mistake. It seems this country is about to let in a whole passel of people who don't even outwardly like us. They openly profess to want to destroy our "separation of church and state", "freedom of religion", "freedom of speech", and all the work that women have done to gain voting/education/employment equality... Now, maybe I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but this seems like a very, very bad idea to "let this person stay in your house!!" If this country allows these people in and then all the civil rights are gone, they have nobody to blame but themselves because that's what these people want to happen. They don't want to assimilate and become Americans, they want to take over this country just as they're doing in Greece and other EU countries. Violence is rampant. I'll go live with the Siksikas in Canada, so it won't affect me except for where I work. If you think it can't happen, just look at countries that thought that Communism would never happen or, for that matter, that Democracy wasn't going to happen. Countries can change virtually overnight with just a tilt. I can tell you that in my lifetime I didn't picture on openly socialist candidate for president and yet, here's Bernie Sanders. Go figure. It's just a very bad idea to allow people in your country who don't share your appreciation of freedom and equality. Don't ya think? Just look at England. It's circling the drain. There are now areas where police can't go because they are run by sharia law. They openly state they want the same thing here. Do you want areas in this country where women can be beaten in public for perceived wrongs? I have a daughter, so you can guess my answer. These things are not just done by "radical muslims" in the middle east. They are a matter of law.

    1. Jules Guidry's Avatar Jules Guidry

      Rick, absolutely agree with your posts. Logical, factual and well presented. Makes sense to not take in a group of folks who only want to overcome our freedoms and liberties and replace them with a draconian system. That would be Sharia. Those who cannot, or will not, see that for what it is are truly blind and ignorant of history.

  1. Don's Avatar Don


    You seem to have an insight into the refuge problem which far too many North Americans don't. Immigration is a requirement for most western countries and what you want from immigrants is to leave their problems behind them and embrace their new home, its culture and its freedoms.

    I came across an interesting article in a recent edition of "Penthouse Australia" (yes, it does contain reading material). The article "The Issue with Islam" written by Bob Scott gives a view of Islam and other religions,

    Its last paragraph reads " When it comes to Muslims living in Australia and other countries, the answer isn't so simple. They're here, and we need to figure out a way for them to live peacefully. But looking the other way while extremism festers in our own countries, all in the name of religious tolerance, is an incredibly stupid thing to do."

    Before we invite more in maybe we should find a way for them to live peacefully with us.

  1. Pastor Tony's Avatar Pastor Tony

    I do not believe this country takes care of its own at all!! We have retired vets that live on the streets. We have starving families and children right here. We also discard our mentally impaired which has caused serous consequences I.e mass killings. Charity should begin here in our country. So my answer is no we should not take in any refugees until our poor, homeless & hungry are taken care of.

    1. Bro. bill barr's Avatar Bro. bill barr

      Blah blah blah you show me one retired vet living on the street and it will be because his wife just kicked him out or he made the choice to be a drug addict.

      1. Rev. Charles Deaton's Avatar Rev. Charles Deaton

        Bill you are a blabbering fool, all of our vets living on the streets are drug addicts kicked out by their wife's ?? I pray non of them find out who you are ! They would shredded you and skin you alive. You are an embarrassment and should pray for help. Our soldiers risk their life so we can be free and you come off with a line like that. I am going to share your quote on Face Book. you should feel your ears burning very soon.

  1. Shen's Avatar Shen

    Honestly, I find myself torn on the issue. I would see the US continue to offer aid and solace for the downtrodden and dispossessed of the world, it is rather a founding concept of our Nation. However, our own people are straining the limits of our current infrastructure, crime, unemployment, equality based upon nationality, religion or wealth, homelessness and poverty. We have a responsibility to mend our own fences before adding more diversity to our Nation.

    Another issue, while I understand the desire to preserve ones own traditional law, philosophies and religious belief. I also am concerned about the issue of violent or fanatical elements also coming along with the refugees. Again, we have our hands full with our own extremists and doing such too openly may amount to pouring fuel into a fire. Worth noting, if any American seeks to immigrate to any other country we are required to know the language, follow the laws, adopt the customs and adapt ourselves to fit into the community and also offer needed skills or professions for said Nation. Those coming here, especially when fleeing an oppressive and violent situation should not seek to sow the seeds of the same conflicts here or in any other host Nation. As mentioned by Rick, the guest does not dictate the rules of the house they are welcomed into, they must adapt themselves to fit in.

    1. Bro. bill barr's Avatar Bro. bill barr

      Father your opening line shows me you have been dipping into the kool aid. Concept yes those black folks all wanted to come here and the industrialist Carnegie didn't pay Irish priest a bounty to talk people into coming here so he didn't have to pay a fair wage to the people already here.

  1. Rev. Hoagie's Avatar Rev. Hoagie

    Tom, you sound like a self hating white, American, Christian leftist. First o fall illegal immigrants have no right to be here and we have no obligation to let them stay. Secondly, moslem "refugees" are refugees from other Moslems who are slaughtering them and should be given asylum by their fellow Moslems. Rich Arab countries like Saudi Arabia are the ones who need to step up not us a half a world away. . Third, there is a tenant in Islam called Hijrah which tells Moslems to infiltrate non-Moslem countries (that would be us Tom) intent to overthrow their culture, society and religion. Fourth, an estimate 10-20% if these so-called refugees (80% of which are men between the age of 17 and 35) are members of terrorist organizations or themselves terrorists. If you had a bowl of M&M's and 20% were poison, would you pop a handful in your mouth? Didn't think so. We don't need to poison our country. Finally, the goal of Islam is world domination. You need to learn a little Tom. Islam is a Theocracy, that is a government AND a religion. It governs as a religion and part of that governing states you must be Moslem or suffer the consequences. They have no Constitutional rights, no Freedom of speech, religion, assembly, to bear arms, and many more. If you are one of those that want to "fundamentally change" America into a despotic caliphate, open the gates and let in the barbarians. But when the Moslems instill Sharia law, which they eventually will, don't cry to me about how they behead Christians, hang homosexuals, sell sex slaves, stone women who were raped, or a hundred other barbaric practices so loved by their community and faith.

    1. Bro. bill barr's Avatar Bro. bill barr

      Watch it he will be claiming to be one 100th Lakota or part of the cast from roots. Just like his kindred spirit did a few comments back so we would not find him to be the bigot he is

  1. Sharryn Johnson's Avatar Sharryn Johnson

    Being one who believes that all are our brothers and sisters, I would house a family if I was financially stable right now. I believe that every person has a right to live without being bombed on a daily, even hourly basis. In the case of the Syrians, it is so evident that this would not be going on if not for US desire to oust al Assad because he won't "play ball" with us...whatever that "ball" may be. I suggest that you review Iran, Libya, Egypt, "over-throws" for it is the same pattern of western intervention. CIA files that have been declassified show this same pattern in Iran when we ousted Mossadeq for the Shah. If this country had Baptists and Catholics fighting in the street like the Sunni and Shia, we would have to have a Saddam type leader (secular) to stabilize the country. Once he was ousted, Sunni and Shia were taking to the streets to kill each other (with help of us leaving guns out). Same with Quaddafi and Mubarak, dictators yes, but necessary to keep the region stable. We know this because our CIA black sites were in these countries and through the Canadian "hostage," he was taken to these countries for torture...and oh, yea, Syria too. Now those leaders are gone and that only leaves al Assad. So the same pattern goes on with arming people to destabilize the country. It is not the job of the US to police the world. We have the department of the DEFENSE, not OFFENSE. Would I pay more for a gallon of gas to keep a child from being killed in a bombing, yes. Our government does not share my same wishes. ISIS was created to do what the rebels in Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Libya could not, destabilize the region so that we are justified to go in. There has been no evidence of any terrorist trying to come across. Also, it is sad that we still live in a world where immigrants to one country don't want other immigrants to come. I don't believe in borders...God gave the earth to all. I also think that whether or not they can "appreciate" what is left of our freedoms (Patriot Act, et al), it doesn't mean that they deserve to be bombed, starved, beaten, etc. when there are places on this earth where that is not happening. All these countries claim to be Christian nations and wave their religious flags but lack the charity and compassion that goes with it. How selfish can one be to say that they are not welcome because they are brown? Because they aren't Christian? Because they are different in any way? All people, even terrorist want food, shelter, healthcare, security...why do you think they became terrorist? I mean isn't that why the early colonials became terrorists to the British? If foreigners are on your soil, taking your resources, imprisoning your citizens, what are you going to do? You would have two choices...flee or become a terrorist.

    1. Romulus's Avatar Romulus

      No one wants to hear how the policies of the empire are responsible for this mess. Leave us to our illusions of self righteous, non intervention. Don't wake us up. We just want to milk the cow, not feed it.

      1. Bro. bill barr's Avatar Bro. bill barr

        At a last someone with out rose colored glasses!!! Thank You

  1. OKCMike's Avatar OKCMike

    A brief look at history will show that the war between the Sunni and the Shia has been around much longer than any US involvement. They not only wage war on each other but any they consider an infidel. That would be you and I. I don't mind taking refugees but let's make it perfectly clear to them. You are a guest. Your indiscretions will not be tolerated. Abide by the rules or go home.

    1. Bro. bill barr's Avatar Bro. bill barr

      If ever there was a comment that should have been said at the hundreds of Peace Treaty this Government broke with the native people it is yours.

  1. JG's Avatar JG

    While the plight of the true refugees is unfortunate, it is also caused by their own Muslim factions who not have attempted to annihilate each other for centuries, they have also attempted the same to Christians. The Islamists make up the bulk up of the supposed "refugees" as they are not really "refugees" at all, they have simply discovered and exploiting a fatal flaw in humanity, that of the true refugees. Has anyone ever read the story of the Trojan Horse? I have, and so should you, because that is exactly what is happening here, and those of us who know that story know al too well how that ended. We have American citizens who go hungry every day, men, women and children alike. We have American citizens living in poverty the likes of which I am unable to grasp, and Veterans who are discarded and forgotten like yesterday's refuse. THEY should be our first priority. We as a country have helped every one else and the expense of our own citizens for far too long, it's time for America to focus on Americans. Yes, some innocents will die because of this, that is unfortunate but also unavoidable. If I have to make the choice between feeding and American and feeding a Syrian, I will choose the American every single time, and so should every other American citizen.

    1. Reverend Robert's Avatar Reverend Robert

      It is impossible to save a drowning person if you are unable to swim. Yet we keep trying to "fix" the troubles of other countries while our elected officials threaten to shut down the very Government they are responsible to operate.

  1. Robert E. Burneyh II's Avatar Robert E. Burneyh II

    Rick, If we take in these people, no vetting will occur. I'd bet much that the rabid would salt the people with terrorists which would add grief to our nation in the long or short run. The near east have fought for many years without resolution; why should we (Americans) think we can help. We are caught between need and greed and you and I know what is winning.

  1. norman branch's Avatar norman branch

    No we should not ! Our country is full ! In London you hardly hear English spoken! English people are being to feel like second class citizen! And if you a white Christian and you voice a thing about it your a racist !!!!!!

  1. Ted's Avatar Ted

    The money changers have enslaved humanity and are now stepping up there killing machine, with wars, GMO, Fluoride, Vaccines, cancer producing foods, chem trailing the air and poisoning our water with radiation , and fracking. There is no them we are all a one humanity, Its not all right for them to manipulate us like this. Lets move ahead peacefully, with free energy , replicators and Peace.

  1. Millie's Avatar Millie

    I have read every comment, for and against allowing Syrian Refugees into the USA, and I still have the opinion that we should take in at least the 10,000 proposed by President Obama, and I also think we should take in considerably more. I believe our country (USA) has the capacity to take in 20,000 people who we could screen and assimilate into the mixed society we have.

  1. keithmcwilliams's Avatar keithmcwilliams

    Deputize these people and give them Guns !

  1. Fred's Avatar Fred

    No we should not take in refugees! Y don't they stay and fight for there country? We don't need them here and most of them r just isis and just want r money and to kill us. Let them stay and fight for there own country

    1. Minister Rob's Avatar Minister Rob

      Or let their able-bodied fight to retake their country. Our own citizens enlist and risk everything to support our countries' ways of life. Pacifists can serve as aid/medical workers.

      These could be like Foreign Legions. They could also serve as UN personnel.

      Many of our own citizens serve their communities and others, as military, as aid, as medical, as firefighters, as teachers, as laborers, etc.

      1. Rev. Charles Deaton's Avatar Rev. Charles Deaton

        I agree with you 100% Rob ! We can't continue to take in more people when we have people starving in this country now.

  1. Minister Starr Mayo's Avatar Minister Starr Mayo

    There are over 22 countries in the world where the major belief is Islam. I wonder why should these 'victims' seek to travel so far to countries where they know the major religions are Christian or something other than Islam? As the world news reports on these 'victims', the majority I see are healthy young men between the ages of 18-35 supposedly fleeing persecution? This is not the 1500's, the 1800's or the 1940's. We live in the 21st Century and assistance is available practically at the touch of a button. Why, then I ask, should millions of these 'victims' seek asylum in countries like China, (a communist country with no religion recognized), Japan, (majority of Buddhist), India, (where most followers of Islam have relocated to Pakistan) and the list goes on and on?? Why are these followers of Islam not seeking asylum with other followers of Islam???? With millions of lives at stake, why make it harder on themselves and their families to try and push their presence, their beliefs, and their agenda on Democratic, Christian countries like England, Germany, France, Spain and the U.S.??????? It has been proven time and time again that when they come to America, do they try to assimilate as all the other races have done? NO, they pursue an active, hateful agenda to try to make America the same as the country they left in the first place, which makes no sense to me. They push Sharia Law, Islam indoctrination in our schools, and still perform "honor killings" of their wives and daughters when they refuse to follow the tenets of Islam right here on American soil. Then, they are so surprised, angry and hateful when the American public fights back against these principles and murderous acts. I will have to say with an unwavering, absolutely NOT, to allow these additionial so-called victims to come to America without going through the same legal process as all others who sought a new life in America. Mass immigration from any country or any belief system will result in catastrophe for America. It is already happening and will continue ot happen on a larger scale if America does not get a strong hold on this wholesale immigration disaster. Sometimes, like unruly children or the brother-in-law that wastes all his 'burrowed' money on drugs or alcohol, the best thing you can do is just say NO. Until all of the Islam countries take responsibility for their own people and their own beliefs, they will continue to fight and kill each other just like they have for thousands of years. Except now, they feel entitled to cram their beliefs and destruction on the rest of the world. Seeking asylum in America and chanting Death to America, Death to Satan America, at the same time is at best Schizophrenic behavior and at worst, a harbinger of doom for America's freedom and democatic way of life and the freedom of religion we have enjoyed here. I pray that we do not allow this deathknoll to sound on the United States of America.

  1. Rev. David Wight's Avatar Rev. David Wight

    I think the U.S. should create a sort of adoption policy of having U.S. citizens who volunteer apply for custody of refugees. The applicant would have to prove the financial wealth to care for their refugee for the remainder of their natural life. They would be responsible for all costs associated with their refugee. They would have to sign a contract to that effect. The refugee would be the sole responsibility of the U.S citizen adopter. The refugee would have to pass a strict background investigation before being considered for this program. The refugee would not be eligible for any social service programs that had any costs incurred by U.S. governments.

    It would be wonderful if all refugees were good people and assimilated into their new countries and became productive members of those societies. We all would love to see everyone well cared for and happy. Unfortunately, it has become common in developed countries for governments to extend asylum, safe harbor, money, and services to everyone who asks for them without considering the long term impact on the country. As hard as it is to admit, with the world population growing at explosive proportions and civil unrest rampant since the beginning of time, we can't save everyone from themselves and their neighbors. That's just facts.

    Until individuals are willing to take in these refugees and be personally responsible for them, I don't think the U.S government has any right to take them in and rely on our taxpayers to foot the bill.

  1. Lucid's Avatar Lucid

    Let the Syrian people return to their home after their country is rid of the terrorist funded by the West. The Syrians have a right to live peacefully in their home country without evil doers meddling in their affairs. Syria use to be a very peaceful country where Muslims and Christians got along and respected each other's religion. If you remember, things started spiraling out of control when the West insisted in destroying Libya by supporting the terrorist, or so-called freedom fighters in that country in 2011. These same terrorist openly stated they were heading to Syria next. They were trained and equipped by the West for an evil agenda to take control of land and resources - mainly oil and pipelines. However, the refugees are not only Syrians, but also consists of peoples from other countries that have been destroyed by the West, such as Libya, Yemen... You don't know who's who, and there may be some terrorist disguising themselves as refugees. Temporarily settle the refugees somewhere in Europe providing them with all necessities, but also ensure that they can return to their homeland within a minimum of 12 months.

    1. Romulus's Avatar Romulus

      Like your insight and honesty. (Shocking how such is lacking here, think too many here are spoon Fed American news)

      Just one problem. As a student of history and self proclaimed unapologetic pragmatic empirialist. I know the best policy is to resettle the people you want to conquer somewhere else. Mix them in with others. That will remove them from the land we want and pacify them. Dont understand why AmerIcans act so green when it comes to empirialism.

      I must admit this radical Islam has become a problem. The obvious solution is to create and promote a pacifist Islam for the resettled areas (including USA and EU). Perhaps the state could promote Bahai faith as well within immigrant communities. Also continue to support the radical Islam in places we want to destabilize.

      1. Sid Rimmington's Avatar Sid Rimmington

        Convert or die is what islam states. The different sects within Islam hate each other. Leave them alone to either get civilized or kill each other off.

        1. Romulus's Avatar Romulus

          The empire wants that oil so you can't leave them alone. Are you in denial of this one simple fact? Promote alternative energy or means of getting the fuel somewhere else since you don't want to mix with them. Have you even considered where else the oil we need can support our life style?

          1. Romulus's Avatar Romulus

            Just for the record I do understand if the oil was dry "the Empire" would still need a strong presence to secure access to the Suez canal.

  1. Minister Christopher Stewart's Avatar Minister Christopher Stewart

    We have more than enough people here that need help. I believe we should take care of our own problems before we take in other countries problems

  1. Kasey's Avatar Kasey

    If we turn a blind eye it's as if we are ignoring the pains of our brothers and sisters. Though, if we were to take in everyone into this country there would be greater levels of turmoil than there already is here in the USA. So, I am not sure the answer. Though, a biblical scripture does come to mind: 1 Chronicles 29:15 (GW) To you we are all like our ancestors-- foreigners without permanent homes. Our days are as fleeting as shadows on the ground. There's no hope [for them]. If we are spiritual creatures living in human bodies, then we recognize that where ever we are is temporary at best and that we too, are "aliens" just passing through ....may we be in consistent prayer for all those who suffer.

  1. Rev. Lavonne Elaina Adelaide (Big Hawk)'s Avatar Rev. Lavonne Elaina Adelaide (Big Hawk)

    Is EVERYONE IN THE WORLD OUT OF THEIR MINDS?!!!! THIS ENTIRE COUNTRY was based on immigrants coming here to a melting pot from persecuted governments around the world. I love this country. We should have helped when there was STILL A SYRIA. Russia's helping now though... Rev. Lavonne Elaina Adelaide (Big Hawk)

  1. Rev. Lavonne Elaina Adelaide (Big Hawk)'s Avatar Rev. Lavonne Elaina Adelaide (Big Hawk)

    Are you out of your minds to even ASK that question? America is made out of a melting pot of immigrants fleeing political persecutions. We should have done something to help alot more before there WAS NO SYRIA. They need all the help they can get !!

    1. Romulus's Avatar Romulus

      No love

  1. Rev. Anthony's Avatar Rev. Anthony

    Every human being should be allow to the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, we live in a world control by individuals who don't believe in live and let live. The issues I see is people have been control into believing that their lives don't matter and either the don't remember who made them in the first place we are created from the invisible energy of the life force, "God" and sooner we start acting like spiritual being and take back the positive energy our ancestor had and become more over standing instead of understanding they and we will continue to see things from dark side instead of the light. I know they didn't ask for this life style. It really not right for them to push out from the land, as it was wrote earlier we are all our brothers keeper.

  1. Romulus's Avatar Romulus

    I have decided to be an unapologetic pragmatic empirialist. No I don't want those people here but it's high time the United States start acting like Augustus Caesar instead of like Michael Coleone. So yes I expect military bases worldwide and to fight proxy wars for resources. I also accept the truth of destabilizing those we can't exploit and the contract killing of foreign heads of state.

    I know it's historically silly to think of building walls. (Ie. China, Hadrian, Berlin). The fact of the matter is masses of folk wanting to come here is the result of successful empire. See it as a positive. Cheap labor, slaves. Those masses of desperate people should be seen as a capitalist opportunity. Not a problem. Give those $#@! food, shelter, citizenship and hope they will become loyal to empire.

  1. Minister Rob's Avatar Minister Rob

    Maybe the able-bodied adult refugees could earn dual citizenship by serving in the western militaries and fighting ISIS to retake the country they fled. If they don't wish to fight, perhaps aid/medical service would be another option.

  1. JO-ANN's Avatar JO-ANN

    I so agree with all of the above....I don't even feel this is a spiritual question....or karma....raither a common sense....evaluation of what we can do with our resources available (WERE BROKE AS A NATION) and the even bigger dilemma of security.... and, if WE CAN ALL SEE the disaster on the horizon for allowing this enflux of people ...My question is why are we allowing this to be done to us? Have we no say....Most countries have already said nooooo....We already have a problem with imigration from Mexico etc...and, get this....if they have babies here...they get to bring over families and all go on welfare...welfare checks are even being sent from us to Mexico and I just read about China also doing this ...coming here ....having babies etc.....Canada had this problem with China about ten years ago...and, stoppped it....The justice department is releasing 6000 US inmates for early release with tens of thousands to follow.......where are they to Did you read about TOYS OUR US...going to FIRE employees after they have trained refugees..WHAT? We have such least this one we are all on the same page....NO! We will spend trillions them islands and build them cities! The money we have spent and given to Mexico....we could have built them all a beautiful sanctuary! Only SO MANY can fit in a boat! "You will keep in PERFECT PEACE those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you" ISIAH 26:3

    1. JO-ANN's Avatar JO-ANN

      My comment "ONLY SO MANY CAN FIT IN A BOAT" seems heartless....but, if we did in fact take in the amount proposed WE WOULD SINK. ...and, the DANGER...We don't know for sure...who we are letting in THAT boat.....we can't be sure and our security could in fact be greatly compromised.....I PRAY FOR THEM... FOR AN ANSWER...especially from people and countries that are close to them and RICH!!!!!. BUT, FOR THE GRACE OF GOD THERE GOES I... my heart goes out to the Moms and their children....i just read an article about a mom and her kids being separated she had a 5 year and 3 year old...they didn't feed her and finally after days they brought her meat and rice....and, then telling her it was 3 year old...... I PRAY FOR OUR CREATOR TO INTERVENE AND HELP THESE PEOPLE NOW....our weapons are not carnal....WE MUST PRAY

      1. George's Avatar George

        I joined hands with you to pray for our God to intervene. We will not sink but disaster ahead of us, there are cases where the good Samaritan story fits. look into cultural shock , amid language and assimilation problems, no matter what you do they remain loyal to their belief system Jihadist. Let us help them sending relief to their camp and safe our country from another disaster five to ten years now. Let continue to pray.

        1. JO-ANN's Avatar JO-ANN

          THANKL YOU.....they need our prayers more than ever with winter around the corner....and, so many countries are calling them ungrateful and rude...and, not taking them in at all HELP THEM

  1. al's Avatar al

    It's another war for Israel, so America and Israel should take in the refugees.

    1. Rev. Charles Deaton's Avatar Rev. Charles Deaton

      Al, How about you and all the people wanting to take in more people to feed when we can't feed our own,, Pay for the up keep of them. Just give half of your gross income , then along with rest that want these people give half and it still won't be enough. Wake up America, We have dis-able American vets starving.

    2. Romulus's Avatar Romulus

      I use to believe so as well. Now I think USA is 'master' (well those wealthy oligarchs that control it's military ) and Israel is 'blaster'.

  1. Beverly's Avatar Beverly

    I believe with the number of people from Central and South America that are already in this country,we have no more room or money for anyone from the Middle East. If you have seen any pictures of the people coming in to Austria. How many women and children did you see? How many males appearing to be 18,19 to mid thirties did you see. The most are males of fighting age.

  1. Charly's Avatar Charly

    It is the twenty first century and people need to flee the countries in an act of desperation the answer is not to keep redistributing them but to help make their countries safe to live in. It's not just about safety and money although not knowing if someone is your friend or your enemy is frightening. Yes with the migrants I totally believe terrorists will come its an easy and obvious opportunity for them. But these children deserve more than being dragged half way round the world into a strange country just to feel safe. The situation in Syria needs to be resolved so they can live there happily. In this day and age all countries should have opportunities and that's what we should be working towards Minister charly

  1. Rt Rev Dr N's Avatar Rt Rev Dr N

    I do feel that I have to agree with one comment I read, that Muslim countries should take them in and look after their own. I can not understand either why they would want to come to a Christian country when many would slander Christians and state they hate us. I did make a suggestion a few comments back that there are hundreds I have learnt recently, of uninhabited islands surrounding Greece. I am not suggesting Greece should stand the cost of everything but, if all countries were to donate to the refugees, they could create a new land for themselves, keep within their own religion, be free from persecution. It does seem a waste having uninhabited islands when these people could have a new and good life, one they have built for themselves which would make them appreciate it more, the fact they have worked for what they want ( with a little help of course ) but they would also be able to hold up their heads again and be able to say generations down, we created this land. Christians then would hopefully be free also from persecution. ISIS, well, they have chased these poor people out of their own homes so they can take the land, well, they can stay there then, so, in brief, the refugees will have a new land or lands if they take a few of these islands, the ISIS will have the lands they stole and the rest of us can continue our lives hopefully, undisturbed. Ok, sounds as if I am speaking as a novice here but why not go to simplicity, to basics, maybe we should instead of all this...cant do that because etc. There is enough room on the planet for everyone and enough room for everyone to leave each other's cultures and belief's alone.

    1. JO-ANN's Avatar JO-ANN

      AMEN.....PERFECT SOLUTION....A solution that should be getting serious consideration from those in to speak...We always seems to be able to come up with the funds from somewhere.....just like selective hearing...WE HAVE SELECTIVE SPENDING..but, yes.....all COUNTRIES....should share the cost ....and, until this can least HAVE SAFE the no flY zones....they should at least supply a pLace they can be safe and all of those tents in Saudia Arabia...already up ...even have air conditioners....good to go for these families that need help NOW! EASY PEASY RIGHT???
      WOW if ever a time when we have to trust in our CREATOR....ITS NOW

  1. Shirley Harrison's Avatar Shirley Harrison

    Rev. Shirley, Recently I had the opportunity to visit 2 refugee centres in Germany with the German Red Cross. I am extremely impressedwith the care and nourishing the refugees are receiving from the German government, The Red Cross, and local citizens. What a shame we are unable to accept them in North America Yes we must take in the refugees

    1. Rev. Charles Deaton's Avatar Rev. Charles Deaton

      I have an idea for you Shirley, and I have posted this many times. When everyone that wants to take in these people donate 50% of their wages toward this goal. As the money build up take in only what the money collected will cover. That way the people that think we shouldn't take them in when we have Dis-able vets and kids staring to death here now. Please respond with your amount you would like to donate.

  1. Michael Fullmer's Avatar Michael Fullmer

    Let the middle east take care of their own. We have enough to deal with regarding the southern illegal onslaught, without adding refugees from Syria...or any other country over there. Let them band together and over through their own govts.

    1. Romulus's Avatar Romulus

      What? And just walk away from all that oil?! Let the cards fall there as they may. (China and Russia won't ) Without a hand at the table. $#@@ We want to deal the &*^# cards.

      See how long your empire would last if you had your way.

  1. pascal behr's Avatar pascal behr

    Saw a documentary about immigration. There was a Muslim woman who was becoming an American citizen. However, the,re was something very disturbing about what made her happy in coming to the US. Churches and/or mosques on every corner. She smiled w/ glee about this. I thought it was ultra-creepy. Overtaking Christian churches and turning them into mosques makes me feel ill and very angry. Believe strongly in the separation of church and state. This Muslim woman didn't feel this way. She believed in a strong theocracy. Something else I find disturbing - why are so many Muslims congregating and settling in the Detroit area? What is in Detroit that is so attractive to Muslims? It's as cold as hell there and nothing like where they come from. There are many questions. Something is wrong and it's scary. Americans - please open your eyes!!! Muslims come here and separate from American culture w/ separate schools, restaurants, language and other social systems (like law) that are completely different and basically ignore our culture and put it down. Open your eyes Americans. We are being invaded and it's not funny or right. It's totally wrong. This cannot be allowed.

  1. Mitch's Avatar Mitch

    On the morning of the 9/11 attacks there was a video of Muslim students at the University of Miami cheering the collapse of the World Trade Center. How short is our memory, how foolish are we? It is hard to practice and maintain unity even in a loving family, impossible in a divided nation. We must not permit openly hostile elements to enter our home. Not only are these people openly hostile to any view other then their own, they are also violently divided within their own cities and countries as is evidenced by the mass exodus we are addressing. No country desiring peace and unity should allow historically violent and unyielding people to enter. No Muslim I have heard speak has ever addressed how Islam has created it's own problems through it's own fanatical approach to religious worship. This is a glaring lack of accountability. Do not let these refugees into the United States or Europe. When they can get along with each other, perhaps then we can open our doors.

  1. Reverend kim's Avatar Reverend kim

    While i sympathize, we cannot take the refugees, from siria or any other nation, we need to take care of our homeless and poor before we accept those of another country.

  1. Prof. R A Desmazes's Avatar Prof. R A Desmazes

    You know the funny thing is, the United States are the ones who started this trouble in Syria and all of the Middle East and now we complain that the refugees are about to come over here. How can you all be judges, are you perfect? Most of those who came to this continent were escaping Europe and most of us came from afar. These are your brothers and sisters, just as innocent as you are and they have to deal with invasions from the U S and its allies and Russia and it allies and both on opposite sides. This country and Europe have completely destroyed most of the middle East with their greed for power and for complete contol over all people. Yes we fight our Wars in other countries both the East and the West, with the west leading the slaughter. What if? what if our country was invaded by another power? What would you do? would you sit there and take it? would you submit to anothers laws and contol? I think the answer would be NO. If you saw your brothers and sisters were being slaughtered by outsiders, you would do the same thing as they are doing, you would fight for your country, you would fight for your families and you would fight for your freedoms. Put yourselves in their shoes, they are just like you and I, they have families they have jobs and they have their countries. What right does the East and West have to sanction, to threaten, and to invade other countries? They have the same rights as those people who are being attacked and because the East and the West have more powerful weapons and most of the world commodities and currencies? These People are escaping the wars we brought to them and they try to defend themselves with weapons we gave them from both the East and the West. The Arms dealers are haveing a hay day on all sides and the banks rake in the profits as well as corporate powers that contol our governments. We sit here complaining about the Refugee's coming out of the middle east. Dont you know that their countries are in ruin? They have no homes their lives are in danger, and not one of you can see that this can be all of us? These are our Brothers and Sisters which God has created and they are desperate and no longer have home to go to and their lands are destroyed by Wars created by two main Superpowers. Civilized we call ourselves and yet barbaric towards those Brothers and Sisters who are all Gods Children. We sit here with no Wars at our homes judging others who are in fear of their very lives. This could be you someday and will be you some day at the rate this is going. I ask that you pray and open your Hearts to our Brothers and Sisters out there who are just like you and I. All peoples in this Nation are from all countries and they are just trying to survive and they are begging for our help. DO YOU FEEL YOU ARE BETTER THAT OTHERS JUST BECAUSE THEY WERE BORN IN OTHER NATIONS? ENTIRE NATIONS ARE IN TURMOIL AND ARE UNDER ATTACK, MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN ARE BEING SLAUGHTERED. AND HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF THEM RISKING THEIR LIVES CROSSING THE SEA AND ALLOT OF THEM DYING FROM THE JOURNEY, FAMILIES SEPARATED FROM ONE ANOTHER AS THEY WATCH EACH OTHER DIE FROM OUR BOMBS AND WEAPONS. DOES BEING AMERICANS MEAN WE A PRIVILEGED ABOVE THOSE WHO ARE IN THE MIDDLE EAST? DO WE THINK WE ARE BETTER BECAUSE WE ARE RICH AND SAFE. WHICH ONE OF YOU THINKS THEY ARE BETTER THAN OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS OVER THERE? You see it is the Beast, We are the invaders and those who think what we are doing is right have been corrupted by the Beast, those G 7 Nations (7 HEADS WITH 10 HORNS BEAST. Have Sympathy and Love them who are fleeing for they are your Brother and Sisters out there and they are suffering and they need our help and Human kindness. They are caught up in a War between Nations leaders and are suffering as a result. Which one of you is without sin, which one of you is perfect? Our Nation has made judges of us all. Think of it this way Brothers and Sisters, one day you will be fleeing for you own lives, just how many countries will take you in ?????? You think it wont happen here? Love your Brother and Sister no matter where they are and help them whenever possible, open your hearts and souls as well as your homes, for they are the same as us created by God.

  1. Romulus's Avatar Romulus

    What's love got to do with it? You must think we are supposed to be religious, spiritual or something?

    1. Prof. R A Desmazes's Avatar Prof. R A Desmazes

      Ancient Rome was an Italic civilization that began on the Italian Peninsula as early as the 8th century BC. Located along the Mediterranean Sea and centered on the city of Rome, it expanded to become one of the largest empires in the ancient world with an estimated 50 to 90 million inhabitants (roughly 20% of the world's population and covering 6.5 million square kilometers (2.5 million sq. mi) during its height between the first and second centuries AD. In its approximately 12 centuries of existence, Roman civilization shifted from a monarchy to an aristocratic republic to an increasingly autocratic empire. Through conquest and assimilation, it came to dominate Southern Europe, Western Europe, Asia Minor, North Africa, parts of Northern Europe, and parts of Eastern Europe. Rome was preponderant throughout the Mediterranean region and was one of the most powerful entities of the ancient world. It is often grouped into "Classical Antiquity" together with ancient Greece, and their similar cultures and societies are known as the Greco-Roman world. The Romans are still remembered today, including names such as Julius Caesar, Cicero, and Augustus. Ancient Roman society contributed greatly to government, law, politics, engineering, art, literature, architecture, technology, warfare, religion, language, society and more in the Western world. A civilization highly developed for its time, Rome professionalized and greatly expanded its military and created a system of government called res publica, the inspiration for modern republics such as the United States and France. It achieved impressive technological and architectural feats, such as the construction of an extensive system of aqueducts and roads, as well as large monuments, palaces, and public facilities “Western World means Roman World”. Reservations encampments, concentration encampments, both to separate and segregate, captured or conquered people. Let’s face it, its imprisonment and Reservations are in fact, concentration camps, you see Hitler’s ideas for concentration camps for the Jewish people was from the American Indian reservations, which was the way of Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and British first. Poverty, resentment and outcast by those who are LIARS, WHO COME IN A CLOAK OF GOODNESS AND STEAL THEIR LANDS, SLAUGHTER THE ANIMALS FOR PROFIT, THEY MURDER THEM WHO WERE PEACEFUL AND GIVING, GATHERED UP THE REST AND IMPRISONED THEM ON THE WORST OF THE LANDS IN “RESERVATIONS” (CONCENTRATION ENCAMPMENTS), THEY POISON THESE LANDS AND SELL THESE LANDS WHICH ARE NOT THEIRS AND EXPLOIT THE PEOPLES THEY HAVE CONFINED. MURDERS, THEIVES AND LIARS THESE CIVALIZED PEOPLES THAT CAME FROM EUROPE ARE. EXPLOITATION OF EVERYTHING UPON THIS EARTH FOR MONETARY VALUE, INDIGINOUS PEOPLE MEAN NOTHING TO THE BEASTS OF THIS EARTH WHO’S VERY ROOTS REACH INTO THE BOTTEMLESS PIT(HELL FROM WITHIN). That Sow, that Beast with eight piglets (G-8) suckling from its tit’s, that 14% of the world population wines and squeals for more GLUTTONY, MORE FOOD, MORE OIL, MORE LAND, MORE MATERIAL GOODS AND IT SLOPS IN ITS OWN EXCURMENT AND OF ALL THE SPOILS STOLEN FROM THOSE WHICH HAVE BEEN STRIPPED, RAPED, ROBBED AND IMPRISONED UPON THEIR OWN LANDS. OCCUPY NEW YORK? FOR THOU ART A JOKE! FOR IT IS YOU WHO OCCUPY WHAT IS NOT YOURS, YOU ARE THE INVADERS, ITS YOU WHO STINK IT UP WITH YOUR FILTH AND GLUTTONOUS WAYS, YOU WINE AND SQUEAL ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU DON’T HAVE? “HOW DARE YOU COMPLAIN YOU FILTHY PIGLETS?” FOR IT IS YOU WHO CONSUME THE SPOILS OF ILL GOTTEN GAINS, FOR IT IS YOU THEY (G-8 AND G-20) KILL FOR, FOR IT IS YOU WHO POLLUTES THE EARTH WITH YOUR TOXIC’S AND WITH YOUR WASTE! WHY? THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE THEY DO IT FOR. THEY SANCTION, THEY THREATEN, THEY INVADE, THEY KILL AND THEY CONTROL OTHER COUNTRIES, LIKE UNTO PARISITES FEEDING ON ITS HOST (ALL WORLD RESOURCES) AND FOR WHAT DO THEY SAY ITS ALL FOR? WHY, FOR “YOU”THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE, AND WHAT DO THESE SO CALLED SPOILED AMERICANS DO? THEY PROTEST AND OCCUPY THE CITIES AND WINE AND SQUEAL FOR MORE. YOU SEE YOU HAVE TO KEEP THESE PIGLETS HAPPY OR THEY GET OUT OF HAND, BUT NEVER TO FAIL, THE BEAST OF THE SEA (GREAT BRITAIN AND EUROPE) AND OF THE EARTH (USA) WILL FEED THEIR GREED, NO MATTER WHAT THE COST! You who wine and complain, you who have show’s upon television for profit and fame, you who would kill, murder and maim Gods creature’s upon television, you who boast about your homes your lifestyles your gold and your things, also upon television, and those who would slaughter Gods children from within the womb of life. Abominations, you Murderers and you who are liars who call themselves actors, for all are wicked, all are gluttons and you feed upon the minds of all, with great deceptions. You make what is immoral, to be moral. For filth, wickedness and murderers are all the same. All come to this land from all over the World to this land of gluttonies, all worship its mark (monetary), you yearn for its western ways and you all come to Satan’s sweet spot made from milk and honey, as blind sheep being lead to slaughter. BOASTING IS EVIL. THOSE WHO ARE FRIENDS OF THIS WORLD ARE ENEMIES OF GOD! YOU SEE THESE PEOPLES THAT CAME AS FRIENDS (PILGRAMS) AND LIED, AND ARE THE SAME SINCE BABYLON, EGYPT AND NOW ROMAN WORLD (WESTERN WORLD), THEY INVADE, THEY CONSUME EVERYTHING IN THEIR PATH, THEY DISTROY CULTURES, ENSLAVE THEIR PEOPLES, THEY ASSEMILLATE THEIR CHILDREN INTO WESTERN (ROMAN) WAYS, AFTER THEY KIDNAP THEM AND KILL THEIR PARENTS AS WELL AS THEIR FAMILIES, THEY EXPLOIT AND USE AND THEN MURDER. THEY LET THE ONES CONQUERD, BORROW LAND THAT WAS STOLEN FROM THEM AND MAKE THEM LIVE IN SQUALLAR AND POVERTY, WHILE THESE PIGS REAP THE SPOILS AND RAPE AND TURN THE LAND TO A STY. INDIGINOUS THEY ARE NOT, AMERICANS THEY ARE NOT, FOR THEY ARE AN ABOMINATION UPON THIS EARTH AND ARE CLOAKED LIKE UNTO A LAMB BUT ARE IN FACT OF THE DRAGON. THESE ARE THE (G-8 AND G-20) RULERS OF THE WESTERN WORLD (ROMAN, WORLD) THEY ARE THE Babylonian’s THE FALL OF THE GARDEN OF EDEN LED TO THE RISE OF HELL!

      1. Romulus's Avatar Romulus

        Must you hit folk on the head with that huge dreadful sledgehammer? Couldn't you be like kind gentle ol' uncle Ben and just tell us that "with much power comes great responsibility "

        1. Prof. R A Desmazes's Avatar Prof. R A Desmazes

          Romulus and Remus, The very name you have adopted are characters of Rome's mythological foundation and thus deemed Idolatry. Intelligents without wisdom is theory and theory is just fiction. As far as this country is concerned is is the Roman Empire, the Beast mortally wounded but did live. The Roman empire is the West and the United States is a Western Nation and thus Roman 100%. LOVE? LOVE IS GOD AND GOD THOUGHT OF YOU ENOUGH TO GIVE YOU THE LIFE WITHIN YOU AS WELL AS PROVIDES FOR YOU AS WELL AS ALL MEN. BUT THERE ARE MEN WHO CONSUME MOST OF THE SPOILS OF THIS EARTH AND PUT UP WALLS AND BARRIERS BETWEEN THEMSELVES TO CONTROL OTHERS. THIS EARTH IS FOR ALL MANKIND. TO DIVIDE AND CONQUER IS OF SATAN.

          Mayer Amschel Bauer – 1743; He had placed a red shield over his door of the House of Judengasse, Red Shield in German means Rothschild, in which Mayer Amschel had changed his name to. He left five billion franks to his five sons. The eldest, Anselm, was placed in charge of the Frankfort bank, the second son, Solomon. Was sent to Vienna, where he took over the banking monopoly formally shared by five Jewish families. The third son, Nathan founded the London branch, after he profited in some Manchester dealings in textiles. Karl the fourth son, went to Naples, where he became of an occult group called the Altra vendita. The fifth son, James, founded the French branch of the House of Rothschild’s in Paris. This strategically located the five sons where they began their lucrative operations in government finance. Today their holdings are concentrated in the five arrows fund in Curacaos, and the Name is taken from the Rothschild’s (Red shield) sign of an eagle with five arrows Clutch in its talon, signifying the five sons. The principal loan floaters of the world are the Rothschild’s, (Prof, Werner Sombart). The Rothschild’s are the financial rulers of nations. (John Reeves.) Reeves notes, the Fall of Napoleon was the rise of the Rothschild’s. An agent of the Rothschild's poisoned napoleon later to death slowly. Another Rothschild carried out the whole burden of the conflict, which overthrew Napoleon. Kaiser had to consult the Rothschild’s to find out whether he could declare war. The Kaiser’s chancellor, Bethmann Hollwege, who actually precipitated world 1, was a Member of the Frankfort banking family, Bethmann, and a cousin of the Rothschild’s The wealthy in America, remained slavishly depended upon continental arbiters in every matter requiring personal taste and judgment. Because they had no guiding philosophy, and no program, this American, “upper class”, never made it to the top of the stairs. They remained below the stairs as servants of the London princes of the world order,(Rothschild’s). Their self-abasement not only manifested itself in an unusually high rate of suicide, but also in slower forms of self-destruction, alcoholism, drug addiction and homosexuality. The six leading banks, Chase, National City, Guaranty Trust, JP Morgan, Hanover, and Manufacturers Trust; These were the principal banks controlled by the house of Rothschild, through their American agents, JP Morgan and Kohen, Loeb, Co. There were also the six New York banks (Thus controlled by the House of Rothschild), which bought the controlling stock of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in 1914, they have controlled the stock ever since. Not only does the bank rate of the Bank of England (also controlled by the House of Rothschild), affect the interest rates in other nations. The Rothschild’s are responsible for financing every war, and for instigating both and all-warring factions, on both sides, since Napoleon. The civil war between the states, the Mexican American war, The Russian Revolution, World War I, and in World War II, thus they started World War II by funding Hitler and Germany as well as all allies, also funding the Japanese into dragging the United States into world war II. Even though Hitler hated the Jews, this wasn’t the reason for the war in the first place. Even though the House of the Rothschild’s had control of most of the monetary system, their main competition was the Jewish banks, which were in fact, quite large all throughout Europe. The first thing Hitler did was shut down all of their banks and businesses. The Rothschild’s were getting rid of what they considered their only competition. The Rothschild’s profited upon all of these wars, thus the main reason for these wars was to control the worlds monetary system and finance world domination and promote a New World Order. Their strategies are to control all countries by loans and debt, dominate world finances thus complete control of the world monetary system, and all assets. For one must divide in order to conquer Nations.

  1. Romulus's Avatar Romulus

    @#$!, I'm just being sarcastic. Hoping some of these narcissistic, entitled fools see the error of their thinking. You are on a whole different level. Your koolaid looks too strong for me. I'll pass.

  1. Rev. Donna's Avatar Rev. Donna

    I pray for all the refugees. We, as a country, should have compassion on them & take as many in as we can. Naguib Sawiris has a positive solution & if all the other countries on our globe opened their hearts to these people, we would all be better for it. The more who are committed to end human suffering, the more it raises the consciousness of the planet as a whole. No one should have to suffer. God put all the resources we would ever need on this planet with all of us. It is our job to realize all people are sacred & make sure these resources are shared to the highest benefit of all.

    1. Rev. Charles Deaton's Avatar Rev. Charles Deaton

      Its hard to open your heart when thy are sticking a knife in your back. But feel free to take them into YOUR house and god bless you when they kill you fo1r it.

      Some people will never belive most of these people are savages looking ti kill you

  1. Reverend Robert's Avatar Reverend Robert

    Do not allow fear of a very few to fuel hatred for an entire country or religion. That is simply insane. Fear is the absence of faith. When you have a strong and healthy faith in your Lord and Savior, fear should not be in your behavior.

    1. Rev. Charles Deaton's Avatar Rev. Charles Deaton

      So out of eight million what kind of number should we figure are hostile ?? 10% So only 800,000 nut cases running around trying to kill us. That means we should not fear them ?? Open your doors and bank account for them. You want them ? You support them.

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