Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - October, 2014

October 2014 Newsletter

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The terrorist group ISIS has been in the headlines as they attempt to establish the seat of the Muslim world, murdering anyone who would oppose them. What sort of blood thirsty god would command such violence? Warning: this article features graphic images and violent passages of scripture!

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The secret of the universe is locked inside the God Particle, but according to recent findings it could also be the source of our doom. The hand of God that created us will one day wipe us out of existence.

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A Seattle church is crumbling from the inside out; its lead pastor embroiled in scandals and the congregation in disagreement. When the dust settles, what will happen to the megachurch of megachurches?

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Instead of our traditional sermon, this month we are going to focus on a holy book of Hindusim: the Bhagavad Gita. On the eve of a great battle, the focus is turned inward and we are encouraged to confront our own short-comings to realize our true selves.

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We have a great selection of products on earth-centered religions including paganism, Wicca, druidism, and indigenous spirituality. Explore our books, certificates, badges, and more here!

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Handfasting and Wedding Rituals has everything you need to plan the perfect Pagan wedding or add earth based traditions and respect to your ceremony.

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Wedding Stories / Pictures

Soon we will be introducing a new section on our website to share stories and pictures of past wedding ceremonies that our ministers have performed. If you are interested in being featured on our website please reply to this e-mail sending us the following:

  • Wedding Minister's Name
  • Date and Location of Ceremony
  • At least one photo
  • What made the wedding memorable or special to you or the couple?
  • What advice would you offer future ministers?

Since Autumn has fallen and the wedding season has quieted down, now would be a perfect time to read some of our tips or buy a new book to enhance your education.  

This newsletter focused on both outer and inner battles; from the call of some faiths to commit violence to fighting our inner demons.

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