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September 2014 Newsletter

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Early this month we lost one of our cherished ministers, Joan Rivers. Joan is best known as a loud, cosmetically-enhanced, often bawdy comedian. However, Joan had a softer side - as a minister, Joan regularly went out of her way to assist couples on their special day.

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The community of Ferguson, Missouri (and by extension, the rest of the country) has been upheaval over the last few weeks in response to the police shooting death of Michael Brown, a black resident. While many call foul against the predominately white police force, we blame another culprit.

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We hear the word "truth" tossed around quite a bit these days. At the end of the day, however, there is only one universal truth: everybody dies. While slightly morbid, the sentiment (viewed from a different angle) is actually quite beautiful - as brothers and sisters we all share this bond.

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Most major religions warn against the perils of succumbing to the power of lust. Indeed, Christianity in particular teaches that feelings of lust are inherently immoral. Other perspectives interpret those feelings much differently. In this sermon, we examine the role of lust in the human mind.

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The birth of Jesus Christ is often nicknamed "the greatest story ever told", though we might argue a different book of the Bible deserves that lofty title. This sermon dives into the controversial book of Genesis - which moves readers from the creation of the Universe to the creation of the State of Israel within just a few pages.

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The Premium Wedding Package includes all of the necessary credentials as well as two of our most popular wedding guidebooks and a variety of marriage certificates.

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As Summer comes to a close and Fall approaches now is a great time to get some new reading material. From wedding and minister books to Christian literature or Earth religions, we have all kinds of books that you can grab to build your arsenal of knowledge.

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It's been a rough summer. As our family overseas struggles to survive violent political conflicts and aggressive viral diseases, we've also faced challenging and saddening conflict here at home - while simultaneously mourning the loss of beloved brothers and sisters. While attempting to address these painful problems from a more reasoned perspective, we've been reminded of the brevity of life and the futility of these ongoing battles as we make special note of the fact that (as we are fond of repeating) "we are all children of the same universe."

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