Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - November, 2013

November 2013 Newsletter

The holiday season has officially begun. Many ministers choose to focus on their ministries this time of year, since weddings aren't nearly as common now compared to Spring and Summer.

We have made a few updates to the Monastery website that will help you accomplish just that.

We have revamped the Sermons section of our site, and we will now be posting transcripts of the sermons given here at the Monastery.

These are not news blogs - they are motivational messages you can use for your own inspiration and for help in creating your own sermons. Our first message is on Humility. Check back every other week for new content.

Read this week's sermon here.

The Chapel is up and running again for you to submit any praises or prayer requests. This is a great place to find support or offer it to those in need.

Visit the Prayer Requests page here.

The other week while children ran from door to door, shaking down their neighbors for sweets, many people looked back to the Pagan roots of the Halloween holiday.

Both a celebration of the end of harvest and a time when the veil covering the world of the dead is lifted, Halloween has a rich history.

Read the article here.

If that last article was a little too dark for you, then read about the Hindu Festival of Lights.

Diwali celebrates the triumph of good over evil and its customs represent this by driving out the dark with beautifully lit decorations.

Find out about this holiday on our blog.

In case you or your friends have any questions or misconceptions about getting ordained with us, this article from our sister website ought to set the record straight.

Check out the story here.

Sacred Ceremony is a collection of quotes and ideas that allow you to construct your perfect, custom wedding script.

With excerpts from poems, songs, plays, movies, and books, this has everything you need to create a religious or secular service.

Order your copy here.

The Pagan Book of Days provides insight into rituals and celebrations that have for centuries been associated with the changing seasons.

It includes charts of equinoxes, solstices, holy days, and lunar phases.

Order your copy here.

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