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The Universal Life Church promotes an all-inclusive religion. Anyone can use our tools to submit a prayer or to absolve their sins. Please take a few minutes to pray for others as they take the time to pray for you.

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Please note that all prayers are read before they are posted. It may take up to 1 week for your prayer request to appear.

This Week's Prayers

Cynthia - Houston, Tx,

Please pray for my husband Scott and our marriage. I pray the Lord softens his heart. I pray the Lord shows my husband how to forgive not only me but himself too. He is gunning full force for divorce. But I pray that he has a change of a heart. He says he loves me but does not want to be with me. He has lost all faith in us and our future. Please pray our Lord will guide him home to not only us but also to Him.

Lynn - Dunnellon, Florida, USA

I ask for Divine Love to flow,bring restoration, joy, deep appreciation in my relationship with my husband, Chris. I love and adore this man who helps me to seek greater unconditional love for him with every life experience we share. I ask he finds inner peace, self worth, approval and claims his birth rite as a child of GodSourceLove. I ask that he may forgive himself for his past, let go of worry for our future, and accept the joy, love and abundance we have in our lives right now. May he find trust in life. I ask knowing in advance my prayers have already been answered and these prayers will lead me to beautiful moments, divine solutions and greater peace. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Elizabeth Mary White - Del Valle, TX, USA

Pray for Elizabeth's physical health and healing. Pray that she will always be open to God's lovingkindness and unconditional love, even when family and friends are unable to support her when her grown daughter, Claire, has cut off all ties and communication with Elizabeth, her mother. Pray that Elizabeth can rise above the hurt, despair and feeling of being abandon - to being uplifted in God's presence, strength, hope and compassion for herself, her daughter, Claire and her family. Pray for faith, peace, joy, hope, compassion, reconciliation, healing, open communication, mutual respect and appreciation to be within our relationship of mother, Elizabeth and grown daughter, Claire and above all, God's unconditional, everlasting Love. Thank you for your prayers.

leu - dubai, deira, United Arab Erimates

prayers requested for an unspoken prayer topic. Praise the lord

albert - Cedar Creek, TX, USA

my prayer is for everyone to now as they wake each day that are lord loves us

Paul - Sydney, NSW, Australia

Please pray that gustavo is healed of leg injury. Please pray that operation is successful. Amen. God bless

Edmund Krzeminski - Zielonka, mazowieckie, Poland

[We read] In the King James Bible, Ezekiel 2230 "And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it but I found none." O God, please help us and teach us to build a wall [of prayer] around the USA, Canada and Poland. Are you ready to stand in the gap, where God is the Helper and Teacher? Please pray that Poland, the USACanada would overcome for (The Acts 26.18). * Poland, pray for freedom from dead religion to saving faith in God through Jesus Christ as the Saviour and the Lord by grace only, * the Church in the USA, Canada – Pray for repentance and cleansing of the church--Matt. 3.12 "Whose fan is in his hand, and he will thoroughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire." * my family 1. Stir up the hearts of my family for ministry—for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, and our sons Peter and Daniel - "..but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" Joshua 24.15 2. Pray God's will and wisdom for me and my family I ask God for great wisdom in school for Daniel, and for Edmund’s work situation, for Dorothy and Peter (also God's direction for his life) and Ann (God's protection over the company where she works), 3. God's order in my work. I ask God for great wisdom at my work. Blessings and the knowledge of Jesus Christ for my bosses. Thank God for the continuation of my work. Edmund & Dorothy Krzeminski

sherri - clarkson, ky, USA

sandra- miraclous healing she has cancer. sherri-paula, carl

neo - dubai, deira, United Arab Erimates

Prayers requested for a financial blessing. need a miracle. also pls pray that i get employment visa immediately which im waiting since august 2017



Lisa Ray - Conneaut, OH, USA

I am asking for prayers for Frank, the father of my unborn baby daughter. I ask that God heal his depression, show him direction, open his heart to love, and give him the courage, strength and wisdom to het the help he needs straighten out his life. Remind him of his purpose and lead him down the right path. Show him the way to Jesus and allow God's Will to guide us. We love him and we need him in our lives.

Terry Wayne Oiler - Springfield, OH, USA

Hello My Brother Jesus God The Father - Lord I Know That You Don't Give Us Anything More Than We Can Handle - As You Know - I'm Giving It My Best Shot - Amen !!!!!!! - Please Don't Give Up On Me - In Your Name Always - Thank You & Amen !!!!!!! - I'm Only Human - As You Know.

Terry Wayne Oiler - Springfield, OH, USA

Hey My Brother Jesus' God The Father - Thanks For Guiding Me Through My Deepest Flood - As You Well Know - And Putting Me Back On The Right Path - Lord You Know It Hasn't Been Easy - But What Is - Amen !!!!!!!

Justin Saiz - Spokane, WA,

Pray for me and my family help us find away to get the appropriate care for my father and please help us keep my home

Karen A Mckay - BUFORD, GA, USA

Please pray for my children they seem to only want money from me but give little of them self I suffer with mental illness and a lot of people have taken advantage of me I hope this stops I am praying for a partner who understands my sickness which was brought on by demonic spirits placed on my head and body by family and acquaintance some from Guyana some from haiti and Africa me and kids need help to make in work school and life the spirits even threaten me take the mad house or the jail help I am a army vet and social worker by trade now I can't work in my field and have to go back to school my son works but sometimes we have to pray for him to get through a day it seems like the spirits have gotten to all our heads my son hardly helps says he don't have the time and they seem to use me their fathers did please pray for us

Mary salini - Bangalore, Karnataka, India

My name is Mary salini. Please pray for my marriage to be fixed immediately, from long time IAM waiting, IAM so upset , still not fixed, some hindrance, I don't know why, somebody cursed us , I don't know, because we are praying daily, still we didn't get a miracle, so many people insulting about my marriage, feeling very ashame to see people, no happiness in me and in my family. I need your prayers, please pray that my marriage should fix immediately

Charmaine Stewart - Yallahs, St.thomas, Jamaica

I am 19 years old with a son not working . am not with my baby father anymore but he supports the baby ... But I don't have a job to support myself.please pray for me .. Lordvi need a breakthrough I've been through the roughest times.

Joy Campbell - addison, Texas, USA

keep my children safe and i am looking to be blessed to get pregnant in 2018


A financial blessing please for numerous reason but also to help my disabled brother who is a vet and needs an assisted living facility. We've done all we can for him. Thank you very much. In Jesus's name.

Rainna - Delavan, illionis, USA

I pray Trevor has better self confidence. I also pray that Lacey will be healed and will no longer be sick. I pray that the sick shall be healed. Amen

Timothy Armstrong - Medford, OR, USA

Father, I Pray for Your Holy Family. That when teaching Your Children of so many Faith's They might remember this. God tell's us to listen for the small still voice inside. Do not forget to question that voice from where it came. If it does not tell you or tell you it's name, it is not from Him. The Spiritual Gift's that we receive are the same. In the name of Peace, Harmony, and Love check your intention's , the least in His Kingdom may be He Himself.

christopher - london, ., Canada

Pray for Conversion of Heidi Jesus told Blessed Faustina, if you say this prayer on behalf of some sinner, with a contrite heart, and faith, I will grant that sinner, the grace of conversion. "O Blood & Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus, as a font of Mercy for us, I trust in You. -Pray also that Heidi receive a contrite heart, to seek forgiveness in Confession. For the virtues of Purity & Chastity. -For illumination of Conscience

Raphaella - Baragoi, Samburu northrift valley province, Kenya

To pray for my husband whom I wedded in the church 35 yrs ago .currently he is planning to marry a very young girls of my thirdborn daughters age .a 22yr old while he is 65 yrs old .plse pray for me

neo - dubai, uae, United Arab Erimates

Prayers requested that the enemity of exemployer, false believers in exchurch and non speaking relatives towards me is stopped by faking interviews to take frequent visit visas and wasting valuable days by using fraudulent interviews to end the validity of my travel document after frequently and rapidly by cheating using sales people, nurses and hypnotisers. Also prayers requested that God stops the enemity, fornication and accusation im facing when I offer tithes all around in my habitat including place of residence. Please pray that I get a financial blessing and I start working immediately that God removes the enemity im facing from a gang of network of people without getting a job. false employer calls and persistently using annoying phrases. A real miracle is needed in job forefront with an immediate job and employment visa processed immediately. Financial blessing and job is interlinked. Need a miracle for a job and employment visa immediately which im seeking since August. Praise the Lord

Terry Wayne Oiler - Springfield, OH, USA

Dear Brother Jesus God The Father , Thank You For Everything You Do - I Truly Feel Blessed !!!!!!! Magic - Miracles - & Unconditional Love !!!!!!! In Your Name Always - Amen !!!!!!! Rev. Dr. Terry W. Oiler

Theresa - Spring Hill, TN, USA

Lord, Enlighten what is dark in me. Strengthen what is weak in me. Mend what is broken in me. Bind what is bruised in me. Heal what is sick in me. And lastly, Revive whatever peace and love has died in me. Amen

paul - Dulwich Hill, NSW, Australia

Please pray that my chest and eye problems are healed, Thanks and amen

Ella - Chicago, Illinois, USA

Dear Friends and Prayer Warriors, Giving Praise Honor and Glory to our Heavenly Father. Our God is an awesome God! Please to pray with us. Michael Jr.(going through a mental crisis and in needs of shelter) , LaVounta ,Michael Sr.(Healing from pain),Kevin(on life support),Bettye(liver and Kidney) and Ella(in need of a financially blessing). God bless you all. Thank you Lord Jesus

Karushen Mershin Naicker - Ladysmih, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

I really like to get prayed for . All I hope for is to get transfered home or closer to home . I am currently been working away from home for the last 2 years . I really miss my wife and kids as we stay in 2 different parts of our country . Due to financial constraints I cant get to see my family . All I hope for is a transfer back to be with my family , that all I hope for and thats what I pray for everyday. Please pray for me or even keep me in your prayer

albquerque, NM, USA

My husband Imran has filled for divorce. Please pray that God change his heart and heal my marriage. May God restore my marriage so i can go back to my home with my husband ameen. I am also expecting my first child in 5 weeks please pray for me that i have normal delivery and normal baby ameen. Please pray that God change imran heart ameen

Donald - Fruithurst, Alabama, USA

Please pray for my failing kidneys to be healed. Thank you for your prayers. I believe that God does, and will heal. May God Bless. Thank you.

Samuel sammy - windheok, khomas, Nambia

1.Financial problems, 2.anger self 3. Dad lucky 4. Unexplain frustrations. 5. To get job

sathya - vellore, tamilnadu, India

Unable to cheat.pray.

Steve Mercado - eloy, az, USA

Please pray for my cousin Lisa who is fighting cancer and for my long lost brother John. May she receive blessing from the almighty father.. and may John contact us again.

jane ferrao - dubai, CA, USA


Zohmingliani - Aizawl, Mizoram, India

I don't get sleep. I feel very tired and weak due to my sleeplessness. Its almost 2 years since i haven't slept properly. Pray fervently for me so that i can sleep.

Daniela Malkasian - Cranston, RI, USA

Please pray for my father who underwent surgery to remove a bowel obstruction. While in there they removed 3 sites of bladder cancer that had returned. They were small but present and now we must move towards treatment once again. The doctors also placed a GI tube into my father's stomach because they are unsure if he will be able to eat on his own again. I ask for healing from the surgery, for the cancer sitescells to be destroyed, for treatment to go well, for his ability to ingest food by mouth, and for my father's health to improve.

Mary salini - Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Please pray that my marriage should fix immediately without any delay. From long time IAM waiting for my marriage. People are asking abt my marriage, teasing me also. It's hurts me lot. My seniors in my office calling me as a waste. So please pray that my marriage should fix immediately so that I can leave my job because I don't want this office.please pray IAM feeling lonely.please pray

Terry Wayne Oiler - Springfield, OH, USA

Hey ULC , Dear Jesus God The Father - Thank You Yet For Another Day - I Don't Take It For Granted - Like That Song - "One Day At A Time Sweet Jesus" !!!!!!! Magic & Miracles - And Those Hard To Get Rainbows !!!!!!! In Your Name Always - Amen !!!!!!! Rev. Dr. Terry W. Oiler

rina - Albquerque, NEW Mexico, USA

y husband Imran has filled for divorce. Please pray that God change his heart and heal my marriage. May God restore my marriage so i can go back to my home with my husband ameen. I am also expecting my first child in 2months please pray for me that i have normal delivery and normal baby ameen. Please pray that God change imran heart ameen

Paul - Sydney, nsw, Australia

Please pray God would heal me of my chest and knee problems, Amen and thanks, Paul

Chioma oyudo - Lagos state, Lagos state, Nigeria

Let God change my son genotype from sickle cell to AA

Terry Wayne Oiler - Springfield, OH, USA

Hey ULC , My Brother Jesus - I Would Like To Thank You For The Direction & Magic You've Given Me Lately - I Hope I'm Serving You & Our Heavenly Father Both On Earth & In Your Kingdom Of Heaven - In Your Name Always - Amen

Aerielle - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

I pray that in this time of weakness you will help me and my boyfriends Jaden’s relationship grow strong again and even stronger. Please help remove any confusion and doubts that he has in his mind and heart. Let him love me and be with me forever. Please. I am extremely desperate to have my prayer answered. Amen.


PRAYER REQUEST FAMILY RESTORATION --- Request for Family Restoration Prayer, For my mother, Finding her lost family was delivered for adoption at birth. --- Request for prayer Family Restoration, Find lost sister, delivered for adoption at birth. --- Request for prayer Family Restoration, Elenita TARRAGA. Reencontrarse with its biological mother, was given in adoption at birth, emotional healing about his life .-- --- ORDER OF PRAYER. Emotional and family re-creation on the life of Dora Gomez, Jimena A. Tarraga, Osvaldo S. Flores, Gladis B. Tarraga, Elio Cano, Maria de los A. Fernandez, Noemi Fernandez, María C. Gómez, Patricia E. Rioja, Patricia Fernández, Rosa Diaz, Veronica Gil, Noelia Gil, Bernardo Torres, Maria I Velazquez, Liliana Ramirez, Zulema Ramirez, Julian Ramirez, Monica Bazan, Daniela Velazquez, Miguel A. Benitez, Alanis Vidal , Isabel Velazquez, Graciela Parodi, Hugo F. Elias, Iliana M. Zanelli, Fernanda Fano Moreti Zanelli, Cecilia Tocto, Francisca Z. Bautista and their children, Elenita Tarraga, Sonia Leaño, Federico Araos, Sandra Bravo, Alberto Lopez Raúl Pereyra, Monica Guaymas, Graciela E. Parodi, Jesus N. Guaymas, Carlos Tolaba, Andrea Meliza Fano Moreti, Lumena B. Guaymas, Susana Cruz, Delia Guittian, Monica Guittian, Miguel A. Herrera, Maximiliano Cordoba, Florencia Cordoba, Karina Gutierrez, Mario Guaymas, Mabel Mamaní --- Request for Prayer-Family Restoration Jimena A. Tárgaga., Recovery of her adopted daughter at birth when she was a minor Restoration of the female reproductive tract that was damaged when being a mother at a young age. --- Prayer request -For the marriage that is raising her daughter, today it is difficult for them to have to give the child to her mother since it is the only thing they have, since they could not have children of their own it is noted that this marriage took the girl in good faith. For this marriage a special prayer. "May the Lord be restoring the male and female reproductive apparatus of this marriage so that they can have their own children and give Jimena their daughter


My heart is breaking. I ask for your urgent prayers for a breakthrough in my relationship with Tony. May God touch his heart. May we please reconcile very soon. Please, may He reunite us in great love for each other.

Tracy S. Philbrick - Reno, NV, USA

I ask that you pray in the name of Jesus Christ, for Charlie Cerone, who is about to die ant time now. I will be visiting him tomorrow morning at his request and I specifically request that you pray he will accept the lord into his life and repent when I pray with him and over him. Please pray that he be coherent enough to make this decision. Thank you and God Bless You!

Terry Wayne Oiler - Springfield, OH, USA


Timothy Armstrong - Medford, OR, USA

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit of Our Lord Jesus Christ I Pray, Father, there is still one among us that refuses to believe that Heaven and Earth are Your Kingdom. I Pray that you will once again bind him. Amen

Mary salini - Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Please pray that my marriage should fix immediately without any delay. From long time IAM waiting for my marriage. People are asking abt my marriage, teasing me also. It's hurts me lot. My seniors in my office calling me as a waste. So please pray for my marriage and I want to relieve from my job soon. IAM feeling lonely.please pray