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The Universal Life Church promotes an all-inclusive religion. Anyone can use our tools to submit a prayer or to absolve their sins. Please take a few minutes to pray for others as they take the time to pray for you.

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Please note that all prayers are read before they are posted. It may take up to 1 week for your prayer request to appear.

This Week's Prayers

Ann - L.A., Ca., USA

To be restored from being an indentured servant and lesser and greater keys of Solomon supernaturally. Please turn this as my parchment to the Bhuddist Priest

William - Citrus Heights, California, USA

Freedom from financial troubles and much needed health insurance.

LeannaRae Grosswiler - Marion, IN, USA

I request that prayers could be made to heal the marriage that I am in. We have had problems, but it is just getting worse lately. I am trying hard, but I can't keep being strong forever, so I am leaning on the strong hands of the Gods and Goddesses. Thank you.

Steph - Broomfield, CO, USA

Dear God, forgive me for my sins. Please save my son Anthony. Fix his mind, his heart and his life. Please help Will and I in our relationship and let us be positive and in sync when it comes to us and our lives. Please move us together to the next level. Please help me financially and let this holiday season be beautiful. Please help Sierra grow and move on her own. Please help Arwyn with her pain. Please bless my friends and family. Thank you for the blessings in my life. Amen.

Dak - Roanoke, Virginia, USA

Prayers for Rose D. She's been through a lot these last year's. Was doing well again at last and now, suddenly, a kidney failure. Please pray for her recovery to health. She has two granddaughters who count on her for so much. Goddess help her, heal her, hold her. BlessedBe.

Alan - glasgow, glasgow, United Kingdom

I have struggled with depressiondrugs and sin for many years.I gave up drugs in June but feel my actions in the past will have lead me to great condemnation.Could you please pray for my forgiveness or mercy from God for me,Thankyou

Shanen Galloway - Fargo, ND, USA

8 years ago i was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. Earlier this month i was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. I am asking for prayers as I am getting to the point of being unable to continue working at my current employment due to being sick and getting hospitalized 4 times in the past 5 months.

John Moro - Brisbane, South Brisbane, Australia

I am John I would like to request Prayer for my Ordination I reside in Australia to enable success of process of ordination through God's presence

Eldhose - notapplicable, notapplicable, Canada

All Praise, Thanks, Glory, Honor & Credit to the Holy Spirit for healing my throat because it was hurting me when I try to swallow

Sammantha - Walla Walla, WA, USA

Please pray that my car will start, it has been infested with demonic spirits that refuse to let the car leave the driveway.

Cesar -

Pray for me, find a job abroad, someone who would like to work with me and a place where to serve God.

Deanna - Roanoke, Virginia, USA

Goddess I pray for your mercy, healing and care for Bruce T. He works so very hard and is becoming run down. There are health issues he never discusses but worries about. Please grant him strength and security. Amen and Blessed Be.

Ethelene - Buffalo, New York (NY), USA

Father God all those that have requested prayer from UL C Monastery, I humbly ask you in faith to hear their cry, and petitions . Thank you Lord. Amen.

karabo nkwanyana - Pretoria, north west, South Africa

M a heir dresser I want god to help my business grow big so that I can take care of my son n my family

Deanna - Roanoke, Virginia, USA

I just learned today that I have Erythrodermic psoriasis, a potentially life threatening form of this rather common skin malady. I am a little stunned. I am praying for strength and endurance. With some lifestyle changes I may see improvement. Please pray for me as I shall pray for all who's posts I see upon visiting this page. Many blessings. Amen, BlessedBe.

Dak - Roanoke, Virginia, USA

Heavenly Deity, I ask forgiveness for the transgressions of my lifetime. Help me to be more worthy of your grace. Help me to be kinder, slower to anger, quicker to forgive. I ask to be healthier, stronger spiritually as well as physically. Help me to endure these difficult times. Help me to make the best decisions. Protect me and my loved ones near and far away. Please, keep us in your care. --BlessedBe--

Robert - North Port, Florida, USA

7 years ago my wife went to hospital for minor surgery on her neck and came out paralyzed and incontinent both ways. After 5 years taken care of her and her ill mother the stress got to me. In the last 2 years I have had 8 surgeries from stress and not paying attention to my own health. I have one more surgery to go in October. So if you are a care taker please take care of yourself too. I was laying in the hospital the last surgery and I had a indescribable feeling go through me and gave me HOPE. I Don't know what the Holy Spirit feels like but I feel I do now. I became Ordain and now working towards new meaning. Sorry so long. enough of me. I know that there are worse off people then my wife or myself. My wife ask me how I can be so at ease now then before my issues and I tell her I am not doing by myself. I tell her I have the strength of our all powerful Lord in heaven. Read Philippians 410-14 "My lord hear my prayer forgive me for my sins. Lord please touch all the your people who need your blessing and have the HOLY SPIRIT go through them like you did to me so they also can have that one and only feeling. In the name of the Father ,the Son and the Holy Spirit Amen.

Dak - Roanoke, Virginia, USA

Jeanne D.B.C. needs prayer for her health. Having lots of stress and grief related issues. May the divine grace of GodGoddess lift Jeanne out of her difficulties. --Amen--

Deanna - Roanoke, Virginia, USA

Continued prayer for the Dixon and Locks families. Also, I pray for relief from financial worries for my husband. He works at two jobs, seven days a week. He is so tired. Goddess, please bless him and give him relief. For myself, I ask for the strength to endure, enough good health to care for my loved ones. BlessedBe.

Deanna - Roanoke, Virginia, USA

Have mercy on me, Lord. Forgive my sins and help me daily to be worthy of your devine grace. I am a mere mortal, a shadow of your glory. I am flawed and weak. I need you. I beseech you. Come to my side, comfort and heal me, body and spirit. Let me be yours and claim me that I might be made whole again. Make me a vessel of good service. I ask this, humbly, in Christ's name. --Ameb--

Dak - Roanoke, Virginia, USA

Pray for me. I have lived with psoriasis all of my 51 years. For two years in a row my condition has escalated to include edema. Swelling my arms an legs and then seeping fluid through the skin. It is unsightly, smelly and the pain is unbearable at times. I have been a veritable prisoner in my home this summer, unable to tolerate the heat or sunlight. I am unable to cook for my family, clean my home properly, the pain disrupts my sleep. I ask the Goddess to grant me relief from this physical burden. Please pray for my health. Thank you. Amen and Blessed Be.

granny holmes - klerksdorp, north west, South Africa

I took my sacrifice and ate it now my life is miserable I'm weak i feel sick ive lost hope i can't even go to church my mind is weak i can't pray please help me to be closer to God

jackie - jackson, ms, USA

I am asking prayer for me, I have hypothyroidism and diabetes. asking God to heal me and bless me with a job, also please pray for my daughter Thalia guidance , financial blessing and most importmant salvation.

Deanna - Roanoke, Virginia, USA

Pray for Jerry D. and his wife , Alma. She is in late stage cancer and is suffering greatly. Poor Jerry's health is suffering under the strain. May the Goddess bless them with comfort and peace. --- Amen.

Deanna - Roanoke, Virginia, USA

I pray today for Laura L. She is feeling tremendous physical pain and cannot afford the medical tests at this time. I pray the Goddess will comfort and carry her through this. Many blessings.

dena-antoinette chisholm - melrose park,, il, USA

PRAY FOR THE STEPS OF FRUITION FROM THE TRINITY'S DIVINE INTERVENTION 2 bgn. this very date(2016) & cntnu. the rest of 2016 for my financial MIRACULOUS BLESSING,healing,SPIRITUAL GROWTH,sufferings of bones-joints-musclestissue acheswisdom & other areasl

Ms. M.E.T.Ross - NYC, NY, USA

Please be informed I am requesting that prayers will be offered for the repose of the soul of a member of the United States Marine Corps. based in North Carolina taken from this world via a tragic and sudden motorcycle accident on Saturday August 20th 2016 please pray that his soul is in a state of grace &peace. Thank you. Please remember Corporal Austin Meeks

REV.Brian Pechin - Fulton, Texas, USA

Please , Prayers for the good people of LA, Hit so hard by flooding .Stand strong with the Lord and we will rebuild .

Deanna - Roanoke, Virginia, USA

Pray for the Coots family to find more adequate employment. Having hard times but working and trying so hard. Pray for them to be lifted from poverty. In God's name. Amen.

Stacee - Castle Rock, COLORADO, USA

Please pray that communication between Stacee and Jay will open up leading to a positive reconciliation. Pray that every negative influence, obstacles, and attack of Satan be cast out of this situation. Pray the shackles of the past be put to rest. Pray for Stacees patience's. Pray for peace and free her from her depression and grief with the death of her son

Agustian - Bogor, West Java, Indonesia

Dear Friend, Please pray for my friend and neighbor Agustian. He wants to be healed from his swolen lymph at his right and left neck. Thank you so much for your pray and help

allyson - Macclesfield, cheshire, Great Britain

please pray for me to have the strength to carry on, over the last ten years I have had 3 stillborn children. I can usually get up and get on with my life most days but every now and then I struggle to understand why this happened and miss my little ones terribly. this is one of those times, it seems its getting harder and harder to pick myself up. bless you all.

Tisha Botti - Union City, New Jersey, USA

Dear God, I come to you in the name of your son Jesus our Lord and savior. I pray for peace in these troubled times. May you guide us Lord so that your will is followed. Let me be your vessel and show me the way. May those who need you find you.Please take away all cancer in my body and thank you for the answered prayer.Bless and guide my boys Robert, Nicky, and Ethan. Always in the name of Jesus Your Servant Tisha

Mr Kelly - Dillingham, AK, USA

Pray for my mom who is in an old folks home and suffering physically and mentally. Her name is Anecia.

Paul - sydney, NSW, Australia

Please pray that God would heal me. I am trusting in Him. Thanks and God bless.

Brandon - Goldsboro , Nc, USA

Dear lord I feel as I should of gotten ordaned. So I prayed long and hard. After looking on this site I feel that I can move forward. Please lord guide me from here to my next level. I will do anything you tell me. All my blessings in your name Amen

Minister Deborah Rogers - Everett, Wa, USA

I am having difficulty. Please pray for me, as myself, and two other friends, single woman need a Good permanent residence, it appears drug activity, and crime has become rampant in lots of areas in Washington state. In the 90's when Ma was still here, her and Dad went through it too. They had their nice neighborhood turn from nicelivable to where they began fearing for their safety, and it affected their livelihood. They definitely need more block watch programs, and neighbors who are care. Pray for me that God will move me and friends swiftly to a place where it's a God-send for us to be there. Nowhere is perfect, and these things are sometime encountered as trials, as it said in the Bible re persecution as Saints - - God also said, that if we Delight ourselves in the Lord, he will give us the desire of our hearts. Also would be with us in all situations...and to faint not. Well the good news is, I've been having the feeling of meeting someone new, praise God for that. Perhaps a premonition maybe... ) - - Pray for us in all matters. And all matters I come to God with, I believe it done in Christ name, Thank You For Your Prayers - - I'm praying for All on Prayer list also...God Bless Love To All

Daniela Chiavaroli - North York, Ontario, Canada

We desperately need prayer for our daughter. She has been battling depression and suicidal thoughts since a young child. She refuses to take medication. She's 25 and living at home. It's worse than it sounds. She's tried drugs and alcohol and her roller coaster moods has put a tremendous strain on my marriage. I'm ready to walk away from my home and marriage because of the stress I cannot handle along with a terminally ill mother I am caring for on a daily basis. Please pray for healing for my daughters depression and deliverance from any strongholds that may have come against her. I pray this in Jesus' name. Amen

Rev. Fr. Richard W Burdett - Scotch Plains, New Jersey, USA

Lord God, We pray for your guidance in our daily lives. Your presence is truly felt as we move through our days knowing you are with us. We are grateful for your protection in times if need and we are truly amazed and blessed by your never ending love and grace. All this we pray in your name. Amen

Denise Smith-Ladd - Dallas, TX, USA

Dear Heavenly Father In the Name if Jesus. Lord send your Divine healing and grace almongst this nation and increase more of you in your people. Let us be a reflection of you each and every day . In Jesus Name.

Katrina - Huntersville, North Carolina, USA

Cernunnos, please, watch over me in these changing times of worry. I pray for my love, who is helping me through, but please, watch over him more. He needs it. And please, let us, and his family get through this. Thank you, o God of the Wild

Elise - Los Angeles, CA, USA

Please help my family draw closer to God. I pray to be a better wife, mother, sister, friend, worker, & overall person. Thank you.

mandy lestrange - pietermaritzburg, kzn, South Africa

Please pray for my friend Clayton. He has really been hurt after his divorce and could not take the pain and turned to rock cocain Now he is addicted. I pray for a miracle for his to have no desire to drink and take drugs anymore and I pray for inner healing and peace in Jesus name. He is a reborn Christian struggling to overcome this affliction

Sheik Yusuf Von hofler - A2, Mi., USA

Please pray I return safely and soon from Malaysia home to my umma hit and without any further suffering.

sathish - vellore, tamilnadu, India

Let me join with people.

Kenneth - Eureka Springs, Arkansas, USA

I have a very personal spiritual path. A part of it is an honest desire that whatever faith another person believes in, and that encludes no faith at all for the athiest, that they become the best in the way they've accepted that they can be. And that they live and let live, desiring only that the other person be the best in their chosen path that they can be. I would ask that anyone and everyone who reads this please pray, or if you don't pray then please hope for me, that I live up to my own philosophy as stated above. All I want for myself is to be the best devotee of my God (everyone's God is one) that I can be. Thank you. And the Universe bless you all.

Paulette Sunday - Scranton, PA, USA

Pray that the wrongful death of my newborn baby girl named miracle justice be served. Pray for me and my husband and older boys who are having a hard time dealing with this as well as myself my only hope is in good that truth shall come to life and justice be served that are first and only baby girl deserves to be pray we get answers to this wrongful death and that we have strength and hope and be able to maintain raising our children while mourning her death and that justice is served for a precious angel thank you and God bless

Paul - Sydney, NSw, Australia

Please pray that God would heal me of my abdominal problems, thanks and God bless,

Honolulu, HI, USA

Please pray for my daughter, Ann, who suffers from anxiety, depression and mental illness. Pray that her mind be clear, alert, stable, peaceful. Give her clarity of mind so she is able to recognize the truth and ability to make clear decision. Give her a good mind, a teachable spirit and an ability to learn. Instill in her a desire to attain knowledge and skill. Heal her from the spirits of any addictions to drugs, spirit of low self-esteem, anythings that is not of God. Guide her to give up her weed addictions so she can see the light. Please give her the wisdom she needs to choose friends who not an addict. Deliver her from anyone with ungodly character so she will not learn that person’s way. Take away any loneliness or low self-esteem that would cause her to seek ungodly friendship. Please bring role models, mentor into her life. I am a desperate mother who have been praying for years, I need God’s help to take away my daughter’s drug addiction, her evil spirits, evil friends and influences from her soul.

Buddha For President - Springfield, Ohio, USA

Dear JesusGod The Father !!!!! Give Me The Power !!!!!! In Jesus' Name We Pray - Amen !!!!!!