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The Universal Life Church promotes an all-inclusive religion. Anyone can use our tools to submit a prayer or to absolve their sins. Please take a few minutes to pray for others as they take the time to pray for you.

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Please note that all prayers are read before they are posted. It may take up to 1 week for your prayer request to appear.

This Week's Prayers

Eileen - Philadelphia , PA, USA

Pray for my sister Dianne who has been out of work for several years! She needs a full-time job, so she won't be a burden to her Dad!!

Alexander - New York, New York, USA

Pls don't let me get Mr Sankey for maths next year

Angel - Anywhere, FL, USA

Jesus, I pray for you to please help us in this great time of need. Help us to win the upcoming legal battles we have. We have been suffering for so may years with this. Please help us win and may we live and love each other in your name. Amen.

Rev. Brenda Ochoa - Des Moines, IA, USA

As some of you may know, Bre doesn't have a uterus. Rolando and Bre are going thru Bethany Christian Services and have been approved to adopt a baby. We would like a baby whom could really be our family so we are looking to adopt a Hispanic or Hispanic White baby. Please pray for us that our prayers will be answered and we may be blessed with a precious child.....we have so much love and guidance to give a baby. Thank you for your support and prayers

Terry Oiler - Springfield, OH, USA

Dear JesusGod The Father , Please Bless My Writing Career - My Finances - My Health - And All My Family & Friends !!!!!!! In Jesus' Name We Pray - Amen !!!!!!!

Edward P Miller II - Brunswick, Ga, USA

Lord, I ask humbly that as my family and church family rises this morning, you rise with us to give us the strength and courage to face another day. The ability to see the temptations from the advisory, and with the grace of the Holy Spirit steer clear from them, Amen

Charmaine Stewart - Yallahs, Jamaica, Jamaica

I am a 18 years old pregnant mother without a job or any financial support . so stressed at times knowing that I can't provide for myself , sometimes I feel even confuse . I dont want to stressed too much . my mom is also without a job and sometimes I feel it for her sometimes can't go to school . please prayer for us. With thanks

DeAnna Tyree - Roanoke, Virginia, USA

Scott and Becky B. Need prayers and loving energy from all of us. Please pray for Becky's health. A mystery at the moment. Many tests, much fear. Goddess blessings upon them. BlessedBe.

Craig W Tiske - Green Bay, Wi, USA

Father God forgive me all my sins release from all temporal punishment for my sins renew my life victory in life

stacee - castle rock, Colorado, USA

I know there are others who have greater needs. But please pray for Jay and Stacee get back together. I lost my son after he completed suicide. It has taken its toll on us. I'm just now seeing the other side if the grief. Please ask for Gods assistance in helping me be patient and keep my peace I've found. Pray communications will open up and the silence will end. Pray that all the evil acts ,negative influence s and obstacles be cast out and release the hold it has on us. Pray that our love will strengthen and our bond unbreakable. Pray that all of jays fears and doubts will disappear indefinitely. Thank u

Ivy -

Ave Maria! I am 38 going 39 and very desperate and losing hope in life as I like a family life yet still unmarried, got difficulty finding a best husband. Please pray that I find a good husband and get married before end of 2016. Please pray God 's will on my relationship with Michael. Please pray that Michael will reconcile and contact me now. I know this is an impossible request that requires miracle. But God said that that there is no mountain too big that God can't move it. Deo Gracias. -i.c.

Mellyz Garcia - San Jose, California, USA

May I please request the healing prayers for my new journey abroad, to open Heaven abundance for new opportunities, success, health, safety and love. To blessed me with volunteer opportunities, to discovering my life path ,to heal all in Mother Earth and all humanity . With !I've and gratitude . Thank you Mellyz

ludovic - grenoble, isere, France

i ask you again dear friends please pray jesus for me to be luckier in life and to give me more success also pray god for my friends named oksana nastia and ioulia in kiev nastia is sick and poor and her mother oksana is a widow sometimes she is very tense and agressive may God free her from all evil also ioulia christian grand-mother,poor this family needs prayers and help from God may jesus heal nastia

LeannaRae - Marion, Indiana, USA

Pray for my husband and me.... We have been having an extremely rough time and I just miscarried. We are getting ready to undergo marriage counseling. Please keep us in your prayers.

Father Anonymous Karen Lynn Hall (Jesuit) - Santa Monica, California, USA

For a friend of mine (Norman Vincent Peale) One of his earliest baby pictures His Grand Parents Samuel and Laura In Early Boyhood With His Brother Robert Clifford World War 1 Days in Ohio His Father Charles Clifford His Brother Leonard Delaney His Wedding Day June 30, 1930 The United Mehodist Church The Pulpit of Marble Collegiate Church NY Dr. Smiley Blanton His Friend The Peale Family of 1950 Norman, Ruth, John, Margaret and Elizabeth With President Hoover With Harry Truman With Eisenhower In Quang Nam Province 1969 With Nixon With Reagan 1984 With Carter With His 8 grandchildren His Radio Show "The Art of Living" NBC 1988 with Art Linkletter I surely suffered with my brother and would have wanted him at my wedding. I am sorry that his life was taken from him and will count him with me and the others I know and love. Amish Prayer Quaker Prayer Pennsylvania Dutch Prayer Chapel of the Field Father Anonymous Karen Lynn Hall (Jesuit)

Shane - Akron, OH, USA

Lord, please help us through these elections. And, if it's your will, may the best woman win.

Paul - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Please pray God would heal me of arm and leg pain amen. thanks

Justin K English - Boerne, Texas, USA

I want to spread love and strength to all of us and to mother earth. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL

angeline - Burlington, n.c., USA

www pray for clayton miles to ask thee lord to heal him from prostate cancer ask thee lord to step in and have a hand in that so that his cancer want spread in mystic ways ask thee lord to save his life from cancer in mystic ways ask thee lord to see to that he will recover from cancer in mystic ways ask thee lord to heal others from cancer of all kinds in mystic ways

rg - los angeles,


ramona salas - albuquerque, new mexico, USA

my the lord bless us in the days of harvest for the entering of family leaves change to yellow and orange everything to be grateful and for the faith and understanding of knowledge for life

dena-antoinette chisholm - melrose park, il, USA

DIVINE INTERVENTION FROM THE TRINITY this very fri. (oct. 28, 2016) 'n the affairs, lives, worlds of nevaeh, rita, Christina, dena-a. & khole effe regardless if they're personal,private, professional, public stances or statuses

sagata family - Uberlandia, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Dear friends, We need prayers and masses for - disturbing and indifferent souls Thank you, Sagata family

Sagata family - uberlandia, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Dear friends, Intentions for prayers and masses 1. Africa 2. Middle East 3. weak the action of the demons 4. Brazilian public schools 5. Brazilian corruption 6. Brazilian slums 7. schizophrenic people 8.working people from Uberlandia 9. all victims of all wars (dead) 10. Tsuyoshi Sagata (dead) 11. Yoko Hashiguchi 12. dysfunctional families 13. a happy marriage for me 14. Erika Sagata and her family 15. Yoshio doctor work and hospital 16. Monsanto Uberlandia 17 caixa de correio bills, iptu 18. Sanae brain. special graces (brain, compassion, wisdom, goodness, kindness, patience) 19.Sanae nun vocation n.l.(for future) monastery developed countryquiet death 20. accountant 21. disturbing and indiferent souls 22.Web design ufu 23. tenant 24. Wellington (call) Keep this message confidential please. Privacy reasons. Thanks, Sagata family Reply us in order to know that you have received the message correctly

Teresa - York, Nebraska , USA

Father God, I ask that you remain by my side as I make decisions in the near future as to my future in opening a bakery or not. I ask you to help me make the right decision as well. I ask that you also help me with the decision that's been weighing on my mind lately of taking courses to become a minister.

theodis brown sr - stlouis , missouriusa, USA

holy father please give your humble servant the knowledge and ability to serve as one of your holy spirtual follower of your holy words so that I may be bless to help saves as many souls as humanly possible as a born again christain baptized in your holy name at the child age of 12 yr old,who in old age nearly 70yr old have a passion in my life to help do the lord gods bidding on earth to do my part to help overcome evilness in the world you made for mankind ,amen

Judy - n.a., n.a., USA

To end all that is done to disable me and to end everything that a evil one might do to me. To turn this end as my parchment to the Buddhist priest.

Mindy A - USA

Please I ask for prayers upon my small business to find success with work also pray for my husband's job to be blessed and protected. Please pray for our 2 daughters too. Success with their studies and jobs.

Cindy Schultz - Cairns, Queensland, Australia

I ask God for guidance to meet my soulmate to share a loving life with. In the name if Jesus. Amen.



Ann - L.A., Ca., USA

To be restored from being an indentured servant and lesser and greater keys of Solomon supernaturally. Please turn this as my parchment to the Bhuddist Priest

William - Citrus Heights, California, USA

Freedom from financial troubles and much needed health insurance.

LeannaRae Grosswiler - Marion, IN, USA

I request that prayers could be made to heal the marriage that I am in. We have had problems, but it is just getting worse lately. I am trying hard, but I can't keep being strong forever, so I am leaning on the strong hands of the Gods and Goddesses. Thank you.

Steph - Broomfield, CO, USA

Dear God, forgive me for my sins. Please save my son Anthony. Fix his mind, his heart and his life. Please help Will and I in our relationship and let us be positive and in sync when it comes to us and our lives. Please move us together to the next level. Please help me financially and let this holiday season be beautiful. Please help Sierra grow and move on her own. Please help Arwyn with her pain. Please bless my friends and family. Thank you for the blessings in my life. Amen.

Dak - Roanoke, Virginia, USA

Prayers for Rose D. She's been through a lot these last year's. Was doing well again at last and now, suddenly, a kidney failure. Please pray for her recovery to health. She has two granddaughters who count on her for so much. Goddess help her, heal her, hold her. BlessedBe.

Alan - glasgow, glasgow, United Kingdom

I have struggled with depressiondrugs and sin for many years.I gave up drugs in June but feel my actions in the past will have lead me to great condemnation.Could you please pray for my forgiveness or mercy from God for me,Thankyou

Shanen Galloway - Fargo, ND, USA

8 years ago i was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. Earlier this month i was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. I am asking for prayers as I am getting to the point of being unable to continue working at my current employment due to being sick and getting hospitalized 4 times in the past 5 months.

John Moro - Brisbane, South Brisbane, Australia

I am John I would like to request Prayer for my Ordination I reside in Australia to enable success of process of ordination through God's presence

Eldhose - notapplicable, notapplicable, Canada

All Praise, Thanks, Glory, Honor & Credit to the Holy Spirit for healing my throat because it was hurting me when I try to swallow

Sammantha - Walla Walla, WA, USA

Please pray that my car will start, it has been infested with demonic spirits that refuse to let the car leave the driveway.

Cesar -

Pray for me, find a job abroad, someone who would like to work with me and a place where to serve God.

Deanna - Roanoke, Virginia, USA

Goddess I pray for your mercy, healing and care for Bruce T. He works so very hard and is becoming run down. There are health issues he never discusses but worries about. Please grant him strength and security. Amen and Blessed Be.

Ethelene - Buffalo, New York (NY), USA

Father God all those that have requested prayer from UL C Monastery, I humbly ask you in faith to hear their cry, and petitions . Thank you Lord. Amen.

karabo nkwanyana - Pretoria, north west, South Africa

M a heir dresser I want god to help my business grow big so that I can take care of my son n my family

Deanna - Roanoke, Virginia, USA

I just learned today that I have Erythrodermic psoriasis, a potentially life threatening form of this rather common skin malady. I am a little stunned. I am praying for strength and endurance. With some lifestyle changes I may see improvement. Please pray for me as I shall pray for all who's posts I see upon visiting this page. Many blessings. Amen, BlessedBe.

Dak - Roanoke, Virginia, USA

Heavenly Deity, I ask forgiveness for the transgressions of my lifetime. Help me to be more worthy of your grace. Help me to be kinder, slower to anger, quicker to forgive. I ask to be healthier, stronger spiritually as well as physically. Help me to endure these difficult times. Help me to make the best decisions. Protect me and my loved ones near and far away. Please, keep us in your care. --BlessedBe--

Robert - North Port, Florida, USA

7 years ago my wife went to hospital for minor surgery on her neck and came out paralyzed and incontinent both ways. After 5 years taken care of her and her ill mother the stress got to me. In the last 2 years I have had 8 surgeries from stress and not paying attention to my own health. I have one more surgery to go in October. So if you are a care taker please take care of yourself too. I was laying in the hospital the last surgery and I had a indescribable feeling go through me and gave me HOPE. I Don't know what the Holy Spirit feels like but I feel I do now. I became Ordain and now working towards new meaning. Sorry so long. enough of me. I know that there are worse off people then my wife or myself. My wife ask me how I can be so at ease now then before my issues and I tell her I am not doing by myself. I tell her I have the strength of our all powerful Lord in heaven. Read Philippians 410-14 "My lord hear my prayer forgive me for my sins. Lord please touch all the your people who need your blessing and have the HOLY SPIRIT go through them like you did to me so they also can have that one and only feeling. In the name of the Father ,the Son and the Holy Spirit Amen.

Dak - Roanoke, Virginia, USA

Jeanne D.B.C. needs prayer for her health. Having lots of stress and grief related issues. May the divine grace of GodGoddess lift Jeanne out of her difficulties. --Amen--

Deanna - Roanoke, Virginia, USA

Continued prayer for the Dixon and Locks families. Also, I pray for relief from financial worries for my husband. He works at two jobs, seven days a week. He is so tired. Goddess, please bless him and give him relief. For myself, I ask for the strength to endure, enough good health to care for my loved ones. BlessedBe.

Deanna - Roanoke, Virginia, USA

Have mercy on me, Lord. Forgive my sins and help me daily to be worthy of your devine grace. I am a mere mortal, a shadow of your glory. I am flawed and weak. I need you. I beseech you. Come to my side, comfort and heal me, body and spirit. Let me be yours and claim me that I might be made whole again. Make me a vessel of good service. I ask this, humbly, in Christ's name. --Ameb--