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The Universal Life Church promotes an all-inclusive religion. Anyone can use our tools to submit a prayer or to absolve their sins. Please take a few minutes to pray for others as they take the time to pray for you.

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Please note that all prayers are read before they are posted. It may take up to 1 week for your prayer request to appear.

This Week's Prayers

Ross Baillie - Gosport, United Kingdom

God, protect the homeless and comfort the bereaved of London x+x+x

dani - Caldwell, USA

Please lift up a very good Christian man up to God. He made a couple bad decisions that cost him his job. He is a good man, just let depression and life consume him. He has requested prayers. Please life him up into God's arms, that he will feel God's love and healing touch. I know God will carry him and take these lemons and turn them into lemonade. God is Amazing and His love in never ending. My friend needs as many prayers as we can sent him. Thank you.

ruby - laurelton, USA

pray for my son Rick to get healed and for grandson Ta shim traveling mercy, keeping him safe

LUDOVIC - grenoble, France

please pray jesus for me to be luckier in life and to give me more success also pray god for my friends named oksana nastia and ioulia in kiev nastia is sick and poor and her mother oksana is a widow sometimes she is very tense and agressive may God free her from all evil and also jesus help nastia ro remain in good health and be a good christian young woman and succeed in her studies also ioulia christian grand-mother,poor this family needs prayers and help from God also nastia must undergo surgery for teeth,please ask god to make sure she will be ok and does not suffer ludovic sarraz-bournet , france

Paul - Brunswick, USA

Please pray with me while my wife is sick with that stomach bug. Please also pray for our family as we are going trough a very difficult time.

Aaron - Claremont, USA

---May the God of Glory, Love and Peace meet all the needs of your spirit, mind and body and, grant you the desires of your heart.

Robert Omondi - Nairobi, Kenya

Greetings! Gods people Praise the Lord! I have a prayer request my names are Robert Okatch and I live in Nairobi Kenya..In regards to my request I have a case pending court.Its related to an incident that happened at my former place of work where a substantial amount of cash got lost and I was involved.I was arrested and hauled to court to face charges of stealing by servant.I was in jail for about 2weeks then I was released on bail terms.I am to appear again in court in 12th July 2017.during this time I came to build a relationship with God and Jesus Christ I have been praying everyday and reading the scriptures and I believe the Lord has been good to me and even my release from Jail was sanctioned by the good lord himself.I have known Gods abundant love and mercy throughout my life.I grew up an orphan having lost my parents when I was very young now am 38years old.All through my life God has guided and provided for me he has been my protector and I can bear testimony of the many instances and situations he has uplifted me Praise the lord. I'd like to make a humble request to you. to put me in fervent prayers as I am facing this court case and as i am due to appear in court to answer to the charges. I believe the lord is my light salvation and strength and I faithfully believe that he shall provide victory for me.Kindly pray for me,pray for a just and a favorable outcome to my case,pray for forgiveness,pray for strength so I am not overcome with fear and anxiety when am facing this case,pray for my family and friends,pray for the judges and attorneys.I thank thee o lord I believe my prayers are answered in Jesus Name. I am faced with this legal battle but am not afraid. It's an opportunity to trust God and watch God show Himself strong on my behalf. God knows the judicial system better than anybody else - He is both Judge and Advocate! And I believe I will overcome this kindly pray for me.

Carol A Watt - ocean shores, USA

Dear God Please forgive for all my sins and show me to be a better person. I ask of you to protect my son Charles from the evils of this world. Please help my marriage and let my husband see how much I do try. Please help him with his temper and let him fall in love with me again. Lord I also ask that you help heal all those suffering from illness, homeless, hunger. I pray to you to help my brother Richard may he only know kindness and love as you know he has the soul of an angel. May you bless and watch over all. Thank you

Benjamin - Viveash, Australia

I pray for my beautiful relationship with my lovely lady Cynthia. I pray love,prosperity, patience, happiness and joy for our family together with the boys Rishon,Nathan and Justin. I also pray for total success in my job change. Praise Jesus Amen

henry john - New Delhi, India

my name is henry john and im 34 years old. i have one prayer request that i was getting married to my fiancee nowdays. Her name is Rahel Sarkar and she was staying with me in my house with my parents because her family is not in Delhi. Since last 10 months she was with me but one black magician diverted her mind from my side because he don't want both us to get married due to any reason and she went out of the house and took a hostel and she is not agree for marriage also. Brother please pray that her mind and heart gets diverted to my side again and she come back and that black magician gets back and never do like this again.

Paul - sydney, Australia

Please pray that God would heal me of stomach and abdominal problems, amen. Thanks, Paul


i want prayer of my financial problem my love life an to live batter life

Angela Hughes - Louisville, USA

First let us give the Lord thanks for the abundance of all things.Please pray that the Lord would deliver his people from evil men That the Lord would preserve his people from violent men, who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually. Pray against the spirit of anti Christ,false witness,terrorism hatred and violence. Please pray and intercede without ceasing that God’s will be done in the lives of the world’s leaders and for President Trump and our leaders to seek God and listen to Him. Pray that they would be surrounded by godly counsel and, that our leadership would personally know God and the salvation found through faith in Jesus Christ alone. That we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. God can turn the hearts of kings. Earnestly pray that the people of America and its leaders will humble themselves and seek the Lords face and turn from their wicked ways. Pray that the Lord would hear from heaven and forgive our countries sins and heal our land. God Bless America Pray that the Lord would grant peace in America, that we may lie down and no one will make us afraid. That the Lord would remove wild beasts from the land, and that the sword will not pass through our country Please pray for revival and that the Lord would pour out his spirit on his servants, throughout the world both men and women. Pray for the peace of Israel. Gods will be done on earth as it is in heaven.In Jesus Name, Amen.

jayson'paul - melrose park, USA

my immediate freedom & release from allany criminal justice cells, holding cells, or court sessions even 'f on house arrest or sentenced 2 12 way-house, all I want is my ft. 2 touch the steps & the inside of my castle (home) daily

Byron - Birmingham, USA

My request is a prayer for a life changing over abundant financial break through to eliminate my debt and stress. I also need a wife to complete my life one that is beautiful inside and outside, intellectual, and a fear and love of God. Lastly blessings in my life, blessing for my daughter, and blessings for my mother .

cp - Windsor, Canada

Thank you for your prayers granting me perfect health, energy, vitality and wellness now. Thank you for true and lasting love...the love of my life to arrive now as my life partner to help me through and whom I will care for too. Especially if he is the one I already love and have been waiting for him to contact me for a romantic relationship. Thank you for the energy for meaningful friendships and huge success with my art and writing. Thank you for the vitality and light and love to be able to shine bright and make the world a better place. Amen!!

Eimear & gearoid mcelligott - Tralee, Ireland

Please pray for the health and safety of my baby boy gearoid and myself eimear...please pray that we are safe from all that is evil and pray for us to enjoy a long healthy prosperous life. Also pray for those who are hurting us.

Brian Sperling - Laredo Texas, USA

Please pray that the Lord will find us permanent housing in His time We are currently living at a motel because we were evicted from our apartment Please pray as well that the Lord will protect my wife and children from the drug dealers that hang out here Thank you

Shirin - Ambernath, India

I love Sandesh. I want to marry him only. Restart the love relationship between me and Sandesh. Let the love between us grow more and more each day. Soften Sandesh's heart take away his pride and fill his heart with love for me again. Transform his heart to love me again. Make him see that I am the only girl in this entire universe only for him. I want only him as my husband. I want him back. Remove all the problems and obstacles between us and make us one again. I am in pain. I need your prayers.

Paul - sydney, Australia

Please pray for bea who needs to be healed of stomach problems, Amen. THanks

ludovic - grenoble, France

sorry to ask you again please pray jesus for me to be luckier in life and to give me more success also pray god for my friends named oksana nastia and ioulia in kiev nastia is sick and poor and her mother oksana is a widow sometimes she is very tense and agressive may God free her from all evil and also jesus help nastia ro remain in good health and be a good christian young woman and succeed in her studies also ioulia christian grand-mother,poor this family needs prayers and help from God also nastia must undergo surgery for teeth,please ask god to make sure she will be ok and does not suffer ludovic sarraz-bournet , france

April Bourgeois - St augustine , USA

My husband is struggling with control issues and personality disorder, and affecting our family. I am really afraid bc he's not agreeing to the divorce and controlling

Chong - Fresno , USA

Prayer for Several people injured after falling more than 15 feet from ferris wheel at Rhododendron Festival in Port Townsend, Wash.

KayLee Jo - a, OH,

Please pray that all weapons and a weapon and knives and a knife are taken away from the enemies of KayLee Jo that was enrolled in preschool in a church at the recommended appropriate age and and those weapons that were taken away from an enemy and enemies of KayLee Jo that was enrolled in preschool in a church at the recommended appropriate age are put in a place no one can access them as soon as possible but please take the time to get them all and also those from the retaliators KayLee Jo's enemies them. Also, each KayLee Jo in this request is the same person.

lisa marie nelund - Decatur, USA

Please pray for me that my disability application will be approved quickly and at the initial level and that I get any back pay quickly.I'm in desperate need

Rev Cynthia Rice-Martinez - Pueblo, USA

My prayer is that someone contact me and talk to me in person. I have battled some bad demons lately please e-mail me at comfortnjoy3@ and once we have talked a bit I will give you my phone number. Problem is too much for online talk.

shivraj - Bangalore, India

my name is shivraj from india i accept lord jesus as a saviour ,Rom 108-10, im doing village induviduial ministry from 15 yrs, somebody promised for land for the church and church building councstruction and taking money for the courriour charges,and money londry certificate as a from me about 20000$ he is from U K, from mail and facebook also and also he removed his all photo from the face book account.he intduse himself in a U K white governor almost 20 months left no contact from the day he switch off his cell, and no replay but he cheated, i want to back money from him. bcause i taken loan amount so i need pay loan, and also i need to purchase land build the church. pls pray for that thank u your shivraj

John Mukhuta Muhiana - Kolwezi, Zaire

My lord, i'm praying for my child who suffer with the seekness of epilepsie since longtime. My Lord help me to heal my children. My lord, i'm praying for my Organization to have the financial resources or the all my project and the objectif be archive. My lord, i'm praying for my country DRCongo for peace prevail.

DeAnna Tyree - Roanoke, USA

I am praying for a young lady who is fighting cancer. Pray with me for her and her family.

Lesley - huntsville, USA

I am desperately seeking prayer for my children. I have been fighting for them for 12 years. Please allow me to explain the situation. Both children were born in Wheat Ridge, CO where me and their father resided in 2001-2009. I was the bread winner of the family and he was a stay at home dad where there was physical and emotional abuse towards me infant of the children. I ended up desperately ill that landed me in the hospital for several weeks which in turn left me jobless and we ended up loosing our home and everything. While in the hospital I had agreed to allow my children to temporarily stay with the dads parents here in Alabama, and I can’t get them back. I have been to court two times. There is abuse going on towards my youngest in that home. I have filed a police report and just recently we were in court where the grandparents had even stated that they were too old to take care of the youngest child because of his behavior issues. Lisa they don’t want the children but refuse to give them back to me. I have never done anything wrong to these people but try and leave and abusive situation and now my children are in the middle of it. The judges ruling didn’t said that they were not in contempt of court, and the grand parents have denied me my visitation. See the difference is they have a lot of money where they can pay for the judges ruling and the attorneys. I’m a single mom just trying to love on her kids and be in their life. I don’t know what you can do but please pray. I’m getting together all the evidence and court orders and where the judges ruling was wrongfully done. There has not been any justice for my babies Im starting a campaign called A Mothers Cry for single moms that fight to be with their kids against the court systems and the moms lack of financial abilities to pay off attorneys and judges. I. Need your help and its about to go viral. The children are in an abusive situation please help them get out of the situation they are in. There is evidence of physical abuse and emotional abuse and neglect towards the children that has been proven from phycologists

Clare Stein - Oxford, Oxfordshire,

Polly Holbrook struggling with cancer of the throat and windpipe. She has a strong faith and asks for prayers for healing and strength. Thank you.

Hugo Rodriguez - Tucson, USA

Please pray for Brittany and chase away her demons.

Jocelyn - Brookings, USA

Please pray that God delivers me (Jocelyn) from this pit I’m in by lifting me out with His mighty hand and setting me firmly on His path. May I always walk the path that He laid out for me. Please also pray that God frees me from and protects me from my pit pusherjailer permanently.

Britt Elizabeth Radford - charlotte, USA

Please pray for Robert Smalls who was injured seriously in a car accident. He is currently off life support systems and unconscious and not responsive at this time. Please prayer for a speedy recovery, I ask that you pray for his family as well during this challenging time. In light and love I thank you.


Let God prosper, protect and preserve me, my children(Miracle, Enuwa and Joshua) my wife(Elizabeth), and all members of our family and let Him keep us from evil and the evil ones. Let His presence, peace, joy, mercy and grace be multiplied upon us and let Him take over our battles all our days and let it be well with us now and forever and let my promotion to the rank of colonel in the Nigerian Army this year 2017 in Jesus Name.

Marvin - Magnolia, USA

Dear Lord Jesus, please continue to bless my finances. Amen.

George Polk - grovetown, USA

My best friend Josh is seeking a helpmate. I says he loves Indian girls but he emphasized the girl being dedicated to a serious relationship. I pray she is the perfect girl for him, In the perfect location, and he told me he loves women that can sing. Me and josh pray she and my fiance roommate in an apartment together and be best friends. i pray she is perfect for him in ministry and in life.

inga - brockville, Canada

hey god... i thought i'd change things up a bit, and rather than ask for health and wealth and all that stuff., i would go with hey. how are you ?? how is your day ??!! and what has that son of your been up to lately ??!! thinking of you. keep in touch. me

Heather - New Berlin, USA

Thank you Lord for blessing me with such a wonderful family. Thank you for answering my son's prayer and getting him into the college of his dreams. Thank you for showing us a way to help him achieve his dreams and goals. Thank you God for all Your blessings.

Heather - New Berlin, USA

Prayer for healing for my dear sister-in-law who has suffered a stroke. And a prayer of gratitude that her husband was there to get her medical attention. Thank you Lord for her doctors and the medical staff that are caring for her. God Bless each of you.

Ronnie - West Columbia , USA

Please pray that money from a misrepresented business deal will be returned. Gods intercession is needed. Thank you

Stephanie - Broomfield, USA

Dear God, Please protect my son Anthony from the temptations the devil has had on him since he became free. Please I pray that you send all of the angels to protect him, guide him and open the right doors for him as he embarks on his new journey in AZ this Saturday. Lord I pray that you bring into his life a stable and clean environment. That you bring to him, the right friends and bring a lovely girl into his life that is good for him. I pray that all influences surrounding him from here on out, are in support of his higher good and the good of his community and family. Lord I pray humbly that you lift my son up in your universe and allow him to find success, love and happiness. Thank you Lord for the blessings in my life. I would gladly trade them for my child’s success in this life. Dear Lord, this I pray with all my heart and soul. In Jesus name. I pray. Amen.

Timothy Armstrong - Medford, USA

Father, Do you think that some of that marijuauna pot stuff would help to relieve the stress caused by resisting the urge to choke the living shit out off someone who need's it really bad or is there a special prayer for that ? while I smoke and think about that , I pray for Peace to You.

Beverly Ann Crowder - Goshen, USA

My husband and I are in a really tight bind and need some help financially with next to no place to turn and a landlord that keeps stalking and harassing us. We need a new place as soon as possible, and we need it bigger than what we have at this time. I'm running out of resources and placespeople to give my family and I a chance to be able to actually make it on our own with a belief in us. I'm hoping that we can get at least some of it here.

Pastor Thieringo - Annemasse, France

Protection prosperity miracles wisdom must be in pastor Thieringo's life in Jesus name

Hepzibah - Gandhinagar, India

I had a friend and he was my dearest and best friend. There was great love and understanding between us. We were there for each other. I loved him greatly and still love him. He means a lot to me. But in January we had a small misunderstanding and since then he has stopped talking to me. I tried many times to set things right between us but he is adamant. He ignores all my messages and it has greatly affected me. He is the only friend I have. I miss him greatly. I am emotionally disturbed. I have been praying to God to give him back to me. I humbly request you to pray for me – for my friend to understand. He also needs emotional and physical healing. He is very sick.

Charlene - Rockford, USA

My Daughter, Amanda is in need of prayers. She has been getting the run around from Drs here in Illinois since before Christmas. She's been treated for things she didn't have and a lot of tests. But not the one that she needs. She needs a biopsy. Everything else has been ruled out. She may have lymphoma. Everything is pointing to it. She has seen 2 ENTs here and a few other Drs. The DRs that can't perform the biopsy all feel that she needs one, but only ENTs can do it. The 2 ENTs here are worthless. They keep saying they want her to wait another 3 months. One ENT didn't even examine her or anything. Our primary Dr has referred her to the ENTs because she feels that Amanda needs a biopsy. Our Gynecologist is very concerned and said that she needs a biopsy. But the one's that can do the biopsy keep playing with her life. So, our primary Dr put in a order for her to be seen by a ENT in Madison Wisconsin. She was suppose to bring the discs from her CT-Scan that she had in Jan. We took her to Madison and the ENT wasis very concerned. But the Drs here sent the wrong CT-Scan discs. So he really couldn't do all that he wanted that day. He finally got the Dr here to send him the right CT-Scan discs she had here in Rockford in January. He said the exam he gave her was significantly different than what the CT-Scan shows and the she needs to get an updated CT-Scan. So, now she will be going back to Madison on May 4th to get a CT-Scan and labs done there. And she see's the ENT right after, the same day. Then he will decide if and when to do a biopsy. The biopsy is a risky surgery where it will be performed. Her lymph nodes on her neck are very swelled. So a special Neck Surgeon will have to do it. They will have to make a good size cut and go in deep. But that's the only way we can find out if it's lymphoma. Amanda is terrified of the biopsy and the results We both are. This can't be put off any longer. Now our primary Dr, our gynecologist and this ENT feel that it could be lymphoma. If it is cancer I pray that it's not to late at doing the biopsy. So she really needs prayers. I pray to God that it's not cancer. I can't imagine what Amanda's going through, I can barely keep it together myself. The thought of my Daughter might have cancer is killing me. I lost my Mom from cancer. Please pray for my Daughter. Thank you!!

DeAnna Tyree - Roanoke, USA

My husband and I are going through a very rough financial situation. I pray the Lord and Lady will bless us with prosperity to meet our needs. I've no interest in great wealth, only in maintaining that which we have obtained through effort and sacrifice. Please join us in prayer that we will overcome our financial trials. As above, so below. Bless us with good fortune. Blessed be.

jiss thomas - kerala, India

Pl prayer for my family , name susan & abin , they have some mental depression


I HAVE NOTED THAt many peoples prayers it seems, people are confused as how to pray, they cant seem to decide between heavenly father, and the christ jesus, as they say heavenly father christ jesus and the holy spirit, when clearly the christ say, when you pray say heavenly father who is in heaven, yeah some of you need to read your bibles,that your father hear your prayers,for you ask correctly, if then you can not pray as the christ say, then how can the father answer, when it is written as how to pray, and you do it not,why should he answer?, for you disobey him as how to pray