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Universal Life Church NewsletterOctober 2013

October 2013 Newsletter

It’s officially Fall at the Monastery as Seattle trades in Summer sun for our infamous rain. We are excited for the upcoming holiday seasons and picturesque weddings. We will soon be rolling out a new sermon series that focuses on interfaith inspiration that you can use at your own church or simply to enjoy, so keep an eye out for that this month.

Wiccans Welcome Autumn with Mabon Festivities

Wiccan Symbols

In the northern hemisphere, we recently observed the autumn equinox, and Pagans and Wiccans celebrated Mabon. Get in the Fall mood and check out the story.

Texas Wrangles Over Evolution and Creationism

Darwin Fish versus Jesus Fish

Texas has had a long battle over whether or not educators should replace science curriculum with Creationism. Check out the latest story here.

Syria and the End Times

The End Times

One third of Americans believe the events in Syria portend the end times, citing the Books of Revelation and Isaiah. This is of course just the latest of many such scares. See for yourself on the blog.

Does Belief in God Give Life Greater Purpose?

Word Cloud for Pastors

Belief in God has an interesting side-effect: a perceived sense of purpose. How much does it make a difference? Read about the study and find out.