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Universal Life Church NewsletterSeptember 2013

September 2013 Newsletter

We wanted to thank you all for sharing your summer experiences with us. We have enjoyed the pictures and anecdotes of weddings, baptisms, vacations, handfasting ceremonies, and other events you’ve posted to our profile! Check them out here if you haven’t yet. It’s good to see our church body is alive and flourishing while carrying out its ministerial duties.

Speaking of summer experiences, we wanted to send our congratulations to Sir Ian McKellen, who has just performed his first wedding as a Universal Life Church minister. Rev. McKellen was recently ordained through the ULC Monastery in antipation of this event.

Perilous Journey of Faith

Island in the ocean with the word HELP

A young family looking to escape from sin packed their bags, gathered up their two young daughters, and set sail. Their lack of maritime navigational experience did not concern them; they would go wherever God led them.

Unfortunately, they didn’t get what they expected. Faith can be a force for good, but not in this instance. Read their story on our sister website.

Baby Messiah Needs a Name Change

Female Judge

A judge was asked to determine the surname of a young baby named Messiah, but she had other ideas in mind.

Did she overstep her bounds, was she motived by concern for the child or forcing her beliefs? Read the story and decide.

Rabbi Claims Traditional Hats Violate Animal Rights

Jewish rabbis in traditional garb

A shtreimel is a fur hat often worn by Hasidic Jews. One rabbi is combating this tradition in the name of animal rights.

He makes his case with both modern and traditional Jewish principles. Read more on the blog.

Can Lab Rats Inform Us About Near-Death Experiences?

Science Brain Test Tube

Researchers at the University of Michigan have discovered that near-death experiences aren't necessarily false.

When a heart stops beating, brain activity surges beyond normal levels, including in parts that regulate sight - perhaps causing the person to experience a vision of light as well as other perceptions.

Do you think this physical activity is the cause of a N.D.E., or the effect of something else?

Are Religious People Less Intelligent?

Human mind surrounded by religious symbols

A recent study suggests that in general, religious people are less intelligent than their non-religious counterparts.

We really want to hear from our ministers on this one. Whether or not you agree, you can read our summary of the findings, follow the citations for more information, and share your thoughts in the comments below the article.

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