Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - December, 2010

The Universal Life Church Monastery Visionary Happy Holidays

Hello ULC Ministers, and welcome to another edition of the ULC Monastery Visionary! We hope that you and your families are having a wonderful holiday season, and we wanted to share with you some new blog articles we have up at The Monastery Blog:

Pagans Hail Rare Solstice Eclipse Overlap


This Winter Solstice coincided with a lunar eclipse for the first time since 1554. For many pagans, this rare event marks renewal and a return to light, and an opportunity to transition out of darkness in their own lives. Sadly, our view in Seattle was mostly cloudy and we only got a few glimpses of the eclipse, but we are accepting your photos for inclusion in a follow-up article. Read More at the ULC Monastery Blog

Celebrity Wedding Officiants Soar in Popularity

Kathy Griffin

Would you like your wedding performed by writer/actor Jason Segel? How about stand-up comic and Suddenly Susan star Kathy Griffin? Or actress Tori Spelling? Maybe Kevin Smith, of Clerks fame?

More and more celebrities are becoming ordained to perform weddings. Some, like Spelling and Segel, have even officiated marriages on television. Others do so privately for couples who request them. No matter the venue, celebrity wedding officiants are a growing trend in the United States. Read More at the ULC Monastery Blog

What Makes a "Real" Minister?


One of the most common arguments against weddings performed by ministers ordained online is that marriage is a solemn institution, and that online ordination shows a lack of seriousness and respect for the tradition.

Who is doing a better service to the institution of marriage, though? People who get ordained in order to officiate weddings between couples who have a profound relationship with the officiant and who love one another deeply, or judges who perform marriages in courthouses between two people who barely know each other but have the $50 for a marriage certificate? Read More at the ULC Monastery Blog

ULC Minister Performs "Vampire" Wedding


One ULC Minister has officiated a vampire-themed Wiccan wedding in a Florida.

Many people, when they hear "Wiccan Vampire wedding", may think of something rather sinister. On the contrary, this wedding, performed in a mall, was full of character and fun. The bride wore a deep purple embroidered gown, and all the guests had plastic fangs. For the reception, they served a Transformers cake, with Optimus Prime on top. Read More at the ULC Monastery Blog