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April 2010

The Monastery Newsletter April 2010

Welcome to another edition of The Visionary! We are featuring two very important new blog articles concerning the rights of ULC ministers in Virginia and Washington DC. Please help us spread the word about the unconstitutional decisions to deny members of the ULC clergy the right to perform marriages in these locales. Also, check out our new Wedding Officiants Resources website, and visit our Religious Supply store.

New articles at The Monastery Blog


Defending Ministers' Rights in Virginia
Universal Life Church Monastery has been a pioneer in the struggle to protect the rights of ministers who are ordained online, which at times has been a gradual and piece-meal journey. There are still outposts in the United States where the local judiciary has ruled against the sacerdotal rights of ministers ordained online to legally perform wedding ceremonies, and Virginia is one of these places...
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DC Judge Bars ULCM Minister from Officiating Weddings
The Universal Life Church Monastery is no stranger to litigation and legal controversy, even in its days of mail-order ordination, the original Universal Life Church raised questions about the validity of the long-distance ordination process, as reflected in the history of ULC legal cases...
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The Great Debate over Jesus Christ's Mission
Perhaps no issue is touchier for Christians than the true mission of Jesus Christ and the implications this has for the doctrine of grace. The core doctrine of traditional Christianity is the cornerstone on which the faith, whether Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant, depends...
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Church, Technology, and Web-based Ministries
When Gutenberg's printing press was invented in the fourteenth century, it allowed a whole new generation of literate churchgoers the opportunity to interpret the teachings of the Bible themselves rather than rely on priests as intermediaries to do so for them...
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Wedding Officiant Resources

Visit our new Wedding Officiant Search and Guide website, at! Read articles about performing weddings or planning a honeymoon, browse by state to find a local wedding officiant to perform your wedding, or sign up as a wedding officiant and be included in our database for others to find.

Religious Supplies and Gifts

New products available on our Heavenly Supplies website, including unique and hard to find religious supplies, apparel, bibles, crosses, crucifixes, jewelry and gifts. Visit our minister supplies to browse these great products.

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