Premium Ordination Credential

This high-quality credential will allow you to commemorate and display your Universal Life Church ordination to all, featuring the raised seal of the church.


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Product Description

This Premium Ordination Credential is the official minister license of the Universal Life Church. It is a legally valid minister certificate that verifies your status as an ordained, licensed minister in the Universal Life Church. The leaves on the ULC logo and the credential's frame are printed with high quality gold foil. This stunning ministerial credential can only be found at the Universal Life Church. With this special document, you can proudly display your new legal status as a minister to friends, family, loved ones, and clients.

Are you, like many of our ministers, planning on performing a wedding? You might find it useful to acquire one of our more popular packages, such as the Classic Wedding Package. In addition to the Premium Ordination Credential, this kit includes a number of other helpful documents and resources - like wedding certificates and a guidebook for performing weddings - to aid you in legally officiating a dream wedding ceremony for a lucky couple almost anywhere within the United States.

Please note that some locations require some additional legal legwork. To aid you in these trickier areas, we provide a few state-specific packages that include all of the special documents you will need in addition to your Premium Ordination Credential. If you are located in one of the areas highlighted with a specific package below, you'd be best served by purchasing one of those product bundles.


  • Your documents must have your legal name.
  • Verify that the information is true and correct.
  • If you are performing a wedding, you may need to add the Letter of Good Standing.
  • Weddings in Nevada and New York City require a special state package, not this product.

Available Options

Optional Package Add Ons
  • Certificate of Marriage
    Certificate of Marriage
  • Certified Letter of Good Standing
    Certified Letter of Good Standing
  • Black Certificate Holder
    Black Certificate Holder
  • Premium Degree Holder
    Premium Degree Holder

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