The Greek Myths Reimagined
Stephen Fry

Mythos is a collection of the many Greek myths from history, retold in a modern fashion from the great Stephen Fry, a famous actor, writer, and comedian.


Product Description

This amazing book highlights beautiful works of art inspired by the Greek myths, as well as shared notes from the author, Stephen Fry. These stories are filled with drama and excitement, written with the distinct voice, writing style, and wit that many of us know from Fry. The book is divided into four key sections: The Beginning, Part One; The Beginning, Part Two; The Toys of Zeus, Part One; The Toys of Zeus, Part Two. The first half focuses on the origins of the Gods. The second half focuses on how the Gods play a role in the lives of many great people.

Some chapters include:

  • Out of Chaos
  • Gaia's Revenge
  • Bad Zeus
  • The Twelfth God
  • The Gift of Fire
  • The Enchanted Castle
  • Father and Sun
  • The Doctor and the Crow
  • Galateas