Norse Mythology

Neil Gaiman

Norse Mythology tells stories of the various Gods, Yggdrasil and the Nine Worlds, the children of Loki, Freya's unusual wedding, and many other tales.


Product Description

Gailman stays true to the myths describing the Norse pantheon. The highest of all the Gods is Odin. His son, Thor, is strong but reckless. Loki is the son of a giant, a blood brother to Odin, and a master manipulator. These stories are fashioned in a novelistic arc that starts with the genesis of the nine worlds, and goes deep into the exploits of deities, giants, and dwarves. Pick up a copy of this book and get a key understanding of the drive and passion Vikings had, and how they influenced the rest of the world.

Some chapters include:

  • Before the Beginning, and After
  • The Treasures of the Gods
  • Freya's Unusual Wedding
  • The Apples of Immortality
  • The Death of Balder