The Anunnaki Connection

Sumerian Gods, Alien DNA, and the Fate of Humanity
Heather Lynn Ph.D.

Discover how the Anunnaki Connection reveals the relationship between the god-link beings known as the Anunnaki and the ancient civilization of Sumerians.


Product Description

A long time ago, at least 6,000 years ago, the first civilization known as the Sumerians began creating the first stories of humans and their gods. Dr. Heather Lynn shares her research on claims that the Sumerians believed super-natural beings came from the sky and created intelligent mankind. These beings were known as the Anunnaki. Since there is so little discussed about the Sumerians in our history books, it's difficult to fully understand what they experienced.

Some included chapters:

  • Civilization Suddenly Appears
  • Origin of Man
  • Nibiru and Armageddon