Executive Minister's Portfolio

This professional collection of high-quality ministerial supplies for those ordained online comes packaged in a sleek, faux-leather executive portfolio.


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Product Description

This professional collection comes with our most important documents assembled in a sleek black portfolio. Neatly organized in the pockets are your credential of ordination and a notarized letter of good standing.You can easily and attractively carry these around with you. We also include a ULC pen and paper pad set, a lapel pin, a wallet card, and a clergy badge.

This package includes:

  • Professional Black Zip-Up Portfolio Binder
  • Ordination Credential
  • Letter of Good Standing
  • Wallet Card
  • ULC Pin
  • ULC Pad and Pen set
  • Clergy Badge

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Legal name only. Do not include titles.

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Legal name only. Do not include titles.
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