ABC elderly womanYou may have heard in the news recently about a woman named Josephine King who has been banned from her church because she was not tithing regularly. The 92-year-old woman was informed through a written notice that because she was not contributing to the church properly financially or physically, she was not allowed to attend church at African Baptist Church in Bainbridge, Georgia anymore.

This notice, which was signed by the head pastor, has come after she has attended the church faithfully for over fifty years. Her nephew explained that she hadn't made as often lately due to health concerns, but that in the past she went regularly and contributed financially through tithing. Apparently, she is not the first person to receive a notice like this from African Baptist Church (ABC). Others have said they have also been asked not to return to the church after not tithing or contributing enough to satisfy the church leaders.

Gifts of Gratitude

Tithing was discussed in the Old Testament of the Bible. It was seen as a way for farmers to provide goods for other believers that were focused on other trades or religious study. Though the New Testament does not set forth requirements on tithing, it is usually portrayed as more meaningful from a grateful giver than done purely out of a sense of obligation.

The origins of the practice suggest that the elderly member of ABC should not only been given consideration for her sudden inability to tithe, but rather that church resources probably should have been allocated to her in her time of need rather than going to theCollection Plate church bank account.

Sadly, some churches are run as profit generators, focusing on maximizing gains, and indeed there have been many financial gains. In 2012 investigators discovered that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (often referred to as the Mormon Church or Church of LDS) brings in about $7 billion annually through tithes and other donations.

Many past and current members of the Mormon Church are concerned at the lack of charity work the organization funds with their mountains of cash. They have no hospitals and very few schools, though Brigham Young University is widely respected. A surprising amount of funds go into money-making ventures such as real estate, ranching, and retail companies.

Other churches, like the Seventh Day Adventists, have a much better record with allocating their tithes to charitable causes that help the public, including non-members.

Negative Reactions

Many people have expressed surprise and disgust at the African Baptist Church's stance in banning the sick and elderly member. It has been accused of being a money grubbing organization as they cut ties with parishioners who have given willingly for years, and are later unable to function as the source of income that they once were. The ABC leadership is missing the mark on what the church is about.

A church is not like a mafia group that offers your soul immortal protection in exchange for cold hard cash. While it is a common practice for people to offer ten percent of their incomes to a church, it is not meant to be a requirement that determines whether or not somebody should be allowed to attend.

Different churches and different denominations have their own rules and regulations. The Universal Life Church does not take tithes from its members, nor are ULC ministers expected to require it of their congregations. So long as you are obeying all applicable laws, you are free to take offerings at your own church as a ULC minister. We also trust that you would not banish anyone who begins to fall behind on tithes as practiced by the African Baptist Church.

Live by Grace, Not Rules

A church needs to spend less time looking at the rules and spend more time loving others. When you claim to be a church, you need to look at what the right thing is to do. No matter your faith, an almost universal tenant is that it is wiser and more ethical to understand thatvolunteers we all go through difficult times, and while rules serve their purpose, they should not get in the way of helping others.

When churches put priority on the rules over showing love and replenishing their communities, people stop attending. We see this happening all over the country as the number of people that claim to be spiritual yet do not align with a specific religious organization is on the rise. A large number of those that now identify with no religion were raised within a faith community, and chose not to carry on in the tradition into their adult lives.

Churches have been seen by many as lacking compassion to the divorced, unwed parents, sexual and racial minorities, and the poor. The last one in particular seems hypocritical given that faiths value helping those in need. The African Baptist Church should see that an elderly parishioner is no longer tithing as much as she had been, and asked her if everything was alright and if there was anything they could do for her. Sadly, the opposite occurred.

Source: Pew Research Center, Christianity Today, NBC News


  1. rfox44's Avatar rfox44

    This demonstrates the pernicious nature of Christianity.

    1. Dark Gray's Avatar Dark Gray

      "This demonstrates the pernicious nature of some Christians."


      1. Edward Jennings's Avatar Edward Jennings

        More along the line of lack of Christianity by so called Christians

        1. Barbara Daniels's Avatar Barbara Daniels

          This is one of the reasons so many people are walking away from organize religion. The Greed of that Pastor and his followers.

          1. Tamara's Avatar Tamara

            I agree. If this poor lady is not capable of tithing then maybe this church should look to sharing the wealth and helping instead of hoarding the wealth.

      2. ruben c's Avatar ruben c

        wao it is amazing and is also a very shameful and disrespectful way of telling some one if you don't pay i wont bless you .I think this person or whom so ever used the name of the father for personal gain should be banned from preaching, and to the lady my father knows whom we are and he is always looking out for his children, you are and will always be in my father hearts regardless watch, and the person call him self a pastor, shame on you , is not Right, he makes it look like for him is a Business , and it is not. God bless you all ,

    2.'s Avatar

      It's disgusting, the church is supposed to help people, not extort money from them. Shame on them.?

      1. Richard Svihlik's Avatar Richard Svihlik

        Totally agree 100%, I just started my bible studies, but recall something about helping those to need, plus what about honoring the elders?

      2. Reverend Read's Avatar Reverend Read

        Amen to that from Reverend Read

    3. Vincent DiTizio's Avatar Vincent DiTizio

      Tithing developed back when the Temple was also the government. It as a tax. I'm sure the woman in the article was already paying government taxes.

      1. Darlene Dahoon's Avatar Darlene Dahoon

        Makes me remember that Flip Wilson preacher on his show.

      2. Ben's Avatar Ben

        A tithe is a sacrifice. Money is an acceptable alternative to the animal sacrifices of ancient times.

    4. Terti Monaghan's Avatar Terti Monaghan

      I have always been very disturbed by this type of behavior. The Church of any faith is NOT to be run as a business. The Church is to be an extension of God's love and caring for everyone. We are all God's children in His eyes. Judge not, lest ye be judged. There have been several times in my life years ago when I didn't have a penny to my name and was just days short of being homeless. I was prayed for and spiritually supported for what was happening. When a Church is more concerned about their bank account in lieu of someone like this lady, I have 2 suggestions for this Church.....humble yourselves and pray for forgiveness of your actions.

      1. Rebecca Hood's Avatar Rebecca Hood

        I totally agree. They need to love her and help her. That's what they are there for.

      2. Alana's Avatar Alana

        Rev Dr Alana lee ,The church is a place to worship our god you help the ones in need , You give what u can God doesn't condem the one ones that can not give they are there giving him praise, God hears there cry! the church is wrong to turn away Gods children,, Pray money is the roots of all evil why do churches take.....

      3. Ron's Avatar Ron

        When the church decided that they should be run more like a corporation than a spiritual sanctuary, zealots ran to the bank to bring an organization from love and mercy to just another corporation that nobody needs or wants. Shame on them but worst yet is the fact that they're congregations are allowing this perverted version of how to behave as good "Christians".

        1. tamela callander's Avatar tamela callander

          I do believe, though, someone has to pay the rent and bills... there must exist a wage of sorts for the paster...preacher...and ect. he/she must eat and pay for family needs. If the church has a grant it may be different, but as you probably know, many places of worship rely on it's members for fina ial support. If an individual an not or will not contribute, he/she might be better to find another place of worship, not in need of so much fina ial support. To state simply, a church is not a business, seems naive in this day and age.

          1. Cameron's Avatar Cameron

            It is a sign of the times when the cross is replaced by the dollar sign.

          2. Minister Carey's Avatar Minister Carey

            A church with a building and use of utilities, and need for a jet plane requires funds to pay for these things. It should be made clear to members what their financial responsibilities are even after they retire on social security. It should also be made clear that Great Spirit (God, Allah, Buddha, etc.) is everywhere present and you can stay at home (if you can pay the bills) and acknowledge its/his/her presence. Now, fellowship is something different. Might have to meet up at the seniors club. Again, Great Spirit is everywhere present. Wherever you are, god is. 501c(3) churches are corporations and are legal entities (persons) of the State.

          3. Ben's Avatar Ben

            I understand that churches are typically member supported, but Christians are supposed to care for the poor and needy.

    5. Teresa Muhl's Avatar Teresa Muhl

      The chuch is supposed to be there for all parishioners wether they are wealthy or poor. I this day and age a 94yr old in some cases has to make a decision to eat or pay for medicine. This is terrible. I have had some moments in my life but God never let me down, but the church is another thing. I am sure there are other church in her area that would be more than glad to receive this woman. Shame on them, Shame on them and Shame on them.....

    6. Joyce's Avatar Joyce

      Not everyone can afford to tithe all the time, there are times in life when things pile up and money is very tight. The church is supposed to give us a safe place to feel at home and loved, not be conditional on how much one can give. This is disgusting !!

      1. Ray's Avatar Ray

        It is horrible to think that those church leaders are supposed to be spiritual teachers. The point of church is to get away from the material and connect with the spiritual. As we are taught give is a spiritual act that is ment as a private experience.

    7. Steve Ray's Avatar Steve Ray

      no one in the church has any business knowing how much or how often one gives.

      1. Joseph Lee Langer's Avatar Joseph Lee Langer

        I agree, and I would take it even further. Jesus said when giving not to let your right hand know what your left hand is doing. I come from a church where people are encouraged to make pledges and regular payments, where they send out a financial statement of your givings so you can claim it on your taxes. I would never do that. I would never put anything in the collection plate but cash. To put my name on it seems to go against the spirit of what Jesus taught.

      2. The Rev. Dr. Marion Ceruti's Avatar The Rev. Dr. Marion Ceruti

        I agree. In my church, no one is allowed to give money unless they are members. It is not supposed to be a money-making operation per se. Any spiritual organization should not be too focused on the collection of money. Money is not evil in an of itself but it is only a means to an end. In this particular case, I would advise the lady to join a different church where they appreciate her contributions of love and worship rather than rely on money. SInce God owns everything anyway what right do humans have to put a price tag on spirituality?

        Blessings, The Ref. Dr. Marion Ceruti

    8. Robert A. Smallman's Avatar Robert A. Smallman

      How can a church, any church tell you that you have to give to it, money at any time. I uderstand the tithting, and at times do agree with it. However, there was no requirement of paying when Jesus preached to the masses. He came and said that which needed to be said and meerly wanted the people to hear and believe. He also said (and I am paraphrasing here), do not build temples to worship, preach to the masses. Thus in and of itself, many of the churches have lost their way. They are a business bending to the will of those that pay them, regardless of what those persons really represent. The congegation is who we are there to help, not the investor(s), they are often prideful and greedy. Afterall we are not Politicians, we are supposed to be representatives of God (in whatever form you choose to worship him or her). This is a perfect example of what not to be as a church. But, that is just my opinion.

    9. Bill Robinson's Avatar Bill Robinson

      I disagree. It simply shows that the pastor is greedy and perhaps the governing body of that particular church or maybe they just don't understand what giving is all about. All Christians do NOT feel that way. Giving to the church is between the individual and God and is really no one else's business!

    10. Norman's Avatar Norman

      Let that women back in church remember Jesus at the temple. Shame on you

    11. Cathy's Avatar Cathy

      donations to the church comes in many ways not just in cash-- if the church is more concerned about the cash than in saving soles -- she was blessed by God when they removed her from a place where God is not. Religious vs Spiritual -- their are a lot of religious people in the world spiritual person is the one who walks and speaks God's words - blessit be the one who can stand judgment on our poor souls.

    12. John Pross's Avatar John Pross

      I wonder if the congregation agrees with that policy

    13. Rev Ned's Avatar Rev Ned

      In some "churches" PTL means "Pass The Loot!".

    14. Ron's Avatar Ron

      Hi this one of those I institutional church issues and not what the true church is supposed to be! Although giving is important its main purpose is to show mercy, justice, and compassion to those in need. Jesus dealt with this issue as it relates to Corban.

    15. Rich C.'s Avatar Rich C.

      The church should be ashamed of them selves for saying she can't stay if she doesn't pay. This is why I don't go to church and I do my prayers at home. I don't believe religion belongs only in a house of religion but in a house of love. Money possess no position in the house of god. (Except greedy churches)

      1. Carol Dawson Minister's Avatar Carol Dawson Minister

        sad today that all people see is money , not life

        1. Pastor CJae's Avatar Pastor CJae

          Well Said Minister (Pastor) Dawson. Simple and to the point.

      2. Timothy Blackwood's Avatar Timothy Blackwood

        Perfect. Churches (all 77,006) of them are beggars. Should they be taxed like corporations? They make more money and buy more homes, cadillacs, and a large proportion of scholarships in education imaginable. A church that asks/begs/pleads for money is a business that needs oversight. Especially by the donors. IRS take note. Who Zooming WHO.?

      3. Ben's Avatar Ben

        1st I'll say this church went to far. Jesus preached taking care of the poor & infirm. 2nd I'll say that a church has bills to pay & staff to pay. The church community needs to support the church or it will close.

    16. Apostle Janice's Avatar Apostle Janice

      No, that's not of God, the Bible said money is the root of all evil, and there is evil in the church sometimes, now we could lose a woman of God ,due to evil ",Christ clothed evil doers" please lady don't let them turn you from God,there are other worship places, please seek one.

    17. Patrick Perry's Avatar Patrick Perry

      Our family was Catholic when I was a kid. My parents both worked and we were just making it. The preist called my parents in for a meeting and told them they weren't putting enough money in their envelope every week. We weren't Catholic anymore after that.

      1. Rev.Donald Griffin's Avatar Rev.Donald Griffin

        One of the Richest organization 's in the world the Catholic Church. What a Sin losing parishioners to greed.

    18. Chiki Li's Avatar Chiki Li

      Of course they should ban her - isn't that what jesus would do?

      1. Roger's Avatar Roger

        LOL, Thank you Chiki.

    19. Alan R. Dyer's Avatar Alan R. Dyer

      This happens all to often in the church. I recall as a young boy (I was studying to be an alter boy for this church in question) the church wanted to build a new church and they were asking each of their parishioners to double their tithed. At the time my parents were building a new home and could not afford to double their tithed and my father told the church this, but said he would continue with his existing tithed. The following Sunday, the father shamed every family that stated they could not double their tithed by naming them during the sermon. i vividly recall my father looking at my mother and she saying lets go. My father and mother took us by the hand and walked out of the church in the middle of the sermon. Many other families followed suite and walked out as well. Shame on any church for putting money above preaching the word of God.

    20. Clifton's Avatar Clifton

      I've never met a broke preacher but have clothed and fed many followers. Those who teach and preach are no better in God's eyes than the poorest of people. A true preacher of any faith would open their doors to anyone regardless of their ability to give financially.

    21. Dragon Priest's Avatar Dragon Priest

      Shame on that church. They are so far from what Jesus taught. Love is the only currency of Heaven.

    22. charles fornataro's Avatar charles fornataro

      Jesus tells us that the old testament is a 'school teacher.' why can't the majority of Christians realize that we're under a new law which is grace and forgiveness. prosperity theology is a cancer on the church. Modern day Pharisees , brainwashed sheep, greedy pretenders who put money before God . that makes them idolaters. and you can't serve God and mammon. if I had a church there would be a room like a voting booth for the donations. we don't need to know what anyone one gives and you go into the booth so that no one knows who left money or not. The widow with two mites gave them up and Jesus said she gave more than anything..Peace..Alien Adam

    23. Honey Shashaah's Avatar Honey Shashaah

      I believe that Elders should be respected. Above all else. Also if the Church knows the one of it's souls is suffering for any reason it should wrap it's are around that person and love them and help them. Finally, people who make it to their 90s shouldn't even be handed the collection plate. At that age a collection plate is extortion! Yep! I said that!

    24. Donna's Avatar Donna

      Was it not Jesus that removed the money changers from the temple? I have always thought you give as you can and help those that can't. I am very suspicious of Church Leaders that drive luxury vehicles and love in large plush surroundings. I don't think this was part of Christ's teachings. As a Celtic Pagan my church has always been nature and all the powers held by those forces. A firm believer in the Golden Rule and paying it forward.

    25. youlanda will's Avatar youlanda will

      This is bullcrap. She is 92 the church should be contributing to this woman, this is the problem with the church its all about money. The church is corrupt.

    26. Rev. Geffen Okin's Avatar Rev. Geffen Okin


    27. Ugonma's Avatar Ugonma

      It breaks my heart when I hear story's like can a 92 year old women,or anyone at all be banned from the the presence of GOD? Because that is what the house of GOD is .A place of peace,joy and happiness.and for you or anyone to ban people out from church is not good.pls let them come and worship The Lord of host in his house for it belong to him and know one else.come let us worship together side The Lord of host thou your sin be as dark as scarlet the shall be as White as sin,money or anything can separate us from the love of GOD thanks.

    28. Elizabeth Cross's Avatar Elizabeth Cross

      Its not right to ban someone just because they didn't give money to the offering plate sometimes people don't have the money and sometimes they just don't want to give that day. Just because we don't do sertian things don't mean where going to hell she didn't commit a sin.

    29. Reverend Lisa Smith's Avatar Reverend Lisa Smith

      My heart is broken at this behavior from an African American church let alone at one of its own elderly church members and a member of one's own race. How disgusting and sad. It is my deepest prayer that God will deal with the Pastor's heart, this Pastor certainly lacks compassion.

    30. Anni's Avatar Anni

      Just goes too support the notion that churches ARE just another business... No validity at towards the assumption of commune-ity. Where is the Love? Maybe this Woman tythes in Her Own way out in the World. Too much judgementality going on with Those of lesser minds, and, hearts. May peace be with You as You go in Love...

    31. Dr. Dee's Avatar Dr. Dee

      I wouldn't want to be in his shoes when he meets his maker!!! If he has shoes !! Call this undesirable. ABUSING THE any abusive

    32. Edward Allegretti's Avatar Edward Allegretti

      This is disgusting and wrong. The church is meant to be an uncorrupt home for everyone. God did not intend for his people to give money and he most definitely did not intend for people to be punished for doing nothing wrong. This church. Religion should not only be for the rich, it is also for those who are down on their luck.

    33. davis W's Avatar davis W

      Is the place a house of worship, or is it a business? As they themselves say: "By their fruits you shall know them."

    34. lee's Avatar lee

      Greed now consumes nearly all, it eats away at the values Jesus gave his life to teach us. We should all be judged, as millions cleave for safety, food and medical care. Society the world over is failing, as we sit before our flat screen televisions ignoring the plight of millions, how we have failed to live up to such promise! Sodom and Gomorrah did not reach the peaks of sin, fear for our judgement, if our ways do not change for the better!!!

    35. Leah Raia's Avatar Leah Raia

      I find this completely un spiritual. I am not surprised though and I'm sad to say that. As a minister and a Spiritual Teacher/Healer by profession I see this more and more from the "spiritual" communities. I do my best to keep my vibration as high as I can and I can see evil is running scared, I say that because this type of behavior by a church is typical of the influence the dark can have on humanity if not vigilant..

    36. Timothy Forrestet's Avatar Timothy Forrestet

      This women even though she never tithe; is no cause to ban her from church? What would Jesus have done about it. No matter what the reason behind her not tithing is between her and God.

    37. Norbert larcher's Avatar Norbert larcher

      I'm sure when this parishioner could have afforded it, she contributed her tithes, so I believe that this action by her Church is too harsh. Have a heart you people

    38. Mark's Avatar Mark

      Sounds like the church changed tithe to tax. And put it's self in jeperty of loosing it's tax exemption. Give unto Ceaser what is Ceaser ,& give unto God what is God's. ..

    39. mrrudd's Avatar mrrudd

      Proves the adage: the best people in the world are dogs!

    40. Rev James's Avatar Rev James

      God bless Josephine for her long history of worship and belief, at 92 years of age she should be receiving not giving. As for the person or persons responsible for this very unholy act I am sure they will get what is coming to them at some point but for me they should no longer be referred to as ministers, reverends or men of god, like a bad lawyer or doctor they should be struck off. Only my opinion but there is talk of 10% of peoples earnings going to their church and being used for good although in some cases it is not used for good, I believe people should give what they want to give, no figures no percentages and the church should do what good they can with what they get, after all there is no record of Jesus having a bookkeeper or charging those who he preached to or cured for that matter. Enough before I start to preach, thank you for reading this and again God Bless Josephine.

    41. Mark johnson's Avatar Mark johnson

      Is this how God wants us to be I think not we must first understand that some can't give like others or as often do you think Jesus would turn people down I think not this world has forgotten about our father God and Jesus and what they truly stand for money can't get you in to heaven only obedience of the word of God I pray That God deals with people like this. May God be with Mrs king and this does not turn her fath. I understand nothing is free in this world but the love and word of God is and eternal life the gift of salvation is they need to ask for Gods forgiveness.

    42. kimS's Avatar kimS

      This woman was 92 years old. I dont how much money she had. But she is one if the people e the church is to help. That is why th e church gets tithes and offerings to help pay for church bills and those working in the church. And to help the poor and elderly and anyone in need but if this woman dont even ask for help she my have money to live on and was only having Romney to clover her bills. But if she a woman will off in live then it is on her when she faces God on judgment day. But I don`t think that the church should have banned.

    43. Lisa Rudisill's Avatar Lisa Rudisill

      Sadly I have been a Christian all my life but am coming to see that so many are either selfish, aggressive or money grubbing that I am disenchanted. This case is insane though!

    44. Sue Nicholai's Avatar Sue Nicholai

      no it shows people who trust more in the dollar bill than in Gods ability to provide.we have many carnal Christians in churches,We need to study the word ourselves and to depend on God not man. jesus said much about religious people in his day that where all about the rules. They forgot why God brought them to the land he did and what he really wanted fromthem. So why would it be different in our day? The world is still populated with people and we do get it wrong at times. That is why reading studying,quiet time is so important,so we know how and when to apply the principles our creator wants us to know and practice

    45. Mary Collier's Avatar Mary Collier

      Mary Collier: It would be wonderful if called, chosen, transformed, well read and Spiritually know from a deeper place in Jesus, what the word of God declares, confirms and reguires. Then we could discern truth from lies instead of Men and Woman of the cloth giving Bible answers to this sinful action of a non-confirmed or consecrated person that elevates self to a position of control of the HOUSE OF THE LORD. A call for a Church is given to the leader where prayer and supplication seeks the plan of God and waits for the Spiritual Plan and Orders for the House of God. Read and more importantly Follow. God gives his children instructions of Purpose and what your (members) role in the Church will be by Gods design. The Plan is transferred to the chosen Shepherd to follow these plans as Ordered. Man does not write the plan of God's children, prepare a contract for God's children, or Order their steps. God is in charge of the Standard of Disciples, ASK GOD WHAT HE WOULD HAVE YOU DO, No one is to be judged by a human in the Leadership role of the Building holding service. The Church are the children of Go that show up to Worship. Study to Fine Yourself Approved...Start the Study in the Old Testament to find the Rules of the Holy One. Jesus came to enforce the Sacred Rules of Jehovah. So if you really study with the Spirit you will find that man eliminated many things that we are ordered to accept. The God (Jehovah) created a Jewish Culture and called the his Children. Created the Commandments, established the Holy Day (Saturday)which is the only Sacred Day of the week. This person has shown this is his Building and he is demanding that you pay for the Building, An what happens with feeding the hungry, housing the homeless and taking care of the widows and elderly. Please be careful what you released when you know not the Holy Word.

    46. Janet DeMar's Avatar Janet DeMar

      I ask my self why any religion of any kind asks people for money Jesus didn't pass the basket he gave kindness and hope to all he met up with on his journey. I haven't been on in awhile times are tough but I don't ask for a handout just kindness .Happy first day of spring and please pray for me.

  1. Rev Michael's Avatar Rev Michael

    This church should have given this lady some consideration. Especially after so many years of being loyal and commitment to that community. For them to put her out like that, it does not represent God who is all out for those in great need of continous love and fellowship.

    1. Alison's Avatar Alison

      Well said! I completely agree! I seriously doubt that God is offended if I fateful parishioner does not give from time to time or at all. Some people just don't have expendable income these days. It is not fair that A place of worship has the right to kick anybody out for something like this ! Pastor Estes

    2. bowlingfd1955's Avatar bowlingfd1955

      Your reply is dead on. Seems to me that almost everything in this day and age have become nothing more than money rackets. Said church being one of them. This is a sad thing for that woman that devoted so many years of her life to that church. The church should be ashamed!

    3. Paster Don's Avatar Paster Don

      I don't believe that's the point. When has a Church required "membership fees" aka tithes in order to participate. Not even the dogma heavy Catholic church does that.

  1. Martha Knight's Avatar Martha Knight

    American Baptist Church, or possibly this discussion, might be having some difficulty in understanding the difference between the Old Testament (Covenant) and the New Testament (Covenant), and also the difference between tithing and offering, and also the difference being a member of a church (on its membership rolls) and attending the church. Under the Mosaic Covenant (in force before the Messiah, and still presumably binding on practicing Jews) the members of the Hebrew nation were to turn over TO GOD (through God's appointed agents, that which belongs to God already-- the tithe (tenth) of every crop. This did provide for the Levites, or priestly tribe that had been given no territory of their own in the promised land, but must be supported through tithes and offerings. Under the Messiah Covenant (New Covenant, Covenant of Grace), which had been promised to the Jews, and was to be enacted by the Messiah, the Mosaic Covenant and its laws would no longer be the basis of the agreement between a Godly person and God. Rather, according to Jesus, we have two binding commandments to follow, not the Decalogue: to love God with our whole self, and to love our fellow humans unconditionally. (If we think about it, those two encompass the others!) Christians don't have temples or carry out ritual sacrifices. How are they do turn over a tithe to God? But many Christian denominations state that members should tithe, AND should also give additional gift. They teach that the tenth is still something that already belongs to God, and we haven't GIVEN God anything from ourselves until we give beyond the tithe. Thus they often have language in the bulletin or spoken during worship, when there is some offertory music and the usher pass offering plates and the worshipers are to give their "tithes and offerings." The denominations or churches that do not think tithes are required will often refer to "gifts and offerings." As to membership, as distinct from attending church services and functions, or being a part of the congregation but not the membership, many, many Christian groups make a distinction here. It is very common for people to attend churches, perhaps regularly, and to contribute now and then as they wish, and to help out with various projects or participate in activities, without being formal members. In many denominations and local churches, membership requires some preparation, and the local church must ACCEPT each new member, and the new member declares his belief and his acceptance of that church's articles of faith. Also, the new member pledges to take part in the work of the church. A common formulation is a pledge to "support the church with my prayers, presence and offerings." Church membership confers some privileges and carries some obligations over and above those of a believer who merely ATTENDS. A members my vote on certain matters, and is eligible to hold church office, be a trustee, be a delegate to the annual conference, etc. It is no longer as common but is still practiced in many denominations and local churches that a person can be removed from membership ("stricken from the roll") for failing to carry out those outward signs of membership, regular attendance and financial support-- the presence and offerings" part of membership vows. Regular attendance is not PERFECT attendance, but generally attending more than half of the Sundays or days when regular services are held. Those who seldom attend can be considered not to be supporting the church with their presence. Such individuals might have their membership canceled, and be so notified, but many churches contact the individual first. Many also maintain people on their rolls who are considered "shut-ins" or "home-bound," but want SOME contribution from such people, not necessarily a "tithe" or the former amount in the case of a retired person, but some token. Mark 12:41-44 and Luke 21:1-4 relate an incident when Jesus and his close disciples are in the temple where they are observing people coming in and putting monetary offerings into a receptacle. Wealthy people are putting in large amounts, but a poor widow puts in a lepton, or perhaps two-- the lowest value coin in use in the land, and possibly all she had to use for her own needs at that time. Jesus praised her giving as much more in keeping with godliness. We might call it "giving until it hurts." This probably was MORE THAN a tithe would have been, in her case, though much less than wealthy people were giving. It counted for more. It was sacrificial giving. The church in question (ABC) may or may not have banned this woman from ATTENDING. I suspect her membership was canceled or suspended. But even so, this flies in the face of the principle set forth in the "widow's mite" story. New Testament Christians were told to provide for the widows and orphans (or the dispossessed, the needy) among them. Seeing to this began to take so much of the apostles' time, early on, that they had little time to preach, teach and evangelize. That is why it was decided that there should be deacons appointed, who were not primarily charged with spiritual nurture of the believers or converts, but were to look after the practical needs of those who needed material help. Perhaps the ABC has a mechanism for this. If so, perhaps this woman would be found to be not "fallen away" or delinquent in her responsibilities TO the church, but eligible of help and care FROM the church. .

    1. Dave's Avatar Dave

      This is a Comments string, not a Novel string

  1. Miranda Allison Young's Avatar Miranda Allison Young

    They should be ashamed of themselves for treating this faithful and loving woman this way.

    1. Rt Rev Dr N's Avatar Rt Rev Dr N

      Yes I agree, they should be ashamed. The first thought that should have come to their minds is, how is the poor lady managing, is there anything we can do for her, a donation of food perhaps, transport to the church, invite her to some of our groups to get her out of the house etc. This is the right and true! way of ministry. Why don't they read the Bible, all the shepherd boy could offer up was a lamb.

      1. Amy's Avatar Amy

        That is exactly right they should of asked her if she needed help isn't it all about giving back. They should be ashamed of themselves and elect a new pastor

      2. Pastor CJae's Avatar Pastor CJae

        I absolutely agree...we have heard the story of the Rich man who put all this money in the tithe and he thought he was automatically going to heaven. Another man, very poor, had nothing to tithe but he gave a pencil to the offering because this was all he had to share. The pencil was just as important if not more than a rich man thinking he was going straight to heaven because he tithed so much. What is the moral of this story? As a member of clergy, I have to say that the Church in Georgia clergy have lost their way in the way of following Christ our Lord Jesus and Greed has taken over. They need to reconfirm their love for Christ Jesus in their hearts and see what has been done to remove a devoted and faithful woman. Reach beyond their greed and see that what they did was an abomination of love, peace, commitment to our members, and compassion. This is what is expected always. Tithe is important to the church to grow however, what they did was morally and respectfully wrong in the Baptist Beliefs. They need to correct this immediately and show the compassion of this woman needs first and foremost. Apologize and make this right... Dear Heavenly Father I come to you today to show this church the err of their ways, reach their hearts dear Lord so that they see. Bring them to a humble place that they not just see what they did but to teach them the moral sense of compassion required and rebuke the devil of greed Lord that their is never a place for greed and lack of compassion in your churches of all denominations. In your Holy Name I Pray.... AMEN!

  1. Kathleen Baird's Avatar Kathleen Baird

    This article about the elderly woman being banned from her church because she cannot tithe is a disgusting picture of the attitude of many who think themselves to be righteous people. One of the MANY reasons I chose Wicca more than 40 years ago is that WE DON'T ASK FOR MONEY! You don't need a building fund, as it is impossible to make a more beautiful cathedral than the one Mother Earth creates for you. Your sense of a charity you want to contribute to, and how much, is your own. Faith should not create a money grabbing organization.

    1. kimm's Avatar kimm

      I actually left the church as a child, when I didn't feel comfortable in Sunday School any longer. Nothing anyone did. Teachers were great. But it started making no sense. In my 30s I also saw wicca and started reading. It was me. Unfortunately, in a small town you're on your own in it, however.

      As far as churches asking for money, I don't have a problem with it but I never agreed with the "passing the plate" so people could see what you gave. I always thought there should be slotted boxes scattered around where people could, on their way in or out, quietly and privately put their donation in. That way, if you couldn't afford a donation or if you could only afford a few pennies that week, no one else need know.

      And as for this 92 year old woman, she is 92! I'm sure she has done more than her fair share throughout the decades. Instead of asking if she may need help herself, she's banned? Guess we now know what is most important to that church. Not the people, but the people's money.

      1. Pastor CJae's Avatar Pastor CJae

        Kimm, I am a Christian woman. However, I live in a small community too. Here we have several Wicca men and women. Just have faith that you will find another in your area to fellowship with (or to what you may call gathering) in your faith near you. Maybe ask here if there is another near you in the Wicca methods... Just a suggestion. No all Christians are bad. I am non- denominational. I believe all practices are important in a whole. I truly hope you find others with your faith in Wicca soon. Peace to you Sister.

        Pastor Chambers

        1. tamela callander's Avatar tamela callander

          I agree totally, hope you find what you are looking for

    2. fred's Avatar fred

      This is wrong that is a sign of that church gone wrong.nothing but a big red flag.that church needs checked and audited these are the signs Saint Paul talks about through out the bible Wolves in sheep clothing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!BE WARE

  1. Julia's Avatar Julia

    What was done to this lady is seen very often in the area in which I come from, I live in the " bible " belt I feel for her as I have seen it done to friends of mine. Blessed Be

    1. Rev.Taylor's Avatar Rev.Taylor

      No Her tithes are between her and God plus thats like charging people to hesr the gospel this is not a movie theater,were you get put out for not paying for the show.WOW

  1. Rev Michael's Avatar Rev Michael

    My prayers for Ms King, that she will take comfort in the words of our wonderful ULC Monastery community. Also the comments by us in our thoughts and prayers. Ms King at the age of 92 has seen and experienced much of life than many of us. And confident she touched the lives of many who knew and loved her. Just by looking at this Beloved woman's photo with her smiling, we should say that she loved strangers by making them smile. I have 2 suggestions. The 1st one is that she should find another church maybe with the help of her nephew. Find another community that will welcome her with open arms. As well as honoring her 92 years of living. The 2nd one is that all who know and love Ms King dearly, should form their own congregational community, making God the center of strength and comfort. With the hope that it eases her emotional wounds she endured when that church put her out.

    Benediction for Ms Josephine King

    " May the Lord bless you and keep you " " May He shines His Face upon you and be gracious to you " " May He look down with countenance and give you peace ". AMEN

    1. Pastor CJae's Avatar Pastor CJae

      AMEN... I agree with your statement. However, I feel that moving a woman of 92 from her home of so many years could be devastating. I feel the same as you do about finding another church near by. It has been made apparent that this area has an issue and has a distorted thought process of what tithing means. Someone needs to get the minister and deacons out of practice and re-educate them about the word of God and it's true meaning of being a Minister in Christ Our Lord Jesus. I am a member of an American Baptist and Our Church would NEVER EVER allow such a heinous act of cruelty as this if one cannot afford to tithe. It would be a pleasure just to have her at our church... We would love and care for her like a queen for respectably her knowledge above our wisdom. I mentioned that I am non-denominational but where I live there are only two churches and I am not catholic. I go for the fellowship and growth. I am growing in Christ Jesus but I have a lot to learn to be a formidable Minister of the Word... The Pastor of our Church is helping guide me to being a better Minister. He takes his job seriously and those who have a calling he mentors and helps them grow. This is what the role of a Minister is... Same with Deacons....

  1. Minister Ian Duff's Avatar Minister Ian Duff

    Our God wants sincere prayers, not cash. This lady has probably given a small fortune to her Church already. Only man has desire for wealth. The minister should be ashamed of himself.

  1. Etienne Weidemann's Avatar Etienne Weidemann

    No banning serves no purpose as our mission is to save souls without judgement.

  1. Jeffrey watts's Avatar Jeffrey watts

    It just shows how for some people religion is just another vehicle to make money

  1. Rev. Colin Pope's Avatar Rev. Colin Pope

    Here in the UK, a church is a place of sanctuary and worship where ANYONE is welcome regardless of background. You are not judged on whether you give generously when the collection plate is passed along the pews (although a steely glare by some church wardens is shot your way). An elderly gentleman I visited on a twice weekly basis passed away suddenly in January, his pastor told me that while the chap was not a regular for morning worship, he attended when he could and the congregation clubbed together to buy this man an electric wheelchair when his legs finally gave in. I am disgusted with Josephine's church as the should have recognised that a parishioner was in need of aid and gave that aid without question or want of reward! How "un-Christian"!

  1. Michael Donovan's Avatar Michael Donovan

    I believe when any church acts this way towards its community it is not a church its a business, when extorting money from people who cannot afford it, therefore should lose their status

    1. Dan's Avatar Dan

      Well put

  1. Qrez's Avatar Qrez

    Depending on how transparant they are about the use of the money this maybe entierly reasonable.. a chruch is basically a kind of social club with a club fee to keep things running.

    But i dont see why they have to pretend like its anything more then a club fee...

    it would be charity only if it was for others..

    and if the funds are useed for both purposes then they need to be segregated out so the optional proportion is clearly marked as such...

    and on top of that i think churches should be taxed like any other club or follow the same reulkes as other non-profit organizations.

    By making club fee a retual they come of ass assholes and this woman as a victim...

    But she uses church resourses which does have a cost... its a cost they really should to proper bookkeeping about and be ransparanet about but still..

    Its a service like any other... You can pray all you like but i dont think god will magically finance your curch from thin air...

    1. Anthony's Avatar Anthony

      I think more churches if not all churches are depending on funds the members give to stay open they are like businesses now not a temple of religious teachings anymore most of them. I feel that they shouldn't have banded any member at all from attending church how does that look to others that maybe thinking of joining or just attending your service WOW!!!!

  1. Qrez's Avatar Qrez

    rules not reulkes damn those typo deamos *kick the typo demon in the head (if no religion has blamed typos on some mystical scape goat yet then its about bloody time i invent one)

  1. Qrez's Avatar Qrez

    (ok the previous typo correction makes no sense until they moderate my comment apparantly longer rantish comment require moderation... wierdly inconcistent but ok.... this mean virtually everything i write will be moderated lol)

  1. Karen's Avatar Karen

    In the church I was attending, they told me I had to give them 10% of the money I get per month. I told them I couldn't. I'm disabled and have to pay a lot for my medication. I live on very little income. I was so upset because I was looked down upon. I'm so thankful to God for loving me. That poor woman..

  1. Nicole Carroll's Avatar Nicole Carroll

    The only one that can pass judgement is God. I feel for the woman. Has anyone set up any type of donation to help? Maybe her church won't help her, but we can.

  1. Minister Leslie E. Alexander's Avatar Minister Leslie E. Alexander

    It's not something you will die in the grave for. God is more richer when he has people in his love and, glory. Sure it helps the church. When I see people begging for money on the streets. I feel if they truly have God in their hearts they would not be out in the streets. I found that the Lord said' he would furnish your need and not your want. If you have him truly in your heart he is all the need you have to have. This lady is part of the church Jesus is trying to build, not a building, as Christian we are the church he speaks of and he is the head. So she is part of the body.

  1. John Wilson's Avatar John Wilson

    I've heard of 'required tithing' previously. It is/was generally practiced by the Catholic Church with and expectation of 23% of gross. I very good friend of mine was sent a tithing bill for his families portion of new construction and renovation......his family changed churches. Religion should down size to fit the amount of donations received. It's not necessary to have the Crystal Cathedral to deliver the message. In true fact there is no need for religious organization to own any property at all.

    1. Reverend James Whitesell's Avatar Reverend James Whitesell

      When I became a minister, I also wanted to start a church. My style of Christian church would have been mostly Bible study and prayers. I was determined NOT TO BE PAID for my services as a minister because to me, I feared the money would corrupt my me and my spiritual goals. I have a job to pay my bills. Sorry to say I did not have the money to establish and run a church on my own. I gave up the idea, but not my ministry. I became a "traveling minister". I would meet people on the job and in hospitals and on the street. I would tell people in spiritual need that I am a minister and I would politely preach to them and answer their spiritual questions the best I could. I love being a "traveling minister". I have helped people who would never go to church for any reason and brought to the word of God and hope to them. I don't get paid with money, but to see them brighten up and tell me a very warm "thank you" is greater to me than all the gold in Fort Knox. I highly recommend this path to all my minister brothers and sisters Bless you all.

      1. Reverend Linda Starfire's Avatar Reverend Linda Starfire

        Bless you for following your hearts wishes! I am smiling for your happiness!

  1. Jen's Avatar Jen

    This is sickening! Ability to contribute monetarily should not have any bearing on whether or not someone is allowed to attend church services. How very un-Christian of the African Baptist Church; that minister should be ashamed. I cannot believe the congregation won't stand up against this.

  1. Minister Toby's Avatar Minister Toby

    While I understand it does take money to operate a church no one should be turned away for not having the money to pray there.

  1. Irving Epstein's Avatar Irving Epstein

    We need to support our House of Worship. The important thing is to not ask of someone to give when they are not able to give. We have to be sure that the person is unable to pay. There is the building to take care of along with the staff. As we all know that the money comes from those who come to prey.

  1. PastorJess's Avatar PastorJess

    Tithing is to God, not the church. Any charitable donation she made, even if not directly given to the church should be considered. It is not about whom you give to, but that you give willingly of your heart, time, and if possible your money in a quest to be a Christlike as possible in this world that we live in.

    1. PastorJess's Avatar PastorJess

      *as Christlike

  1. Anto pug's Avatar Anto pug

    No,she should be allowed to go to church and pray

  1. Kamal's Avatar Kamal

    Minister Kamal I personally think that they should remove the person that made that memo ?. Do not add or subtract versus in the Bible. Support the lady. Believe in God and not in man. Lady God still honours you . Tell that Pastor he needs to meet Goliath . Jesus loves you

  1. Dianne Wall's Avatar Dianne Wall

    I'm in saddens me that a church values money over a never of its flock. Find a church with Gods love not a love of money. I've said a prayer for her.

    1. Dianne Wall's Avatar Dianne Wall

      Member of the flock

      1. Reverend Linda Starfire's Avatar Reverend Linda Starfire

        You know I am in shock also. I have been reading all the comments and was surprised to see how others have been treated by other churches also. Disgraceful!

  1. Dan's Avatar Dan

    The church has lost its way, plain & simple. This beautiful lady will find open arms at another church.

    1. Julia's Avatar Julia

      I agree our elder should be loved and honored not thrown out in the cold , she will find loving open arms.

  1. rev.joe's Avatar rev.joe

    the good lord ask us to what we can,even if we just show up to worship him!, the lord loves us all no matter what we give or don't give

  1. David Brandenburg's Avatar David Brandenburg

    This shows the true nature of some churches. Maybe she cannot afford to tithe.

  1. Kenny's Avatar Kenny

    It sounds as though that particular church has chosen to worship a different god.

  1. Jasen's Avatar Jasen

    What God wants God gets, god help us all.

  1. Celeste's Avatar Celeste

    Where I live there are so many poor people that at times can't put food on their plates or heat their homes in the winter. They don't attend church because they have no money to give to the church. Christianity and religion are not about money, they are about God. We are supposed to help and guide people to walk with God and follow him. I know that in these times even the church feels the pinch. But we are all connected and not by money. Money is important for survival but God is more important and to take away from this poor woman especially at her age is fiendish and despicable. Nicole is right, the only one that can pass judgement is God and he will be passing it not on this poor woman but on the peers in her church. We need to bring people into God's fold not send them away!

  1. Rev. Lewis's Avatar Rev. Lewis

    Is a church based on contributions from is congregation or on the word of God and the bible? No church has the right to abandon one of Gods children for monetary reasons. The vary foundation of a church is to spread the word of God and his teachings, which are compassion and aiding people. This is not an example of Christian behavior.

  1. jerome's Avatar jerome


  1. david, bickel's Avatar david, bickel

    giving to god is a private matter ,I remember that woman in bible that only give what she had. tithing should not be compulsory! Jesus thought so!

  1. Patricia's Avatar Patricia

    I'm very saddened by this, God's house should be open to all, those who can and can not give. It's a sad thing when the church you've attended for years only see's you as a $ sign.

  1. cenlaman's Avatar cenlaman

    You give what you can, or nothing if you have nothing. This is another reason people don't go to church. And I hate to state the obvious, what would Jesus do?

  1. Les's Avatar Les

    Church is about faith regardless of what Faith you do have if you have no Faith you have no church. Faith is stronger then steel. Ms King is blessed in so many ways and i doubt that some money grabbing non believer has turned her against her faith. It is tragic and sad that monetary collection is all that "SOME" seem to feel is the way. I am sure that the council of Ms King who has lived and seen so much is priceless and of far greater value to her LORD and those around her then any monetary payment. I have no doubt the persons responsible for taking such action against Ms King would not complain when a mechanic does work on their vehicle for free, or when a builder may build something for them with out charging them etc etc Every one person has their value those that can give do give and it does not have to be financial to be appreciated. At the end of the day i am sure this fine lady, Ms King knows where she is going and who is waiting for her as her actions and deeds speak louder then words ever could; as for the person who made, acted and enforced such action...we all know exactly where thy are headed and who awaits them. God Bless you and may the good LORD show mercy to you. Your actions already dictate the actions others will take and since we are not GOD like in nature our biggest fault is we do not forget. Blessed be the freedom to choose and pray, Blessed be the power of knowing that a building does not make a faith or church, Blesses be understanding that the power is all around us be we in open air, swimming in the water, or sitting in a building. We reap what we sow. I have my faith and i have no doubt my faith will one day be as strong as Ms King and like her it will be challenged from time to time as Ms King's has been and like her I will keep my faith and smile as it grows stronger. I pray Ms King remains safe stays well and grows stronger. I am sure that not all Baptists are money grubbing self inflated little fanatics Blessing and prayers and may you forever walk in the shadow and light of your LORD Les

  1. John's Avatar John

    This is not a church, but a money hungry business / the internal revenue should examine there books. What else are they doing. This is not gods way.

  1. Aqilah Jackson's Avatar Aqilah Jackson

    If I had a church member for over 50 years and than I didn't see her, I would be knocking at her door and sending people to see about her when I couldn't...not putting her out of the church...shame on them. Thrre are many blessings in visiting thr sick and elderly...what is wrong with these people?

  1. Charles Beale's Avatar Charles Beale

    In a TRULY CHRISTIAN church, this lady would be able to reach into the collection plate and take out what she need and be blessed by the church for doing so.

    1. yegna's Avatar yegna

      God Bless You

  1. Charles Done's Avatar Charles Done

    Absolutely not. There are times in our lives where money is not available. These are the times when we need spiritual help and not condemnation. It is a sad commentary when all the minister is concerned about is your money and not the soul of the person. I will pray for not only the lady, but for the minister that he or she can see the true spirit of God.

  1. Dorothy Foster's Avatar Dorothy Foster

    It ashame for anyone to be put out of the Lord house. God will hold that person for prayer are with you I will keep you my bless Evang. Dorothy

  1. Paul David Easley's Avatar Paul David Easley

    Shameful, I'm sure she gives by her love, smile, friendship, and participation. Are these not valuable gifts, I think they are most precious, I would welcome her and give her a big hug!

  1. jermaine freeman's Avatar jermaine freeman

    what she put in the plate is between her and God. who ever put her out dont know the word of God. judge not that you be not judged


    This women is better then her church they should welcome her with open arms no matter what... if she is having some money / heath issues they should be helping her.. I hope there is another local church to take her in an show her gods love costs nothing

  1. Ann Goldman Liston's Avatar Ann Goldman Liston

    There are so many ways to give to the Church other than financially. God put us on this Earth to help one another in what ever way we can. Am I any less a Christian for helping my elderly neighbor dig up a broken sewer line while I have been unemployed and looking for work, than the man that can place $1000 a week into a collection plate? It is what is in our heart and not what is in our pocket book that counts. Yes the church needs money to pay their bills and to help others. However a person that gives until it hurts with his back can often times "tithe" far more than a person that makes millions and does not really care about the other church members. There all different kinds of ways to give to the "Church".

  1. Rev. D H Zielinski's Avatar Rev. D H Zielinski

    Jesus didn't stand outside of the temple with His hands outstretched during the sermon on the mount or at the temple door, asking for donations from people to hear him speak. None of the other men and women of God of any other religions asked for tithing or money from the people. They simply asked that the people, in general, gave of themselves and did good works for others. That they share of themselves with others. Gave of themselves to others. In this day and age we see "religious" people calling for donations to their church and for gifts of money for their ministry. Unfortunately, the majority of that money goes to foster the comfort and wants of the ministers themselves, and not for the enrichment or betterment of the lives of their flocks. Our Creator, by whatever name you give them, would rather we worked together, shared of ourselves by our good deeds to others and loved each other, and didn't worry so much about how much we gave at the collection plate.

    1. REV . Eugene Moore.'s Avatar REV . Eugene Moore.


  1. yegna's Avatar yegna

    what is most precious to God, in my humble opinion, is that we give our mind body and soul to his service and not just $. It is wrong to judge what she gives because it is only between her and God.

  1. Laurie Riddle's Avatar Laurie Riddle

    I am sad that happened to that sweet lady and as mentioned other "church" sad. Tithing is basically if you can give please do so, if you can't then don't. Just remember you can pray at home you don't have to be at "church" church is a group of people praising God, make it a family church in your house with family members and friends, then have a nice meal at home afterwards.

  1. david leisure's Avatar david leisure

    no the lady may not have the money to give we are to give what we can not more than we have .

  1. Ralph Coulter's Avatar Ralph Coulter

    We all must pray for her and also we must pray for the person who made this decision on this magnitude act. Lets remember that our ties is a personal reflection with Christ. I also would like to know who we could contact so I may offer her ties God Bless all who is reading this

  1. Wendy Rakus's Avatar Wendy Rakus

    If you are a member of a group, you have to follow the membership rules. If you don't like the rules, you can either try to change them or find a new group. If enough stories like this about this particular church get out, the rules may change because of bad PR. It's horrible for the people who are stripped of membership, but politics is never a pretty thing.

  1. Monica's Avatar Monica

    I feel that this is wrong. People tithe when they can. And I am quite sure that she is on a fixed income. And prices are steadily rising. I pray for the church and her as well

  1. Minister Rich's Avatar Minister Rich

    i Think this is unjust and not what God would want for his children, i personally think you give what you can and the lord will except what ever you can give and if that means giving the our Lord our love that is excepted not by giving money because as you all know that money is the root of all evil. praise the Lord God for loving me for who I am and not for what I have, AME

  1. Reverend Paul Connett's Avatar Reverend Paul Connett

    Tithes and Offering's is between God and you. Although the Good Book says that we should offer 10 o/o that could be money, what we grow such as veggies, time to the church such as cleaning and etc., and etc.


      That is what I teach. Even though all men are created equal. All bank accounts are not. As well as its more giving to give of yourself from the heart than just open the wallet for the tax deduction.

  1. Linda Capps's Avatar Linda Capps

    The church my husband and I go to never demands a tithe they offer a tithing opportunity of course, but if you can't or won't give that's between you and God and our church NEVERS asks or demands money from you...being in financial straits as we are, most of our tithing to our church is in the eggs our chickens produce and volunteering at the church.

    I'm looking to start a church as well, and the plan is to own NO buildings and to do the church bulletin electronically and keep the church paperless as much as possible, no tithes will be asked from our members, but will suggest that our members give to well established relief organizations as their tithe to the Lord, don't care if the organizations are Christian or NOT, there's plenty to choose from: World Vision Nothing but Nets ASPCA Anyway you get the idea, I don't need nor want to know the giving aspect of church members only stress that they support something (outside of themselves) to make the world a better place and as God has directed them

    That's my plan.

  1. Yahoo's Avatar Yahoo

    Terrible excuse for a church to do that to a member. Not Christ like at all! Some people can't always give what a shame.

  1. Mary's Avatar Mary

    How much are they asking per pound for the Body of Christ these days?

    Wow, how mean and cruel to evict this church elder from her church over something like money. Not very Christ-like of them.

  1. La's Avatar La

    How in the world did the church even know she was tithing? In order for that to happen, they would have to know her income etc. and I do not believe anyone that goes to a church is required to give that information to the church. A church is there for those that seek the word of God - and like Jesus, the Pastor at any church should reach out to all people - not just those that give money to the church.

  1. Chris Nolan's Avatar Chris Nolan

    completely against what Christianity is supposed to stand for. How could the Head Pastor be allowed to lead that church is beyond me. He needs to be removed

  1. Rev. Mike's Avatar Rev. Mike

    I thought long and hard on this, and just don't know what to say other than its sad. A church is supposed to be there for its members, and the community it is in. That being said it sucks that a church does need money to operate, though it shouldn't FORCE its members to donate.

    1. Mary's Avatar Mary

      Amen to that...especially a 91 year old woman who has been a member for over 50 years!

  1. J Patrick Byrnes's Avatar J Patrick Byrnes

    This is an horrible practice. Are we at the point that people will need to swipe their credit cards at the church. Church is not a money making operation. At least I don't think it should be.

  1. Floyd Garner's Avatar Floyd Garner

    The widow's mite... Mark 12:41-44, Luke 21:1-4, I am still looking for that reference in any version of the bible where it specifies how much each must pay for salvation. Perhaps the name of this church could be changed to "The Divine Church of the Open Wallet and Grasping Hand?

  1. Amber Castleman's Avatar Amber Castleman

    No a Church should not ban someone for not giving an offering in the Bible a woman came up to Jesus and said please forgive me Lord I only have this one coin not enough for bread I am old and poor tries to give it to Jesus he did not take the coin instead he blessed her and feed her this lady who was banned from Church should not give up hope and faith in God but instead pray for those who did her wrongly for God to punish them on their judgement day. If it were I, I would help the lady out and I would pray for her so that God may bless her instead she did come to Church to pray be with God and to repent I would never ban someone because they cant give of themselves financial all God really wants is us to spend time Him and to obey the commandments the is in the wrong I am a Bible teacher I do ask to be payed for my services but if they can not afford it I dont refuse them instead I pray with them I get to know them maybe if that Church would sit down with the lady have a chat maybe they could understan or give some slack on the situation thats what I do God accepts us wether we are rich or poor why cant the Church do the same accept us all rich and poor we come there to pray repent and be with God God would not turn away a person for giving an offering instead he would bless them and pray for them the Church needs to do the same.

  1. Carol's Avatar Carol

    OMgosh I've never heard of such a heartless thing in my Christian walk, Isn't it awesome how the God we serve Never throws us out, I think those who are guilty of such an UNGODLY ACT need sometime in PRAYER N FASTING. GOD BLESS this women that she continues her Christian walk.

  1. Rev. Robert Pack's Avatar Rev. Robert Pack

    Wow, it has been my experience that there is usually more to the situation than what is being told. I would like to hear the Sr. Pastor's reason for doing this also.

    Running someone out of the church for not tithing or giving offerings is wrong and no excuse for it.

    There is only one thing that I can bring to mind That gives the leadership of a church to banned someone from attending there and that is for sewing discord among the church.

    That's my input on the situation.

  1. Ron's Avatar Ron

    It is troubling to hear of a pastor of a church doing this. A person is attending church for spiritual guidance. Spiritual guidance is not a commodity to be purchased.

  1. tom's Avatar tom

    At the age of 92 this person probably NEEDS financial help not another financial burden. Some churches actually are little more than a business. Tithing is voluntary no matter what "authority" of this church may claim. It seems that god loves a cheerful giver so should the church. Her church should be ashamed and should be publicly shamed. Admit it's into religion for the money.


    This is one of the reasons I lost my faith when I was younger. My parents had passed a few months after my second child was born and it was a time of stress. Then the company I worked for closed down and I was unemployed. With very little to keep my family going my contributions started to fall shorter and shorter. I didn't qualify for aid because I one a vehiclen 7 year old truck, and house, not big just a 2 level town house which I still needed to make payments on in order to house my family, look for work we didn't live near public transportation and keep my family together. Well not only was the church no helpfull as they sain there was no funds available even though they took collections twice a service and was building a new rectory. The last thing the pastor said to me was I hope this doesn't affect your relationship with the church because we all have an obligation to the lord. At that point I realized my obligations were to the Lord not the Baptist church and never went back.

  1. Carly D's Avatar Carly D

    Wow that's not good have not they read about the women that only gave a few penny .in the bible ,maybe she just didn't have any money .I've been there any that's between her, and God and she in her 90s.U take about sin in the church (that church so wroug shame on them what if that turn her faith away then losted her sole.that on them.on their judgement day.i wouldn't want to be in their's not like she have that manly yes left.May God mercy on their lives

  1. Rev. Kristin's Avatar Rev. Kristin

    50 years as a member of that church, 50 years. She is 92 years old. I believe the right thing, the Christian thing to do would be for the church to apologize to her, for doing wrong by her, then offer her assistance with her bills and whatever else she may need. That generation has been through enough. Wrap her in your arms and comfort her in her time of need. I believe this church might owe her at this point. Elderly members should be given special consideration after a certain age and a certain amount of time as a member, respectively. Open arms are best, with open minds and kindness.

  1. Pastor Ron Stark's Avatar Pastor Ron Stark

    By the number of responses here from many of us who see ourselves as God's messengers, it's clear we are all passionate about this story. However, we really don't know the details of the matter. I searched the story elsewhere on the web and its kind of one-sided. The church people don't seem to be answering their phone! Let us withhold judgement lest we be judged. It may be a grave error on the part of an overly exuberant administrator who didn't take in to consideration who the letter was going to. The Pastor's signature is just an initial so it may have been a blanket mailing. And, of course, I agree with just about each and every one who has posted a response here. We all feel deeply for Ms. King. The lesson; pay attention to your own church and make sure such dire mistakes do not happen to you!. May The Lord bless each of you.

  1. christine salamon's Avatar christine salamon

    the curch is wrong jesus never had any money he lived on charity and worked as a carpenter..i need help and the churches do not help anybody .they alaways looking for money so the should let her back in

    1. Alcoboy's Avatar Alcoboy

      Jesus did have money as he caused peter to catch a fish that had a gold piece in its mouth which allowed them to pay the temple tax. I doubt if that were mere chance.

  1. Lynette Shepard's Avatar Lynette Shepard

    What a disgrace, Jesus's house is open to all, it does not come with man made rules! I think they are looking at the wrong book!!!! Appreciate her dedication and love for her church all these years, maybe the Lord wants her to go else where to share her love of our Lord. God Bless you.

  1. Alvin Jones's Avatar Alvin Jones

    I believe that in every aspect of life, particularly participation in religious organizations, is a reflection of a persons choice to involve their lives in these "earthly" clubs and gatherings. The "CHURCH" is really the body of Christ and is comprised of many members. Therefore, one can always find a group of Christians to worship with while on this earth. MOVE ON, if the rules and lack of compassion in any realm raises its ugly head head and passes judgement on you!!Religious organizations are "clubs" that use the bible as a reference point to justify its need for ones "money". How can you give God something that already belongs to him! Besides, God wants a Cheerful giver, not a Fearful giver if there is ever a spiritual necessity for it.. Move On! There is joy and celebrations for Christ in endless places on this earth. Seek and you will always find!

  1. J Kahn's Avatar J Kahn

    It is obvious that she thought more of her church than the church thought of her.

    Did the head pastor who signed the letter bother to take 5 minutes from his busy fund raising schedule to try and call Mrs. King, to see if there was a reason she had stopped attending so regularly after 50 years, or if the church could do anything for her?

  1. Gary E Pitser's Avatar Gary E Pitser

    No this has nothing to do with your pastor,It is between you and God. God's house should be open for anyone Reverend Gary Pitser

  1. Mary's Avatar Mary

    That was a horrible thing to do to a person. It smacks of greed, lack of knowledge of Christ's teaching, and lack of Christian mission.

  1. Carola Logan's Avatar Carola Logan

    It's sad that so many Church Buildings have become political. It's all about the money not the people. It's funny how God's people are the Church. Tithing is a personal thing between you and God. If we as Christians put in time at a Church Building as Sunday School Teachers or Cleaning the Building or giving a helping hand..Or even with in the food pantry. You are Tithing!! Your heart, your time, your gifts, God gave us all gifts and what we do with those gifts Is our gift back to Him! It's not all about money! I think we as a Church should give what we can and where we can .. Even if it's your last and final penny. Give with a cheerful heart. Tithe that penny every Sunday for what you give will be given back to you pressed down shaking together... Double will He give a cheerful giver!

  1. Edgar's Avatar Edgar

    What type of church can turn their back on this sweet lady?Maybe she needs to find a different church it shows now days with the recent openings of new churches.Most are out to profit.If a so called church turn their back to her for not giving (money).That church speaks for its self.Stay away from evil.

    1. Janet DeMar's Avatar Janet DeMar

      I am really greatfull to see all the support of this woman if she is every on the east coast when my church opens I will personally take care of her God bless all of the kind comments made for this woman.

  1. Ashok's Avatar Ashok

    Its very bad to hear that a elder member in church was treated with business mind. Tithe is acceptable with faith not by forcefully. The money should be used for needy people as God commanded to do.

  1. Paul's Avatar Paul

    In Ireland 50 or so years ago if you couldnt afford to give money to the catholic church you were brought up in front of the congregation and ridiculed for your short commings. Its all a farce MONEY that is, Its the root of all evil and so is the catholic church.

  1. Medicine Woman's Avatar Medicine Woman

    Medicine Woman, Earth Lodge

    This world is rapidly changing we need to remember not to believe everything we are told or read. There's much deceit even among good people, I am very sorry for for her place of comfort and people she invested her fath and life to only to find how false some people can be. I can only say her love for her fath is not a place built of stick and mortar but in her heart and that costs nothing. We the people need to come together and stand strong and wake up and ask why? Your fath is in who you areand how you live not were you go. And for the people who put the almighty doller befor human kindness need to be questioned.

  1. Bob Anderson's Avatar Bob Anderson

    She didn't belong to a church, she belonged to a for-profit, money grubbing entity that passes itself off as a church. These so-called 'christians' have a lot to answer for..

  1. Father Miller's Avatar Father Miller

    From father Miller I am out raged at the way this lady has been treated its called an offering not a bill I'm sure over the years this old lady has helped pay for you house now you want a new car to shame on you and you no who you are !!!!!

  1. Tamela Marshalek-Callander's Avatar Tamela Marshalek-Callander

    This is a difficult situation, indeed, but one must understand both sides commpletely to make an intelligent comment. On one hand we have a woman trying to worship...she has every right not to give money to the church. On the other hand, we have the church, a business, with rent...utilities... and other monetary needs to keep it open. If no one gave the church would close, and the woman and all other parisionars would lose their collective place to worship. What to do...what to do...

  1. Michael's Avatar Michael

    It seems to me that this dear woman is lucky to not be allowed back into a "church" that requires payment. I submit that the "Pastor" of this retail entity, is merely a clerk who just wants to get paid, and in reality, is just an extortionist. We must all remember that money itself is not evil - good things can be done with it, but the love of money is the root of all evil. Greed is what causes harm in this world.

    1. Rt Rev Dr N's Avatar Rt Rev Dr N

      Brilliant comment, could not have put this better myself.

  1. Bob Freestone's Avatar Bob Freestone

    My Dear Lady, I am reading of this with a heavy heart, but the church in question is, I fear, far from unique. Here in England, the Anglican church is becoming just as disappointing; just as much a form merely of social control. When my wife and I suffered life-changing ill health three years ago, and were unable to exercise the generosity we once could, we were made to feel quite unwelcome by both ordained and lay members alike. I conclude that we are not welcome in God's House, and yet the church is surely not the buildings or the organisation of religious doctrine, but it's people. And for as long as people such as you are with God (even if He appears to take a day off occasionally), then I regard my faith as well founded. Before I retired, you could have traveled on my bus without charge at any time !

    May God treat you rather better than His church has done. This keyboard doesn't have a 'Hug' key, but I send one to you anyway!

  1. John Hall's Avatar John Hall

    They forgot W.W.J.D.

  1. Rev. John Preshur's Avatar Rev. John Preshur

    I feel sorry for the church for they have turned there back on a good Christian lady they are the one's who have done wrong the Lord will do what is right we will just have to watch that church .

  1. Rev. Allheart (Dean Craig) Pagan/Wiccan Clergy's Avatar Rev. Allheart (Dean Craig) Pagan/Wiccan Clergy

    Church is a non profit organization, right.!!! So when did religion become a business for profit.? We need to remind them that Church is the house of God, God comes first, so therefore, she is loyal to God but, the church she goes to is not, um. My recommendation is for her to find another church with God in it, she will know if he is there, because the people there put God first. God Bless You !!!

  1. Sandy's Avatar Sandy

    If this is how My Church treated me I wouldn't waste any time looking for another one. I'm sure there is another church for that lovely lady. It is very sad to think the house of God is looked upon as a business. So Sorry. lots of love and prayers for Her. God Bless.

  1. Angelo M Schell's Avatar Angelo M Schell

    God will handle it. Believe that!

  1. Rev. Eric Floyhar Ph.D's Avatar Rev. Eric Floyhar Ph.D

    What a shame, it seems as that church is a scam.You should be able to donate as much as you are willing to give and afford. I'm willing to bet that the Pastor drives a Lexus or Cadillac. They need to xpelled that Pastor and get a new one that is willing to help the congregation and community.,

  1. Reverend Ray Marshall.'s Avatar Reverend Ray Marshall.

    Sadly this church has very obviously grieved The Holy Spirit by this ungodly action. My church passes no collection plate and has a collection box near the entrance and does not require any attendant to tithe any amount or monitor in any way what someone donates. Everyone is free to donate what they wish or not donate anything.

  1. Rev. Larry Mager's Avatar Rev. Larry Mager

    Did God, by every Holy name, order the ABC to take EVERY bit of money a person has and then when they cannot afford to pay, excommunicate the person???? HOW DARE They!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT is Hypocritical in the VERY least!!!!!! My late Dad once told me, "Son, remember; What goes around comes around; both good and bad." He, in my humble opinion, was correct!!! If a "church" is not willing to help out its members, It isn't a church! As Bea Arthur used to say on "Golden Girls", "God's gonna get them!!!!"

  1. Minister Steven F.'s Avatar Minister Steven F.

    This practice upsets me. Considering a person who has given time and tithes in the past. I could never ask someone for tithes, then turn my back on them so to speak and not come to the house of worship because they didn't have funds or the means. Not knowing the circumstances,that's when a person needs the house of God the most. My thoughts are with you as I hope you return soon.

  1. Rev. Anthony Yerave's Avatar Rev. Anthony Yerave

    This or any such Church ,Is not A church. It is A farce or rather the minister is. If a person is unable to pay tithes the should not have to. The people congregate for god not man. The ABC is not the only church doing this. I know church's that were started by pastors that believed, after their passing their children only see a business. They are not men of Faith.

  1. Louie Goad's Avatar Louie Goad

    I have never known of this before: it is not a Church. The elderly are hit hard at times, often giving up the beloved pet for the lack of money. We all get to a time where we need help, not to be put out. Bless Her. Fr.Louie Goad apointofdeparture.

  1. Minister Angelo Montour's Avatar Minister Angelo Montour

    Minister Angelo Montour How disrespectful can people get? They seem to have forgotten that ultimately it is about LOVE. Loving others as yourself not the love of money.

  1. Gerardo N. Lopez's Avatar Gerardo N. Lopez

    Pastor Lopez

    Should she be required to give tithing's to be allowed to go to church?

    I SAY "HELL NO!" I mean heck no. Praise Jesus. Amen.

  1. Minister Pamela Y. Elam's Avatar Minister Pamela Y. Elam

    Pure Greed! not of God! utterly ridiculous!

  1. Janice Valentin's Avatar Janice Valentin

    Sad that "church" should be closed for good and replaced with a different church that believes in charity.

  1. Rev. Morgan Walkjer's Avatar Rev. Morgan Walkjer

    "What you have done to the least of them you have done to me". May hearts be softened and eyes opened.

  1. eugenedanker's Avatar eugenedanker

    Time to change churches.

  1. Gordon Lohrman's Avatar Gordon Lohrman

    It is this simple "WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?" (WWJD) No church or minister is above this.

  1. Gloria's Avatar Gloria

    This is exactly the reason why I REFUSE to go to church. We are barely making it. I expressed my interest in a local church in my neighborhood and the Pastor asked me for my W2's for the last 2 years!

  1. Janet's Avatar Janet

    So in the future we will have to pay a cover charge to attend church? How hypocritical is that> ?

  1. Pastor Pete's Avatar Pastor Pete

    For goodness sake! This is utterly disgraceful, poor lady, these people should be ashamed.

  1. Robin Fisher Daub's Avatar Robin Fisher Daub

    Sadly the same thing happened to my dear grandfather. He was born the son and grandson of ministers in Virginia. He grew up in the church, met a woman from Pennsylvania and settled there. He raised his family in Pa.. One day he was told he was not giving enough money to the church in a time when he could barely feed his family. Out of anger he told them if he had to pay his way to heaven he would chose hell. The next day two men of that church came by to tell him he was no longer welcome at their church. It broke my heart that he was not a member of any church when he died. It's okay, I know which direction he went.

  1. Minister Mike Jackson's Avatar Minister Mike Jackson

    And we wonder why so many in the public say churches are out for just money! Satan himself could not have done a better job (or maybe it was him) in ruining the face of Christian beliefs. Let them come to church and use the church for its purpose to give glory unto GOD. Upon the reaching of the judgment seat of Christ may they be judged. Let us not get so involved in money that we turn people away from attending church services where they may learn the reason and need for tithing. Again money the root of all evil being used to turn people away from church and thus GOD.

  1. Sheila's Avatar Sheila

    I think this is totally wrong. No-one should be advising how much people should give - giving comes from the heart. If we are only in a church to pay our bills we are missing the whole point. This is just my opinion.

  1. Edward Hill's Avatar Edward Hill

    Absolutely WRONG! Its volunteer if you want to give. Shame on that church!

  1. eugene c farley's Avatar eugene c farley

    I know not the practice of an African church, maybe this is common in Africa. In America it reduces the church to a circus side show. I'd rather see the two headed calf.

  1. Juju's Avatar Juju

    I am not surprised. I am sadden but NOT in the least bit surprised.

  1. Elbio Suppici-Vazquez's Avatar Elbio Suppici-Vazquez

    God no longer requires 10% from us, now he wants 100% of your heart. Go ahead and keep your money, give your whole heart to God and your money will jump out of your pocket gladly in order to serve his kingdom. I always tell my members to not calculate 10%, just give what you are willing to give gladly based on how much God does for you daily. Remember the 5 loafs and 2 fish, God does not need money he can just makes stuff appear. Read Ecclesiastes chapter 5 to get some conviction on this. It's like my grandma used to say, "I wonder what people would do if God decides to cut out oxygen for 15 minutes?".

  1. Rev. Alyce's Avatar Rev. Alyce

    This reminds me of a church in my city. Their parishioners are going to other local churches and asking for help (for food, clothes, etc.) because the church requires their W2 statements and they must pay tithing according to what the church tells them. Now they have difficulties making ends meet and the church refuses to help its followers in their time of need or even reevaluate making them pay as much just to attend services. It's shameful to see that something meant to be spiritual and beautiful can be so commercialized and corrupted by money.

  1. Minister Jesse's Avatar Minister Jesse

    Wow !! How Callous! Some one needs to go and paint the word Ichabod over the front door of that church, so that all peoples will know that the DEVIL rules in that particular House I am a disabled man and its hard to be able to put something in the plate when it comes around on Sunday morning

  1. Dave's Avatar Dave

    But the church needs the money to pay operating costs. Like this retreat: When I was a kid my parents told me it was where the Catholic Church sent alcoholic priests to dry out. Now I'm thinking it was where they sent pedophile priests to lay low until they could reassign them to another parish.

  1. Michael Braun's Avatar Michael Braun

    Matthew 19:7:21 Jesus answered, "If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me". The church is a place of God, not a bank, tax collector or store to pay your way to heaven. This church should close it's doors and open a discount store. God wants souls to be saved, not "gold". This is why so many people stop going to churches, they see people dressed in "fine linen" and wearing "jewels" and think this is a church for the rich, not the saved. God help us all if this type of greed continues.

    1. Roger's Avatar Roger

      Michael, you will see this kind of greed on many paths to heaven.

  1. Dr. April Lauper's Avatar Dr. April Lauper

    Christian maturity is shown by the growth of the Fruits of the Spirit. Apparently there is a shortfall here of that growth. Shouldn’t we pray about it?

    1. Roger's Avatar Roger

      Dr. April, have you witnessed when more than prayer is needed to resolve problems? I have. I ask a person who see's a problem what they may personally do to try to resolve the problem. I do not have the solution for them and many times I do not see prayer as the only solution. May you be blessed in all your endeavors.

  1. Pastor CJae's Avatar Pastor CJae

    I Prayed and we need to keep on Praying as you stated Dr. Lauper. I agree 110%. It is absolutely opposite of what is true, right and just. As God's Plan we are to be charitable. The board members truly need to seek looking into the practices of the Minister and other authorities and make serious changes IMMEDIATELY if this is what they are teaching. I Timothy 3:7-10 Says this " He must also have a good reputation with outsiders, so that he will not fall into disgrace and into the devil's trap." 3:8 - "Deacons, likewise, are to be men worthy of respect, sincere, not indulging in much wine.: and not pursuing dishonest gain. 9: They must keep hold of the deep truths of the faith with clear conscience" 10: They must first be tested; and then if there is nothing against them, let them serve as deacons.

  1. Dan Taylor's Avatar Dan Taylor

    Too many churches are in existence to use the name of God and Jesus Christ to make a profit, build enormous buildings and live extravagant lifestyles. If what the bible says is true, those responsible will be judged when the time comes.

  1. Rev Brian Lott's Avatar Rev Brian Lott

    This may have been said but, the reason I became ordained was today's churches have turned into a money racket. It is pitiful that a so called man of God turning somebody away over money. Money is the root of all evil.

  1. DeLeon's Avatar DeLeon

    Please don't forget that in most communities churches are tax exempt. As a young boy I also had the small required envelope of my church for my nickels and dimes. To dismiss an elder for any reason shows the disdain and lowest form of hipocracy that organized religion is capable of. She needs love compassion and understanding which should have been forthcoming from the congregation. Have we really become so calous in this time?

  1. Minister Mike Jackson's Avatar Minister Mike Jackson

    I agree to a point. Bills must be paid which is why I still hold a regular job also. I believe GOD will provide for the existence of a church if it truly is focused on him. I have witnessed so many "gifts" to churches without them being solicited that were far more than the 10% style. I do not believe the "business" of a church is money but to serve and give glory to GOD and ALL his children regardless if they tithe or not

  1. Reverened Sean W.'s Avatar Reverened Sean W.

    Membership to a religion is not based on whether or not you donate money into the collection plate. It is based on the faith of everyone that has gathered to worship together. A church is a place of worship, a sanctuary for it's people. The church should never turn someone away because they do not tithe. That is not acceptable and does not follow the Commandment that Jesus gave: "Love thy neighbor, as I have loved you."

  1. Mark's Avatar Mark

    No she should not be banned from any church, the Bible says give if you have it. I also don't think a person should be judged by the clothing he or she wears to worship GOD. A friend of mine was told by the Nazarene church in Pataskala Ohio, not to return unless she wore a dress. Not a very nice so called Christian church huh?

  1. Rev. Prof. Dr. H.C- Alcebiades Kontz filho's Avatar Rev. Prof. Dr. H.C- Alcebiades Kontz filho

    Não concordo com que fizeram, pois apesar de o dizimo ser uma obrigação, descrita na biblia, o primeiro mandamento é ¨AMARÁS A DEUS SOBRE TODAS AS COISAS¨ DEUS NÃO PRECISA DE DIZIMOS, MAS A CONGREGAÇÃO SIM, PARA SUA EXISTÊNCIA COMO CASA DE DIVULGAÇÃO DA PALAVRA DE DEUS. PORTANTO, EXPULSAR ALGUM DA CONGREGAÇÃO POR NÃO PAGAR O DIZIMO É COBRAR PARA DIVULGAR A PALAVRA DE DEUS, EM SUA SUA CONGREGAÇÃO, NESTE CASO A UM ERRO DE INTERPRETAÇÃO DA VERDADEIRA FUNÇÃO DO DIZÍMO NA IGREJA. ISSO NÃO SE TRATA DESTA OU DAQUELA, RELIGIÃO, MAS SIM DA GANÂNCIA DE SEUS COMANDANTES. Obs: Na congregação virtual ,- Igreja São Francisco Ministério da Serenidade, não existe nenhum tipo de cobrança financeira, e até o momento não aceito contribuições. Se um dia, for preciso dinheiro para divulgar a palavra divina, as contribuições serão esponâneas, e sem nenhuma obrigação.

  1. Kathy's Avatar Kathy

    This is exactly why I do not go to any churches. I do not believe that the pastor should get a pay check for speaking what is offered for free in the bible. God is within our hearts and in our minds and soul. NOT in a building or a so called church, churches are organized cults. There is no difference. I will pray for the woman and it is just sad. . . really sad that one is turned away because they do not have money. I know the feeling, I was asked to leave two christian organizations (cults) because my family and I did not give any contribution to the plate. We were there to pray and to be with God not to fatten up a dumb priest, pastor or any other religious officiant.

    1. Rev Peter's Avatar Rev Peter

      Hi Kathy I must agree up to a point, we find it a lot in the church's in the UK that the attention is centred around how much money is coming into the church, rather than how many people are coming in. Recently I opened the doors to our church for 2 days a week so that people could come in, pray or just have peace, the people I had through the doors were a mixture of Christian and none Christian, the time I spent there was voluntary and I did this for 6 months, after this time it was put to the PCC, they came back with the decision to close the church as it cost to much to run the electric light. Now the church is open on Sundays only unless there's a paid Wedding or Funeral. I am at the moment considering opening my own church as a minister of the ULC and I know that this will cost money and that will have to come from donations, however my doors will be open 7 days a week and not just for those who can pay. I spent the last of my savings buying camping equipment for a homeless couple who were living under a tarp in a local wood, we now live on £7.50 per week for food clothing etc in a rented property, if I can do the same for more homeless then I will be a happy Christian, this can only be done through donations from Christians who believe as I do, The problems start when organisations get to big and they lose track of what matters and money becomes king. As Peter I stand no chance of obtaining funds to help the people who need it, as Rev Peter of the ULC with a church in the UK I stand a better chance of helping those who need help.

  1. Rev. Denise Dumars's Avatar Rev. Denise Dumars

    I feel so sorry for this woman. Every church is a business now. Certainly this is not what Jesus wanted for the Christian church. If they are not helping the elderly and poor, then they are evil; no doubt about it. The same thing happened to us in a different way. We were meeting at a Unitarian church and I had tithed for years. The current minister had squandered funds and so decided to charge us several hundred dollars to use a room for rituals. As a result, we left. Now they no longer get any of my money, and the current minister is a Christian who does not believe that pagan religions are real religions.

  1. Timothy Blackwood's Avatar Timothy Blackwood

    After 92 years... Tithe to yourself. Tithing literally means 'helping, teaching, mentoring, etc.' Ma'am, may the powers that be "bless you" and help you. Don't give money to political parties and/or any religion that requires $$$... and then more $$$$. Go with your heart and forget doctrine, dogma, and dumb S#&t. to speak. Good for you. Bless this woman of NOT conforming to nonsense. My accolades... MUCH. Love.

  1. Timothy Blackwood's Avatar Timothy Blackwood

    Keep your money. Churches do NOT deserve it.

  1. Bernard Umbaugh's Avatar Bernard Umbaugh

    Pay to Pray . . . doesn't sound like a church I would go to! Someday I may pass this church and the sign outside will say - CLOSED not because of a lack of money but because of a lack of members!

  1. al's Avatar al

    Tithing is an act of worship. The New Testament does offer some insight on giving as Jesus watches over our shoulders when we give. Remember the old widow who gave all that she had? God expects us to give and the rule has always been 10% since Abraham tithed to Melchizedek 400 years before it became law. Someone has to pay the pastor's salary and operating expenses of the church. My church is very small and some do not give, for whatever reason, but God sees to it that we have enough to operate from month to month. I would never advocate running off someone simply because he/she didn't give nor point them out publically. God knows the hearts of all men.

  1. Mitchell Watrous's Avatar Mitchell Watrous

    Hmm ... sounds like their pastor does not know that those commands are a two-way street. For example, if the poor old woman could not pay a tithe, wouldn't a pastor who truly serves the Lord ask the question, "How can we help you, seeing that you do not have money to even pay a tithe?" That pastor might not like what he hears when Jesus looks him in the eye and deals with him according to Matthew 7 :23.

  1. Rev. Cosimo's Avatar Rev. Cosimo

    This is why I became a Minister. Because of all the greed and corruption pouring into our existing church systems and the large amount of people being manipulated by these false prophets!

  1. Gerald's Avatar Gerald

    Church is a God's House, we must live by faith, that's the only way to please God not by how much money you put in the offering plate,

  1. Reverend Glenn's Avatar Reverend Glenn

    In a sincere house of worship, no matter the faith, anyone who comes in peace should be welcome!

  1. Kathleen OBrien's Avatar Kathleen OBrien

    Absolutely no one EVER should be banned from church for not tithing. (or donating anything) No church should consider their parishioners a milk cow to be bled. I so wish I could know this woman and visit her daily if she would like to discuss faith and to give comfort.

    Kathleen OBrien

  1. Rev. Paul's Avatar Rev. Paul

    Very sad...tithing isn't a membership fee or a participation tax...a sign of the times...

    1. annmayes's Avatar annmayes

      Amen! I was told that the overseer had to check my tithes before I could be on a ministry. Howver the ministry leader said I would take you on in a heart beat. The overseer is under the pastor so the pastor must condone it.

  1. Ben's Avatar Ben

    Reminds me of this clever little ditty ..

    Lights, camera, silence on the set Tape rolling, 3, 2, 1, action Welcome to the Church of Suicidal We'll have a sermon and a wonderful recital

    But before we go on there's something I must mention An important message I must bring to your attention I was in meditation and prayer last night I was awakened by a shining bright light

    Overhead a glorious spirit He gave me a message and you all need to hear it "Send me your money," that's what he said He said to "Send me your money"

    Now if you can only send a dollar or two There ain't a hell of a lot I can do for you But if you want to see heaven's door Make out a check for five hundred or more

    "Send me your money" Do you hear what I said? "Send me your money"

    Now give me some bass, umm, yeah, that's how he likes it Now give me some silence, for all you sinners Now give me some bass, yea that was funky Now take them on home Brother Clark, send me your money

    Here comes another con hiding behind a collar His only god is the almighty dollar He ain't no prophet, he ain't healer He's just a two bit goddamn money stealer

    Send me your money Send it, you got to send it Send me your money

    You hear what I'm saying? "Send it, send it Send me your money"

    How much you give is your own choice But to me it is the difference between a Porsche and a Rolls Royce I want you to make it hurt when you dig into your pocket 'Cause it makes me feel so good to watch my profits rocket

    Send me your money

    Now dig in deep, dig real deep into your pocket I want you to make it hurt, we'll take cash, we'll take checks We'll take credit cards, we'll take jewelry We'll take your momma's dentures if they got gold in them

    So whose gonna be the next king of the fakers Whose gonna take the place of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker? See my momma, she didn't raise no fool 'Cause you can't put a price on a miracle Amen

    1. Rev James's Avatar Rev James

      Absolutely spot on I like it.

  1. Ben's Avatar Ben

    Makes me glad to be a witch. My coven never shut out anyone over finances.

  1. CDawson's Avatar CDawson

    If churches are going to start acting like for-profit ventures. Then they should be taxed. They are supposed to be giving back to the community, not fattening their pockets.

  1. kdebott66's Avatar kdebott66

    This does not seem very Christian like to me. I have heard way to many tales like this over my 49 years on this Planet. One of the worst ones was from a friend who as a child lost their father at a young age due to a work related Accident. This left a Young Widow with 3 Children to House and feed, with no way to do so, as she had no work experience other than being a Wife and Mother. She went to her Parish Priest to ask for help and was turned away, because SHE COULDN'T PAY THE TITHING ANY LONGER. She lost everything she held dear, Her Children, her Home and Her Soul Mate. I think that these " GOOD CHRISTIANS" have forgotten that GREED IS 1 OF THE DEADLY SINS !!!!

  1. jhelms's Avatar jhelms

    A short answer...NO! There are many ways to give of our resources. There are also many causes to which to give. Maybe her gifts were going to someone else. Maybe she was sharing with family, a friend or another charitable cause. Or maybe she did not want to give. God looks at her and he is the only one entitled to judge her. A church or parish should not cast away its members because of finances. I think if God judged each of us and punished us according to what we deserve, we would live a hopeless life. Fortunately He loves us, and through His son we are forgiven by grace, not something we earn, something that was given to all of us at Calvary.

  1. Norbert larcher's Avatar Norbert larcher

    Let it not be that some of us are more after the collection of Tithes than anything else. For to ban a parishioner for failure to contribute Tithes in any Church should not be allowed. "What would the Lord Jesus think and say about that?"

  1. Ramon's Avatar Ramon

    Es importante aclarar que no todos los cristianos piensan y obran de esta manera, como cristiano catolico fui formado y tengo muchas criticas en contra de la forma de llevar la iglesia catolica y sus preceptos, dogmas y forma de servir, así como la forma de manejar estas pseudo iglesias que sólo les interesa el aspecto economico y dejan aparte el lado humano y verdaderamente cristiano de las personas. Debemos colaborar con el mantenimiento del templo ? hasta cual punto ? . Colocando una mano sobre nuestro corazon debemos entender que nuestro cuerpo es nuestro templo y donde nos reunamos con nuestros hermanos alli siempre estará Dios presente, por lo que el sitio de reunión siempre será el punto de menor importancia . La Congregación de personas siempre estará por sobre todo lo material y sobre todo cuando la "Iglesia" no rinde cuentas a sus miembros y comete actos atroces como este de dejar abandonada a esta señora por no cumplir con el diezmo.

  1. Cea's Avatar Cea

    Just when that church had a chance to show itself to be Christ like, it instead showed itself to be the antithesis. I hope other faith groups in her area have stepped up to help out.

  1. Diane's Avatar Diane

    This is so sad. Some people call themselves Christians but they are not. We all have a point in life where things get tough and tithing is impossible. Where is their christian heart, helping hand, love or compassion. This is what is wrong with the world....lack of feeling.

  1. A druid's Avatar A druid

    As druids we meet under the sky and each contributes to the circle as they see fit. There is no tithing as the Gods do not require money.

  1. The Most Rev Anthony J M Burns of The Child Jesus F.B.S.M ThD DD PhD's Avatar The Most Rev Anthony J M Burns of The Child Jesus F.B.S.M ThD DD PhD

    Our Church dos not collect Money at Dive Liturgy Marian Orthodox Church if you which to give a tithing it put in a box in back of church but no one ask you to

    1. annmayes's Avatar annmayes

      absolutely correct

  1. J. Edwards.'s Avatar J. Edwards.

    Tithes are not just monetary. Her time and love count. With a chance to show the world that we are the body of Christ some have failed. The evil one is busy working in our world and we need to all be praying his efforts ate null.

  1. Minister R Sepeda's Avatar Minister R Sepeda

    We go to church to hear the gospel not to donate money or see who gives the most money. There are many ways to donate money, charities for one and many others places that could use the money, We see how big the church building are, one less person not giving won't make a difference.

  1. Paula Tate-Moreau's Avatar Paula Tate-Moreau

    When I was 16, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Our family did not attend church for weeks after her diagnosis. Instead of checking on us, our church mailed a tithe envelope to our house. We lived next door to our church. Our priest had come over for for barbeques and to play ball in the yard with us. They knew where we lived. Just one of the events that made me a spiritual, but not religious, person. The church, in my thoughts, is there to help it's members and community, and I see that as not only on Sundays during mass.

    1. Rev James's Avatar Rev James

      This is a very sad tale on so many levels, firstly your mothers diagnosis at any age would be tough but at sixteen horrendous, secondly a priest who frequents the house and accepts hospitality but ignores those same people in their time of need and of course third but certainly just as sad the mailing of a bill from the church, this is so sad because real people do not behave like this, real people would come round the house to make sure everyone was getting on with what they had to get on with, make sure there was food to be had or even cooked. In some households only a mother would cook I have seen this where neighbours rally and cook for a family in time of need, take kids to school, look after them to allow hospital visits, money should not be involved in helping people face life's bad times, as for the priest he will hopefully be dealt with when he meets his maker but to me he is no more than a business man taking money for a service he does not really give, a fraudster who is not welcome in this church of life and the sooner churches stop running faith as a profit making business and get back to helping people the better.

      Rev James Gibb

  1. Edwards wilson's Avatar Edwards wilson

    We go to church to hear the gospel not to donate money.Blog is thankful for sharing and creative.

  1. Mittie, A Brifu's Avatar Mittie, A Brifu

    Repent, Repent, Repent! That pastor should recognize the error and immediately, repent. Matthew 5:20--For I say unto you that except your righteousness, shall exceed the scribes and Pharisees you shall in no case enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Also, Matthew 7:2-- For you will be judged by the same standard with which you judge others, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. As for the 92 lady, God said He will never leave you nor forsake you, he will order your steps; anyway, like Jesus told the disciples, whosesoever house you enter if they let you in and you you bless them stay, if they don't accept you brush the dust off your feet from that place and take back your blessings and find another house where you are accepted.

  1. MaryEm's Avatar MaryEm

    Maybe Joel Osteen can sell a few Bentleys

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