God causing climate change.

The Trump administration recently announced plans to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement, a loose pact between 195 countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. The United States now joins Nicaragua and Syria as the only nations abstaining from involvement.

In the wake of this controversial decision, there has been a lot of debate surrounding climate change and what, if anything, should be done to try to stop it.

Many conservative groups don't think government action on climate change is the right way to go about things. On the flip side, most progressive groups argue that we must act now in order to prevent a rise in global temperatures which will have devastating effects.

But all this disagreement could prove inconsequential if a higher power is pulling the strings. Could God have his own plan for the planet? One Republican Congressman seems to think so.

God to the Rescue?

Republican Congressman from Michigan Tim Walberg
Congressman Walberg thinks God will "take care of it".

Tim Walberg, a Republican Congressman from Michigan, has angered atheists and environmentalists alike by arguing that we should look to God when it comes to solving climate change. If the world is really in danger, he insisted, God will be able to save us.

Walberg's comments came in response to a constituent asking about his stance on global warming during a town hall event. The Congressman's full statement:

"I believe there's climate change. I believe there's been climate change since the beginning of time. Do I think man has some impact? Yeah, of course. Can man change the entire universe? No."
"Why do I believe that? Well, as a Christian, I believe that there is a creator in God who is much bigger than us. And I'm confident that, if there's a real problem, he can take care of it."

**Banking On Divine Intervention


It's certainly possible that God has a plan to cool the planet before things get out of control. Perhaps higher global temperatures are simply a method of testing people's faith. God may intervene at the last moment, thus preventing the myriad consequences scientists warn about from ever happening.

However, there are decided risks in assuming this is the case. What if the ice caps melt, the sea levels rise, famine ensues, and God leaves us hanging? Is that a chance we should be willing to take?

**A Force For Good


Global warming was not the first climate issue to capture the world's attention. Back in 1985, scientists discovered a massive hole in the earth's ozone layer a potentially disastrous problem. However, within just a few years key chemicals contributing to the problem had been identified and countries around the world worked together to phase out their use. The result was a resounding success, and the ozone layer began slowly repairing itself.

More than anything, the incident showed that cooperation between nations can have a positive effect on the health of the planet.

God punishing earth with global warming

Then again, if you asked someone like Congressman Walberg, they'd probably tell you God was responsible.

A Higher Power

This whole debate really boils down to how much control we, the citizens of the Earth, have over our environment. Are we capable of great change, or is that just typical human hubris? Is a higher power really the one in charge?

Let us know what think.



  1. Barry's Avatar Barry

    We created the problem and we have To take care of it He should get off his ass,and do something.Stop praying.No good

    1. Rev. Tom Brown's Avatar Rev. Tom Brown

      I highly reccomend we all visit with Simcha Jacobavich and his documentary titled "Exodus Decoded" - produced by "Avatar" director James Cameron.

      See: https://www.amazon.com/Decoded-Miracles-Deliverance-Eygpt-Moses-Parting-Sea-Birth-Moses-Ten-Plagues/dp/B000PMGJLM/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1497018384&sr=8-2&keywords=exodus+decoded

      This deals explicity with how natural weather and geological events have shaped our spiritual undersandings over thousands of years.

      I know for a fact that our Higher Power regularly shapes our enviornment in order to further our souls' education. And don't forget that after God promised Noah that there would never be another flood like that, God said that we would do it the next time and we would do it with Fire.

      1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

        It is hard to accept Simcha Jacobavich's explanations because he starts out with the answer before he does the research, he is completely not objective what so ever...

        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          ...and you are saying AL Gore was knowledgeable,objective and honest. Right... That's really intellectual of you. So, do you think ALL of the many thousands of scientists who disagree with this global warming are all intellectually dishonest?

          1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

            Al Gore didn't claim to have knowledge of Global Warming he just took the word of Global Scientist all over the world and did not listen to people with their heads stuck in the sand...!!!

          2. David Gerhardt's Avatar David Gerhardt

            Yes. There is no science that shows Global Warming is not sped up, aggravated, or created by man's irresponsible use of Petroleum products merely for the enrichment of a few. God has shown that It will allow mankind to destroy himself if he refuses to see the truth of his actions.

          3. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            He took the word of a small percentage of scientists, Guy.

          4. Steve Moran's Avatar Steve Moran

            Do you even understand climate change? I'm not talking your or anyone else's opinion, I mean really take time and learn about it? Or do you deny it and only search out information that supports your uneducated opinion?

          5. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            Well, I've tried to learn the truth about it, and since the hand-wringers and New World Order drones keep lying and suppressing any other opinion, I have concluded the whole thing must be a freaking big lie to further their own agenda, or they wouldn't have to lie at all, and they would include discussion of water vapor, volcanism, solar flares, variations in Earth's orbit, stuff like that. The most vocal proponents of the warming scare would not be flying around in jets and driving gas hog autos, either, if they believed their own words. Just saying.

          6. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            Guy, just what is a Global Scientist? Do you mean a Globalist Scientist?

    2. Dragon Priest's Avatar Dragon Priest

      "god will take care of it..." Stipid and moronic hatdly an ounce of intelligence or understanding. On the coal issue just look at china. Republicans just do not care for the environment of the planet.

      1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

        It is like an Ostrich sticking it's head into the sand, they do not want to know the truth because fantasies are easier to take. Yes look at China, they have seen the light with so many succumbing to respiratory issues they are cleaning up their pollution. As far as the Republicans go they are drunk with power and racism trying to destroy anything that Former President Obama did for the public and not for BIG BUSINESS. It is only the bottom line that a Republican worships not any Abrahamic God but nothing more than money, money, money. So far I have not seen a Republican that is not completely committed to worshiping money as their real God...

        1. Lynne's Avatar Lynne

          I hope you are not a pastor passing along this blasphemy! Who are you to say republicans don't know Christ. Who do you claim to worship?

          1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

            Because the first thing a good Republican does is to worship money above all others or things. This is quite evident if you watch the news about what the Republicans want to do with their deathcare bill, which does away with snap, chip, EPA, they are also taking $3 billion from Medicaid and tax breaks for the RICH and BIG BUSINESS...

          2. Lynne's Avatar Lynne

            Like I said, woe to you speaking of God's people that way. That's why you are not God. The Bible is full of end times prophecy on floods, fire, meteors....God is very much in charge of weather and all else. To make such a general statement about a whole group of people shows how far from Him you are. What are you going to do about it.

          3. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

            Tell the truth and not mythologies. You believe because you were indoctrinated\brainwashed from birth to believe in a God, you had no choice in the matter and you still do not have a choice...

          4. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            You are also indoctrinated, Guy. Just by people with a different agenda to be achieved.

      2. Lynne's Avatar Lynne

        dems and many reps don't care about the innocent slaughter of children. they have no God. pablo you have to believe in God to believe in a statement about Him. How hateful.....on a site supposedly made up of pastors.

        1. Lynne's Avatar Lynne

          Guy, not true about my lifetime indoctrination. Now I am sure your knowledge is not coming from God.

          1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

            Lynne; Then answer me this question truthfully and logically. Question: When did you decide to become a Christian and what prompted you to become a Christian...?

    3. Christian's Avatar Christian

      God works in His time.... Not yours or mine. So prayer does work, you just need to wait and see the outcome.

      1. Ron Gilch's Avatar Ron Gilch

        Praying to be rewarded is the mantra of the evangelists who ask for your money. How does God get his/her cut? A heavenly Mercedes chariot? An earthly mansion? A shopping spree at the mall robe store?

      2. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

        Isn't prayer asking God to change his Holy Plan just for you...?

        1. Lynne's Avatar Lynne

          No Guy. Prayer is spending time with God for many reasons.

          1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

            How can you say that when people pray they are asking for a change of some sort that is not in God's (that is if there were one) Holy Plan. What you are experiencing is paradoxical insanity, which is the belief that paradoxes are real and can happen like a woman being PG and not PG at the same time...

          2. Lynne's Avatar Lynne

            You are demonic.

          3. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

            You just don't like the feeling you get when you hear the truth...!!!

          4. Lynne's Avatar Lynne

            No...just don't like demons in the house....and I would hope I have a bad feeling when the Antichrist speaks anti-Gods Word.

          5. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

            I have said it before and I will say it again. You only believe (not from choice) because you have been indoctrinated\brainwashed from birth. You have had no choice and have no choice now. you are completely under the control of mythologies. I will ask a question you cannot and will not answer truthfully. Question: When did you make the choice to believe in a God...?

          6. Rev. Tom Brown's Avatar Rev. Tom Brown

            Guy asks "When did you make the choice to believe in a God...?". That statement is a proof of the Pedophile Priest theology and the fact that it is corrupt and non-functional. The question to ask is when did I make the choice to be-live the teachings of a particular theology, how did that be-living make a difference in my life, and how can I expand on that experience of my "Higher Power's" interaction in my life. Right that is three questions and three answers.

            One love revtombrown

          7. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

            That is just a sick response to my question by relating me to a pedophile Priest Theology! You attacked me for asking the question you refused to answer. Your answers and questions were nothing but a bunch a gobbledygook that is not an answer but skirting the question completely. Sorry that asking you a question has made you such a hostile and irrational person...

          8. Lynne's Avatar Lynne

            I became a Christian in 2002 Guy...17 years ago and long into adulthood. I have flaunted with spiritualism (satanism) and seen Christ. Doing it with Christ, no comparison.

      3. John Eftimiades's Avatar John Eftimiades


        Next time you or a loved one are in need of life saving medical care, consider all the men and women whose research made the medical practice to save your lives possible. That work was done by humans, not some God. But if you truly believe in God, next time your deathly ill, don't call your doctor and don't show up at the hospital. Let your God take care or it.

        1. Lynne's Avatar Lynne

          That's what I do John. I have seen miracles by doing just what you said.

      4. David Gerhardt's Avatar David Gerhardt

        Neither God nor Christ ever suggested we were not responsible for our actions. Much the opposite. Selfishness and greed, destruction of our planet, hatred of minorities, will be dealt with in God's time possibly, but we are still responsible for the actions we take, and the way we decide to live. History has proven that many times. God, in no way, ever asked us to sit back and wait for Him to act. That's a really selfish, ignorant way to refuse responsibility for our actions.

    4. Ron Gilch's Avatar Ron Gilch

      I guess God has spoken to him and told him not to worry. The earth will go on, but whether there will be any life is debatable. He seems to believe that God has a tolerance for some catastrophies (tsunamis, floods, war, genocide, etc.), but not for others. Maybe the congressman will let us know where God draws the line. I guess he also believes that coal was created for our use, but science was not. How does one live to adulthood and fail to rationally process all he has observed. He is one of the many who deny there is a problem so that he doesn't have to expend any effort to solve it. A lazy life is an easy life.

      1. Lynne's Avatar Lynne

        If you read what God has to say in the Bible you would know what he is talking about. If you don't read the Bible but choose to comment false information about it woe is you!

        1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

          I have read the Bible several times and so far there is not one word about there is no Global Warming or that he will fix anything that goes wrong that humans have screwed up. It say's God helps those that help themselves and I don't think it meant non-action, stealing or cheating to get what you want...

          1. Rev. Tom Brown's Avatar Rev. Tom Brown

            Come on Guy, after Noah complained about the flood, God promised that he would not do it again. God gave Noah the sign of the Rainbow and said that the next time the earth was devestated, it would come from the fire and not the flood, and that we would light the fire ourselves.

            One Love revtombrown

        2. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

          There is no evidence that a world wide flood occurred after after 650 million years ago and that was not liquid water but snow and ice. Now what is your proof or even a bit of evidence that a world wide flood occurred during the last 1 million years...?

        3. David Gerhardt's Avatar David Gerhardt

          I pity the person who decides his religious beliefs based on his Politics, rather than the other way around. Selfishness, greed, destruction of our planet, hatred of those who have less or are less capable...none of these will be rewarded in Heaven. It would be good advice to consider your spiritual beliefs, and then decide how politics fits in rather than believe the rantings of a few who are sold out to corporations and greed and pretend to be vessels of their faith in God. Those are lies. Every single one of them. Remember who the Bible says is the king of liars.

      2. Lynne's Avatar Lynne

        If you read the Bible you will see where his knowledge and faith come from. It's already been spoken, what happens happens. So, how many of you climate change people refuse to drive cars, airplanes, trains, wont use heat or electricity? If you use these things, your statements are full of hypocrisy.

        1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

          I have no idea what you are saying, it makes no sense what so ever...

    5. Rev paul's Avatar Rev paul

      We have got to stop climate change we creatated it god is not going to stop it

    6. David White's Avatar David White

      I question the validity of our global warming believers and their grant hungry scientists. Republicans DO care about the planet they live on. They are just not so gullible as current neo-socialist-minded democrats. Leftist politicians only support the effort because they see an opportunity to apply control and to shift more wealth around at America's expense. Controlling smog in a specific region is one thing. Affecting the ambient temp of the planet, as a whole, is quite another matter. That is beyond man's control, no matter how many internal combustion engines we build or cows we raise. ...unless you have figured out a way to cap all the worlds smoldering volcanoes! Our planet is but a mere speck in God's universe.

      1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

        Yes, Republican politicians always know more about the weather than scientist that have been studying for umpteen years. As far as gullible goes you would rather take the word of some announcer like Hannity (who actually said he is playing a character) who has his head so far up his ass he will never see daylight rather than someone that has studied weather is the height of gullibility. So you would rather see the rich have all the wealth rather than having it spread around, so you must be a millionaire, billionaire or a fool. "According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the world’s volcanoes, both on land and undersea, generate about 200 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually, while our automotive and industrial activities cause some 24 billion tons of CO2 emissions every year worldwide." That means that volcanoes are only adding 1% of the pollution humans are adding. You know a good education would do you a world of good...

        1. David Gerhardt's Avatar David Gerhardt


      2. Deborah's Avatar Deborah

        Check out Al Gore's new movie coming out...it looks pretty convincing, and look at polar areas... Where North Pole animals existence seems to hang in the bounds...but God's got the whole world in his hands... Think praise, pray, meditate on the Lord...like Paul & Silas did whn imprisoned, whn God came to their rescue/shook the earth, and released their chains..Praise God! And may God continue to break every chain, halleluhah!

        1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

          This is a big problem with you theist you would rather do nothing expecting some mythological entity to fix everything that man has screwed up rather than accept the fact we have created the Global Warming and World Wide Pollution and WE NEED TO STEP UP AND FIX THE PROBLEM BECAUSE NO ONE OR NOTHING ELSE WILL...

  1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

    You people are balmy, JC or God has never interfered in the weather, war, or any other thing else. If you are so ignorant that you believe in a mythology to save you from Global Warming, why has he not done something so far because we are deep into Global Warming with the temperature is as high as it has been in the last 2.5 million years so is JC or God going to wait until the world is uninhabitable before he does anything. It is too bad that you people really do not use your brains for anything except as a hat rack, Even the Pope says Global Warming is a fact but the lack of intelligence has always led to people make the most enormously stupid mistakes. You people are extremely lazy to think that something that we as humans have created is not our job to fix and clean up...

    1. Rev Troy McLean's Avatar Rev Troy McLean

      Just wondering, where you around 2.5 million years ago. The science that you look to for proof is false. It is weather, get over yourself. Humans have only minimum impact. Our environment is cleaner than it was in the 60's and 70's.

      1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

        There are many ways to measure temperature changes throughout prehistory, it does not require a person to be their just the intelligence to find ways to determine the temperatures in the past...

      2. Gary's Avatar Gary

        You don't have to have lived 2.5M years ago. You can look at ice core samples and geologic formations to ascertain what conditions were like then. Where do you think all of the industrial smoke for the last 250 years of the Industrial Revolution have gone? How long do you think we can pump greenhouse gases into the atmosphere without having an effect? The environment may be cleaner in the US but we are still pumping out methane and CO2 into the atmosphere. Also, there are other countries that are not cleaner.

        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          CO2 does not make the Earth warmer, and humans do not create more methane than nature. Methane is a natural by-product of life.

    2. Lynn Gideon's Avatar Lynn Gideon

      What about Jesus and "peace be still!"

      1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

        You might not like the idea but JC was created by the Romans and Greek Scholars. The first mention of JC is from Romans and not from the Holy Land. There is not one piece of evidence that comes from the time of the supposed Jesus Event, not one letter, carving, writing, inscription, etc about Jesus Christ. The oldest versions of the NT are all in Greek not Hebrew. The first mention of JC is in the histories of Josephus the Elder ( a Roman Historian) and just a few lines. Mythology is built on wishful thinking, fear of the unknown and lack of knowledge...

        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          It's a lot like global warming, then, isn't it?

          1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

            No, not at all it is like the people that refuse to believe in Global Warming being increased by humans or any warming at all...

        2. Deborah's Avatar Deborah

          When U feel tht FIRE and HOLY SPIRIT YOU'LL believe, and an inborn response of almost every human whn disaster happens, is Oh My...then they call on God U know the rest..as hard as it is to think of sept 11, I remember some crying out to God U know why... Ther's none other than can deliver us in distressed situations.

          1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

            There is no Fire and Holy Spirit that is just your indoctrination\brainwashing from birth that a God exists. I spent 20 years trying to find the Fire and Holy Spirit and all I found was mythology...

          2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            I'm sorry Guy, you were looking in the wrong places. That is not your fault, but it doesn't mean it is all untrue, either. When you said that about JC and the Romans, another little tidbit there is that Paul appeared before Lucilius Senecus' brother, who was a fairly high up Roman judge. The only reason Paul was in Rome was for his teaching regarding Christ as the new High Priest and Messiah. Keep in mind that the Romans for centuries pretty much controlled the historical records. Anything contrary to them was squelched, and this has continued with the Vatican to this day, as much as they are able.

    3. Rick Glendenning's Avatar Rick Glendenning

      Looking at some of the comments it's hard to believe this is a Christian site. God is in control. Always has been and always will be . "Global warming is nothing more than a manufactured crises to raise money for the global elites. Time for the refill people! Wake Up!!!

      1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

        This is just silly South West US is getting 120 degree temps, Flooding all over the Mid West and South East, Storms that are stronger than we have seen historically. Rather than looking in a book to see what the weather is, try looking outside your window...

        1. Rick Glendenning's Avatar Rick Glendenning

          I agree . Dilly to the extreme. What we are witnessing are cyclic anomalies. In 10 or 20 years it could easily swing the other way. Even the so called scientists have changed the identifier from .Global warming to global cooling to weather change ! Whatever fits their bought and paid for opinion at the time

          1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

            it is stupid to believe anti-Global Warming pundits. The only people that do not believe in Global Warming are those that believe in wishful thinking will fix everything. The weather is not cooling down because just look at the weather in the South West. To deny Global Warming is like denying that you live on the planet Earth...

      2. Dr. Griffith's Avatar Dr. Griffith

        This is NOT just a Christian site, where did you got that idea? You only need to look at the beliefs of the monastery to see it is accepting of all beliefs. Your narrow-mindedness is unbelievable, both as Christianity as the only true religion and God solves all

      3. Lynne's Avatar Lynne

        Its not a Christian site. They give pastor certificates to satanists too, read about ULC.

    4. Donald's Avatar Donald

      Study to show yourself approved. Scientists have proven we have global warming. A whole .08 degrees in the last 600 years. At this rate the ice caps will melt in about 1800 years... The hole in the ozone layer was caused (proven) by volcanic activity. At the moment there are two holes. Both above volcanos. The last eruption spewed out more CO2 in 48 hours than all of human kind has produced in the last 120 years. The earth goes through cycles of warmth and cooling. If there is advanced global warming, then why is there more than 1,500 miles of new ice at the North Pole than last year. That would seem to show global cooling don't you think?

      1. Gary's Avatar Gary

        Arctic ice is at record lows and is not increasing. Antarctic sea ice is increasing while the ice on the actual land is decreasing. That is due to climate change induced changes in wind patterns that are driving some surface currents and not expected to last as the atmosphere continues to warm. Arctic ice is melting at over 20,000 square miles a year and the Antarctic is gaining just over 7000 square miles a year. It is all driven by warming, not cooling. Check the NASA studies and the NOAH studies.

      2. Lynne's Avatar Lynne


  1. Mary Therese Lemanek's Avatar Mary Therese Lemanek

    It is ridiculous to act as if humans have no responsibility for caring for the environment in a sustainable manner. Nothing is all God or all human effort. God will be with us and work with us hand in glove, never overriding our free will or the forces of nature. God allows bad things to happen but also is the source of the grace we need to do what is within our power to alleviate problems. To deny climate change or the role of humans in causing it is less about faith in God than it is a refusal to accept appropriate accountability.

  1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

    Correct. Climate changes. That's what it does. That's why we have a word for climate. If it always stayed the same, we wouldn't know it was there. What has changed in our climate since Trump announced he will remove the U.S. from the Paris accord? NOT ONE THING. The climate does not know he will remove us. The climate is unaware of the Paris accord. The other big nations who pollute more than the U.S. were spending nothing, and the U.S. was donating the equivalent of the GDP of many medium-sized countries. Climate change AS IT IS TAUGHT is bunk. CO2 doesn't contribute to rising temperatures but is a RESULT of rising temperatures, following it 50-100 years later. That's why Big AL had his temperatures on one placard and his CO2 levels on another. You could hold the two side by side and they appeared to coincide, when the reality is, the CO2 follows the heat, not vice-versa. Also, the climate change hysteria does NOT EVER mention volcanism, over which we have ABSOLUTELY no control, or solar flares. These last two ARE major factors in "Climate change" but are never discussed. It is just an excuse for income redistribution, and obviously so.

    I find it difficult to comprehend how deceived seemingly intelligent people can be. It used to be "global warming" but that was debunked, so they call it "climate change", which means, "global warming in spite of all evidence to the contrary." I know most of you absolutely have an unreasonable hate for Donald Trump, indeed for anything not socialist/communist, but you didn't hate Barry O. for not locking up all the BP executives, so just for once, try to think RATIONALLY.

    1. Rev. Gary Shade's Avatar Rev. Gary Shade

      Absolutely correct Mr. Owens. So many worship at the altar of "climate change" they do not use any rational faculties in discussing it.

      We have 1500 year cycles in the weather. It has always been on Earth and will always be. A bit like "As it was in the beginning is now and forever shall be world without end Amen."

      Years from now our grandchildren will look back at us and say "how stupid they were" to be led astray by the likes of Al Gore and Leonardo DeCaprio and Cher. Some of us are saying that today.

      1. Mary Therese Lemanek's Avatar Mary Therese Lemanek

        We can only hope that years from now, there will be people alive to say anything

        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          Oh, Gwenevere!

      2. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

        If there were a God he would leave the mess we have created up to us to fix. God, if there really were one, did not make the pollution that we have and are still puking into the atmosphere. So I don't think that God if there were one will help us out of the Global Warming that man has accelerated...

    2. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

      John Owens you need to go back to school because your 18th century view of science is completely false and you have no idea what CO2 does if you think it is not a hot house gas. Relying on stupidity and ignorance as an explanation is simply ridiculous. I wish you people would actually read some science instead of FOX Entertainment for all of your scientific information...

      1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        YOU are the one who is mistaken. But, since you THINK you know so much, why don't you tell us all where the largest emissions of CO2 come from? Then try to tell us what to do about it. I doubt you can do the first, and I KNOW you cannot do the second, because nothing can be done. It is moronic of you thinking you have read more than I when you do not know me. It is also imbecilic to bring FOX news into this discussion. It shows how intellectually lacking you are, since all you have are preconceived notions about everything, with NO apparent deductive reasoning capacity... Now, just try to tell us from whence the largest CO2 emissions come. Try.

        1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

          First of all you have to ask yourself "What stupid statement did I make that make someone think I need an education!" Humans are the major cause of CO2 gas in the atmosphere along with Carbon monoxide, Nitrous Oxide, Fluorinated Gases and methane all from automobiles, planes, ships, coal burning, etc. By the way of the Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is CO2 is 82% by volume...

          1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            Nothing you said refutes anything I said. In fact, your statement that humans are the biggest cause of CO2 gas is absolutely wrong. The OCEAN is the biggest source of CO2 gas.

          2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            Oh, and the ability of gases within a space to maintain heat decreases with and increase of CO2 in that space. Just FYI.

  1. Mary Therese Lemanek's Avatar Mary Therese Lemanek

    It has zero to do with liking or disliking Trump. It is about scientific truth as well as the gospel. Jesus was pretty clear that those who have more have a responsibility to do more. To consider and work towards the common good is Jesus, not socialism or communism.

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      If it is scientific truth, why don't they ever mention volcanism and solar flares? Because volcanoes and the sun won't pay. It's great to be pollution-conscious, but don't be a sap.

      1. Alan TM Williams's Avatar Alan TM Williams

        John I realize that you lack any real scientific education. For starters, volcanic activity actually cools the mean temprature of the planet. Solar flares are burst of radiation and disrupts eletrical systems. They do have effects on the climate but only marginally as compared to the effect that 6+ billion over breading ignorant humans have on the climate. Sad to say you fall in that category. And the solution is simple, less people. And that will happen naturally over time, slowly in some areas and much quicker in others. Thankfully the planet will go on without us, and lineage's of ignorant people like yourself will end.

        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          You don't realize much of anything, you twit.

          1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            And, I'm planning to stick around another 30-40 years. If there is a major upheaval or catastrophe, I'd guess my chances of survival are about 5 or 6 times greater than yours, since I know things you don't, and have skills you don't. I know you don't have them because you are a twit.

        2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          I am pretty sure I have more scientific education than you, but more importantly, more UNDERSTANDING of nature than you. I also understand you must be a follower of Oprah Winfrey (who is also from my generation of "breading" ignorant humans) because of the things you say, even if you don't know from whence they came.

          Oh, were your parents "breading" ignorant humans, by any chance? Won't they die out along with me? And if they were (are), wouldn't that make you ONE of the "breading" people? What about YOUR lineage?

          You would be flabbergasted at how many ignorant young people who believe the same horse manure as you do say very similar things, not realizing that they sound like automatons when they do it. Just because you believe certain things WHICH YOU TAKE ON FAITH (since you can have no personal knowledge of physical science on your own) does not make you or your beliefs in any way superior to anyone else on the planet.

          My children and my grand-children will most likely survive, because I have endowed them with the skills and know-how to do so, and they associate with people who have their own skills. I doubt very much that you will survive any societal upheaval or global catastrophe. You might consider your own mortality

    2. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

      Actually if you actually read the NT for content you will find that JC was a socialist and a communist they just didn't have those words back them...

      1. Mary Therese Lemanek's Avatar Mary Therese Lemanek

        Yes he was...

      2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        You are full of digested cattle fodder ready for excretion.

        1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

          Again try reading the Bible...

          1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            Jackwagon. I know the Bible better than you ever could. Jesus never expressed a desire for governments to own or control production. Perhaps you should look up communist and socialist.

  1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

    John Owens you do not know what the Paris Climate Accord says or what science says. I do not know where you are getting your information but it is false. First of all the Paris Climate Accord is strictly voluntary as to what standards a country sets and there is no Control over what a country sets as their goal or not meeting their goal. Larger countries can financially aid smaller, poorer countries but only on a voluntary basis. There are no requirements with no mandated judicial control what so ever over a country. Only the processes governing the reporting and review of these goals are mandated under international law. If you do not read the actual Paris Climate Accord you should not support extremist political sites for what the Accord says because they will lie 100%...

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Yes. Voluntary. The US volunteers to give money to corrupt governments and they volunteer to spend that money any way they want, and there is no penalty for wasting the money. And what extremist political sites do you think I support, and why do you think that? Have I mentioned any extremist political sites? You are living in a demented paranoid socialist fantasy world, perhaps?

      1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

        Again you have to stop listening to FOX entertainment for your news. There is no contingency that requires any nation to fork over any money to any other nation based on the Paris Climate Accord. Again reading the actual Paris Climate Accord is the best way to know what it says and not from FOX entertainment, Hannity or Jones...

        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          Again you mention FOX. Like CNN has programmed you to say that when you have nothing clever to say. You speak like you are hallucinating.

  1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

    Mary Therese Lemanek excellent post...

  1. biblical scholar's Avatar biblical scholar

    Global warming is a Chinese lie (science proves this) but if it were real, liberal debaucherers and pedophiles on both coasts would be drowned by rising tides. Honestly, I don't see a downside!

    1. Mary Therese Lemanek's Avatar Mary Therese Lemanek

      There is nothing that can possibly be said to someone with a mentality like this.

    2. maiane Santos santos's Avatar maiane Santos santos

      Hey Bernie, I see you haven't walked in front of a truck yet. Hmmmmmmmmm.

    3. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

      The oceans have risen from 3 to 9 inches in the past 15 years which is quite unprecedented in history. Secondly it was not the Chinese that first mentioned Global Warming it was American and English Scientist. Finally you need to get out of your cave in the rocks and start to deal with the real world...

      1. biblical scholar's Avatar biblical scholar

        Typical of a liberal sodomite to namecall instead of posting facts (as I did).

        1. Mary Therese Lemanek's Avatar Mary Therese Lemanek

          Not sure where your "facts" came from but they have no basis in reality. Climate change and human cuplability for its existence are difficult to swallow but that does not negate the truth.

        2. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

          Actually I am not a Sodomite I am an American Atheist and I don't think that telling you to live in the real world is calling you names, it means you are unintelligent and you need to get an education from school and not from FOX entertainment...

          1. biblical scholar's Avatar biblical scholar

            American "universities" push liberal lies about history. Not to mention they are breeding grounds for pedophilia and sexual disease. Sounds like the perfect place for you, as most atheists are PEDOPHILES.

          2. Pastor Pete's Avatar Pastor Pete

            Bernard, with all due respect you are out of line, you, sir, should learn some manners. Everybody is entitled to their religious beliefs, even if they differ from yours. Therefore based purely on your statements, you, sir, are no Christian.

          3. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            There you go with the FOX references again. Your view of the world is severely limited.

        3. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

          A person that sees evil everywhere they turn never seems to have the time to see the good in people...

      2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        Are you absolutely certain that the oceans have risen? Is it possible that the continents have settled INTO the ocean by any amount? If not, WHY not? That's what land does, you know. It settles into the water. The rains and rivers wash dirt into the sea, and guess what? THE SEA RISES. Of course, you'd have to remember Archimedes' observation to know that, and you might be vaguely aware of it but don't mention it because it doesn't fit your narrative.

  1. maiane Santos santos's Avatar maiane Santos santos

    In my mind there is no God, in my mind climate change is on going, mankind doesn't have the say on mother nature, of course CO2 levels are helped with our lifestyle, look at the population in 1900 compared to 2000, 1.6 billion to 6.1 billion. That's a lot of methane. And what wiped out the dinosaurs, a celestial body, a natural happening, if it wasn't because it's a big money maker nobody would give a darn. Also screw all you trump haters out there, if you didn't have him you would have that moron and her pos husband.

  1. Miranda Allison Young's Avatar Miranda Allison Young

    God indeed performs wonders, BUT! He has given us free choice and it is up to us to decide what we choose to do with it. We have been put here to learn and to act on our knowledge. We cannot just sit by and do nothing when we have a serious situation like this which can have devastating effects on all creatures who live on this planet. We have been given the task to GUARD our world. Doing nothing is a violation of this trust. If we do nothing, eventually there will be nothing left alive. Many animals are already on the brink of extinction. We have a responsibility that God gave us. We must follow up on it.

    1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

      At least you are seeing the world as it is, good points even though I am an atheist...

  1. Carrie's Avatar Carrie

    I'm not a Christian but what ever happened to the quote "God helps those who help themselves?"

    1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

      It seems today that Christians do not like acting like Christians just using the name to hide behind.

      1 - If you are a racist and claim to be a Christian you are not. 2 - If you are against Communism and socialism you are not a Christian as JC taught Communism and socialism throughout the Bible. 3 - If you see others that are in a different nationality, color, religion or sexual preference as evil to be exterminated you are not a Christian. 4 - If you are rich and you look down on the poor, sick and helpless as a problem that should be ignored you are not a Christian. If you are a Christian you should learn what the Bible actually says by reading the whole book for content and not pick and choose verses that fit your momentary needs...

      1. David White's Avatar David White

        Casting the first stone, eh Guy? You sure can rant! I'll give you that much! Al Gore's many global disaster predictions have come and went! We are still here.

        1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

          If you believe in racism, bigotry and the lack of knowledge of the Bible that 99% of the Christians I have met have shown then I am tossing the first stone. If you think that the disasters that are coming from Global Warming aren't going to happen your the one that is going to get a big surprise. It is surprising that people that are against Global Warming have no idea what Gore or scientist say about it they just want to stick their heads in the sand and hope for the best. It is our mess not some mythical God's mess so it is up to us to clean up the mess, but then again most Christians want to wait on their wishful thinking that some God is going to go against his Holy Plan just because Christians Don't like it...

  1. Jason McIntosh's Avatar Jason McIntosh

    There's an old adage that applies here: God helps those who help themselves. If history has taught me anything, it is that the Divine will not intercede to save us from our own stupidity. It is up to us to find solutions to the environmental damage that we have and are doing to our beautiful world. She can only take so much before she can no longer sustain us. As to the Paris agreement, it was a foolish deal to get into for the US on fiscal grounds in the first place and our standards are already higher than the rest of the world. It's not our job to go bankrupt paying other people to wait decades to do something. Support action now, not sometime in the indeterminate future.

    1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

      I am an atheist but your right on as far as religion and climate change goes...

  1. Tom's Avatar Tom

    God helps those who help themselves.

  1. Linda Vogt Turner's Avatar Linda Vogt Turner

    I like Jason McIntosh's comment. The old adage that God helps those who help themselves rings true for me. I also agree with you Jason about the Paris Agreement. If the majority of Americans believe it was foolish and something that would not allow your nation to function sustainably, I think you made the right choice and it should not be taken from you. Freedom of choice is a value I uphold. Guy Warinner you do not believe in God. That is your choice.

    There is a story in the Gospel about a woman who sat at the feet of Jesus, listening to his teaching. The Lady of the house was worried about all the work that she had to do. She was having trouble sustaining the house. So she called on the Lord to tell the woman sitting at his feet to help her. The Lord replied to the Lady of the house and said. Martha, Martha, you are worried and distracted about many things. However, only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen the better part and it will not be taken away from her." It can be argued that Mary's choice advanced God's plan about the Messiah that was written in the Prophets, the Law and the Psalms (Luke 24:44). Non-Christians and many Christians may think Mary had little to do with God's plan and that the Crucifixion was something they allowed or caused to happen because they were "sinners".

    However, let us consider for a moment, that climate change is happening because we human beings are a loving creative species with many mouths to feed and sustain. One of the things that has allowed our species to thrive, is our ability to live and adapt to environmental changes and to make choices. Our choices or those of others may alter our environment and we may not like the changes they bring. And yet, often times these changes bring about miraculous wonders we would never have discovered had we coerced our neighbour to help us maintain what we were afraid of losing...a lifestyle and a house growing harder to sustain.

  1. Brother John's Avatar Brother John

    I remain stunned by what our overall culture chooses to believe and deny. The widespread denial of climate change combined with our hubris has taken the planet beyond the point of no return. This fact becomes more obvious when considering the massive releases of radiation that our brilliant engineers/military have created... Fukushima, Hanford, Chernobyl, plus the many that have remained out of sight/out of mind. Seeking enlightenment and truth is often a disturbing experience. Our minds are drawn to the "pursuit of happiness" and are adept at avoiding anything that disrupts it. Information is readily available for those who seek it, and easy to avoid for those who prefer the comfort of delusion.



  1. Joseph E Knopick's Avatar Joseph E Knopick

    NO. The state of the environmental effects of climate change are very simple, As a consequence of the Fall of Adam into sin from Holiness. It is also the continued effect of the recovery of the world after the cataclysmic Flood. The World has been warming up after the great Ice Age, The Ice Age and the Glaciers are the physical testimony of the world being covered in flood waters as high as the Himalayas.

    1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

      There is a major issue with your world wide flood myth. Theist say that finding sea shells on top of mountains prove that a flood covered the world. The issue is that even though sea shells are found on top of mountains there should be sea shells found everywhere and in the Russian Steppes there are no sea shells so that a world wide flood could not occur without leaving sea shells in the Russian Steppes. Knowledge is the first part of understanding the world around us and ignoring that knowledge leads to myths and paradoxes and not much else...

      1. Brother John's Avatar Brother John

        The major issue is that many "believers" accept allegories and myths as facts and evidence, Guy. The myth of the Great Flood was in existence long before the Genesis account. The Epic of Gilgamesh is a good example but there are many others.


        A myth is defined as...A traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining a natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events. ** Sounds like an accurate description of the Bible, doesn't it? **

        1. A widely held but false belief or idea.

        2.1 A misrepresentation of the truth.

    2. Brother John's Avatar Brother John

      Glaciers were formed by successive layers of snow being compacted into ice under their own weight. They're nothing to do with "the Flood" and certainly not the "Fall of Adam". There's enough misinformation posted on this blog to patch together the Holy Bible 2.0.


  1. Corinna Taylor's Avatar Corinna Taylor

    God did take care of it - He gave us brains. Perhaps we should use them.

    1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

      We made the mess so it is our job to fix it not anyone or anything else job...

  1. Bill Fox's Avatar Bill Fox

    Ice melts at 33 degrees F. The average temperature, worldwide, since records have been kept, 150 years, has been 54 degrees F. The ice will not stop melting again until the average temperature is 32 degrees F or lower, which it has not been that low for some 125,000 years. If we never light another match, burn a pound of coal, use petroleum, and we only get power from uranium and solar/wind, there is no indication the average temperature will fall to 32 degrees F until this warming cycle of the ice age comes to a conclusion. This will happen in the next 50,000 years. Sea level will be 250' to 300' higher than where it is today. In another 50,000 to 75,000 years, sea level will be 1000' below where it is today and ice will again be three miles thick in the Midwestern US. Why don't the climatologist tell us this? Because they cannot get grants for telling us what geologists have know for three hundred years. There have been at least eight ice age cycles in the past three or four million years. There has never been a time in the 4.3 billion years of the geological history of Earth when the climate has not been changing.

  1. Bill Fox's Avatar Bill Fox


    What is air made of? Dry air is primarily made up of nitrogen (78.09%) and oxygen (20.95%). The remaining 1% is made up of argon (0.93%), carbon dioxide (0.039% as of 2010) and other trace gases (0.003%). Water vapor (water in its gaseous state) is also present in the atmosphere in varying amounts, by up to 2%. Interesting facts: CARBON DIOXIDE: The amount of carbon dioxide, although small, will likely double in the next 100 years as more petroleum and coal is burned to fuel the world's need for energy. About half of the carbon dioxide produced in this way get absorbed by vegetation, which uses it for photosynthesis.

    OXYGEN: While we know that vegetation produces oxygen as part of photosynthesis, the origin of the huge amount of oxygen in the atmosphere (20.95%) is somewhat of a mystery. Most of it is thought to have been produced from chemical reactions in ocean sediments. (page last updated 11/26/2010)


    This means 100 pounds of air contains less than an ounce of CO2.


  1. Alan TM Williams's Avatar Alan TM Williams

    Clealy, this representative does not believe in free will. Free will dictates that when you make your bed, you sleep in it. In other words, if we destroy the human race, that is our free will to do so and NO HIGHER POWER is going to save us. We have all that is needed to save ourselves and the planet will survive without us.

  1. Sue wang's Avatar Sue wang

    Yes i think we should do something about it but even if we try there is always going to be politicians or goverment trying to stop some one from doing any thing why greed money they really dont care about people and the climate change but there self and money so what is there to do .goverment and big corporation will always stop the little people from doing the right thing.

  1. Ian Shaw's Avatar Ian Shaw

    It's true that there has always been climate change. What should be considered is; Around the world cities are being declared, Don't go outside days from our own contribution of pollution. Natural climate change may creep up on us. There is no doubt our expanding population, mining and greed are contributing to our demise and loss of our quality of life.

    God bless,

    Reverend Ian

  1. David White's Avatar David White

    So. How many disaster guesses does good ole Al get, in your book, before he finally loses all credibility in your eyes? I'm done with Gore and Obama and all those other"so-called" smart people telling us the sky is falling! That humankind has messed up his environment through his shortsightedness with combining chemicals, atom splitting on a major scale and his leisurely throwaway life is a fact. Will some disaster, such as you describe, ever happen? Are you kidding? I'd say the odds are pretty good. The law of averages is against us when it comes to expecting an eternal mortal life! I just doubt that our little brush with "global temperature adjustments" is the big one your ilk says it is going to be. Plus, if it is, mankind does not have the resources or technology at hand to affect such change oneway of the other. So, do you really think living like a caveman is going to make things better? That's just plain stinkin' thinkin' my friend. So. Saddle up your anger and disappointment, it seems that is all you have to offer. I am sorry for your loss. I have learned that when you believe in nothing, you'll eventually believe in anything. Like it or not, it has already been proven that those skewed global climate computer predictions have it all wrong.

    1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

      You don't know what you are talking about, you have no idea what Al Gore said. If all the news you get is from the pundits of stupidity you are not getting the news you are getting conspiracy theories that really have no bases in reality except for those that can't face the truth. We have not gotten far enough into Global Warming to see the disasters the Al Gore predicted. We are far enough into Global Warming that both Polar Ice Packs are at a low that has not been seen in the last few thousand years. Ignorance is bad enough but to complicate ignorance with stupidity is fallacious...

      1. David White's Avatar David White

        Your argument betrays you my friend. Adjustments in global temperatures have happened before and will likely happen again, if we humans don't blow our selves up in the meantime over our silly differences. Al Gore is just another snake-oil salesman looking to make a quick hundreds of millions of dollars off of saps like yourself. I stand by what I know to be true. Gore's anthropomorphic-driven doom and gloom predictions and timetable has not materialized. He is a wack job and so are you for condemning everyone who does not share your perspective. Then again, you seem to know a lot about being ignorant and stupid. You probably voted for Obama, twice! Still, God loves you anyway! That's really all I have to say on the subject.

        1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

          You betray yourself as a person that does not believe science but believes in nothing but conspiracies from pundits that are playing you like a fish. First of all if it is on the internet it is not gospel truth (which it seems that you are someone that believes just the opposite of that). Sure climatic changes have happened in the past but not at the accelerated rate that is happening today due to humans. If you want to be like Dictator Donald T Rump and put your head in the sand for money go ahead and be fooled by conspiracy pundits and ignore scientist that have studied these events all their lives. But I guess ignorance is bliss until Global Warming comes knocking at your door and you will be one of those that will be crying "Why didn't we fix this a long time ago"...

  1. David White's Avatar David White

    You keep making unabashed assumptions about people you don't even know. I accept science based on legitimate and carefully gleaned data collection that is not skewed to ensure the scientist in question is awarded a fat government grant. Al Gore and the rest of the global warming band wagon have been using corrupted data and processes to fool everybody in the name of greed only. Al Gore and the rest hobnob around the world in their polluting Gulfstream jets and maintain several mansions! That represents some dandy carbon footprint don't you think? That is also a proven fact! So, you can take your godless-communistic-leftwing agenda and peddle it over in some place like Iceland. They are nothing but a bunch of brainless leftists over there anyway! That way, Christians and other freedom loving people can't bother you. You obviously don't deserve to live in America. President Donald Trump is no dictator. He is a no-nonsense business man who loves his country and everybody in it and has done nothing to prove otherwise. By the way, we already had eight years of an America-hating-wanna-be dictator with Barack Hussein Obama in the White House. Thank God America said NO! to Hillary! They both deserve to be in jail for the crimes they have committed against our Constitution. Meanwhile, would you please tell Al to stop knocking on everybody's door until the fishes are actually swimming down main street in Honolulu and Key West! Thank you.

    1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

      Actually you prove my so called assumptions. First of all it isn't just a few scientist but every scientist that is accredited except for Religious science believe in Global Warming. Secondly there is no need for large grants to study the weather because every single nation in this world study the weather to try and avoid cataclysmic weather event and the Governments of the world pay large grants to people to study the weather for weather prediction but people like you want them to predict cataclysmic weather events but only if it is going to happen tomorrow and want to ignore what will happen in ten or twenty years left for their children. In Florida there is already sea water invasion and destroying the swamps from rising oceans. The ocean has risen about 8 inches since 1880 at a rate of an eight of an inch a year which is an accelerated rate prior to mans pollution. As far as Dictator Donald T Rump goes it is a right wing attack on the American Public to pander to the RICH and BIG BUSINESS because so far all he has promoted is lower taxes for the RICH and BIG BUSINESS and higher taxes on everyone else and that includes you. As far as former President Obama goes he worked for the good of the American people and not for the RICH and BIG BUSINESS which the Republican Party is in bed with and with racist billionaires in the Administration. So far no person that I have listen to, met or talked to, that is not racist, have had nothing but praise for former President Obama. The others always believe the lies that extreme political racist web sites and talk show hosts that pander to a white racist America and the lies Russian provocateurs have spread across America have brought a renewed KKK, Skin Heads and other hate groups. This is just everyday facts that you are willing to ignore...

      1. David White's Avatar David White

        Are you a racist person of color or are you just one of those caucasians who have swallowed all of Obamas race baiting and flat out hate youself now? Sounds like you have a bad case of Trump displacement syndrome. I guess you were looking forward to Hillary becoming president? However, things happen for a reason and that goes for Donald Trump winning the election. No person can succeed, while doing something wrong in one or more areas of their life. Hillary Clinton is that person. Shes a stunning example of a wolf in sheeps clothing! Well, you certainly have gotten a lot of exposure for your opinions on this blog. You never changed my mind on anything though. Sorry. No need to respond. Just try and enjoy your Indpendence Day 2017. ?

        1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

          What you mean by race baiting is having a black President of the United States. Yes thing happen for a reason like Putin fixing the election because so far only the Republican so far are denying that it occurred but all of the evidence and the intelligence communities all support the fact of Russian interference, Komrad. No I didn't want Hillary to win but I did not want a racist, bigot in the office either but that is what we have. A person that lies so much that no one can tell if he will ever tell the truth, supporting the KKK, skin heads and any other hate group in America. Secondly he has done as much as possible to corrupt the American Governmental system along with the racist Republican congress in session. You are right I can't change the mind of those that support a racist and bigoted President that has so far shown that his view of the presidency is a business opportunity and to turn America into a WHITE ONLY COUNTRY. Former President Obama took us out of a depression and brought the US back during his administration but of course you really wanted to have a Republican in so that the depression could go on for ever. Ignorance and stupidity go hand in hand with racism, bigotry, hate, etc. Dictator Donald T Rump has gone so far as to use his office to enrich himself monetarily which is against the law but of course if a racist Republican President breaks the law that is OK with you, SICK...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. David White's Avatar David White

            Its too bad you refuse to give Trump a chance. However, i get it that you are a hard core lefty and dont see that he must reverse Obamas socialist agenda if America is to survive the way the founders intended it to be. As you keep saying, one should not believe everything the drive by media say sabout Trump. Demonizing someone without any verified proof is merely sick and socially destructive. Even if you think yourself a hero of the neocom "revolution".

          2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            LOL!! Putin fixing the election! I just saw this! What a hoot! EVERYBODY knows Putin didn't "fix" the election! Bwa ha ha ha!

        2. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

          Dictator Donald T Rump didn't even give himself a chance. One of the first things that he tried to do was remove all sanctions from Russia so Tillersons 580 billion dollar oil deal would go through, the 580 billion would go to Putin. He has not gone one day that he has not tweeted some lie, don't think it was from what you will call the fake press but right from Dictator Donald T Rumps mouth in a speech he made a few days or so after entering the White House. Secondly socialism is not the evil thing you make it out to be. I don't mean complete socialist government but socialism where it benefits the poor, elderly, children and health care. We need a comprehensive socialist health care because if we do not all we need is one really good fast moving plague to decimate the whole of the US. All you need is one carrier spreading to everyone they contact and it will grow exponentially and a government healthcare system if properly implemented would be the best protection. Look at the aids plague and it had to have sharing bodily fluids and still many straight people as well as gay's died from it and are still dying from it and we know what passes it on but it still is an issue. Something are just simple to understand when you don't look at them as money as a whole which is all the Republicans can do...

  1. DJ's Avatar DJ

    God gave man/women, free will & we do have a responsibility to care for this beautiful planet which is so generous to us. While God is always in charge, that isn't a reason for us to continue to pollute our earthly kingdom or ignore its greatest needs. Indigenous peoples revered & honored the sacred ground upon which we live. We would do well to follow suit.

  1. Evan G's Avatar Evan G

    This reminds me of a joke:

    A terrible flood strikes a community, so all of the people make their way to their roofs. A person in a raft floats by and says to someone, 'The water will keep rising, so get in and I will take you to safety.' The person on the roof responds, 'No, it's OK, G-d will save me.' The person in the raft continues on her way, and a few minutes later a person in a motorboat pulls up and says, 'The water will keep rising, so get in and I will take you to safety. The person on the roof responds, 'No, it's OK, G-d will save me.' So, the person in the motorboat drives away. The water continues to rise. A few minutes later, a helicopter flies to the person on the roof, and someone says, 'Get in or you will surely drown.' The person on the roof responds, 'No, it's OK, G-d will save me.' So, the helicopter flies away, and the water gets higher and higher. The person on the roof ends up dying. The person goes to Heaven and appears before G-d and says, 'Why didn't you save me?!?!' G-d responds, 'I sent you a raft, a motorboat, and a helicopter....what more could I have done?'

    I take this joke more of a philosophy. The Rabbi at my parents' synagogue put it into words: "Pray as if G-d can do everything, but act as if G-d can do nothing." We need to be the ones who act, on behalf of G-d, Mother Earth, and ourselves, to save Mother Earth before it's too late.

    1. Los Guy's Avatar Los Guy

      I am an atheist but this is the best way theist need to see the world, great joke also...

  1. Rev John's Avatar Rev John

    When God (the Christian, Jewish and Islamic one) was created approximately 5,000 years ago in the middle east. America didn't exist and neither did the burning of fossil fuels to any extent. Why on earth (because that is where he was created) would he want to fix something he's responsible for?

  1. Steve Moran's Avatar Steve Moran

    God has no need to save us he gave free will and intelligence we have the thought to mess it up, we come up with the thought to fix it. He can always create so.ething else to inhabit the planet for the next go around

  1. Brian Balke's Avatar Brian Balke

    Global warming appears twice in the Bible: once as the "Ancient of Days" in Daniel's Dream of the Four Beasts, and again as the fifth bowl in John's Revelation. In both cases, the purpose is the same: to wipe out a dangerous "beast." The beast is a metaphor for human intelligence in the service of natural selection, a process that leads inevitably into extinction of less competitive forms of life. Culturally, that manifests in tyranny and religious hypocrisy that foments violence and secures privilege for the few.

    Again, in both places the writings speak of a new era of human maturity organized around the principles of truth and love.

    1. Rev. Tom Brown's Avatar Rev. Tom Brown

      Wow, great information. Nice to see something from someone that reads the Bible.

      One love revtombrown



  1. Secretary3rd's Avatar Secretary3rd

    Really? In the last 12,000 years since you went from hunters to farmers and have had hundreds of God's not once with all your worshiping, singing of songs, waving of hands, fighting to death in the name of God has God ever responded to human actions. Just look up at nights and with so many other worlds with similar creatures who have done the same as you not being very wise that you should come first. Really! In the past when you turn the forest into sand you move to another location, today you sit in the poop you made for yourself. If your whole race vanish in ten minutes what you have done will continue for centuries to come. The CO2 has gone over 400 parts per million and that is leading to a faster melting of ice on earth. The problem with all the nuclear power plants that if we all de in ten minutes those storage fuel rods cooling storage system would melt and exploded and millions of acres would suffer from the clouds of radioactive dust..

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