Trump names Jerusalem capital of Israel
While many Israelis celebrated the decision, critics likened it to striking a match and throwing it on a gasoline-doused tinderbox.

When it comes to city politics, it doesn't get much more complicated than Jerusalem. Considered a holy place by three major world religions, Jerusalem has been the center of ethnic, religious, and cultural conflict for thousands of years.

Since the establishment of an official Israeli state following World War II, the region has suffered from near-constant turmoil. Numerous peace deals have been attempted, but none successful.

Enter President Trump, who last week announced the U.S. will formally recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. While many Israelis celebrated, critics likened the move to striking a match and throwing it on a gasoline-doused tinderbox.

Turkish President Erdogan
Erdogan says the U.S. is "plunging the region and the world into a fire with no end in sight."

World Reaction

As expected, the announcement sent waves of anger across the Middle East. Leaders of surrounding countries wholeheartedly condemned the decision.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called Jerusalem a "red line for Muslims" and accused the U.S. of "plunging the region and the world into a fire with no end in sight."

Jordan's King Abdullah insisted the decision will have "dangerous repercussions on the stability and security of the region."

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi echoed similar sentiments, saying Trump's decision will "seriously undermine chances for peace in the Middle East."

But none of this compared to the statement issues by Malaysia's Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, who characterized Trump's decision as a "slap in the face for the entire Muslim world," and said his country was ready to send military forces to fight on the side of Palestinians "should their services be needed."

Israel Remains Defiant

Despite real concerns about safety in the region, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu remained optimistic. He called the move "an important step towards peace," noting that ""Jerusalem has been the focus of our hopes, our dreams, our prayers for three millennia. Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jewish people for 3,000 years."

Israel maintains its official position that no peace deal can be made if Palestinians won't recognize Jerusalem as the rightful capital.

Protests in Israel over Trump's Jerusalem decision.
Israeli security forces engage with Palestinian protesters.

Bloody Aftermath

In the days after the decision was announced, violent protests broke out in Gaza and the West Bank. As anger boiled over, Palestinian protesters rioted in the streets, throwing stones and other objects at Israeli security forces. The Israelis, armed with rubber bullets and tear gas, repelled their advance. So far two people have been killed and scores more injured.

Depending on which direction things go, the violence may just be ramping up.

Following the Jerusalem announcement, Hamas called for a third intifada, or uprising, against Israel. But although street protests have been rampant, a serious organized resistance is yet to take form.

Who Does Jerusalem Belong To?

In reality, the U.S. decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital is not exactly akin to throwing a match on a tinderbox. A more apt description might be adding a log to an already-burning fire.

History has shown that the tensions which divide Israelis and Palestinians, Muslim and Jews, Arabs, and non-Arabs are deep-seated. Unfortunately, an outbreak of violence across any of those lines is a near-constant possibility. Jerusalem is a hinge point, a holy place with immeasurable symbolic importance to all sides. All sides claim ownership of it, and any attempt to change that status quo is certain to incite conflict.

Lasting peace in the region was always a long shot, although it's safe to say that the U.S. throwing its support behind Israel makes this outcome decidedly less likely.

What do you think? Was Trump right to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?



  1. Pastor Davila's Avatar Pastor Davila

    This was something that was bound to happen. It is prophecy if you believe that...

    1. MEG AMASI's Avatar MEG AMASI


      1. Dragon Priest's Avatar Dragon Priest

        Palestinian Arabs are just ... And they behave as somewhat less than humans. Trump just lit that fire as a distraction to his Russia Probe. Frankly the earth can swallow it up and well be better for it.

        1. mike's Avatar mike

          This is about God's word coming to pass. Why bring in politics.

          1. Kyle Fair's Avatar Kyle Fair

            Self fulfilling prophecy, its not God's word coming to fruition, The prophecy you speak of was written at the Council of Nicaea a.k.a. when Babylon corrupted God's word for political control

          2. Thomas M. Hook's Avatar Thomas M. Hook

            God will prevail over any force so why even think of fighting his just will ?

          3. Sandra Ribeiro's Avatar Sandra Ribeiro

            I couldn't agree more. As long as humans participate in either though I'm afraid there's going to be a dysfunctional marriage of the two.

          4. Michael Jordan's Avatar Michael Jordan

            "Gods word"... what a joke! God is a spiritual Santa Clause! God will not prevail because God does not exist, except in your imagination!

            Your ONE GOD is FAKE! and god said let US create man in OUR image! that is PLURAL NOT SINGULAR! ONE god is a fabricated notion twisted out of a book written by men!

          5. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            This is for Michael: God DID say, "Let US create man in our image." The word translated God is Elohim, which could also be translated The Eloahs, or The God Family. Then, He (they) made humans in their image-- male and female. That's TWO. God gave each of them one head, one neck, one torso, one heart, one liver, one stomach, etc. He gave them TWO eyes, two ears, two nostrils, two of each tooth, two hands, two of each finger and toe, etc. Two kidneys, two lungs, etc. TWO. TWO. TWO. Your body has ONE of some things, TWO of others. There are TWO genders-- male and female. There is no third. It takes a MALE and a FEMALE to procreate. No third party. So, NATURE tells us, God is TWO. Not three. Not seven. Not six. TWO.

            Now, John 1 tells us that "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God...and by Him (the Word) were all things made... and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld His glory." Hebrews 1 says that God made the planets by His Son who is the EXPRESS IMAGE (like a carbon copy, clone, mirror image) of His person.

            Isaiah told us that the child born of the woman would be called Prince of Peace, EVERLASTING FATHER. Christ told His disciples, "MY FATHER AND I ARE ONE," and "IF YOU HAVE SEEN ME YOU HAVE SEEN THE FATHER."

            At the garden of Gethsemane, He prayed, "glorify Me with the glory I shared with YOU before the world began." God once covered Moses' face and passed by, then allowed Moses to see Him as He was moving away, from behind, yet Christ said no man had ever seen the Father. So, whom did Moses see? He saw the Son-- not the Son's Father.

            There are many other places that show this, but somehow (due to Catholicism, I believe) mankind has not grasped this. God is TWO-- the Father and the Son. There is no third, or we would have three eyes and three arms, etc.

            There is a great lack of understanding of these things. Needless to say, this is by no means a full essay on it, and if you don't believe in the scriptures, I guess the point is moot, anyway.

        2. Minister Jim's Avatar Minister Jim

          Our President Trump made a campaign promise to move the American Embassy to Capital of Israel, Jerusalem. It was his belief that Isreal has a right to claim their capital in what ever city that is within Israel that they choose. His intensions to do this was made clear with his promise, and that promise was made long before any fake Russian Collusion investigations were ever started. The one thing we know from his record so far is our President Trump keeps his promises.

          1. Rev. Rene's Avatar Rev. Rene

            The sad truth is this "president" is a political nincompoop, it is high time somebody puts a new statute in place requiring a certain prerequisite for a president!!! To become even an undergraduate there are multiple steps, but any novice can become president if he or she has millions to back them! This announcement was both unnecessary at this moment and politically unwise.

          2. Mich's Avatar Mich

            Exactly this is why Obama the biggest criminal and moron we have ever had for a President won, because he was financially backed by billionaire Soros. Lets not forget pedophile and rapist Bill Clinton who loved to travel to Epsteins Island which he was also backed by Soros money. MS Clinton was backed by Soros money however, the American people wanted someone who wasn't as corrupt and Evil. You know Soros right?

          3. Paul's Avatar Paul

            Amen .....

          4. Brother James's Avatar Brother James

            Give peace a chance it’s not just a song title anymore

        3. Anita Ganser's Avatar Anita Ganser

          I agree Trump is the king of distraction. He alway seems to do stuff at key times. I don't think Paliestinian Arabs are in human. Isreal is making it all but impossible to get food and drinking water. That is what you call not being human. Making settlements in other people's lands is provoking. How about someone put up a house in your ok with that??

          1. Shulamit Linda Rosner's Avatar Shulamit Linda Rosner

            Respectfully, Ms Rogers, you do not have the facts. Israel and the world community provide billions in aid to the "Palestinians." The PA owes Israel millions for electricity which Israel generates. The PA doesn't even generate its own electricity. Food from Israel comes in every single day in hundreds of trucks plus what is grown in the region, as it should be, .The markets are full.

          2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            Thank you, Linda, and some of those billions in aid to the Palestinians provide terrorist's families with incomes as a form of reward for terrorism.

          3. Suzanne's Avatar Suzanne

            Not one of you choose any humility. What is happening on the other side of the world is none of our business.

          4. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            If it is none of our business, we should not give them anything. If we give them anything, it becomes our business to an extent.

      2. Anita Ganser's Avatar Anita Ganser

        Then want was it not recognized that way? I am not being argumentive I world tally like to know

        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          It has been since the days of King David, who purchased it from the Jebusites, and there built his palace, and prepared everything for Solomon to build the first Temple.

      3. Denyse Simpson's Avatar Denyse Simpson

        I agree with Meg Amasi. Jerusalem has always been the capital of Israel.

      4. Earl Farrell's Avatar Earl Farrell

        Do you mean "always" as in since 1948?

        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          No, Earl. As I noted above, since the days of King David.

      5. Elder Freddie Bell's Avatar Elder Freddie Bell

        John you need to read John speaks of the Holy Spirit which is the third person in the HOLY TRINITY

        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          That is not a third person. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God. It was the Holy Spirit who made Mary pregnant with Jesus. Now, was the Holy Spirit the Father of Jesus, or was God Almighty the Father of Jesus?

          I know in the verse you mention it says, "he" referring to the Comforter, but that is what the Anglican monks put there. Greek does not say "he", but if it did, it would be referring to God, not a third entity. In the first part of John 14, Jesus talked about He and His Father. He didn't speak of He and His Father and the Holy Spirit.

          AS I SO LOGICALLY POINTED OUT, when God said, "Let us make Man in Our image," He made MALE and FEMALE. He gave us one or two of everything. He did not give us three. If you have three thumbs, you are deformed. If you have three nipples or arms or kidneys you are deformed. The trinity is an unholy doctrine that comes from pagans, and pagans who called themselves Christians have tried to put it into the Holy Scriptures but the Scriptures themselves show that it is false. The reference in 1 John 5:8 is completely false. It appeared as a note in the margins of some ancient manuscripts from the Dark Ages and later some monk put it in the actual verses.

          1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            Jesus said, "if you have seen Me, you have seen the Father." He didn't say, "if you have seen Me, you have seen the Father and the Holy Ghost."

            He said, "I and My Father are One." He did NOT say, "I and My Father and the Holy Spirit are one." Why wouldn't He include the Holy Spirit? Wouldn't the Holy Spirit be insulted?

            As Jesus prayed at Gethsemane, "glorify Me with the glory I shared with You before the world began," if the Trinity were real, He would have said, "...that I shared with You and the Holy Spirit before the world began."

            In many many scriptures, there are references to the Father on His throne and the Son at His right hand, but no reference whatsoever to the presence of a third entity there.

            I know the Trinity is a sacred cow, but that is ALL it is. It is NOT scriptural. Just consider what I am saying.

          2. Elder Freddie Bell's Avatar Elder Freddie Bell

            The fact that the Holy Spirit is God is clearly seen in many Scriptures, including Acts 5:3-4. In this verse Peter confronts Ananias as to why he lied to the Holy Spirit and tells him that he had “not lied to men but to God.” It is a clear declaration that lying to the Holy Spirit is lying to God. We can also know that the Holy Spirit is God because He possesses the characteristics of God. For example, His omnipresence is seen in Psalm 139:7-8, “Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence? If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there.” Then in 1 Corinthians 2:10-11, we see the characteristic of omniscience in the Holy Spirit. “But God has revealed it to us by his Spirit. The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God. For who among men knows the thoughts of a man except the man’s spirit within him? In the same way no one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God.”

            We can know that the Holy Spirit is indeed a divine person because He possesses a mind, emotions, and a will. The Holy Spirit thinks and knows (1 Corinthians 2:10). The Holy Spirit can be grieved (Ephesians 4:30). The Spirit intercedes for us (Romans 8:26-27). He makes decisions according to His will (1 Corinthians 12:7-11). The Holy Spirit is God, the third Person of the Trinity. As God, the Holy Spirit can truly function as the Comforter and Counselor that Jesus promised He would be (John 14:16, 26,

          3. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            Okay, Freddie. I can see you are heavily indoctrinated and do not believe your own eyes when it comes to Scripture. First of all, your very first point--lying to the Holy Spirit is lying to God. That does NOT show the Holy Spirit is a THIRD entity, but that God is the Holy Spirit. The rest of what you are quoting says the same. Nothing says the Holy Spirit is a third entity. Think about what I asked you about Mary's pregnancy. Did you try to reason that out?

            Also, at Jesus' baptism, what came down from heaven like a dove and who said, "this is my Son?"

            Use your power of reason, Freddie. Let me ask you, is the Holy Spirit mentioned in Revelation 20? Would you please just consider the points I have made, one at a time? I know you have not yet, because you are grasping at straws to prove something that cannot be proven. Again, it is a sacred cow, drummed into us by almost EVERY so-called Christian church, but... Okay. Let me ask you this-- if mankind is made in the image of God, where is the third arm, the third teat, the third eye, the third nostril, the third gender?

            So, was Jesus the Son of the Holy Spirit, or the Son of God?
            LUKE 1:35 "And the angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God." So, according to what you are saying, Jesus was not the Son of God Himself, but the Son of the Holy Ghost. So, why would He call God the Father? Why would anyone say, "Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?" If God is not the Father, HE CANNOT BE THE FATHER.
            Jesus didn't say baptize in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. He said baptize in the name of the Father and the Son, and INTO the Holy Spirit. You cannot baptize in the name of someone or something that has no name. God the Father has a name, the Son has a name, and the Spirit does not--BECAUSE IT IS NOT A THIRD ENTITY.

            Can you not comprehend that God IS the HOLY SPIRIT? There is no third. Why would God need a third? Why couldn't the disciples have the Comforter BEFORE Jesus went back to His Father? I mean, if there were three of them? Use your brain and not the dogma. You can say something emphatically over and over again but it will still not be true.

      6. Marilyn A's Avatar Marilyn A

        Bottom line as a tourist, women, christian, Jewis and or any religion I would not feel safe nor welcomed in Arab nations. I am blessed as I had the opertunitinty to visit Israel and blesssed to walk the Via Delarosa & the Church, where all religions are free to practice.

    2. Audie Mae Parker Durand's Avatar Audie Mae Parker Durand

      The Holy Bible contains not only the words describing Jewish and Chritian history and guidelines, it is considered a piece of great literature. It is studied by all scholars of religions, including Islam. It will last.

    3. Pastor Luis Federico Cerna's Avatar Pastor Luis Federico Cerna

      The Land of Israel belongs to God: "The Earth is the Lord's and all it contains, the world and those who dwell in it" (Psalm 24:1). Since the entire world belongs to God, He has the right to apportion it as He chooses, and He specifically gave the nations their lands based on the Jewish people's right to the Land of Israel! "When the Most High gave the nations their inheritance, when He separated the sons of man, He set the boundaries of the peoples according to the number of the sons of Israel. For the Lord's portion is His people; Jacob is the allotment of His inheritance" (Deuteronomy 32:8-9). GOD tells us that ,The Chosen People needed a Chosen Land, and so the God of Israel strategically chose the Land of Israel for the People of Israel: "This is Jerusalem; I have set her at the center of the nations, with lands around her" (Ezekiel 5:5). The Land that God chose for us is located in the center of the nations, connecting the continents of Europe, Africa and Asia. Because of this strategic location, the Jewish people had ample exposure to all the nations of the world.

    4. Elder Freddie Bell's Avatar Elder Freddie Bell

      Revelation 3:12New International Version (NIV)

      12 The one who is victorious I will make a pillar in the temple of my God. Never again will they leave it. I will write on them the name of my God and the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem, which is coming down out of heaven from my God; and I will also write on them my new name.

  1. Chiyo Marley's Avatar Chiyo Marley

    Not at all. It's more like shouting 'fire' in a crowded theater. I'd say this one is on Trump.

    "In reality, the U.S. decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is not exactly akin to throwing a match on a tinderbox. A more apt description might be adding a log to an already-burning fire."

  1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

    This was decided long ago, and Trump just said, Ok, let's get 'er done. As far as stirring up Palestinians and Arabs, they stay stirred up all the time. They are never at rest unless they just got their butts handed to them, and even that doesn't last for long. You cannot have any effective foreign policy based on bribery and appeasement, and there is no real appeasing for the Muslim-dominated countries. People who know exactly diddly-squat about the Middle East are just jumping on this as one more excuse to criticize Trump.

    The Palestinians (the modern word for Philistines, for you non-believers) lived on that land but never governed themselves on it. Yassir Arafat was born in a Jordanian refugee camp. Israel has bent over backward to appease Egypt AND the Palestinians, and the Palestinians have responded with terrorism. There is ONE democratic republic in the Mideast, and it is Israel. Human rights are defended and recognized in Israel far more than anyplace else in the Mideast. To this day, it is better to be a Palestinian in Israel, than a Palestinian in a refugee camp elsewhere.

    Jerusalem is the location of the capital of ancient Judea for many generations, when David bought it from the Jebusites, and at one time all of Israel, but only for three generations. I don't see why anyone thinks it should not be the capital now, even the Muslims. They have Mecca and Medina. Why do they think they deserve Jerusalem also? No one has said they have to leave. Only that they have to share. What's wrong with that? I know, you'll say the Jews took the land from the Palestinians, but Mohammed took the land from the Jews hundreds of years ago, slaughtering Jews in the process. So, they can share, or they can suck their thumbs and pout, or they can risk armed conflict, but you can't please them no matter what you do, because they hate us without a cause, and their hatred of Israel goes well beyond any real offenses Israel has committed in establishing their country.

    There WILL be a third Temple built, and there WILL be daily sacrifices as in the old times, before the Messiah returns. If you don't believe any of that, I fail to see why you should care one way or another, unless you are just brainwashed to complain about things you do not understand.

    1. Lea Weisenbach's Avatar Lea Weisenbach

      Tell it like it is..your right...But people think like Obama and pay the bully.

    2. James's Avatar James

      I agree!

    3. Eric k's Avatar Eric k

      very well said, and to top it off it is Israel that this city belongs to legally so they should be able to do as they please anyway

    4. Marilyn A's Avatar Marilyn A

      Thank you for stating truth and fact. Israel is our Ali & friend. We can count on this small country to be on our side and have our backs, can’t say that about them.
      I agree with all your points .... done ✅ let’s move on ?? We are free to visit the holy land ? Merry Christmas ? Happy Hanukkah ? happy kwanza

      1. John Eftimiades's Avatar John Eftimiades

        How is Israel our ally? They can never actively get involved in any conflict we get into without causing a world war? There is no compromise in how they go about occupying territories and pushing their agenda. The only people who can rightfully call them an ally is our politicians The Israeli lobby is so firmly entrenched into the back pocket of our legislatures that prudent compromising decisions will never be made.The whole world ( except us) have denounced Israel's continued occupation of land they grab after the 1967 conflict. I mean really, are all those countries wrong and only the US and Israel right?. GODDAM those Persians! If during WW1the Ottoman Empire had aligned themselves with the Allies rather than the Axis we would have peace in the middle east.

        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          Wait! In how many world wars has Israel been involved? I wasn't born until 1957, but I made really good grades in school and Dean's list in college, and I don't remember studying about their roles in any world wars.

          As for the land they "grabbed" after the 1967 conflict, they gave back the WHOLE SINAI to Egypt, which they RIGHTFULLY took after being attacked. If you are attacked and beat your enemies back, you have EVERY RIGHT TO THEIR LAND, if you can occupy it. Any land they give back, their enemies move in and use it as a platform for attack. How would you propose they deal with that? Any Muslim country would wipe out anyone who did that.

          If you want to be a citizen of the UN, there are countries who wholeheartedly wish to do so, but at least HALF of this nation says it is NOT going to happen here, without bitter armed conflict.

          I think your opinion as expressed is heavily biased and very lacking in nuance.

          1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


          2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            THERE'S the sphincter we love to hate! Maher, have you been in ULC prison? Are you still doing your kegels or do you prefer the leakage?

          3. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


          4. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            There you go. Typical leftist lie-slinging. Changing unsubstantiated ALLEGATIONS of flirting with young women into actual pedophilia. You aren't the first and won't be the last. Y'all just LOVE to tell lies and believe lies. The worst thing is, you KNOW you're a liar, and instead of repenting, you just strive to tell greater lies.

    5. Bobby French's Avatar Bobby French

      Couldn't have said any better. I Stand With Israel May God Bless The State of Israel and The USA

    6. Craig Sanders's Avatar Craig Sanders

      Agreed John Owens

  1. Lea Weisenbach's Avatar Lea Weisenbach

    Lets face it..the peace talks have been going on for years and Palistine can care less about peace. Trump did the right thing..You sometimes have to make a stand even if the out come either way is good. God has no religion..and this word religion has been miss used and abused...

  1. Barry's Avatar Barry

    Israel has been our Ally for many years.The Palestinians have been Instagating violence for a long time. All of the Israeli government has been In Jerusalem for decades.This should Have been done along time ago.

  1. James's Avatar James

    Time to let a king rise over all the Muslim lands. Then Israel can be the Jewish and Christian kingdom,and the Muslim king would be the one person to confront when his people get out of hand. Maybe, a king with out outsiders could clean that hell hole up! The USA, Britain and Rome can keep Israel from being over ran by the Muslim king for sure. They have mecca any ways.

    1. Barry's Avatar Barry

      Very true

  1. rabbi jim's Avatar rabbi jim

    I suggest giving everyone in the middle east a gun, if they don't already have one, and let them blow each other away until there is no population left there. Then, all of the political BS will be resolved there, once and for all. I will gladly supply the bullets! Shalom and have a wonderful tomorrow and holiday season! rabbi jim

    1. Brian's Avatar Brian

      Oy Vey!

  1. Gramps Patrick's Avatar Gramps Patrick

    The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 was passed by a huge bipartisan vote. President Trump has simply followed a law that Presidents of both parties chose to ignore.

    If you don’t want this to happen lobby your US Representatives and Senators to change the law they created; and, President Clinton was too cowardly to sign or veto.

    Introduced in the Senate as S. 1322 by Bob Dole (R-KS) on October 13, 1995 Committee consideration by Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, and House Committee on International Relations Passed the Senate on October 24, 1995 (93–5 Roll call vote 496, via Passed the House on October 24, 1995 (374–37 Roll call vote 734, via Left unsigned by President Bill Clinton and became law on November 8, 1995

    1. Lea Weisenbach's Avatar Lea Weisenbach

      I stand with Trump..He did the right thing.

      1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens


  1. Chiyo Marley's Avatar Chiyo Marley

    Humanity should cease its endless tribal animosities and look skywards, because there you will find greater threat and opportunity than anything your next-door neighbor can even imagine.

  1. tomarseneault's Avatar tomarseneault

    Trump is so seldom right why should this be any different? Oh, yes this time it cost lives. Any way, Christians, Jews and Muslims all consider it holy why not do like the vadican, make it a city state run by an inter faith commits?

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Trump has been right more than his accusers. Just saying.

      1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          Yep. He's right most of the time. As opposed to Nancy Pelosi, or Obama, or Diane Feinstein, or Chuck Schumer, or Hillary Clinton, or CNN, or MSNBC, or Joy Behar, or any other leftist or statist. Furthermore, you know this, but prefer to lie, anyway, not because that's what you do, but because that's what you are.

          1. Freddie Bell's Avatar Freddie Bell

            No one would ever believe that this is supposed to be religious discussions between ordained Ministers..SMH

          2. Earl Farrell's Avatar Earl Farrell

            Freddie, I was just thinking the same thing. People march under the Christian flag but they completely forget about that Jesus guy.

          3. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            Jesus had a habit of calling a spade a spade, Gentlemen, and that was an important aspect of His mission. I don't know what your idea of a Christian is, but I hope it is not that fake syrupy person who never gets angry and smiles all the time and never steps on anyone else's toes because he or she doesn't want to offend anyone. In other words-- a doormat for everyone else. Well, Jesus wasn't like that and neither were His disciples and I don't claim to be like Jesus but I am not like that either. If you put with Maher much here, you will get sick of his lunatic rantings too. SMH indeed.

  1. Arlene's Avatar Arlene

    What gives the US the right to determine where the capital of another country should be? Nothing! But the US does have responsibility for supporting peace efforts to stabilize the volatile Middle East. Trump way overstepped his legitimate authority and, in the process, contributed to further destabilizing foreign affairs.

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      He didn't overstep anything. He didn't declare where the capital city is. He just stated the obvious and well-known. How is that over-stepping? And by the way, how much can you really claim to know about middle-eastern affairs? How far have peace efforts gotten us in the past? How can we achieve different results by doing the same stupid things we have been doing for so long? I don't think anyone criticizing knows Trump's legitimate authority. They said he overstepped with the travel ban, but the Constitution grants much more authority than he used, and the Hawaiian judge overstepped HIS authority trying to block it, and the Supreme Court said as much. The Middle East is congenitally unstable. Has been for thousands of years.

    2. Milton's Avatar Milton

      The title of the article misrepresents the current event. President Trump authorized to have our US Embassy moved from its current location in Israel, to a different location still in Israel. Israel wanted it moved to Jerusalem because they want better protection for their capitol.

      The title should have been "Trump is moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem".

  1. Rev. Don's Avatar Rev. Don

    Trump approaches a task requiring the skills of a miniaturist but with the vim and vigor of a drunken house painter. The depths of his ignorance have yet to be plumbed.

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      And this has nothing to do with anything you said, which is gratuitous criticism of someone who is trying to actually do their job instead of prancing around and talking BS all the time.

  1. Rev. Nancy Willingham's Avatar Rev. Nancy Willingham

    Here is my thumbnail understanding from an old Encyclopedia Britannica article written way before 911. Please tell me if I got it wrong. The full history of this region is very complicated. VERY COMPLICATED. This is just a broad overview. When WWI broke out the Ottoman Empire (now Turkey), which was and is Islamic, included what is now the "Middle East." The Empire was in decline when it joined the Axis (Hitler). They lost. England and France each took parts of the Middle East. During WWII France surrendered, so its Middle East possessions came under German control. So when Germany lost a second time the formerly French territories were now twice defeated. Since the Allies won WWI and WWII, they did what they wanted with the Middle East. The Allies and the UN created the State of Israel. Jerusalem was supposed to be a kind of international zone, sort of the way The Vatican is theoretically a county, not part of Italy, or Washington DC is not in any state, but not a state, either. Jordan wound up ruling a Muslim area, what is now called The West Bank, (Palestinian) which is Israel's eastern border and Jerusalem sits right on that border. Then Israel won Jerusalem back through military action, and a peace treaty was made, which Israel signed, but which the Palestinians would not sign. In fact, the Palestinians don't recognize the validity of the State of Israel. So Israel claims Jerusalem as it's capital (they wan the last military action) and the Palestinians claim that the entire nation of Israel has no right to exist.

    So I think this should be between Israel and The West Bank which is not exactly a country because the "Two State Solution" has never fully materialized. Jordan may have some right to have a say, because it is in some way in charge of The West Bank. But other countries should mind their own business. Turkey has no legal claim to Jerusalem, so Erdogan should butt out.

    SUMMARY OF THE ABOVE SUMMARY: During the middle ages, the Muslim Ottoman Empire obtained Jerusalem by force of arms. After losing WWI and WWII, Muslims lost it. To the victor goes the decision what to do with the spoils. Right or wrong, that is the way the world turns. By those rules, the last country to conquer is the owner and ruler of conquered territory, and that currently is Israel.

    As to what will happen now, since everybody thinks they have a dog in this fight, each party will use the status of Jerusalem to justify whatever action they want to take, and each party will claim God is on their side. But, as the song goes, "If God is on our side, He'll stop the next war."

    1. Bob's Avatar Bob

      Good commentary - especially when you consider that the Jewish people lived on that land two thousand years before Mohammed and the Islamic religion was born.

    2. John Eftimiades's Avatar John Eftimiades

      Add an addendum. Britain was lobbied by new founded Zionist during WW1. They were looking for their home land and to be an independent nation. The British did not guarantee them ownership of Palestine. They dangled it in front of Israelis to get their help (money) and to push American Jews to lobby for our entrance to the war. At the same time a new Zionist Nathan Sokolow secured the blessing of the Vatican to allow a Jewish state provided they never lay claim to the holy land of Palestine. The Jews agreed. To make matters worse, the British (who have caused more harm throughout time than anyone ), indirectly dangled a kingdom of their own in front of the Arabs if they would help Britain by fighting the Turks. Well you don't have to guess what happened after the Allies won. Sometimes, I wonder if things would not have been better in the middle east if the Axis had won.

      1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        If the Axis had won, we would all be speaking Deutsche and calling people Nazi would be a compliment. All the Pacific would be speaking Japanese, including Australia. All non-whites would eventually have been exterminated, except for the Asians and a few of each ethnicity for freak shows and sex slaves. Is that the kind of world you would like?

        1. John Eftimiades's Avatar John Eftimiades

          John, I think your confusing WW 1 with WW 2. The Japanese fought on the side of the Allies. Additionally the Nazi party didn't begin until 1919, after the end of the war. The whole "superior race" ideology didn't really gain any traction until 1925- 26.

          1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            and you think they would have lost WW2 if they had won WW1?

          2. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


  1. Joseph's Avatar Joseph

    It doesn't matter wether I agree or not. What I believe is that we need to come together in these times. I agree that the president is finally doing his job unlike previos presidents, and we need to be supportive or just try to pray for him. But the argument is not ours to fight so fighting is the real problem because it's like trying to say the sky is green when it's actually blue and if you disagree you are on the wrong side. That is the problem with this.

  1. E Li's Avatar E Li

    These are the ancient wars of testosterone toxic people and their testosterone toxic god. -Exactly why I chose a different god. And, like a mother who sends toddlers to a time out chair, I believe she has had enough.

    1. Minister Carey's Avatar Minister Carey

      For sure.

    2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Yes. I wonder what will happen to you if you are attacked by a testosterone toxic man. Will you grow something with which to produce testosterone, or will you just curl up in the fetal position to be slaughtered?

  1. Laura McAllister's Avatar Laura McAllister

    I have done thi s a few years ago, do I have to redo it.

  1. Bob Long's Avatar Bob Long

    the fact that a bunch of blood thirsty, Christian and Jew killing muslims (can through in there Buddhists and hindus too as they have killed them also) get upset and we should recapitulate? not on your life! this is disturbing satan and quite frankly I am fine with that.

    1. Bob Long's Avatar Bob Long

      throw, NOT through, my voice to text makes me question the validity of the claim that it is a smart phone

    2. joe blow's Avatar joe blow

      Blood thirsty? Christians wipe out anyone not like them, then justifying it by calling them "evil"!!!!!! Both Christians AND the Nazis have a final solution!

      1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        In what alternate universe, joe? Certainly not in this one, not in our lifetimes. How insane are you to equate modern Christianity with Nazism? Only one possible answer, but I'm asking, in case you are just badly constipated and angry at the world.

        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          I just don't see how people can say deranged things like joe, here, and not go immediately to the nearest shrink for a psychological evaluation.

  1. Maryam's Avatar Maryam

    I can not believe the bigotry i see in these comments ... Jerusalem is a Holy place to Jews, Christians, and Muslims ... to put it in control of Zionists is the spark that will start WW3 ... Remember that the Christian in that region are Palisrians ... the Zionists considers all of us non_Jews as the equivalent of pigs ... subhumans ... but American Christians support Zionist ... WAKE UP! the Christians are being slaughtered by these self_rightous nationalist ... how can you support them?!?!?!?!?!??!

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      But it is OK to have it in control of Muslims? In what alternate universe is that more desirable?

    2. Brian's Avatar Brian

      This is a place of religious history for all religions... Regardless of belief, there will never be peace in that region without the sharing of Jerusalem for all three religions. Respect of their own and others right to worship (as we do here in the U.S.) and a greater desire to see the children of the region to love and to change for peace. I don't believe that we can call out one religion over the other. We, as ministers must encourage acceptance, love and common ground.

      1. Janice A Ellery's Avatar Janice A Ellery

        I agree Jerusalem could be a model for the three major world religions coexisting, but this stance is probably unrealistic as long as each religion claims a monopoly on God.

        1. Joe Blow's Avatar Joe Blow

          YEP! Religion is the Ultimate Dick waving competition! ..."My god has a bigger penis than YOUR god"! (Pardon me while I puke)

          1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            Perhaps your god's penis excited your gag reflex.

      2. Dr. Michael Glick's Avatar Dr. Michael Glick

        When Isreal came into being in 1948 it was immediately attacked. The Muslims who chose to stay and be a part of Isreal (and there children) are citizens of a democratic country. Some of them are legislators in the Knesset and even in the judiciary. Jerusalem was designated to be managed internationally; but with the war, it never happened. Numerous wars between the Jews and the Muslims have happened since 1948. There are many Muslims who would prefer if Isreal did not exist; let alone rule Jerusalem (which they captured in a defensive war). Look: we captured the entire U.S.A. for the native peoples. Can we seriously consider returning to them. Let us not forget the ongoing mistreatment of Native Americans; but reflect seriously on this matter. The Jews will not, in the near future, return any part of Jerusalem of the West Bank (Judea and Samaria they call it) as long as people there want to kill them. A while back I listened to a radio show that had Jewish and Muslim guests. One of the Muslim women was well educated (a Fullbright scholar). When the moderator asked her where the Jews in Isreal should go (she admitted to wanting them gone from Arab lands) she said they should go back to Europe. With attitudes such as this peace will not come. How can the Jews negotiate with folks who do not recognize their right to exist. At least not exist in the Middle East. My observations indicate that most places in the world where Muslims exist are troubled. They appear to suffer from a severe lack of tolerance. Let us all pray for peace. Somehow, someday. Doc

    3. Jesus Christ's Avatar Jesus Christ

      Hey! Bigotry is the REAL American way! Then they justify it by hiding it behind a mask of "spirituality"!!!!

  1. Boogalabee's Avatar Boogalabee

    This is my OPINION:

    Have you ever been to Israel? I am talking about "visiting" not going to a protected few square miles by "The Mossad" for cute pictures. The Jews hate Christians, and Muslims alike. In fact, they hate everybody! You should watch "Morgan Spurlock in Israel" where the Palestinians were more welcoming while the Jews almost killed him because he was Christian! We are not helping Israel because they are our allies, we help them because they are in control of the U.S government through the "almighty dollar". If I learned anything in school about history, I was thought that the Jews killed Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior! Remind me again why we are helping them?

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      So, just so I can understand what you are saying, the Jews who run the tiny nation-state of Israel are in control of the US Government through the dollar? Does that mean they control the international banking system? Couldn't they use that leverage to starve their enemies? Why don't they have the US military conquer their enemies and expand their territory, instead of so many of them serving in the IDF?

      1. Boogalabee's Avatar Boogalabee

        You must be getting your "intelligence" from high school! You sound like the guy i ran into at ACME sometimes, you know? The guy that can't look me in the eye, and unhappily mumble something angry to himself in the background. He is most likely thinking: No other human should live, except my kind! Merry Christmas!!

        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          You didn't answer ONE of my intelligent, rational questions. Why is that? You start trying to poke fun at me, but just make yourself look like an inbred idiot.

          1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


        2. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


        3. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          Booger Baby still didn't answer.

    2. Janice A Ellery's Avatar Janice A Ellery

      Jesus forgave the ones who tormented him, why can't you? This type of thinking has fueled all types of hatred.

      1. Elder Freddie Bell's Avatar Elder Freddie Bell


      2. Joe Blow's Avatar Joe Blow

        no cheek left to turn. that is what happens when Christians repeatedly kick people....

        1. Joe Blow's Avatar Joe Blow

          Jesus was a sucker!

          1. Vicki L Pitford's Avatar Vicki L Pitford

            Jesus was not a sucker! Jesus was kind, compassionate and forgiving! I can't believe you said that!

        2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          Just curious, Joe. How and when have Christians kicked YOU? I'd really like to know about it, so I can be more aware of unintentional insensitivity on my own part.

  1. Anita Ganser's Avatar Anita Ganser

    I am not sure about all of this prophecy stuff. I am sure when "god" said they should take this land it really didn't mean encroaching on others or build here and keep going. So much of the Bible is taken out if context by ministers who have political agendas.

    We don't actually know God told him anything. We know that is how the story goes but have you call ever played the game telephone?? The story ay the end is not the same story it started with.

    I think there maybe some greed on behalf of Israel. I think that to lay our Christian beliefs over non-Christians is comical.

    Why can't both people's live in the same area? If I remember correctly Jesus fulfilled the law and we should be connected to Christ not Moses. We have the New Testament for a good reason. This is the Christ we should follow... Old Testament is just history

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      I am curious about your last statement. I know that is the general consensus, but is there any literal statement to that effect in the scriptures? Does Jesus fulfilling the law mean it is done away? That seems contrary to what Jesus said-"he that shall break the least commandment and teach others to do so shall be call the least in the Kingdom, but the person that shall do and teach them shall be called great in the Kingdom." IF there is a KINGDOM, will it not have laws? What about, "The Law shall go forth out of Zion," and "He shall rule all nations with a rod of iron?"

  1. LtBil Drat's Avatar LtBil Drat

    The concern to the United States about this is limited to the location of the US Embassy and the security of it. Whatever political and social impact the move has on any of the criminal elements in the region can be dealt with by the current authority in charge of that land.

  1. Minister RVW's Avatar Minister RVW

    Anita, You shared excellent thoughts, while also being a bit naive when you ask, "why can't both people live in the same area." They could but they won't. Not as long as the human factor remains. Ignorance is a very powerful force.

  1. I. Tirhi's Avatar I. Tirhi

    May God help us to wake up from our deep sleep and realize Trumps real motive here "staying in power for the following four years by pulling the Jews vote and support now the Russian support unveiled.

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      That's about the goofiest thing I've read on THIS blog. A)The Jew vote isn't big enough to swing an election, and B) you don't have ANY way of ascertaining that would be his motivation, and C) the last part of that statement is unintelligible.

      1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          MAHER, did you do your morning kegels, yet? You seem to still be leaking.

  1. Sam's Avatar Sam

    It's time that the world stand up for human rights like they did with South Africa and appartitde and boycott Isreal. Trump to go rouge without any allies on this shows how stupid he is about world politics and the persuit of peace and respect for all people. Trump is a racist and an islamaphobe. It's all so shameful .

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Yet to see one iota of proof that Trump is racist, and he never was called that before he beat Hillary even as Obama, the DNC and Hillary were trying to cheat and steal an election. What is truly shameful is jumping on a bandwagon without any rational thought and just accepting the party line as gospel truth. Israel's human rights record is better than that of ANY of its neighbors, and much, MUCH better than that of the Palestinians. Also, we can only HOPE that South Africa does not go the way of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), as it appears to be doing. Then there will be NO ONE in Africa to feed the starving socialists.

      But hey, just keep calling names and hating. It must be very therapeutic.

      1. Boogalabee's Avatar Boogalabee

        John Owens: You must be a Jew, Muslims hater or the bigot supporter, you can't deny it, it's so obvious in your responses! Is this what you do all day? It must be very therapeutic for you, keep it up!

        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          I'm none of the things you say, but if I WERE, in just what way would you consider yourself superior?

          1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            I guess the silence speaks for itself.

  1. Revelyn's Avatar Revelyn

    Yes, Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel and Sabbath is the cornerstone for our faith, It is part of Creation. I pray for America to "join with Israel" in the Holy Sabbath and the sacred year Messiah declared in Luke 4:18-19 and give YHWH and Israel this respect, before we take such a powerful political move.

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Amen, Revelym. Yahweh said the Sabbath(s) is(are) a sign between Him and us. EX 31:13, IS 56:4, EZ 20:12. Also Zech 14, Hebrews 4. (I'm not posting these for you, Revelym, but for the unlearned who may read this.)

      1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


      2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        ...and when I say "unlearned," MAHER here is a perfect, although extreme example.

        1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


          1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            How I wish you would take your head out of your colon and say something, anything sensible. You are a special breed of special.

  1. Jeff's Avatar Jeff

    Jerusalem is an Israeli is part of Israel...what is so hard to understand? If Israel wants Jerusalem to be the capital of their country where do we have a right to say no? That would be the epitome of arrogance. Since when did the United States have a right to determine where another country has its capital. Throwing stones at the President of the United States for recognizing something that already exists is foolish. The better response is to remind the Arab world that a failed war cost them that city. Their conquest and blood lust is what has led to all this.

  1. William Reddick's Avatar William Reddick

    Will this species ever develop beyond stoneage religions? They can be comforting if not used to beat other people to death.

  1. John Smith's Avatar John Smith

    A little biblical history: Jerusalem has not "always been the capital of Israel." During his travels, Abraham, returning from a battle, which he won, stopped by the city of 'Salem and paid tribute, 10-percent of his spoils, to the Priest-King Melchizedek, who was ruler of the city at that time. ( However, it has been the capital of Israel for most of recorded history. That being said, moving our embassy to the city is of little consequence in the overall scheme of things. (Like throwing bricks in the Grand Canyon -- really doesn't make a whole lot of difference.) Why? Because the Palestinians have said over and over there will be no peace as long as Israel exists. The Palestinians ensure peace CANNOT be achieved by regularly shooting rockets and mortars into Israel. (Don't take my word for it: the last attack was just a few days ago on Dec 17. Look it up for yourself:,_2017) Oddly, Mainstream Media is terribly reluctant to report these attacks. These attacks continue regardless of the Israeli government making concession after concession in negotiations for peace. Looking at the history of unprovoked attacks in the region, the score is about 1000 to NONE. But, it should be noted that, for some reason, Israel has won every conflict. Interesting bit of information.

    That being said, I'll paraphrase humorist Dave Barry: When the world has finally burned up into a fiery ball of ash and molten rock on which only microbes can live: Those microbes living in the Middle East will be bitter enemies.

  1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


  1. Geffen's Avatar Geffen

    45 should not have a say in making Jerusalem the capital city unless Israel our 51 state of the USA.

    It's upto Jewish, Muslims & Christians

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      45 didn't have a say in making Jerusalem the capital. Our country recognized it in law decades ago. The RUSSIANS actually recognized it MONTHS ago, and no one made a big stink about it.

  1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

    I just watched a video clip of Obama saying Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. It has been accepted as such for quite some time, but since the Donald says it, all of a sudden it's a negative thing. What a bunch of whiney babies.

  1. Ron's Avatar Ron

    So Trump acknowledged that a free nation has the right to choose it's own capital city. How terrible.

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      I know, right? How fascistic of him!

  1. Timothy Carlstead's Avatar Timothy Carlstead

    I say President Trump did the right thing by making God's chosen people's city as the rightful capital of Jerusalem. Others that say it was a mistake for him to do that they do not listen because they think he ruined the chance of "peace" I use peace in quotes because there will never be peace between Israelis and Palestinians and with the Palestinians taking the land God gave to his people the Palestinians are making way for the Anti-Christ. So I think President Trump did the right thing. I side with him by making it the Capital and those who will reply to me in anger or disagree with me you can go cry and suck your thumb that I side with my 45th President on his decision. Minister Timothy Carlstead

  1. Professor's Avatar Professor

    The Holy Bible is clear about what Jerusalem really is. God calls it "Sodom". Why would anyone be surprised that the imposters want to make it their capitol. The third temple will be built and it is not God they will worship there but Satan (or The Dragon, same thing). Also, that six pointed star is the "Star of Satan". Nowhere in the Bible will you find a reference to a "Star of David". How fitting for the Israeli flag.

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