make rape legal
Daryush Valizadeh, leader of Return of Kings

Rape is a great teaching tool. Women have too much power and autonomy in our culture. Women are valued insofar as they are beautiful and subservient to men.

These are the views of a group calling itself the Return of Kings. They are holding events where members can meet similarly fragile men in cities across the globe on February 6th, 2016 according to Daryush Valizadeh, the leader of the "neo-masculinist" movement online.

According to Valizadeh, "neomasculinity combines traditional beliefs, masculinity, and animal biology into one ideological system. It aims to aid men living in Westernized nations that lack qualities such as classical virtue, masculinity in males, femininity in females, and objectivity, especially concerning beauty ideals and human behavior."

He has garnered a bit of a following online; the Facebook page for Return of the Kings has been liked more than 12,500 times. Over the weekend, these sexist blokes will emerge from the cocoon of their web support group and spread their wings in public. Valizadeh has organized meetings at 44 different locations. He himself will attempt to attend one in Sydney, Australia, though he has not been granted a visa and the government is not exactly keen on the idea of these meetings, given that the group made headlines for their overwhelming call: make rape legal.

Solve Rape with Rape

One year prior to the world wide meet up, Valizadeh published a blog about rape culture. In his eyes, the biggest concern when it comes to rape is that men get in trouble for it.

"I saw women wholly unconcerned with their own safety and the character of men they developed intimate relationships with. I saw women who voluntarily numbed themselves with alcohol and other drugs in social settings before letting the direction of the night's wind determine who they would follow into a private room. I saw women who, once feeling awkward, sad, or guilty for a sexual encounter they didn't fully remember, call upon an authority figure to resolve the problem by locking up her previous night's lover in prison or ejecting him from school."

He starts off with a fair-enough concern (that people get intoxicated and make choices they would later regret), but then runs with it right off the proverbial cliff. Instead of doing something about the drinking and drug use, he offers his solution that women should learn their lesson by making it legal for men to rape them on private property.

Valizadeh has admitted that he has committed rape while visiting abroad. He boasts in his writings of committing acts that, had they been done in the United States, would be legally considered rape. It's no wonder he blames women for being raped rather than the rapist, as that would entail acknowledgement of his own wrongs.

Tacit Agreement

make rape legal The misogyny expressed by Return of Kings members are similar to tenets of several faiths, though not often practiced today with nearly as much vigor. Verses in the Quran speak of women having lesser value [4:11], the right of men to have several wives [4:3], and the permission of men to have women as sex slaves [4:24]. The Bible has verses that call for the murder of non-virgin women [Leviticus 21:9], consider the offering by a man to let a mob rape his daughter to be a righteous action [Judges 19:24-25], a calling for women to be silent and never be in a position of authority [I Timothy 2:11-14], and even blaming women for the fact that all humans eventually die [Ecclesiastes 25:22].

There are of course Christians and Muslims that advocate for gender equality, and we certainly don't see religious bodies calling for the decriminalization of rape, but in many churches, temples, and mosques, the views of women are less than egalitarian. Believing the scriptures listed above at the very least affects the way that one views gender, even if those views are still far from those of Return of Kings.

As readers, we get riled up about Valizadeh and his neo-masculinist groups meeting in public. Yet groups with sexist religious beliefs meet every week and we say nothing and don't even give it a second thought. We have to look at our inconsistencies critically.


On February 4th, a mere 2 days before the event, the official public meet ups were cancelled. There has been great outrage from not only the public, but from politicians as well, including the mayor of Ottawa who labeled members of the group as misogynistic "garbage".

Valizadeh claims the cancellations were out of concern for safety and privacy. "I can no longer guarantee the safety or privacy of the men who want to attend on February 6, especially since most of the meetups cannot be made private in time. While I can't stop men who want to continue meeting in private groups, there will be no official Return of Kings meetups."

Yes, these masculine, sturdy, traditional men are crying about the possibility of ridicule and violence. If he is worried that his stupid choices will lead to his physical harm, then he should take his own advice and make assaulting Return of Kings members legal on private property. Clearly, that will prevent the assaults from ever happening. Oh the irony!

This could very well be nothing more than a diversion attempt to quell public concern and attention regarding the meetups. His wording about not being able to "stop men who want to continue meeting in private groups" seems to suggest that members are still encouraged to move forward, just not in the eye of the public.

The group's online forum was closed to the public at around the same time as the announcement. Members could easily decide to organize themselves and hold meetings in person. This of course begs the question: What do a group of straight, sexist, pro-rape men do when they get together?


  1. Susan's Avatar Susan

    Using any religion's scriptures as a means to justify hurting other human beings is simply a travesty.

    1. Joseph WOODWARD's Avatar Joseph WOODWARD

      Violent forceful, mind injury, Rape on any Female, DNA: Extract sperm, the Subject involve, Jail, Prison, let the injured victim Stone the Raptist see how he likes that, an eye for an eye, not turn the other cheek??Amen?

    2. harleyallen's Avatar harleyallen

      I agree. How would God condone rape? It is hard for me to see what is going on in the name of religion and God. This seems to be a new platform for certain groups to do whatever they want. I find this all very sad.

      1. Ed Kennelly's Avatar Ed Kennelly

        that's why religious people scare me and spiritual people inspire me.

      2. M's Avatar M

        God does not condom rape, their is nothing anybody can do to convince me he does. Rape is demeaning and brutal and it very wrong, so there is no way in Hell I would ever believe God would condom raping women, he had too much respect for women.

      3. i will UNbreed you's Avatar i will UNbreed you

        yes Bible says to rape a woman is same as "murdering your own brother" but these beings have not God.. I am not sure who or what they even are! they have flesh captive with their thoughts like a parasite system...

    3. Jill's Avatar Jill

      J Where was the perv when he claims over and over, "I saw...?"

    4. Donna Baldwin's Avatar Donna Baldwin

      I can't believe this is an issue. Who is included in this debatury, anyone near, children, women between the ages of ? Or ?. Madness... Rape is a violent act. Let the misguided ones rape each other. Love and Aloha.

    5. Ruth Knightstep's Avatar Ruth Knightstep

      Many seem to forget that, for Christians, the old Judaic law passed away with the coming of, and subsequent death of, Christ Jesus. He preached love for God, love for others, and love for self--in that order. He preached His life as He lived it: doing no harm to anyone, helping ease the suffering of all He could reach, forgiving those who sinned who were sorry for their misdeeds, and (ultimately) giving His life to forgive us and give us eternal hope. Only the Old Testament talks about "an eye for an eye," but even THAT was much more compassionate than typical laws of the times! It was much less violent than other people's laws, and was intended to lessen the violence; some tribes allowed killing someone's whole family for some slight, allowing for far greater retribution than the original transgression. God was seeking to tame ancient man's aggressive desire for the concept of "ALL MINE!!"

      The mentality of these men who want rape legalized is nothing new--it is as old as time itself. There is no justification, in 21st century understanding of God and Justice (which, of course, continues to be imperfect), for ANY belief system that makes victims of anyone. These guys are lost, full of rage, and howling in their own wilderness......pray for them AND their victims.

      1. i will UNbreed you's Avatar i will UNbreed you

        but how do people like this get life???? rape conceptions or what? I don't get how they are alive../were given says to offend someone who "believes in Me" it would be better for that person if that person was never born

    6. Minister Michele Dupre's Avatar Minister Michele Dupre

      I was raped. It was an act of violence. No woman should have to go through that. For the record God made woman to be Adam`s help meet not a slave.

    7. i will UNbreed you's Avatar i will UNbreed you

      yes and thankfully just like everything else this also will backfire:) now these men will be seen as sick sad little low IQ creatures and laughed at !! women used to be FEARFUL but the more men can talk like this the more we can wise up,strengthen up, LAUGH.. I mean even in an attempt of rape LAUGH at the "manhood" lol and just have our self protection methods ready to go and and it will be so non chalant because such men simply DO NOT MATTER as living functional members of society...I swear I will cut it off and hand it to him laughing..... its a little thing... its just a MAN..but a SICK ONE.... he has such a NEED to harass a female.. then he isn't worth living!! his MOTHER is the ONLY one I blame for breeding him.. and we will get to that point...nothing can come FROM a female body , LIVE off of her (if I thought I was breeding a natural enemy id punch myself in the stomache a few times to abort it!) and then be born a natural enemy TO females yet come from one???!!! its a parasitic mind control disorder. no longer a human. if I "bred it" I will "dead it" my fault! prevention is better they make an anti rape device too.. it has sharp teeth that clamp down on him .... but I think that's bad for the woman to have to go through. there seems to be a "separate mind" that is trying to take over humanity/human bodies and it even uses breeding as a weapon too... yet its not good for humanity! you might have to kill them as soon as they show signs of the sickness.or at least detain it for study but definitely don't allow it to breed. its no longer a "natural" being. it doesn't work with nature and life success and progress but against it.and thast when wome are hated the MOST as they are needed the most....and don't WANT THEM.. so they show those signs of those tactics..of putting women back in captivity days because they know they wont be bred otherwise .must be sad to know no one wants you that much! that you need women to not be able to read write drive work etc.. stay home.. and beat them etc... or YOU cant exist?? lol that's INSANE. to be just a good person doesn't occur to them for survival sometimes I feel spiritually they are self aborted

    8. Tickleme's Avatar Tickleme

      If you were to read Daryush's aka Roosh argument it was a way to stop false rape accusations which have been getting out of hand in the West. The false rape accusation leveled too much power in the hands of young women, who are the most sought after subjects for sexual encounters. In reality the false rape accusation along with several other privileges in our society allow women to specifically weaponize sex against low status men while conversely protecting high status men as sexual studs. Who would be more likely to have detractors if accused of rape? A high status male who might have several other women defend him, or a low status male who might have to defend himself alone?

      Rape itself as a crime has been over the years been redefined further and further from its original definition as a form of assault. Women have gotten so used to the privileges of rape laws, by tugging on the heartstrings of old judges, that they have successfully widened the types of behavior and scenarios that could be defined as rape to the point where any interaction that might offend a woman could be identified as a rape crime. The rape law in a sense has been hijacked from being a tool to dissuade men from using outright assault or weapons to have sex with women, into a law to dissuade beta men from attempting to acquire sex. This is why men all over are reexamining the rape law as it is defined in the courts. Fragile women have literally turned the rape law into part of their sexual filtration system making a mockery of its use in the process. When women equate not getting what they want sexually as being rape then the rape law is basically a joke at that point. Most false rape claims are from females who are afraid of losing their reputation in the community rather than a redress after an attack. Even worse it puts women who have truly been assaulted and bloodied on the same level as a girl who is angry that her friends filmed her naked with a boy. What kind of horribleness is that? The courts aren't supposed be used to damage or save reputations, they are there to define the behaviors allowed of the average citizen. Attacking slights and mistaken sexual interludes as rape is an attack on the sex act itself. Because men want sex more than women the new rape cases simply are an attack on men.

      The females don't realize that they have made a mockery of the entire human mating ritual by stooping to these levels to protect their reputation. The courts too should be ashamed for entertaining these sob stories as well. When women accuse men of rape for talking to them smoothly or for using a fake online dating photo (real case! and the man was charged with rape for using a much younger photo while meeting the women in the dark and having sex with them) how could other men trust the average female? The only way to trust a female not to accuse you of rape is to find one way beneath you in status, which, most men do not want to do instinctively. The rape law as it is being abused in the courts is now a method of cautioning low status men from attempting to find sex partners. The dangerous result of these overblown rape accusations is that law abiding men will stop attempting to seek female partners in the traditional way, allowing the men who truly would assault a woman to target them.

  1. M's Avatar M

    i can't even believe that in this day in age that this is even considered as an issue. Only scum balls would even think this is a good thing and would want it. It would be good for these things to get pepper sprayed, shot, and or physically beaten up, just to humble them a lot. Men might need a little recognition of importance, but not that important, What these things need to understand is that although they might want to think they are kings, but us we\omen are their mothers, and the mothers of the universes, and behind every "king" is a mother. Women are the ones who hold society together and civilizes men. Women need to be treated as Queens, and you will never convince Queen Elizabeth that she as the Queen is any less important or should be treated as if she is any less important as am man or a king would be.

    1. Bruce Smith's Avatar Bruce Smith

      Best blog I've ever read.

    2. Grey Horse's Avatar Grey Horse

      Bravo. Miss Mary. My own view is harsh: Rapists should be gelded by sarcastic shield rent with dull cub scout knives.

  1. wickedpa's Avatar wickedpa

    "What do a group of straight, sexist, pro-rape men do when they get together?" They practice what they preach on innocent sheep..

    1. nichol's Avatar nichol

      wow that sounds very educated and by educated I mean like you have been to a few of these get togethers yourself

      1. aaaaa's Avatar aaaaa

        You sounds like a dullard that wants to defend the rapist faggots

      2. Carla Robinson's Avatar Carla Robinson

        So Nichol, you are advocating rape? To my educated mind, it would certainly appear so...

  1. Paul's Avatar Paul

    This sounds much like the way that many Muslims feel towards non Muslim women.

    There is a good article about just this on frontpage:

    This is something that we need to take into consideration with the Muslim faith, as there are many that feel this way, and it goes back to the Zohar and Genesis. Where Adam had a problem with his first wife Lilith because she seen herself as an equal to Adam. This is where Eve comes in because she is submissive to Adam and sees herself as lesser than Adam.

    The thing that many seem to forget is: When they are the TOP, they are responsible for those that are beneath them. They must not only look after their welfare, but that of their slaves and subordinates as well. I do not believe that "Return of the Kings" has thought this part though, even though it is in Holy Books, and in part of our BDSM culture that exists today.

    If a guy wants to keep from getting a rape charge against him, it really is very simple. Do not have any sexual relations with anyone that is not able to fully give consent. State laws in the USA do say that a person that is drunk or under the influence of drugs is not able to legally give consent. Nor is someone passed out able to legally give consent. This should be common sense, but for many it is not unfortunately. They fail to think what if that other person was their brother, sister, mother, father, daughter or son. How would they feel if that happened to them?

    1. Pastor Deb's Avatar Pastor Deb

      You focus on the Muslim faith and completely ignore the articles references to BIBLE passages that also condone such behavior.

      1. Paul's Avatar Paul

        My fault, as my personal background is a mix of Hermetic and Atheist. I just do not see too much difference between them. As they are Abrahamic religions that destroyed the existing faiths of many people that lived in much of the world thousands of years ago. All of the Abrahamic religions, and others that existed before them were from groups of people that were nomadic and took over towns villages, trade hubs, and many people including many priests died in the process. As we all know it is the winner that gets to write history, establish their religion, write their own Holy texts. The Bible is both as we know a Holy Book and a History Book. Even though many followers of Christ preach turn the other cheek when someone strikes you, that is not how any of the religions of the world as we know it today came to be. It has always been Might is Right, Survival of the Fittest. Fittest, as in ones best suited for the environment that they live in.

        Pacifism has never had any religions survive, unless those that follow it do so because it is what is given to them. As in to have a peaceful society the elites, rulers, etc do not practice faith the same as those that are at the bottom. People at the lower end always are taught that they are to be happy with what they have, and make do with what little that they are given. Also do not smite your enemy is for those that live in the same society, but it is acceptable if they are different and not a part of your society. As an example how can any country get people to kill the enemy if they see the enemy of the sovereign as their neighbours and friends.

        As per request, the Holy Bible: Judges 21: 10- 24, Numbers 31: 7-18, Deuteronomy 20: 10-14, 2 Samuel 12: 11-14, Exodus 21:7-11, and the list goes on and on.

        Mohamed was not the only religious leader to have sex with a 9 year old, as from what I have been able to find it was quite common. Why else would the bible have a saying to take those girls under the age of 3 as your own as they are not old enough to have known a man?

        The question basically comes down to, what kind of society do we want to live in. What are our moral values, and what do we find acceptable. Also for ourselves what do we find as an acceptable and moral way to live? There are many that find a woman that is walking alone perfectly acceptable to rape, as the law finds that she was asking for it and it was therefore her fault. However most in the modern western world (including myself) see this as a crime, morally wrong, and something that they would do what they can to prevent (if not able to stop it, go after the guy that did it).

        1. Pastor Deb's Avatar Pastor Deb

          Wow. I have to say you are the first atheist who I believe. I could like since most seem to focus on believers being delusional and stupid for believing in God.

          Although I'm a different kind of Christian as the Bible is more history than anything else to me. Too much "pick and choose" what was included and what to follow.

          I believe God guides my life just not with a book written by man. I tend to whip out verses in arguments with other Christians to prove what you just said so eloquently.

          1. Paul's Avatar Paul

            Actually I know the problem with the Atheists that you refer to, they are trying to "Save" people from what they see as a false deity.

            Problem is, that we can't save everyone no matter how hard we try. This is with all faiths, as people have to choose to be saved in the path that they find most closely matches their ideals based on what they are presented with.

            What is Alive and the Holy truth is not the same with all people. Even if it is the flying spaghetti monster, the Holy of Holy, or no God at all.

    2. Rocky's Avatar Rocky

      It's not just Muslim women it's all women! They need to be stopped by any and all means

    3. Hank's Avatar Hank

      Having sexual relations only with women who are able to fully consent doesn't prevent rape charges. She may have consented last night but this morning has second thoughts. He is nowhere as good looking or as funny today as he was last night when she had had a few drinks. He is, well, ewwww! She is feeling rather, well.... ashamed of herself, so, "RAPE!" Happens often. The majority of reported rapes are by relatives and "friends" and take place in private homes.

      1. kaos's Avatar kaos

        Bullshit. The incidence of false rape accusations, according to the department of justice is 1.5-2% which is exactly the same ballpark as false allegations of all other violent crimes. Ergo there is a 1.5-2% incidence of false reporting for all violent crime, rape is one of them,.

      2. i will UNbreed you's Avatar i will UNbreed you

        thankfully no one will ever believe that! doesn't happen often... and you even say relatives which proves you are one sick puppy. poor sad little creature... I blame the woman who bred you. she didn't HAVE to do that and we will fix that too! :) ABORT/PREVENT.... problem solved.

    4. i will UNbreed you's Avatar i will UNbreed you

      Paul this is interesting! I always think about this Lilith mentality and who she is... many modern women of today embody her! and many men rage! so I feel like they are getting out their anger at Lilith who is as a concept in their minds a RUNAWAY..not present with them and taking it out on eve!!! its a danger to eve and all women/humanity/us in the flesh when men believe someone they FEEL is "THEIRS" is NOT PRESENT and BECAUSE she feels she is better/equal... just think about what men do to eve.. while "thinking about Lilith"??? this is what I hate even bible blames a "her" all throughout.. saying a woman says she is a queen alone with no king so he will "kill all her children" (so nice? jealous!?) she never speaks up, she has no verses and no voice.. its a he talking to her all throughout... angrily..that she says she is "alone" and she "caused all the misery and suffering on the earth BECAUSE she said in her heart "there is no other" "I am the eternal queen!" seems more his problem than hers she may not even exist but what a man BELIEVES Is where from what I can see all the "misery and suffering" is coming from! he wants this mysterious "her" so bad.. that he hates his wife and all females... very dangerous. even muslims have a hadith that describes this perfectly (the male desire/ego and how painful and destructive it is to life on earth) it says that men will be called up by beautiful "houris" big eyed... perky breasted women that want sex with them! and will even say to his earthly wives "he was with you for a while but now he comes to be with us!" talk about a mans anger and fantasy! he WISHES some perfectly gorgeous woman who wants sex would talk to his wife saying that! but his wife has "sagging breasts" (allah mentions this) and looks rougher due to caring for him! and having a rough life with him! eve/us/human wives... suffer for the fantasy of this "woman" who ran away.... you said "their own mother father brother sister" etc ... MOST people get that!! we all always say that!! "what if this happened to your sister!/" but see they have SCHISMED upper and lower... they separated it.. and its dangerous! even bible is guilty "virgin daughter, you who "dwell with" (same body) the whore of Babylon, separate yourself" is it not man who cant reconcile whore with virgin like EVER? DUE TO thinking about his "daughter" as opposed to what he wants from his wife??? (someone else's daughter!) even Jesus had to say unless you enter heaven as a child you cant enter and paul says no male female etc etc its such a problem!!!! it ruins life totally to think youre "getting something better later" you wont work on this life!

  1. Sue Nicholai's Avatar Sue Nicholai

    you have people here that want power and control.People use many things like politics and religion to fufill their lust for power and control. We have a vast problem here in the us. Gangs,murders,rape, trying to gain large amount of money,it is all about wanting to feel powerful and in control. There is much liture through history and culuture about learning to be satisfied and grateful for what you have while working for a better life.

  1. Rev. Leah's Avatar Rev. Leah

    Wow! And here I thought we had grown as a culture. I am a survivor. I volunteer as a first responder. Men really believe this way, in this day and age? What a cro magnon moment for these believers. I will pray for them. I will pray for my sisters more. This thinking sets women how many centuries?

    1. Paul's Avatar Paul

      Sorry to hear, but I know you are not alone. Of the women that have been friends with me over the years, about half of them have told me that it has happened to them at least once. Many this happens to more than once.

      From a guys perspective, I think of guys that do such to women as very low. They are not yet evolved to be human or separate themselves from the animal kingdom. One of the main things that makes us what we are is our ability to use our brain to get what we want, and if we just take what we want that is no different than acting as a Chimp (they are the closest genetically to humans). This also shows that they have no self control and can't be trusted with many other things as well.

      As from what I have personally been told quite often when they were younger it was a family member such as an uncle, sometimes their own father. When older it was also someone that they have been close to, someone that they have known nearly all of their life.

      Also when out on their own it could be someone that they just met, or someone that decided that they would be a good victim.

      The reason I bring this up is simple, not only do such people do harm in the moment, they are betraying their trust that existed for a long time prior. It would be much if a straight guy was watching tv with a couple of friends, then his lifelong buddies that have always looked out for each other decided one night to strip him, and fist him. Then in the future act as if nothing ever happened, or that it was acceptable (and will be acceptable to do it again, or worse).

  1. Pastor Deb's Avatar Pastor Deb

    His point on women overimbibing in drugs or alcohol and then crying rape is valid. I know that will be an unpopular opinion, but in a search for equality we can't then say others must protect US from our own actions, especially when those others are likely impaired as well. Sunday morning regret doesn't equal rape.

    But again, the article goes off the rails when he starts saying women have too much power and autonomy.

    I suggest each of these men voluntarily get raped by a prison inmate and see if their views remain the same.

    1. L's Avatar L

      If it's voluntary it's not rape.

      1. Pastor Deb's Avatar Pastor Deb

        But many college girls are voluntarily getting drunk at a party, having sex, then regretting it and crying rape because they weren't competent to consent. In these situations neither is the guy. So if both are impaired why is it the guy's responsibility to determine if the girl is too drunk?

        1. Paul's Avatar Paul

          So true, and now days there is what is called informed consent. Where both must say yes, and it has come down to a written contract. Gov. Brown signed such here in California, and much has changed on School Campuses as well. It was in most school papers Spring 2015.

          1. rev.joe's Avatar rev.joe

            every man or young man should have enough respect not to take advantage of a women or young lady when they are that could be your mom,sister,aunt,or daughter.

        2. Hank's Avatar Hank

          Because it's usually the guy who is the aggressor. If he's passed out drunk and she masturbates him to erection then mounts him, who's the rapist?

        3. kaos's Avatar kaos

          No, they aren't.

    2. kaos's Avatar kaos

      The whole "Sunday morning regret' thing is a fallacy. We may regret having hooked up with someone sure, but that doesn't mean any given woman is going to call it rape. The incidence of false rape accusations, according to the department of justice is 1.5-2% which is exactly the same ballpark as false allegations of all other violent crimes. Ergo there is a 1.5-2% incidence of false reporting for all violent crime, rape is one of them,.

      Oh and not for nothing, but women can drink, and party, and be out at night, alone and they should still not expect to be raped. The only people responsible for rape are rapists. Rape victims are NEVER at fault, at all, in any capacity for the actions of a rapist. No one asks for it and no one should have to 'know better' or you know stay inside solely for having a v a g i n a.

      1. M's Avatar M

        this isn't about that, this is about dominating and controlling women, and being brutal to women because the guy wasn't to control her, that is why he said, " Rape is a great teaching tool. Women have too much power and autonomy in our culture. Women are valued insofar as they are beautiful and subservient to men".

      2. Hank's Avatar Hank

        Certainly no woman should "expect" to be raped no matter what she does or doesn't do. If the JW world came to be there would be no crime, no sin, but we're not there. So we have locks on our doors, we bank our money, and avoid risky behavior as much as each individual determines is practical. Depending on rapists not to rape is foolhardy. Depending on robbers and burglars not to rob and burgle is unrealistic. At the same time we don't sleep in bank vaults or travel in armored cars. Each of us strikes a balance between risk and reward. Telling rapists not to rape is a waste of breath. Other than a few simpletons of low mentality who aren't capable of understanding right and wrong, rapists already know not to rape. But they don't care, or don't care enough, to refrain from raping. They justify themselves in their twisted minds. It is well known from rape incidents that become known to authorities and counselors that most known rapes are perpetrated by persons known to the victim of rape or attempted rape. Personal rapes appear to be more often than stranger rapes to be violent (beyond the rape in itself), brutal, and more likely to end in murder.

  1. Rev. Brien's Avatar Rev. Brien

    Ok, can we please try a little common sense here? Is that really too much to ask? #1) On the topic of religious references...I DO NOT CARE what freakin book you wish to reference that says the enslavement and abuse of another is acceptable...IT IS NOT. No further explanation is needed on that. #2) If you have to worry about consent...THEN YOU DO NOT HAVE IT...move on. No more needs to be said about that. #3) Glorifying some sick wanna be rich boy and giving him what he wants, STUPID. When he breaks the law, (and he will..stupid always does), then arrest his butt and toss him into a cell with Bubba. That is called teaching a lesson. Now in closing, I am sure that all of you are reasonable people and not total dim wits, so do the world a favor, help to solve some real issues in the world and stop glorifying stupid. Thank you. For the record, I am a minister with ULC and have been for many years. Be good to each other.

    1. guidvce4's Avatar guidvce4

      ultimatesmurfgod, totally agree with your post. My philosophy, or whatever, is "harm no others". Rape is harmful to others, period. So much glorifying stupid going on these days, for one cause or another, makes me wonder if smart folks are in short supply in the world. I also agree with the attention thing. Don't need to give the stupids more attention. If anything they need to be ignored or put somewhere where they can "harm no others". I'm old and have witnessed the principle of "karma"(what goes around, comes around, paybacks are a bitch etc.) for a long time. Don't have to have a belief in it, just pay attention and watch it in action. Sometimes dramatically, sometimes subtly. But, in the end, there is no escaping it. As though it is a force of the universe. These stupids will feel its effects sooner or later, and ask the old question, "why me?". Maybe its just me.

    2. Carol's Avatar Carol

      Thank you ultimatesmurfgod, for the 1st reasonable intelligent response I have read here.

    3. Carla Robinson's Avatar Carla Robinson

      Well said!

    4. Pastor Pete's Avatar Pastor Pete

      Hear hear, very well said

    5. karen's Avatar karen

      And the congregation said...

  1. Glenn Byrnes's Avatar Glenn Byrnes

    I wonder if they would hold that opinion if one of their relatives were raped.

  1. Iris's Avatar Iris

    Never let Religion get in the way of common-sense.

    The true role of any Minister, Priest, Priestess, Temple God or Goddess is to be so intimately connected to creator, that Service and Justice to Universal Laws come naturally, and flow from you as a vessel; this includes sex-education for beasts.

    Lao Tzu, ancient zen master wrote a treatise "Hua Hu Jing" which translates as "Educate The Barbarians" Sutra.

    Before the Beastly Mongols and Religious Invasions, there were Temples Devoted to the Restoration of Souls - that have nothing to do with Religious Fanaticism, fear of women, nor slander of prostitution, and everything to do with WHOLENESS, and deferalisation. The Priests and Priestessess of The Goddess performed this service with education, re-integration, taming, grooming, and re-humanisation.

    The True Wholeness of Divinity.

    Unfortunately, Beasts eventually destroyed these Temples, Goddess culture, and respect for the female. All Elders and Leaders were murdered, and the villagers and their villages taken hostage; their impressionable innocence led them to be ruled by fear.

    This is the world we live in, today, where many blindly follow mentally unstable doctrines.

    I have written an article titled "Guardian of Eden" by Mardi Shakti, if you'd care to google.

    My blog name is "Iris" after the all-seeing eye.

    Men who desire rape and dominance can not get dates with girls, because - as She was blessed with the The Cosmic Womb Portal in Creator's replicatory image - She chooses her breeding partners; and men like this need to die-out.

    The Warriors of Old protected the communities from such Beasts with harsh punishments; rape and disrespect were never tolerated, not for a minute. Education, Punishment, or Banishment.

    These days, budding warriors are exploited and removed from the communities in bankers wars, where they lack proper leadership, and suffer severe soul-trauma from the confusion of wrong-doing.

    An article titled: "A Gentleman's Guide to Rape Culture" on Huffpost is praised by many women in the online community, as a fantastic modern-day resource.

    Stay Safe and in Service to Unity Consciousness.

    1. guidvce4's Avatar guidvce4

      Excellent post. I think men, in general, are in awe of women and their ability to bring new life to the planet. Perhaps a return to the times when a restoration of the soul was commonplace.

    2. Paul's Avatar Paul

      My general feelings on relationships, is that we as men never need to lower ourselves to begging or rape. That is because most often as you said women choose who they want to be with and in what way. If a guy is interesting, and sparks her fancy, she will be interested in getting to know the guy better.

      I look at guys that are no better than beasts, such as the one the article is about... Thinking that anyone that makes such thoughts public is a looser, that would basically have to pay women just so they will even talk with him. Yet he is too cheap to do even that. One thing that would help the world is if none of those kind of guys are ever allowed to breed. It would help bring up the overall intelligence of mankind over very few generations. I feel sorry for this guys mother, as harming others as he finds acceptable, is not something that any mother could be proud of.

      1. kaos's Avatar kaos

        You're equating rape to sex. Rape is a violent crime that is about power, domination, and control. The sex act is merely the weapon. Rape is not sex.

      2. i will UNbreed you's Avatar i will UNbreed you

        agree totally. not allowed to breed! and pity his mother.. she is a woman so she had a parasite not a 'son' or her child... some unknown creature/danger to flesh/humanity

    3. Hank's Avatar Hank

      "Men who desire rape and dominance can not get dates with girls..." Perhaps some, but one thing that is daunting is that many rapists lead double lives, maintaining relationships with women within normalcy, and also stalking victims to rape. Men go off to war and (some) rape both the conquered and the liberated. Then return home and conduct themselves within community standards.

      1. Iris's Avatar Iris

        This is an old article; so I was probably referencing the post, which highlights the Incel philosophy: "Involuntarily Celebate".

        As in, "can't get dates".

        They feel entitled to women; to women's time, attention, bodies, etc, and believe their philosophies are justified.

        That men rule and women serve. This is a dangerous mentality.

        A lot of women Live in fear of controlling men, and we're raised in households by them. Sometimes they know no difference. Is a normal guy a bad guy? Usually. Too much of the time, Fathers are raping their own daughters. Brothers, raping their sisters. Some of the time, the Mothers know, and do nothing about it.

        Many women were taught to be obedient at home, in schools, churches, hospitals, and any institution where respect is demanded, but not earned.

        Double-Lives catch up with you, eventually.

  1. sean's Avatar sean

    This is yet another uneducated view that is out of step with life today. Man seem in utter fear of some one challenging their life view,i say go back to your cave and leave real life for people with a brain.....i wonder if they would like us all to crawl on our knees as well.Pathetic small minded people.

  1. rich08854's Avatar rich08854

    Groiups whether they be religious, social, or fraternal who put forth ideologies that profess that their views are mainstream in itself defines them as DERANGED.. I would like to put a few in a room and ask them if they would advocate their mothers, sisters or wives being raped. As a Vietnam Veteran who saw the tragedies of this type of brutality...none of them could ever advocate such...

  1. Chris's Avatar Chris

    As a male rape survivor, I find this topic offensive. I was not drunk, or on drugs when it happened. Yet, even if substances were used, that should be an automatic no to any person with 1/2 a brain. It is a proven fact that people do things when on something that they would not normally do. These "men" that feel like rape is alright are sick. I will not get into the religious side of it, as it does not matter. rape is rape no matter the " justification, just as murder is murder.

  1. Pearl's Avatar Pearl

    Perhaps we need to also look at why women/girls are numbing themselves these days in order to have sex? Seems there is a deep wounding that spawns lack of self-confidence and self-esteem that needs to be address so that we each take better care of ourselves. Feeling worthy of respect and self-love seems to be such a big issue today and peer pressure just seems to add to this growing 'dis-ease'.

    1. Paul's Avatar Paul

      That alone is a major problem, and I have seen it in people. Also I have overheard young women talking that you mentioned a few times. They not only do not have self love, they actually hate themselves. They enjoy saying that they starve themselves so that their body will no longer have a menstrual cycle, they like cutting themselves, and many other self destructive things. I'm not talking children either, these are adult college students, and many of them have a job.

      One of the easiest ways that most people can help themselves is to never watch the TV news, and preferably find other things to do besides watching the screen. Things such as participating in group activities, exploring nature, science, engineering, the many religions of this world current and past, and many many other things as well. One of the main things that I have found that is depressing is dealing with people that are basically programmed, and TV along with things such as Common Core are programming tools put in place for a desired outcome that is not necessarily in the best interest of the persons being effected. I'm sure that Joseph Goebbels would have given anything to have the ability to change the minds of people, as many today do to themselves voluntarily under the influence of TV. People have lost the ability to think critically when watching TV, and it is amazing just how like minded it can program people. They see the terrorist attack where 20 people are shot down, and worried that they will be shot next. Yet they are millions of times more likely to be killed crossing the street. This is but one of many examples.

  1. Italia Patterson's Avatar Italia Patterson

    What the hell is going on?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am at a loss for any decent exchange of ideas at this moment........

  1. Anne 'Arie's Avatar Anne 'Arie

    While I think it should be a crime for women to set themselves up in some way, consent to sex, then holler rape as an original intent or an afterthought when their guilty conscience steps in, I think it is ludicrous to even think that rape is not a criminal act.

    1. kaos's Avatar kaos

      The incidence of false rape accusations, according to the department of justice is 1.5-2% which is exactly the same ballpark as false allegations of all other violent crimes. Ergo there is a 1.5-2% incidence of false reporting for all violent crime, rape is one of them,.

      1. Hank's Avatar Hank

        This has no factual basis. Truly, no one has any solid information about how many rapes there are. "Rape" doesn't have a meaning consistent across jurisdictions. The "1-2%" figure doesn't come from the DOJ but from a book by Susan Brownmiller, who hadn't a clue as to its origin. To go on, comparing stats from one jurisdiction to another is nothing but confusing.

  1. Rev. Jan's Avatar Rev. Jan

    Since the beginning of time the weak and fearful have tried to silence women's voices, minds, and spirits. As the barer of new life women are very strong and powerful beings. This appears to be very threatening to those who are weak, insecure beings. A Women's will, voice, and strength can only be forced, oppressed, and silenced for so long. We are not the weaker sex. Never have been, never will be. God, made us this way for a reason.

  1. Claude Leonard's Avatar Claude Leonard

    These people should be deported back to their own country. We believe in equality. Does this mean that women can rape men? Does this mean that women can now beet those men who do not wear their own vale? Enough of being cavemen and go on with seeking enlightenment.

  1. Tina Adams's Avatar Tina Adams

    Okay, let's be real. The quoted scriptures above are from the Old Testament. RAPE IS NOT OKAY, IT HAS NO RELIGIOUS MERIT! This is yet another attempt to discredit God's word, twisted and manipulated. The Bible also say's"do unto others as you would have them do unto you"... I find it very hard to believe that these men would be okay with being raped themselves.

  1. LaDeena's Avatar LaDeena

    No it should not be!!!!!!!! Women are not toys for men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Demi's Avatar Demi

    Coming from someone who has been raped no it should not be legal! I was wearing tennis shoes, jeans, and a supernatural t-shirt. I did not "ask" for it. I did not flirt. I was walking to my car after getting groceries. Nothing is right about this and never will be. These people are out of their minds.....

  1. DrTony's Avatar DrTony

    The whole idea of making an act of violence (which is what rape is) is contrary to the notion of a civilized society. Right now, there is an increasing need to move forward, not backwards.

  1. Minister RVW's Avatar Minister RVW

    Should rape be made legal? What healthy person would even wonder?

  1. Linda's Avatar Linda

    Return of the Kings is done for, however it is the return of the Holy Spirit! Men denied the loaf of bread is the reason behind raping women, other men, and children down here on earth for the over 2000 years. Men who rape other people end up in the fire of the abyss by sun after they died. Men who rape other people are lock into that location torture by the holy ones and died never to return to earth again. How dare those Kings men animals treat their victims by torture, and raping them! People needs to walk the path of Chasity. Pray to your Divine Mothers the Virgins of the Lights for help.

  1. Jeanne Sumner's Avatar Jeanne Sumner

    The answer is simple. NO!

  1. Richard Easton's Avatar Richard Easton

    Rape is only for Moslems and cowards.

  1. Gerri's Avatar Gerri

    NO - Absolutely not !! Cruelty & Misery at the expense of someone else is an unjust act upon someone!

  1. cmdsgtmajor's Avatar cmdsgtmajor

    What are we, animals, No it is not OK to rape anyone. A man who rapes, is a man of low esteem, no moral values and deserves to raped himself.

  1. Bryce Leland Carlson's Avatar Bryce Leland Carlson

    At the bottom-line, rape is an act of contempt. It says to the victim: "You are not worthy of being treated as a human being. Your desires mean nothing to me." In my eyes, anybody that indulges in rape, has demonstrated that they are unworthy to be admitted into the society of humanity.

  1. Pastor Donald R. Knight's Avatar Pastor Donald R. Knight

    Rape is unmoral and rape should receive the death penalty!

    1. Hank's Avatar Hank

      So if a 15 year old girl who has been having sexual relations with her 19 year old boyfriend in their home state, where a four year difference in ages is permitted, travels to a state that does not have the allowance, and they have relations, he should be put to death?

      1. kaos's Avatar kaos

        So so so not the same thing. Consensual sex is not rape. Rape is not sex, it is violence. The sexual act in a rape is only the weapon bring used to dominate, control, and harm the victim.

        1. Hank's Avatar Hank

          Tell the guys convicted of statutory rape that consensual sex isn't rape.

  1. Rev. Elizabeth S. Arsenault's Avatar Rev. Elizabeth S. Arsenault

    Rape is another form of dominance at its worse. A woman is not beneath a man nor need discipline of any kind according to a man. A man is responsible for his actions, good or bad. If a woman comes on to them, it does not give them permission to take unless she says yes. A man needs self control. Yes, there are women out there that will tease and then back off and it frustrates the man. This still does not give them the right to just take that woman and rape her even in their own home. A married man cannot have his wife without her consent and they are married. We are all individuals and we all deserve the right to choose what we want in our lives without severe repercussions and that pertains to things you work for. Rape is a terrible act and should never be legalized on any ground. God would not approve. He did not make woman a toy for a man to do with as he pleases without her consent.

    1. Hank's Avatar Hank

      When we marry we give permanent consent, subject to suspension. A right to have sexual relations with one's spouse does not mean that force may be used.

      1. kaos's Avatar kaos

        Um no. We do not give permanent consent.

        1. Hank's Avatar Hank

          Then you're not married even if you have a paper that says you are.

  1. louise hankey's Avatar louise hankey

    This is a very disturbing read I think it is an outrage to even think such attrocities may god forgive those who choose this dark path

    1. Paul's Avatar Paul

      It is far worse than a dark path, as someone on a dark path would hope that any woman that they try to rape is well armed and not afraid to use it. If someone if too dark Saturn will straighten them out in short order.

      It is those that quietly support harming others as this guy that are the real threat to society, and he would have to have support as a businessman could not survive with an attitude such as this guy with the car. Also if someone were to hire them by mistake I'm sure that they would not have their job very long, and this is why I say he must have supporters. I know that if I had someone such as him supporting crime against the innocent, I would need to probably put them though counselling when they refuse to do so fire him for insubordination. After all having anyone with those kind of promotion of criminal activities is a liability to any business (if not just plain wrong.

  1. Sandy's Avatar Sandy

    Rape, by any means, is a violent act punishable by law, and I hate crime--this man ( if you can call him one) is obviously deranged, and needs to be put away before he hurts anyone-- All we need is another wacko job out there! NOT!!

    1. Hank's Avatar Hank

      Consensual sex today may be rape in the morning, as quite a few have learned the hard way.

      1. kaos's Avatar kaos

        That doesn't happen!

  1. SusyV39's Avatar SusyV39

    The leader is a guy who lives in his Mommy's basement and is now cowering with fear and claiming it was all satire. Like most misogynists, he and his followers are cowards. Society needs to stop telling boys and men to "man up" and excusing their bad behavior by blaming women (victim blaming: she was asking for it, etc).

  1. Thomas Keach's Avatar Thomas Keach

    Okay, then make castration of males legal so it removes violent urges from them. Where do these idiots come from?

    1. Hank's Avatar Hank

      Ever hear of CLICKBAIT?

    2. Hank's Avatar Hank

      It's already legal to slice pieces from minor males without their consent, so is that a precedent for legal cutting of testicles?

      1. M's Avatar M

        in additions to what yo say, male doctors have NO problems slicing up female sexual parts, and they have no problems castrating animals and many other things, but heaven forbid human men who are sickos should have their precious family jewels be so protected, i don't think so. the male organs are not more sacred the female, in fact female who are the life givers are the ones who should be more revered and should be more protected.

        1. kaos's Avatar kaos

          Harry seems like he is one of ...them.

          Cowardly male who thinks there is an epidemic of false rape reports when in fact almost all victims DON'T report their rapes.

          The 'Sunday morning regret' thing happens so rarely that it isn't even a negligible percentage.

 he is telling us all about the evil women who are out to ruin the menzzz.

          1. M's Avatar M

            i don't think that is the case in this case, i do not approve of game playing like what you are talking about, but if everybody stopped being whores in the first place then a lot of that would no long exists, at least maybe not in the quantity it does not. if people don't put them selves in certain positions they could find themselves in a lot less trouble.

          2. Hank's Avatar Hank

            " fact almost all victims DON’T report their rapes." Really? What evidence do you have? Please share it. I smell BULLSHIT. There's no possible way to prove or disprove the allegation.

  1. concernedmom's Avatar concernedmom

    There is almost no deeper violation... no consent is NO CONSENT no matter what the situation. There has to be a clear line here. Although women are very strong emotionally and mentally, physically they are not compared to men ( in a general rule). There must be a protection for woman legally to balance out the power, in my opinion. Moving forward, wouldn´t it be nice if these kings would use all this energy for something positive and non-violent? Power is power and as a world some day, we will all need eachother. Instead of constantly dividing... why not see how we can protect and nourish our world...or what´s left of it. Peace peace peace please....

    1. Hank's Avatar Hank

      I consider being knifed or shot a deeper violation.

      1. kaos's Avatar kaos

        You are wrong.

        1. Hank's Avatar Hank

          Illogical. Simply stating that I don't consider being knifed or shot a deeper violation than getting raped doesn't prove that I don't consider being knifed or shot a deeper violation than getting raped. When and where have you been knifed? When and where have you been shot? In actual rape a male organ designed to be inserted into a female organ designed to receive said male organ is inserted into said female receptacle. That cannot be anything close to as bad as a speeding foreign object (bullet) ripping a hole in one's body, or a knife making a new hole in one's person.

  1. Jackie's Avatar Jackie

    My answer is NO .

  1. Michael Donovan's Avatar Michael Donovan

    Absolutely NO its a disgrace that this even be considered

  1. theidealtouch's Avatar theidealtouch

    That's a sick ass question to ask no matter what your faith based religion. And it takes sick ass people who pose those type questions would do it and think it's ok. Sick Sick Sick. Sad we would even think as a man it is or would be ok to take a person in that way.

    Then is it ok to break In your home and take whatever. Take your car. Take your children. I would never imagine perverts sit around and try to get shit like this passed so they can get free ass. And this is the impact that has on me. Those people are sick and the question asked is SICK.

  1. jacobwaltz's Avatar jacobwaltz

    Many of them will be gunned down in the streets.

  1. Ed Kennelly's Avatar Ed Kennelly

    I've put several of people like that in prison where they belong. Let them spend a little time with "Bubba" and see if they still find the concept of rape being ok.
    These men are subhuman and should be culled from society. That's the reason for prisons to begin with.

  1. Jim's Avatar Jim

    I'm male and at 14 I was raped. Rape is a form of hate in selfish use of another. Besides people who commit these acts are souless.

  1. Ed Kennelly's Avatar Ed Kennelly

    Being retired from law enforcement, I can tell you that most people confuse the reason for rape. Rape is not a sexually motivated crime. It is a crime of violence. The desire of the suspect to force his will upon another. That's why I've investigated rape cases with victims as young as three yrs old and al old as 85.

    1. Hank's Avatar Hank

      While some rape victims are prepubescent and some are postmenopausal, the vast majority are young adults. They are more sexually attractive, more available, and tend to be more vulnerable. The majority of rape victims know their victimizers. Friends, friends of friends, relatives, neighbors. A law enforcement person gets a skewed view of the statistics, as they deal with assaults that are reported to law enforcement. The large majority of sexual assaults are not reported to law enforcement. Then there are guesses of sexual assaults that are never reported to anyone.

      1. kaos's Avatar kaos

        Wow, when an actual expert says something valid, you have to show once again how you have zero grasp on the realities of rape. It is and always has been about power, control, and domination and NOT about sex.

        1. M's Avatar M

          i agree with you on the issue of power, the headlines of this article is a good example of that, how the person who said "Rape is a great teaching tool. Women have too much power and autonomy in our culture. Women are valued insofar as they are beautiful and subservient to men." was saying basically that. it is about power.

        2. Hank's Avatar Hank

          Police officer an expert on rape? Nonsense. Cops aren't experts on rape reported to law enforcement much less on all rape. To start yammering about rapes of under-three year olds and over 85 year olds as if such rapes were statistically significant is just muddying the water. Rape statistics beyond rapes reported to law enforcement is just guesstimating if not wild speculation. And alleged rapes reported to law enforcement are not proof of rape.

  1. Terri's Avatar Terri

    Cannot believe you would even print this.

  1. mostberg's Avatar mostberg

    Absolutely no. Rape, by definition, is forceable assault of the most brutal kind. Only an extreme liberal would even ask the question. That because they are big on imposing values, restrictions,and control on people against their will - vaguely similar to rape.

    1. Hank's Avatar Hank

      Many sexual assaults (a term that makes obtaining convictions more likely than "RAPE!!") do not involve force in any ordinary sense of physically subduing a resisting victim. Some women are "freezers." When alarmed they freeze like catatonia. They can't move, speak, do anything. They gonna stiff. I have a sister who is like that. She has been raped twice. Some go limp, do a "rag doll." Like the freezer, they can't move, speak, do anything. I have a daughter like that. I fear for her. Some become very suggestible and compliant when frightened or alarmed. My wife is like that. She has been raped several times. That she went along with the aggressor has confused her. The men may not have realized that what they were doing was from her perspective rape. Then there are the "wildcats." My mother was one of those. When subjected to uninvited sexual advances, she "fought him like a wildcat." Can you imagine how difficult it can be to get convictions of accused rapists of the first three categories above? They don't resist. They don't object or protest. The third may even voice consent despite desperately not wanting to proceed.

    2. kaos's Avatar kaos

      I'd bet all of the money I don't have that the vast majority of those male things calling themselves men would identify as conservative.

    3. Hank's Avatar Hank

      You are wrong. To be rape no force is required. What rape is today is nonconsent on the part of one participant in a sexual act. The “force,” “resist to her utmost” element is obsolete in the USA and other western-aligned nations such as Australia and New Zealand. The absence of the force requirement is how false accusations can fly.

  1. Scott Shelton's Avatar Scott Shelton

    the people that advocate this should be everyone....then let's see how they feel about it....

  1. Brenda's Avatar Brenda

    As a rape survivor, I think everyone is entitled to their OPINION. Since I was 13 at the time and the cops swept it under the rug, it tore at the family. My father was called in for jury duty and was promptly relieved when he told the court that any man who rapes a woman should be put to death. Like my father, I agree. Any man that thinks rape is OK for whatever reason, SHOULD BE PUT OUT OF OUR MISERY. A man has no right to rape a woman; a woman has no right to rape a man (it does happen). As a matter of fact no man has a right (husband, father, brother, uncle, politician, judge) to tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body. To this day, as an ordained minister, I firmly believe that criminals who commit crimes against nature (rape, incest, murder, pedophilia) are on this Earth to redeem themselves before they commit those crimes (we are all born with certain personality tendencies). Should that person follow the wrong path and commit a crime that is against nature, their death should be immediate. We as a society are not responsible for three squares a day, a cot to sleep in, clothes to wear, medical services or dental services to criminals who have proven to be no better than an animal and should be killed as such so as not to taint this world further.

  1. Ming Diaz's Avatar Ming Diaz

    What a waste.

  1. Kingsley chimtuwa luke's Avatar Kingsley chimtuwa luke

    This should not be allowed in any way for it is against human rights.

  1. Dennis E. Loucks's Avatar Dennis E. Loucks

    Well the title got my attention. I must say that any belief system that condones such behavior is not one I care for. It was pointed out in another post that a person was responsible for the welfare of those below them in status. Sadly in this day and age few in power do care for those they are ruling/leading. Legalize rape? Absurd.

  1. Sharon's Avatar Sharon

    This is so evil and ridiculous for this group to even consider such an atrocity! So many women who've been raped, don't even press charges, due to the hassle and embarasness the courts would cause, i.e. suggesting she's easy or wanted it or a whore/prostitute.......not to mention the thousands of rapes that men get away with in our own armed services!!!

  1. Minister Anthony's Avatar Minister Anthony

    It is unbelievable that the question is even posed. You can pervert any ideology to support anything, but rape is not acceptable under any circumstance. It is an insecure person who feels he can be more of a man by committing rape.

  1. Lyn's Avatar Lyn

    I am certain that someone has suggested that this is just another way of "putting women in their place." Rape is used as a weapon of war. It is used by sick and perverted men who crave power and control and seem not to have any unless they force their attentions on women. Personally, I think women should be flattered by this lunatic. Apparently, women have become so powerful that these people want to drag them into the muck and mire of these weak and destructive men. Yippy! As a woman, I say women should forge ahead in their efforts that advance their positions in life if for no other reason than to tick these awful men off!!!

    1. Hank's Avatar Hank

      Perhaps it is of some significance that Daryush Valizadeh is a Shia Muslim of Iranian parentage. Is it surprising that one such might think that rape is good for putting women in their place - on their backs?

      1. Hank's Avatar Hank

        He doesn't advocate legalizing forcible rape. What he advocates is legalizing "simple" rape, where the only evidence of rape is the woman's accusation. It would remain criminal to use violence, brutality, kidnapping to subdue a victim for rape. These crimes are straightforward to obtain convictions. If the object is to imprison rapists whether or not rape can be proven, let's put them in prison for brutalizing, kidnapping, drugging victims. Prison is the same whether the convict is convicted for rape or for brutalizing his victim. Why risk acquittal by insisting that it's prison for rape or nothing? A "pickup artist" is a seducer, not a forcible rapist...unless he is also a forcible rapist.

  1. Minister Tejay Hill's Avatar Minister Tejay Hill

    It is deplorable to think that rape could ever be condoned in any religion or any secular world for that matter. I feel it is wrong to allow that to happen. Rape is rape, it is wrong and that opens a huge door to say that women should be allowed to rape men. Double-Standards are a thing of the past and as we move towards the future we need to realize that men and women are both opposite and equal to one another.

  1. Rev. Brien's Avatar Rev. Brien

    I am simply horrified by this discussion so far. May I ask why so many are doing so much convincing that the aspect of doing harm to another being is wrong? Has there been a correct way to harm another? Is there some acceptable, politically correct way of doing so? There need not be the discussion. There only needs to be action to correct the wrong behavior. I do not have anyone in my life that believes harming another is ok. If you do, then I suggest that YOU re-examine your life and clean it up a bit.

    1. Hank's Avatar Hank

      Expressing your perfectly valid feelings does nothing to improve the situation. "If." "If." "If." "Should." "Should." Etc. Etc.

  1. Chip's Avatar Chip

    It hurts me deeply that anyone would consider this to be acceptable. "Never take anything from someone you cannot give back." Rape takes away INNOCENCE, SELF-ESTEEM, PIECE- OF -MIND, TRUST, need I go on? When reported, attorneys throw the blame at the victims, claiming they were too provocative. Rape is not a sexual crime, it's a violent crime! If men cannot control their "sexual" urges, I'm sure testosterone depletion will take take care of the problem.

  1. sabrinakalim's Avatar sabrinakalim

    If rape become legal, America will become the next India, even though rape is not legal there, but most of the rapist went unpunish. Not all victims got rape because of alcohol or drug, they got rape because those men are stronger than those women, and was outpower, if rape become legal, the street will not be safe for the women anymore, men can just rape those women in public and nobody can help them.

    1. Hank's Avatar Hank

      Most rapists go unpunished in America.

      1. Hank's Avatar Hank

        Referring to rapes reported to law enforcement that do not result in conviction for rape.

  1. Raven smith's Avatar Raven smith

    It never good to harm another human being.Rape is a dispictable act.especially when you've had done to yourself. Im tired of being reminded of what happened.

  1. DJ's Avatar DJ

    Rape is a reprehensible crime. It has no validity or redeeming quality whatsoever. Anyone who thinks it is acceptable, under any circumstance, is not a thinking person. These inhumane ideas are dangerous & unacceptable. It is time on earth for peace & kindness to others. It is appalling that anyone would adopt such an insane life path.

  1. Tom from RFNJ's Avatar Tom from RFNJ

    Those of you who are commenting here, and especially the author of this libelous piece, should have a look at the time that Jonathan Swift proposed that the Irish eat their young. I'm astounded to see so many seemingly thoughtful people allowing themselves to be manipulated by an outright lie referring to an academic 'thought experiment'. Roosh may not be an admirable person. He certainly isn't the kind of person I admire at all. But in this case he is very much the victim of a long series of outright lies being presented by the media as fact. If you want to be effective you should be criticizing him for things he did do, and not the things that any child could determine that he obviously did not. Anything else makes you all seem more fools than thinkers.

    1. Rev. Brien's Avatar Rev. Brien

      A very small amount of research will in fact show that this self described "pick-up" artist does in fact support the position that is being reported here. He has even gone so far as to use it in a lesson plan of sorts. Having said that, I would just as soon not talk about this person at all, but he is in no way a victim of anything but his own lower IQ standard.

  1. Dana L Terriah's Avatar Dana L Terriah

    Rape is not okay women do not ask for it its wrong in so many ways any one who rapes is sick and needs serious help and god ...

    1. Hank's Avatar Hank

      Tell that to all the good American troops who rape and abuse women in other countries. If you're not American, tell it to your country's troops who rape women in other countries.

  1. john's Avatar john

    World wide death for rapest and death for women who lie about it.

  1. Minister R Sepeda's Avatar Minister R Sepeda

    God did not put us women to be treated like if we are nobody. Rape is a reprehensible crime and Men need self control in their pocket..

  1. Susan's Avatar Susan

    Then women will have the legal right to guns, knives and scissors hidden between their legs!

    1. Hank's Avatar Hank

      Back when women wore long skirts it was common for women to wear derringer pistols in holsters strapped to their thighs.

  1. T's Avatar T

    A lot of people here are missing the point. He was talking about rape on private property. But the POINT was that if it became legal on private property then women would take more responsibility for their CHOICES/ACTIONS. Women having too much power he is right. Just look at the world in the West you have women acting foolishly and your laws protect them in the East they are abused. Honestly can there even be equality? No, because humans don't work like that. I'm not against females like that but everyone saying treat them like people understand that only two things drive humans too change/act and they are pain and pleasure. That's why you whip your children for their misdeeds, you lock thrived and robbers away, and you beat assailants if you can. Pain teaches us, forced us to change our ways while we actively seek pleasure.

  1. Rev. Mike's Avatar Rev. Mike

    The title of this article should be "These ANIMALS want to make rape legal", but that would be an insult to animals. Other commenters have done an excellent job denouncing these monsters, but I'd like to take a moment to denounce misquoting the bible. Leviticus 21 only applies to the daughter of a high priest being a whore, and while barbaric, never applied to all non-virgin women. Judges 19 describes a cultural aspect of the ancient Hebrews where a guest in your home was protected above even members of your own family. The daughter was offered to a mob that wanted to rape a guest in their home. Also barbaric by our standards, but not quite what was implied by the author of the article. Misquoting and misinterpreting scriptures, even to help denounce monsters, does no one any good.

  1. Hank's Avatar Hank

    Many commenters assume that legalization would at the same time legalize kidnapping, beating, threatening with violence, drugging, threatening with weapons, choking, holding a knife to the throat, etc., etc., etc. It would not. All it would do is eliminate criminal charges based on nothing but an alleged victim’s bare accusation with no witnesses, no physical evidence of abuse, no nothing beyond (her/his) say-so. It would provide some incentive for interested persons to avoid inflicting physical harm to the alleged victim. This might not affect psychotics but would have a restraining influence on rational persons deficient in morality. The object of an act doesn't have to be illegal or unlawful for the means of acquisition to be criminal. It's not illegal or immoral for me to want a new car or to get it. What is illegal, unlawful and immoral is for me to steal, carjack or swindle to get it. And the value of the object of the acquisition has an effect on the punishment imposed. What is wrong is if the previous owner decides, after I have paid the price agreed and received the car, to accuse me of stealing the car. In the case of a car, I have documents that support my claim of ownership. But in many transactions no contract is written and signed, no receipt given or asked for. How would you like it if you were done a favor and later accused of forcing the supplier of the favor to perform the act? And that if the accusation was believed, your reputation was destroyed and you were looking at prosecution for committing slavery? And that the accusation, arrest, trial can come as much as twenty years later? No evidence required. No witnesses required. The accuser can even claim to have uncovered the “repressed memory” through hypnosis! This is closer to what happens when falsely accused of rape or “sexual assault” (whatever that is?). It's almost as if fornication was made criminal (once again). But only for men, not women. Women declared victims only.

  1. Henry S. Kelly's Avatar Henry S. Kelly

    Daryush Valizadeh is USA born of Iranian-Armenian parentage. He was baptized as a child into the Armenian Orthodox Christian Church, one of the numerous national Orthodox Catholic Churches. After a number of years in flagrant sin, he has reaffirmed his membership in the Church of his childhood, therefore is a nominal Christian. He says that he has repented of his many sins, and for leading others into sin. He has depublished his many books that encourage others to sin. Decriminalization of rape would not legalize crimes committed in order to attempt or to accomplish rape. Too many actual rapists escape punishment because proving rape beyond a reasonable doubt (the legal standard for proof of guilt) is very difficult. Any doubt raised in the minds of at least one juror will result in acquittal or at least mistrial. Proving beating, choking, injuring with a weapon, kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment ("restraint"), other crimes is straightforward as it is presumed that no one freely chooses, with rare exceptions, to submit to such acts, or to inflict them upon themselves. Once convicted of these contributory crimes, that they were committed to accomplish rape can be introduced into the sentencing hearing, where the standard of proof is much less, more like the "preponderance of evidence" standard of civil lawsuit trials. Even if enhancement of a criminal conviction by alleging rape fails, the criminal is going to be punished for the crime of which he has been convicted. The victim can then file a civil lawsuit against the criminal if he has any assets.

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