Police officers in China gather for a public display of force.
The new law comes after a string of terrorist attacks committed by Muslims in China. Pictured above: Chinese police gather in a show of force.

A Muslim baby in China

As part of a crackdown on religious extremism, the Chinese government has declared that parents will no longer be allowed to give their children Muslim names. Names such as Muhammad, Jihad, Mecca, and Saddam are now prohibited a step officials say was necessary to avoid "exaggerating religious fervor" in the country.

Published under the sinister title of "Naming Rules for Ethnic Minorities", the full list includes over two dozen banned names. News of the policy shocked Islamic faith leaders as well as advocates for religious freedom everywhere. In addition to Muslim names, beards and veils have also been banned in public.

Chinese officials are standing by their decision, promising punishments for those who disobey. Anyone who refuses to comply with the new policy risks fines and reductions in essential services like education and healthcare.

An Uyghur man in China
An Uyghur man in China

**Muslim Community Feels the Heat


China's Muslim population is primarily comprised of Uyghurs, an ethnic group with Turkish roots. Dilxat Raxit, a spokesman for the World Uyghur Congress, explains that, "China's policies are increasingly hostile" and "Uyghur people have to be cautious if they want to give their children names they are happy with, and at the same time avoid punishment from the government."

Further complicating things is a string of recent terrorist attacks committed by people of Uyghur descent. A mass-stabbing back in 2014 took the lives of 29 and injured another 130. More recently, a local politician was stabbed to death in broad daylight. The attacks have helped to cement public opinion in favor of strict anti-Muslim policies.

But Muslims are not the only religious group under fire in China.

China Criminalizes Christianity

Christians in China display their Bibles.
Chinese Christians defiantly display their Bibles in public.

Taiwanese pastor Xu Rongzhang was detained by law enforcement for singing the worship song "Jesus Loves You" during an Easter visit to mainland China. Local officials assert that the Christian pastor was detained for "illegal religious activity", which is prohibited.

Rongzhang was taken into police custody after leading a group of Christians in Zhengzhou in song. Although he was later released, not all Chinese Christians have been so lucky. In recent months, several religious leaders have been arrested on similar charges and sentenced to jail time.

One particularly severe case involved a group of five Christians, including a pastor, who were arrested back in February. The individuals were sentenced to between 3-7 years in jail for proliferating what Chinese authorities called "forbidden Christian devotional books."

A War on Religion?

Religious persecution is by no means a new occurrence in China; officials in the United States have long cautioned about crackdowns on religious freedom in the country. However, the fact that these crackdowns have ramped up in recent years is concerning. China's communist government has never been friendly to religion, but a turbulent political situation could lead to further religious persecution.

Do you agree with the Muslim name ban? Is banning things an effective way to combat religious extremism?



  1. Sam's Avatar Sam

    This is not surprising, one only needs to look at what China has done to Tibet and what they plan to do about the next Dali Lama. So disgusting and shameful.

  1. Marilyn's Avatar Marilyn

    When I lived there for two years in the early 2000's, and were shocked Protestant churches proudly displaying that they WERE ACTUALLY churches.

  1. William w. George's Avatar William w. George

    So what you ban a name, there still Muslims, & China's still living under a dictator system, Christianity " over 2000 years old and still going strong" God Damn those who stand against us .

    1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


      1. Jeff's Avatar Jeff

        Go Trump

        1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher

          DUH YEAH, JEFF !!!

        2. jennyphillipsfl's Avatar jennyphillipsfl

          PLEASE,GO tRump.... Go far, far away.... Take your ridiculous, disgusting clan with you.

      2. CW's Avatar CW

        Like obama was not an idiot. And hilary is not the anti chirst, she ruined the economy during her husband rein as idiot in the white house with NAFTA. She has done nothing but lie and use her power to cover up felony crimes. Yet you are stupid enough to support her and ignore her crimes against humanity. Start thinking for yourself, open your eyes. Stop being sheep for the idiots that can't even tell us the same reason for the rally they are attending.By the way before Obama care, American could go to a non private hospital, get an operation, and not worry if they were insured. No you get asked what insurance and how will you pay for that which is not covered. Before if you did not have the money to pay or could not pay after the fact, the government covered it. Now if you don't have enough coverage you get turned away, and you are forced to pay for insurance for a god giving right to live or get fined. It s not like auto insurance which is for the privilege to drive a car. Take your stupidity to a place like antifa or the Feminazi web pages to find people that agree with you. Over half the country did not If you don't count all the protectorate countries that are not Americans but are allowed to vote. Yeah. voters in Puerto Rico, Guam, and 14 others get to vote in our elections while never paying taxes or being american citizens. So screw odd on you she gad more votes they were in in the 50 states but only after protectorate countries votes were counted. Which by the way only started being counted after a bill passed in Clinton's admin while he was getting sucked off in the oval office.

        1. Troy Rivera's Avatar Troy Rivera

          I think you forgot to take your pills today.

        2. Ruth Sanchez's Avatar Ruth Sanchez

          This was a question about China not USA. I had a lot of surgery due to arthritis dating back to the early, all in private hospitals and what insurance I have was one of the first questions I was asked. Go back a study your American History and not just listen to others.

        3. Bgold's Avatar Bgold

          I wish to add a comment just to make sure that History is preserved with out prejudiced or error. I want to make it clear I did not vote for either Clinton or Trump in this election so I am not aligned with any party. I am first and foremost a human being and an American.

          NAFTA was President Reagan;s "proudest accomplishment", According to historians, Yes Clinton signed it but it was an idea, a trade deal Reagan and Bush worked to promote for years. It was supported by both parties.
          AHCA known as Obama care did not change the law that if you need health care and go to any hospital they can not deny you treatment due to your inability to pay or for any other reason for that matter.. On the back of every hospital bill there is a form which if filled out by the person who;s name is on the bill gives low income families reduced cost or free care. One of the leading causes of foreclosure and loss of homes from the 50's to 2000 was due to Medical bills . this was long before Obama was in office. Every year Tax payers pay for millions of uninsured people to have medical treatment via Medicaid. Many have jobs which pay "off the record or under the table" so thy can qualify for medical cards, food stamps and or public assistance. Even more simply refuse to work . Many are able bodied, healthy, young people. But tax payers pay for their care. We pay millions of dollars every year and they pay nothing. It is the people who can pay a small amount for coverage that now have health care that did not have it before. The are now off of Medicaid. Tax payers no longer cover their Healthcare.Literally Millions of people are now off of Medicaid, Millions more don't have to choose between loosing their home or being ill. As for the Electoral College which elects our president ... Donald Trump stated it was an obsolete and unfair process. He stated it should be abolished. It was not the popular vote that elected President Trump. It was the Electoral College vote. Even he feels it is the wrong way to have an election. Only United States citizens are permitted to vote in the USA elections . Puerto Ricio's people are US citizens and pay Federal US taxes. Puerto Rico contributes more soldiers to the U.S. armed services per capita than any state. Between 2006 and 2013, every state legislature in the nation has considered a National Popular Vote bill. Ten states and the District of Columbia have enacted NPV bills, and governors in three states have vetoed NPV bills. In 12 states, an NPV bill has passed one chamber of the legislature. The media keeps track of the popular vote because people enjoy the horse-race aspect. Bill Clinton really had had nothing to do with the popular votes being "counted". It really became an issue when Bush was declared president by the Supreme Court even though Gore had more popular Votes. We are Americans first and we need to begin to compromise and start to heal our Nation. All Presidents are simply men. All men have their faults and failings. None is with out promise and none is with out problems. There is NO PERFECT HUMAN and that is all they are after all HUMAN BEINGS. We should all open our heart more than we open our mouth.

          1. Rob's Avatar Rob

            @BGOLD an internet search quickly disproved your Reagan theory and I quote;" Whose idea was it? It was first proposed by President George Bush and Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari in June as "a powerful engine for economic development, creating new jobs and opening new markets" in both countries. Canada, which created a free-trade zone with the United States in 1989, agreed to join the wider bloc." The Baltimore Sun 20 Things You Need To Know About Nafta November 14, 1993| By Washington Bureau

            So, you may want to brush up on what you are calling "history" and stick with just the facts.

          2. Bgold's Avatar Bgold

            I guess we can find what ever we want on this but I actually did watch it happen.

            NAFTA Beginnings

            The impetus for NAFTA actually began with President Ronald Reagan, who campaigned on a North American common market. In 1984, Congress passed the Trade and Tariff Act. This is important because it gave the President "fast-track" authority to negotiate free trade agreements, while only allowing Congress the ability to approve or disapprove, not change negotiating points. Canadian Prime Minister Mulroney agreed with Reagan to begin negotiations for the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement, which was signed in 1988, went into effect in 1989 and is now suspended due to NAFTA. (Source: NaFina, NAFTA Timeline)

            Regan’s successor, President H.W. Bush, began negotiations with Mexican President Salinas for a liberalized trade agreement between the two countries. Before NAFTA, Mexican tariffs on U.S. imports were 250 percent higher than U.S. tariffs on Mexican imports.

            In 1991, Canada requested a trilateral agreement, which then led to NAFTA. In 1993, concerns about the liberalization of labor and environmental regulations led to the adoption of two addendums.

            In 1992, NAFTA was signed by President George H.W. Bush, Mexican President Salinas and Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

            It was ratified by the legislatures of the three countries 1993. The U.S. House of Representatives approved it by 234 to 200 on November 17, 1993. The U.S. Senate approved it by 60 to 38 on November 20, three days later.


          3. Rob's Avatar Rob

            Well, I went to your source page it it merely says the "The impetus for NAFTA began with President Ronald Reagan"....not it started with him. That's like saying Obama care started with Reagan because he started the "welfare phone" program otherwise known as "Obama phones. You said; NAFTA was President Reagan;s “proudest accomplishment”, when in fact it wasn't....stop quoting fake news and focus on facts. Under what President was the NAFTA treaty negotiated and ratified...that would be the factual starting date...not if Reagan thought about it, or if Kennedy talked to Mexico's president's first cousin about trade......this is why so many American's don't have a clue about what's going on.....to many people trying to point fingers at each other. BTW, that is just this person's opinion( the writer of the article you quoted).......and anytime you quote an opinion as fact you are misleading people. That is the bread and butter of liberals....twist something someone said to make the point you want. BTW, Obama care doubled my premiums and caused me to drop coverage. ANY government that taxes you if you don't buy a product is criminal. It was the worse piece of garbage ever shoved down the throats of Americas in the history of our once great nation. Our nations taxes are at an all time high, wages are at an all time low, our deficit is over 19trillion in secured debt and 89 trillion in unsecured debt and we are circling the drain......but Russia, who liberals and neocons keep calling the enemy, have only a 13% flat tax, and have the second largest military on earth, free college, free healthcare, and little debt. As Margaret Thatcher once said; " the problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other peoples money".

          4. Bgold's Avatar Bgold

            My comment was not meant to mislead anyone. I responded to the comment made suggesting that Clinton was the President who was responsible for NAFTA. We both clearly know that was not the case.

            We agree that it does state “The impetus for NAFTA began with President Ronald Reagan” Now let's look at the definition of impetus shall we.

            im·pe·tus ˈimpədəs/ noun the force or energy with which a body moves.

            the force that makes something happen or happen more quickly. plural noun: impetuses

            There are literally dozens of sites all stating that Ronald Reagan was where the impetus for NAFTA began.

            http://www.heritage.org/trade/report/the-north-american-free-trade-agreement-ronald-reagans-vision-realized https://www.cato.org/publications/commentary/reagan-embraced-free-trade-immigration The start of NAFTA: Reagan The starting point for NAFTA actually began with President Ronald Regan. In 1979, while officially declaring his candidacy for President, Ronald Reagan proposes a “North American Agreement” which he said, will produce “a North American continent in which the goods and people of the three countries will cross boundaries more freely.”

            I am not sure why that upsets you but evidently you feel NAFTA is not good and Reagan was so he could not be the one who was the impetus for, supported and praised the idea of it. It has been stated by reliable sources that this was one of Reagan's proudest accomplishments. . So you may want to do more research or not its up to you. I remember Ronald Reagan's position very well.

            As far as your heath care. I am sorry that happened to you. I was diagnosed with cancer and could not get any Health care insurance for 10 years after that due to the preexisting condition clause in all policies at that time. When the 10 years passed my insurance was 1190.00 per month for single coverage, no doctors visits , no prescription and 5000.00 deductible. This was before the AHCA was introduced so premiums for many of us were already obscene long before that. We need to blame insurance companies for raising premiums.How much profit does and industry need to make at the cost of people's lives?



            Now I am not suggesting that I think the AHCA as it is currently is absolutely fine , but for many Americans it has been life saving. Can we go back to letting people... children die because an insurance company does't consider them a profitable client? I think not. You and your family are lucky that you have never been faced with the choice between a child's health and your home. The choice between surgery and then bankruptcy (losing your home and everything else) or being paralyzed for the rest of your life. Rising premiums are caused by greed not the AHCA.

            Perhaps you should move to Russia, I am pretty sure the option is open for those who wish ti relocate there..

            We have a lot of problems but so far no solutions..... none proven anyway. If you believe any one political party will save us well then I think you need to revisit History again.

        4. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


      3. Rev paul's Avatar Rev paul

        Your right he is a idiot

      4. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

        John, you forgot about the IDIOT who was there for 8 years, promoting Islam, he and his wife hated police, our military and white people... President Trumps views on IMMIGRATION are correct.. come here legally or don't come.. if you come to KILL US, we will find you and KILL YOU..

        You are an IDIOT if you think we should turn the other cheek while Terrorists kill our children and citizens!

        1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


      5. SteveSerpaco's Avatar SteveSerpaco


  1. Roy L. Patterson's Avatar Roy L. Patterson

    Islam is not a religion, as we know it. It is a political system that's goal to make the whole Islam. Happy the Chinese are standing up to their crap.

    1. Brother Sir Guy's Avatar Brother Sir Guy

      So, the Christianity that now teaches, in opposition to what Jesus taught, that accumulating riches is blessing from God, is a religion? So the Christianity that spawned the Spanish Inquisition and sanctioned the slaughter of indigenous peoples throughout the world while preaching "thou shalt not kill" and "love your neighbor as yourself" is a religion? So the Christianity that endorsed slavery and misused the Bible to support chattel slavery, Jim Crow, apartheid and racial superiority in spite of the Bible saying "And God created from one man every nation of men" is a religion? By your figuring, I guess it's not either.

      1. Ahira Benitez's Avatar Ahira Benitez

        What you are talking about is not Christianity but people using its name for their own agenda. Real Christian follow Christ's example to live by.

  1. Sam's Avatar Sam

    You must have voted for Trump and listen to alternative facts and news. Your ignorance only makes you into a sad creature filled with hate. This too had happened with extremist who hold narrow limited perceptions of people and the world. Motivated by hate. NOT all Muslims are extremist. Taking away people's rights however could trigger some thoughts and actions that lead to it. China is wrong. You are wrong. Love and exceptance and understanding is right. Put yourself in their shoes, innocent people being denied the right to choose their child's name. Shameful and criminal. Boycott China

    1. Jim D.'s Avatar Jim D.


    2. Rob's Avatar Rob

      In all of the worlds religions, loving each other is universal, except with the cult of Islam. There are hundreds of verses that preach hate and death to all non-muslims.While all Muslims are not terrorists, by giving tacit approval of their actions, they do support it. I once asked a Muslim about what he thought of what they did to the artists who did a cartoon about Muhammad...he quickly said he deserved it. As was once said by a great man, "for evil to flourish, all it takes is for good men to stand by and do nothing". I have traveled the world and lived in the Middle East....Islam is not a religion, but a cult that demands total submission. The very word Islam means "submission". China is wrong in denying religion, but do not be confused about Islam. BTW, a historic tid bit.....America's first foreign military action was against the Islamic caliphate of Tripoli. They were attacking our ships and when we sent an emissary to ask why, he said " it was their duty to kill the infidel". Nothing has changed in the approximate 1500 years Islam has been around.

  1. biblical scholar's Avatar biblical scholar

    First good thing China did since one child policy!

    CHINA should think about turning to CHRIST instead of godless. If they don't, Trump may nuke!

    1. Liz Wilcox's Avatar Liz Wilcox

      China has rolled back their one child policy.

      Trump is mentally ill.

      Considering your attitude you more likely cause people to turn away from your "christ".

      1. CW's Avatar CW

        Pull your head out of your ass. There has never been a one child policy in china you moron. It is another myth taught by the liars and killers of free thought/speech, public school teachers. I have been to china many times, I have many friends there and not one of them ever knew there was a one child policy. Some of them even came from 2 and 3 children families. One of them gad 3 sisters. Trump has nothing wrong with him, You need to actually get out of all the chat rooms that only agree with your hate. Grow a brain an learn to think or yourself. stop being a sheep to people that claim their hate is not hate.

        1. Rob's Avatar Rob

          @C Williams First I must say that vulgarity is the first response of the ignorant. Please state your argument in English and refrain from cursing....it just makes you look stupid. Secondly, China Did have a 1 child rule. I quote;" The one-child policy, a part of the family planning policy, was a population planning policy of China. It was introduced in 1979 and began to be formally phased out in 2015. The policy allowed many exceptions and ethnic minorities were exempt. For example in 2007, 36% of China's population was subject to a strict one-child restriction, with an additional 53% being allowed to have a second child if the first child was a girl. Provincial governments imposed fines for violations, and the local and national governments created commissions to raise awareness and carry out registration and inspection work." Wikipedia It was my understanding that the government only paid for the first child and as long as you paid for it and the extra food and medical it was allowed, but I am just repeating what I heard from a Chinese guy I knew in college. I did not research this.

    2. Brother John's Avatar Brother John

      Your inane comments always add an adolescent flair to our forum, Bernard. I read them with a bemused smile.

  1. Anne 'Arie's Avatar Anne 'Arie

    Here's another issue that should be left alone. Some Islamic countries won't even allow other religions to practice in their countries. All this negative attention only fuels the flames of controversy. Rather than nit-pick about things like this, people need to at least try to live in peace and stop trying to tell everyone else what to do. As for this particular ban, I'm not entirely against it. If everyone has the same name, it gets confusing. It's like "Darryl, Darryl, and my other brother, Darryl."
    As for you people who attack everyone who makes a comment that doesn't fit with your beliefs, get over it. Not everyone is going to agree with you and nobody is right or wrong.

    1. Brother Sir Guy's Avatar Brother Sir Guy

      All too often Americans display their ignorance of other people by their attitudes and statements. You obviously have no knowledge of the ultra Orthodox Jewish Hasidim who often have similar names, or of Hindus who often share a surname. You really don't have any idea why but assume that it's just a fad or a trend. Yet, China has had a long history of persecuting ALL religions and imprisoning ANYONE who does not support the party line. (Sound familiar). It is true some Islamic countries won't permit the establishment of other religions in their countries. Often when evangelists bring their religion they also bring their bigotry and prejudices. Christians brought apartheid and chattel slavery to Africa, forced conversion to the Americas and contributed to the decimation of the native peoples of North America. Why would I bring someone who would want to destroy my culture?

  1. Jim D.'s Avatar Jim D.

    It's China. I'll bet 99.99999% of people comment here have never been there, myself included. They are not exactly known for being socially progressive. Just leave it alone.

    1. Marilyn's Avatar Marilyn

      I lived there for 2 years. And NOT once did I see any discrimination or persecution, not publicly. Everyone seemed to want to live their lives and achieve the ideal of happiness. There were, and I'm assuming still, many, many dialects of the language spoken. I had one gripe, there were signs EVERYWHERE, stating English 1st. I completely disagree with this. If AT ALL, English should be second and a benefit of choice, NOT FIRST! They did many, many things to accommodate visitors and those that were temporary residents, I'd go again for an extended stay in a second.

      1. Rob's Avatar Rob

        The Tiananmen-Square-massacre was televised, their human rights records are well documented....and rest assured, they shield ALL foreigners from seeing anything bad to maintain a positive PR image. Much like the Olympics when they stopped all manufacturing for weeks ahead of the games so the pollution had time to dissipate. I am glad you had a wonderful time there, but the political prisoners making the little dolls for the Olympics did not. I do agree with you in your opinion of the English first situation. Because of my former security clearances I am not really allowed to enter communist countries, but I have been to many others including Russia and found that once they found out I was American, the bad stuff was hidden and only the best was provided.

  1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher


  1. CW's Avatar CW

    when you start calling hate for anyone who does not believe the same as you religion, you gt holy crusades. Hitler was called a leader in his country but he and other in his country looked at their beliefs as a religion. It was hate pure and simple of other people who believed different then them. In the Quran the death of all how do not believe or will not convert is a commandment. This is not a religion it is a world wide hate group. It needs to be remove from all countries that it poses a threat to the citizens within. In america everyday it poses an ongoing threat, beside the radicals on 9/11. But our only choices are to allow them the freedom to worship or kick them all out. If Islam does not stop the radicals infecting their ranks, pushing the hate they will find out what it is like to be on the wrong side of a holy war. These people in Islam pushing their beliefs on others are as bad as Nazi's. Hopefully people see the light before we have to no choice but another war.

  1. Marius Gabriel Burja's Avatar Marius Gabriel Burja

    God gave us freedom. Man tries to take it away. All men and women should sanctify themselves before God. Identify your God and study His or Her words. I am in CHRIST JESUS and He is in me. I am he and he is me. Nothing can destroy me. I am now a living saint no longer a man. My life is transformed and I am a transformer. Do you know Jesus? Can you find Him? Jesus was is and eternaly be the undercover of God Universal COP. He made yet one more law. LOVE ONE ANOTHER. Now does China love its people enough to give them freedom? NO. Because freedom was built on the blood of the saints who passed to the spirit world and she'd their blood and bodies so that we may be free. Now America I ask you, DO YOU WANT TO GIVE UP YOUR FREEDOM? If so use the sword of your mouth and cut sin out of your way and keep marching forward. There a reason we count to 4 in a March. In the army of the Lord you don't get tired you get bold. In the army of the King you get tough and you get lean. We all live in the nation of the King the nation of the King. He is the King of Kings and the King of truth. Truth is King alone and cuts you to the bone. SING AMERICA THE KING OF KINGS IS WITHIN YOU AMD YOU WITHIN HIM. HE IS WATCHING YOU. SING FOR HIS GLORY AND THE GLORY OF GOD FOR GOD GAVE THE WORLD TO HIS SON JESUS. POWER IN HIS NAME. I CALL ON THE BLOOD OF JESUS TO UNITE ALL HIS DANA CELLS. THIS PLANET IS HIS DOMINION. JESUS IS AN AMERICAN. JESUS IS AN AMERICAN. SHOUT WITH ALL YOUR MIGHTY VOICES. JESUS IS AN AMERICAN. I shed my stripes for freedom and waive at you a white spiritual robes of peace. Come all and see me in Wilmette. PEACE OUT. Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like you and me.??????⚓???????✌??? I am water walker fire walker THE NORTHERN RANGER. Whoooop whoooop whoooop whoooop. Red and blue coming 4 U. Black and White do not fight. It is but a pigment of pig men who are skin deep terrorists. We are all one and the same in JESUS. I came to tie you all up into one big blue ball. You are all in my temple and my God given garden that I call EARTH. This is My house. I keep the house clean for my mother and my father both dwell in it and around it. I am the son and sun who lights up their face when they see me. I make them smile because they can hug me and kiss me even more when they miss me. WAKE UP WORLD WAKE UP WORLD WAKE UP WORLD AND TRANSFORM. I ONCE WAS HOT BUT NOW IAM COOL. YOU ALL CALLED ME A FOOL THEN YOU BROKE THE GOLDEN RULE AND DENIED ME THE HOLY SPIRIT OF PEACE. NOW I AM BACK TO SHOW YOU THAT I AM ER TO THE THRONE AND I CAN. I AM AMERICAN LOVE PIE HOT OR COLD BUT DO NOT MAKE ME VOMIT YOU OUT OF MY MOUTH BEFORE GOD. BUST A MOVE GET JIGGY WITH IT. I AM U BACK. THE U IS MAGNETIC THE BACK IS BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN KID CHILD OF GOD. UNIVERSAL BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN KID. U BACK POWER IN THAT MINUTE IN THAT HOUR. TIME HAS COME AND YOU DID NOT SEE ME COMING DID YOU? I HAVE TOLD YOU THE SIGNS IN REVELATION. I AM JESUS GABRIEL OF THE WIND OF CHANGE. LETS MAKE PEACE SONG AND DANCE EAT UP SOME VITTLES AND HAVE A WEDDING PARTY. I AM YOUR FLAG DAY BABY. YOU ARE ALL MINE. I OWN YOU. I AM ON TOP OF THE WORLD. I HAVE YOU IN BETWEEN MY ARMS. YOU ARE IN MY HEART. MY MIND AND MY SPIRIT. FIRE IT UP CRANK THE HEAT TO YOUR PASSION FOR TRUTH LOVE PEACE AND STAY AWAY FROM THE BAD THINGS. TRUMPPENCE WORK FOR ME. LET THEM DO THE JOB. WE CAN CELEBRATE. GET READY CAUSE HEEEEEEER'S JESUS. ?????

    1. Lee's Avatar Lee

      I would ask you what the hell you are talking about - but I am afraid that you might tell me!

      1. Brother John's Avatar Brother John

        I think the LAST BIT IN ALL CAPS might be a poorly done rap song. Try reading it while doing some beatboxing.

        1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher

          W T F ????????????

  1. james pero's Avatar james pero

    You Know if you read the old testament Abraham is the father of Islam,Moslem, Hindu And there is proof .we all were here in the U.S.A in History. Many of our fore fathers were of No religion. We are based on religious Freedom another word church does not run state and state does not run Religion.

  1. Sandra's Avatar Sandra

    To be honest it doesn't surprise me that they would do that , China has some strange laws , but I don't think its fair to tell someone what names there children can and can not have and to even make it a law is crazy .

  1. Rob's Avatar Rob

    @james pero.....wow, are you confused. Abraham was NOT the father of Islam "Moslem" or Hindu, he was Jewish. Mohammad was born in the 6th century and he created the cult of Islam by calling himself a "prophet". He took the name of a pagan goddess worshiped in the area, some old Jewish texts and threw in some of his own ideas and put it all together. ANY so called religion that teaches hate, and calls for the death or conversion of everyone is NOT a religion, but a cult. BTW, Moslem or Muslim and Islam are the same thing. Hinduism is as old if not older than Judism, with books from 2600 BC. The one major tenet ALL religions have is peace and love each other......it is a universal understanding.

  1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher

    DEAR FOLKS, if everyone OPENED their EYEs and MIND before their M O U T H, W E L L !!!

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