nudist couple exchanging kiss on beach
Having a nude wedding can be exciting and liberating, but it comes with some considerations.

Interested in exchanging vows in the buff? If you're a nudist or naturist at heart, you may be envisioning a nude wedding ceremony. While certainly unconventional, a nudist wedding can be an authentic and liberating way to say "I do." 

In fact, nudist weddings are on the rise. Whether that’s because nudism is becoming more mainstream, more couples want the excitement that comes with baring it all at the wedding altar, or summer wedding season is simply getting too hot for clothes, who’s to say. Whatever your reason, here's what you need to know.  

This guide covers every aspect to consider before getting married naked, from finding a nudity-friendly venue, to the invitations, to certain practical considerations unique to nude weddings.

Here are the top seven things to know when planning a nude wedding. 

1. Know the Law

Before you get too invested in your naked wedding dreams, it's crucial to understand the legal aspects of stripping down.

The rules surrounding nudity in public spaces vary from place to place, and quite obviously, public nudity is not allowed in a great many locations.

Research local laws to find suitable locations where you can conduct a nude wedding ceremony without legal complications (and keep in mind, it is entirely possible you’ll need to travel if you’re in a state or county where public nudity is universally banned).

2. Location, Location, Location

Picking the ideal spot for your nudist wedding is of paramount importance.

Nudist resorts or secluded beaches are popular choices, but know that some of these places may be tailored to specific demographics (the elderly, the LGBTQ+ community, women only), so double check that you and your nude wedding party will be a welcome addition to the space. If you’d like a little more privacy, consider a private property or even a rented venue that allows nudity.

Finally, make sure to have a backup plan in case of unfavorable weather conditions. No one likes rain on their wedding day; doubly so when your wedding day is also clothing optional. Tents, awnings, and towels will be a lifesaver if your nude wedding gets rained out.

3. Communicate About the Dress Code (Or Lack Thereof)

Your guests should be informed about the nudist nature of your wedding. Make it crystal clear on the invitation that they will see nude bodies, including your own – and if that's not something they're comfortable with, politely suggest that they refrain from attending.

Additionally, let guests know your expectations for their dress. If guests are also invited to join in the clothing optional fun, give them a heads up well ahead of time. 

Respect that not everyone may be comfortable with this, and be prepared for some folks to decline your invite. 

4. Choose Your Officiant Carefully

You'll obviously need an officiant who's comfortable conducting a nude ceremony. Some organizations specialize in this, so do your research to find someone who aligns with your values.

Another popular solution: if you have like-minded friends or family members who you think would make a great wedding officiant, ask them to get ordained online with the ULC so that they can perform your nude marriage ceremony. And it goes without saying that if you want your officiant to follow the dress code you should let them know from the outset. 

Considering the unconventional nature of the ceremony, you might ask the officiant to explain during the proceedings why you’ve chosen to have a nudist wedding in the first place.

Whether it’s because you feel a spiritual connection to nature when nude, you feel it promotes body acceptance, or you just don’t like clothes, asking your wedding officiant to briefly speak on your clothing optional decision is a reasonable request considering the situation.

5. Match Wedding Decor and Atmosphere

Many nudists describe experiencing an ethereal bond with the natural world while unclothed, and a minimalist aesthetic often complements the natural vibe of a nudist wedding. Think flowers, candles, and simple, organic materials. You'll probably want the event to highlight the beauty of the human body and the natural surroundings, rather than lavish decorations.

6. Consider the Comfort of Guests

While a nudist wedding may sound liberating, it also comes with some practical concerns. Make sure to provide adequate seating that won't cause discomfort for your guests, like padded chairs or towels. Remember to source supplies like sunblock, insect repellent, surface sanitation, and other necessities to keep everyone in attendance comfortable and safe.

7. Don’t Forget About Photography (and Other Vendors)

If you'd like to capture your special day, a professional photographer experienced in nudist events will be invaluable. Be clear about your boundaries and how explicit or subtle you'd like the photos to be. A photographer who can be discreet and professional in this situation is a must, so be sure to vet them wisely.

Additionally, any other vendors you hire for the event should be aware of your plan, and you'll need to confirm that they are fully comfortable viewing and being around nudity while in attendance.

Remember to Enjoy the Moment

A naturist wedding can be a liberating and genuine expression of the openness you practice with your significant other and the partnership you share. Just realize that there are some important considerations that come with nude weddings that simply aren’t present at more conventional ceremonies.

Planning carefully, respecting your guests' comfort zones, and focusing on the emotional aspect of the ceremony will help make your special day go smoothly. With thorough research and thoughtful consideration, you can have the nudist wedding of your dreams.

Good luck, and may your wedding day be as authentic and beautiful as you are!


  1. Joy's Avatar Joy

    This was a wonderful article to read today. Thank you

  1. Lawrence A. Benson's Avatar Lawrence A. Benson

    There's some great information in this article.

  1. Richard Clark's Avatar Richard Clark

    I've performed a wedding for two women before gay marriage was legal in Indiana, so I would certainly have no problem in performing a wedding for a nude couple.

    1. Rev. Alyssa Cutler, Spiritual Healer's Avatar Rev. Alyssa Cutler, Spiritual Healer

      I've had the honor of marrying a lovely gay couple (women as well) & the ceremony was just beautiful. 😍

  1. Mark S Bailey's Avatar Mark S Bailey

    Look at Adam and Eve... The Bible tells us that God put us here nude then the devil influenced us to wear clothes... Should we not see the covering of Gods creation as a sin?

    I seen a comment here relating sexual lust to nudity!? Thing is the only reason people relate sexual lust to nudity is because generally we take our close off to have sex. We have turned nudity into a sexual act.. it is not. I have studied people that have become naturalist... it is common that at first the nudity arouses sexual desire but soon this dies out. Soon you think nothing of it. Many naturalist say that a clothed people tend to arouse more sexual lust than when they are nude. Clothes tend to intensify sexual lust.

    In my opinion the act of wearing clothes, to the degree in which we do it, to be an abnormal act. And it causes abnormal desires and behavior. In our ritualized society sexual desire / attraction is based to much on the clothes we wear and that is not good!

    I personally do not want to have a nude wedding but I know I am like that because it is the way I was programed. I know that if I had more contact with nudity then it would not bother me... nor would I find it a sexual act.

    1. Another Reader's Avatar Another Reader

      I think you need to read your Bible again. It says Adam and Eve sinned against God by disobedience and then their eyes were open and saw they were naked and hid. At first they clothed themselves with fig leaves but then God clothed them with animal skins, NOT Satan.

      If you're going to refer to make a point use accurate information

  1. Nicholas J Page's Avatar Nicholas J Page

    Where do you put your dog collar we don't have that in England luckily I wouldn't be able to concentrate

  1. Keith Graham Ainsworth's Avatar Keith Graham Ainsworth

    Depends on the people, if they are going nude just to be trendy, I would refuse to officiate but if they show a real desire to have a nude wedding, I would

  1. Charles Smallwood's Avatar Charles Smallwood

    I haven't been asked to perform one of these but I have heard of them. I am also not a nudist but really I would have no issue doing a wedding of this sort. I suppose it would be rather odd question if they asked me to perform the ceremony in the buff but I don't think I would have an issue with that either.

  1. Rev. Alyssa Cutler, Spiritual Healer's Avatar Rev. Alyssa Cutler, Spiritual Healer

    Wonderful & insightful article! Thank you for this!

  1. Joseph Brian Kozic's Avatar Joseph Brian Kozic

    We are all naked in the eyes of The Lord.

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      Yes, Lord Krishna sees everything. 🤭


  1. Joseph Brian Kozic's Avatar Joseph Brian Kozic

    We are all naked in the eyes of The Lord.

    1. Lyle Roy Gleason's Avatar Lyle Roy Gleason

      If the Goddess wanted us to be naked, we would be born that way!

      1. Bond Wright's Avatar Bond Wright

        you're kidding, right? Last time I checked--we are. (born nacked, that is).

  1. Ronaldo's Avatar Ronaldo

    Since nudity shows up multiple times in the Bible but not related to sexuality or sin, I would have no problem officiating a nude wedding. I would warn the betrothed couple that if I am also to be nude, the ceremony could not take place in sunlight. The sun reflecting off my alabaster beauty could cause blindness, or maybe even start a fire.

    1. James C Carter's Avatar James C Carter


  1. Rev. Carol M Anaski-Figurski's Avatar Rev. Carol M Anaski-Figurski

    lol naked weddings maybr trendingly popular. What an interesting piece of info. Thanks for sharing it.

  1. James William Fenos's Avatar James William Fenos

    Sex act and nudity, two different things but not far away from each other, a nude wedding IS NOT a sex act and let’s face it, we know a sex act when we see one. Would I officiate? I’d be flattered but I’ll need a timeline to expunge carbs and I’ll have to work out a bit, at the moment clothes make me look better

  1. John R Liming's Avatar John R Liming

    Nude weddings are more on the order of something that might have happened in old Sodom and Gomorrah, so no-- they are more than likely based on lust instead of love and I do not want to have anything to do with them.

    1. Bond Wright's Avatar Bond Wright

      Lust is love of our fellow man. Lust is good. Lust is sacred.

  1. Steven Ferrell's Avatar Steven Ferrell

    I would speak with the couple to be sure they understand all the laws and that is covered, then work with them to try and find a suitable place to perform the wedding. But I would have no issue with helping a couple do that as long as it is a naturist thing and they are not trying to end up with some pornographic thing.

    1. Rev. Alyssa Cutler, Spiritual Healer's Avatar Rev. Alyssa Cutler, Spiritual Healer

      I agree. There are boundaries that even we have to set.

  1. Christopher C Waters's Avatar Christopher C Waters

    If nudist is their lifestyle Then yea I would do it, however if it as a social media fad or a whim it may go on the no list. Many conversations would have to too happen before I signed in on this.

  1. Molly J Lyions's Avatar Molly J Lyions

    I'm not 100% sure in this one. I've been really big on the 'if someone wants to get married then I'll marry them'. I think I would have to pray on this. Definitely would talk to the couple and make sure they know the laws. I, myself, would not feel comfortable getting nude and would insist there be absolutely NO MINORS present, for obvious reasons. Ultimately, I would probably decline just because of my own comfort levels.

    1. Bond Wright's Avatar Bond Wright

      In the normal and excellent education of minors, we should teach them their body is sacred and that all other bodies are sacred. This will prevent neurosis and mental illness. This leads to a civilization of high spirituality and democracy for all. Rev. Bond Wright

  1. David A Foreman's Avatar David A Foreman

    What do you do about men (including the officiant) who unintentionally become aroused during the proceeding. Is that just expected and ignored, or is it offensive even if accidental?

    1. Charles Smallwood's Avatar Charles Smallwood

      I have never been to a nudist colony, but there is one near me that requires "clothes left at the gate" (even for minors). The "arousal" thing - people that have been there say it is extremely rare but when it does happen it is ignored.

    2. Bond Wright's Avatar Bond Wright

      One could simply say: ''Oh isn't that nice." And move on with ceremony at hand. Rev. Bond Wright

  1. David A Foreman's Avatar David A Foreman

    What do you do about men (including the officiant) who unintentionally become aroused during the proceeding. Is that just expected and ignored, or is it offensive even if accidental?

  1. Alexander Arends's Avatar Alexander Arends

    Thanks but no thanks.

  1. James C Carter's Avatar James C Carter

    Do I have to be nude I mean don't mind?

  1. Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson's Avatar Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson

    Not my thing, but then I'm a pretty old fashioned person. For people that want a nude wedding, I say have fun!

    Sadly, I'm not cool enough to officiate a nude wedding.

  1. Carlos Paul Valdivia's Avatar Carlos Paul Valdivia

    I would be honored to officiate a nude wedding! Nudity, naturism is about is about self acceptance and respect , acceptance of others. Bonding with Mother Nature.

    Being part of two persons standing naked in front of each other. Baring their beauty and flaws to each other. Say I accept all of you and want to spend my life with you

  1. Steven M. Hale's Avatar Steven M. Hale

    I am a Naturist and would more than willing to perform a wedding nude. I have seen nude weddings and they are Beautiful.

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